Top 10 iCarly Stars: Where Are They Now?

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Top 10 iCarly Stars: Where Are They Now? // Subscribe: esvid.net/u-MsMojo
We’ve become nostalgic for the iCarly cast. Where are they now? We’ll be seeing what some of the major players of the hit Nickelodeon sitcom have been up to since iCarly’s left the internet and the airwaves in 2012. They went from “Leave It All to Me” to leaving it all behind. MsMojo looks over the iCarly cast and where they are now. Do you want an iCarly reunion? Let us know in the comments!
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15 jul 2019

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MsMojo Hace un mes
Hey iCarly fans! Be sure to check out our video of the Top 10 Unforgettable iCarly Moments here: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-GaUOQ5uSoyg.html and let us know what you think!
Fishy wishy
Fishy wishy Hace 2 días
I searched boogies yt but i cant find it
Miss. Kimberly Gray
Miss. Kimberly Gray Hace 14 días
@De McNeil naked brothers band? Gay.
De McNeil
De McNeil Hace 18 días
It would be nice to get The Naked Brothers Band stars where are they now since it seem like alot of people forgot about that show
i Milkyshake
i Milkyshake Hace 22 días
Miss. Kimberly Gray Please make more iCarly videos, MsMojo!
Miss. Kimberly Gray
Miss. Kimberly Gray Hace 28 días
You forgot Nevel!
Anya Dick
Anya Dick Hace un día
Mikey Angelo
Mikey Angelo Hace un día
Jerry Trainor is also on 'No Good Nick' on Netflix
Nero Orton
Nero Orton Hace 2 días
Ok people the tacos on a stick are just tortiall that are made which are soft and poked through with the stick then fried
logoless show clips
logoless show clips Hace 2 días
Ok but all I got to say is.... Hee hee
Quiet Storm
Quiet Storm Hace 2 días
4:53 Cameron 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Cherry Bledsoe
Cherry Bledsoe Hace 2 días
Gibby was on how I met your mother when he had a psp, and Freddy's mom was on the suite life of Zack and Cody as Zack's teacher Freddy was on the suite life of Zack and Cody Sam was on Malcom in the middle she was in Dewey's class
Sara Green
Sara Green Hace 3 días
U didn’t say No good nick 😡😡😡😡
Candice Perry
Candice Perry Hace 3 días
I would watch I Carly from Nickoloden
TOXIC AURA Hace 3 días
I saw Cameron Boyce and nearly cried RIP
Sebastian De La Rosa
Mindy Sterling was Ms. Briggs from iCarly and Lin Beifong from Korra!? I like her even more now!
Enzo Gaming
Enzo Gaming Hace 4 días
jerry trainer was also in "the 100"
Jamari Tyree
Jamari Tyree Hace 4 días
The shows now can not beat the classics that the exact thing they did for disney channel shows
Legendary Chink God
Legendary Chink God Hace 4 días
I knew Michael Jackson was still alive
Lucas Brown
Lucas Brown Hace 4 días
Where's nevel
Aerial Ross
Aerial Ross Hace 5 días
Yall forgot to say Jerry Trainor is also in the new series on Netflix called "No Good Nick
Chris Leggett
Chris Leggett Hace 5 días
At 6.41 she is called Tessa netting, she is friends with brizzy voices
Patrick Ernette
Patrick Ernette Hace 5 días
"Gamers guide to pretty much everything" *sees Cameron Boyce* 😭😭😭
Delia’s Videos
Delia’s Videos Hace 5 días
4:53 :(((
Caleb Kent
Caleb Kent Hace 5 días
Miramda seema so humble
Connor Cruz
Connor Cruz Hace 5 días
Um Jerry Trainor actually got a role in Henry danger in the episode Thumb war sadly he was in that episode
Ilah Lundgren
Ilah Lundgren Hace 5 días
Am I the only one that feels like every show they watch and start to love gets canceled immediately???
Kaitykait loves fluff
Didn’t nathen guest star on Sam & cat
I’m a constant mess
The fact that they were allowed to say pointy boobs shows have far we’ve fallen.
Super Jackson Bros
Super Jackson Bros Hace 5 días
Hi else had a crush on Carly as a kid?
Dolamia Gachas
Dolamia Gachas Hace 5 días
Jerry is also in this show called “ no good nick”
Hunter Diabo
Hunter Diabo Hace 5 días
Where’s mr.mojo🥺
Adam Selvig
Adam Selvig Hace 5 días
Jerry Trianor also played a role as a high school senior in Malcolm in the middle
mariovsluigi9000 Hace 6 días
How is this possible if the show came out yesterday!?
Ewaln Hace 6 días
miranda cosgrove has always been gorgeous
Ryan Akwar
Ryan Akwar Hace 6 días
Psycho Nora married Lewbert
Edward the blue engine productions
Miranda also played Megan Parker on Drake & Josh and Paige on Zoey 101 Paige at PCA
DoomsdayGaming99 Hace 6 días
Feel old yet?
x_Hayes_x Hace 6 días
so basically, Disney took some nickelodeon stars? that’s some shit 😂
Anime Stories
Anime Stories Hace 6 días
5:01 RIP Cameron’s Boyce
Critical Impact Gaming
So what was the point of this channel? Watch mojo but for only females?
The Nerdmaster
The Nerdmaster Hace 6 días
I miss Icarly. It was just a great show, from a great time
the1stfallenangel94 Hace 6 días
You know she actually seems to really enjoy psychology. She was very excited when it came up. It seems acting is her job and psychology is her passion
Aaliyah Edwards
Aaliyah Edwards Hace 7 días
One of my favs.
TTV_ Magical555
TTV_ Magical555 Hace 7 días
Good times when I was a little kid watching I’carly
Kaijean Gibbs
Kaijean Gibbs Hace 7 días
I only came for gibbie
Christina Dirani
Christina Dirani Hace 7 días
Jerry Trainor is also in the new series on Netflix called "No Good Nick" And he plays Todd
Elle Xx
Elle Xx Hace 7 días
Now I just wanna watch iCarly...
someone els
someone els Hace 7 días
Carly is the new Michael Jackson HEE HEE
Allan Jr. Florin
Allan Jr. Florin Hace 7 días
Jeremy Trainor is also in "No Good Nick"
grace Isaia
grace Isaia Hace 7 días
grace Isaia
grace Isaia Hace 7 días
jerry trainer is in no GOOD NICK SILLY ON NETFILX
Jonah Jaystar
Jonah Jaystar Hace 7 días
I love icarly
Jonah Jaystar
Jonah Jaystar Hace 7 días
I love icarly
Anthony Lim
Anthony Lim Hace 7 días
damm it hurts to see Cameron Boyce's face...
Rylee C
Rylee C Hace 7 días
Jerry is in no good nick on Netflix
Shelby Miles
Shelby Miles Hace 7 días
Esrom Asfaha
Esrom Asfaha Hace 7 días
any1 else find this ms. mojo straight bs
Lord_Beethoven Hace 7 días
6:45 is that Tessa Netting?
Ksi it’s on Oh yeah
For some reason Miranda looks like a transgender Michael Jackson
Ethan's yang
Ethan's yang Hace 7 días
Oh my god
GrandMasterLynx Hace 8 días
I would really love to get to know Miranda Cosgrove better
Melody FN
Melody FN Hace 8 días
Lil Cheezy
Lil Cheezy Hace 8 días
What about gibby
Ikesters Hace 8 días
Holy shit I totally forgot Ariana grande started off as Cat from Victorious 🧠💥
Sniper Hace 8 días
Jerry trainor is also starring in no good nick
Kyle King
Kyle King Hace 8 días
Rip Camron
Clara's Celestial Base
06:40 holy shit I didnt know that Tessa had a small role too, I only knew about Joey Richter!
Partez Hace 8 días
What about best player
Presty Chesty
Presty Chesty Hace 8 días
Y does Miranda Cosgrove look so much like my friends older sister?????? 😂
Tio Jacked
Tio Jacked Hace 8 días
Amo muito icarly quem é fã até hoje up 😍
FBI Hace 8 días
iCarly raised me when my parents didn’t want to
Gacha Dingo
Gacha Dingo Hace 8 días
Oh weres miranda cosgrove Oh only surprising me for the fact that she LITERALLY VOICE ACTS Margo IN DESPICABLE ME 2 AND 3!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!
cire Doumbouya
cire Doumbouya Hace 8 días
Jerry is in Henry Danger
Coon_byYah's Gaming
Coon_byYah's Gaming Hace 8 días
to this day i still wonder why Sam didnt call Lewberts wart... lewwart...
MBJ920 Hace 8 días
9:44 was Freddy always played by Pewdiepie?
Enrique Medina
Enrique Medina Hace 9 días
4:54 R.I.P. Cameron Boyce
Freya S
Freya S Hace 9 días
I saw Cameron Boyce and my heart is hurting again
Shabbii Hace 9 días
I always thought Law 2 looked like freddy but i never knew they were the same person.
Envious Gaming
Envious Gaming Hace 9 días
i always loved noah munck and nathan cress thy were pretty good on the show i didn't like the characterof gibby but i saw interviews with noah munck when I was young and really liked him when he was himself and not acting out a role
Jaden 2x
Jaden 2x Hace 9 días
I Carly and drake and josh was my childhood
kiko Isaak
kiko Isaak Hace 9 días
did anyone else have a crush or Freddie?
SeZzy _33hrs
SeZzy _33hrs Hace 9 días
SeZzy _33hrs
SeZzy _33hrs Hace 9 días
She locks like Michael Jackson
Jack Marry
Jack Marry Hace 9 días
Cameron boyce 😢😢😢
Zay W
Zay W Hace 9 días
There WAS only 10😭😂😂
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