Top 10 INSANE Upcoming Post-Apocalyptic Games in 2019 & 2020 | PS4 Xbox One PC

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Top 10 INSANE Upcoming Post-Apocalyptic Games: Metro Exodus, The Devision 2, Fear the Wolves, Atomic Heart, The Last of Us 2, Doom: Eternal, Days Gone, Dying Light 2, Far Cry: New Dawn, Death Stranding
0:00 Metro Exodus
3:57 The Devision 2
6:15 Fear the Wolves
8:45 Atomic Heart
11:08 The Last of Us 2
13:58 Doom: Eternal
17:06 Days Gone
19:19 Far Cry: New Dawn
21:18 Dying Light 2
24:06 Death Stranding
26:40 Generation Zero
29:57 World War Z


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8 feb 2019






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Faysal Pathan
Faysal Pathan Hace 3 horas
I really don’t have a balls to play this kinda games....
These video games are too violent. Making all the kids sick in the head is not a good idea.
Nick C
Nick C Hace 4 días
Atomic Heart looks dope. Why isn't Chernobylite on here? That's gonna be a really fucking good game.
RUSTY Hace 5 días
Wish last of us 2 would be on PC also :(
Van Goth
Van Goth Hace 7 días
Damian Butler
Damian Butler Hace 7 días
That metro Trailer was Awesome :D
Mei Grafd Vodder
Mei Grafd Vodder Hace 7 días
Metro Exodus is the best game I ever played. I loved the time when I was playing it for the first time, I also loved the endings, although they both made me sad.
Will Hace 8 días
1:45 Wilhelm scream hahahahaha nice
jorge blast
jorge blast Hace 9 días
kankeinai Hace 9 días
Thx to Anthem, I won't fell for that again ! :p
Kacc Hace 9 días
wtf with Metro trailer - all nonsense not like in game )
Zetetik -
Zetetik - Hace 10 días
Still waiting for sign of _Left 4 Dead 3_
Benedict Dela Cruz
Benedict Dela Cruz Hace 10 días
this is such a dramatic moment for the nation's history . . . .
Jason Lambdin
Jason Lambdin Hace 10 días
I wish they would make a zombie game that begins right before the outbreak and progresses through the end of humanity. Also zombies rules are if someone is bitten they become a zombie yet you never see someone attacked come back as one
MIster RMJdesigns
MIster RMJdesigns Hace 10 días
trailers = ALL HYPE, the games are never what they appear in the trailers, EXODUS = perfect example, Division 2 "spelled correctly" rofl the game sucks!WOlves- Heart looks like another crap made game.Last of us-I hope it is better then the first.the same goes for DOOM. New Dawn was Okay, Farcry 5 was much better, The best looking graphic game to date. My hopes are for DYing light 2, Hope it works coop with the new story mode. I for see issues in coop.I have high hopes for Death Standing too. Gen zero is horrible!
Stanislav Fomin
Stanislav Fomin Hace 10 días
Неплохая игра молодцы !Я РАД ЧТО ОНА ВСЕМ ПОНРАВИЛАСЬ
Cassius Dio
Cassius Dio Hace 12 días
Thanks for withholding the name of the last game....
Jerush Jonah
Jerush Jonah Hace 12 días
Metro Exodus, 🐻 ?! Why the bear has to be a pain always ?!🤣
condol heroes
condol heroes Hace 12 días
too many open world game, also too many post apocalyptic game
TheFederichmkii Hace 14 días
atomic heart was something "meh" but I was convinced with the "suka"
Atratvs Hace 14 días
DOOM is not post apocalyptic. The DOOM-Slayer IS the apocalypse;)
damir matanovic
damir matanovic Hace 14 días
doom is not post apocalyptic. ...
titanfal 2000
titanfal 2000 Hace 10 días
damir matanovic It is fully apocalyptic
Jesse Thomas
Jesse Thomas Hace 14 días
Norman Reedus is getting a main role in a game. That's neat.
Nick C
Nick C Hace 4 días
Jesse Thomas well, he was...
That Halo Man
That Halo Man Hace 14 días
where is me fallout 76
Znaydi Mohssin
Znaydi Mohssin Hace 15 días
Too many zombie games this year wtf point and shot @_@
K s h F i 3 d
K s h F i 3 d Hace 13 días
Dying light is gonna be a great one tho
SolidSnake1284 Hace 15 días
That fucking yubo commercial is gay haha
João Cristiano Moraes Quevedo
Death Stranding com Daryl Dixon... Show!
TWENTY-SIX 26 Hace 16 días
i though death stranding exclusive ps4 ...
Gregg Fridline
Gregg Fridline Hace 17 días
When in the hell is borderlands 3 going to come out. What sucks is once we finally see videos like this of that game, it will be almost 2 years before we get to actually play it. I can't even start the 2 year count down until it shows up. :(
Don B
Don B Hace 17 días
Metro's Trailer is the only thing good about this game.....don't waste ya money its far to short, scripted like hell and not a true open world game ...Fallout 76 is better by far......
Fox Citron
Fox Citron Hace 17 días
lol 29:57 it's left 4 dead 2 not even better graphics
Lee Walter
Lee Walter Hace 12 días
I was waiting for someone to shout..... Pills here!!
kenalpha3 Hace 17 días
Can they stop making these S.J.W fem!nist games? 4:08 wtf is this. Women are not leaders as solders. They are weaker and dont have the upper chest strength to complete with males. Notice they included an asian man too. But even he is behind her, while hes bigger. Woman are not "strong." Get this shit out of video games.
Praticy Hace 18 días
you forgot dead matter
joel godinho
joel godinho Hace 19 días
Rage 2?
TheNietchze Hace 19 días
5:37 You will never take back MAGA Land!
Jonathan Lane
Jonathan Lane Hace 19 días
5:29 - "My fellow citizens of the Uncanny Valley..."
dJ Troller
dJ Troller Hace 20 días
всё что человечество придумывает только для уничтожения себя, ни одной игры нет толковой
Renz Estrivo
Renz Estrivo Hace 20 días
I Hate Everything
I Hate Everything Hace 20 días
Exodus had no zombies?
Andres Santamaria Ch
Andres Santamaria Ch Hace 21 un día
where is Rage 2?
Zephon Hace 22 días
Metro, epic misleading trailer :D an ok game, but waay to short.. 5/10
SHK Potter
SHK Potter Hace 20 días
What platform u play on?
Matheus Mazza
Matheus Mazza Hace 23 días
rage 2 deserved to be here is way more interesting than that crap fear the wolves
TrueDiox Hace 23 días
Remember the dead, Artyom. BUT FIGHT FOR THE LIVING.
khronosfateless Hace 24 días
The Devision 2 is probably going to be the best. Way better than that Division 2 crap.
TheKetsa Hace 24 días
Hasan Ahmed
Hasan Ahmed Hace 24 días
I'll give The Devision 2 a miss, it's clear that the story line was influenced by mossad
joker2288 Hace 24 días
metro exodus was not even close to what the trailer described. also why are games showing trailers instead of actual game play. dont they know customers are not going to buy games based on trailers anymore. Fallout 76 and No Mans Sky was a big disappointment. Thank God for gamefly, i didnt end up paying 60 bucks for that.
GTRX013 Hace 24 días
Generation Zero and World War z looks the most interesting of them all. Farcry New Dawn is the best of that list, in fact Farcry New Dawn is probably the best post apocalyptic game so far for 2019.
Only 2 of the games looked interesting.
MR IT Hace 25 días
Like it so hero
Tasakajon Sr
Tasakajon Sr Hace 25 días
It's sad that video games and video gaming will be looked back on as "Died" in our generation
GregJoshuaW Hace 26 días
Metro is such obvious predictive programming. LOL!! "KIIIIDS, Mennn!! The government NEEDS you! We are the GOOD guys. SERVE YOUR COUNTRY!!" All the while no one ever asks how the virus spread into the populous (via mandatory vaccines by same government) and purposefully engineered your destruction. The survivors against the NWO will be the religious who refused to go along with their nonsense and the sovereigns who refuse to go along with their nonsense. Stop obeying MEN. lol
Genuine Style
Genuine Style Hace 26 días
generation zero!!!!
0SWALD117 Hace 27 días
@ 24:27 "death stranding TBA / ps4 + PC" ….nope….unfortunately it's a playstation exclusive game….
Derek Harbaugh
Derek Harbaugh Hace 27 días
metro live action movies yes plz
Orklord 666
Orklord 666 Hace 27 días
Why on Hell all this Games are setted always in the Shit USA ? We have enouf from endless the same shit. The world is bigger then only< 1 shit Country - Make Gamesettings in other Countrys- is it so hard after 1000 Games setted in the GAY US to bring finnaly some new =? No more intrest in Games like this ! Make something new or keep your shit !
jaco kruger
jaco kruger Hace 27 días
fear the wolfs? lol, not trusting game trailers anymore, see something in trailer and you dont get it in the game
Alex Mancia
Alex Mancia Hace 27 días
I came here to see most of what everyone is excited for, but instead I got interested in atomic heart. I watched the full trailer and I guess there is more happening then what I see on here
dani alex
dani alex Hace 28 días
Always the game is not like in the trailer....
GND,EI Holmes
GND,EI Holmes Hace 28 días
the last one didnt count
enzolocooo Hace 28 días
Eso les va a pasar si siguen encerrados en sus casa jugando al free fire hdptas!
Jody Drake
Jody Drake Hace 28 días
1:43 Wilhelm scream
THE MUS1C Hace 28 días
THE MUS1C Hace 28 días
THE MUS1C Hace 28 días
THE MUS1C Hace 28 días
THE MUS1C Hace 28 días
THE MUS1C Hace 28 días
THE MUS1C Hace 28 días
switch Hace 29 días
don't understand why there is always zombies in my opinion so boring
MissinInAction Hace 29 días
since when doom became a post apocalyptic franchise? this list is made by a teenage console peasant.
dmk predator
dmk predator Hace un mes
1:45 Опять ты, бедолага Вильгельм!
Alex Caruana
Alex Caruana Hace un mes
Doom and days gone 🔥
Redjacc Hace un mes
Metro Exodus.............why did they have to make the main char look like fucking ant-man!!
Michal Janas
Michal Janas Hace un mes
Metro... again 10 houres fun for same money with i giving sometimes for 1-2 months fun? ... World War Z ... Left4Dead for poor people with console.
Dark One
Dark One Hace un mes
14:30 I tought it is Killing floor 3
PabloDiver Hace un mes
Wilhelm Scream at 1:45
Christophe Monard
Christophe Monard Hace un mes
World War Z sound exactly like Market map of Left 4 Dead
Junaid Atari
Junaid Atari Hace un mes
Most of the games are crap, old fashion and copy paste but not Metro Exodus!
Stupid Stupido
Stupid Stupido Hace un mes
The Metro Exodus trailer is basically better than the whole Metro exodus game. Very disappointing to play Metro exodus, graphics are pretty shit, gameplay is even worse and the Story is complete crap. I do hope they never again release another Metro for the PC market, stick to console games or even better move on to mobile games and save us from these Russian junk games and pathetic novels all together.
Pat Kenney
Pat Kenney Hace un mes
Spell check FTW...
Shadowmaster8850 Hace un mes
World War Z looks like Left4Dead in some points. :D
1996jared Hace 29 días
Shadowmaster8850 yeah but better
Templar Hace un mes
Zero looks like skynet
Supercell Merda
Supercell Merda Hace un mes
shit's women to kill!
ddanncppoli chi
ddanncppoli chi Hace un mes
fuck u
Hookieloa Hace un mes
hey everyone????? Why does division 2 look like shit!?
Fat_Cat Hace un mes
World War Z? I thought that it was Left 4 dead 3 :)
oscar fer
oscar fer Hace un mes
Ghost of Tsushima, TES 6 ???
Ahmed المدريدي
Only post apocalyptic Remove your dislike
Anderson Reffo
Anderson Reffo Hace un mes
I missing something? who is that kid in metro?? I played whole game and didnt saw nothing of that! Its more like a DLC in the future than the game itself. Disapointed.
Ic Red
Ic Red Hace un mes
It looks like this is just a symbolic "ghost of the past". All the nightmares that wait outside. The boy is just one more victim. At the end the soldier tries to rush and help the running family, from the bear, the zombies so on, different situations the same stake. He fails, people die, he survives and has to live with that, go outside again, struggle and probably fail again in that harsh new world.
Dmitry Товаров
that child is Artem in his childhood
Ahmed المدريدي
It's symbolic
ZyruZ Zeline
ZyruZ Zeline Hace un mes
Millions of Flies eat Shit Because they have no Brain, millions of Flies eat shit and they cannot be wrong;)
x10mark2 Hace un mes
ZyruZ Zeline
ZyruZ Zeline Hace un mes
What is with GTFO????? Or is this a list only for cheap trash games? Than is OK!
sessiz zenci
sessiz zenci Hace un mes
metro exodus ?!? cheap?!? HAHAHA
ZyruZ Zeline
ZyruZ Zeline Hace un mes
The only game i would play from this list is Doom Eternal coz its a cult (Im oldschool from the id Software era). The rest is boring shit like every Game from the Majors! I played Ark Survival Evolved 4000 Hour! No Activison or EA Game could top this! Early Acces saved the PC Gaming! Majors destroy it with CallOfDuty part 346 or some other bullshit for little shitfucks.
Bob Smooch
Bob Smooch Hace un mes
I'm interested in metro and atomic heart
lazyartist Last
lazyartist Last Hace un mes
the only thing that worries me about metro exodus is Artyom's state of mind. the dude gets knocked out pretty often in the other two games. pretty sure its not good to keep getting concussions like he does.
Muito bom 👏👏
Daniel Velez
Daniel Velez Hace un mes
Nothing shown on the trailer like the fights and zombies are in the game. I finished it and I'm very disappointed
Manzil Doley
Manzil Doley Hace un mes
The Metro Trailer gave me goosebumps!! Just loved it
ligiadelourdes stegani
Top 10 INSANE Upcoming Post-Apocalyptic Games: Metro Exodus, The Devision 2, Fear the Wolves, Atomic Heart, The Last of Us 2, Doom: Eternal, Days Gone, Dying Light 2, Far Cry: New Dawn, Death Stranding @ Metro Exodus @ The Devision 2 @ Fear the Wolves @ Atomic Heart @ The Last of Us 2 @ Doom: Eternal @ Days Gone Top 10 INSANE Upcoming Post-Apocalyptic Games: Metro Exodus, The Devision 2, Fear the Wolves, Atomic Heart, The Last of Us 2, Doom: Eternal, Days Gone, Dying Light 2, Far Cry: New Dawn, Death Stranding @ Metro Exodus @ The Devision 2 @ Fear the Wolves @ Atomic Heart @ The Last of Us 2 @ Doom: Eternal @ Days Gone @ Far Cry: New Dawn @ Dying Light 2 @ Death Stranding BONUS: @ Generation Zero @ World War Z @ Far Cry: New Dawn @ Dying Light 2 @ Death Stranding BONUS: @ Generation Zero @ World War Z
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