Top 10 INSANE Upcoming Post-Apocalyptic Games in 2019 & 2020 | PS4 Xbox One PC

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Top 10 INSANE Upcoming Post-Apocalyptic Games: Metro Exodus, The Devision 2, Fear the Wolves, Atomic Heart, The Last of Us 2, Doom: Eternal, Days Gone, Dying Light 2, Far Cry: New Dawn, Death Stranding
0:00 Metro Exodus
3:57 The Devision 2
6:15 Fear the Wolves
8:45 Atomic Heart
11:08 The Last of Us 2
13:58 Doom: Eternal
17:06 Days Gone
19:19 Far Cry: New Dawn
21:18 Dying Light 2
24:06 Death Stranding
26:40 Generation Zero
29:57 World War Z


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8 feb 2019

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Friends Game Hub
Friends Game Hub Hace 5 horas
i love game.
Cachorrera Games
Cachorrera Games Hace 13 horas
Division 2 PS2 Graphics
aserta Hace 17 horas
Gorilla war...and multi nationality in 1989...more like Guerrilla warfare and maybe tourists from US.
aserta Hace 17 horas
I really like it when a dev thinks, yeah, i'm going to make myself a game where fuel is a mechanic...yet today, we can barely leave fuel for a week without it going bad, a month before it corrodes through the engines or just goes stale. So stupid. In a post apocalyptic future, there is no fuel. You either make it, or don't have it.
kloutkarsten Hace 22 horas
i'd like too have the first game.
WarChris13 Hace 22 horas
Holy fuck Metro is just so damm awesome and the rest of the video except LoU2 isnt worth watching.
Lord Krythic
Lord Krythic Hace un día
Fear the Wolves has my vote for "Worst Name for a Game Ever".
DP2050 Hace 2 días
Stop playing these sad games, the realities ahead of us are shaped by the power of our imaginations.....those that are awakened, know it...open your 3 eyes, and see how you can bring in positivity into this world, rather than perpetuate the old paradigm, which was driven on fear!
NaBil Evanescence Fan
Why customize my character if I can't see him I'm talking about Generation Zero
NaBil Evanescence Fan
I'm sick of these FPS Give us The Third Person Option GOD DAMMIT
Harold McBroom
Harold McBroom Hace 2 días
STOP milking the stupid zombies... I'm SOOOOO done with ALL of this GARBAGE!!! UbiCRAP, Sony, EA, Rockstar, you IDIOTS are ALL ruining the gaming industry! Aren't gamers getting sick of these sneak around and corridor shooters, so much that is not being done in the gaming industry but all that is on their mind to give us, are games that focus on mass slaughter. All of these games are garbage, ...sure they have nice graphics, and lots of effort put into them, ...but it's the same as we've always been getting for the past 10 years. I'm not wasting my money on any of this... I want gaming companies to give us something we HAVEN'T seen before, that requires more brainwork other than just pointing a gun and shooting.
Фёдр Михалыч
Atomic suka blyad
RokuroCarisu Hace 3 días
How is it possible that Alita does not get a tie-in game to her movie?
stmahlberg Hace 3 días
Same old, same old. It's either DOOM or Wolfenstein circa 1990. FX's have changed... game play hasn't.
Pavel Sedach
Pavel Sedach Hace 3 días
Man - all the good games are coming out of Russian/Eastern studios.
Lordemus Hace 3 días
zombies, zombies and, you guessed it, more zombies..... ResidentSleeper
Егор Павлов
Надо было назвать видос так: "топ говеных, хуевых и унылых игр". Как меня заебали все трейлеры. БЛЯТЬ, я то ищу какую-нибудь хорошую на xbox или pc, а тут такое дерьмо. Пошли НАХУЙ!
GW Hace 3 días
Not much "amazing" here yawn going back to sleep now
ali samaei
ali samaei Hace 4 días
1- metro 2-the last of us 3-world war z (or other)
George Brent
George Brent Hace 4 días
Nay Hace 4 días
Arma = the real flashpoint 2 Fear the wolves = Stalker 2. I love the resilience of eastern european studios. Some big company take theirs copyrights, no problem, they will come back full strength to continue their work .
wizun Hace 4 días
New DOOM Eternal postapocaliptic?? Lol, Doom was a very good game, very special and i LOVE IT, but this is not postapo, in meaning. Two last games are kind of joke?? try better Chernobylite.
Aiden J
Aiden J Hace 5 días
The last of us 2 and dyint light 2 ahhh who remembers the story mode to those 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Dennis Del
Dennis Del Hace 5 días
Doom eternal......holy shit ....so good
Bart Gladun
Bart Gladun Hace 5 días
Dying light 2 will better and great. Like allways but this is pis of shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bart Gladun
Bart Gladun Hace 5 días
Its never be good game
Bart Gladun
Bart Gladun Hace 5 días
What is that russian shit ? Befor that game has clima now is russian propaganda !!!!!!!!!!!!!
War Daddy
War Daddy Hace 5 días
I cant be the only one tired of 1st person view.
Grump 78
Grump 78 Hace 5 días
What no realistic military open world games ,zombie games suck
phereinheight Hace 6 días
Must be a game lol for 10,000 years if men didn't protect girls they would be extinct, now girls rule in an apocalypse lolololololol
Travis Trestler
Travis Trestler Hace 6 días
I love how the bad guys in the division 2 are modern day conservatives and Republicans. Definitely happy that most every game design company is liberal because of their higher education levels.
Shadow Banned
Shadow Banned Hace 6 días
Hmmm Im quite intrigued by Generation Zero 26:54 I like the idea of meeting up with a partially damaged enemy days after inflicting the damage and still benefiting from the previous fight you could minute man the bigger boss robots over a series of attacks and just wear them down.
XxKidnoffxX Hace 6 días
The Devision 2?
Zer01neDev Hace 6 días
None of the trailer is actually reflective of the reality of the game showed.
waleed albloshi
waleed albloshi Hace 6 días
What about Cyberpunk 2077, still waiting...
RokuroCarisu Hace 3 días
Cyberpunk and postapocalypse are not necessarily the same genre.
zeSpammmmmer Hace 6 días
wow! i didnt think it was possible but far cry looks even worse than the last one! new dawn, new down right.. the only good thing ubisoft has been good at, was ruining an excellent franchise.
Kenichi Hace 6 días
Metro (when it hits steam), dying light 2, generation zero, Doom eternal.
Hernan Rosso Muñoz
Hernan Rosso Muñoz Hace 6 días
Dying Light 2 FTW
Yusuf Aslanyurek
Yusuf Aslanyurek Hace 6 días
seems like divison 2 is going to be far better than others.
LaserGadgets Hace 7 días
Atomic Heart looks even better to me now! Division is still....meh. FtW, never heard of it, wait and see, Last of Us yes, but I poop on excl console shit...DOOM....oh yes. Far Cry is awesome so far! DL2 ._. ohoho yes! Generation Zero looks a bit empty but fun.
Mr Byson
Mr Byson Hace 7 días
Were is the game play, only Cinemashit wow after Diablo 3 is everything a Cinematrailer in every Game, how dumb will it get ??!!
franck james
franck james Hace 7 días
the division 2 my best game
dontsell myprivateinformation
What is the last game?
RokuroCarisu Hace 3 días
World War Z.
Hack World
Hack World Hace 7 días
what game is in timeline 11:12 does not even say
Alexander Dorohov
Alexander Dorohov Hace 7 días
10:00 да только ради одной озвучки стоит поиграть)) остальное после этого не важно)
Keylanos Lokj
Keylanos Lokj Hace 7 días
Doom seems boring as fuck. Last of us unrealistic feminist propaganda. i'd only play days gone and dying light from these.
Tzeff NL
Tzeff NL Hace 7 días
I thought the thumbnail was from a movie! Photo-realistic image, man!
GoldenBadger Hace 7 días
Atomic Heart looks interesting
David Martinez
David Martinez Hace 7 días
I really don't like these games. The gameplay of the games is very hard, nothing to enjoy. I do not know what is happening with the games, but the companies are doing any crap. I do not want to name games names, because I do not want to fall into that type of debates, but I do want to say; that are recently crap games. The truth that until now, the only game that is taking all the awards for me, is Star Citizen, "robertsspaceindustries". Years of development and the depth with which they do things is really impressive. No other game is similar to the project they're doing. I'm a PC player for over 20 years, and I've seen a lot.
Kenichi Hace 6 días
Are you stupid. You don't like modern games because they are difficult? But you like a game that is very likely to never get released and looks just as difficult as every other modern game 🤦‍♂️. So what you are saying is that you don't want to be challenged and have everything easy....i bet you suck at life. What a pussy
N Hace 7 días
I still don't have a clue what Death Stranding is about, but I have to believe it's going to be amazing.
Raven Boldie
Raven Boldie Hace 7 días
Doom looks amazing, :D
Kassafrass Sassafrass
Death Stranding is gonna be insane, but I have a good feeling about it
Oleg Lecinsky
Oleg Lecinsky Hace 8 días
More BS trailers so more suckers will preorder. *yawns*. Show it when it released and show the actual gameplay.
shane o neill
shane o neill Hace 8 días
S.T.A.L.K.E.R is still the best and fear the wolves just looks like some battle royale version of it
ZiFFA 23333asvdiids
ZiFFA 23333asvdiids Hace 8 días
Basically another year of Early-Access scum games.Great
Origami Chik3n
Origami Chik3n Hace 8 días
"Da otyabis ty!!!" You can tell Atomic Heart was made by Russians. Western studios still haven't realized that they can hire Russian speaking actors to voice Russian curses.
Tryfield Animas
Tryfield Animas Hace 8 días
2:46 Angela Merkel ? WTF XD
Vladimir Angc
Vladimir Angc Hace 8 días
ps and xbox - fuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeee..... its not game, its sheets.... only pc
‎ ‎
‎ ‎ Hace 8 días
no zombies no party
Sedlina Sera
Sedlina Sera Hace 8 días
metro. We'll continue our linear 'you are the chosen' storytelling with no replay value and we will add even more quicktime events all asking you to push the very same button. division. So we've delivered a petty game with a lot of bullet sponges and 90% of the weapons dealing no damage. Join our demo to see that we are doing it again fear the wolves - watch our trailer of how glitchy our movement and how bad our gunplay will be with no reaction to assault rifle fire is atmoic - russians swearing as they beat their sex toys simulator the last of us - we've heared the SJW love teenage girl ninja assassin-terminato crossovers - You don't believe us? Tomb raider ninja assassin sold super well and now we made a game about it doom - We will monetize the flip out of this and you're going to buy our combat arena boosters this time you dumb customer! days gone - everything boring about open world outpost clearing meets a fuel scavenging simulator far cry new dawn - Let us sell you the same map - again - we promise to put heavily scripted drug halllocination scenes into it as always. dying light 2 - Spider man meets 'you are not a man' cringe plot earned us a lot of money. We'll do it again and now you can choose whether you want to go with a cingle outlaw, anarchy and fashist plots death stranding - our game has a baby and tentacle monsters in it. Japan is gonna love us generation zero - we tell you that you can play this solo, but we've bet our money (in the form of enemy design being absolutely tailored for 4 people) on you dragging your friends into it to give us more money world war Z - we know our 3rd person combat system demonstration is unresponsive looks like crap from 20 years ago. But we also know that people will buy it anyway because of the movie
Beengonetoolong Nevercominback
Can't stand when they feature super hero comic book bullshit a legit movie. They need to stop making that bullshit!!!
UpCycle Engineer
UpCycle Engineer Hace 8 días
metro looks legit
Pj Mack
Pj Mack Hace 8 días
Smilies2013 Hace 8 días
i wish they made a new Crysis game. those Zombie games getting boring.
LaserGadgets Hace 5 días
Wär sie mir auch wenn ich so daneben liegen würde :>
MultiErklaerbaer Hace 5 días
+LaserGadgets die Unterhaltung is mit zu doof :P
LaserGadgets Hace 5 días
Er fragt nach Erdbeeren du schlägst Senf vor.........MP is meh, wenn ich mit anderen Spielen will dann schnapp ich mir nen Ball. Ich hock nich hier und warte auf wildfremde 10jährige die nichmal mit AutoAim weiterkommen. SP ftw :>
MultiErklaerbaer Hace 5 días
+LaserGadgetsHunt lebt von multiplayer
LaserGadgets Hace 5 días
Viecher sind Viecher, er will CRYSIS....und du sagst spiel Hunt. Wenns nicht MP wär würd ichs sogar spielen.
First name Last name
I think the last of us 2 is the only game worth buying
Ragna Rok
Ragna Rok Hace 8 días
Dying light 2 looks like most inteligent and interesting. Most others are just boring zombie shooter.
Large McBigHuge
Large McBigHuge Hace 8 días
America isn't a democracy. It's a constitutional republic. VERY different things. Fuck democracy. Fuck the SJW games.
Don't Ask Me
Don't Ask Me Hace 8 días
Man, the cinematic of Metro is better than most movies. Tired of zombies, so Doom, Division 2 and Metro are on my list.
Gregory Pierce
Gregory Pierce Hace 8 días
I don;'t know what its going to play like, but Metro Exodus is one of the most creative trailers I've seen in a while.
Eduardo Cezar
Eduardo Cezar Hace 8 días
Don't get me wrong. Doom is looking epic, the guns designs almost look like handheld ships. It Looks great. But it's not Doom.
Texas Baker
Texas Baker Hace un día
Looks like someone has been watching too much ultimate doom at bethesda shitworks
Black Marble
Black Marble Hace 8 días
Play the last game with some Jamaicans and try not to laugh
KilldozerPilot85 Hace 8 días
Rage 2 не проплатили чтоб их добавили в ролик?
Patrick Andres Gomez
Division 2 ..... si c'est comme division 1, et ça en a tout l'air, suivant les essais en avant première de gamers éclairés , un "jeu" qui n'est qu'un produit de haute compétition, avec le doux euphémisme de haute intensité pour qualifier l'injouabilité par une majorité de vrais joueur et ne s'adresse qu'a des gamers de haute volés , souvent ou mentalités et comportement de chiottes, de merde , de connards qui vous insultent au passage quand ils vous ont massacré la gueule et empêcher, avec beaucoup de plaisir malsain , de profiter d'un achat que vous avez effectué.
stephi475 Hace 9 días
i am sick to death of zombie games.... enuff already.
Harold McBroom
Harold McBroom Hace 2 días
I want to see a sandbox Red Dawn style game... but I agree, I'm so DONE with all these monster slayer, zombie games...
Veritable Vox
Veritable Vox Hace 9 días
1:44 that classic Wilhelm scream.
stevedrew Hace 8 días
LOL go Wilhelm. LOVE IT!
TheSRBgamer63 Hace 9 días
Inspired by the Metro 2035 ?,i got to play it !!!.
Giovanni Foulmouth
Giovanni Foulmouth Hace 9 días
Generation Zero looks really sweet.
Mr0smite Hace 9 días
Fucking retard, how could you not list Rage 2?
Bob Osborne
Bob Osborne Hace 9 días
We all know last of us 2 will be epic but owning to the fact that you have Xbox you have to say metro lol
Bob Osborne
Bob Osborne Hace 9 días
Damm all those Xbox exclusives 😂😂
Light Being Aid
Light Being Aid Hace 9 días
video game Company's don't know how to make a good game anymore
Uncle Kai
Uncle Kai Hace 9 días
The fuck did u say about dying light 2 u little shit!?
Erik Fex
Erik Fex Hace 9 días
Days gone will suXx
APE X Hace 9 días
I was high on LSD When I played PONG in 1977 Maybe I should try one of these new games
rrrrw999 Hace 10 días
Division 2 looks good, needs a first person mode like Metro Exodus has. Days Gone would be better in first person, 3rd person for cutscenes. Same for World War Z, Anthem and Gears. All of these would be more fun and more immersive in 1st person.
Endre Dankay
Endre Dankay Hace 10 días
These are here, okay, but I only want a new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game...
Dan Nielsen
Dan Nielsen Hace 4 horas
Yeah that "fear the wolves" looks like its trying, fuckin odd... we'll see i guess uh
Tony Kravitz
Tony Kravitz Hace 7 días
Get out of here Stalker. jokes aside, I too look foward to Stalker 2.
Grapes The undying
Grapes The undying Hace 8 días
*C H E E K I* *B R E E K I*
Gabriel Divine
Gabriel Divine Hace 10 días
1:45 wilhelm scream ... EVERYONE needs to stop using that scream .. its boring how its in every game, movie, trailer .. everywhere.
Gabriel Divine
Gabriel Divine Hace 3 días
+RokuroCarisu so? It was cool back then, but now, when everyone does .. its not cool, because everyone does it .. its lame. No originality, only one idiot copying another idiot.
RokuroCarisu Hace 3 días
It's been a meme long before memes were a thing.
ian davies
ian davies Hace 10 días
fear the wolves looks like it might be the STALKER game we have been waiting for and artiom is back yay
ian davies
ian davies Hace 10 días
disapointed fear the wolves is a battle royal using assets from the STALKER games
echoesroll Hace 10 días
For me are a must buy 1- Metro Exodus 2- Days Gone 3- Death Straining 4 - Last of Us ( ? ) used Than when played it all ... 1- Day Z. looks fun and I enjoyed a lot Left 4 Dead ... I’m going for it 2- That Russian first person game looks Great 👍
Uncle Kai
Uncle Kai Hace 9 días
Fuck metro and days gone DYING LIGHT 2
Rok Podlogar
Rok Podlogar Hace 10 días
metro's babushka scenes very a thing of beauty.
RokuroCarisu Hace 3 días
Solovino Juntoseva
Solovino Juntoseva Hace 10 días
World war z looks exactly like left 4 dead but that is not a good thing because left 4 dead is over 10 years old now! Just like the movie, shitty. The only good thing about world war z is the book.
eddrush209mph Hace 10 días
I'm looking atchu' Dying Light 2 O.o
Iamdoepi Hace 10 días
The new Far cry is a joke. With their rainbow buggy and feministic approach they just gave in to all the other dramatic views and lgbt supportive propaganda.
Michael Morrow
Michael Morrow Hace 10 días
Same bs zombie games rehashed yet again. Post apocalypse has nothing to do with Zombies lol... never did " Those games are in the genre of "Viral Outbreak"... Honestly Was nice to see that the 80's crash test dummy will have his own game now though. Nothing original here, NEXT!
Smilies2013 Hace 8 días
agree. same old zombie bullshit games.
Giovanni Foulmouth
Giovanni Foulmouth Hace 9 días
Atomic Heart looks a little more original than the rest of this shite. No zombies and it looks like an alternate history in USSR.
Pol Fartin
Pol Fartin Hace 10 días
gen zero looks amazing!
Andrew H
Andrew H Hace 10 días
Only one of these games seemed remotely interesting, kind of sad really.
Eddie Rice
Eddie Rice Hace 10 días
i hope metro exodus will be on steam to
Azir Kurtisi
Azir Kurtisi Hace 10 días
The last of us is such a beautiful but sad game and truly post apocaliptic
Phil Robertson
Phil Robertson Hace 6 días
This is the one I'm waiting for. If its "half" as good as the first, it will be epic.
Jay D
Jay D Hace 10 días
Stop making unrealistic games that show women fighting alongside men in post-apocalyptic settings. They should be back at base making fucking sammiches just like in real fucking life.
Azir Kurtisi
Azir Kurtisi Hace 10 días
I like such games thank u
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