Top 10 Movie Tropes that Would Not Fly Today

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Wow, times have really changed, haven't they? Join www.WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Movie Tropes and Trends that Would Not Fly Today. Suggestion Tool►►www.WatchMojo.com/suggest Subscribe►►esvid.net/u-watchmojo Facebook►►www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo Twitter►►www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo Instagram►►instagram.com/watchmojo Channel Page►►www.youtube.com/watchmojo
For this list, we're looking at previously common plot elements, practices, devices or clichés in filmmaking that would most likely not be used today, either because of changes in what is considered acceptable by modern standards, or changes in the film industry itself.
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11 jun 2016

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Kevin Pettigrew
Kevin Pettigrew Hace 17 horas
Another stupid list. That caters to the people who are offended by everything.
George R. Carmichael
Buffalo Bill was based on Ed Gein though. God this video is stupid.
cgaskill13 Hace un día
Blackface is not a white person wearing makeup to look black. It’s a specific style of makeup. In its heyday, even blacks wore blackface, as the makeup was not intended to be realistic.
Vi Tu
Vi Tu Hace 3 días
Tarantino doesn’t give a fuck
Unco Casey
Unco Casey Hace 4 días
Smoking cigarettes. Are you fucking kidding me. You're offended by someone smoking.
nicholas fuchs
nicholas fuchs Hace 8 días
Back when they made good movies
JonesiBoy Beastmode
JonesiBoy Beastmode Hace 8 días
Blazing Saddles.
Edward X
Edward X Hace 8 días
Tropic Thunder was hilarious! Robert Downey Jr was "da bomb!" 🤯
Melissa Maylath
Melissa Maylath Hace 8 días
If I don't like something or I'm offended by it I don't watch it . Read it or look at it. I don't believe In censorship. People could watch or do something else. If they are so offended. If they have this much time to analyze these movies with fine a tooth-cumb maybe they have way too much time on their hands. When i see this kinda bashing of movies I think of real life discrimination , viloence, etc in the news, etc we should focus on ending that. Besides movies reflect the sign of the times.
Melissa Maylath
Melissa Maylath Hace 8 días
What about Seth MacFarlane. Movies & tv show. Especially his cartoons have sex, viloence, & adult themes. If people are so uptight about these movies etc. DON'T WATCH THEM . What about SpongeBob ? That's much more offense. I don't agree with any of it. Think this trope is tripe.
Melissa Maylath
Melissa Maylath Hace 8 días
oy. These movies are tame In comparison to today's movie. There are pg 13 movies today that have adult themes & adult language. Im sooo tired of political correctness. People need to lighten up. It was different time back then. They are movies not real .
Gamer Frikken Joe
Gamer Frikken Joe Hace 9 días
I could care less if people are offended..I got rid of cable tv and I stopped going to the movies long ago!
Rolie Rebel 03
Rolie Rebel 03 Hace 9 días
Fuck you mojo and your liberal handlers
MHBULLSFAN Hace 9 días
Kids see rated R movies, especially now with the internet lol
Steven Wallace
Steven Wallace Hace 9 días
Im offended by people being offended by movies on this list. Glad im old and wont see how far this PC liberal world ends up. Feel sorry for youth of today. They wont know humour.
Nachuak Hace 9 días
This video was leftist propaganda trying to pussify the Western male.
Nachuak Hace 9 días
Ted in 16 Candles was and is the envy of every guy around even in 2019. You're trying to turn guys gay with this video.
Nachuak Hace 9 días
The Palestinians are basically slaves to the Israelis right now in 2019.
Nachuak Hace 9 días
Every nation had slavery. I live in Thailand now and learned that 1 year after Lincoln abolished slavery, the king of Thailand followed suit. Right now today in Africa there are thousands of black slaves being sold daily by Arab slave traders.
Nachuak Hace 9 días
"Villainizing actual Nations." Have you ever watched China Uncensored here on ESvid? Yeah.
Nachuak Hace 9 días
The Jerk was funny as fuck. People are pussified today.
Carolyn King
Carolyn King Hace 10 días
This is one of the most ridiculous videos I've watched lately. They were "Germans". That i what we called them. And I loved Song of the South and the old black man who sang was, to me, a grandfather type. I am white, by the say. Whatever that has to do with anything. I did not remember any insecurities or bad dreams from any of this.
Jake Barnes
Jake Barnes Hace 10 días
I think you should call it. American films that wouldn't fly today.
Soulful Melodies
Soulful Melodies Hace 11 días
Really? Violence? Movies now days are even worse!!!
supergamer1122 Hace 11 días
Unsubscribe because you don't know what rape is if the person agrees it's not rape even if they pretend to be someone else and if the girl realized it was another person she could call it off if the man still fucks her then that is rape
a l
a l Hace 11 días
The whole Gay bashing LGBT homophobia thing is a load of crap. If straight people got taken the piss out of we wouldn’t give a fuck but if you take the piss out of gay people everyone goes oh no that’s wrong grandma style. Fuck LGBT just be yourself, you don’t need a stupid group to define who you are.
JB0523 Hace 11 días
All this list did was prove that this generation is full of pussies 😒
Sarah Matthews
Sarah Matthews Hace 11 días
Saying films were too harsh on Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia is pretty suspect. Those parties/countries committed some of the most evil atrocities the world has ever seen. Can’t be against some of the other inappropriateness while trying to excuse ruthless murder and genocide.
John Bold
John Bold Hace 10 días
You can't insult commies and Nazis now. Middle America is still fair game, though.
Guy Moosburger
Guy Moosburger Hace 11 días
Basically when movies were good.
Pan PDX Hace 11 días
Ya, we did have some awesome films. They were in my view meant to entertain and used the realities of the world as a canvas and sometimes the fantasies of the world. They were never meant in large part to be moral frameworks, not really. The films today are meant to portray a world as the "woke" think it should be as compared to finding humor, drama, horror, romance and insanity in the world as it is and twisting it into a work of art.
Tennek Trey
Tennek Trey Hace 11 días
Fuck these bitch ass snowflakes! I live to offend you little bitches.
Carrie Cheaung
Carrie Cheaung Hace 11 días
Heavy weights scene reminds me of jared fogal
Brandy Y.
Brandy Y. Hace 11 días
This is how you got trump
Rick Delair
Rick Delair Hace 11 días
WHO GIVES A RAT'S SMELLY ASS? I am tired of all this political correctness bullshit, and of course, Watch Mojo is in on the game, too. This "don't do this, do that, you CAN'T, you MUST, etc is all bullshit, part of the new world order, and part of globalism. I am a light bulb collector and I get flak because I cannot STAND JUNK-ASS LED GARBAGE! Go ahead, everybody, follow like sheep, to save a penny or 2 a year on your electric bill and bask in the harsh, nasty glow of LED DEATH LIGHTS! This is the narrative these days--say something people did for centuries is "obsolete" and "not suitable for today". SHOVE YOUR PC SHIT BACK UP YOUR ASS! When I saw you messing with my favorite movie, "A Christmas Story", I realized this would be a ploy to try to make me fall into the current bullshit politically correct liberal democrat horseshit and try to change my way of viewing life.You didn't, and I will keep using and restoring and installing MORE of my PCB filled ballasts, 1940's fluorescent lights that WORK, unlike LED SHIT, use incandescent, mercury vapor, and fluorescent and not give a flying shit about "oh, you are causing climate change, your carbon footprint is too big, you have to give in and use globalist corporate idiot's LED "bulbs" made in China bus sold under "brand names" at super inflated prices, NOPE, BITE ME! If I sound PISSED, I AM. I got your "Tropes" hanging in my pants. Fucking PC idiots, go find your "safe space" and hug a teddy bear. ARRRRGH.
Rick Delair
Rick Delair Hace 8 días
@John Bold Yeah, LED sucks eggs. I am starting to avoid stores lit by them now, give me nasty headaches! And no more efficient than fluorescent , so a lie and a hoax. White LED's ARE fluorescent, in fact, solid state fluorescent! Incandescent bulbs are getting hard to find, and the new halogen versions are expensive and have short life. Junk!
John Bold
John Bold Hace 10 días
I still buy the good light bulbs too. The bad ones are as popular as New Coke.
Tontavios Hace 11 días
Oh i see if a man hits a women its condemed to the depths of hell but a women kneeing a guy in his balls then punching him in the face is straight comedy gold.
Rodney Hickman
Rodney Hickman Hace 11 días
Soul man was a classic
Rodney Hickman
Rodney Hickman Hace 11 días
Revenge of the nerds is rape ?
Jaythejayzer Hace 11 días
Pc bs list
Christopher Kennedy
Christopher Kennedy Hace 11 días
Too many sooky pissants these days. I want to go back to the 80s
John Bold
John Bold Hace 10 días
Build a time machine. I'll be your first guinea pig.
Gox1987 Hace 11 días
What was so bad about that poster for Gilda?
arkmay Hace 11 días
hahaha look at the comments from all the triggered conservatives
arkmay Hace 9 días
Lol yup
John Bold
John Bold Hace 9 días
@arkmay They're just venting. Despite the best efforts of leftist censors, we still have the right to free speech.
arkmay Hace 9 días
John Bold oh sorry I could have sworn everyone was going on rants because of their overreactions to a dumb ESvid video, but it must have to do with the downfall of society :(
John Bold
John Bold Hace 10 días
They're not triggered (cliche). They just miss a sane world.
Henry Aldrich
Henry Aldrich Hace 11 días
more liberal garbage, offended by everything. Talking about how blackface is bad what about whiteface like the wayans brothers portraying white girls?????
Sweet Tooth
Sweet Tooth Hace 11 días
Im a minority and still say ppl are way to f offensive these day some of these won Oscar's some are classics that i still watch today its a movie real life is a totally different thing
adam s
adam s Hace 11 días
Lol jaws was pg ??
buckeyejrd Hace 11 días
Do the words "parody" or "satire" mean anything to you?? Or "period pieces"? This is the most ridiculous list I have ever seen - PC gone awry!! Typical liberal balderdash. In the 80s, people stood and cheered in the theaters when Rocky knocked out Ivan Drago!!!!
Dan Patrick
Dan Patrick Hace 11 días
Everyone is offended. So exhausting
smoothestones1 Hace 11 días
This video proves that our culture has gone way overboard in judging the past by today's standards. It's shallow.
Mannitherucus Hace 11 días
i wanted to make a really funny comment with a bit of an edge, but i decided to keep it unfunny, cause i dont want to offend anyone.
Xean Drury
Xean Drury Hace 11 días
Of course no one mentions the 'white face' of movies like White Chicks (Waynes bros.). Because only whites can be racist.
John Bold
John Bold Hace 10 días
Back in the day, you could find joke books about all groups. Now, some groups are on the protected list, which is quite hypocritical.
Roger Parris
Roger Parris Hace 11 días
Thats why movies today suck
Curtis Sherwood
Curtis Sherwood Hace 11 días
OMG what have we become? I have seen most of these movies, own several of them, and have no issues with any of them. People (mostly liberals) have become so sensitive to anything and everything that you can't do or say anything without offending them. I am not a racist, but there is nothing wrong with using the terms Russians, Germans, Krauts, Japs, or any other such term in a war movie. I use the term MUZZY all the time. Muzzyism is not a race or a religion, it is a terrorist organization. I find the LBTG disgusting. So does the bible for that matter. Violence? It happens all the time, and there is no reason not to portray it in movies. Smoking? you've got to be kidding. I smoked for 30 years, starting at age 12. I finally quit and switched to vaping. But I suppose that wouldn't be allowed in movies and on TV these days either. If the person who made this video represents a large part of the human species, then we are totally and completely doomed. Oh and BTW, I am a heterosexual man, and I intend to act like one. I find your video disgusting and am offended by it.
John Bold
John Bold Hace 10 días
The old liberals weren't this bad. The Obama administration brought in the SJW plague.
tubester4567 Hace 11 días
Theres still heaps of sexist and homophobic media that incites violence. Rap music has it all.
robert nichols
robert nichols Hace 11 días
There Movie s God u people really move on already
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor Hace 12 días
fucking sjws
Mohammed Nurul
Mohammed Nurul Hace 12 días
Likes and Dislikes, perfectly balanced as it should always.
Timothy Campbell
Timothy Campbell Hace 12 días
wow, we've progressed so much, wow, I mean, look at how advanced we are morally superior to those generations, wow
John Bold
John Bold Hace 10 días
I hope that's sarcasm. If not, "yikes".
Sarah Herivel
Sarah Herivel Hace 12 días
I loved the jerk lol it was so funny
The Taco11
The Taco11 Hace 12 días
I love watching Mojo but this one is ridiculous
gtnos1993 Hace 12 días
If everyone weren't such a big giant pussy they could just enjoy life instead of crying about shit. Grow the fuck up people and Mojo quit pandering to the weak with this dribble.
Dewayne Miguel
Dewayne Miguel Hace 12 días
This is why i never go to the movies anymore they invent what they think people want to watch
Emi Mitchell
Emi Mitchell Hace 12 días
With all our modern day “liberation”, freedom has left the country. We can’t say or do anything... actually we can bash white, Christian, straight, conservative males all day tho. They don’t count as humans!
John Bold
John Bold Hace 10 días
Millions of aware people agree with you. That explains the desperation of the anti-majority Marxists.
Action Jackson
Action Jackson Hace 12 días
title should be renamed "Back When Movies Were Good". Don't worry i can still watch these classics and enjoy them , suck it snowflakes
James Welsh
James Welsh Hace 12 días
Germans don't deny their history. They apologize for it and learn from their last. I've only lived here for a year... But that's what I've seen
ViaLogic N Reason
ViaLogic N Reason Hace 12 días
What a bunch of pansies we are raising now! And I’m not alone in this, judging by the comments. Try watching the celebrity roasts with Don Rickles. More to the point, see how his target would handle it (even Flip Wilson). They weren’t a bunch of snowflakes like we are producing today. Thanks for ruining some of my best childhood memories. The scene with the crows, in “Dumbo” was funny (even for an adult)! And what’s with this new made up term “cultural appropriation”? It used to be “When in Rome...” . So, I’m not allowed to wear the Sombrero I just bought? I’m sure the street vendor agrees with you; how many sales did you just cost him, you woke dumbass!?
Brad Hobbs
Brad Hobbs Hace 12 días
Get thee to thy fainting couch!
Adolf Shotzanigger
Adolf Shotzanigger Hace 12 días
PC garbage, I remember the good old days when you could laugh at this stuff
Pigs In Da 6IX
Pigs In Da 6IX Hace 13 días
*gets offended by bullies in a movie* neck
Rad Macapagal
Rad Macapagal Hace 13 días
This really makes me miss the old days.
aiolos000 Hace 13 días
ok, ok, ok, but "gone by the wind" is set during the Civil War: you can sugar coat it, you can (no pun intended) whitewash it as hard as you can, it will still be about slavery and war :-/
jeflynnenut Hace 13 días
Basically everyone is a pu$$y and everything fn suvks now. Gremlins ffs!!! There will be absolutely fn nothing to write about. Pathetic.
Brutus Judas
Brutus Judas Hace 13 días
“Collecting cultural artifacts”... no wonder they can’t make a good Tomb Raider movie! You guys are assholes!
Mr. Allen C. Sokolik Jr.
Many of these movies are classics & it was a different world b4 ppl of today became snowflakes & being pc if u don't like the old movies they don't watch it cuz no one is making u. But u can't undo all of these movies cuz we are always going to have them on dvd or movies apps/websites
Richard Lemieux
Richard Lemieux Hace 13 días
Because today we are surrounded by millennial snowflakes.
pkm090503 Hace 13 días
Give me a F_^K IN Break !!
Love Heals
Love Heals Hace 13 días
10:17 Lmao!!!
Joseph OBrien
Joseph OBrien Hace 13 días
This is why everything out of Hollywood sucks ass. Too many PC snowflakes.
Frank Phillips
Frank Phillips Hace 13 días
Depicting Russia or Germany as bad is racist? I guess words just don't mean anything anymore.
Adam Quirke
Adam Quirke Hace 14 días
This seems primarily a make the left feel better video. These themes are still in a lot of films now but we all know how to deal with them
DJDonkeytron Hace 14 días
Everything is offensive today
heath williams
heath williams Hace 14 días
Pathetic. PC police is a bunch of idiots.
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