Top 10 Underrated Science Fiction Movies

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These aren't the droids you're looking for; in fact, you might have completely missed these robots, spaceships and dystopias, but you should definitely give them a chance. Join www.WatchMojo.com as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Underrated Science Fiction Movies. Subscribe►►esvid.net/u-watchmojo Facebook►►www.Facebook.com/WatchMojo. Twitter►►www.Twitter.com/WatchMojo Instagram►►instagram.com/watchmojo Suggestion Tool►►www.WatchMojo.com/suggest Channel Page►►www.youtube.com/watchmojo
For this list, we'll be looking at films that deserve a higher rating or that should've had a larger audience.
Special thanks to our user Norris Vaughn and jkellis for submitting the idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at www.WatchMojo.com/suggest!
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13 ene 2016

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Keith Bradbury
Keith Bradbury Hace un día
What about "Yor: The Hunter from the Future???" LOL, seriously, I think The Island was a great sci fi film that doesn't get the attention it should. Not a perfect film by any means, but very enjoyable and thought-provoking.
zach hilton
zach hilton Hace un día
I usually agree with you guys but "Primer" really?? terrible movie....
Gina Marie
Gina Marie Hace un día
I'll always like John Carter. They should have added from Mars to the title, just like the book, and they may have acquired more movie goers in the theaters. The aliens looked totally real.
Paul Everitt
Paul Everitt Hace un día
SPHERE was HORRIBLE. Do not waste your time. PITCH BLACK was not really science fiction. It was a great adventure/survival movie. Too bad Vin Diesel only had ONE truly great performance in him. This is that one.
Jim Armitage
Jim Armitage Hace un día
magicsinglez Hace un día
I hope ‘sphere’ and ‘enemy mine’ are honorable mentions
Francisco Mazzini
Francisco Mazzini Hace 2 días
SUNSHINE should be in a list of 5 sci-fi movies of al time
Justin Breese
Justin Breese Hace 2 días
Titan A.E is underrated, still a good movie today
M Infante
M Infante Hace 2 días
In the 1990s there were great scifi videogames and I do not see them anywhere, only the typical Mario or Star Wars anthologies, etc. How about games like... * Star Control 1 and 2 * Independence War 1 and 2 and Defiance * Mechwarrior 2 * Battlezone 1 and 2 * X Beyond the frontier * Cyberia 2 * Hardwar (very much like a revamped Elite) * Wing Commander series * Freespace 1 and 2 * Hi-Octane etc... These games were awesome.
needmoreramsay Hace 2 días
needmoreramsay Hace 2 días
Also #11.. Battlefield Earth. Terrible acting but actually incredibly cerebral movie. Realistic (if aliens exist), great story. Well done. Pitch Black and Sunshine were amazing. Andromeda Strain. Scanners, so many !!
wfpelletier Hace 2 días
I agree with other comments that they forgot Gattaca.
Daniel Harris
Daniel Harris Hace 2 días
Harrison Bergeron was a (sci-fi?) Dystopia I thoroughly enjoyed.
QbanWay 88
QbanWay 88 Hace 3 días
Gotta love this kind of movies, appealing ideas and theories very well conceived, the only problem is that they are just that, ideas, product of imagination, speculations, not the real thing...
Silent Bob
Silent Bob Hace 3 días
Equilibrium just on 5, Enemy Mine and Pitch Black just honorable mentions. Laughable.
needmoreramsay Hace 2 días
Yes Enemy mine !!
jhon hall
jhon hall Hace 3 días
I saw moon it sucked to the tenth power. Didn't see the rest because I'm not artsy fartsy enough.
E O'Brien
E O'Brien Hace 3 días
Underrated based on what? Most of these are popular films that were well received. And by the way, Sunshine is utter dogshit. Should be on an overrated list.
Deplorable Dave
Deplorable Dave Hace 4 días
jonathan cressman
jonathan cressman Hace 4 días
Underrated movies that made me think Zardoz - what if you were forced to live forever and couldn't even kill yourself? Repeaters - low budget teen, What would you do if your day always repeated? Predestination - what is the biggest weakness of any time traveler? The 13th floor - what would the people in a simulation of our world think of us?
Zero Ohms
Zero Ohms Hace 4 días
A couple of British films that qualify for this list are: The Day the Earth Caught Fire - mid 60s Devil Girl from Mars - late 50s
vast active
vast active Hace 4 días
Strange days is on now tv atm and worth a watch
Stinky Cheese
Stinky Cheese Hace 4 días
I've seen most of these and wouldn't call them underrated at all, felt like I wanted the time back from watching them.
swampfuel20 Hace 4 días
Pitch Black should have been on list of 10.Fav? On list Silent Running, Sunshine, Moon.
Kathy Bedunah Winchell
Moon is a great choice.
john blankenship
john blankenship Hace 5 días
Peter Krug
Peter Krug Hace 5 días
I think STARMAN should've appeared here.
Andre Gouge
Andre Gouge Hace 5 días
Dark Star!!
MrFusionMusic Hace 5 días
I came here for Dark City.
TH3_V1k1ng Hace 6 días
only movie on here I disagree with is Exsistenz. Watched it when it first came out. Very weird and strange. Something within something, inside something bigger. david Cronenberg does do some weird stuff. All the rest.. stunning. Silent running...AMAZING.. huey duey and lewie.. doing surgery on the space gardener. Equilibrium - Gun Kata... Strange days - using mini discs to record memories - around the time this movie came out I was taken on a trip to Keele University in Staffordshire. They were using Betamax to do major huge backups of their "super computers" And also used betamax as recording media for digital music. Sunshine - danny boyle using gravity of the sun to slow time inside the bomb. 1 major movie that is missed out is John Carpenters DARK STAR!!!
Jumpy bowl47
Jumpy bowl47 Hace 6 días
Logan’s run anybody anybody?
Ben Finny
Ben Finny Hace 6 días
Best NOT on the list Event Horizon, buckaroo Banzai, Returner and Dark city
Jennifer Gladish
Jennifer Gladish Hace 3 días
Oh, YES!!! Event Horizon STILL effs with my mind, two decades later!
BIll Geo
BIll Geo Hace 6 días
Read the book "Sphere", the movie is a major let down...
David Pidlypchak
David Pidlypchak Hace 7 días
Check out Predestination.
Scott Claymore
Scott Claymore Hace 7 días
Dark Star
Wolfgang Kotrba
Wolfgang Kotrba Hace 7 días
Thanks for this list. I'm always looking for rarely-known sci-fi movies. Nirvana (1997) is one of my favorites. Not many people know about it. Leading actor is Christopher Lambert. He plays a game designer who discovers the main character of his game. The main character has somehow come alive and he does not want to accept his fate of being part of a video game.
mindreaper89 Hace 8 días
Where is Dredd!?
Lavale Wright
Lavale Wright Hace 8 días
Scanners was an awesome movie
Adelaine Delabin
Adelaine Delabin Hace 9 días
2010 is the best of those, and one of the few SF movies in existence. Enemy Mine gets second place.
Johnny Dominguez
Johnny Dominguez Hace 10 días
Heavy Metal? UNDERRATED??
Lem Mann
Lem Mann Hace 10 días
MOON = Most OVERRATED SF movie of the past 25 years.
Matt Buchanan
Matt Buchanan Hace 11 días
IMHO this list is perfect. Well done! Thanks!
DTB1997 Hace 11 días
Sphere had the worst ending I've ever seen.
Andy Nash
Andy Nash Hace 11 días
I agree, for the most part, but I would also add Pandorum. I thought it was a great sci-fi/horror movie that really f****d with your head. And I think Ben Foster is a terribly underrated actor.
5naxalotl Hace 12 días
moon is a great choice at the top. me, i'd leave out existenz and add Edge of Tomorrow, just because people assume it's going to be another vapid tom cruise vehicle ... when it's a surprisingly good return to the groundhog day theme. funny, logical and entertaining as hell. primer is *must see*, imo. and heavy metal is a movie for teenage boys. a GREAT movie for teenage boys, and one i wish i'd seen as a teenage boy, but not underrated
Curt Brennan
Curt Brennan Hace 13 días
No cartoons please.......Arghhh!!!!
BadgeurM0B Hace 13 días
HM is an Occult classic, great soundtrack
Irthiza Ahmad
Irthiza Ahmad Hace 13 días
Where's source code??
J. Mc.
J. Mc. Hace 14 días
Moon was garbage. Dry... Mostly emotionless til the end... It's like watching a turd harden in the sun
Bobman9420 Hace 14 días
Bobman9420 Hace 14 días
Been a fan of Jared Leto since "Dallad Buyers Club". I've been wanting to see "Mr. Nobody". Also you had me at Ralph Fines
Qellogz Hace 14 días
2010 one of my fav
PhatBoyzClub Hace 15 días
Equilibrium is underrated? I didn't know that.
ebbhead20 Hace 15 días
Predestination should be on here..
Karl Hammond
Karl Hammond Hace 16 días
"Moon" was awesome!
Jennifer Gladish
Jennifer Gladish Hace 3 días
David Bowie's son!!! 😄
Michelle Magyar
Michelle Magyar Hace 16 días
Equilibrium....THE BEST!
Brakathor Hace 17 días
Moon is like a 2 hour long dry-hump.
Setsuna Setsuna
Setsuna Setsuna Hace 9 días
Yes I dont know why it keeps making these lists.
Titus Orelius
Titus Orelius Hace 17 días
Wasn't this movie already done recently? "WIDOWS" right?
batgurrl Hace 17 días
Thank you for NOT spoiling Moon
eduardo saverin
eduardo saverin Hace 18 días
Mr nobody is the best , hands down
Kire667 Hace 19 días
6:50 We Happy Few?
buntshire Hace 20 días
Haven't been able to look at console controllers the same since watching existenz. That movie's fucked.
Maximilian Hammerschmidt
Why wasn't A. I. in this?!
Adam Bartlett
Adam Bartlett Hace 20 días
great list, only thing i would do is move sunshine to the top
RikkyCZ Hace 20 días
Sunshine? It wasn't very bad, but overall boring and rated M for "meh"
RikkyCZ Hace 20 días
not mentioning scientific bullshit
Arrbyy Hace 21 un día
High Frequency (there are two and they're both good!), with Dennis Quaid would be another overlooked gem in my view.
Arrbyy Hace 21 un día
There are some great flicks in this review though. 2010 was awesome. Silent Running is old but gold. I got nothing out of Existenz the first time I saw it. But when I watched again, recently, I'm glad I did.
Arrbyy Hace 21 un día
Moon does not interest me.
Arrbyy Hace 21 un día
Sunshine was crap.
sl9sl9 Hace 21 un día
Alternative mini list (in no particular order): - Event Horizon (1997 - SciFi horror, it is glorious) - Gattaca (1997) - Serenity (2005 - Avoid the awful 2019 film of the same name! Ideally watch TV miniseries "Firefly" before this) - Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow (2014 - Tom Cruise, great movie!) - Dark City (1998) - Oblivion (2013 - Tom Cruise) - The Island (2005) - Battlefield Earth (2000 - the troll entry) The two TC movies are included because they deserve it. In 2013 and 2014 he made a couple of very high quality original SciFi movies, you will be entertained.
Doug Fitch
Doug Fitch Hace 21 un día
One of my favorites is The Black Hole. Special effects was fair however it had a great cast and well acted. Transformers The Movie was well done also.
Dave Dunhoff
Dave Dunhoff Hace 21 un día
No Flash?! , featuring Sam Jones at his best? A compelling story backed by an amazing soundtrack!
Craig Hilles
Craig Hilles Hace 21 un día
For those of you who liked "Primer", try " Los Cronocrímenes" (Time Crimes), really great time travel paradox movie. A guy goes back in time 1 hour and "problems ensue"!
j s
j s Hace 21 un día
#10 - 1984 - 2010, The Year We Make Contact #09 - 2004 - Primer #08 - 1981 - Heavy Metal #07 - 2009 - Mr. Nobody #06 - 1972 - Silent Running #05 - 2002 - Equilibrium #04 - 1995 - Strange Days #03 - 1999 - Existenz #02 - 2007 - Sunshine #01 - 2009 - Moon
Techknowverse Hace 22 días
So far all these movies suck -- 10- 9-8-7-6 -5-4-3-2-1 Yep. They must be paying her to say these are under-rated movies. Because I saw them except for the stupid cartoon and they all sucked..
Matt Foley
Matt Foley Hace 23 días
MrWildtizzle Hace 19 días
Event Horizon is more of an overrated film, in my opinion. It's just Solaris, stripped of its meaning, with a Hellraiser paint job.
Quintus Peltrasius
Quintus Peltrasius Hace 23 días
Strange Days and Pitch Black easily some of the most epic and underrated sci-fi movies (Strange Days is my #1 fav sci-fi). Gattaca and Dark City definitely should have been on this list as well. Also, anyone for "Repo the Genetic Opera"??? A very lesser known movie that's friggin awesome!
zwippie92 Hace 24 días
Huh, no Virtuosity from 1995, I'm surprised. I myself at least enjoyed that movie.
zwippie92 Hace 17 días
@Drewbert As I said, they probably erased the last seconds of his memory up untill the point they engaged him again in the VR world. He is a computer so erasing the memory wouldn't be that hard I imagine but it's still weird that they managed to save the daughter in the amount of time it took to do all that.
Drewbert Hace 17 días
@zwippie92 o i see, that makes sense kinda because he replayed the situation in VR after he beat him. Good point though, how would Sid not have some deja vu, having just lived the same scenario.
zwippie92 Hace 18 días
@Drewbert Did you skip a part at the end? Russel Crowes character, SID, is a computer program with a guess you could call it a CPU in the head, his brain. Denzels character defeats SID, rips the CPU out of SIDs head and then realizes that if he plugs that CPU into the VR world he can trick SID into showing them the where the womans daughter is located. The only problem with this is the time it would take for all that, I don't know how much time they had before the bomb would go off but it's hard to imagine they had the time to explain everything to the police, drive to the place where SID was stored, plug everything and every one in, repeat some of the things that happend (I'm guessing they erased some of SIDS memories) and then exit the VR world and then go back to the tower and defuse the bomb.
Drewbert Hace 18 días
oh great you're into that movie? I was hoping anyone could explain how they're all in the simulation at the end. When and how the fuck and at what point did they go from reality into virtual reality, so denzel could be killed and come back to life? what hints or clues gave the audience any tell? If there isnt a tell, then thats super lazy writing even for the 90's and then fuck that film it shouldnt be on this list, because its bad not underated!
Danton Steele
Danton Steele Hace 25 días
definitely liked equilibrium
uuamenator Hace 25 días
Come on, equilibrium is well deserving of its low rank.. it's pretty raw and low quality. The only good thing in that movie is batman and a music video esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-rP-0-32KID4.html (white lions - cry for freedom). I swear that music video is better than the movie, and actually all you really need to see from the movie.
Kyle Shiflet
Kyle Shiflet Hace 26 días
Heavy Metal is underrated period
Tessy D.
Tessy D. Hace 28 días
2001 and 2010 epic movies in sci fi
fairsfair Hace 29 días
I was talking about 2010.
fairsfair Hace 29 días
I have tried to see this film but I cannot get it on my computer. can anyone help me?
Alan Grey
Alan Grey Hace 29 días
Ultraviolet has to be up there with Equilibrium. Same director, same style, and just as good.
Absentia 616
Absentia 616 Hace 29 días
"Top 10 Underrated Science Fiction Movies" And you start the list with one of the most overrated movies of all time GJ
vhilton40000 Hace 29 días
Left out The Matrix
Halcion Koenig
Halcion Koenig Hace un mes
Exhilarating Climax = Shows the climax.
James McKane
James McKane Hace un mes
Equilibrium is the greatest movie nobody has ever heard of and exinstenx is okay
Alan Grey
Alan Grey Hace 29 días
If you love Equilibrium check out Ultraviolet. Same director. Same style fight scenes. Almost as good as Equilibrium, at least I thought so.
Ulieq Hace un mes
Mr Nobody...was one of the most brilliant movies of its type ever
NichoTBE Hace un mes
Sunshine is really good, the music score is excellent and there are some amazing shots in that movie.
Daniel Day
Daniel Day Hace un mes
Raul Salazar
Raul Salazar Hace un mes
Rad Sr
Rad Sr Hace un mes
Good Movies: 2010, Silent Running, Equilibrium, Sunshine, Moon. Other movies are stupid.
Gregory Collins
Gregory Collins Hace un mes
Dune should have been in this list. Based on Frank Herbert's novel, it stars Patrick Stewart (Star Trek: TNG), Kyle McLaughlin (Twin Peaks) and Sting (The Police). Brilliant scenery, great acting and a powerful storyline makes this one of the most underrated movies of all time.
Madolite Hace 13 días
Except it isn't underrated, it's one of the most celebrated sci fi movies of all time.
vanja stec
vanja stec Hace un mes
Underrated??? What are these bullshits
jorge lopez
jorge lopez Hace un mes
You forgot one of the most important: Zero Population Growth with Oliver Reed, not to mention Logan's Run.
tienglongmy Hace un mes
Anything Christian Bale is in is garbage
WILD7 Hace un mes
Robot from Moon is best robot.
brian smith
brian smith Hace un mes
Are you kidding me? Equilibrium is absolute shit. Bad acting. Bad concept. I couldn't watch more than 10 minutes of that crap.
LambentLark Hace un mes
Primer was "written by a former engineer." I want to know how this works. If you have no formal training, act in one crappy low budget B movie, you can call yourself an "actor" forever more. On the other hand, if you go into massive debt and work your butt off for 4 years, then spend another 4 to 10 years working low on the totempole at an engineering firm just to be able to pass the test to get your stamp and become a professional engineer, well, that can be revoked to "former" engineer because you went on hiatus? Does writing a screenplay some how erase your ability to solve mathematical formulas? This turn of this phrase "former engineer" highlights how people in Hollywood put such high value on themselves and the rest of us are just the supporting cast peons. And the peons continue to worship. Why can't we value ourselves as much?
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