Top 10 Upcoming Comedy Movies That Might Suck

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Top 10 Upcoming Comedy Movies That Might Suck
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Comedies are supposed to make you laugh, but based on everything we know about these movies thus far, they're already off to a rough start. Between movies like Isn't It Romantic, a new Charlie's Angels reboot and UglyDolls, 2019 may be a pretty underwhelming year on the comedy front.
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List rank and entries:
10) "The Hustle"
9) "The Secret Life of Pets 2"
8) "UglyDolls"
7) "Men in Black: International"
6) "Spies in Disguise"
5) "Super Intelligence"
4) "The Angry Birds Movie 2"
3), 2) & 1): ???
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Phoebe - WatchMojo
Phoebe - WatchMojo Hace 2 meses
Hey friends! Hope you're enjoying the video. Here's my two cents: I'm kind of getting sick of all these rebooted franchises like Men in Black. Yeah, they might turn out to be entertaining, but did we really need them? Kids movies are one thing, like Angry Birds and Ugly Dolls, but MEN IN BLACK? After all these years!??!! Although, I do love Tessa Thompson... What do you guys think? Let me know and be sure to follow me on Twitter! @phoebe_wm
Anna Fowdy
Anna Fowdy Hace un mes
I'm not entirely sure about Uglydolls. I get it's a musical for kids, but I remember the last time Hollywood made something similar, most of the cast actually _was_ better known for their acting and comedy skills.
Rylee Warren
Rylee Warren Hace 2 meses
I think the UglyDolls Movie looks pretty promising. I get it that most of the cast is famous singers, but it fits into the demographic of a kid musical film. Not only that, the animation looks adorable and the nostalgia came to me when I owned my own Uglydoll.
Eliana Patt
Eliana Patt Hace 2 meses
rebooting men in black dozens of times would be worth it if all we got from it was Tessa Thompson in a suit
Zoe Lindwall
Zoe Lindwall Hace 2 meses
Phoebe - WatchMojo i guessing That battle alita is on your dis honorable wrost list
God Of destruction
God Of destruction Hace 2 meses
Phoebe - WatchMojo “but did we really need them?” I’m pretty sure movies are for entertainer not need, we can survive without it.
Antboy Ttt
Antboy Ttt Hace 16 días
Dear Green Day fans: be afraid. On IMDB Tre Cool is currently credited as a writer for Uglydolls
AVCM'S FUTURE Hace un mes
sorry to disappoint, but I'm actually excited for Angry Birds 2. It looks so good. EDIT: Same with Secret life of pets 2. :)
Foxuu Hace 25 días
same here, angry birds movie was cool.
Sivasankaran PS
Sivasankaran PS Hace un mes
aren't posting these movie scenes against copyright?pls reply
Sivasankaran PS
Sivasankaran PS Hace 8 días
thx+Anna Fowdy
Anna Fowdy
Anna Fowdy Hace 28 días
They probably have permission.
I am Lindsay est 2002
Request: Top 10 worst twist villains in kids movies
Sky Enforcer
Sky Enforcer Hace un mes
0:03 WANTED DEAD FOR $50000! (Looking at you ugliest lady in the world certainly not angry birds, we love you angry birds!)
Anna Fowdy
Anna Fowdy Hace 12 días
+Sky Enforcer I don't think they were released when this video was uploaded.
Sky Enforcer
Sky Enforcer Hace 12 días
Anna Fowdy have you seen the angry birds movie 2’s trailers?!? THEY WERE AWESOME!!!
Anna Fowdy
Anna Fowdy Hace 21 un día
Why can't you respect her opinion?
Sky Enforcer
Sky Enforcer Hace un mes
WORST channel: WATCH MOJO!😈😈😈
Paco Torres
Paco Torres Hace un mes
Angry birds is the best it’s my childods
Paco Torres
Paco Torres Hace un mes
Angry Birds 2
Devaunsmall Hace un mes
Girl's Trip already happened!
Carmen Lau
Carmen Lau Hace un mes
Yes now a video that features isn't it romantic cuz I hate that movie
SuperAndrew418 Hace un mes
Saw #4 and it upsets kirby immensely. But it upsets Meta Knight even more! And it upsets King Dedede and struck him with Depression but.... IT UPSETS EVERYONE IN THE WORLD!!!!!!
BaronNation Entertainment
Angry Birds Movie 2 has a chance of being good since the creator of Flapjack will be directing the film.
Anna Fowdy
Anna Fowdy Hace 21 un día
Yeah, I saw the trailer, it looks crazy. 😂
Blue Frost
Blue Frost Hace 2 meses
Why did they have to ruin Charlie's angels?
Blue Frost
Blue Frost Hace 2 meses
Love Rebel Wilson
Ranson Horse
Ranson Horse Hace 2 meses
What's that movie called with the white tiger?
RyanRedBird Hace 2 meses
ALL of these movie that you suck will be AWESOME
spectrevampire Hace 2 meses
I think some of these will turn out alright. I think "What Men Want" should've gotten alot more than just a brief mention.
El Hielaguisantesシ/pikachu199
Your channel might suck too
QueenOfTheAnimalz Hace 2 meses
The Angry Birds Movie 2 is gonna be GREAT! I'm seeing it the day it releases!
jacob drolet
jacob drolet Hace 2 meses
I hope ugly dolls does better then tollz also I agreed with secret life of pets 2 it will suck etc
Anna Fowdy
Anna Fowdy Hace 28 días
If you're referring to the 2005 cartoon from DiC, anything's better than _that._ Except for The E... Never mind.
Taiwan Turner
Taiwan Turner Hace 2 meses
"Might Watch This One!"
Alice Kingsley
Alice Kingsley Hace 2 meses
Most of these movies on the list will eventually get to where I do like them but not enough to have it at home.
rafi tulain
rafi tulain Hace 2 meses
"Super bowl LIII halftime show chapter 1"
Cutie pie 2000
Cutie pie 2000 Hace 2 meses
MY NAME IS PHOEBE TOO!!!! 😧😧😧😧😀😀😀😀😀
Ben Rowntree
Ben Rowntree Hace 2 meses
Excuse me? The Angry Birds Movie does NOT suck, because what you think makes me upset. >:(
Sarah's Vlogs
Sarah's Vlogs Hace 2 meses
Wow Fighting with my Family... It's gonna be great
dodgers doon1130
dodgers doon1130 Hace 2 meses
Dirty rotten scoundrels is a totally underrated comedy
Norris Vaughn III
Norris Vaughn III Hace 2 meses
The only thing Elizabeth Banks can’t do is play Rita Repulsa right. It’s like she was given two directions: be creepy and sexy at the same time and do neither of them well. That’s not Rita, that’s...just lame.
Rick Joneshy
Rick Joneshy Hace 2 meses
I don't like the idea of calling somthin a failure before it happens.
Magicanimal176 Production
I'm going to say that my prediction of the Uglydolls movie will be a rehash and/or ripoff of the 2016 DreamWorks film Trolls (which was one of my favourite DreamWorks and animated films of all time), but the animation and voice acting will be at least better than Trollland (the true ripoff of Trolls). I also don't want to see Will Smith turned into a pigeon in the feature film and I actually am excited for Spies in Disguise and The Secret Life of Pets 2. Why do we need an Angry Birds Movie sequel to exist in the first place?
the grim reaper channel custom action figures
Wtf is wrong with angry birds i thought the movie did well it should have a sequel to it so FUCK OFF WATCH MOJO YOU PEOPLE HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO.
George Figueroa
George Figueroa Hace 2 meses
Angry birds was pretty funny The hustle .... no Secret life of pets 2... yes please Ugly dolls ..... no Men In Black International ... this franchise died after Men In Black 2 Spies in disguise... no Super intelligence... no all her movies are the same Angry Birds 2 . Yes please Isn’t it romantic looks horrible A Madea family funeral ... eh don’t care either way Fighting with my family looks amazing so shut up And Charlie’s angels needs to never happen ever
Fapper Napper
Fapper Napper Hace 2 meses
And I don't need another WatchMojo Video.
SavagePhantoms 9000
SavagePhantoms 9000 Hace 2 meses
I loved The Angry Birds Makes Movie. That movie’s hilarious.
BUHARI UMAR Hace 2 meses
What's wrong here is you judging them before seeing them, seriously
DaGOATGamer Hace 2 meses
95% of comments: "Am I the only one that liked the Angry Birds movie?" BTW am I only one that liked the Angry Birds movie?
Mario Angel Medina
Mario Angel Medina Hace 2 meses
Angry Birds it's not a bad movie... But sequels are almost never as good as the originals, so is logical to think that the sequel of a movie barely adove mediocre wouldn't be good
hi Hace 2 meses
I actually love Melissa McCarthy and madea films
Irish Man20
Irish Man20 Hace 2 meses
Already saw fighting with my family Best movie of year thus far
saltedfox Hace 2 meses
I feel like some of these have really good potential, if done right. Like that Will Smith and Tom Holland one. It’s certainly...something, but I feel like it could be a hit if it takes a certain turn.
25Trey S
25Trey S Hace 2 meses
Sonic the Hedgehog movie!?
Average savge
Average savge Hace 2 meses
Most of these are kids films do better
Har-v Wf
Har-v Wf Hace 2 meses
Mib international is going to be good
blue Two
blue Two Hace 2 meses
Where's Lego Movie 2, That movie has the worst dance in history stolen by some white kid, the Floss
Ben Clarks
Ben Clarks Hace 2 meses
I hate how the rebooted men in black and due to the politics going on today they couldn't cast two men as the main cast, Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, so they have to have a strong female character or else it will be sexist and the feminists and SJW's will start to breath heavily and type really hard in their blog posts on how "mEn iN bLAcK iS sEXiSt" they should just honestly throw the movie away
Anna Fowdy
Anna Fowdy Hace 28 días
Also, those guys are old.
Jake Ryan Lhotan
Jake Ryan Lhotan Hace 2 meses
Still gonna c Madea anyways
Sandra Hace 2 meses
Is anyone gonna mention the honorable mentions using already released movies
All Mouth
All Mouth Hace 2 meses
0:46, of course it is. 😡😡😡😡😡
AjBloodStream X
AjBloodStream X Hace 2 meses
First Last
First Last Hace 2 meses
My only comment is, replace the word "might" with the word "will" in the title. They all sound subpar.
First Last
First Last Hace 2 meses
Also, very rarely is a sequel ever better than the original.
Mary Miller
Mary Miller Hace 2 meses
Hey! Sharktale was good.
melvin shermen
melvin shermen Hace 2 meses
We need a old school Romance comedy right now
CyberLance26 Hace 2 meses
I hate that pretty much all American animated movies nowadays are comedys. Almost all western animated shows nowadays are comedys too.
Anna Fowdy
Anna Fowdy Hace 28 días
I heard Toy Story 4 is supposed to be emotional. I don't know how, but I have to believe it.
Jacob Staten
Jacob Staten Hace 2 meses
They're probably right about all of these, but I doubt most people will even bother to give them a chance.
David Castle
David Castle Hace 2 meses
Woah!!! The face behind the voice.... interesting. Also Secret Life of Pets 2 is going to be amazing. The first one was great. Ugly Dolls is going to bomb though, that one looks terrible. I'm optimistic about MIB. I want to like it and give it a chance. Will also give Charlies Angels a shot. Never heard of Spies in Disguise, Super Intelligence, Isn't it Romantic.
David V
David V Hace 2 meses
Nooooooo, I don’t want these to suck and I want longest list videos please.
Otis Barrett
Otis Barrett Hace 2 meses
Angry birds movie was great
Audanius Vesuvuis
Audanius Vesuvuis Hace 2 meses
The angry birds movie was a comedy for kids, why tf are adults trying to to give a kids movie a serious review? That’s like me trying to rate tellytubbies and the secrets on the creepy sun thingie a 1/10 because I found it to be below my expectation. Of course it’d be below my expectations because I’m not the intended audience XD JC, ppl
Anna Fowdy
Anna Fowdy Hace 28 días
I know what you mean. But some animated films are meant for everyone, and I think people's minds have been spoiled by them. There's nothing wrong with those movies, but not everything is meant to be taken seriously.
Audanius Vesuvuis
Audanius Vesuvuis Hace 2 meses
I mean, there’s a reason they’re called “family films”, it needs to have themes that’ll identify with s younger audience
Alex Milo
Alex Milo Hace 2 meses
Was Angry Birds considered a bad movie? I kinda liked it.
Delego HQ
Delego HQ Hace 2 meses
I honestly liked the angry birds movie!
Anton McCurdy
Anton McCurdy Hace 2 meses
Fighting With My Family is more a comedy drama, than a straight out comedy.
Lifefighter _YT
Lifefighter _YT Hace 2 meses
RisingVictor Hace 2 meses
No What Men Want? That movie looks horrible!
Anna Fowdy
Anna Fowdy Hace 28 días
They probably never even heard of it.
Devin Rosa
Devin Rosa Hace 2 meses
I have to disagree with Number 2
Melissa Haletky
Melissa Haletky Hace 2 meses
I must admit the trailer to the secert life of pets really had my interest. I watched it on Netflix, I was a bit disapoind. It was not as funny as I thought.
BG Hace 2 meses
Tiffany Haddish is not funny, why do they keep sticking her in movies
Nathan L
Nathan L Hace 2 meses
You know, Logan Paul is making a movie.
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez Hace 2 meses
Oh no
Nathan L
Nathan L Hace 2 meses
The Angry Birds Movie to me wasn’t that bad. It was average and maybe a bit better. But I can agree we don’t need a sequel.
Hunter Thixton
Hunter Thixton Hace 2 meses
Angry birds movie was an awesome movie why are they being mean to them especially bomb? 😢😞
Hunter Thixton
Hunter Thixton Hace 2 meses
+Nathan L yeah man we do because I want to see these guys again especially bomb!
Nathan L
Nathan L Hace 2 meses
Spent time on a five-minute pee joke, most jokes didn’t land, and it came almost a decade too late. It wasn’t a horrible movie, I’d even say it was good. But do we need a sequel?
jburnham93 Hace 2 meses
The first angry birds was a good movie. Fight me.
Sky Enforcer
Sky Enforcer Hace un mes
Fight me as well, Watch mojo!
Nathan L
Nathan L Hace 2 meses
It was good, but we don’t need a sequel.
Jon Avenger71985
Jon Avenger71985 Hace 2 meses
A Charlie's Angels without John Forsythe's voice will not work.
Andrea Smeelie
Andrea Smeelie Hace 2 meses
I do admit that Isn't it Romantic seems very similar to I Feel Pretty, but, does every romantic comedy movie have to be predicted to be bad? I don't religiously watch romantic comedies, but, it does get on my nerves.
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez Hace 2 meses
No Goonies?
Ronnie houston
Ronnie houston Hace 2 meses
If Will Smith is not going to be in this new Men In Black movie I can already tell it's going to suck
person who plays mobile game s
Who actually wants to see dora the explorer? Not for entertainment but for no reason.
Vasto Lorde
Vasto Lorde Hace 2 meses
I got a feeling MiB: international is gonna suck BIG TIME
Antonio De Los Santos
Why angry birds? it might be good we most certainly do need a sequel for that movie 😡
Alex Clark
Alex Clark Hace 2 meses
Ugly dolls should be number 1, like why would make a movie this stupid
Justin Ramroop
Justin Ramroop Hace 2 meses
Why not get female directors and writers for the female-led reboots/sequels??? If the whole point is to bring some new perspectives and characters to an old premise, then why not bring in someone who can, you know, ACTUALLY bring new perspectives. I really hope The Hustle doesn't suck. I love Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, and we are long overdue for a movie in the same vein. Melissa McCarthy can keep doing those terrible films with her husband as long as she makes some good movies in between! I refuse to believe MIB: International is going to suck. Tessa Thompson in a suit, partnered up with Chris Hemsworth... Like..... How could they screw that up.....
Terminator Jack Knife
Spies in Disguise actually started off as an animation called Pigeon Impossible released here on ESvid until Sony got the rights to it.
Ozome Hace 2 meses
Didn't expect a face reveal
mlcaughell mlcaughell
WatchMojo quit talking shit about The secret Life of pets 2 and men in Black 4 and The angry birds movie 2
Gavin King
Gavin King Hace 2 meses
You keep your mouth shut! The Secret Life of Pets 2 looks great. I never truly trusted y'all anyways.
margareth michelina
margareth michelina Hace 2 meses
I was hyped when I see Spies in Disguise trailer until he turned to a bird
Taylor Watson
Taylor Watson Hace 2 meses
Girls Trip already came out
Kenzie Retro
Kenzie Retro Hace 2 meses
right...why would they class fighting with my family (in the dishonourable mentions) as a comedy film IT IS A SPORTS BIOPIC DAMN IT ON THE LIFE OF FORMER WWE DIVAS CHAMPION PAIGE
Didgeree Media
Didgeree Media Hace 2 meses
Drak Caprico
Drak Caprico Hace 2 meses
I can already see all The Female Critics praising The New Women In Black movie, just because the put a woman as a lead. They're going to ruin another great series Just like Star Wars.
Eduardo Rios
Eduardo Rios Hace 2 meses
Anything with the word "Madea" in the title is just gonna scream "DO NOT WATCH THIS MOVIE".
Rcker31BDrinkN Hace 2 meses
Men in Black:International is a instant NO for me due stupid Chris Hemsworth. Overrated
Isaiah Daniel
Isaiah Daniel Hace 2 meses
I'm actually looking forward to the angry birds movie 2
Jake Knapp
Jake Knapp Hace 2 meses
Sonic the hedgehog okay
Jake Knapp
Jake Knapp Hace 2 meses
No angry birds movie is gonna be good detective pilachu is okay
Vance Wallace
Vance Wallace Hace 2 meses
I’m not sure ANY of these movies (with maaaybe 1 or 2 exceptions) belong on this list. You might want to rename it “Top 10 Upcoming Comedy Movies that WILL DEFINITELY Suck.... lol ;-)
NL Paradox
NL Paradox Hace 2 meses
Okay,can someone please tell Hollywood to STOP with all of the goddamn gender-flipped reboots. In case the message isnt clear yet, they're lazy and people don't want them.
mystery's shh
mystery's shh Hace 2 meses
I actually like most of them and I think they will be good
Γιάννης Β.
Γιάννης Β. Hace 2 meses
You lost me at the first line. We never need a movie. We like it or not
legalizeranch Hace 2 meses
Damn Phoebe
Star face
Star face Hace 2 meses
"super intelligence" is so misleading!
Kieran Schafer
Kieran Schafer Hace 2 meses
Why does Hollywood think fat women joking about social justice is funny? Its not.
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