Top 10 Worst TV Boyfriends

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Top 10 Worst TV Boyfriends // Subscribe: esvid.net/u-MsMojo
These are the worst TV boyfriends on TV! These boyfriends can be unsupportive, manipulative, uncaring, or just straight-up jackasses who deserve no sympathy or support. We’ve included Mon-El from Supergirl, Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl, Ross Geller from Friends, Jimmy Lishman from Shameless, Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, Danny Castellano from The Mindy Project, Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory and more!
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20 abr 2018






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MsMojo Hace un año
Who do YOU think is the worst boyfriend on TV? Let us know below!
Evan Parente
Evan Parente Hace 10 días
Jackson Whittemore and Archie Andrews
Barry Farlane
Barry Farlane Hace 23 días
Dennis Reynolds from It's always sunny is waaaaaay worse (He's an implied serial rapist and likely a psychopath who has no issues with using people for his own benefit). But i feel that's kinda cheating
Lucero Armenta
Lucero Armenta Hace 2 meses
MsMojo Ross Geller.
Ani Caputo
Ani Caputo Hace 2 meses
Josh Chan
nath ralle
nath ralle Hace 2 meses
I thought number 1 was ezra fitz in pll
Dawn Roe
Dawn Roe Hace 4 días
anita pawnee
anita pawnee Hace 4 días
how dare you put mon el on this list
Brenda Robles
Brenda Robles Hace 6 días
To be fair everyone on Orange is the New Black is a horrible person
Brenda Robles
Brenda Robles Hace 6 días
Ross never deserved to get Rachel at all and yet acted like she was OWED to him.
Lou Balvo
Lou Balvo Hace 11 días
I don't agree with sheldon he is adorable and he respect amy he don't deserve to be in this list
44excalibur Hace 13 días
Oh, and Mon-El and Kara ended up getting married in real life. ;)
Mary Hace 15 días
The only one I agree and know about here is Barney Stinson, yet people ship him with Robin.
Mary Hace 15 días
Larry isn't a jerk. It's not his fault that his parents gave him such lousy advice. Piper did motivate him to better his career by telling him about what goes on in the prison. The only bad thing Larry did was hooking up with Polly.
Mary Hace 15 días
How the fuck would Dan Humphrey be worse than Chuck Bass? Chuck did a lot worse himself and to Blair than Dan ever did.
Mary Hace 15 días
Rachel was the worst girlfriend for Ross! Don't get your words twisted around. Rachel is a toxic girlfriend.
Rosessa M
Rosessa M Hace un mes
Damon Salvatore better be on this list. He is bloody awful
Omkar Salvi
Omkar Salvi Hace un mes
Dan Humphrey should be #1 he's super annoying
mims Hace un mes
Come on Mon'el changed
Madison Longley
Madison Longley Hace un mes
Personally, I don’t think Mon-El was all that bad. He did change over the course of the seasons he was in.
Natalie Tran
Natalie Tran Hace un mes
I think mon el was a pretty good boyfriend tbh
Penelope Views
Penelope Views Hace un mes
What about bad gay boyfriends? While adorable, they can’t all be good ones.
andrew sutherland
andrew sutherland Hace un mes
Ross is a bad boyfriend, don't get me wrong, but the video exagerates. Sleeping with another woman was a drunken mistake that if you remember watching the episode, he immediately regret the next morning. Also, they did break up and when he tried fixing things, rachel had another guy over too. He doesn't dump women like their pieces of garbage, every single one he dumped was carefully though out and he tried letting them down easy, they might have not have taken it well but he didn't do so without care. And where do i start about him being an ass to rachel, He never called rachel whiney and ditzy as her boyfriend, and when he did it was a private conversation that ended in her being the ultimate girl for him. I'll give him being possesive and disrespectful of her career
Amanda Mullins
Amanda Mullins Hace un mes
I'm not the biggest Ross Gellar fan out there, but....to be fair, they were on a break. All the rest of the reasons he's bad are true, though.
Karen Murray
Karen Murray Hace un mes
Mr. Big shoyld be at No.1. He was a real jerk.
Julia F.
Julia F. Hace un mes
Yay Dean's on the list. Well an honourable mention but still
veronika Hace un mes
Joe from You is definitely the WORST
Mae Gissel
Mae Gissel Hace un mes
Lmfao almost everyone in the comment section is freaking out because chuck bass wasn’t in the list lol.
Hayley Douglas
Hayley Douglas Hace un mes
Ted is far worse than Barney as a boyfriend by a long way
Aron Jakob
Aron Jakob Hace un mes
They were on a Break !!!!
kiva Brown
kiva Brown Hace un mes
You forgot Michael “Kelso” from That 70s Show..he was bad
melissa polat
melissa polat Hace un mes
Mon-El is not the worst He is sweet and caring
1234greenfreak Hace un mes
You did a wonderful job however I like the other woman's voice for some reason
TheAwesomeViolet Hace un mes
How can u mention Barney and not Ted? If u only wanted to to only from a TV show then just tie them. Barney is a much better boyfriend then Ted.
helloakayo236 Hace un mes
Barney really?
morgana donatti
morgana donatti Hace un mes
How Barney is in this list?
Marchant2 Hace un mes
I never thought Ross was all that great for someone who could have just about any man she wanted.
Adolfo Misiara Lincheta
Barney is terribly misrepresented here. I thought the whole point of Barney Stimson is that he wants more than anyone to settle down but he can't because he can't trust people after what happened to him. He even cries when he thinks Lily and Marshal are breaking up. He tries to improve in every serious relationship he is in, and fails miserably for faults he wants but can't control and then suffers because of them. He is so insecure because of his tragic story he plans a huge revenge on this guy that extends for 10 SEASONS, 10 FUCKING SEASONS. He is also a critique to Ted's behavior all along since most of the women Barney deceives are LITERALLY Ted's counterparts, desperate gullible people that will believe anything you will tell them... Why are we so quickly to judge Ted for being so idiotic and desperate but harsh only on Barney when all the deceived girls are deceived for sharing Ted's flaws, which is the main topic on the show.
Adolfo Misiara Lincheta
5:55 WHAT? Really, it does not get any worse than that? This is the same show that brought us Barry who slept with Rachel's sister while being engaged to her. Also, Ross had a terrible break up before Rachel, and she knew this. He was insecure all the time and this was his fault, but when someone you love is insecure, you do not push them away like Rachel did, this is the same shit Ross did with Emily after she asked him if he could stop talking to Rachel. Instead of taking some time to work on your relationship, try to win your partner trust, and help them be secure of themselves, the directors of this show decide is better to take insecurity as an ultimatum and unsolvable problem.
Loulou Willis
Loulou Willis Hace un mes
Please, half the women in here are just as terrible as the men LOL. But I happen to like Sheldon.
Halz Hace un mes
Y’all did Barney Stinson sooooo dirty.
Nasjah Alsina
Nasjah Alsina Hace un mes
*I don’t think Ross was a bad boyfriend. He had a few moments but I still thought he was a good boyfriend 💙* For Rachael..
Riley Prowd
Riley Prowd Hace un mes
I know this is an EXTREMELY unpopular opinion, but Damon Salvatore is the WORST boyfriend in history. He’s a rapist, an emotional manipulator, if something life threatening is happening to someone other than Elena he doesn’t give two shits about them, he slept with Elena THE DAY AFTER her and Stefan broke up, and he is never sorry for all the shit he’s made people endure. The fact that he and Elena stayed together until the end makes me sick.
Camilla Hace un mes
I’m so sick of Ross getting labelled as a ‘bad boyfriend’ when he wasn’t. Yes he could be jealous, (every friend character did in a relationship at one point in the series), and possessive but he married the first woman he dated and after 8 years she leaves him for another woman. Pretty sure something like that would effect someone emotionally and their future relationships. He treated his girlfriends so well he kind, sweet, thoughtful and always tried to do what he could for them. Plus Rachel was NOT perfect either, the show constantly tried to make out that Ross was the lucky one because he got with Rachel and the reason for that was simply because she was attractive. Personality wise, she was selfish, spoilt, manipulative, cunning and petty. She basically acted like she owned Ross when they broke up for good, always getting jealous if he started getting serious with someone. So yeah it’s very unfair to label Ross as a ‘bad boyfriend’ when its based on his relationship with Rachel who was a TERRIBLE girlfriend, friend and overall person.
Ivy is Dead
Ivy is Dead Hace 2 meses
What i've learned from this video: "They all meant well"?
AshLee R Parker
AshLee R Parker Hace 2 meses
The girlfriends are guilty too... Of choosing bad boyfriends
AshLee R Parker
AshLee R Parker Hace 2 meses
So glad Dean from Gilmore Girls is on the list
Selina Kyle
Selina Kyle Hace 2 meses
oh stfu
gishnu shaji
gishnu shaji Hace 2 meses
Rachel and Roos are equally horrible
Tiffany Starling
Tiffany Starling Hace 2 meses
In How I Met Your Mother, Barney is a disrespectful man but at least he doesn't pretend to be a good guy. Ted is a fucking harasser, like when he says "Im gonna change this yes into a no" or try, and try, and try again to flirt with robin like she's gonna say yes because she won't get rid of him... In Gossip Girl, Dan really is a crazy, abusiv man. He created a whole concept of cyber harassing to a girl he stalks and admits it six years after, and...he can still get married to the girl he persecuted all the time... But, Chuck Bass ain't really great as well...Don't forget he sold Blair for a Hotel... About Ross, some people say in the comments that Rachel wasn't great either...Well, that's true but Ross is totally acting like an abusiv man sometimes. Like when he's so possessiv, and his reaction when she finally has a job she likes, he only thinks about Mark, and always downgrade her about her job, like working in fashion is stupid and not as clever as he's job...
Charlotte Diedrick
Charlotte Diedrick Hace 2 meses
Don't blame ross!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was a good man who was in love rachel for 20 years!!!!!!!!! HE loved her and would do anything for her!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure sometimes he was a jerk but what man isn't at somepoint????????????????????????
Obnoxious Dog
Obnoxious Dog Hace 2 meses
“He May mean well, but...”
Sophie Kelzke
Sophie Kelzke Hace 2 meses
I think Leonard's a worse boyfriend than Sheldon by far - give me a egotistical anti-socialite to a cheating, never-my-fault dirt bag anytime :p I only liked season 1 Leonard, he took a steep turn pretty soon after; cheating on Penny, cheating on Priya, stealing Howard's crush, and then constantly making Penny feel dumb - for a guy that experienced bullying and alienation his whole life, not to mention struggled with women, he became everything he once hated at just the drop of a coin; not a fan! :o
Stephanie Whitaker
Stephanie Whitaker Hace 2 meses
flabuloza Hace 2 meses
Joe Goldberg (From NETFLIX You)
Ocean Blue
Ocean Blue Hace 2 meses
WHO DARE TALK ABOUT ROSS!??? Ross is a sweet cute guy and when he slept with the other girl he got very drunk to try and forget that RACHEL was the one saying that they needed to be on a break and that she was to blame for making Ross think that they had broken up!!!!! So ya'll need to get your facts right! He was practicaly depressed when Rachel said those things
Coconut ScienceGirl92
You gotta do the bad tv girlfriends list now! 😂 because Carrie and Fiona would be on it too!!!
Dancy Moran
Dancy Moran Hace 2 meses
Gossip girl is joe..joe is gossip girl JOEEEEEEEE
Natalie Knowles
Natalie Knowles Hace 2 meses
8:31 Sam Winchester and Jack Pearson in one Tv show 😍😍
Taurwen Lily
Taurwen Lily Hace 2 meses
Every guy in the Sopranos? Except maybe Johnny Sack.
TellingItLikeItIs 2000
Ross doesn't "dump girlfriends like garbage". Don't make shit up just to prove your feminist point.
Scotti Brown
Scotti Brown Hace 2 meses
Whats funny is how even though this list is called “Top 10 Worst TV Boyfriends”, on their other episodes, such as Top Ten Couples of (blank), some of these guys are on those particular list. For example: Top 10 Boyfriends of Sex and the City, Mr. Big is number one Top 10 Couples on Friends, Ross and Rachel are number one (I think) Top 10 Gossip Girl Couples, Dan and Serena are in the top two
Louna Maria Swan
Louna Maria Swan Hace 2 meses
I'm so not okay for dean (in Gilmore girls)
just an alternative emo kid
oof true, the only guys i actually like on this list are barney stinson and ryan howard
Kylie Donaghy
Kylie Donaghy Hace 2 meses
Why is mon-el he is the best boyfriend I will have him as mine boyfriend
Majid Omar
Majid Omar Hace 2 meses
Did everyone forget that Ross's first marriage was the reason why he has a trust issues? Carol cheated on him which caused Ross to have a trust issues forever.
Parsa Dolatabadi
Parsa Dolatabadi Hace 2 meses
I wish I was girl so Barney would be my boy friend
Bughead-handkisses Hace 2 meses
The one I would disagree with is Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. Yes he can be a jerk, condescending, a know it all etc but some of it he really can’t help. And he’s grown a lot in the series and the people around him like his family and friends have learned to live with his quirks and help him grow. Even when Amy broke up with him he tried hard to change and he did and that’s why Amy and him got back together. There has also been a lot of times in the show where Sheldon has genuinely proven he has a huge heart. Also he loves Amy so much and would never cheat on her or hurt her. And even though him and Amy fight they always make up because Sheldon knows that he is loved and even though it’s hard for him he realizes when he messes up he has to make things better!
El Karel
El Karel Hace 2 meses
Dean?? Are you f*ing kidding me? That horrible Rory cheated on him, got him back whenever she felt like (as he never stopped loving her), dumped him again for some other pal and get involved with him even when he was married? OK, Dead cheated on his wife, but on the whole rory was a cold heartless b*tch who never cared for deans (oder jesses) feelings. DEAN!! I agree with all the others.
Galaxy Queen10
Galaxy Queen10 Hace 2 meses
Mon-el on this list just left me heartbroken.........why is mon-el on the list?!?!? Mon-el isn't the best boyfriend but he also isn't the worst boyfriend, that's my opinion on him
Galaxy Queen10
Galaxy Queen10 Hace un mes
+Joe Schmoe you can have you're opinions, I can have mine, I agree... He shouldn't of manipulated her and lied to her, but he didn't hit her, Mon-El does deserve to be on this list, but he's in the right number (if that makes sense!)
Joe Schmoe
Joe Schmoe Hace un mes
+Galaxy Queen10 Except he's not a good boyfriend... he's just a bad one. He broke into her apartment to try to force/manipulate her into forgiving him for lying about his identity. He keeps lying to her after he promises he won't do it again. How is that "he's a good boyfriend"? Any "charming" or redeeming qualities he might be shown to have are massively outweighed by his bad qualities and his misogynistic abusive tendencies.
Galaxy Queen10
Galaxy Queen10 Hace un mes
+Joe Schmoe that's why I said he's a good boyfriend but a bad boyfriend....
Joe Schmoe
Joe Schmoe Hace un mes
I mean there was a whole movement to get him off the show, a whole section of the fandom that saw him as abusive towards Kara, so. He didn't, like, hit her or anything but he certainly attempted to manipulate her emotionally and didn't seem to be much of a good person.
Duke Sonic
Duke Sonic Hace 2 meses
Why the hell Ted Mosby is not on this list? He is THE worst guy you can ever get and miraculously many girls seem to like him even though he is the worst guy in the show. Compare with Barney, at least Barney broke up with Nora so he can get together with Robin while Ted cheats on his girlfriend to be with Robin. I mean why is Barney on the list, not Ted ????
Carly Olsen
Carly Olsen Hace 2 meses
Ted Moseby and any of the men in the main cast in the Big Bang Theory could have made this list, too.
Alex Walker
Alex Walker Hace 2 meses
Ted is much worse than Barney
Brian Smith
Brian Smith Hace 2 meses
Bella Bussler
Bella Bussler Hace 2 meses
Rumplestiltskin from Once Upon a Time
Milly Rodriguez
Milly Rodriguez Hace 2 meses
Larry was the worst on this list!!!!
Milly Rodriguez
Milly Rodriguez Hace 2 meses
I'm kinda offended that Ross is on the thumbnail smh lol🙃
Geekgirl Graham
Geekgirl Graham Hace 2 meses
thank god someone else knows how horrible ross is
Windsor Bonds
Windsor Bonds Hace 2 meses
leave my boy mon-el alone he grew into a great man
Kendra Alecia
Kendra Alecia Hace 19 días
Windsor Bonds thanks, someone finally said this!
aparna yogalingam
aparna yogalingam Hace 3 meses
I'd agree that Ross wasn't the best boyfriend, but he definitely wasn't the worst, Rachel was no princess either... They both had their shitty moments, Ross was a terrible boyfriend at times and Rachel was a terrible girlfriend at times, but that didn't automatically make Ross a bad person. 🤷🏻‍♀️
THE ZEZY BUNCH Hace 3 meses
ezra from pll used aria to write a book
THE ZEZY BUNCH Hace 3 meses
mindy kailing deserves a character with a guy who treats her well
Ciarra Boswell
Ciarra Boswell Hace 3 meses
Drew Torres. F***ing Drew Torres.
Kayla the Airhead
Kayla the Airhead Hace 3 meses
Yo it Joe
Chloe Lauridsen
Chloe Lauridsen Hace 3 meses
I totally disagree with the Mon-el statement
Luke Dufault
Luke Dufault Hace 3 meses
Its funny all women are fast to blame others like Ross yes he was still in love with rachel and she even ruined his wedding kept going from back and forth saying i love ross i hate ross i love ross i hate ross come on rachel wasn't all that either
Akshay H
Akshay H Hace 3 meses
How did none of Jackie's boyfriends from Roseanne and the Conners make the list. All but Gary deserve their spot here. Especially Fisher and Peter
Owen Roberts
Owen Roberts Hace 3 meses
What about Jerry on Seinfeld?
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Hace 3 meses
Charlie Harper
shamma95 Hace 3 meses
and dawson from dawsons creek
Paulina Renshaw
Paulina Renshaw Hace 3 meses
Taylor Greunke
Taylor Greunke Hace 3 meses
I disagree with the monel thing because he is my most favorite ever I love him so much he and Kara are THE cutest ever
Negiiin Mfarah
Negiiin Mfarah Hace 3 meses
Wow it is your WORST list EVER Ted must have been here instead of barney he cheated on victoria and then tried to be with robin without finishing with victoria barney cheated on nora yes but at least barney didnt mess thing up with robin.and sheldon isnt a good boyfriend but top 10 of worst boyfriend???no way.and number one should be ross geller
Emelie Wallin
Emelie Wallin Hace 3 meses
I defiantly don't think that Sheldon Cooper should be on this list, he has Asperger syndrome and doesn't have the usual way of thinking that any other person who doesn't have Aspergers have. And Amy actually knows about this and knows what she's getting. If you actually look at the first episode of the big bang and then one of the later episodes you can see a BIG change in Sheldon's character.
tmlcrosbyfan Hace 3 meses
I only watched one season of Mon-El on Supergirl (Season 2) and I actually loved his character. I couldn’t stand Kara so I stopped watching the show after two seasons.
chandler phillip
chandler phillip Hace 3 meses
What about Michael Kelso from "That 70s show"
Helena Brandão Fernandes
Poor Ross
Stephanie Valdez
Stephanie Valdez Hace 3 meses
Mon-el is not the worst boyfriend
Zachary Vargas
Zachary Vargas Hace 3 meses
I'm surprised dexter Morgan doesnt even make the list
Jay Heep
Jay Heep Hace 3 meses
Why does everyone hate ross i think Joey is wayyy worse than him
Madhatter 95
Madhatter 95 Hace 3 meses
Mon-el has changed since season 2. He’s a better partner now
shella walt
shella walt Hace 3 meses
Ross thought Rachel slept with mark and he was angry and sad. And Rachel wasn’t perfect either. I’m a huge friends fan so I’m glad they ended up together.
shella walt
shella walt Hace 3 meses
Ah, come on, I kinda liked mon-el. He did save Kara in that one musical episode by love apparently. And kara really liked him and she was miserable When he had to leave.
Lily Sheprie
Lily Sheprie Hace 3 meses
WHY ARE PEOPLE DEFENDING DEAN???? he emotionally abused his wife and was protective and controlling and striaght up cruel to rory EVEN AFTER jess was gone
Lars Hace 3 meses
really ? ross and sheldon...on this list ? i get that barney would be on the list. but i would put ted (HIMYM ) on this list sooner than ross or sheldon. sheldon never really does amy wrong, sure he's set in his ways, and he sometimes says something mean, but he doesn't know that others might interpret it as mean... and ross, the only mistake he made was dating rachel, ( almost ) every problem ross has, is because of rachel. and when he has had enugh of her shit and lashes out, she acts like she's the victim...
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