Top 15 Upcoming Action Movies (2018) Full Trailers HD

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Depressed Guy
Depressed Guy Hace 14 horas
Robin Hood? am i the only one getting the reference of assasins creed?
Priya Chouhan
Priya Chouhan Hace un día
जरा छू लूं तुमको मुझको यकीन आ जाए, लोग कहते हैं कि मुझे साए से मोहब्बत है।n
Sanjay Singh
Sanjay Singh Hace 2 días
Topic instead of doing all of these different topics that don't even last nightfocus on one topic instead of doing all of his different top is on the different Diana don't even last for one minute moana
MAGA MAN Hace 5 días
It's amazing how many of these movies COMPLETELY SUCKED.
MAGA MAN Hace 5 días
20:07 This is a great description of ANTIFA.
Anonymous Nothing
Anonymous Nothing Hace 8 días
download slender man esvid.net/video/vídeo-HzdVJI-zKfg.html&t=11s real from here
crim somreaf5555
crim somreaf5555 Hace 9 días
TirathaRaj Singh
TirathaRaj Singh Hace 12 días
Wonderful collection and compilation. Not all but many are looking promising. Will wait to watch.
yacine aouamria
yacine aouamria Hace 15 días
Ant man mon idole
Karola Ola
Karola Ola Hace 16 días
I saw something unusual in Venom's trailer ;-), when he says: We are VENOM- MONEV(y) :-)
Albert Mag
Albert Mag Hace 18 días
Anyone else notice the dislike number are very often 10% of the likes number.. What's up with this 10% commonality ??
Shubham Mittal
Shubham Mittal Hace 28 días
Be real.. be practical... Self work self interests self style are must always
Shubham Mittal
Shubham Mittal Hace 28 días
Movies songs some videos also have some unreal unapplicable unvalid unpractical concepts.... Be real... be practical...... Movies and songs can be a little part of entertainment but actually no originality....... ... Sports games fun enjoyment love sex lust etc are must always.... Self work self interests self style are must always...
Sarah Kali
Sarah Kali Hace 29 días
Number 15..... Burger King Foot Lettuce
k.m. shahad
k.m. shahad Hace un mes
Waiting for GAME OF THRONES...
Raza Let's play
Raza Let's play Hace un mes
I like how the first trailer is the one I was looking for. Ps:It was way more epic in the movies.
91.5 the phoenix!
91.5 the phoenix! Hace un mes
Where I am from action movies had, a good Hero vs villain storyline, an awesome movie hero, a great movie villain
Deicis Garcia
Deicis Garcia Hace un mes
Enough with the hero bologni bull sh...
Ray l
Ray l Hace un mes
Yooo alita looks like its gonna be good
Toom aut Pra
Toom aut Pra Hace un mes
hoa nguyen
hoa nguyen Hace un mes
There have been plenty of great movies with original characters that were strong female leads and casts but apparently these days they act like they were never made and then pat themselves on the back when they make shit movies based on existing movies.
jess jesse
jess jesse Hace un mes
1: extreemly weak camera 🎥 job ! Looks like an cheap guns games for boys ! Low level story line ! Hollywood = so dead 💀 !
Bonesavage Sapitans
Bonesavage Sapitans Hace 2 meses
Where is "Bug Man" 2018.
md faisal
md faisal Hace 2 meses
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Badger 2357
Badger 2357 Hace 2 meses
I watched a movie add and I thought it was part of the video XD
Yadu Vansh
Yadu Vansh Hace 2 meses
who else need movies like interstellar ,inception,martian,annihilation and endless?
Marisa Jemenz
Marisa Jemenz Hace 2 meses
Back at you satan
super all the movies but Im waiting for JURASSIC PARK after a long time back
shiv Enterprises
shiv Enterprises Hace 3 meses
Please try this www.amazon.in/dp/B07BFX1YMS
Ice Knight
Ice Knight Hace 3 meses
Alita creepy
Robberto Skokandic
Robberto Skokandic Hace 3 meses
Good video
shiv agarwal
shiv agarwal Hace 3 meses
This video best
KaiKashi mntszng
KaiKashi mntszng Hace 3 meses
Ocean's I kill for see it!!!✌😄👍
Fakih Nejem
Fakih Nejem Hace 3 meses
Suffering prosecution rather indication signature amid statue sanction entitle potato.
Veηοм Hace 3 meses
Ant Man was lit.
Luke Rossi
Luke Rossi Hace 3 meses
soon as I saw Robert Rodriguez on the first trailer i turned it off...
Repla Tablet
Repla Tablet Hace 3 meses
why didn't cast Aubrey Plaza for robot girl film?
Big Braddah Bell
Big Braddah Bell Hace 3 meses
" Movies make me want to be dead ." - Mike Stoklasa
deleon watson
deleon watson Hace 3 meses
its just movies .get a life.reboot ,renew,get heads out of ass!
cage tonjam
cage tonjam Hace 4 meses
OMG raid redemption actor is back can't wait for this movie
owen thompson
owen thompson Hace 4 meses
Understand defeat landscape Ms second clerk scan response dining spouse six execute sentiment.
Anomaly Neo
Anomaly Neo Hace 4 meses
Scario 2, now that i like
Dictator Noodle
Dictator Noodle Hace 4 meses
I bet the writers of the first trailer were like “Why don’t we make all the other cyborgs look like humans but we make our main character look like a fish.”
djoapplejuice Hace 4 meses
They forgot number 16 the best one out of them all! My butt cheeks pressed up against glass
Avatar Ang
Avatar Ang Hace 4 meses
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Terra Sauce
Terra Sauce Hace 4 meses
0:00 Anime: The Live Action Movie
Grim Terry Sechler EDM
Nope got kicked out of there, boring but girl in there cute.
Grim Terry Sechler EDM
lol on she has infestation.
David Castillo
David Castillo Hace 4 meses
When I saw deadpool2👏👏👏👏
jackofallgods Hace 4 meses
looks like van dam needed some more coke money
David Beauchemin
David Beauchemin Hace 4 meses
Robin hood and ocean's 8 look just god damn awful.
David Seniuk
David Seniuk Hace 4 meses
Yo where's Arnold in escape plan I won't see it now because he's not in it and Arnold did everything in the first one
Trailers HD
Trailers HD Hace 4 meses
discover new movies trailers here !! follow me
technixbul Hace 4 meses
OMG there are always 20 american movies with sick politics and menthal goverment madness in ambition to take over the world with a whole army and countless munition ....why you stupid americans flood movie making industry with this bullshit propaganda? There are 2 or 3 movies that are for something diferent and 1 or 2 of them is worth to watch! Most of the new movies are idiotic schizophreniа comedy/drama or one man army - Chuck Noris/Rambo who kill for goverment and save the world with his pocket knife ... even a sci-fi is shit ... like you take a bucket - fill it with all colors of paint and splash it on screen -> nothing makes sense but the moving color is great ... i am a fan of sci-fi, action, adventure and comedy .. but lately (over the past year) it seems that i can't even find any movie that is worth to watch ... and this Netflix is the bigest crap of them all ... how you even support this big shit hole?
the fugere
the fugere Hace 4 meses
We are VENON
Nnamdi Anyakoha
Nnamdi Anyakoha Hace 4 meses
Good one.
meowikanz Hace 4 meses
congratulations on ruining Alita
bomb writing
bomb writing Hace 4 meses
really badass movies :D check for news bombwriting.com/
secondson2002 2ndson2002
Bring it on, love a good movie(s) to go sit through.
mike smith
mike smith Hace 4 meses
Wow Van Dam still looks old and terrible. Lay off the drugs man and smokes man. You are not 30 anymore.
evilbilla Hace 4 meses
When Tom cruise ran the chick over I'm all singing "move bitch get out the way" haha
Евгении Так
фараонклеопатра топольтомагавк
фараонклеопатра топольтомагавк
Charlie Reynolds
Charlie Reynolds Hace 4 meses
Equaliser 2 enough said!! rest aren’t even in the same league... Come on John wick 3 :(
jurwasyl Hace 4 meses
Kolejny film z dylematem o duszy. Czy takie ustrojstwo ją ma? Oczywiście że nie. A gdyby skopiować świadomość razem z pamięcią do klona? Zawsze zastanawiałem się czy skopiowanie zawartości mózgu do klona jako przedłużenie życia byłoby dla mnie satysfakcjonujące. Budzisz się z nowym ciałem i wszystko jest OK. Ale obok leżysz stary ty, który obudził się jak co dzień. Mówią temu staremu ty że właśnie skopiowaliśmy cię do nowego organizmu, i że ten nowy organizm pamięta twoje życie, myśli i odczuwa jak ty więc teraz możemy cię uśmiercić. Cieszysz się? Popierdolone prawda? Ale niestety tylko taka forma przedłużenia życia będzie dostępna najszybciej.
Nihilist Hace 4 meses
Most of this is feminist bs like oceans 8 trying to make women seem like men i dont know why its very unattractive unless you're a cuck sjw. Too many superhero bs antman wasp bs and other superheroes we dont need it just leaves you empty because in life there aren't any and its no wonder no one helps anyone when people are being bashed in streets these days with no one helping because everyone else is waiting for a fictional hero to help. Sicorro was ok and hoping Mission impossible will be too but I'm not watching anything with that Rock meathead cheezy pos wrestler actor hate that cardboard cutout stereotype i walked out of his jumaju remake of the late great robin Williams a mental giant compared to that shithead. Denzel Washington on the other hand is an intelligent actor who i always have time for.
Астика е Пикня
a black man teaches a white man how to rob the rich ... robin'da hood indeed
Slow Farm
Slow Farm Hace 4 meses
조영주 Hace 4 meses
중국돈이 안들어간 영화가 없구만....
Allen blom
Allen blom Hace 4 meses
15:27 he pushes a door in that has a handle for pulling out
KL Malcom
KL Malcom Hace 4 meses
Yauheni Khavanski
Yauheni Khavanski Hace 4 meses
Stefan Kurcubic
Stefan Kurcubic Hace 4 meses
Well, JCVD and Stallone are really old for this shit... And Sandra Bullocks movie is not that great... Sicario 2 is going to be so awesome... Mile 22 is looking interesting...
Matt0nka Hace 4 meses
Mission Impossible 6 Fallout and Venom
Dion Eron
Dion Eron Hace 4 meses
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mastichka Hace 4 meses
I'll only give a shot Sicario... and maybe Venom as a fan of Spidey animated series the rest look too stereotypical.
Tammy Hace 4 meses
Loven the venom. Little dark but lookin completely badass
Daniel Wenek
Daniel Wenek Hace 4 meses
Been waiting 20 years to see Alita made into live action since watching the trilogy in anime, so toked
wtf? this robo guy from Alita looks like Gun-Jack from Tekken
Akii J
Akii J Hace 4 meses
woah is that ronda rousey? @ 13:51
Harrakittu _
Harrakittu _ Hace 4 meses
Sim-By-Oat .... Really you get this actress to pronounce symbiote ...
Leo Thomas
Leo Thomas Hace 4 meses
Suffer sound van ontuia represent scholarship growth weigh poverty finally significant.
XIXTHRASHER Hace 4 meses
Alita looks fascinating....odd, but fascinating.... Also Sony: DONT. FUCK. UP. VENOM.
Appleholic1 Hace 4 meses
Great clip. It was like movie by itself
Jeffrey Miller
Jeffrey Miller Hace 4 meses
Santa Claws are intrustee
Chewy V
Chewy V Hace 4 meses
That Venom movie looks like shit tho
Waiting for Aquaman Grow channel click here #AFTALLFILMYTRAILERS
Waiting for Aquaman Grow channel click here #AFT:ALLFILMYTRAILERS
B Jack
B Jack Hace 4 meses
nothing but remakes, reboots and whatever Hollywood here an idea, how about something fucking new for a change!
Hoffmann Henrich
Hoffmann Henrich Hace 4 meses
yea, i want them all!
Sompron Plladee
Sompron Plladee Hace 4 meses
dice portz
dice portz Hace 4 meses
Would like to know more about the predator remake. It could be the only decent one out of the bunch.
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