Top 15 Upcoming Action Movies (2018) Full Trailers HD

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Luke Rossi
Luke Rossi Hace 2 días
soon as I saw Robert Rodriguez on the first trailer i turned it off...
Repla Tablet
Repla Tablet Hace 4 días
why didn't cast Aubrey Plaza for robot girl film?
Big Braddah Bell
Big Braddah Bell Hace 4 días
" Movies make me want to be dead ." - Mike Stoklasa
deleon watson
deleon watson Hace 4 días
its just movies .get a life.reboot ,renew,get heads out of ass!
cage tonjam
cage tonjam Hace 6 días
OMG raid redemption actor is back can't wait for this movie
owen thompson
owen thompson Hace 7 días
Understand defeat landscape Ms second clerk scan response dining spouse six execute sentiment.
Anomaly Neo
Anomaly Neo Hace 7 días
Scario 2, now that i like
Dictator Noodle
Dictator Noodle Hace 10 días
I bet the writers of the first trailer were like “Why don’t we make all the other cyborgs look like humans but we make our main character look like a fish.”
djoapplejuice Hace 11 días
They forgot number 16 the best one out of them all! My butt cheeks pressed up against glass
Avatar Ang
Avatar Ang Hace 13 días
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Topias Kalapudas
Topias Kalapudas Hace 14 días
0:00 Anime: The Live Action Movie
Grim Terry Sechler EDM
Nope got kicked out of there, boring but girl in there cute.
Grim Terry Sechler EDM
lol on she has infestation.
David Castillo
David Castillo Hace 16 días
When I saw deadpool2👏👏👏👏
Nittó Live TV
Nittó Live TV Hace 16 días
jackofallgods Hace 17 días
looks like van dam needed some more coke money
David Beauchemin
David Beauchemin Hace 17 días
Robin hood and ocean's 8 look just god damn awful.
David Seniuk
David Seniuk Hace 17 días
Yo where's Arnold in escape plan I won't see it now because he's not in it and Arnold did everything in the first one
Trailers HD
Trailers HD Hace 18 días
discover new movies trailers here !! follow me
technixbul Hace 18 días
OMG there are always 20 american movies with sick politics and menthal goverment madness in ambition to take over the world with a whole army and countless munition ....why you stupid americans flood movie making industry with this bullshit propaganda? There are 2 or 3 movies that are for something diferent and 1 or 2 of them is worth to watch! Most of the new movies are idiotic schizophreniа comedy/drama or one man army - Chuck Noris/Rambo who kill for goverment and save the world with his pocket knife ... even a sci-fi is shit ... like you take a bucket - fill it with all colors of paint and splash it on screen -> nothing makes sense but the moving color is great ... i am a fan of sci-fi, action, adventure and comedy .. but lately (over the past year) it seems that i can't even find any movie that is worth to watch ... and this Netflix is the bigest crap of them all ... how you even support this big shit hole?
the fugere
the fugere Hace 18 días
We are VENON
Nnamdi Anyakoha
Nnamdi Anyakoha Hace 19 días
Good one.
meowikanz Hace 19 días
congratulations on ruining Alita
bomb writing
bomb writing Hace 21 un día
really badass movies :D check for news bombwriting.com/
secondson2002 2ndson2002
secondson2002 2ndson2002 Hace 21 un día
Bring it on, love a good movie(s) to go sit through.
mike smith
mike smith Hace 21 un día
Wow Van Dam still looks old and terrible. Lay off the drugs man and smokes man. You are not 30 anymore.
evilbilla Hace 21 un día
When Tom cruise ran the chick over I'm all singing "move bitch get out the way" haha
Евгении Так
Евгении Так Hace 22 días
игорь трошин
игорь трошин
Charlie Reynolds
Charlie Reynolds Hace 22 días
Equaliser 2 enough said!! rest aren’t even in the same league... Come on John wick 3 :(
jurwasyl Hace 22 días
Kolejny film z dylematem o duszy. Czy takie ustrojstwo ją ma? Oczywiście że nie. A gdyby skopiować świadomość razem z pamięcią do klona? Zawsze zastanawiałem się czy skopiowanie zawartości mózgu do klona jako przedłużenie życia byłoby dla mnie satysfakcjonujące. Budzisz się z nowym ciałem i wszystko jest OK. Ale obok leżysz stary ty, który obudził się jak co dzień. Mówią temu staremu ty że właśnie skopiowaliśmy cię do nowego organizmu, i że ten nowy organizm pamięta twoje życie, myśli i odczuwa jak ty więc teraz możemy cię uśmiercić. Cieszysz się? Popierdolone prawda? Ale niestety tylko taka forma przedłużenia życia będzie dostępna najszybciej.
Nihilist Hace 23 días
Most of this is feminist bs like oceans 8 trying to make women seem like men i dont know why its very unattractive unless you're a cuck sjw. Too many superhero bs antman wasp bs and other superheroes we dont need it just leaves you empty because in life there aren't any and its no wonder no one helps anyone when people are being bashed in streets these days with no one helping because everyone else is waiting for a fictional hero to help. Sicorro was ok and hoping Mission impossible will be too but I'm not watching anything with that Rock meathead cheezy pos wrestler actor hate that cardboard cutout stereotype i walked out of his jumaju remake of the late great robin Williams a mental giant compared to that shithead. Denzel Washington on the other hand is an intelligent actor who i always have time for.
SpartanPride187 Hace 23 días
a black man teaches a white man how to rob the rich ... robin'da hood indeed
Slow Farm
Slow Farm Hace 23 días
조영주 Hace 23 días
중국돈이 안들어간 영화가 없구만....
Allen blom
Allen blom Hace 23 días
15:27 he pushes a door in that has a handle for pulling out
KL Malcom
KL Malcom Hace 23 días
Yauheni Khavanski
Yauheni Khavanski Hace 23 días
Stefan Kurcubic
Stefan Kurcubic Hace 24 días
Well, JCVD and Stallone are really old for this shit... And Sandra Bullocks movie is not that great... Sicario 2 is going to be so awesome... Mile 22 is looking interesting...
Matt0nka Hace 24 días
Mission Impossible 6 Fallout and Venom
Dion Eron
Dion Eron Hace 24 días
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mastichka Hace 24 días
I'll only give a shot Sicario... and maybe Venom as a fan of Spidey animated series the rest look too stereotypical.
Tammy Hace 24 días
Loven the venom. Little dark but lookin completely badass
Daniel Wenek
Daniel Wenek Hace 24 días
Been waiting 20 years to see Alita made into live action since watching the trilogy in anime, so toked
wtf? this robo guy from Alita looks like Gun-Jack from Tekken
Akii J
Akii J Hace 25 días
woah is that ronda rousey? @ 13:51
Harrakittu _
Harrakittu _ Hace 25 días
Sim-By-Oat .... Really you get this actress to pronounce symbiote ...
Leo Thomas
Leo Thomas Hace 25 días
Suffer sound van ontuia represent scholarship growth weigh poverty finally significant.
XIXTHRASHER Hace 25 días
Alita looks fascinating....odd, but fascinating.... Also Sony: DONT. FUCK. UP. VENOM.
Troy Henderson
Troy Henderson Hace 25 días
good to see dolph and damme back together
Appleholic1 Hace 25 días
Great clip. It was like movie by itself
Jeffrey Miller
Jeffrey Miller Hace 25 días
Santa Claws are intrustee
Chewy V
Chewy V Hace 26 días
That Venom movie looks like shit tho
Waiting for Aquaman Grow channel click here #AFTALLFILMYTRAILERS
Waiting for Aquaman Grow channel click here #AFT:ALLFILMYTRAILERS
B Jack
B Jack Hace 26 días
nothing but remakes, reboots and whatever Hollywood here an idea, how about something fucking new for a change!
Hoffmann Henrich
Hoffmann Henrich Hace 26 días
yea, i want them all!
Sompron Plladee
Sompron Plladee Hace 26 días
dice portz
dice portz Hace 26 días
Would like to know more about the predator remake. It could be the only decent one out of the bunch.
Sean Fulton
Sean Fulton Hace 26 días
holy crap a jean-claude van damme movie?!
Dan Fors
Dan Fors Hace 26 días
23:12 The symbol of three crowns in triangle formation on that money bag. That symbol (minus the crucifix) is usually seen on the hockey jerseys of team Sweden. This might be a nod to the previous Kingsmen movies starring the same main actor who hooked up with the crown princess of Sweden in those two movies.
Sayantan Nandi
Sayantan Nandi Hace 26 días
You've missed out The Meg
Seth Winters
Seth Winters Hace 26 días
Dolph lundgren: I knew I liked you. Van Damme: Let's do this. Dolph lundgren: Quick question, haven't I met you before? Van Damme: Oh yeah, I killed you when we were Universal Soldiers.
Thor Odinson
Thor Odinson Hace 26 días
What a piss-poor collection of new releases. Rehashes/remakes/regurgitation/compilations of many original movies, lots of gunfire that never hits anyone, big explosions, implausible central characters, cars flipping over, you name it -- all these movies seem to possess the requisite recycled shit one might expect in abundance, with no discernable innovation, no effort toward originality. If I ever watch one or two of them, it will only be a long time from now when they are offered for rental on NetFlix. A sad state of affairs for Hollywood and a testimony to the bankruptcy of original thinking or any form of risk-taking.
Jason Wayne
Jason Wayne Hace 26 días
Alita..... a female Action Boy. I'll still watch it.😏
paua001 Hace 26 días
Nasa has the so called technology, why not rip back there tomorrow?? This time take a decent camera and do absolute live footage..Last I seen, Spock went to Vulcan..must be easy
Stanley Scalf
Stanley Scalf Hace 26 días
I read Battle Angel Alita (Gunnm) in the 90's. It was frigging Awesome. Their was an Anime movie made but they condensed way too much of the first two graphic novels into one feature length movie for it to be any good really. I hope they don't make the same mistake in this live action version/
Janice Green
Janice Green Hace 26 días
Good movie
dennis Hace 26 días
Alif Ramdani
Alif Ramdani Hace 26 días
0:52 Nainggolan
Jamie Paul
Jamie Paul Hace 26 días
That new Robin Hood tho...
Ranga Tv
Ranga Tv Hace 26 días
STOP putting rhonda rhousay in films!!!! She cant act and her attempts to act are seriously cringeworthy. Thats a definite not watch
Steve20127 Hace 26 días
Same old cgi over substance crap.
Sponsi Hace 26 días
It's really great that half of the trailers show the whole plot. OMFG.
Ps4-Gamer ???
Ps4-Gamer ??? Hace 26 días
The one with van dam looks wak
SuperMerlot Hace 26 días
Stallone, Lundgren, Cruise & Vandamme?? Where is the new generation of action actors?
Bacon Slayer
Bacon Slayer Hace 27 días
I'm looking forward to the Venom movie
TheSupaMars Hace 27 días
I wouldn't watch anything with Mark Walhberg
steven herrold
steven herrold Hace 27 días
A L I T A 0:49 ...... AT FIRST GLANCE i thought i was looking at a real person with the most amazing eyes then i paused the video and realised that it was C G I but it almost fooled me can you see the difference between the girl and the older man facing her . wow!!
Quality Control
Quality Control Hace 27 días
I love action movies, but these all look like shitfests
Greggie Flores
Greggie Flores Hace 27 días
and pradator
Greggie Flores
Greggie Flores Hace 27 días
is that a mission imposible :o thats mmy favorite movie
jediego80 Hace 27 días
Is the same editor making the trailers for all studios? They look all the same, fades to blacks, same music, 0 points for creativity.
David Thomas
David Thomas Hace 27 días
Why be so cynical ? They're only movies, just like usual some will be good, some will be bad and just maybe we get a gem amongst them. Overall I'm happy with what the movie industry kicks out these days, I'll stay entertained and happy while the arm chair critics feel dismay 😂
Jeffrey Richardson
Jeffrey Richardson Hace 28 días
Some of these movies are going to be blockbusters!!
Elroy B
Elroy B Hace 28 días
Can't wait for Sicario 2 to hit the screen. Benicio del Toro is BADASS!!
ZOMBONA Hace 28 días
Everything about Mile 22 wreaks schlock and proves that Malkovich needs cash.
tony Patton
tony Patton Hace 28 días
The Equalizer? It's going to be his friend who,s doing the cleaning up ! Be as dire as the first !
tony Patton
tony Patton Hace 28 días
Sicario and that's it !
sri lestari
sri lestari Hace 28 días
hey you please this watching now esvid.net/show-UCtIJDUSKr44HIYmkjaDv-DA
diG Hace 29 días
13:55 ohhhhh is that from the movie The Raid? holy shit man!!! good seeing him getting these roles..sux Ronda is in that movie too lol
Matthew Huckabey
Matthew Huckabey Hace 29 días
Super SJW? She crys until you can't help but feel sorry for her and at that moment she teleports you to her safe space and tries to castrate you...
Dropp Enrico
Dropp Enrico Hace 29 días
venon... i feel wet
리니지 Hace 29 días
SnowKnight 2020
SnowKnight 2020 Hace 29 días
Skyscraper Trailer did great because it makes wanna know what happens next
Angelo Mastroberardino
Mission impossible the only one a little more immune from political propaganda, genuine and classic. Thank god I can watch a movie
triluve Hace un mes
The last one.
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