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Watch the best magic acts on America's Got talent 2019. Checkout the best and the scary magic performance ever and watch Simon Cowell and the judges reactions.
What did you think a bout their magic auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...
▶︎ Dom Chambers
▶︎ Sos
▶︎ Nicholas Wallace
▶︎ Eric Chien
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Comentarios 4 703
Christian Frank
Christian Frank Hace un día
Wua q precionante Wooo
Chioma Osibodu
Chioma Osibodu Hace un día
The black back rest probably connected to the doll
ميرنيت سيف
ميرنيت سيف Hace un día
اكو عرب هنا 🌚لو بس اني
Shine Mano54
Shine Mano54 Hace un día
Last one wizard was amazing 👌👌👌
le minh
le minh Hace un día
feeling best by best i am
le minh
le minh Hace un día
Fight as soon as time look at its very ever i am sure that"s on Airport .............................. where by where
cibaku tensei
cibaku tensei Hace 2 días
hello, iam from konoha
cibaku tensei
cibaku tensei Hace 2 días
hello, iam from konoha
Антон Варламов
azron 453
azron 453 Hace 2 días
That rock chair is gimmick chair..
kevin and sarah entertainment -
Amazing new friends here visit us too
Ad VR Hace 2 días
I will never sale my soul
Big T
Big T Hace 2 días
Not quite a shoey but close enough.
Jumel Palacio
Jumel Palacio Hace 2 días
16:55 did you notice the paper, he put in their back and he get it and there is a people who put the shoes on the paper😂
John Abrams
John Abrams Hace 2 días
Eric Chien Magician of the future.
Josh K
Josh K Hace 2 días
That table was shady
Bhutan Mind Vacation Happiness in the Himalayas
Greeting from Bhutan 🙏🏻
Mohammed Mohammed
Mohammed Mohammed Hace 2 días
Hello lam from syria Who want become freinds
meroyan kepanasan
meroyan kepanasan Hace 2 días
Dasar bela hantu.. 🤣🤣🤣✌️
Doods Cabuenas
Doods Cabuenas Hace 2 días
MagiAsian. 👌
張晏嘉 Hace 2 días
18:18 why out country military at screen
jhaymarc tijol
jhaymarc tijol Hace 3 días
Beckett Gideon
Beckett Gideon Hace 3 días
He did a shooey
Yeon Soo
Yeon Soo Hace 3 días
Wow fantastic! Loved. ❤😍😍
L,D,R,P Hace 3 días
i mean the big one
L,D,R,P Hace 3 días
15:50 you can see how he get the bottle of wine the bottle was behind him if you looke closly to his left hand
L,D,R,P Hace 3 días
i mean the big one
H.J TRIP Hace 3 días
the magicians is so amazing...
Suwarso Suwarso
Suwarso Suwarso Hace 3 días
Aku dari Indonesia yes..!
ferlie delatorre
ferlie delatorre Hace 3 días
To the first contender Janitor: OMG WHAT A MESS 😂
Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar Hace 3 días
The doll magic is an ancient practice in India and part of black magic used to hurt and even kill people.
Encep Pahriyadi
Encep Pahriyadi Hace 4 días
bagus sangat..
Krishnathasan Gobalasingam
Bloxian King
Bloxian King Hace 4 días
15:55, did you notice he was holding a bottle of wine at the back of his jacket?
nduwayo muhire
nduwayo muhire Hace 4 días
ooh my GOD this is un believable
Randy Gerona
Randy Gerona Hace 4 días
Waw yes
Александр Баев
Это ахуенно 👍
Reality DZ
Reality DZ Hace 4 días
The last one
Parth Sharma
Parth Sharma Hace 4 días
Song of first performer
Saima Aktar
Saima Aktar Hace 4 días
the man with the beers really wasn't that good coz i saw exactly how he performed each trick lmao
saraiki baba
saraiki baba Hace 4 días
Love you so much subscribe mi please
tito tobar
tito tobar Hace 5 días
La magia y sus mejores exponentes, están mencionados, en el evangelio de San Mateo, y forman parte del evangelio eterno, por lo cual la magia existirá siempre, por la eternidad, no creen?
Whisky Actual
Whisky Actual Hace 5 días
The first 3 weren't all that great in my opinion. If you know basic magician skills, you know how they did all their tricks. Second guy wasn't even that subtle about his trick either
Bonnie Appelt
Bonnie Appelt Hace 5 días
That last man is not a magician. That man is a FREAKING WIZARD
soccerman9906 Hace 5 días
The rocking chair from the hotel has been done on the show b4
Surfdog2005 Hace 5 días
I never thought I’d hear the sentence:”dabble for us”
Succession Home
Succession Home Hace 5 días
I don’t believe in the last. It’s what makes me think agt is fake and that was the power of editin
royal minecraft
royal minecraft Hace 3 días
Why in the world would a Biggest show in the world Particularly edit one contestants show
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Hace 5 días
Ya eat say ku
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Hace 5 días
Ya eat what Girl
tiger speed
tiger speed Hace 5 días
11:27 black magic
AMJYfetdStGoroHSBSilerdocPuertoKetjen TajockacCkcWK
I am Derrarier U het outta here!!!
Tushar Hiwale
Tushar Hiwale Hace 6 días
15:52 watch it in slo mo,nd his left hand takes off bottle from,his pocket
Ashish dhawan
Ashish dhawan Hace 6 días
Computer is pen which is use d for write draw
Ravu Sinner
Ravu Sinner Hace 6 días
the middle lady judge scared me actually
69696969 69
69696969 69 Hace 6 días
The last one reserves the golden buzzer
I have no Life
I have no Life Hace 6 días
14:32 “this is the biggest stage in the world Xfactor- hold my beer
Sahanur islam
Sahanur islam Hace 6 días
Mila Taraczky
Mila Taraczky Hace 6 días
There is magic and there is magick. Big difference;)
All Faro
All Faro Hace 6 días
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