Top 5 Android Q Features!

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Android Q beta is here! Hands-on with the best new features.
To install Android Q beta: android.com/beta
AndroidPolice running list of features: goo.gl/x5vjGJ
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18 mar 2019






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patrick jackson
patrick jackson Hace un hora
I love album art on the lock screen. I wish apple did that and I wish they had a notification shade and toggles for settings like android did. Ugh apple needs to copy more things from google.
Jonathan Velasquez
Jonathan Velasquez Hace 10 horas
Android Quik? like Nesquik?
Rahul Gupta
Rahul Gupta Hace 23 horas
Q stand for Queen
Janh Kian Halasan
Janh Kian Halasan Hace un día
Quaker oats ;3
Jules Desquenne
Jules Desquenne Hace un día
"Android Quiche"
SomeGuyWith PC
SomeGuyWith PC Hace un día
Anything can be food if you're brave enough!!!
Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos Hace un día
꧁ ꧂
꧁ ꧂ Hace un día
Ever wondered how the developers of android would feel watching the reviews? Lol they might point out each other and say ' hey! I told you people won't like this!."
Cosmic Hertz
Cosmic Hertz Hace un día
I got all these features except notch screenshot on my Redmi note 5 pro
Arvine Fareed
Arvine Fareed Hace 2 días
10 years since andoroid 1.0
Set Hace 2 días
3:34 for MKBHD blurring his hoe
Alex Thotse
Alex Thotse Hace 2 días
7:21 Why?!🤣🤣🤣
Z Hace 3 días
Q stands for: Q-cumber
Z Hace 3 días
Who never sent a nude to the family group because of that huge delay? Accidentally.
Gus TV
Gus TV Hace 3 días
Not sure what the Q stands for? MQBHD? Coincidence?
Kelly Wilson
Kelly Wilson Hace 21 un hora
Gus TV
Gus TV Hace 3 días
6:18 “I haven’t managed to get the screen recording to stop - small dealbreaker” Oh Marques hahaha
Seung Chan Lee
Seung Chan Lee Hace 3 días
No.4 Share sheet thing change is great. That loading was painful...
Fredrik Mellström
Fredrik Mellström Hace 3 días
Android Q-cumber?
Gamewerty bc0
Gamewerty bc0 Hace 4 días
Not (q)uite android pie
ucheucheuche Hace 4 días
I use .rec app for screen recording.
ucheucheuche Hace 4 días
Comment below what you think will come after Android Z?
Rob H
Rob H Hace 5 días
Hey, how do you get your Q beta to not be forced dark-mode? I can't find a single setting to remove it. Everything is black!!!
Joe Fletcher
Joe Fletcher Hace 5 días
came back a month later to watch the screen-shot-notch bit.
Rohan Antony
Rohan Antony Hace 5 días
Doesn’t that symbol look like communism
Filipe Miaoumiam
Filipe Miaoumiam Hace 3 días
Not for one second. Gotta tell me where you got that weed from
Unbox Wisdom
Unbox Wisdom Hace 5 días
U still have the annoying fan noise in in your videos 😫 Just listen: 7:16
Westy Hace 5 días
Moto Z3 got Pie on the 9th, what happened to the big things happening on the lettered updates. This is just Pie 1.1
Sushant Kumar
Sushant Kumar Hace 6 días
Q stands for Qauker oats😂
Tharsan J
Tharsan J Hace 6 días
lit ep.
Jordan Daniel
Jordan Daniel Hace 6 días
My s8 still cant even go to android pie
Jordan Daniel
Jordan Daniel Hace 2 días
Is it updato
PESParadise Hace 2 días
+Jordan Daniel it's not rooting no, and it won't brick your phone, I do it all the time. And your warranty wouldn't be void either.
Jordan Daniel
Jordan Daniel Hace 2 días
Roots are not good for updating is worst than jailbreaking
Jordan Daniel
Jordan Daniel Hace 2 días
Thats a root its going to brick my phone
PESParadise Hace 2 días
+Jordan Daniel use Odin and download the latest version from Samsung and install it
David Wright
David Wright Hace 6 días
Why ,,,,,,not a long press to go forward instead of only a back arrow,,, or something only missing features, how about it,everyone want's that also have multiple windows for the exact same app ,,,,,,,,soooooooooooo close to getting it Wright before others do. O tall fine need wider flagships people love media and games ,eye tracking on the vr partners would be money for vr and technical services games you could look and then press a button to walk run shoot on the controller eye tracking for targets,,,,,,,,so next generation first to take over any industry.
Leoni Murilo
Leoni Murilo Hace 6 días
When the best featue is the fix for the sharing sheet. And I thought for a moment that Google was a great software company.
Samuel Vázquez
Samuel Vázquez Hace 6 días
I don't like it😒🤨
Pankaj Hace 7 días
Why uld they show notch in screenshot, it's most disgusting thing to do.
John Belmes
John Belmes Hace 7 días
Android Banana Q
J Vlogs
J Vlogs Hace 7 días
What about native voice recorder?
Titas Mandal
Titas Mandal Hace 7 días
iOS does it first and after that android (we) follow it...harsh and funny truth
JackRedstonia Hace 6 días
meanwhile iOS doesnt even let you long tap on things
Nikhil Kanamarla
Nikhil Kanamarla Hace 7 días
this would be a small 0.1 version update in iOS
JackRedstonia Hace 6 días
NO. first, this is Beta 1. why would you compare it to a release? second, have you gone through the whole changelog yet? Android Q is a huge update from the perspective of an app developer.
Sudarshan Magesh
Sudarshan Magesh Hace 8 días
Q is for queen of pudding
Nikola Stankovic
Nikola Stankovic Hace 8 días
All bullshit
29110sc Hace 8 días
you know how people bash apple when they add features that android has had for years? no one does it when google adds feautres iOS has had for years the internet, never change
29110sc Hace 6 días
+JackRedstonia just pointing out the double standards retards like you write also, I also don't like apple nor own any of their products
JackRedstonia Hace 6 días
Hello salty Apple fanboy
Chamindu Wickramasinghe
Rishov Ghosh
Rishov Ghosh Hace 8 días
Could you please share the link of your wallpaper?
jawzdeadeye Hace 8 días
Odd. I'm using the OnePlus 6, Android P, and I never saw that big of a delay on the Share Sheet. I wish the friends that were shown were actually the friends I share stuff with frequently.
Miraj Ahmed
Miraj Ahmed Hace 8 días
Ohhhhhh nouuu the screenshot to show the notch is so 'un-satisfying'
Anuraag Satheesh
Anuraag Satheesh Hace 8 días
Q stands for quartz
Heng Sopiseth
Heng Sopiseth Hace 9 días
I hope Android Q will put screen record like IOS
Hamza Wasim
Hamza Wasim Hace 9 días
Bruh Huawei has been doing screen recording with audio from years damn
Ya Hallo
Ya Hallo Hace 9 días
if it doesn't record internal audio it's still trash
Adrian Afloroaie
Adrian Afloroaie Hace 9 días
Does it allow to use call recorder apps? Pie does not allow this feature.
Cam Hace 9 días
I’m pretty blown away by how many features Android was missing. I always assumed they were well ahead of iOS. Cool to see that each platform is still bringing things to the table. 👍🏻
Amey Pednekar
Amey Pednekar Hace 9 días
Most of those things already there on the MIUI. Hopefully Google comes up with actual useful features rather than 'Hey you can now change colors and darken the screen'
vostrode701 Hace 4 días
Yup like those slide feature, i has those on my nouget miui phone.. I'm not even oreo yet..
Zhihu Li
Zhihu Li Hace 10 días
as usual google is starting again to fix its new system until next version comes out. Its like lion king, says "the cycle of life"
John Morris
John Morris Hace 10 días
Did they really need a whole letter update just to fix a couple of things?
depressed soul
depressed soul Hace 10 días
I believe my oppo realme has a better screen recording
Casadel Hace 10 días
Is hacking minecraft one of them?
Baby Dragon
Baby Dragon Hace 10 días
android Q: Road to iOS 10
rami sarkis
rami sarkis Hace 11 días
the share sheet thing, SUPER!!
Tinu Lukose
Tinu Lukose Hace 11 días
Got Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS) support in Beta 2 update. Both physical Sim and an eSIM works fine now in my Pixel 3 XL👍
katanYa Hace 11 días
Dude that pixel is smooth as fuck!!! Why did i buy the galaxy s9+???
MR CREEPY GUY Hace 11 días
That's screen recording is really cool
anuj rahi
anuj rahi Hace 11 días
Too much trebel :@ anyone noticed ?
Ethan Merritt
Ethan Merritt Hace 12 días
Watch them name it “Q-Lime Pie” facepalm Since they didn’t change much it’d be sort of an “S” upgrade so they still keep Pie in the name. Even more so, they’ll probably name it that cause it just barrrlleeeyyyy works 🤦‍♂️
Aslam Chandlay
Aslam Chandlay Hace 12 días
Huawei had standard screen recording
TheLazy0ne Hace 12 días
that notch... eewww
LTUL Hace 13 días
android one, we will be the 2nd to have android Q muhahaha
Shabaz Ahmed
Shabaz Ahmed Hace 13 días
MIUI 10 does most of this already
Savage Lemon
Savage Lemon Hace 13 días
One day, we're gonna want a White mode
Richard Kiereama
Richard Kiereama Hace 13 días
I'm just thinking the whole time google pixel 3 is ugly
J. Carter
J. Carter Hace 13 días
"Why did I say peppermint??" Hahahaha!! Rollin!
TheSkepticSkwerl Hace 13 días
Mason Huo
Mason Huo Hace 13 días
That is a dam ugly phone
puckhead1221 Hace 13 días
And that's just your screen, don't forget using your phones microphones.
puckhead1221 Hace 13 días
Google records everyone's screens all the time. Yep
SAI PHANEESH Hace 13 días
Q-> Quit iOS
The Techy Dr
The Techy Dr Hace 13 días
*Everything look like my redmi note 4 64 GB UI* but I'm confused about my android N, Is N or Q?
NoobInGear Hace 13 días
I cracked up at the screenshot notch bit, lmao, "why?" lol
BLAOWWW!! Hace 14 días
Android Quince, obviously
Rohan malik
Rohan malik Hace 14 días
Most of the features are preexisting in lineage os builds and google now brings those features to newest versions of Android..😑
mustafa Olaiwy
mustafa Olaiwy Hace 14 días
HTC have had customisable themes for ages :/
Pawel Filiks
Pawel Filiks Hace 14 días
Instagram dark mode ist Missing
paul nkandu
paul nkandu Hace 14 días
Screen recording has been on the miui for while now so I guess stock is behind there.
Elias Elonheimo
Elias Elonheimo Hace 14 días
Can't say I like the blurred background when playing music
burnsnewman Hace 14 días
Quesito, Queijadinha, Qottab, Quindim, Qottab... Quaker? Queen's Cake? I think they might break the sweet food rule this time.
Finlay Mitchell
Finlay Mitchell Hace 14 días
Screenshots having a notch and rounded corners actually makes sense
yogaSandeep athreya
yogaSandeep athreya Hace 14 días
Android 10 available for Nokia smartphone Android one device when the launch
maaku Hace 14 días
Android updates are now more like aggregating the awesome little things that manufacturers have already implemented on their device than anything else. e.g. a lot of these features are already on my Oreo Xiaomi Mi 5
XE Villarta
XE Villarta Hace 14 días
Android needs universal file sharing like Airdrop
leosamqui Hace 14 días
AngelNClown Hace 14 días
Did we ever find out WHYYYYYYY there's an notch blot thing on the screenshots??? I mean what is that going to look like on my S10??
Ibraheem Ibraheem
Ibraheem Ibraheem Hace 15 días
Screen recorder was default on Sony Z series, I don't know why they removed it in X series. I wonder why Sony have very low marketing and almost no one loves their phones even they are great and near to pure android and they get updated fast. Anyhow, no more Sony Xperia in my country and no more accessories as well, maybe its the time for my XZ2 Compact to RIP
Tim K
Tim K Hace 15 días
Whats your daily driver ?
kyamong marma
kyamong marma Hace 15 días
When realize AndroidQ for other device??
Manuel Escudero
Manuel Escudero Hace 15 días
Android Q: Queso Pay.
Zachary Law
Zachary Law Hace 15 días
Hey Google, quick word ARE YOU FUCKING OK?! seriously sick of these crApple dickriders arbitrarily adding dumb shit or taking things away. Google you're software was ok and then your hardware become a joke and now even your software is a pile of trash. I seriously loath that company aka: the ones who brought you google glass...yeah, don't think we forgot about the earliest attempts to render privacy a thing of the past, buddy boy. Next thing you know having privacy will be a "premium feature" as a paid subscription smh.
Christian Major
Christian Major Hace 16 días
Quark - You heard it here first
Yacine CHETOUANI Hace 16 días
I just wonder why all tech youtubers hate the Huaweis' interface EMUI which was having almost all of these options even in its' old versions like dark theme which is really black like screen video recording sound recording and even much more good shortcuts i was loving all that on my ex Huawei P9 plus device and missing it a lot on my "pure android" Pixel 2 which by the way have the option of inverting colours which is just a shame and bullshit and nobody is gonna use it So come on people pure is more clean that's true but it needs also a lot of beautiful things.
ahsanul haque fahim
ahsanul haque fahim Hace 16 días
Huawei has build in screen recorder on its EMUI already from way 2 years ago
Avied Bachmid
Avied Bachmid Hace 15 días
Because they needed it to record your screen and get your information
My one plux has the same feature without turning on the battery saver mode
DEAD-CELLZ- Hace 16 días
Hey bro where did you get that Android Q mountain wallpaper in the thumb nail
Johnny Hudson Jr
Johnny Hudson Jr Hace 16 días
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