Top 5 Android Q Features!

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Android Q beta is here! Hands-on with the best new features.
To install Android Q beta: android.com/beta
AndroidPolice running list of features: goo.gl/x5vjGJ
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DanielMyusiku Hace un día
just so you know, Huawei (yes, I know), has it's own screen recording with option of recording audio (choose any audio source you want) and touch position.. well, just so you know..
Marc Tang
Marc Tang Hace 2 días
When you said screen recorder I shouted *YES* then you said barely lol
Modern Times
Modern Times Hace 2 días
MIUI 9 has screen recording feature for years now. And it's actually awesome.
Taher Tinwala
Taher Tinwala Hace 2 días
BORING! I usually enjoy your videos and reviews but this one is just a serious waste of time. Do better. Peace.
orang3kush Hace 2 días
intro rip my ears
Rick Hawkins
Rick Hawkins Hace 2 días
The Q symbol looks like a stylized 10 I think they will from on just be numbers.
Gokul Raj
Gokul Raj Hace 3 días
Android 10 Qurabiya Android 10 Quindim Android 10 Queen of Puddings Android 10 Qottab Android 10 Quesito Android 10 Queijadinha Android 10 Quirks Android 10 Quince
Matthew Jackson
Matthew Jackson Hace 3 días
Android Quinoa ?
Esasaurus -
Esasaurus - Hace 4 días
"More like iOS again"
Karl Columna
Karl Columna Hace 5 días
Why did it seems like most of these features are already in Oxygen os... Hmmmm...
Techie Zeeshan
Techie Zeeshan Hace 6 días
This time, Android Q will be just Q. No abbreviation. Just call it Android Q
cameraz99 Hace 6 días
Glad to see the Bluetooth button is now only one swipe down, instead of two.
visho89 Hace 8 días
Android Q Beta is like the Windows Vista of mobile OS
David Ntumba
David Ntumba Hace 8 días
Android Peppermint :-D
Zach Reynolds
Zach Reynolds Hace 6 días
Gautham Thampy
Gautham Thampy Hace 9 días
I get all these features in my 300 dollar oppo f11 pro, with their custom color os. There's nothing new with Q
Chaos Lord
Chaos Lord Hace 10 días
Damn, MIUI is soo much more optimzed for speed.
Vishva bbx
Vishva bbx Hace 11 días
All of these features r already in OnePlus 7 pro.. so there's nothing.. literally nothing new
Knocked Out
Knocked Out Hace 12 días
Android qwerty..?
Mohit R Soni
Mohit R Soni Hace 12 días
Does google enabled call recording ?
Anjana Liyanage
Anjana Liyanage Hace 12 días
But all the things that you mentioned "like ios" android had before, apple just copying android 🤔🤔😁
KAY DE Hace 13 días
Me: *Fluffs pillow* That was it buddy? rlly? this looks the most easiest shit you could work on in an instant....such laziness like fuck Benjamin Franklin worked his buns off when it came down to electricity and he was known for the rest of history, knowledge, fame, and riches. Mind you that was HUGE and nobody can complain because it was LIFE CHANGING. Right now you're just a plain old boring guy giving us a guide to something pitiful and purely embarrassing good night moron. *turns on my air conditioner* *pulls up my blankets* *closes eyes* n *snoozes away* T.T
Dark mode!
Haris Mian
Haris Mian Hace 13 días
what is ANDRIOD Q? please someone explain, please?
swb.music Hace 14 días
Some of these Features are already in Android Pie on my Samsung Device.. lol They really improved it.
mkd1r Hace 19 días
What kind of nonsense question is that, what q stands for? Q comes after P in alphabete, thats it.
Sam N
Sam N Hace 19 días
Julian Karreci
Julian Karreci Hace 19 días
A lot of these were already on android pi. Or at least the LG G8 version.
Kyle Hahn
Kyle Hahn Hace 19 días
Screenshots. Like why ??????
Aayyush Nair
Aayyush Nair Hace 19 días
3:00 that feature is there in my redmi note 7 pro... Runnin on Android pie 🙄🙄
ΛβÜ_тне_ÇΔЯ Hace 20 días
Android Qake
Bryan J
Bryan J Hace 21 un día
So no Samsung huh
Na Cl
Na Cl Hace 21 un día
Q stands for Questionable. I'm 97% certain.
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden Hace 21 un día
Say "Share Sheet" a hundred times
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden Hace 21 un día
why did they stop with the food naming scheme? Could have called it Android 10 Quiche, since they did called their last version Android 9 Pie..
Frehgin Hace 21 un día
Maybe the notch and corners are there on the screenshots because the screen don't actually render on these spots now? maybe?
Sr. D
Sr. D Hace 22 días
Screenshots with rounded corners and notch...the two things i hate most of actual smartphones, everybody complaining about notches but rounded corners are AWFUL.
Softyz Hace 22 días
is the update gonna come out as a normal softwere update? I'am using the galaxy s8, am I gonna be able to dowload the update when it is out fully not in beta?? pls reply someone thx
Niriksha Bhat
Niriksha Bhat Hace 22 días
Q-tip? 😂😂😂
黒宮石英 Hace 22 días
oh a small tip for those planning to install on the og pixel phones: the phone may say that the data is corrupted and will ask you to try again, do try again until it boots. also, for the first few days of using the beta, it will be very very buggy, but after a while it will get less buggy. so yeah, bear with it, it's still a beta :)
Federico Valladares
Federico Valladares Hace 22 días
Hi Marques! What about the possible desktop mode? Cheers from Argentina
L S Hace 22 días
I bet is on Android " Quik"
x01y Hace 23 días
Can we finally get a more advanced backup option like titanium backup built into the OS?
Alovatololo Hace 24 días
Android QT pie
WiiLikeGames Hace 24 días
Suzie Qs
Jai J
Jai J Hace 24 días
The best one is that share menu Literally happens with me 10 times a day
Kiran Kumar
Kiran Kumar Hace 24 días
Screenshots with notch Time to leave the planet.
Sheak Sadi
Sheak Sadi Hace 24 días
Luis Araica ars
Luis Araica ars Hace 25 días
Christian Hace 25 días
Android Q name is Quasimodo
Richard De Jesus
Richard De Jesus Hace 25 días
Q maybe stands for QUAKER Oats. KitKat was used before, why not? 🤣
Dr.prabhakar's Stuff
Dr.prabhakar's Stuff Hace 25 días
@ ....essential ph1 android Q beta 3
Di-No Hace 27 días
So now android want to be IOS? Haha!! Who laughing now
Gitesh Khare
Gitesh Khare Hace 28 días
Samsung has the themes and lagless share sheet even in nougat... Didn't know there was a lag 😂
Ahmed Alaa Eldin
Ahmed Alaa Eldin Hace 29 días
Peter Berthelsen
Peter Berthelsen Hace 29 días
Q is a shout out to Bond.
Anup Joshi
Anup Joshi Hace 29 días
Android Q is basically Android P with Oxygen OS.
Haris Ansari
Haris Ansari Hace 28 días
Well played
Ge mar
Ge mar Hace un mes
Maybe it's Android Qookies
Ge mar
Ge mar Hace un mes
How is Quesadilla and Quiche are not food? It's not dessert but it's still food.
Ge mar
Ge mar Hace un mes
Did you try to hit the power button to stop screen recording?
Oh Yeah
Oh Yeah Hace un mes
Q stands for quacker (the bird)
Chetan Styles
Chetan Styles Hace un mes
Rodrigo Carlos
Rodrigo Carlos Hace un mes
Android Q: When Data becomes omnipotent If you didnt understand go watch Star Trek... NOW!
Héctor Vivero
Héctor Vivero Hace 29 días
No one wants to be a freaky.
Rodrigo Flores
Rodrigo Flores Hace un mes
It would be dope if Android supported icon packs natively
Max Kleibl
Max Kleibl Hace un mes
the notification thing is on xiaomi for a long time now
Tatiana Annie
Tatiana Annie Hace un mes
It can be Android Quezo (cheese except fancy)
Ragunaath R
Ragunaath R Hace un mes
Notch part is hilarious 😂
Tadatala Hace un mes
Everyone's gotta use Paradise City sooner or later
Apolopx Hace un mes
I wish that the zenfone max pro m2 will also have this android Q plus fix the. Notch issue
computerkid1416 Hace un mes
Android Q-Tip would be hilarious.
computerkid1416 Hace un mes
I'm tempted to download the beta, but I don't want any instability, especially since I just got a new Pixel 3a XL. Maybe Beta 4 will be a lot more stable.
Strutting_strat Hace un mes
3:45 cant believe Google is only now getting to this problem. I would literally hit the wrong button for sharing 10 images (because the apps move in the list, what a mistake in development) and then it would open messenger and start compressing the images even further, creating even more of a delay. I would have to wait for the images to compress before i could cancel out. Amounted to about a 2 minute delay for a stupid development decision.
Strutting_strat Hace un mes
*yawn* Google is so boring. Pure android is overrated, sure there's 'better performance' but third party skins and other OSs have way more features and are actually interesting to look at.
David Rowlands
David Rowlands Hace un mes
It's got to be Quiche... hasn't it?
Emilian Epure
Emilian Epure Hace un mes
FInally Pixel becomes a Samsung phone with Android Q. All these I already have on my Samsung S9+ ... except for the notch hahaha ... who pays for a phone with a notch ... jeez
Edgar the great
Edgar the great Hace un mes
One ui is better ithink
Survival of the Fishiest
The Q clearly stands for Quickie.
Ikhwan Yusuf
Ikhwan Yusuf Hace un mes
Dude Xiaomi's MIUI 10 has already implemented that notification setting a while ago. Guess Google had a hard time catching them for a while xd
kshitiz arora
kshitiz arora Hace un mes
Screenshots. :D :P :/
The Richards Revealed - TRR
That notification swipe is dumb.
Jyot Hathi
Jyot Hathi Hace un mes
Why is everything from iOS?
Raggedy Exynos
Raggedy Exynos Hace un mes
Android Q: "Much like iOS"
Vinay Wadhwa
Vinay Wadhwa Hace un mes
Stop calling it "Now, they have it like the iOS". We MIUI, OxygenOS, OneUI users have almost all these features way before iOS. So, it's Stock Android getting features from other Androids. We don't even care about Android update at this point, we just wait for our UI's update.
Quentin Marshall
Quentin Marshall Hace un mes
Q stands for quantum lol
doubleRpR Hace un mes
The icon shape has been around for some time now
Rahul M Prathap
Rahul M Prathap Hace un mes
That 1k dislikers did it for not liking Android Q update not his video.
Kasun kalansuriya
Kasun kalansuriya Hace un mes
Android becomes ios ios becomes mEMOojI
Cosmos Atakli
Cosmos Atakli Hace un mes
😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 can't stop laughing
Jaroslav Reisinger
Jaroslav Reisinger Hace un mes
jessus android is a mess
Hell broke Luce
Hell broke Luce Hace un mes
And now there's a native built-in, Android screen recorder.....barely...sort of .....i mean it's kind of super buggy... And these nuanced jibes are what make MKBHD great !!!!!
Julián Astrada
Julián Astrada Hace un mes
Android and iOS catching up on each other... nothing new. Screen recording and permissions are the Android catch up features this iteration
Kolvencia Hace un mes
I don't think my Moto G4 is gonna get any other updates after Nougat. That's alright I guess. I plan to upgrade within the next 12 months anyways (if I'm able to save enough)
Leone Hace un mes
Very ugly!
Pandafurtz Hace un mes
On my Oneplus6 6T everything on the Sharesheet comes up immediately.
omkar hankare
omkar hankare Hace un mes
screenshot with notch is definitely a flop overall a great update except one thing screen recording, if it crashes then it should be fix. how to see upgrades soon. and yea Q? i feel like it stands for QUICK LOL!!!
yazid marzuk
yazid marzuk Hace un mes
OnePlus OS has most of the features in Android Q. *Laughs in OnePlus*
Point of View Tech
Point of View Tech Hace un mes
Please share the wallpaper link in your Pie phone setup.
Q for quadtouch
Zipzeolocke Hace un mes
Android quick, Nestlé Quick :P
Shu Hace un mes
Q for Qwoissant
The Philosopher
The Philosopher Hace un mes
Does it record Internal Audio?
MrFlex Hace un mes
OnePlus 6 and 6T just got it. If you are willing to get it make sure to visit OnePlus' instagram account where they posted it.
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