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Top 5 Most Hot & Funny Performances Got Talent - Best of Hot & Funny Got Talent - Top Five

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Top 5 America Got Talent Funny Auditions :Top 5 2k16
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I made this compilation for entertainment purpose only. I do not own nor claim ownership of America's Got Talent/Britain's Got Talent images/sound/video used in this video. All the credit for the auditions go to their rightful owner.(America's Got Talent,Britain's Got Talent)

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10 nov 2016






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Comentarios 2 297
abdiaziiz haydar
abdiaziiz haydar Hace 2 días
She got a penis made me laugh soo load I woke up my neighbour. When she complained I played the video for her and she cried laughing
O O Hace 4 días
wow heidi was once hot!
Demon and Angle girl
Aww! Really Simon I love his smile don’t be so mean!! He was great!!!!!
Vincent Nelms
Vincent Nelms Hace 4 días
R.I.P. Ray!
jessica gondwe
jessica gondwe Hace 5 días
I loved the first guy. He was hilarious. Like Mr. Bean.
Matt Louis
Matt Louis Hace 5 días
I represent last one
Jj Lp
Jj Lp Hace 5 días
wow sexy video.but I noticed this isn't idol laci booth.
kakoma chinoya
kakoma chinoya Hace 6 días
Awesome collection of fun videos
Corrine Lakat
Corrine Lakat Hace 6 días
I only came for Trish
MoneyGod vG
MoneyGod vG Hace 6 días
I clicked on this becuase it said top funny but it also says hot so where was the hotness gonna kick in? BECAUSE THIS SEEMS LIKE CLICKBAIT!!!!!!!!!!
Craig Adami
Craig Adami Hace 6 días
miki furukawa
miki furukawa Hace 6 días
I don't know what the judges have to do with talent. Who would be a better judge than an expert, which none of the judges are, especially the meaty one on the end that never disappears?
Rombout Versluijs
Rombout Versluijs Hace 6 días
That dude @12:00 is hilarious!
Artcher Azerty
Artcher Azerty Hace 6 días
this grandpa made my day ahaha
Acidron Drag
Acidron Drag Hace 7 días
Is it just me? Or does this chap look like somebody from Monty Python!?
Victoria Albastra
Victoria Albastra Hace 7 días
I would pay to see number 3 live or buy his CDs. Brilliant
Darcy Felts
Darcy Felts Hace 7 días
Hugo Nabais
Hugo Nabais Hace 7 días
I hate click bates...
Jeff Vega
Jeff Vega Hace 7 días
Great video! Grandpa looks like einstein!
Jeff Vega
Jeff Vega Hace 5 días
+123Rahim R786Karim yes A
123Rahim R786Karim
123Rahim R786Karim Hace 5 días
dj drew
dj drew Hace 7 días
My vote goes for Ray Jessel...hands down....10 out of 10
Greg Peck
Greg Peck Hace 8 días
Total clickbait, some good stuff but the last guy was stupid.
Ninnie Näverspjuth
Ninnie Näverspjuth Hace 8 días
Does someone know the name of the funny guy in the end?
Milburn Hornback
Milburn Hornback Hace 8 días
"Top 5 America Got Talent Funny Auditions :Top 5 2k16" Notice the first one is Britain got talent?
akossiwa abassa
akossiwa abassa Hace 8 días
the 4
Mike Miller
Mike Miller Hace 8 días
First guy is too funny.
Mario Hinsche
Mario Hinsche Hace 9 días
LOL , she's got a Penis and it's bigger than mine
thetruth Hace 9 días
penis is so bad for the children this why we have a sick world
ay ck
ay ck Hace 9 días
fuck the clickbait
Bri C
Bri C Hace 9 días
Is this a wind up the title says top 5 America got talent auditions yet they are all BGT except Ray what a joke
Lisa W
Lisa W Hace 9 días
The last guy, Philip, did anyone catch his last name?
Bobby Hood
Bobby Hood Hace 8 días
Screwball? Lol
Kanchan Rani
Kanchan Rani Hace 9 días
😂 😂 😂
Karen Mitchell
Karen Mitchell Hace 9 días
Loved them!
Jjgalugie 36
Jjgalugie 36 Hace 9 días
Click bait videos blow. Get a life loser
Roman Veprek
Roman Veprek Hace 10 días
smutný jak ten samotnej pořad
Bane Cachero
Bane Cachero Hace 10 días
i love the 3rd performer 😂😂😂
J S Hace 10 días
Did i miss something? Where's the hot part?
Rich Invents
Rich Invents Hace 10 días
Funny stuff but since I hate deception I don't appreciate the thumbnail being a hot girl and the title saying Hot just to trick people into watching so that this video can get views. I think this self serving deception is what gives the entire internet a bad name. If the headline would have just said Five Very Funny Auditions it would have been just as much fun to watch only without the lie and deception.
Janese Johnsen
Janese Johnsen Hace 10 días
Wheelz Jrb
Wheelz Jrb Hace 11 días
The last performance was halfway shy of retarded nothing funny about it at all
Bobby Daugherty
Bobby Daugherty Hace 11 días
Nobody was hot just funny the last guy wasn't actually funny he was is just a nut job, the cick in the Thumbnail is Trisha Paytas holy shit is she HAM she's has a shitloadd of real bad plastic surgery & has Zero talent don't waste your time trust me you'll want the 1.5 minutes of your life back
Hawwaa Bhatti
Hawwaa Bhatti Hace 11 días
The thumbnail looks like trisha paytas
Scary spice is
Simanutal Semrak
Simanutal Semrak Hace 11 días
what's this, the grandfather escaped because of the word penis?hahh😂
Ken Lopossa
Ken Lopossa Hace 11 días
Pure bullshit on the fing Tnail..I hate it. Click ass bait
Koogaaa Sam
Koogaaa Sam Hace 12 días
If you come here ti see the hot one dont waste your time there is no girl here only women the public
Thee Home Improvement
Thee Home Improvement Hace 12 días
Missed the hot ones 😡
Ratan Pun
Ratan Pun Hace 12 días
That was so funny
Destiny Morales
Destiny Morales Hace 12 días
Simon you’re rude
Yong !
Yong ! Hace 12 días
i thought i wasted my time watching this, then Grandpa came.
Steven Hace 6 días
Argenis Crib-as
Steven Hace 6 días
Argenis Cribas is
Argenis Cribas
Argenis Cribas Hace 6 días
Albert ainstan ?
Ian Hace 13 días
2nd guy pretty funny, 3rd guy hilarious Last guy is just insane
dfy deua
dfy deua Hace 13 días
Simon is a piece of shit.
Саня Наумов
Саня Наумов Hace 13 días
gary doyle
gary doyle Hace 13 días
How is this top 5 America Got Talent when only one of them is from the US show the rest were British so the title is complete BS - -
Les Lieb
Les Lieb Hace 13 días
Looks like Derwood from the old Bewitched series.
Jake Wade
Jake Wade Hace 13 días
The second one was very well done..a brilliant story to music. .
anotherkat4u Hace 10 días
he was like a walking cartoon ,,,,=^oo^=,,,,
lazar lazarevic
lazar lazarevic Hace 13 días
Today my father caught me singing "...she's got a penis, she's got the penis..." you can't even imagine how scared he was, lol i'm still laughing
Meticularius Hace 14 días
4/7/2019 USA You Thube: you lied. You cheated the viewer. You showed a picture of a healthy woman in a swimming suit who has nothing to do with the video compilation to lure in the male viewers and then applied the humor. I appreciated the humor very much, but you applied the same old male machinery that has held both men and women hostage and degraded for years. Dick worshippers who love their genitals or death worshippers who love their power fantasies. Because of your trickery and dishonesty you do not deserve any subscribers. Like so many others you're demonstration is that of nothing more than a video pimp who robs people. As of this writing, you have had 15,035,961 views of a good curation of humor, but you fondled the sexual feelings of your audience to get attention. As such, you have behaved as a psychological molester as so many of the ESvid uploaders have. We viewers have gotten bored with all the deception: showing a voluptuous female then showing us whatever borrowed images from a variety of sources. If this were monetized you should be paying "...Got Talent" for the video clip usage., and the girl at the pool for her photograph usage. As a viewer, I applaud your choice of video clips and humor; yet, I deplore your method of obtaining attention. Yes, sex sells...and continues to ruin so many lives, as evidenced by so many victims coming forward in the last few years: women, children, and men. Next time You Thube, connect a better subject-focused image to attract attention. Then you 'll deserve an audience based on healthy (if a little more boring) attitudes. I know you can only do from what you have learned, and many of us have had poor teachers in life. If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem. I ask you to continue to "rave on" You Thube but do so with an eye toward the future health of a country already misshapen and sickened by the previous predatorial profiteers.
Tyler Larke
Tyler Larke Hace 14 días
Sausage fest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sang Bawi
Sang Bawi Hace 14 días
That Dog really speaking ?
Oz Gopher
Oz Gopher Hace 14 días
The bloke in pink.... I take it he has been watching Lee Evans...
lilkurd2000 Hace 14 días
Click bait..
GrapeSparklz 9
GrapeSparklz 9 Hace 14 días
Whaaat can that dog actually talk??????
GrapeSparklz 9
GrapeSparklz 9 Hace 14 días
I loved the old man 😂 “p e n I s yes”
anotherkat4u Hace 10 días
i want a talking dog ~(^..)
Odin Coulombe
Odin Coulombe Hace 14 días
I heard ray died? is that true,,this was just 3 years ago...i hope he is still alive...
RandomGameplayVidz Hace 14 días
Hot ones at 6:14
Wleyner Machado
Wleyner Machado Hace 14 días
Carlos Fernandez
Carlos Fernandez Hace 14 días
Helmut Kraus
Helmut Kraus Hace 14 días
Click Bait
camille kieny
camille kieny Hace 15 días
When was the first one!!
Steve Ruiz
Steve Ruiz Hace 15 días
First guy is a fucking genius!!! Someone give that man a million dollars😆😆
Gabriel Jr Sakiwat
Gabriel Jr Sakiwat Hace 15 días
She's got a P-E-N-I-S. Yes! Old but gold.
Avi Jaikaran
Avi Jaikaran Hace 15 días
Came to see Trisha Paytas and leave with a girl that have more than I bargain for
tothepoint Hace 15 días
The Last gay... I mean guy sucked.👎
Davids Levalds
Davids Levalds Hace 15 días
P.e.n.i.s. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
dougjstl1 Hace 15 días
They're not hot they're okay and I don't know maybe they're funny but they're definitely not hot
ANDREW MWANGI Hace 15 días
What is the old man talking about. Hated it
ANDREW MWANGI Hace 15 días
Not hilarious.
Macey Tarena
Macey Tarena Hace 16 días
Saw the thumbnails just thought TRISHA!
mrmeiii Hace 16 días
Click bait
hasan durmic
hasan durmic Hace 16 días
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Best friend
Best friend Hace 16 días
dick head youtuber..
Best friend
Best friend Hace 16 días
Simon sucks..with horific smile.
Kappa Luppa
Kappa Luppa Hace 16 días
They were all great. Had no idea of the impersonations, must be a UK thing...
matt cullen
matt cullen Hace 15 días
Yeah very much uk thing. I only know them from watch British panel shows
Tuvshin Baatar
Tuvshin Baatar Hace 17 días
She z got a PE-N-I-S😂😂😂
BGD-Canman Hace 17 días
Ray is the best. He is hilarious. What a performance.
Mr_Inflatable Hace 17 días
Fucking CLICK BAIT AGAIN!! There is NO chick in a bathing suit, PERIOD.. >: P Oyyy..... Slow head shake..
Richie Rottweiler
Richie Rottweiler Hace 17 días
Click bait like a motherfucker
Richie Rottweiler
Richie Rottweiler Hace 17 días
The one with the little white dog was good, the rest were utter bollocks
Agony293 Hace 17 días
Thanks for the clickbait fu**er
Sergey Kuznetsov
Sergey Kuznetsov Hace 17 días
Sherryl Marceau
Sherryl Marceau Hace 17 días
The best 🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩🐩
Cadet 2149
Cadet 2149 Hace 18 días
There's nothing hot .all of it's just fun
Jose Chun
Jose Chun Hace 18 días
Para bailar la bamba se necesita una poca de graciaaaaa bamba bambaaaa
Morelia Del Sol Barrera Urrutia
Por q no lo traducen al español,se ve muy bueno pero no entiendo mucho 👍🌸👍
Cefle Hace 18 días
The last one was not funny
SRV. 123
SRV. 123 Hace 18 días
Dog act was easy. Fake lower jaw wired to podium and he controls it with his left foot. Dogs hair hides the apparatus, wire and connection.
Chuck McMicheal
Chuck McMicheal Hace 18 días
"I saw it once, n then I saw it more once." That hilarious even tho I'm American & I didnt know anyone he impersonated however he was funny.
Kristine Trusinka
Kristine Trusinka Hace 18 días
RisataForLife Hace 19 días
Like se sei italiano e ti fai di bamba
cableaddict Hace 19 días
First 4 were great. I seriously have no idea why anyone found the last guy funny. Some joke I just didn't get, I guess.
Naimur Rahman
Naimur Rahman Hace 19 días
Ur a click bait
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