Top 5 Reasons the Mulan Trailer Has Us Excited

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Top 5 Reasons The Mulan Trailer Has Us Excited // Subscribe: esvid.net/u-MsMojo
This remake might bring honor to us all. Our reflection is showing some pretty exciting stuff in this new trailer! For this list, we’re dissecting the official trailer for the 2020 live-action “Mulan” remake. It's safe to say that we are BEYOND excited for this release, so join MsMojo as we dive into the newest "Mulan" trailer!
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5 dic 2019






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MsMojo Hace 6 meses
Have you seen the Mulan Trailer? What are your thoughts? Let us know below if you're excited for it!
Yogi Bear
Yogi Bear Hace 2 meses
The movie has been postponed due to the Coronavirus
Elizabeth Adderley
Elizabeth Adderley Hace 2 meses
Luis Morales I’m taking my 7 year old son. He’s interested. The 4 year old? No
Elizabeth Adderley
Elizabeth Adderley Hace 2 meses
I can’t wait but I don’t see mushu
The flying donkey 1
The flying donkey 1 Hace 3 meses
The fat guy
Leon D
Leon D Hace 4 meses
DISHONOR to all. Disney,the most powerful media co in US ignores Liu Yifei’s posted support of Hong Kong police’s crackdown on pro democracy demonstrators AND also dishonors the victims of 1989’s Tiananmen Square massacre. Even hints of protestor support within areas of Chinese Communist Party dictatorship brings big trouble for truth tellers & often their families. Truth available in Taiwan (of course) and some outlets in Hong Kong.
THWB Hace 16 días
Too bad COVID 19 postponed this movie.
Dolls and me channel
Dolls and me channel Hace 26 días
I m so excited to see the new movie ❤️
Lot Prakke
Lot Prakke Hace 27 días
everyone: omg I'm so excited about the real lif version of mulan, I'm sure it's going to be a huge succes and everyone will love it! corona: I'm about to end this who woman's carreer
Joey V
Joey V Hace un mes
This is going to be amazing 💜💜💜💜💜 lion king was absolutely horrible, it felt like was really high and watching National Geographic talking and singing
yves cote
yves cote Hace un mes
when i watch the trailer. i feel like im gonna blow with excitement
Soulmate 1979
Soulmate 1979 Hace un mes
I teared up the second Reflection starts! That's EPIC! Love it! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Jawan Aklouk
Jawan Aklouk Hace un mes
khoa nguyen
khoa nguyen Hace un mes
She supports the improper policies of the Chinese government. I will not support this movie
THWB Hace 16 días
I agree,but i'll try not to mix up the cast's political views. I'll watch this without prejudice and only for entertainment.
GGNINER Hace un mes
It has us excited because there's finally movies coming out that's not centered around white people. Or useless created roles to cater to the white audience. FINALLY
Damian Lim
Damian Lim Hace 2 meses
Have you done enough research Mojo? You missed an important FEMALE OG, the first true blue actress with martial chops. You know that golden oldie that goes ... Quiet, composed.... Ms Cheng Peipei shining girl from the 60s. Hideous parody of Tang female makeup plus the boobs were missing. The women of that era were at least quarter cup exposed. China had female empowerment way before bra burning. Conveniently overlooked? Come on, fair is fair.
GUL MAJEED Hace 2 meses
بیٹی کا دفاع کرنے والے مولانا ڈزنی کی فلم کے دوسرے بوڑھے مرد بدھ بابا بیبیج کو دیکھنا نہ بھولیں۔ مولانا ڈزنی عالمی مہارت کا عالمی یودقا
GUL MAJEED Hace 2 meses
Should be out in May the Flower
sub2myboi Hace 2 meses
imagine jackie chan in this movie. They would kick the witches ass in two seconds but you know main caracter mulan
KB 24
KB 24 Hace 2 meses
No Chinese? More problems!
It’s Me Jayser
It’s Me Jayser Hace 2 meses
Wow 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Angie Shum
Angie Shum Hace 2 meses
@MsMojo I am deeply disappointed that your channel ignore the fact that this actress, who is an American, had publicly said that she supports the Chinese government for using violence against Hong Kong protestors. Do you research please!
Angie Shum
Angie Shum Hace 2 meses
People Boycott this movie not only because it's a horrible live action remake, it's also because the actress and Disney chose to support evil over justice and democracy. Mulan herself would have boycott this movie watching such dishonorable person and company portraying her tales.
Ya N.
Ya N. Hace 2 meses
Just a side question...can I get Mulan’s animated sleeve to wipe my make up too. Like. Literally. lol. 2 seconds. Much needed 😂
Omedchazak613 Hace 2 meses
I think they could have used “Mushu” as her “inner voice” for the remake.
Mystic Productions
Mystic Productions Hace 2 meses
Despite the good cinematography it’s obviously a cash grab.😑
It’s Me Jayser
It’s Me Jayser Hace 3 meses
gaming with ant !!!
gaming with ant !!! Hace 3 meses
I thought she's gonna cut her hair Like she did in the1998 one
Aaralynn Wolfe
Aaralynn Wolfe Hace 3 meses
When is the movie comeing out?
Jeffrey Tiamzon
Jeffrey Tiamzon Hace 3 meses
Yeah, I really couldn't wait as well. Everything gets me excited including with the actress who's going to play Mulan. I think she deserves it. The new villain. The characters. The new love interest. I couldn't wait.
Link11747 Hace 3 meses
Yeaaaah no....
i seen it i have the book
认识中国 Hace 3 meses
for my childhood.
lagadema16 Hace 3 meses
Caaaaaan't waaaaaaaaaait!!!!!!!!!!
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous Hace 3 meses
I'm disappointed you guys are promoting a movie where the main actress publicly supports the oppression of millions of people.
Millennial outrage
Millennial outrage Hace 3 meses
So is Disney trying to mess up Mulan and crouching tiger hidden dragon or any other martial arts tight Asian movie? Not that that's a bad idea just seems kind of cliche. just saying I won't be surprised if Milan or shen die at the end
Pauline Jong
Pauline Jong Hace 3 meses
Yes! It’s not a white person in makeup! It’s a real, live Asian! :DDDD
Grace Ann
Grace Ann Hace 3 meses
I’m not going to watch it because i ABSOLUTELY love the old one and this movie is in no way the same as the old one I’m very disappointed. :(
bliss zagar
bliss zagar Hace 3 meses
Looks amazing!! I can't wait to see ut
mastershakeme Hace 3 meses
Idk, I was really excited about this, but it's not going to be the movie I watched a million times as a child. I guess I'm reserving judgement until I see it
Son of Sun
Son of Sun Hace 3 meses
Yeah it looks like a beautifully shot film but the story can’t be further from the real one,a witch ?! Seriously? But anyways, excited that this is a movie with cast of Asian ancestry, unlike most of the white washing movies, this is commendable.
Son of Sun
Son of Sun Hace 3 meses
Yeah it looks like a beautifully shot film but the story can’t be further from the real one,a witch ?! Seriously? But anyways, excited that this is a movie with cast of Asian ancestry, unlike most of the white washing movies, this is commendable.
Kevin Lorenzo
Kevin Lorenzo Hace 3 meses
I thought "Fa" was the pronounciation for "Hua" in Cantonese?
Yuki Gacha
Yuki Gacha Hace 3 meses
Plot twist! The evil villain is Mulans auntie! That’s why the villain knew about the secret
S. Young
S. Young Hace 3 meses
Jason Scott Lee IS NOT a martial artist! Stop making stereotypical assumption!
Herbert Chew
Herbert Chew Hace 3 meses
Kung Fu has elevated to sword fighting and history.
Neilen Chris Flores
Neilen Chris Flores Hace 3 meses
I believe surprises are there and will be revealed by the movie goers to attract more people.
Singrala Remmeikeishing
Who cares??I already fall in love by just watching the trailer
Supada Rattagan
Supada Rattagan Hace 3 meses
No joke, the villain is hot like hell 😍😍😍
HotDogRoblox YT
HotDogRoblox YT Hace 3 meses
I really want a movie like that of Moana and Merida
JMbytes 07
JMbytes 07 Hace 3 meses
Mushu is in 1:23
JMbytes 07
JMbytes 07 Hace 3 meses
For those who's saying Mushu is not in the movie! You are so very wrong! I saw Mushu on it. 1:33 is Mushu that's not a witch its so different 1:55 which the witch turns into bird. Trailer official Disney channel Like this if you saw it
I am Asian and I just hate all this talk about diversity. Where are other nationalities here? Diversity of skin color should not be pushed just for the sake of diversity of skin color. Diversity is also not just about skin color. You can have diversity of opinions or finished product.
Janson Leung
Janson Leung Hace 3 meses
You will have to pay me to watch it.
Angelena Pulis
Angelena Pulis Hace 3 meses
MarcellusTheGreen Hace 3 meses
My goodness she's pretty!!!
SmokeEater Hace 3 meses
Shot for shot is not why those movies bombed, it bombed because of wokeness. Period. This movie will bomb if it's woke.
SmokeEater Hace 3 meses
@Liam Patrick you have a smart phone, look it up
Ara Alfaro
Ara Alfaro Hace 3 meses
sad that they took Mushu and Captain Shang out of the picture/scene :(
MsRose00 Hace 3 meses
And Gong Li....HELLO!!!!!! Once I learned she was in it, I went from “Yeah, I’ll probably see it” to “I will be there opening weekend!!!”
Kevin Ortillo
Kevin Ortillo Hace 3 meses
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick Hace 3 meses
Ruby Flores
Ruby Flores Hace 3 meses
It’s going to be a good good movie Like if you agree
Sandy Hace 3 meses
Nope Disney. I prefer the original Chinese TV series called Oh my General Mulan.
Hxrdeep Editz
Hxrdeep Editz Hace 3 meses
I still want the songs and the dragon
Muddy Boots
Muddy Boots Hace 3 meses
I am more excited for this than Black Widow
James Ty III
James Ty III Hace 4 meses
Maybe Reflection will be in the end credits like in Cinderella.
Undead Studios
Undead Studios Hace 4 meses
Number 1 it doesn’t fallow the source material
Li Liu
Li Liu Hace 4 meses
Did I hear it correctly in the video that "brown people knows the best" when it comes to martial art? Who are the "brown people"? I am coming from China and I've been told that we are "yellow". Can you clarify what our "color" essentially is?
baagii baagii
baagii baagii Hace 4 meses
Don't tell me that Bori Khan is a reference to Modun Shanyu and he wants to take his father's revenge. Then It is really funny because, in actual history, Modun Shanyu killed his father Tumen Shanyu and took the throne.
Gabriel Eggleston
Gabriel Eggleston Hace 4 meses
But what about muchu?🐉🙁
Trina Bell
Trina Bell Hace 4 meses
I'm confused
Trina Bell
Trina Bell Hace 4 meses
so no eddie
Michelle McDonald
Michelle McDonald Hace 4 meses
I am excited!
ItsFreeRealEstate Hace 4 meses
Not enough black people! Racist movie
Charlotte 0124
Charlotte 0124 Hace 4 meses
Cloud Hace 4 meses
No no and no
David Johnson
David Johnson Hace 4 meses
I like the live actor Mulan starring Zhao Wei that was made several years ago.. I think it is quite well done but I am sure the budget wasn't anywhere close to Disney's version.
richard balitang
richard balitang Hace 4 meses
Well done 👍👍👍
Amethyst Blackstone
Amethyst Blackstone Hace 4 meses
I am excited just because it is more in line with the Ballad of Mulan.😁
lilrascalrc Hace 4 meses
Mulan, Made by Greedy Disney ..... PAID FOR, Written by and Censored by the Chinese Communist Party .... really. Disney kisses the Asses of the "Reds".
Cath Perry
Cath Perry Hace 4 meses
Awh chills! Literal chills!
Roblox King
Roblox King Hace 4 meses
Whatever'll make the fans happy, I'll be happy. This IS interesting, and it'll kick The Lion King remake out of the park!
Ernesto Reyes
Ernesto Reyes Hace 4 meses
What’s really crazy is that the witch’s character it’s actually based on Shan Yu’s pet falcon. It’s like what they did with Maleficent’s crow only way better and more creative
Kristen Miller
Kristen Miller Hace 4 meses
5 reasons I’m not excited 1 most important no mushoo 2 no make a man out of you (possibly) 3 why is there a witch 4 her fake is name different 5 idk why there is a Phoenix
Liam Patrick
Liam Patrick Hace 3 meses
It's not a remake though, it's a re-imagining.
be rightback
be rightback Hace 4 meses
No mushu and no musical..... guess I'll stick with the 2D
Alena Cortes
Alena Cortes Hace 4 meses
phantom lover
phantom lover Hace 3 meses
Well, there's a phoenix serving as some sort of her guardian plus a love interest, only he's not named Li Shang.
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