Top Android Apps 2019!

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2019 is here and with it I'm showcasing the Top 20 Applications you should check out to get the year started off with a bang!
0:22 - Bottom Quick Settings - is.gd/quicksettings
0:54 - Reachability Cursor - is.gd/reachability
1:25 - LawnStep - is.gd/lawnstep
2:21 - KLCK - is.gd/klckapp
Follow me on Twitter to be the first in line to use the promo codes released in the coming weeks - twitter.com/sam_beckman
3:12 - MaterializedHome for KLWP - is.gd/materialized
KLWP (Required for above app) - is.gd/klwpapp
3:55 - Boom - is.gd/boomapp
4:48 - CPL - is.gd/customizedpixel
5:28 - Typing Hero - is.gd/typinghero
6:08 - Bridge - is.gd/bridgeapp
6:36 - Moment Camera App - is.gd/momentcamera
7:22 - HexShaders - is.gd/hexshaders
7:55 - Otter Voice Notes - is.gd/otternotes
8:32 - Over - is.gd/overapp
9:06 - Pigment - is.gd/pigmentapp
9:40 - Drops - is.gd/dropsapp
10:08 - PhotoTime - is.gd/phototime
10:47 - InboxIt - is.gd/inboxit
11:22 - Go To Sleep - is.gd/gotosleepapp
11:48 - NavBar Weather - is.gd/navbarweather
12:17 - Make your old phone a Home Security Camera - is.gd/securitycameraapp
Camera Rig - esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-X8XzEIEVpF8.html
The music I use (seriously great for ESvidrs) - bit.ly/3dmZ4AF
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Sam Beckman
Sam Beckman Hace un año
Hi all! Since filming and editing the video, Lawnstep has since been superceded by QuickSwitch, which is even more versatile letting any compatible Android Pie enabled launcher have access to the Pie recents. More info here - forum.xda-developers.com/apps/magisk/module-quickswitch-universal-quickstep-t3884797/page1
Lord Hill
Lord Hill Hace 6 meses
The wooden wallpaper please ?
Brian Mannell
Brian Mannell Hace un año
Hey Sam! Check out the launcher "Niagara"! It's pretty interesting!
Ror R
Ror R Hace un año
The boom app is killer thanks
Konsta Kaukonen
Konsta Kaukonen Hace un año
5 hours of golden"hour" /day here in Finland ✌️😁
Stephen Cunningham
Stephen Cunningham Hace un año
Since Lawnstep has been replaced by QuickSwitch I can't find a setting for swipe left and right like you show in the Lawnstep app
Kaddouri Boualem
Kaddouri Boualem Hace 23 días
Best of the best: -bottom Quick setting. -rechability cursor -typing hero
Vision Era
Vision Era Hace un mes
what a killer vid keep creating mate
bäume sind grün
bäume sind grün Hace 2 meses
I have half of them ☹
Francis Morgenstern
Francis Morgenstern Hace 3 meses
That's an ugly phone
ლექსო Hace 3 meses
very good thx
Rocket Ninja
Rocket Ninja Hace 3 meses
TheRealDeaf Hace 4 meses
Love wallpapers pls
r1Ns3 Hace 4 meses
Otter voice is an expensive and worse version of Google Recorder. Bad suggestion.
DJay Hace 5 meses
Where's CPL 😓
4 fun
4 fun Hace 5 meses
Top Apps Anti Mosquito 2020 Download Now play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.apnidukaan98.Anti_Mosquito_sound
Lord Hill
Lord Hill Hace 6 meses
Wooden wallpaper in thumb.. someone help
Skylark Hace 6 meses
wow what phone is that that"s a huge ass notch!
Ringolero Hace 6 meses
Seriously guy, why do you lot keep saying that your videos are not sponsored, yet you've got giveaways from the app developers??
Kiên Đỗ Trung
Kiên Đỗ Trung Hace 6 meses
I really like your style of editing video honestly =))))) maybe you just need to make the app name a little bit bigger to make it more outstanding and noticeable. These apps are nice as well, btw I have to install Typing Hero by apk downloaded from apktovi bcos I cannot do it via the Play Store, any reason for this case?? Thanks!
M.Gnaneshwar m.gnaneshwar
Please you launcher name plse
Lord Hill
Lord Hill Hace 9 meses
Cursor is just so worthless unless you got baby hands . If takes more time to drag it than to just move your finger
BG2050 Hace 9 meses
fars eritrean channel
can i try in galaxy s7
Glory Matu
Glory Matu Hace 10 meses
I've been wanting to watch youtube videos with this aspect ratio for quite long. Finally! yay
Prosenjit Das
Prosenjit Das Hace 10 meses
Sir please give us a promo code for MaterializedHome for KLWP please
Maurice Brown
Maurice Brown Hace 11 meses
Really informative videos. How does one hide navigation bar on android, non rooted? I am working with a LG K30.
j garay
j garay Hace 11 meses
thank you great apps typing hero i like, i download it on my phone
Ethan Mendoza
Ethan Mendoza Hace 11 meses
How do you get rid of the back button on your nav bar??
Darth Fuego
Darth Fuego Hace un año
Pedro Dessbesell
Pedro Dessbesell Hace un año
two tHouSanD and nineteen
Durgesh Kumar
Durgesh Kumar Hace un año
Slattnemm Hace un año
hey what aspect ratio do you use?
Andrew Robinson
Andrew Robinson Hace un año
Love the aspect ratio on my new Samsung A70! I finally enjoyed watching a video on this screen without zooming in or stretching it
Tu Chenz
Tu Chenz Hace un año
Sucks that you can't use the hexshader on your unlock screen
CodeVideo Hace un año
Here is FREE Compass with world map for direction and location. It might be useful to you. @t
TillTheLightTakesUs Hace un año
Cheeky sod. You shoulda named it 2018. Dislike.
Rahul Mondal Ælëx
Rahul Mondal Ælëx Hace un año
4:53 wallpaper link please!!!
HNCHOS Hace un año
icon pack in the thumbnail plzz?
Ben’s Edits
Ben’s Edits Hace un año
This is a beautifully made video. Also, where do you get your wallpapers?
Ben’s Edits
Ben’s Edits Hace un año
Essential phone for the win
Joker Hace un año
You deserve to have a diamond button, beautifully done videos.
Neil Andrew Reyes
Neil Andrew Reyes Hace un año
Link for the wallpaper in 6:31 please
NJOY Tech Hace un año
Also checkout Copy Anwhere app: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.njoy.copytext Let users copy texts from apps that does not support copy feature
DEDE Hace un año
i tried the lockscreen app because of their reputation but awfully i cant use the fingerprint anymore then because its in the screen and this app hasnt implemented stuff for that yet last time i used it. is it fixed already ? using meizu 16th
Jana Hace un año
this is gonna sound idiotic but what's the phone in the first clip at 0:10 it's gorgeous
Dmitry Khomenko
Dmitry Khomenko Hace un año
Essential Phone PH-1
Keahi Bailey
Keahi Bailey Hace un año
I wish I could say I am watching this in 2023 or something, but I can't
Geraldo Balan
Geraldo Balan Hace un año
what phone are you using?
Ryan Hannon
Ryan Hannon Hace un año
google pixel 3 xl
Keshav Madhavan
Keshav Madhavan Hace un año
What launcher is he using for all his apps? I really like how he blurred and curved the rectangle surrounding the dock
N0PE Hace un año
Nice editing 👌 *nuts in Adobe*
x m l
x m l Hace un año
Anyone notice the essential phone?
Abhishek Tirkey
Abhishek Tirkey Hace un año
With one ui it is possible
Robert Poplawski
Robert Poplawski Hace un año
I think you should also add this one to the list esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo--nPB4EMmuNc.html - apart from this, great review, these are great apps!
I'd rather be with my cat right now
Why so many apps for helping with one-handed use? Does everyone have Trump-sized hands?
Vblacqe Hace un año
rahul garg
rahul garg Hace un año
If you are into social apps, try FirstFate android app as well..its good!
Strutting_strat Hace un año
Thank God for bottom quick settings; the current Android quick settings are terrible
Khailibo Hace un año
Hey Man. Thanks for the video, what keyboard app you're using? Thanks a lot.
priyanka bhat
priyanka bhat Hace un año
Great video👍 Also check this free app I found. Simple app to keep track of your daily goals. play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.anvup.tod
Usman Tahir
Usman Tahir Hace un año
Great video! I seldom find any apps that are actually applicable to my routine use, but 'TYPING HERO' is a definitely a productive addition to my apps roster.
Chris Hace un año
Instead of Inboxit, checkout Pocket. Same concept without cluttering your email.
Jay Panchal
Jay Panchal Hace un año
Great content man, and your videos are so clean. Keep it up
havoccon 33
havoccon 33 Hace un año
8:31 "the app will know tight for you" XD XD
Debra Dukes
Debra Dukes Hace un año
Sam Awesome Video really enjoyed.New to your Channel and I think I downloaded every app mentioned.Thanks so much for sharing Deb 👍✌
Average Joe
Average Joe Hace un año
I have no use for any of these apps at all, which is to be expected with these type of videos.. But still a good video for that one who can.. 👍
Ionut Vlad
Ionut Vlad Hace un año
Where are you from ? Australia?
Healthy Music
Healthy Music Hace un año
immu Hace un año
Which phone is this? Which model?
cowswirl Hace un año
Texpand is still better than Typing Hero. Texpand can do Time fields; Typing Hero can't.
cowswirl Hace un año
Why use Inboxit and clog up your inbox when you can use Pocket app? :)
Clarissa Larose
Clarissa Larose Hace un año
what kind of phone does he have
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels Hace un año
Anyone know how to make bottom Quick setting work an app drawer?
عندي ليك Apps
No more youtube ads in your apps!! #GetNowApps - > bit.ly/AppSAnrdoid2019
Hosam H
Hosam H Hace un año
Pao Santos
Pao Santos Hace un año
i really want your wallpaper @ 0:39
Pao Santos
Pao Santos Hace un año
if you can give us the link , ? :) it will be nice
progamer 150
progamer 150 Hace un año
F racism
F racism Hace un año
Don't.need.bottom.one handed.i have Androids one UI os system it's great
Can't Spell
Can't Spell Hace un año
OMG it's in fullscreen on the one plus 6t this is the first ever video I have seen
Isaac Torres
Isaac Torres Hace un año
How were you able to have the navbar change color to match GBoard?
soultakersys Hace un año
what is this fucked up aspect ratio man dislike
WildThing 99
WildThing 99 Hace un año
One ugly AF phone !
Fat _ Phantom
Fat _ Phantom Hace un año
whats your wallpaper
Yair George
Yair George Hace un año
Que manera de grabar y editar un vídeo
SYFICO • Hace un año
13:00 What's the wallpaper, how do you get your icons in that place and how do you get all icons to match? Really glad if you answered. _Same questions for thumbnail_
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