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Watch the official trailer for Top Gun: Maverick starring Tom Cruise. In theatres 2020.
Paramount Pictures, Skydance and Jerry Bruckheimer Films Present Top Gun: Maverick. Starring Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Glen Powell, and Lewis Pullman. With Ed Harris.
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18 jul 2019

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רפאל אדורנו
רפאל אדורנו Hace 57 segundos
It will be very good the movie, but will not make no mention about the classic music theme that helped give a UP in the movie all these years ????
Luke Anderson
Luke Anderson Hace 57 segundos
It's missing Sarah Palin.
indiana146 Hace 58 segundos
Cant wait top actor top gun By the way f35s getting lasers
Josh Randall
Josh Randall Hace un minuto
Great movie sequel!!
Jdcryno Hace un minuto
Had to dislike because I want to see more :(
Ahmed jubba
Ahmed jubba Hace un minuto
Please i need only 50 subscribers🙏. I bag you🙏
indiana146 Hace un minuto
Soon you guys will be good enough to fly with the r.a.f Only joking youll never beat the raf Youve got some cracking fly boys and girls in the usaf Hope neither of our pilots have to take those tin birds to the dance soon There is a whiff of.war in the air folks and if it kicks off we,ll meet you in the skies to defeat the enemy To my american freinds we are brothers ìn arms and always will b so Onward christian soldeirs
Vincent Sanchez
Vincent Sanchez Hace 2 minutos
Iceman, anyone?
Kevin McCorkle
Kevin McCorkle Hace 2 minutos
Lovin the F-14 cameo at the end...."Anytime Baby"!
seanfarside Hace 2 minutos
They need to bring back Goose from the dead, like Universal Soldier. Universal Wingman!
barfyman362 Hace 2 minutos
I miss the homosexual undertones.
Satyabrat Sahoo
Satyabrat Sahoo Hace 2 minutos
There is only one god and his name is DEATH, And there is one thing we say to DEATH - 2:00
LaChant Tyson
LaChant Tyson Hace 3 minutos
Bryan J Koop
Bryan J Koop Hace 3 minutos
$10 bucks says Phoneix 1:30 is Gooses' daughter.
Hung Duong
Hung Duong Hace 3 minutos
The legend is back
Hong Lai
Hong Lai Hace 3 minutos
Every close-up the trailer shows, it's him... IT'S HIM.....
DAVE KING Hace 4 minutos
Better than the frikin cats
abc cba
abc cba Hace 4 minutos
This is going to be the longest year of my life...
2371 DDBD
2371 DDBD Hace 4 minutos
little Tom is a raging homo...makes you wonder why you love his ass so much hey you fukn dumb American cunts?11
Adele Fan
Adele Fan Hace 5 minutos
I can't wait for it...❤️❤️❤️❤️u TOM CRUISE❤️❤️❤️
Draethar Hace 5 minutos
I’m on a highway... to... the... DANGER ZONE!!!
BigBoss Hace 5 minutos
Take that lovin' feelin' and inject it into my eyeball
Midnight Lightning Radio
The Aryan is infinite
Troy Seward
Troy Seward Hace 5 minutos
I want to see this movie
Shailendra Pratap Yadav
-You will get older Tom Cruise- No.. Not today
ronaldsibr Hace 5 minutos
Kelly McGillis ? 💔
The Manager
The Manager Hace 5 minutos
That Tomcat tho!
Lecanius Hace 5 minutos
So whats the movie about?
you are right
you are right Hace 5 minutos
Just because he also wanted to raid Area 51 to smash alien gals, Air force you didn't promote him. Hmmm Screaming *Freetom*
romeo lagardon
romeo lagardon Hace 6 minutos
Look whos back... Its maverick..
KHAN Sufiyan
KHAN Sufiyan Hace 6 minutos
Bliz974zard Hace 6 minutos
Hoping to hear danger zone
Andy Pratt
Andy Pratt Hace 6 minutos
...still gay.
Hari Baskar
Hari Baskar Hace 6 minutos
I hope that justin beiber sees this trailer 🤣🤣
FireJach Hace 7 minutos
Looks amazing
The Winningest Duo
The Winningest Duo Hace 7 minutos
Can’t wait to see this movie esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-RshlXVap_p0.html
Guy: how many movies have you been? Tom cruise: *yes*
Vanj Alcantara
Vanj Alcantara Hace 7 minutos
I feel so emotional just watching this. Yep, I've watched it about 20 times already today.
Shawn Dean
Shawn Dean Hace 7 minutos
That music transported me back to being a kid watching the first movie. Instantaneous goosebumps. 💙
Alexis Pa
Alexis Pa Hace 7 minutos
Looking at Tom Cruise in the trailer of Top Gun (1986), the only thing that got old is the picture.
Nirvana Of Monkasar
Nirvana Of Monkasar Hace 7 minutos
Please dont be a woke trash.
manuel nari
manuel nari Hace 8 minutos
Terribile film
Bilal Ashraf
Bilal Ashraf Hace 8 minutos
danger zone
Nachiketa Roy Soni
Nachiketa Roy Soni Hace 8 minutos
"The end is inevitable Maverick, you kind is headed for extinction" "Maybe so, but not today"
Rayo Visual
Rayo Visual Hace 8 minutos
come on how can they not play danger zone
vic8610 Hace 9 minutos
hell yea ready to see goose back at it lol
lee Clarke
lee Clarke Hace 9 minutos
Thank God this went into production before Maverick was replaced by a black woman, made to write an apology letter to the Russians for the 'triggering' effect of shooting down those MiGs and forced into a desk job for 'toxic masculinity syndrome' and then made to wear a pink flight suit in a gay pride festival on the carrier deck, as the end credits rolled.
jennti Hace 9 minutos
I can't believe you people still support this asshole....
Abdul Bukhary
Abdul Bukhary Hace 9 minutos
I still watch Top Gun on LD, but where’s Val Kilmer?
Lula Belle
Lula Belle Hace 9 minutos
Excited...thank you Tom Cruise :)
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