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Watch the official trailer for Top Gun: Maverick starring Tom Cruise. In theatres 2020.
Paramount Pictures, Skydance and Jerry Bruckheimer Films Present Top Gun: Maverick. Starring Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Glen Powell, and Lewis Pullman. With Ed Harris.
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18 jul 2019

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freeman239 Hace 57 minutos
Should be good as long as they don't screw it up with a boring love story sub plot.
1981merk Hace 57 minutos
I can't stop watching this! Can't wait...
HavocMarine3/5 Hace 57 minutos
Kenny Loggins, Cheap Trick, and Berlin better do the soundtrack.
Paul Watson
Paul Watson Hace 57 minutos
Anyone for another round of cheese
KillasaurusArcade01 Hace 58 minutos
I'm so glad they made a sequel and not a female remake of the movie
Jackson Animation
Jackson Animation Hace 57 minutos
KillasaurusArcade01 I agree. By the way, do you like animation videos?
The Real Samera
The Real Samera Hace 58 minutos
My mom and Tom cruise used to go to the same school
J.J.C.S Hace 58 minutos
For christ's sake, let it go. YAWN.
円龍 Hace 58 minutos
He is riding my favorite motorcycle of all time, the H2R! holy smack!!! 😍
mj abhilash
mj abhilash Hace 59 minutos
Trailer that you didn't ask for but the trailer we deserve
Jessie Bullock
Jessie Bullock Hace 59 minutos
Oh. My. God. That music gave me those chills.
Regal Town
Regal Town Hace 59 minutos
Shahaneh Limonadi
Shahaneh Limonadi Hace 59 minutos
I heard this movie is in 3D like the first one. If so, then I'm definitely going to go see it.
B3CKKY Hace un hora
I hate people who edit comments.
Cherry Stone
Cherry Stone Hace un hora
Director: How many fighter jets do we need? Tom: Yes.
Holodoc Prime
Holodoc Prime Hace un hora
What do we say to the god of death? Not today...
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Oscar contender it is
Art with Swapan
Art with Swapan Hace un hora
Sandy Hace un hora
Iron Eagle meets CGI.
john mullarkey
john mullarkey Hace un hora
BADASS. (referring to the planes) Cant wait to see it!
Odysseus Ithaca
Odysseus Ithaca Hace un hora
Great, now all the Hornet drivers are going to swagger around like they're the shit for another 10 years.
John Gabriel
John Gabriel Hace un hora
F-14 at 2:08. What's up with that?!
Spring Creek
Spring Creek Hace un hora
Who’s Watching from OAK HARBOR, WA!? 🔥
Matt Horkan
Matt Horkan Hace un hora
There is no world in which a 57 year old is flying combat aircraft. No frigging way. You pretty much have to be constantly promoted as an officer or you're pressured to resign and retire. He'd have been in a desk job in like 2002, at the latest.
There's two O's in goose boys
Matt Horkan
Matt Horkan Hace un hora
Cool little detail: When the F14 is flying over the desert, the shadow is of an f18
kapitanpochie Hace un hora
Melanie Hace un hora
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SyhaDan Hace un hora
Thats the F14 Tomcat!!!!! at the end!!
jake ground
jake ground Hace un hora
Goose at 1:30
Trek Fan167
Trek Fan167 Hace un hora
Sterling Archer just got a massive hard on
Thedarknate08 Hace un hora
Wow! I thought Ed Harris was dead
Haya 2371
Haya 2371 Hace un hora
5-Minute Conservative
I feel the need...
Eshnaida Hace un hora
0:33 OMG that move...i have an erection xD
Alexander Dillard
Alexander Dillard Hace un hora
After over 30 years...he’s back.
ESC Singapore
ESC Singapore Hace un hora
Top Gun: Drake Maverick
liljayjay 666
liljayjay 666 Hace un hora
Question? If they made a michael jackson movie would they have one black actor and one white actor...or do white face?
Kelvin Pérez Sánchez
Yes yes yes... Mighty wingssss
cutie evee 2
cutie evee 2 Hace un hora
Am I the only person that starts this trailer all over again??
Abdur Rahim
Abdur Rahim Hace un hora
Who is watching Tom Cruise to Fly Fighter Jet again & again? at 1:04 ?
arisini Hace un hora
oooohhhh nooo!!! why why WHY do stupid directors use CGI instead of the real thing when there is no need to?!?! NOTHING is like te real thing. dumbfuck!!!!!
JAMAL SPARTAN Hace un hora
Well he should start to fly jets from now in order to play Hal Jordan Green Lantern....which i hope is gonna be made with him.
Twotter54 Hace un hora
Dislikes were the tower controllers refusing Maverick a fly by.
John Hooper
John Hooper Hace un hora
Please no vagina worshipping simp movie.. *** MGTOW ***
manu babu
manu babu Hace un hora
ReEntering the Danger Zone...
Igor Melekhine
Igor Melekhine Hace un hora
Just wow!!
toon army
toon army Hace un hora
what a load of shite
Mayank Sharma
Mayank Sharma Hace un hora
That nostalgic tune ... Impeccable !
gandharzero Hace un hora
During the climax of the movie, they're gonna be like: "Maverick, you're too old to be flying. And we don't have the right aircraft for this mission. The Russians have hacked our F-35s. Our F-18 is too slow, our F-15 can't take off from a carrier. All this new technology is useless." And Maverick puts his shades on and is like "Dust off my old Tomcat. I'm going in."
PureOakGaming Hace un hora
Well this is about to be top comment
Firecracker Hace un hora
Slaizen I Nezials
Slaizen I Nezials Hace un hora
A Logan Paul movie
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