Top Ukrainian commanders remain inside besieged steel plant, says pro-Russian separatist leader

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A pro-Russian separatist leader has said top Ukrainian commanders remain inside Mariupol's Azovstal steel plant, despite the evacuation of hundreds of Ukrainian troops from the facility. According to Moscow, more than 900 Ukrainian fighters have left the factory in the past week alone. Russia's parliament has fiercely dashed Kyiv's hopes of a prisoner exchange, saying criminals should not be swapped. Meanwhile, Moscow has accused Kyiv of not wanting to continue peace talks.

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17 may 2022






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Comentarios 1 135
ViraDrama Hace un mes
I’m from your neighbor country. Now I learned that not only the western countries that call this kind of situation “evacuated”.
Howard Hace un mes
I enjoyed hearing the mental gymnastics from the media about how tactical this all is
nealpepe Hace un mes
CNA from Singapore sounds just like the other Western mainstream media. SURRENDER is the right word, not evacuation. 😆
Captain Win
Captain Win Hace un mes
Tomorrow's headlines - 'Azov battalion captures prison cells in Russia'.
toetz Hace un mes
Theyre going to Disneyland...in Siberia
Junior Molefe
Junior Molefe Hace un mes
"The decision of one man, to brutally and unjustifiably invade Iraq, ooh I mean Ukraine,🤣75years" George Bush jr; no war crime trial🙄
Samuel Anum Adjetey
🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
George Kraft
George Kraft Hace un mes
There are no negotiations for the surrender of Azovstahl troops! It is unconditional surrender.
Ramon Ng
Ramon Ng Hace un mes
When you hold your hands up, laid down your arms, and allowed yourself to be stripped, you surrendered, not being evacuated.
Alan Yuan
Alan Yuan Hace un mes
​@starlooker I'll take your joke, but Keep that book of outdated labels for yourself buddy.
starlooker Hace un mes
@Alan Yuan I'll send you a dictionary for your birthday.
Alan Yuan
Alan Yuan Hace un mes
@Captain Win whats that?
Rocket Man
Rocket Man Hace un mes
An evacuation is when a country gets its own troops out. This was an unconditional surrender and the Azov Nazis are prisoners of war. As for the commanders that are still in that rathole, I really want to see who Ukraine is hiding down there.
sangtea fanai
sangtea fanai Hace un mes
@Drew Wesely wait don't talk about only this war talk about what happen after 2014 look back their video...years ago..democracy defender🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lima Jamir Mighty
Lima Jamir Mighty Hace un mes
@Drew Wesely Yea. Keep telling yourself that.
Erma 🔥 𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]
There are no negotiations for the surrender of Azovstahl troops! It is unconditional surrender.
Ulak Usah
Ulak Usah Hace un mes
When it is said ‘evacuation’, it only means that they were taken out by Ukraine troops. Was that the case?
UpRisingDown Hace un mes
U think that their tattoos will be forgotten? It wont.
Drbranicap Hace un mes
shkiper Hace un mes
Это не эвакуация! Это сдача в Плен.. И очередное украинское вранье
CISON Hace un mes
Good love is when you see the world through a man. Bad love is when you give up the world for one person.
ip desperado
ip desperado Hace un mes
well, western media, what do you expect? yeah, so the negotiation is still on going but over 1000 already "evacuated" to russia controlled areas. western media just amazed me again, again, and again on how to manipulate the facts on the ground.
Rvve Duio
Rvve Duio Hace un mes
his life. Who ever he is...we have always been thankful...
Rvve Duio
Rvve Duio Hace un mes
It is clear to everyone that Ukrainian forces have surrounded there wasn't any evaluation
Herman Schweizer
Herman Schweizer Hace un mes
Anyone that ever was in a battlefield shot out can tell you, the rules of engagement go right out the window.
Gorgeous George
Gorgeous George Hace un mes
@Captain Win yes, and they only lasted a few months. Once Azov was absorbed into the AFU, they became regulated, and the violent extremists at the top of azov before it became professional were dismissed and even imprisoned in some cases. Since then, Azov has grown to become a highly organised and professional battalion, and although it still obviously attracts some extremist ideologies, there is the very same forces at work in the Russian army. The leader of the Wagner PMC who are used extensively by putin, is an avowed nazi, with swastika and SS bolt tattoos. It's pretty obvious the mercenaries in Wagner PMC are going To be highly concentrated with neo nazi recruits, but putin USES them, and claims to denazify Ukraine. Seriously mate, read up on it. You'll see its one big charade
Klemheist Hace un mes
@Dprov Of course he's innocent, and so is BRS. Remind me again how many times he stabbed that wounded teenager? Was it 23 or 24 times - I forget. The did he really have to take that selfie with the corpse?
Peregrine Falcon
Peregrine Falcon Hace un mes
They are more than just Azov commanders - Nato volunteers who are the main fighters that Moscow Kremlin is searching desperately.
Ferry Hace un mes
Maybe some thermobaric can 'help' them all out, a warm evacuation 😂😂
Victor Bonello
Victor Bonello Hace un mes
Let us hope they come out before they are burnt or buried under the debris
Tazra Games
Tazra Games Hace un mes
@Gary Johns only one way out. Become ghost 🤣
Gihana Kabano
Gihana Kabano Hace un mes
@Gary Johns Their to where? Azov sea?
Altruistic Viking
Altruistic Viking Hace un mes
Very wise move 👍🇺🇦
Mohommad kasam Shaikh
Those channels using the word “evacuated” enter the competition for an Oscar in journalism. Those using the word “surrendered “ stand disqualified.
@Kavuma david @ middle one
Just Arkon
Just Arkon Hace un mes
Anyone that ever was in a battlefield shot out can tell you, the rules of engagement go right out the window.
Jernej Pirih
Jernej Pirih Hace un mes
Russian international standards may differ tho than actual international standards. I mean we saw how they treat civilians
Tazra Games
Tazra Games Hace un mes
Same crap for western intl stds.
Citizen@Report Hace un mes
It is clear to everyone that Ukrainian forces have surrounded there wasn't any evaluation
💖Sailor Moon💖
Good love is when you see the world through a man. Bad love is when you give up the world for one person.
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Hace un mes
usually in charge to keep people's emotions in check.
liouy cnny
liouy cnny Hace un mes
dont you mean the NATO officers that were with Azov remain inside?
Abra Kadabrah
Abra Kadabrah Hace un mes
International standards Are execution standards for these soldiers. My father Would have been executed in a similar situation during stalin's regime-- A Russian soldier saved his life. Who ever he is...we have always been thankful...☦️🙏
Abra Kadabrah
Abra Kadabrah Hace un mes
@V G my father was Ukrainian. But the officer was referred to as Russian. Whether he was or wasn't doesn't make any difference. Most of my Ukrainian family are Russian speaking; ukrainian was forbidden. Yes, many different nationalities were labeled as Russian per your example. Actually my point was: Politics is dirty. People don't matter. Lives don't matter!!! Lies Do matter, though. Who knows if the laws of the geneva convention will be upheld by Russia. Putin has no need of returned prisoners or dead soldiers. The fate of the Azovs is in peril. Great peril!!! They may face execution, prison, slave labor...or psychiatric abuse and institutionalization. I hope they will be returned, but, there's already talk to the contrary.
Jo Nye
Jo Nye Hace un mes
@Ndjibu Kabengele Just when has Russia adhered or respected Western laws.
catalin ignat
catalin ignat Hace un mes
RastaCanuck Crypto
RastaCanuck Crypto Hace un mes
@V G these bots are sick
V G Hace un mes
Saying "a Russian soldier" your father could mistakingly call all the Soviet army - Russians. But in the soviet army during WW-II soldiers of 15 different soviet republics fought against Hitler. And none of those nations associated themselves with so-called Russia unlike the rest of the world did. Until 2014 very little people in the world knew where a country called Ukraine was on the map. So, "russian" soldier could be Ukrainian or Belarusian or whoever else as the atrocities from actual Russians you could see in the Ukrainian Bucha, Kharkiv, Mariupol. Those were real Russian soldiers. They behavied in Ukraine like wild animals who had never seen even a toilet bowl in their entire life.
A A Hace un mes
What about the stockpiles of fertilizers stockpiled in the catacombs of Azovatal? Are they safe? Or have they been destroyed?
Lutz Filor
Lutz Filor Hace un mes
No serious question - he was caught at the crime scene, he was identified and he was conficted of murder - maybe all idiots who have an opinion about war - serve before you open up for opinion. There is a reason for chain of command, a reason why you have a supperior officer and that you act on legal commands only. - You have to resist unlawful commands and you can't hide behind - your own emotions, you own lawless acts. If your commanding officer is not arresting you - he is guilty as well for you actions. You can't kill civilians in cold blood. You can't shoot injured soldiers. You can't shoot soldiers surrendering. You can't aim with a hovitzer on humans in direct aim. (If they attack you yes) Actually you have to follow an aweful lot of rules in war. And yes you can shoot and kill combatants - that is a reason they wear uniforms, with insignia. If you are found on the battlefield without insignia - you are an illegal combatant - I forgot what you can and can't do to illegal combatants.
The King in Yellow
The King in Yellow Hace un mes
@#4_Vaccuum_Salesman_of_Marrakesh you know nothing.
@The King in Yellow Then you were never in a war.
The King in Yellow
The King in Yellow Hace un mes
@Spadey Say When I was in the military, I was never given an unlawful order, so it never came up
@Fazer Master Really?
Chromatic Turtle
Chromatic Turtle Hace un mes
dont you mean the NATO officers that were with Azov remain inside?
Rackets Hace un mes
Minor point but Chain of Evidence is NOT related to Witnesses but EVIDENCE collected at the crime scene or taken from the accused..
Harold Cruz
Harold Cruz Hace un mes
The judges of the Nuremberg trials would beg to disagree.
Legion Hace un mes
Russia said they seized the steelworks.... But won't go inside 🤔
Rick Starling
Rick Starling Hace un mes
The Russians know they will die in those tunnels.
Ников Hace un mes
subscribe at least to the Russian military correspondents, they post video data about the "evacuation" there, why are you waiting for answers from the TV with a delay of 10 hours?
doire aintu
doire aintu Hace un mes
Those channels using the word “evacuated” enter the competition for an Oscar in journalism. Those using the word “surrendered “ stand disqualified.
Gihana Kabano
Gihana Kabano Hace un mes
Two options for Azov commanders: Surrender or die.
Des Chan
Des Chan Hace un mes
@Blacky Boi real cowards are those who murdered civilians
Mustafa Hace un mes
@Gary Johns escape or rescue 😂😂😂
dzta Hydro
dzta Hydro Hace un mes
@Rick Starling zielensky? Asov battalion doesnt even like him 😂 if it wasn’t because of the war he would be losing the election. This war save his ass😂
Zola 🔥F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-le🔥
I’m from your neighbor country. Now I learned that not only the western countries that call this kind of situation “evacuated”.
Virgil J Jacas
Virgil J Jacas Hace un mes
😟😟😟 Those remaining inside did sealed their fate. Requiem for their selfless act of patriotism 😟😟😟👍👍👍☝️☝️☝️ !!!
Andre Kerr
Andre Kerr Hace un mes
Patriotic Israelis, Americans, British, Canadians, French.... We'll see how patriotic. 🤔
Erwin M. Bioc
Erwin M. Bioc Hace un mes
They have sealed they fate ..they already secured their place in valhalla
Unchained Irony
Unchained Irony Hace un mes
"Both sides trading blame for the ongoing hostilities." ...How? Like if you invade a country, you are to blame for the ongoing hostilities, I am unsure how blame can be traded, what are the Ukrainians supposed to do? Apologize for defending their country and just let Russia take whatever they want? The Hostilities can be ended within a day if Russia decides to stop it's invasion and go home.
Unchained Irony
Unchained Irony Hace un mes
@Andre Moraes Well, you just told me you don't know what de-facto or fascist means. Seriously If you weren't actually serious I might actually laugh at a response like yours. But what exactly, in your opinion makes Ukraine Fascist and what exactly makes Russia Anti-Fascist? Because as I see it Ukraine for all it's flaws is a country actively trying and succeeding at being Democratic with the "Fascists" getting 0 seats in parliament and Russia is an Authoritarian Oligarchy with Imperialistic and irredentist ambitions trying to enforce it's rule on foreign people's. One sounds significantly more "Fascist" then the other.
Esoteric common sense
Weird way to say their NATO trainers/handlers The word you're looking for is "surrendered"
Twang Shanty
Twang Shanty Hace un mes
Rules of war aside, you don't rape, murder, torture your enemy because the tide can turn, at any moment; and paybacks are a bitch. This is why level headed individuals are usually in charge to keep people's emotions in check.
Dragon's Hook
Dragon's Hook Hace un mes
That's why I'm wondering how these trials are going to go down in Donetsk. 8 years of attacks and other nasty things surely give rise to feelings of vengeance.
Martin Noone
Martin Noone Hace un mes
Bravo Ukraine
Zanele Matsebula
Zanele Matsebula Hace un mes
My Ukraine 🇺🇦♥❤with love from me woow what a brave country 👏😢❤🙌💙♥👏
Zanele Matsebula
Zanele Matsebula Hace un mes
@G I pointless you says what goes around will come around watch n c
G I Hace un mes
Pointless bravery is very destructive
Sonia -My New Private vidoe
When you hold your hands up, laid down your arms, and allowed yourself to be stripped, you surrendered, not being evacuated.
mountainguyed67 Hace un mes
Now the expert speaks.
FrJedi Hace un mes
So much comments to discuss if they surrender or are being evacuated! But it’s quite simple: they surrendered and are evacuated from the plant area. Top commanders still being in the plant? Quite simple: commanders will not leave until the last soldier is out. Will they choose to stay there? Will see. The question for them is where will they be much useful for their country. Finally, what about the judgment of the young russian soldier? Ukraine « needs » to quickly have russian war criminals (real one if possible) because Russia will try to argument Azovstal fighters are the famous Nz they sold to Russian people to justify this no war SpecOp. If they are the Nz, they logically are not war prisoners but « terrorists ». If they are terrorists, they will not have any war prisoners rights… Russia cannot justify any other end for them than death. If ukrainians have also such prisoners they can try to exchange them or, at least, to keep their Azovstal soldiers alive. Russian government can justify an exchange to save russian lives. Russian government is at risk to have to face the mothers, families of its war criminals. As it claims again and again that russian army did no war crimes it won’t be able to let those innocent and kind russian heroes being killed. It’s just poker!
Cameron Krause
Cameron Krause Hace un mes
No one should criticize these soldiers who have now left the factory. I can't even imagine how worn down they must be, and they are heroes for holding that position for as long as they have which kept a large group of Russians from being used elsewhere.
Anna Gaming
Anna Gaming Hace un mes
Thank you god and Budda 🙏🙏🙏😭👍👍👍❤️💛💙🇺🇦I’m very happy safe live all people army Ukraine
Roger Hearn
Roger Hearn Hace un mes
Thanks for what?
S M Hace un mes
Evidence? Vadim did an interview with a Ukranian journalist where he tells his story minute by minute, they call his family. The guy knows he funked up, that ruzi’a’s actions are wrong and he owns up to this. Its such an open and shut case that it had to become the first. Did come sooner than expected though…
charles smith
charles smith Hace un mes
3:45 - “as you can see in the message from Iran, this is very complex” 🥴
America's Favorite Brazilian
The Ukrainian Alamo. Go for the escape 🙏
Thea Halme
Thea Halme Hace un mes
the internal relationships between russia and Germany during both world wars are starting to show their flavors or secrecy
Paul Shark
Paul Shark Hace un mes
Thought they say the Russian public don't know what's going on
dmsknb Hace un mes
How can Ukrainian surrender be a weakness for Russia? The West is so funny
Jo Nye
Jo Nye Hace un mes
He said the Russian bloggers and russian public also see it as a weakness by Russia. You choose to listen selectively.
RAY OF THE SUN Hace un mes
@DEEP END F30 yes,lutin is peaceful thats why he invade 😂
john mallari
john mallari Hace un mes
Those very brave Ukrainian soldiers are not keek.Those guys have no fear. The only reason why some of them giving up beacouse they running out ammo and food. I salute all Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers. You guys are my hero. God bless you all. Glory to Ukrain
Blacky Boi
Blacky Boi Hace un mes
they are KEEKY as in kinky..LOL
Noel nicolier
Noel nicolier Hace un mes
They are all coward's .Not one is a hero.
Nash Da Pistol Shrimp
Evacuated = Special Tactical Surrender
Aliff Khafifi
Aliff Khafifi Hace un mes
Tactical retreat? tactical flanking?🤣
Patrick C
Patrick C Hace un mes
They didn't surrender! There were just hitching a ride with the Russians to their new digs at the POW internment ski lodge for some R&R...
niddg viiut
niddg viiut Hace un mes
Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers. You guys are my hero. God bless you all. Glory to Ukrain
Andres De La Cruz
Andres De La Cruz Hace un mes
Soon they will be judge.
D Flatt
D Flatt Hace un mes
*Russia:* "Criminals should not be swapped" Are they talking about their own guys?
jęmĺ Tipene
jęmĺ Tipene Hace un mes
Did all the international aid stop at the top and forget to filter down.
misolou fout
misolou fout Hace un mes
Russian international standards may differ tho than actual international standards. I mean we saw how they treat civilians
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Hace un mes
Russian international standards may differ tho than actual international standards. I mean we saw how they treat civilians
Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor Hace un mes
russia had better think long and hard on these war crimes trials if they apply that standard then the same will be applied to all of their pows.
Gary Johns
Gary Johns Hace un mes
You are Spot on! From Florida
Abeonthehill Hace un mes
I hope the Russian military surrounding this Azozstal plant now give a last chance to those hiding inside to evacuate.......i mean surrender ......if not, flood the entire plant with sea water then use high explosives to close it forever. Russia and the Donbas Army cannot keep giving these mystery Troops anymore chances to surrender .
Wilfredo Balcena
Wilfredo Balcena Hace un mes
Pray for ukraine.
Paul F. Seke Etet
Paul F. Seke Etet Hace un mes
Pray for world peace!
Jo Dalinkus
Jo Dalinkus Hace un mes
This bridgehead by Ukrainians is totally futile and needs resolution. The remaining forces hanging on to this redoubt inside the steel plant just invoke ire from Russia for refusing to leave in order to end this execrable sanquinery. Time to focus on seize fire , there has been enough blood shed.
mountainguyed67 Hace un mes
Russia go home!
G Banks
G Banks Hace un mes
Why is the word ‘evacuation’ being used? Are they being evacuated by the defenders? Does not the word technically mean bringing entities out from harm? Why is this narrative across all the media as if it’s controlled by a single source? We the people of the world are always left in confusion?
Fazer Master
Fazer Master Hace un mes
@G Banks the whole situation is strange. The commanders are still inside, the wounded ones are hospitalized, about the rest I've heard strange things. Some say they are in DPR, some say - in Russian concentration camps. There is no few injured. There are 600 injured. They were cut off for a month or more
G Banks
G Banks Hace un mes
@Fazer Master so the term was used for the sake of just a few who were injured not for the ones who came out with the white flag and got stripped off to be taken to Russian camps for POWs?
Fazer Master
Fazer Master Hace un mes
It's because some of them were in extreme conditions and brought to hospital right after shelling. There is a difficult case in terms of the international law
WorshipinIdols Hace un mes
What questions are there about this trial? The guy was caught on video shooting a security guard in the back after having a chat with him.
JACEK JURUS Hace un mes
You are talking about something different . At least get your facts straight and read the article first , without magic mushrooms .
Milena Meredith
Milena Meredith Hace un mes
Please. I an Russian, but please give them some medical help irrespectively. They are hunan beimgs. Please
Global Sideshow
Global Sideshow Hace un mes
They are if you've been paying attention. Even western media has reported it, so you can stop whining about it now.
Patrick C
Patrick C Hace un mes
No! They get a cold potato and a shot of vodka....but that's all!
Gnoc Hace un mes
Putler doesn't allow that
Vlad Khom
Vlad Khom Hace un mes
almost 3 months is more than enough to build a solid court case with plenty of evidence and geographical proximity. I don't know why these journalists are dissatisfied. Although, since when journalists are war-time judiciary experts. Weird style of information.
Checkered Flag Films
He remains 'alive' that seems fair to me
Paul Franklin
Paul Franklin Hace un mes
We know the russians would murder them so maybe this is the best solution. Captain going down with the ship...
"We know"?
Paul Franklin
Paul Franklin Hace un mes
@Ngata Tan no canadian general has been captured as it would be daily news across Canada. The mere idea you spread lies is a great showcase of your character. Good job dude. I mean why let people guess what kind of person you are when you can simply type your bullshit and the world can clearly see. Slava ukraine from 🇨🇦
kazi ahad
kazi ahad Hace un mes
Ukranian heroes fulfill their duty fixing 20k Russians in Mariuople for 80 days. Now, they're in different role. 969 ukranian will wreck havoc on Russian ration.. After 2 or 3 months, more ukrain will follow suit and inflict heavy damage on Russian food supply.
Roger Hearn
Roger Hearn Hace un mes
They'll follow suit with hands held high!
Howard Hace un mes
Filling detainment camps in Russia can't be equated to "invasion" a poor strategy indeed
Harold Cruz
Harold Cruz Hace un mes
Cause they know they are guilty of crimes against humanity, word of advice it pays when you follow the rules of war cause you'll never know what the outcome will be.
FOXZ KNEWZ Hace un mes
Propaganda.... Surrendered is the proper word to use. research the tunnel system below the plant that's where the real story can be found..
XScorpionX321 Hace un mes
What is in the tunnel system? A dungeon? A troll in the dungeon? A troll in the chat.
On the land
On the land Hace un mes
Very bias media. It may be the pretrial preparations for the Russian Sargent charged with murdering a civilian while joy riding in a stolen car to cover up the theft, were insufficient I don't know. I"m not a lawyer. But if you are reporting that Ukraine might not be giving fair trials for war crimes you have to establish the facts: A) Subject confessed and pleaded guilty B) Subject cooperated fully and gave an explanation as to why he did it. The reporter fails to give this very basic information after accusing the Ukrainian judicial system of rushing ahead with prosecutions. This suggests that A) This news is sensationalizing the story, B) This is propaganda against Ukraine on behalf of Russia, or C) This reporter is a nincompoop who doesn't do his homework and as a result spreads misinformation biasing the trial. There is a reason Ukraine is pushing ahead with these prosecutions, and that reason is to make sure that Russian soldiers know they can be prosecuted for their actions if they commit war crimes. This will save innocent lives.
Per Sakariassen
Per Sakariassen Hace un mes
Yeah, I know. I was very pissed of with that incompetent jounalist!
Robert Burlinson
Robert Burlinson Hace un mes
true hero's
Irwan Hace un mes
British and Americans
Nog Tops
Nog Tops Hace un mes
criminals of war
Clyde C Young
Clyde C Young Hace un mes
I always thought that the main TOP RATS would remain behind!
SAMY PUSHPAM Hace un mes
SsB Hace un mes
How can they be criminals defending their land! It is not only Putin but all of Russia
Peter Rezac
Peter Rezac Hace un mes
@John nguyen It is hard to show a proof to a blind person who doesnt want to see the truth. Go on the ESvid and see for yourself. There are plenty of videos out there to see.
John nguyen
John nguyen Hace un mes
@Peter Rezac proof?
Peter Rezac
Peter Rezac Hace un mes
Have you been living under the rock these past 8 years? These so call "Mariupol defenders "were for the past 8 years killing innocent civilians and children in Dombas region. To this day 14 000 innocent civilians and children, who will never see a light of another day, lost their lives. So yes they are war criminals.
Mushtaq Bhat
Mushtaq Bhat Hace un mes
If they are executed, as some in Russia demand, it would imply: 1) So many less of Russian POW's in exchange. A card less at the bargaining table. 2) Disregard of the fate of their own POW's currently, injured or otherwise in Ukrainian captivity. Are they then also expendable, for the more important cause of hateful revenge? 3) If they are accused of faschistic criminal acts of war and executed, what about all the Russian officers and soldiers, who commited war crimes in Ukraine? In the Russian playbook, they too would deserve execution. Dictators and lawless and those who have discriminatory manipulable law codes unfortunately always have an unfair advantage over players with democratic institutions. Unfair but necessary.
Mushtaq Bhat
Mushtaq Bhat Hace un mes
@UpRisingDown Not only that but also a historical trauma that is engraved in Russian civilian soul for dissent against the from-the-rulers, imposed ideology, whatever it is and no matter how it varies: The Gulag.
S Aman
S Aman Hace un mes
@Mushtaq Bhat agreed
Mushtaq Bhat
Mushtaq Bhat Hace un mes
@S Aman Yes an unfair advantage the criminals as ever and always possess against those who adhere to laws and order. It is an advantage, because they can get away with it without being punished for that. In the traditional movies, you often see it happening between the villian and the hero, till the final downfall of the villian. There is some perverse logic to it. This advantage and freedom makes the villian more emboldened, risk taking and daring, till he commits the hubris.
nyt tag
nyt tag Hace un mes
Defending your country is a crime, right.
Austin Mclaren
Austin Mclaren Hace un mes
Either way his platoon was apart of those brutal murders in that town for that being said is there even need for a trial?
John Smokey
John Smokey Hace un mes
don honky
don honky Hace un mes
Long live the last brave hearts.
Tazra Games
Tazra Games Hace un mes
@Ndjibu Kabengele your defination of brave is skewed. These are cowards using civilians as shields. Brave are the RUSSIANS.
Ndjibu Kabengele
Ndjibu Kabengele Hace un mes
@Roger Hearn You're a coward so you should not insult those brave men.
don honky
don honky Hace un mes
@Noel nicolier noel do you personally know one of them or do you take the word off someone else?let's agree 👍 with you for the sake of arguing. Could you please give a honest answer to this question. What do you think about russian soldiers rapeing and killing women and children and shooting civilians which one's just gone guilty in his trial 🤔. Ok you got a smart answer but for arguments sake i agreed with you. Just one difference between us i believe two wrongs don't make a right. Don't be so judgemental on a stranger you haven't met without good old fasioned facts. On that note have a fine day and cheerio ✌
Noel nicolier
Noel nicolier Hace un mes
Coward's ,not one of these war criminal's are brave.
Mr. Black
Mr. Black Hace un mes
Strategic move, the one left inside are the azov guys and will have more food and will be able to fight longer.
Onny Deky
Onny Deky Hace un mes
Ultimately those commanders will definitely die in those crakes/holes/bunkers.Food will be finished and they will start to eat each other and finish one another.THEY WILL DIE PAINFULLY INSIDE THERE.They should SURRENDER JUST LIKE ANYONE ELSE IS DOING HERE.The real "EVACUATION" they are dreaming about is of almost ZERO PROBABILITY.ln any fight its either you winn or loose.They should ACCEPT THAT THEY HAVE LOST in Azov.
Howard Hace un mes
@Drew Wesely you've consumed too much propaganda
Jan Schkeuditz
Jan Schkeuditz Hace un mes
That guy Kieran said so many words that made no sense whatsoever regarding Avovstahl .
Brian Rusher
Brian Rusher Hace un mes
What happened to 260 being evacuated? Spin it and keep that money train running!
jj Hace un mes
They are bitter to tell things as it is 😂😂😂
Justin Waters
Justin Waters Hace un mes
They really would rather fight to the death, Extremists would rather die than surrender their city. Love them or Hate them, History will record the sacrifice and resistance that the Azov Battalion, and its leaders have endured for months. May God Bless the Fallen Heroes, and may He bring this War to an end soon for the sake of all young Russians and Ukrainians. Slava Ukraini!
Justin Waters
Justin Waters Hace 23 días
@Денис Пузаков Это нормально, брат, иногда я не могу добраться до компьютера сам. Я надеюсь, что следующая неделя пройдет для вас лучше. Нет проблем с тем, чтобы передать вежливому и уважительному человеку мои наилучшие пожелания, насколько я могу с ограниченной информацией. Я живу верой во Христа и уверенностью в том, что все было написано и записано до Основания Земли. Есть утешение в том, чтобы сказать «да будет исполнена Его воля», а не «да будет исполнена наша воля». Я думаю, что принятие Божьей воли является величайшим утешением в жизни. Я скоро задумаюсь о том, чтобы получить Facebook или Twitter, так как я не был подключен к Интернету в течение нескольких лет. Я найду способ обратиться к службе сообщений или электронной почте, чтобы поговорить с вами в будущем. На данный момент я подпишусь на вас, чтобы не потерять вас в миксе ESvid. Я буду с нетерпением ждать визита в Россию в мире и дружбе. Вы отличный представитель русского народа, доказывающий, что мы все люди, которые хотят одного и того же в жизни. Спасибо, Денис. Thats ok brother, some days I can't get to the computer myself. I hope the next week goes better for you. It's no problem to give a civil and respectful person my best regards, as much as I can with limited information. I live on Faith in Christ, and the assurance that all has been Written and Recorded before the Foundations of the Earth. There is comfort in saying "let His Will be Done", not "let our will be done". I think accepting God's will is the greatest Comfort in life. I will be looking into getting a facebook or twitter soon, as I haven't been connected to the internet in a few years. I will apply to a message service or E- mail to talk to you in the future. For now, I will subscribe to your channel so I don't lose you in the mix of ESvid. I will look forward to visiting Russia in peace and friendship. You are a great representative for the Russian people, proving that we are all Humans who want the same things in life. Thank you Denis. we will talk more soon.
Денис Пузаков
@Justin Waters, good evening! God bless You! First of all, I apologize for the delay in responding. This week has started off pretty busy for me. I was quite confused to hear such words addressed to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! And, of course, I will be happy to see you in my country as the ambassador of the American people that you deserve to be. It will be the least we can do, despite the pressures of the coming «brave new world». "Whatever happens, have Faith" - golden words! I would like to continue our correspondence not in a public place, if you don't mind. Do you have any idea how we could exchange contact details without threatening to attract the attention of the respected public I wonder?:-) Sincerely yours, D.
Justin Waters
Justin Waters Hace 28 días
@Денис Пузаков As an act of Good- will, I send this message to you. I hope to visit Russia someday in peace and brotherhood. Спасибо вам, «Святой» Денис, вы главный человек, который ответит мне вежливой, разумной и джентльменской дискуссией, которая приносит пользу всем народам. Вы должны считать себя дипломатом, послом как русского народа, так и матушки-России. Вы хороший представитель своей страны. Я всегда буду молиться за русский народ, потому что я знаю, что есть много таких, как вы, которые такие же люди, как и я, с теми же надеждами и мечтами, что и люди во всем мире. Мир тебе, мой русский брат.
Justin Waters
Justin Waters Hace 28 días
@Денис Пузаков Thank you Denis, I Pray this message finds you well. If more leaders could compromise and learn to "agree- to- disagree" like mature adults, there would be no need for war. The arrogance and Hubris of man is a human curse. Thank you for calling me an interlocutor, as I have been fascinated by History for life. I see you as an enlightened- man, you seem to know your classical music and history and you seem not irrational or too extreme with your beliefs. I respect people who stand for something, but can still have polite conversation with people. You could not be more right about the current generation of people growing up and learning little history, some not even learning how to communicate or talk with people. This and the quarantine have changed the world forever. I don't see the world economy or any economic institution recovering fully from the 2020 lockdowns. It looks like we are headed into a "brave new world", a world that has changed drastically from only a few years ago. Whatever happens, have Faith. We should be diplomats for our respective countries, as they need someone who knows the daily struggle of the working class, and someone that knows the value of human life. God bless you and your family.
Rvve Duio
Rvve Duio Hace un mes
What about the stockpiles of fertilizers stockpiled in the catacombs of Azovatal? Are they safe? Or have they been destroyed?
Sophal FX
Sophal FX Hace un mes
Sad to see that
John Johnson
John Johnson Hace un mes
Dear CNN journalists - do not invent new names. Today they showed a video of the surrendered commander of the marine brigade from Azovstal - S.Volynsky. He is a warrior. And he is a strong man. And he said: I have surrendered. Do you really not understand the difference between evacuation and surrender?
Amanda Jones
Amanda Jones Hace un mes
Ok will the Russian get a fairtrial in Ukraine but will the fighters from the steel plant get fair trials in Russia, I would go for the Ukraines to give the Russian a fair trial
pamela abideen
pamela abideen Hace un mes
Mariupol defenders? Don't make me laugh... more like rats hiding underground!
Terrence Wijeratne
Terrence Wijeratne Hace un mes
Where are the 2 Canadian generals who were directing the nazis from the steel mill
Patrick C
Patrick C Hace un mes
The 62 year old civilian (!) victim did not have a trial at all… Any remarks on that?
Lucky Charm
Lucky Charm Hace un mes
When Germany are losing WW2 and they are "evacuating" its troops in occupied Europe back to Germany!
Jamie Mezs
Jamie Mezs Hace un mes
Given the choice to be executed after surrender or fighting to the end. I would go out fighting for Ukraine 🇺🇦. God bless the marters.
Jamie Mezs
Jamie Mezs Hace un mes
@starlooker Wrong they are not Accepting mercenary how ever they are Accepting Volunteers with military training and foreign military aid. Get your fantasy straight or you'll look foolish.
starlooker Hace un mes
So why weren't you there? they were accepting mercenaries, there may still be time for you to volunteer.
Longtallsally Hace un mes
Please save them all
Craig Rik
Craig Rik Hace un mes
They are not Separatists, you could argue that all those provinces that accepted the ruling government after the democratically government was overthrown are actually separatists from the nation of Ukraine. These "separatists" you talk about would not accept the rule of the coup government, which they saw and see as illegitimate, even today.
EPL Mait
EPL Mait Hace un mes
he pleaded guilty end of story killer should be put in jail
mountainguyed67 Hace un mes
@Howard Um, no. The U.S. would prosecute its own for such a crime. Stop spreading misinformation.
Tazra Games
Tazra Games Hace un mes
He is a HERO!!.
Howard Hace un mes
Operational security, in a war zone you could be awarded a medal for what he did he'd be celebrated as a hero under the right circumstances if only he was American or British
Токов Рашидов
Let the top commander feel the heat
Nick Surla
Nick Surla Hace un mes
Send in a few captives to find out where leaders are hiding
BeijingOperaFan Hace un mes
Those NATO big fishes must be patiently waiting to be captured in the basement :)
PARSEH Persian silk rug
Ukrainian fighter made a history . U are forever. Slava Ukraine. 🇬🇧 🇺🇦
Tazra Games
Tazra Games Hace un mes
Made history using civilian shields and still lost. Oh the shame!!
Eyu gebeta
Eyu gebeta Hace un mes
Prime Leverage
Prime Leverage Hace un mes
Believe Russia at your own peril!
Robert Burlinson
Robert Burlinson Hace un mes
russian troops sure can run unless it's women and children they are Fighting
Patrick C
Patrick C Hace un mes
Believe the U.S. State Dept and there are lovely bridges in Brooklyn for sale for a mere $40 billion...
Freethinker from gh
And NATO/America at a higher peril
Ozor Tony
Ozor Tony Hace un mes
Believe the west you are on your own
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Hace un mes
usually in charge to keep people's emotions in check.
Moto Tv Woods Farm 👍🔔
the network of tunnels mean they could survive there for years.
John Smokey
John Smokey Hace un mes
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr Hace un mes
It is clear to everyone that Ukrainian forces have surrounded there wasn't any evaluation
fernand robichaud
fernand robichaud Hace un mes
They may have committed suicide