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00:00 Morbius
02:41 James Bond 007 No Time To Die
05:16 Top Gun 2 Maverick
07:32 Fast and Furious 9
11:25 The King's Man
13:45 Black Widow
15:18 The New Mutants
17:35 Wonder Woman 1984
20:00 Jungle Cruise
21:59 Ghostbusters 3 Afterlife
24:27 Tenet

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27 mar 2020






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FilmSpot Trailer
FilmSpot Trailer Hace 2 meses
Which Action Movie You Are Most Excited for? Enjoy Trailers in 4k! 00:00 Morbius 02:41 James Bond 007 No Time To Die 05:16 Top Gun 2 Maverick 07:32 Fast and Furious 9 11:25 The King's Man 13:45 Black Widow 15:18 The New Mutants 17:35 Wonder Woman 1984 20:00 Jungle Cruise 21:59 Ghostbusters 3 Afterlife 24:27 Tenet
kayeso katasya
kayeso katasya Hace 11 horas
James bond & wonder woman
Arlena Campbell
Arlena Campbell Hace 11 horas
Matis H
Matis H Hace 2 días
The king'man
Irma Young
Irma Young Hace 8 días
1. FF9 2.No Time to Die 3. My boyfriend Tom cruise’s Top Gun
11mins- bro
11mins- bro Hace 11 días
All of them ♥️♥️♥️
Adele Richard
Adele Richard Hace un hora
shrtlink.ca/320nlih0rnyxxx ප්‍රදර්ශන A මගේ මුළුතැන්ගෙයෙහි බින් බෑගයක තිබෙනවා” ෆිල් පැවසීය ඔහු විරාමයක් තැබීය ඔහු හිස ගසා දැමුවේය මට විශ්වාස කරන්න බැහැ ඔයා කාන්තාවකට ගැහුවා කියලා
wa gana wa megunim
wa gana wa megunim Hace 2 horas
Back in the day its just a normal race Fast and furious 2 fast 2 furious Tokyo drift Woah Wait YOOoooooOOOoooo!!!
Lauri Moura
Lauri Moura Hace 3 horas
top de mais
George Saunders
George Saunders Hace 11 horas
esp santi
esp santi Hace 15 horas
Jake Grafxtitan
Jake Grafxtitan Hace 22 horas
That's a lot of reboots.
Valkyrie Hace un día
I'll accept a Black 007, when there is a White Black Panther. Until then, no one wants to see this crap.
Fresky Hace un día
Another Fast and Furious to keep the simpletons entertained.
Harold Santiago aka HaroldKing
Oh my. I love the movie where Miss Emily Blunt is. She's my idol. I thought the movie was Indiana Jones. That's great that they made a different title. I live Wonder Woman too. 🎙🎶💖🙏👼.
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Sarah Cline
Sarah Cline Hace un día
Anyone know which one of the guys from the first two movies family is this? If they were related to Egon since the actor died a few years ago
Sarah Cline
Sarah Cline Hace un día
Morbius looks super cool this guy gets around doesn't he? goes from playing Joker to Morbius, and as for Fast And Furious 9 it so makes no sense Han is alive....AGAIN. When they killed him off in Tokyo Drift it felt bitter sweet because this was after Gezelle's death Finally they would be brought together in death. I am glad they haven't changed him though I laugh every time he picks something up to eat lol, now all they need is one white guy to eat. One of each race lol. I can't help myself but WHY bring Brian back I understand the reason behind it, its a show of respect and the family approved the idea because they liked the script but still, let the dead man rest for godsakes. But 9 does look SUPER cool. I am going to miss Shaw. And as for black Widow I thought she was supposed to be Russian? I don't hear an accent on the girl. Wonder Woman I always felt sorry for she is pretty much immortal and can't be with anyone because she doesn't ever seem to age.
Dom Hemingway
Dom Hemingway Hace un día
Movies nowadays become worse and worse
Dhamotharan Palanisamy
This year looks like only trailer we all will watch it. Movies in theatre when 🤷🏻‍♂️
Matos Rodrigues
Matos Rodrigues Hace un día
muito trsite mano
Castiel the Angel
Castiel the Angel Hace 2 días
The Marvel Batman! Erm... I mean Morbius!
Castiel the Angel
Castiel the Angel Hace 2 días
02:04 Does anyone else see the Spider-Man graffiti on the wall? Does that mean there will be a crossover?!
So tom holland is a murderer?
Isabel Santos
Isabel Santos Hace 2 días
chorei aq
felipe sousa
felipe sousa Hace 2 días
ai sim
Eduardo Oliveira
Eduardo Oliveira Hace 2 días
amei esse video
faisal afridi
faisal afridi Hace 2 días
morbius free mason
not tryna argue but
not tryna argue but Hace 3 días
I liked all the Kingsmen movies and the new one looks like it's gonna be sick too
luka gio
luka gio Hace 3 días
RevPar Ravager
RevPar Ravager Hace 3 días
Please, please let the kids be Ray Stantz's grandkids (yes I know the trailer shows Spengler's suit but there were others and they could just as easily be Venkman's... The Spengler thing could just be a herring for the trailer and the Stantz family name needs some heroic restitution after the whole Stay Puft Marshmallow Man fiasco
RevPar Ravager
RevPar Ravager Hace 3 días
So now that they have turned the "Jungle Cruise" ride into an action flick I suppose next we have to look forward to the zombie apocalypse version of "It's a Small World..." ?
Augusto Barros
Augusto Barros Hace 3 días
Amenah Hussain
Amenah Hussain Hace 3 días
So voldermot was actually a Kingsman😯😳
Noah Packer
Noah Packer Hace 3 días
Ghost busters 3 has you know who from stranger things
Noah Packer
Noah Packer Hace 3 días
R.I.P Paul Walker
Noah Packer
Noah Packer Hace 3 días
Any body seen ff8
Parth Jayesh
Parth Jayesh Hace 3 días
Clichè clichè clichè
Thomas C
Thomas C Hace 3 días
Been waiting for the Top Gun sequel since the '80s!
Ruth Ball
Ruth Ball Hace 4 días
So we let Leto fuck up the joker, and now we let him into the marvel universe? Fabulous
ibrahim awan
ibrahim awan Hace 5 días
Dwane the rock Johnson, WTF r u doing. Jumanji was enough for u but this movie is shame on ur name.
ibrahim awan
ibrahim awan Hace 5 días
And Gal Gadot ! Woooof man. She was great in Wonder Women but Superman Kicked her ass very very badly during his resurrection in Justice League. Henry Caval u r a bad Ass kicker.
ibrahim awan
ibrahim awan Hace 5 días
OMG ! I love Scarlet Johnson very much. Pity she died in the EndGame.
ibrahim awan
ibrahim awan Hace 5 días
I loved Kings Man 1 , Part 2 was so so . lets see what part 3 has for us.
ibrahim awan
ibrahim awan Hace 5 días
Fast n Furious has dragged John as villain in movie . What is next Queen of England Drag racing in her Rolce Royce Phantom. Come on . lets this squeal be the last movie of this franchise.
ibrahim awan
ibrahim awan Hace 5 días
I bet in real live Tom Cruise aks Maverick cannot stand 4 G's for 10 seconds.
Pablo Podhorzer
Pablo Podhorzer Hace 4 días
Dude's going to space. He's in his fifties. Don't shit on the Cruise.
Wilson Chen Sanchez
Wilson Chen Sanchez Hace 5 días
2:41 skip - if you don't want to see another misfortune and see here
Sumit Adhikari TSA
Sumit Adhikari TSA Hace 5 días
That see you again background music really gave that feels yo 😢
Sachin Kumar
Sachin Kumar Hace 3 días
Sapping Jones
Sapping Jones Hace 5 días
damn thats alot of boring shit movies
Mike Njenga
Mike Njenga Hace 5 días
The Fast and Furious after this will only have the Avengers to fight with.
omar ben souilem
omar ben souilem Hace 3 días
Hahahaha 💀
aaron versionwo
aaron versionwo Hace 5 días
I used to be s double 0 agent just like you, then i took a bullet to the knee.
Jonathon Richard
Jonathon Richard Hace 5 días
I wonder if Hollywood has considered Jame Bond's children.. some 007's some evil.. a whole new volume of movie series. Remember part of his personal is sleeping with beautiful woman having unprotected sexual exploits..some of them were bound to have had his children. ;)
João Medeira
João Medeira Hace 5 días
Just perfect, I still got time left to extra preparing my brain to TENET.. Humm, maybe rewatch Interstellar once again
Lan Kwon
Lan Kwon Hace 5 días
Bogdan Ioan Dorin Albu
nice calibration with the part of movies
Toby Shen
Toby Shen Hace 6 días
Sure, if u are able to watch them in the cinemas.
bo jackson
bo jackson Hace 6 días
I hit like because of organized description.
Tina Russell
Tina Russell Hace 6 días
Fast and furious alone kills characters off have you and movies mourning them and had you swearing they dead and then bring them back nonchalantly
Dr. Killdare
Dr. Killdare Hace 6 días
The DOGS OF '20? HOLLYWEIRD IS LAAAZZY... and lacks an original thought. #DeadToMe
Jeffrey Liew
Jeffrey Liew Hace 7 días
josiel rubesn
josiel rubesn Hace 7 días
filme bosta do carai kkkk
Jet Hace 7 días
great nightcrawler trailer
Bass Trammel
Bass Trammel Hace 7 días
Guess what, no one cares about any of these except Wonder Woman, and we will watch the s#¤%# out of it in 2021.
Toversnol EU
Toversnol EU Hace 7 días
Its all art!!! … that's just a trashcan... -_-
Luka Da Man
Luka Da Man Hace 8 días
Ghostbusters afterlife next movie: welcome to the afterlife
Don Vincent
Don Vincent Hace 8 días
Nice WW in 1984, yeah 80s music!
wow amazing movies coming up 🙂🙂🙂
FrnklynX DaProducer
FrnklynX DaProducer Hace 8 días
Dear Marvel/Fox/Disney or whatever Thank you for snatching Leto. DC REEALLY screw him up👏👏👏
Johnny Mathew
Johnny Mathew Hace 9 días
When you know its better to die getting infected from bat's then to die consuming hydroxycholoroquine
Rodrigo Lavôr
Rodrigo Lavôr Hace 9 días
Parece que o coronavírus afundou todas as estreias.
mecongberlin Hace 9 días
Yeah black spy during WW1 great disguise.
Juanito Hace 10 días
Ill watch just to see if Jared Leto redeemed himself after Suicide Squad.
Joe Masters
Joe Masters Hace 11 días
Watching Wonder Woman 1984 trailer - I think Thor Ragarok is gonna sue XD
Stu B
Stu B Hace 11 días
Another mutant/superhero movie...yay...😶
Musique Bien-Être Liberté
Musique Bien-Être Liberté
Free your mind : @ @SHgI
prospero 41
prospero 41 Hace 12 días
the rock is just worth the price of admission.
Brent Arnold
Brent Arnold Hace 12 días
FF 5,112 : ( After watching this I hope maybe BBC will have some good movies??
sweetliontoes grandanimeribs
from "fur elise" to "daaamn elise"
ap ctr
ap ctr Hace 12 días
Venom = BATMAN + corana virus
Roger Norris
Roger Norris Hace 13 días
Gal Gadot WOW!......STUNNING!!!!!!!
kurt jasmin
kurt jasmin Hace 13 días
New Order's Blue Monday is over used in Hollywood movies, just like the Wilhelm Scream.
The Bob Loblaw Show !
The Bob Loblaw Show ! Hace 13 días
Wonder Woman is a shit movie, just like most with female heroines. Captain Marvel anyone? Brie Larson sucks ass.
Mariam Azeez Beshtawii
Anyone else notice the Spider-Man graffiti at 2:04 ? It looks like an indication to Spider man: Far From Home (honestly this isn't even a spoiler the movie has been out for like almost a year).
MrRadiodio Hace 13 días
fast is way too over the top
Thomas Grönlund
Thomas Grönlund Hace 13 días
And now, the Game Show Network presents, Are We Talking About Jake Gyllenhaal or Jared Leto? "I am oily-haired with dinner-plate eyes." "I was in that one movie about the weirdo." "I somehow look both deathly ill and ripped." "I am a less successful version of Tobey Maguire."
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