TOPS - Petals (Official Video)

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Buy TOPS' album 'Sugar at the Gate' here: tinyurl.com/mantz36
Director: Jane Penny
Producer: Bronwyn Ford and Jane Penny
Director of Photography: Tommy Keith
1st AC: Payam Yazdandoost
2nd AC/Loader: Karim Belkasemi
Gaffer: Ryan Oppedisano
Editor: Tommy Keith
Starring: David Carriere, Riley Fleck, Jackson MacIntosh, Jane Penny, Bethany Owens, Holly Beavons, Antonio McKay
Extras: Claire Bargout, Miles Brenninkmejier, Alexsa Durrans, Sterling Hedges, Ambrea Miller
Film Development / Processing: MELS Montreal
Sunglasses provided by Gogosha Optical in Los Angeles
Jewellery provided by Sterling Jewellery Boutique in Kingston Canada
Thanks to Citizen Vintage & Jim Whirlow
This couldn't have been possible without the help from Bobby Lamont, Ryan Oppedisano, Evan Prosofsky and Emily Kai Bock.


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11 abr 2017






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Ed Pal
Ed Pal Hace 20 días
I saw Micheal Jackson, Prince, Madonna... Who else? I know i missed some
Jamise H
Jamise H Hace 22 días
joelybean _
joelybean _ Hace 28 días
Hoping someone makes a tutorial video for the guitar chords 🥵
James Oscar
James Oscar Hace un mes
For real!!!
Guy Harvey DEMOS
Guy Harvey DEMOS Hace un mes
That guitar solo gives me life
Quinn Lee
Quinn Lee Hace 3 meses
That smooth guitar outro is everything that the track is to me.
Purple Tractor
Purple Tractor Hace 3 meses
This song is so groovy... makes me wanna dance in my quarantine slippers 🎶👍🙏🙌
ColtraneTaylor Hace 3 meses
These people are selling a lifestyle that is more vapid and white than Britney Spears's.
Portinhooo Hace 3 meses
This music has so much energy, unbelievable, love them so much :)
Sadekk Mechergui
Sadekk Mechergui Hace 4 meses
Sush Mata
Sush Mata Hace 5 meses
Not much to say but this song is awesome.
Philip Fortygin
Philip Fortygin Hace 5 meses
Is there other indie songs that are disco?
PILULE ROUGE Hace 6 meses
popindosin228 Hace 6 meses
What car is that?
Alanah Valdez
Alanah Valdez Hace 7 meses
Please come to Texas.
Sam Nzimande
Sam Nzimande Hace 7 meses
Release more music please TOPS🥺, love from RSA🇿🇦
Don toliver .
Don toliver . Hace 7 meses
Both headie one
мультики мультики
кто такой 2019 год
Craig Currie
Craig Currie Hace 9 meses
Just found this band
Brent Gallagher
Brent Gallagher Hace 9 meses
Who are the 136 people that gave this a thumbs down?! this track is groovy as fk!!
I don't know why but this song gives me so autumn mood 🍂
DeColla Walcott
DeColla Walcott Hace 11 meses
What a great song. I heard it over the music intercom at Belk's of all places. I got under the speaker and let this song flow down all over me...
Mega Ploy
Mega Ploy Hace un año
Mister Lonely
Luna Volva Forest Witch
p. . Pankaj Rao
p. . Pankaj Rao Hace un año
All-Time Best Music Classic Oldies
WOW !!!,,,,great song n VIDEO...WOW
thomas zulu
thomas zulu Hace un año
Dan Bremson
Dan Bremson Hace un año
These guys remind me of the Legendary Jim Ruiz Group from the mid 90s. I heard Tops a year ago or so, and then today at my gym. I wondered if anyone else hears the similarity.
Daffa Surya
Daffa Surya Hace un año
Who's dat gurl
David Rocha
David Rocha Hace un año
0:56 is that real Madonna???
His Dudeness
His Dudeness Hace un año
I m not sure if I love more the song or that wonderfully fake Madonna.
Alejandro Mora
Alejandro Mora Hace un año
Que hueva con estas canciones, todas suenan igual, convirtieron un cálido día de playa en algo tedioso y aburrido
directorjacob Hace un año
A fun accident to find.
Christian B
Christian B Hace un año
Is that Flo? 0:16
asdf Hace un año
My favorite song of yours, sooo good.
ASW ASW Hace un año
The Buick is sick
C.U.L.T.U.R.E Hace un año
Very refreshing to find music and artist making awesome and different sounds then what's popular. 🤓😍 Long live the free thinkers ✌
CaptainALI Hace un mes
Well said
SPCTCL_ Hace un año
that front butt tho @1:16 😍😍😍
shinta0618 Hace un año
Joe Gutzz
Joe Gutzz Hace un año
Last Night On Earth Today
ʏ.ʍ.օ ꐕ
ʏ.ʍ.օ ꐕ Hace un año
Sheek fine and classic is what it is.
Eric Tornwall
Eric Tornwall Hace un año
Jane has added, "Petals is about living in LA." Dreamy driving in the hills, historic past-prime pop icons, a sensory overload with no commitment and no regrets...Love it.
Raymond Kb2nzo78
Raymond Kb2nzo78 Hace 2 años
I just love them
Lexani Spaulding
Lexani Spaulding Hace 2 años
I was on a xan at Chipotle when this came on now all I wanna do is listen to tops
JD Muñoz
JD Muñoz Hace 2 años
I gotta say it´s a good song! I like it
TheBus18 Hace 2 años
One of my favorites from 2017. Wow, this song is already over a year old?!?!
Nick Parsons
Nick Parsons Hace 2 años
How can one not be in love with the Siren that Jane is; let alone this band?
Windows 95
Windows 95 Hace 2 años
This is one of my favorite bands on earth
mariem Hace 2 años
adorable - the whole thing just finding out about them -- - and loving it xo Hugs for when you come to Toronto soon
Scibor Swiatowid
Scibor Swiatowid Hace 2 años
Discovered in vegan cafe my song of 2017.
Paulo Reis
Paulo Reis Hace 2 años
"All I wanna do Let the petals fall away All I wanna do is call your name [Verse 1] Last night Last night on earth today I’ll make it worthwhile If you promise to do the same You saw the taillight In the water on the windowpane Did you notice You were scratching the paint? [Pre-Chorus] Got a phone full of numbers And a list full of names No one to call, not much to say [Chorus] All I wanna do Let the petals fall away All I wanna do is call your name [Verse 2] Make it worthwhile Inheritor of the shade Finger pointing Where the light used to lay A long haired heiress With someone else to blame Can you take it If you never get your fame? [Pre-Chorus] Got a phone full of numbers And a list full of names No one to call, not much to say anyway [Chorus] All I wanna do Let the petals fall away All I wanna do is call your name"
mathemagic_ Hace 2 años
love thisssssssssssssssssssss
Ivone Teles
Ivone Teles Hace 2 años
Olha amigo, comecei por gostar do anúncio.:). Na sequência gostei da tua publicação/ canção. Um belo dia, meu querido.
lucanxiety Hace 2 años
oscar morles
oscar morles Hace 2 años
Dale like si vienes de discord, de la comundiad cervantes y aida te recomendo esta cancion (?
Oz Guerrero
Oz Guerrero Hace 2 años
Vine por la chica, y me quedé por el Michael!
Barry Rose
Barry Rose Hace 2 años
If this doesn't scream 80's Groove, I don't know what does. The video is a perfect fit! I just happened onto this group, fantastic!
Leonardo V.
Leonardo V. Hace 2 años
Good wind down song. And she's totally dateable. Wow. Gotta love the simplicity in this video and the 80's vibe.
Riana Butler
Riana Butler Hace 2 años
open.spotify.com/user/rianabutler/playlist/6wkvnisPpZHNUfk8u67co4 :)))
ㅂㅂ Hace 2 años
TOPS in Korea, please
Riana Butler
Riana Butler Hace 2 años
Brandon Vz
Brandon Vz Hace 2 años
I think I'm in love with these guys
Riana Butler
Riana Butler Hace 2 años
Ruonerful Hace 2 años
Come to Barcelona pleeeeeaassseee!
waffen843 Hace 2 años
Wonderful new wave style, excellent
Leo Hace 2 años
this is my favourite song of 2017
Kino Totem
Kino Totem Hace 2 años
Lol thought this was an old song...
Alex Padilla
Alex Padilla Hace 2 años
Brenda Centeno
Brenda Centeno Hace 2 años
Yeah yeah yeah!! TOPS, música y melodía fresca, es como sentir una brisa cálida cuando escuchas está banda... me alegra que alguien me la haya mostrado, es genial !
TuttiesGirl SRK
TuttiesGirl SRK Hace 2 años
Nice video.
Brenda Morris
Brenda Morris Hace 2 años
Heard this on WTMD today - love it! Whole album is great, thank you for sharing!
The Spacey Crazy's
The Spacey Crazy's Hace 2 años
One thing leads the other copy cat looking ass
Jack Rush
Jack Rush Hace 2 años
Well done TOPS! Your new album appears on collectiveindecision's weekly best tunes. collectiveindecision.wordpress.com/2017/07/25/tunesday-weekly-song-round-up-250717/
Who Changed You
Who Changed You Hace 3 años
Wood Gecko
Wood Gecko Hace 3 años
not a fan of the production, but good song and lyrics
Goth Chen
Goth Chen Hace 3 años
such a jam
Denise Feitosa
Denise Feitosa Hace 3 años
skyreader society
skyreader society Hace 3 años
sounds like a Chic song played by a cover band.
Patrick Cortes
Patrick Cortes Hace 3 años
NPR brought me here
Riana Butler
Riana Butler Hace 2 años
Romain Fouque
Romain Fouque Hace 3 años
only 128k views..! how ?
as i introspect
as i introspect Hace 3 años
this band makes genuine retro vibes come to life.
Fernando Estrada
Fernando Estrada Hace 3 años
little by little im loving this song every time i hear it
Stefan Đušić
Stefan Đušić Hace 3 años
I wanna live in the TOPS universe :'( I wanna dance in that room with the balloons as the sun goes down
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