TOPS Picture You Staring (Full Album)

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Released: 2nd September 2014
Buy on iTunes: tinyurl.com/mmnmd22
Buy the LP: tinyurl.com/pqoh8t9
Track Listing:
1. Way to be Loved (00:00)
2. Blind Faze (4:23)
3. Circle the Dark (8:03)
4. Outside (11:11)
5. All the People Sleep (14:46)
6. Sleeptalker (18:37)
7. Superstition Future (21:02)
8. 2 Shy (25:54)
9. Change of Heart (27:50)
10. Easier Said (31:49)
11. Driverless Passenger (36:52)
12. Destination (40:14)


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9 sep 2014






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Comentarios 99
Kayleigh Saum
Kayleigh Saum Hace 3 meses
I didn't get a chance to listen to TOPS a *lot* before getting the privilege to see them live and this takes me immediately back to that night. Their performance was also unforgettable.
Lucas E a Maquina
Lucas E a Maquina Hace 5 meses
Foda pra caralho.
J G Hace un año
Dallas Tomorrow!
Sergio Arteaga
Sergio Arteaga Hace un año
nicolas Hace un año
listening this in 2019. regards from argentina
jacob corey
jacob corey Hace 2 años
When’s the last time you heard an album that flows like this? Floating on a melodic cloud of breasts...
Uler Sag
Uler Sag Hace 2 años
The New Tops Album, give it a try esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-268kAXR36yQ.html
Careerless69 Hace 2 años
Diggin' da mellow vibes & Disco Indie sound, TOPS, Sales & Surf Curse bands>>> 👍🎵🎸
Damião Rodrigues
Damião Rodrigues Hace 2 años
"Outside" sounds so cool! If Sinead O'Connor's "Nothing Compares to You" and Berlin's "Take my Breath Away" had a daughter, that's what it would sound like...
Will 08
Will 08 Hace 3 años
Saw them in Brighton, got too shy to talk to any of the band, but was an amazing show
Sean Donato
Sean Donato Hace 3 años
I love this band
Saúl Boss Méndez A-Z
Hermoso 7w7
Levy Freitas
Levy Freitas Hace 3 años
andrey Hace 3 años
Love this band ❤
Toad Bross
Toad Bross Hace 3 años
17:28 what an amazing tempo change!
Trainwhrek Hace 3 años
1:25. 12:24
Trainwhrek Hace 3 años
Leslie Ngo
Leslie Ngo Hace 3 años
Outside's bass line reminds of top gun take my breath away
mas sam
mas sam Hace 3 años
Devon Oropeza
Devon Oropeza Hace 3 años
saw them by surprise in Seattle, they were amazing!!
mariam el sadek
mariam el sadek Hace 3 años
absolutely amazing
Rossetti Rigby
Rossetti Rigby Hace 3 años
I sometimes wish all the indie lovers would band together and buy so we could get the good stuff in the Top 10. We should take advantage of the fact that nobody really buys albums as much as we use to and propel sick shit like this to the top.
Travis Garman
Travis Garman Hace 3 años
@Kenmore Chalfant I was just being a smartass mate, I'm friends with the dude who commented before me
Kenmore Chalfant
Kenmore Chalfant Hace 3 años
Oh yeah, 300k views over 2 years. I bet they're making buckets of money. In reality they probably uploaded it for the publicity. I think they make most of their money from playing actual gigs. This upload itself is a form of advertising.
Travis Garman
Travis Garman Hace 3 años
If they weren't making money the label wouldn't go through the trouble of uploading it
Travis Garman
Travis Garman Hace 3 años
You actually are supporting the artists by watching this jeffy boi, it's uploaded by the record company and monetized, so they get paid with the ad revenue
Jeff Ashley
Jeff Ashley Hace 3 años
I 100% agree free stuff on youtube on other websites is great but we're not supporting the artists. If we want bands like this to keep making music they have to make cash!
Devon Oropeza
Devon Oropeza Hace 3 años
L arke
L arke Hace 3 años
Everyone needs to hear this music. It is SO good. One of the best albums of our age.
kynan duke
kynan duke Hace 3 años
Outside really reminds me of Reckless by Aussie Crawl
trevgreg2 Hace 2 años
Didn't notice that until you said it! Both are good tunes though.
naya manta
naya manta Hace 4 años
is there any chance that this artwork moving or actually it's a .gif?
Unbound And Centered
the guitar is amazing
Billy Bow
Billy Bow Hace 4 años
meu amooooooor
Lorie-Marlène Brault Foisy
c'est quoi ton tour de taille????!!!!
David W
David W Hace 4 años
Amazing album, very enjoyable.
Gloria Trevino
Gloria Trevino Hace 4 años
The opening to blind faze reminds me of a song from clannad!:O
Clemenshine Hace 4 años
that syncopation tho
Christopher Beninger
This is great! :)
Carol Vh
Carol Vh Hace 4 años
❤Me encanta esta banda TOPS 💓👌
Matheus Coelho
Matheus Coelho Hace 4 años
Esse disco é uma obra de arte.
Adriana Centeno
Adriana Centeno Hace 2 meses
are you from Brazil??
AMG TV Hace 4 años
I listen to this religiously. This deff deserves 1 mill views!
Oscar Swain
Oscar Swain Hace 4 años
This took a while for me to get into, like a few plays, but after that, absolute class
Vinicius Alexandre
Vinicius Alexandre Hace 4 años
Grimes, Alvvays and now this, thanks Canada for such amazing artists
Nick Parsons
Nick Parsons Hace 2 años
Vinicius Alexandre How can one forget Arcade Fire?
sysRq76 Hace 3 años
+Chvrches and London Grammar...not canadians; from the "Old country"
Toad Bross
Toad Bross Hace 3 años
japandroids, do make say think, gy!be, the unicorns, broken social scene
Daniela Grbic
Daniela Grbic Hace 3 años
you're forgetting Justin Bieber
flapjack012 Hace 4 años
timber timbre..
A. S.
A. S. Hace 4 años
so phucking good. #TTTOPSSS #tops @TTTOPSSS
didi34didi Hace 4 años
I always feel the twin peaks vibe from this album. Love it!
pinklightfever Hace 4 años
+didi34didi i use this exact expression when describing "anything" to people.
ssssarah Hace 4 años
this album feels like...like you're just about to take a hot bath, or a shower, and you're sitting naked on the edge of the tub looking out the window while the steam keeps you warm.
Foreverblooming Hace 2 años
The truest.
Grandpaw Band
Grandpaw Band Hace 3 años
absolutely perfect description!
Luka jung
Luka jung Hace 4 años
hahaha that is genius. you must have done that before? or perhaps now will bc that is awesome. thanks for the idea
airyshaggy83 Hace 4 años
+airyshaggy83 I mean, what if it's a really hot day and there's no window in your bathroom? How will you ever feel?!
airyshaggy83 Hace 4 años
+Jose Diego Diaz Cardenas I know what you mean. "uhnm, ok?" was something I could relate to a hell of a lot more than bath time procrastination.
Diana Acevedo Mira
Diana Acevedo Mira Hace 4 años
Please quit abbreviated urls ...... i can't share this video or any of the band because of that goddamn urls!!
Lua Dias
Lua Dias Hace 4 años
Apaixonada! Vício de 2015.
kzz Hace 4 años
+Eva Charissa eh 2
abcdefg news
abcdefg news Hace 4 años
saw this band in sf when they played at the cal academy of sciences a couple weeks ago. we saw some penguins and walked around the museum. i love this album and i never thought i would ever meet these guys but jane and david are rad and super chill to hang out with
ベビー Hace 4 años
Going to see them in Brooklyn on Nov. 1st and I'm so ready
ベビー Hace 4 años
+James Moores dude it was sick, the guitarist went so hard, and I got to meet the singer Jane Penny
James Moores
James Moores Hace 4 años
+Darryl Edwards How was it?
Cody Gonzalez
Cody Gonzalez Hace 4 años
I'm hoping some of this stuff will be played at Fun Fun Fun Fest this year! :D
Zarpada Bestia
Zarpada Bestia Hace 4 años
Hace años que no me atrapaba tanto un album
Joy Smith
Joy Smith Hace 4 años
Love these guys!
Karina Malachias
Karina Malachias Hace 4 años
me deixa tão calma/feliz
Fa Gnr
Fa Gnr Hace 4 años
Matt Steiner
Matt Steiner Hace 4 años
so good
Alexander Luna
Alexander Luna Hace 5 años
Flavia Pereira
Flavia Pereira Hace 5 años
I wish I could share this on facebook, so more people would be as in love as I am.
Sebirocs Hace 5 años
yeah I don't know why Facebook also blocked me from sharing
Ellen D
Ellen D Hace 5 años
Ah they're playing in Toronto at the Horseshoe Tavern October 30th for only 13$. Sadly it's 19 and up so I can't go... but just a heads up to anyone else interested.
Rylan Rumbaugh
Rylan Rumbaugh Hace 4 años
+Ellen D hey man i know this comment was a long time ago but my girlfriend and i go to a bunch of concerts that are 18 and up and shes only 17, we just use her sisters id which honestly looks nothing like her, so in the future you should try to find a friends id that is 19 because they dont even look at the picture.
ezra gables
ezra gables Hace 4 años
+Ellen D thanks!
habsalltheway123 Hace 4 años
+Ellen Dunn Saw them in Montreal on the 31st! Great show!
J. Gremmer
J. Gremmer Hace 5 años
Going to see them in Chicago on October 27th. They'll be in Minneapolis the night before, I wish I could go to that show too. This album grabbed me the first time I heard it...several hundred listens later and it hasn't gotten old. Timeless and awesome!
Nicholas Lindenmeyer
This whole album is solid gold but (all the people sleep) is the best written one in my opinion. It brings back memories to a life ive never lived.
Sarah Connon-Griffiths
perfect sunny day accompaniment :)
goaway Hace 5 años
sample at 0:31 the whirring synth fading around in the background?
Cap'n Jazz
Cap'n Jazz Hace 5 años
my favorite vinyl. the only clear coloured one i own honestly. a beautiful record based on content and physical means...just gorgeous.
Diana Tellez
Diana Tellez Hace 5 años
Orgasmo de 43 minutos *wwww*
C o d e i n e C r a z y
no sabes ni lo que es un orgasmo niña
Gustavo Oliveira
Gustavo Oliveira Hace 3 años
Que sonoridade, harmonia. Esse riff da guitarra me lembrou o final de EVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD - Tears for Fears
Cat PBatista
Cat PBatista Hace 3 años
Matheus Coelho
Matheus Coelho Hace 4 años
+Diana Tellez Espero que essa banda voe, sinceramente
Rapid Rudiment
Rapid Rudiment Hace 4 años
+Diana Tellez Orgasmic indeeeeeed
Greis Says
Greis Says Hace 5 años
Where's the next concert?
Eald GraegWulf
Eald GraegWulf Hace 5 años
the understated brilliance of this album can't be overstated ;) the interplay between the instrument lines and the vocal melodies is very sophisticated, in its completely unique way, and the overall effect they generate collectively speaks to a pronounced musical wisdom far beyond their years… I can't wait for a follow up already!!! cheers charliewired
Corey Dahlen
Corey Dahlen Hace 5 años
so good!!! great sunny day tunes!!!!!
Sidney Segura
Sidney Segura Hace 5 años
Is this the only album of the band?
pierreerichexum Hace 5 años
they've got another one called Tender Opposites and it's amazing, and most of them were in a band called Silly Kissers before, really fun
Julia Ro
Julia Ro Hace 5 años
the guitar of David is like magic
Bmo98 5
Bmo98 5 Hace 5 años
I really really like this band, and this album. I first heard "Outside" and the video is one of the best I've ever seen which is good because the song is outstanding. This is a beautifully crafted record and I love Jane Penny's voice.
Mariano JP
Mariano JP Hace 4 años
+Alejandro Becerra yes it sounds really nic
Parker Swope
Parker Swope Hace 5 años
dono b
dono b Hace 5 años
this is so dope
Michael Maggiore
Michael Maggiore Hace 5 años
Absolutely love this album.
Abdi G
Abdi G Hace 5 años
Can't wait to see them in Mexico!! /o/
PlanetNamedDesire Hace 5 años
i love 'circle the dark'
Pretoserio Hace 5 años
GENIAL !!!!!!!!
Vane R Ramos
Vane R Ramos Hace 5 años
Jane Penny's voice feels like butter melting slowly over pancakes. So soft, so warm ♥
Julia Hace 5 años
The most accurate comment so far
morisjon Hace 5 años
Album of the Century
Oscar Carrier-Sippy
Oscar Carrier-Sippy Hace 5 años
some of the best guitar licks i have ever heard
Arnold Rimmer
Arnold Rimmer Hace 5 años
If only they sold it on amazon Canada! They're a band from Montreal for god's sakes! I was sadly forced to resort to the Apple store.
Simu Hace 5 años
I'm guessing you could buy it off the Arbutus records site.
Lucas E a Maquina
Lucas E a Maquina Hace 5 años
man, this album is like a saturday night, so beautiful man, Destination is the best song evá, in love with this
Geraard Buyck
Geraard Buyck Hace 5 años
they play a good live show as well! check them out live if you can. Especially enjoyable when you get to see them in a living room kind of setting, with maybe 50 people there, like I did. Just great!
EphReinhard Hace 5 años
I think I love this album.
Louis Duneton
Louis Duneton Hace 5 años
Definitly one of the release of the year, but after listening to the whole album every day since i discovered the band, i have to say the lyrics are not that good in my opinion.. There are some really good/interesting parts but i feel like it misses something. Anyway i'm a big fan of music in general and this band is crearly one of the most creative and skilled i've heard in a while, makes me think of Beach House, Rue Royale, Wild Nothing and Asgeir, the voice of the singer is almost hypnotic and the album is enjoyable in a thousand ways. I just wanted to say that, for me, the lyrics deserved more attention and work, for this band and their albums to state unconditionally as a great art piece. ( Sorry for the English mistakes.. I'm French ) Peace
diracify Hace 5 años
this is great.
Catalina Largo G.
Catalina Largo G. Hace 5 años
me encantó, vengan a Chile! please, come to Chile!
Sebirocs Hace 2 años
csm siii wnnn
facrp Hace 4 años
+María Catalina Largo G. Estoy seguro que ya habrán probado los chiles antes...
Ignacio Sekul
Ignacio Sekul Hace 5 años
Siiiiiiii! Chile Chile Chile
Shane Plaskett
Shane Plaskett Hace 5 años
"Easier Said" is the sexiest song I've heard in ages. Anyone able to figure out the chords?
Charlie Hendricks
Charlie Hendricks Hace 5 años
this music makes me feel all warm inside, TOPS is tops!
awksee Hace 5 años
I not heard of this group until a show in America late in 2013, really digging the sound, really unique, beautiful compositions. want to always be hearing!!!! thank you for this album
TheHuttra Hace 5 años
amazing work, amazing album guys.
AlReidSans Al
AlReidSans Al Hace 5 años
Every one who read this should share their songs too make them more popular and for that people will buy their records And make more music
Pat Gilley
Pat Gilley Hace 5 años
great stuff
C Solarworks
C Solarworks Hace 5 años
BayAreaSkates Hace 5 años
I saw TOPS open for King Krule last year. I've been in love ever since.
Sam Tully
Sam Tully Hace 2 años
Seriously?? What a show!!!!!
Rocio Heinrich
Rocio Heinrich Hace 5 años
Ross Lynch, thanks ♥
Xavier Dolgan McIves
This exquisite joy when one of your favorite artists releasing another mindblowing album :)
morgan chiles
morgan chiles Hace 5 años
ughhh yesss TOPS u r speaking to my soulllllll with this LP omggg
Keegan Patey
Keegan Patey Hace 6 años
This is fucking amazing.
javievery rockx
javievery rockx Hace 6 años
"2 shy" 24:54
Braden Leech
Braden Leech Hace 6 años
I love trying to play to these songs on the guitar. Wonderful album with awesome lyrics!! Fan for life ever since I found Tender Opposites
javievery rockx
javievery rockx Hace 6 años
blind faze :3 (Y) ..... soo fucking good
Capgungoesbang Hace 6 años
TOPS hit the heart.
sabrina bösch
sabrina bösch Hace un año
Capgungoesbang Monster MONSCHTER TRAK
Non Manon
Non Manon Hace 6 años
I'm in love with you, tooooooops !
Paul Sanchez
Paul Sanchez Hace 6 años
Amazing. Can't wait too see them in l.a
Gabriel Campos
Gabriel Campos Hace 6 años
The release of the year, in my opinion. ;)
Gabriel Campos
Gabriel Campos Hace 5 años
So sad, but happy to hear this album every single day. haha
Cyclic Things
Cyclic Things Hace 5 años
I second that. This album should at least get nominated for something visible in the music world, but probably will not.
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