TOPS - Way To Be Loved (Official Video)

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TOPS - Way To Be Loved (Official Video)
From TOPS' LP "Picture You Staring"
Order here: tinyurl.com/pqoh8t9
Shot on location in Montreal at Arbutus Records HQ
TOPS on Twitter: twitter.com/tttopsss
TOPS on Facebook: facebook.com/pages/TOPS/335481216473541
Director/Editor: Fantavious Fritz
Concept: TOPS / F F
Producer: Jason Aita
Cinematographer: Kelly Jeffrey
Loader: Tommy Keith
Super 8: Myles Fairhead, Jane Penny, F F
Production Assistants: Mason Windels, Bronwyn Ford
Special Thanks :) Vision Globale, LIFT, Reel Good Film
Arbutus Records 2014
walking down the sidewalk
is that the way that you wanna be seen?
face that won't forget you
photographic memory
impression that you're drawn to
make it good
make it last
waiting for this moment for so long
ready for the dance
is that the way that you want to be loved?
ready with your story
funny guy
always saying sorry
hold on, there's something you're gonna loose
the man who turns the lights on
the lover who never has to choose
the girl he's set his sights on
lacing up her shoes
is that the way that you are
I can picture you staring
out the window
not caring
the nights go by
oh the nights go by
is that the way that you wanna be loved?
I can picture you staring
out the window
not caring
the nights go by
oh the nights go by
is that the way that you are?
wear your hair down alone
tie it up when he's there
and tell me that nothing's wrong


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3 sep 2014






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Brenda Hace 11 días
JohnnyPetsCats Hace 21 un día
I used to be in love with this music video. But we need to address Mac Demarco’s allegations and his indecent exposure
Stephanie Meunier
Stephanie Meunier Hace 23 días
The strumming from the first 15 seconds is SUPER familiar! What does it sound like? I can't put my finger on it!
Miriam Pace
Miriam Pace Hace un mes
This song is a direct rip off of Breakdown by Tom Petty
liv Hace 2 meses
I can't believe I just saw Mac Demarco's balls
Antonio Palacio
Antonio Palacio Hace 3 meses
Great song, amazing balls
Lucas Oaks
Lucas Oaks Hace 3 meses
2014 was a very good year for music
adhis anjani
adhis anjani Hace 4 meses
This song bring “photographic memories” because someone introduced me to Tops and we used to listen to this every single night. We agreed to not escalate our relationship. But by the time goes by, things gone out of my control and I didn’t realize I grew feelings for him. It took me a while to get over him. I have moved on, but every time I listen to this song, “the nights go back”. Maybe this is the way you want to be loved. Thank you for introducing this awesome band tho
miguel acevedo
miguel acevedo Hace 4 meses
Mr.Fodastic Hace 4 meses
ive seen footage
Nick Alexandroff
Nick Alexandroff Hace 6 meses
Alondra Gonzalez
Alondra Gonzalez Hace 7 meses
This song reminds me of a couple of toxic relationships I had when I was younger. LOL still nice though
Vindawg Hace 7 meses
Heard 5 seconds of this song in my local coffeeshop. Fell in love with it. Shazam'd it. Now I'm here.
Awesome Investments
Awesome Investments Hace 8 meses
Yall coming back to Vermont??
Irving Navarro
Irving Navarro Hace 8 meses
Demarco's nuts
Adrian Adams
Adrian Adams Hace 8 meses
This song and music video make me miss the days when I would go down to the bars with a little molly in my pocket, knowing the random people, known and new, that I meet at the afterparty are gonna be the highlight of my week.
vengoensonde paz
vengoensonde paz Hace 9 meses
Rebecca Ferreyra
Rebecca Ferreyra Hace 9 meses
Happy Halloween 💀💀
Stephanie Freeman
Stephanie Freeman Hace un año
nice post your demos on mediattackmp4 a nonprofit label for all labels free content by kurt kurdt on youtube
luluchave Hace un año
BØOG BC1 Hace un año
que pintinho mixuruca
NGE Hace un año
2019 anyone?
Joe Banks
Joe Banks Hace un año
Let's be real here, good music starting at 0:00 is what we came here for
Marta Jestem
Marta Jestem Hace un año
it's really pleasant to listen to
Marta Jestem
Marta Jestem Hace un año
amazing song. one day, a few months ago, I have heard this song in a cafe during meeting with my friend. I liked it so much, so I asked waiter about a title of the song and he gave me a note with it and a name of the band. I was so happy, that I had found a new song to listen to :) great song :)
Adrian Adams
Adrian Adams Hace 8 meses
I heard this in the bathroom of a ramen bar and had to quickly redownload Shazam so I could know who it was lol
katina kochovska
katina kochovska Hace un año
Mac hahah
Martin Cossio
Martin Cossio Hace un año
I'm not here for Mac, this is a good song :c
jhon sevilla
jhon sevilla Hace 2 años
Hola amigo Mira el top 7 youtubers paraguayos esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-StrSCXuC6ow.html
JD Muñoz
JD Muñoz Hace 2 años
mispelled doc tops and came here. not dissapointed tho. not at all...
BAE Hace 2 años
awn i like her
Ultraviolence Hace 2 años
nuntosoon1 Hace 2 años
This song is at the tops of my album at the moment.
Farkhan Noor
Farkhan Noor Hace 2 años
Mac Demarco 1:46
Mia Phan
Mia Phan Hace 2 años
anyone from the gucci ad ?
weird nerd
weird nerd Hace 2 años
a dj played this at a concert (of DEAN and rad museum if any of y'all know them) I went to last night and I had to Shazam this song. it is so easy to listen to
Camaron Sandoval
Camaron Sandoval Hace 2 años
Love this song! ❤
lucas mix
lucas mix Hace 2 años
gucci brought me here
poplar Hace 2 años
I freaking love the intro
Roman Zolanski
Roman Zolanski Hace 2 años
Marie Schmitz
Marie Schmitz Hace 2 años
Amy O
Amy O Hace 2 años
I know I'm late to the party but I'm here now
Hannah Bell
Hannah Bell Hace 2 años
i heard this song on some random spotfy playlist and forgot to save it and have been looking for it for two weeks with little to no memory of the lyrics I CANT BELIEVE I STUMBLED ACROSS IT
Tahi Reu
Tahi Reu Hace 2 años
Emily Holland
Emily Holland Hace 2 años
1:23 @alexcalder i c u
slamitch Hace 2 años
The nuts go by Oh the nuts go by
Poms Hace 3 años
Two cutie tiny nuts
Oya Paya
Oya Paya Hace 3 años
This groove is full of #spice! Can't help but dance.
Richmond Hace 3 años
I wanna make love with this song
Denise Feitosa
Denise Feitosa Hace 3 años
melhor música 💖
Martin Nečas
Martin Nečas Hace 3 años
how the fuck did De Marco get into this masterpiece?? :-) i had been just happy to discover TOPS, bud Demarco staring? wtf? :-D LOL
Dora Živulović
Dora Živulović Hace 3 años
She's sooooo beautiful! :)
Arno Theadorno
Arno Theadorno Hace 3 años
1:48 did that man just flash his knob at me?
I liked the song, then I saw the video. I'll just forget I ever saw it, will that work?
Niccolo Debole
Niccolo Debole Hace 3 años
this song is literally get me thru a breakup
Octavius Bonner
Octavius Bonner Hace 3 años
well aware I'm late to the party, but fuck me if I just noticed the mac bits. song is way too good though. PS Tapioca
The Afterman
The Afterman Hace 3 años
Heard this band over the speakers of my gym locker room tonight. The guitar riffs are so sick.
Conchobar Ó hUigín
i just like the guitar
Michael Welsh
Michael Welsh Hace 3 años
Camila Zevallos Lazo
my favorite song ♥ *o*/
Anthony Seychel
Anthony Seychel Hace 3 años
gives me a Twin Peaks Roadhouse vibe
Fa Gnr
Fa Gnr Hace 3 años
Because everyone wants to see this 1:48
L arke
L arke Hace 3 años
This band makes me feel cool.
balloon ey
balloon ey Hace 3 años
zomgseriosuly Hace 3 años
This whole thing is too good
grizzly lesley
grizzly lesley Hace 3 años
this makes my insides glow
Allyxx Hace 3 años
Thank god I got high and watched rage and found this song ❤️
Deb Taylor
Deb Taylor Hace 3 años
Damian Garcia
Damian Garcia Hace 4 años
Hello everyone, if you are like me, you probably heard this song on MTV's faking it which is an awesome show! Unfortunately it was cancelled due to the audience not being large enough. Though the fan base is still fighting to keep this show alive! Sign this petition if you will to bring this show back! It means so much to so many people and anything is appreciated! Spread the word! www.change.org/p/let-mtv-s-faking-it-continue?recruiter=586454486&recuruit_context=copylink_long
The Deadman
The Deadman Hace 4 años
This is too hipster
Alejandra Amaya
Alejandra Amaya Hace 3 años
Cause it's good, damn it.
Jacob Salgado
Jacob Salgado Hace 4 años
daniel gonzalez
daniel gonzalez Hace 4 años
thank you!!!
Mackie L
Mackie L Hace 4 años
bland af
mona thirteen
mona thirteen Hace 4 años
i love you guys.dhqwjdwkdwhdjkdwihjgdugue
Stéphane Dubedat
Stéphane Dubedat Hace 4 años
xxbosxx Hace 4 años
Why was that guy's junk out @ 1:49? Lol
GandalfsPipe Hace 3 años
xxbosxx No, I'm Mac Demarco.
nuno97 Hace 4 años
+xxbosxx i don't know. he's crazy! check him out, he is Mac DeMarco!!
eli Hace 4 años
this band is way too good man
Austin Smith
Austin Smith Hace 4 años
Just saw them at a show in Fargo. Awesome.
Matheus Coelho
Matheus Coelho Hace 4 años
Eu amo Jane, só isso mesmo que eu queria dizer. adeus.
pezbravo Hace 4 años
Suzie Hace 4 años
smells desperate
chicooliveira Hace 4 años
i fucking love jane penny
Shady Groves
Shady Groves Hace 4 años
Alex Calder in a wig?
CH053N Hace 4 años
Stéphane Dubedat
Stéphane Dubedat Hace 4 años
Thank you
Livic Band
Livic Band Hace 4 años
Caught you guys in Dallas a few months ago! What a great show! Hope to see you guys come through again. Love your music. This song kicks ass!
VeryAverageVA3 Hace 4 años
Lol Alex Calder is in the video as well
Celestial Star
Celestial Star Hace 4 años
mac demarco??
Benjamin May
Benjamin May Hace 4 años
+Celeste Doran He's got his balls out.
16 mm
Austin Silva
Austin Silva Hace 4 años
Jane im in love with you tops im in love with you oh shit was that really mac demarco? Something about jane's aesthetic screams goddess and it's amazing
PETIT François
PETIT François Hace 4 años
Je ne comprends pas toutes les paroles et leurs subtilités, mais j'aime cette chanson, le riff, et THE TOPS.
M4NUK41 Hace 4 años
porque mierda no puedo compartir los videos de estos locos?
German Salaman C
German Salaman C Hace un año
El copyright del demonio
Skye B
Skye B Hace 4 años
I spy an Alex calder!
Laura Julietha
Laura Julietha Hace 4 años
so cool
Riana Butler
Riana Butler Hace 2 años
Kevin Cardoso
Kevin Cardoso Hace 4 años
Estou aqui por causa do Music Trends.
Fa Gnr
Fa Gnr Hace 4 años
sasha witwicky
sasha witwicky Hace 4 años
timiaty khadijah
timiaty khadijah Hace 5 años
this is so cool. I've been waiting for your new song,album whatsoever,keep doing the great job!!
claudioog Hace 5 años
this girl
YodaGaming Hace 5 años
Alex Calder, All In.
espritdna Hace 5 años
I love the song and the band but i don't like that balls and small cock at 1:47 :-/ not nice
Moldragon Hace 3 años
priceless = USD 0,00
Rute Sousa
Rute Sousa Hace 5 años
hahaha its Mac DeMarco he's so cool and his music is priceless
Popcorn Sutton
Popcorn Sutton Hace 5 años
she is so gorgeous
Gabriel Wainio-Théberge
nice song but I'm so sick of "bland white people at a party" music videos
Martin Nečas
Martin Nečas Hace 3 años
hey, wtf is wrong with you, just relax, listen to good music and love all the people! hate the comments on white / black people... :-/
sean craine
sean craine Hace 3 años
Gabriel Wainio-Théberge bland white person comment
jonnyalallen Hace 3 años
fuck you Mac demarco and his band of Canadian cronies will end you
Patrick Hace 3 años
Gabriel Wainio-Théberge plot twist!!
In Search of Lost Time
@Gabriel Wainio-Théberge Neat. Do you want a prize?
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