TOUGH 1V1 Basketball Against DDG

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good game@The DDG Family
camera work - @Simplistic

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Godly Boss
Godly Boss Hace un mes
Bruh this shit was entertaining asf I was in the edge of my seat
XXXTENTACION Music Hace un mes
Not me though.
Lilwhiteley YT
Lilwhiteley YT Hace un mes
Ddg fan rice sucks he just mad he ain't wit faze that's why he always hanging at the faze house
Inside Sports
Inside Sports Hace un mes
Ramon Camarena
Ramon Camarena Hace un mes
Whaaat , danrue don’t talk thoooo 🤣😂😂😭...
prototype 2022
prototype 2022 Hace un mes
Arshia Qureshi
Arshia Qureshi Hace 16 horas
ode intense
John C
John C Hace un día
Rice got some strong layup game, most the points were sweet off board shots!
JayyThuggin Hace 2 días
Ddg trash
Flash Cat
Flash Cat Hace 5 días
Rice is SUS lmao he was touchin him ALL over
0919 SL
0919 SL Hace 5 días
Rice did play varsity at hs but never took it serious cause he was streamin and doing good at that.
김영규 Hace 6 días
Daniel Tarrant
Daniel Tarrant Hace 8 días
let me guess she had to go to college😂
Neptune Gacha
Neptune Gacha Hace 12 días
LETS GOO Rice is finally back on track
Sean 1time
Sean 1time Hace 14 días
I’m not even gonna cap I went at the end of the video to see if he wins cause whenever my favorite ESvidrs take l’s I go crazy bro like i feel a l
C J Hace 14 días
Look at rice mehn so inspirational
Caleb hernandez3
Caleb hernandez3 Hace 15 días
rice gum is certified
king Taurus
king Taurus Hace 15 días
Ricegum was cheating the whole match
joseph ramirez
joseph ramirez Hace 16 días
Lmfaooooooo 6 inch down my throat 🤣
Alas Peoples
Alas Peoples Hace 17 días
Omg please change the picture or u and Abby
kawayne banton
kawayne banton Hace 20 días
DDG good
Marky Hace 24 días
i’m just gonna ignore his defense but ay W 🔥🔥
Huy Nguyen Quang
Huy Nguyen Quang Hace 25 días
wtf was that lmaooo Rice is mad garbage ... dude doesnt even play defence... man be reaching 24/7
Rolling Loud
Rolling Loud Hace 26 días
Yo FamilyGum! Wasssup with the views? How his other videos after this has more then this video 👀 😂 the disrespect. 😂🤪
Haydé Gallardo
Haydé Gallardo Hace 26 días
This was the most intense game yet😳... Rice clutched that dub🤧
69 Bakey.
69 Bakey. Hace 27 días
What’s rice gums shirt called?
Eugene Thomas
Eugene Thomas Hace 27 días
I wanna 1v1 rice
Killua Uchiha
Killua Uchiha Hace 28 días
Rice gum a glizzy gobbler
AbnormalSpartan Hace 29 días
Flight vs Rice, Who would win??? Obviously, Post-June Flight
Mankern Chahal
Mankern Chahal Hace 29 días
probably the best hoopin rice has done on another youtuber
Yams Sosa
Yams Sosa Hace un mes
Rice you have been working out huh 👀
Nba Fans
Nba Fans Hace un mes
Emmanuel Carrasco
Emmanuel Carrasco Hace un mes
facts bruh agree wit the comment that say he gotta eat a hot pepper no milk or water or juice
cause&effect Hace un mes
What happen to the white girl?
Hugo Garcia
Hugo Garcia Hace un mes
against who
Matthew M
Matthew M Hace un mes
go ricegum! need more content my man.
Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson Hace un mes
cuh really won 17-14
Saber Siite
Saber Siite Hace un mes
ddg so cringe
THRAXSTERR Hace un mes
8:23 DDG traveled
JTG Hace un mes
Aye that boy rice looking like Kareem out there lmao
Keno Santos
Keno Santos Hace un mes
Y'all look so tired😂
AJ Wilson
AJ Wilson Hace un mes
Undefeated!!! 🤙
Justin Libbey
Justin Libbey Hace un mes
Ddg is so bad bro
Alex Booysen
Alex Booysen Hace un mes
He should play Tristan though fr fr
Apathii Clan
Apathii Clan Hace un mes
1v1 t jass you won't
Brandon Campbell
Brandon Campbell Hace un mes
All respect to rice cause he won but he isn't that good at basketball ngl. Just another flight
Josh Albertyn
Josh Albertyn Hace un mes
flight is next rice
Ja2theRagu Hace un mes
No lie. I ESvidd “how to make bricks” and this video popped up.
Jayda Cassanova
Jayda Cassanova Hace un mes
Zowda Hace un mes
That nigga was getting me tight setting picks every second
T J Hace un mes
Remember when ddg dissed him a while back
Durkiō FN
Durkiō FN Hace un mes
Ddg said you think I’m better than flight and rice said “duh” 😂
Ivan Lopez
Ivan Lopez Hace un mes
The glizzy
Jaskarn Singh 606s
Jaskarn Singh 606s Hace un mes
Where is the 2v2 with dobre brothers
Etika Ribss
Etika Ribss Hace un mes
Jay Gustin
Jay Gustin Hace un mes
Rice get a perm
Dante James
Dante James Hace un mes
Ddg is a gerber 🤣
jiggashade Hace un mes
Chino and Valentine in the back 🤣
Jay Elimination
Jay Elimination Hace un mes
5:18 tf he on the court for LMFAO
Gabriel Morales
Gabriel Morales Hace un mes
aye DDG gave you a great game tho! you should of lost but you was driving the whole time lol. gg tho i’d like to see a rematch bc DDG was banging them 2s frfr.
Ethan Wood
Ethan Wood Hace un mes
I used to see this DDG with Chino AlphaWolf. This the same cat right?
Ikid2groove !!!
Ikid2groove !!! Hace un mes
The height advantage was hugh-
Sifa Hace un mes
“Jersey swap”
Krish Kumar
Krish Kumar Hace un mes
Rice would be a post player in 2k
Adriano: G
Adriano: G Hace un mes
Only og’s remember when ddg dropped a diss track on ricegum
Caleb Goulding
Caleb Goulding Hace un mes
Bro rice is shot
Kuljit Rihal
Kuljit Rihal Hace un mes
Ddg won
Kuljit Rihal
Kuljit Rihal Hace un mes
Dog won
King_god3231YT Hace un mes
Rice be finessing
naomi kukogho
naomi kukogho Hace un mes
Ddg can’t play defense bruh🤣🤣
Eyad Elmanakhly
Eyad Elmanakhly Hace un mes
You should 1v1 Tristan jass
rjeption Hace un mes
Who knows what rice uses to edit??
scorpion199227 Hace un mes
Seriously if rice gets a little stronger and ups his stamina, he'll be another type of beast when it comes to basketball.
Benziz 200
Benziz 200 Hace 22 días
No he won’t he just isn’t good at the sport. He doesn’t need to improve anything he isn’t a baller period. I got this dude’s exact build and he’s no where near anyone with our build from flordia
GroovyDee _
GroovyDee _ Hace 26 días
He’s soft he fouls every time someone in the paint
Arion Hace un mes
Facts cause he makes easy ass layups he needs more strength 😂
UK Noah
UK Noah Hace un mes
DDG sucks lol
Jenosu Hace un mes
why is this on family gum and not rice gum LOL
SmileŸ Plü
SmileŸ Plü Hace un mes
Gay couple
key made
key made Hace un mes
kay: here bruv i got u this ting...issa gift rice: wat is it kay: 🌭 rice: 👁👄👁
Gabriel Flores
Gabriel Flores Hace un mes
Rice don’t even work out and he out her bodyin niggas , y’all should be embarrassed
Pancakes611 Hace un mes
1:09 wtf was that 😂😂
nolimitryan11 Hace un mes
We need a T Jass vs RiceGum
Kadro Yusuf
Kadro Yusuf Hace un mes
Ddg should cut his hair please like this he could do it
lengzacung Hace un mes
anyone thought they had to catch that 3:36
Truthfully Mar
Truthfully Mar Hace un mes
Tjass vs Ricegum
PersonaL Hace un mes
I give rice an 84 overall. Often struggles with long rage shots but executes post up shots in substitution.
Soundism Hace un mes
ayo 1v1 professer XD
batsu2k Hace un mes
RiceGum glizzy gladiator?
MrTwinkl3 Hace un mes
he needs to stop playing some dogshit players and play somebody that's good and bruh this man flexing at the end makes me dead cuz he a fucking mosquito
thesweetlifenow Hace un mes
RICE lowkey cheating calling rules and jump balls who the hell jump ball's 1 on 1 ahahhahha
SLG_CoSmicPuLse Hace un mes
Bro I could beat yo ass
Barry Itucka
Barry Itucka Hace un mes
Pwned Hace un mes
did no one else flinch at 3:34
Mikey Gummyummy
Mikey Gummyummy Hace un mes
I wanna see rice vs flight👀
Sedie Balbuena
Sedie Balbuena Hace un mes
I’m not interested in basketball whatsoever but rice made this entertaining asf
Dabooty Smuggler
Dabooty Smuggler Hace un mes
I didn't kno Rice was a glizzy gobbler
Lion .815
Lion .815 Hace un mes
Dare is ddg needs to stop doing music
israel tellez
israel tellez Hace un mes
i hate the maps i dont know how to do it JK love you jerian you rlly help me improve
bully ball
bully ball Hace un mes
0:56 bra na i know thats fake nice try jarvis that just didn't happen
Adrian Yang
Adrian Yang Hace un mes
Why does he still have his ex pic on yt
BackUp Acc1
BackUp Acc1 Hace un mes
Rice was fouling hard lmao
Cash God
Cash God Hace un mes
This is a perfect match. You big douchebags playing agains each other. Who ever wins will be the bigger douche.
HMNG X Hace un mes
Deestroying lol, money?
L.O.E NEEKZ Hace un mes
COVID has everybody’s haircut all jacked😂😂
RickyxOuch Hace un mes
BennduR Hace un mes
8:33 "What am I suppose to do?" Asking your opponent what you should do LMAO
SirDeon Hace un mes
So... we just gonna ignore that even when ddg was hot rice wouldn't guard him at the 3
khxn- Hace un mes
ddg music is so ass and cringe
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