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Watch the new Big Game Ad from Toy Story 4. See the film in theatres Summer 2019!
Woody has always been confident about his place in the world and that his priority is taking care of his kid, whether that’s Andy or Bonnie. But when Bonnie adds a reluctant new toy called “Forky” to her room, a road trip adventure alongside old and new friends will show Woody how big the world can be for a toy. Directed by Josh Cooley (“Riley’s First Date?”) and produced by Jonas Rivera (“Inside Out,” “Up”) and Mark Nielsen (associate producer “Inside Out”), Disney•Pixar’s “Toy Story 4” ventures to U.S. theaters on June 21, 2019.

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4 feb 2019

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That Random Guyーさん
That Random Guyーさん Hace 31 un minuto
Bo Peep seems different then her previous appearances. Whether or not that's attributing to the theory that she changed due to being Molly's toy (after Andy's), I can't say; but I can't help but feel this repetitive theme Disney's been sending with all of it's movies as of late. If the character needs to be changed, then do it. Otherwise, don't do it just to appease millennials and their agendas.
HeeSub Song
HeeSub Song Hace un hora
gOd is not with lOve . . . not my fault . . . not my fault . . . can not love the godless
DarkNinja 0
DarkNinja 0 Hace 14 horas
To infinity and my foooooot!
Victoria Anda
Victoria Anda Hace 21 un hora
That was hilarious!
the shuriken
the shuriken Hace un día
I was a kid when I first watch Toy Story 1, now I have my own kid and will watch this with him 🐱‍🐉🎶
0h Nutty
0h Nutty Hace un día
why. I hope the movie doesn't have this humorous cuz it's honestly not funny. sometimes movies get stretched and they make that one final sequel for some last money and don't care how it turns out.
Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones Hace un día
Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones Hace un día
0:16 I'll Help You, WITH MY FOOT!
a-wanderingcloud 0-0
Elijah Etoile
Elijah Etoile Hace un día
Chick, how could you help buzz lightyear with your foot.
Elijah Etoile
Elijah Etoile Hace 2 días
To infinity and my foot
Elijah Etoile
Elijah Etoile Hace 2 días
And a vacuum of space they can actually craaaaaaaaa
PaingPaingPP Hace 2 días
To infinite and my foot
bakugan legend
bakugan legend Hace 2 días
Hey pixar if you pause when buzz get kicked you will see that his head passes his body a little.
Lildick Girl666
Lildick Girl666 Hace 2 días
Kongphop Kulsarin
Kongphop Kulsarin Hace 3 días
Am I the only one who want Toy Story 5 after Toy Story 4. I don't want Toy Story franchise to end.
NinEmar Games
NinEmar Games Hace 3 días
To Infinity & My Basketball
Buchy 2/Extras
Buchy 2/Extras Hace 3 días
Ultraguy 2011
Ultraguy 2011 Hace 4 días
The 2 plushies remind me of Pop team epic
Nightmare Hace 4 días
Ayyy this comes out on my birthday!
Just Aby
Just Aby Hace 4 días
No pienso que Toy Story 4 vaya a ser mejor que Toy Story 3 pero esto se ve bien. ---------------------------- I don't think Toy Story 4 gonna be better than Toy Story 3 but this sees good
jackieboy johnson
jackieboy johnson Hace 5 días
Bo Peep is back!!!.....because the SJWs demanded it.
SuperSonicKazooie Hace 5 días
Wow, Bo Peep looks so very hawt and attractive that she looks like a princess warrior! Rawr! 😍😎👍❤💗💕💯 Also 0:09 when Ducky calls Buzz "Astro Boy" is like the name of the anime character, and 0:26 when Buzz shuts his helmet on Ducky's foot was pretty funny that it made me chuckle. Lol Btw this is what's making me wonder if Ducky and Bunny will be villains? 🤔
Brandon Kohout
Brandon Kohout Hace 5 días
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, allow me to introduce you to the new and improved Bo Peep!
Mr Sir Q B
Mr Sir Q B Hace 5 días
Gonzo was right all along!
PlugBoy Productions
PlugBoy Productions Hace 6 días
I'm just waiting for Live Action Toy Story 4
coco catemaxca
coco catemaxca Hace 6 días
omg i cant WAIT FOR this to come out when it comes out im just gonna get the tv and turn it one and put toy story and click it
Fortnite Gaming
Fortnite Gaming Hace 6 días
0:18 😝 LOL Buzz and his head go in his suit
Rob Bernath
Rob Bernath Hace 6 días
Annie Potts returns...
Hanna Halim
Hanna Halim Hace 7 días
2019 and 2018 is the best cuz incredible is out , toy story 4 is out , frozen 3 is out, lego movie 2 is out,how to train ur dragon 3 is out
Steven sux
Steven sux Hace 7 días
In the vacuum of space, they can act in DISGRACEEEEEEEEE
Daniel Samolewicz
Daniel Samolewicz Hace 7 días
Toy Story is a good series of films, but I'm not a fan of Pixar purposefully inserting darker and more existential themes as it goes on. It's a film about animated sentient toys. Look at 4's first posters compared to the marketing for previous installments to see what I mean.
The AV Wiz
The AV Wiz Hace 7 días
Theory: Bo Peep trapped Buzz in the prize selection
NinjaMaster909 Hace 8 días
I’m not sure how I’m going to like Bo Peep. Yeah I’m glad she’s back and her new outfit honestly looks pretty good, but I hope they don’t give her a forced “strong independent woman” personality that too many movies have done.
Bernabe Arias
Bernabe Arias Hace 8 días
Plot Twist: Po Peep is the villain
Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.
Nope, she is not a villain, her alignment is good.
Rajas A
Rajas A Hace 8 días
They are going to have to make a 5 & 6 aren't they? Cuz you can't end it on four.... It doesn't work that way. It's gotta be multiples of 3
mancini country
mancini country Hace 8 días
тнє σиlу яαт уσυ’ll ѕєє
Toy story was my childhood I’m way too exited 😩🤟
Cotton Jedidiah
Cotton Jedidiah Hace 8 días
Dude the duck toy just got siked
Fortnite Pro
Fortnite Pro Hace 8 días
Uuuggghhh when will disney and Pixar stop making dumb baby movies. If anyone over the age of 3 come to this they have no life
spensimus Hace 8 días
And the cash cow goes
Alejandra Burgos
Alejandra Burgos Hace 8 días
I....CANT........WAIT!!!!!!!!!! I rlly wanna see this
FJ Games
FJ Games Hace 9 días
i thing there is no old bo peep
SidRulz100 Hace 9 días
Notice the guitars? They look quite identical to Miguel's guitar in Coco. In all fairness, though, Pixar does have a history of sprinkling little easter eggs like that into their own movies.
Chipettes eat Chips
Chipettes eat Chips Hace 9 días
Guess who’s back. Back again. Bo peeps back, Tell a friend...
Chipettes eat Chips
Chipettes eat Chips Hace 9 días
Judah Taylor
Judah Taylor Hace 9 días
do a trailer for toy story 4
Beef burger
Beef burger Hace 9 días
Because people who play carnival games are definitely going to want a toy that's at least 12 years old.
Sayori Hace 8 días
30 years old*
Gunnar Rodriguez
Gunnar Rodriguez Hace 9 días
Bo peep is back!!!
Zac Attac
Zac Attac Hace 9 días
BO?!?!??! IS SHE BACK :0
Logan Underhill
Logan Underhill Hace 9 días
to infinity and mah foot!!!
Jade 06
Jade 06 Hace 9 días
My childhood y’all 😭
Antonio Miller
Antonio Miller Hace 9 días
Lego 0:26 XD
alexandnacho YT
alexandnacho YT Hace 9 días
I love the chicken
dona nona :3
dona nona :3 Hace 9 días
M. Ferangui
M. Ferangui Hace 9 días
Are they Key & Peel voices ?
Princess Luna
Princess Luna Hace 9 días
Bo Peep kinda sounds like Elsa
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person Hace 10 días
I thought that this was stop-motion from the thumbnail. Man that’s good animation.
*People are only excited because it’s Toy Story, but we all know that it should have ended with three.*
XxLittleGuvnorxX Hace 10 días
It takes place at an amusement park? If that’s the setting they’re gonna need to do a lot to top toy story 3 :p
Rubi Brothers
Rubi Brothers Hace 10 días
Mr noodles lol
Mr noodles lol Hace 10 días
What did thay do to bo peep
super feather dude
super feather dude Hace 10 días
New Meme at 0:27
Alberto M. Garcia
Alberto M. Garcia Hace 10 días
So, is it the remake of Toy Story 2 but this time Buzz is the one captured? Still extremely excited and especially since the Key and Peele characters are a great addition, they are already my favorite!
Raggle Taggle
Raggle Taggle Hace 10 días
I'm happy to see Boe Peep has made a comeback! But...isn't she a lot more tan and less pale than she was in the first two films? She doesn't look like the classic pale white porcelain doll she originally was.
XanderToons Studios
XanderToons Studios Hace 10 días
June 21 Oh boy
Lucifer Quara’s son
Lucifer Quara’s son Hace 10 días
Is that BO PEEP!? She looks different !?
Xavier renegade Angel
Xavier renegade Angel Hace 10 días
Is Sora, Donald and Goofy going to be guests in This movie?
ByeByeBOOM Hace 11 días
Is it Michael Key?
Memeando Hace 11 días
Hype boi hype
Ana Pachecano
Ana Pachecano Hace 11 días
Abdul Lebram
Abdul Lebram Hace 11 días
Forget Endgame... This is it...
Glitchy Hace 11 días
Scott Stewart
Scott Stewart Hace 11 días
Me: In space no one can hear you.. Someone step on my foot hard. Me:screeeeeeeeaaaaaaaammmmmm!!!!!
Palo Alto Comics
Palo Alto Comics Hace 11 días
I'm glad that it's here
Jose Ayon
Jose Ayon Hace 11 días
people say that woody going to die
Wesley Whiteside
Wesley Whiteside Hace 11 días
Please tell me that's not Bo Peep
DaBest 34
DaBest 34 Hace 11 días
0:25-0:30 I was laughing sooo hard man I love toy story and I’m 17 years old lol!!
Colin Owens
Colin Owens Hace 11 días
Wait wait wait, it's gonna be about the toys getting stuck in a carnival?
KeeferJ 1995
KeeferJ 1995 Hace 11 días
I hope TS4 will be just as good as the other three movies.
Ravi Bhat
Ravi Bhat Hace 11 días
0:18 lol
VideoMaster700 Hace 11 días
there's been so much theories on what'll happen in Toy Story 4 and with the new character Forky being revealed I might know what's going to happen so Bonnie is at Sunnyside Daycare it's arts and crafts she makes a craft of a spork with pipe cleaners and names it Forky they go home and my next theory is either A she drops her backpack goes to have lunch the spork comes out the toys notice them or B she plays with the spork then goes away for a while then the toys notice something's fishy that's when Forky gets scared because he's in a knew place and that's when the official plot that Disney/Pixar put they tell forky what it means to be a toy yada yada yada my next theory is they leave on the road trip and again follow what Disney/Pixar said about them showing forky the real world what'll happen next after the toys venture off bonnie comes back and notices forky's gone and so are the others so she tells her mom and they panic or call the cops something like that it could turn into a similar case with Toy Story 3 when Lotso big baby and the others try to get back to their owner's house and they get replaced if my theory's right bonnie will have no option but to replace her toys and when they eventually return home to bonnie it'll be too late and the toys will go their seperate ways from the looks of the promo posteds that'ls my theory it's a story combining some key elements from the other 3 movies and putting them together
VideoMaster700 Hace 11 días
this fits perfectly because both Tim Allen and Tom Hanks couldn't finish the last few lines during voice overs and I can see what my theory is can be emotional
R3DG4M3R Hace 11 días
Let's go
AlexTagz Hace 11 días
To infinity and your mom
Pokemon gamer The 3th
Pokemon gamer The 3th Hace 11 días
Bo peep's new design is growing on me
Lord Taeer
Lord Taeer Hace 11 días
Sees the new the new 3D animation, not that is is thicc
Darth Elius
Darth Elius Hace 11 días
toy story 2 buzz lightyear to the rescue remastered
Party7319 Hace 11 días
I’m all for realism in animation but this looks so good it almost feels like stop motion and it kind of feels weird compared to the other 3
Colossus Hace 12 días
Bring back Mrs Nesbitt please.
Amy Probets
Amy Probets Hace 12 días
I wonder who's voicing Mr Potato Head.
Dylan Stockdale
Dylan Stockdale Hace 12 días
0:04 wait, is that Bow?
Walter Williams
Walter Williams Hace 12 días
OMG it's bo beep
I have no creative name
So will half of the movie will just be the gang at the carnival
MarkThisWayAfter Hace 12 días
The jokes will be fun and lighthearted, but the heart of what we love about toy story will sadly be contrived, if there is any heart preset in the characters anymore anyway.
Small Animation
Small Animation Hace 12 días
True Ted
True Ted Hace 12 días
Try to name every Easter egg so far I got the guitars are from coco
Not the F.B.I. X
Not the F.B.I. X Hace 12 días
Not the F.B.I. X
Not the F.B.I. X Hace 12 días
kongphop kulsarin
kongphop kulsarin Hace 12 días
I'm happy Bo Peep is back! I'm very excited for Toy Story 4.
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