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Watch the final trailer for Toy Story 4, and see the film in theaters June 21.
Woody has always been confident about his place in the world and that his priority is taking care of his kid, whether that’s Andy or Bonnie. But when Bonnie adds a reluctant new toy called “Forky” to her room, a road trip adventure alongside old and new friends will show Woody how big the world can be for a toy. Directed by Josh Cooley (“Riley’s First Date?”) and produced by Jonas Rivera (“Inside Out,” “Up”) and Mark Nielsen (associate producer “Inside Out”), Disney•Pixar’s “Toy Story 4” ventures to U.S. theaters on June 21, 2019.

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TralfazConstruction Hace un hora
Discovering the charm of Toy Story (1995) remains a favorite memory. To have thought back then that we'd be excited over the release of a fourth Toy Story movie nearly twenty-four years later would have been comforting. Now the memory of seeing Don Rickles at The Borgata in Atlantic City, New Jersey, in April of 2011 comes to the forefront looking back over the decades.
manuel07rogelio 0
manuel07rogelio 0 Hace un hora
Algun español
LG_98 Jordan
LG_98 Jordan Hace un hora
Their main objective is to save a spork? Smh could of got creative
Walker Sousa
Walker Sousa Hace un hora
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-lRGpc78K2Ho.html 1 MINUTO PRA DESENHAR HOMEM DE FERRO!!!
Gameof Thrones
Gameof Thrones Hace un hora
I want Woody meet Andy's son in Toy Story 5 or 6 😤
Sergeant Oh Yeah Yeah
time to rewatch all the previous ones...
GG WP LOL Hace un hora
Nexus_ Emerald
Nexus_ Emerald Hace un hora
Woodie went to have surgery and made old town road after being stepped on
Vonnie 216
Vonnie 216 Hace un hora
elda hr
elda hr Hace un hora
I'm crying 😭😭😭
star fox
star fox Hace un hora
*Everyone can relate to this movie*
star fox
star fox Hace un hora
*(Sporkie alive for less than 2 days)* *Sporkie:* Why am I alive? *(proceeds to jump off a moving vehicle)* *MY TYPE OF MOVIE*
Dalton Chadderdon
Dalton Chadderdon Hace un hora
Why do i feel like I'm back to 6 years old again All I want to do is play with my old toys
I am Kert
I am Kert Hace un hora
Nobody: 15 years old: OmG i FeEl FoRkY
George Sears
George Sears Hace un hora
Mr potato head has a line!! Don Rickles would be proud to see his legacy as that character live on
peter ema
peter ema Hace un hora
Well we’re not doing that 😂😂🤣🤣
mattfab96 Hace un hora
Not sure why this is beating "once upon a time in hollywood" in trending when that other trailer is clearly getting more views, more quickly than this
Josue Orozco
Josue Orozco Hace un hora
Toy story 3 fue la ultima pelicula que vi con mi padre hace 9 años
Nvyy Hace un hora
Alright Hace un hora
Never thought I could relate to a spork.
AzRenT Hammered
AzRenT Hammered Hace un hora
So in the first movie Buzz hits a wall and an arm falls off. He is flung from an amusement ride and probably goes 100mph, hits another SOLID METAL ride and ... nothing? C’mon now.
Your Comrade Johnny
Your Comrade Johnny Hace un hora
Childhood coming back
pure ethiopian
pure ethiopian Hace un hora
cant wait
GregCurry Weekly
GregCurry Weekly Hace un hora
I like how Buzz stays calm cool and collected. "Well we're not doing that."
Simple Thing
Simple Thing Hace un hora
So, the whole movie is about a suicidal spork.... This movie is going to be amazing.
Andres Martinez
Andres Martinez Hace un hora
En español por favor gracias
Imaspecofdust Hace un hora
I love how the quality of animation has been heavily improved since the first movie
Zahra Army
Zahra Army Hace un hora
Oh my gosh I'm so excited 😍
Ishan Ali
Ishan Ali Hace un hora
I don’t want to see kids in the cinema!! This is a grown up film
HenJH Hace un hora
Trailer is kind of spoiling all the plot
Sergio Haro
Sergio Haro Hace un hora
Plush rush 😂😂
Brady Galloway
Brady Galloway Hace un hora
Keanu Reeves for the win.
Dukha Fan it
Dukha Fan it Hace un hora
Has Keanu Reeves been a voice actor this whole time?
pizzaboy Hace un hora
Let's caboom
Isaias Lopez
Isaias Lopez Hace un hora
If you want to save money and look at the plot here you go. imgur.com/a/LV7G1rD
Mo Hart
Mo Hart Hace un hora
Is it weird that I'm 18 and I still wanna watch this movie
Eva Busson
Eva Busson Hace un hora
Very cool the trailer I would like to watch the film!!! I like it...😘
Rotfl 14
Rotfl 14 Hace un hora
Is no one gonna talk about the fact the woody's head got crushed and he still lived
toxic1342 Hace un hora
Toy story 1: woody trying to get rid of Andy's new favorite toy because hes jealous Toy story 4: woody trying to save bonies favorite toy so shes happy *Now that's what I call character development*
Kakarot Hace un hora
Toy story never fails to impress
Windglide Angeldragon
I cannot wait till this movie comes out
soy yo
soy yo Hace un hora
Quiero verla ♥️
Teree' Narro C.
Teree' Narro C. Hace un hora
*-* meee encanta
FancyNoob Hace un hora
Sr Familia Mt
Sr Familia Mt Hace un hora
Cadê os br
Drawingfandom Hace un hora
Number one on trending GOOD FOR YOU! PIXAR! AHAHA WAITING EGERLY FOR THE ARRIVAL OF THIS MOVIE! Been waiting forever! Since that one time in muppets most wanted they hinted at it. Ahah.
2Temthabeast Hace un hora
Woody: Iron Man Buzz: Captain America Hamm : Dr. Strange Bo Peep: Gamora Rex: Bruce Banner Forky: Spiderman Mr. Potato Head: Hawkeye Mrs. Potato Head: Black[Brown] Widow Bonnie : 3000🧡💜
Maria Mondragon
Maria Mondragon Hace un hora
I like the way that the old ones are... it seemed to be more original and more... TOY STORY. This plot is one I've seen a lot.: stupid character gets lost , there is some weird fuzzy characters, woody does anything to save them , blah blah blah
Elijah Dohm
Elijah Dohm Hace un hora
Let's just ask ourselves as we watch this: "Do we REALLY need a toy story 4?" In my opinion, The last movie concluded the series beautifully. This just makes the series seem artificially long.
EdgarTV Hace un hora
Anybody going to the movies to watch this??
So they really made a sequel about saving a toy spork. Here comes the decline in sales
HaloThaDon Hace un hora
2:08 yo imagine being attacked by stuffed animals😂
Mr Birb Boi
Mr Birb Boi Hace un hora
Is the blue dino voice the same person who voiced Mabel from gravity falls?
塔莉雅拉芙 Hace un hora
Carrot AAA
Carrot AAA Hace un hora
Is bonnie the same kid in wreck it ralph
Apon. Com
Apon. Com Hace un hora
not interested ....... Toy Story should have ended last time
Hafiz Rothi
Hafiz Rothi Hace un hora
The ol' plush rush...
CCVids Hace un hora
I hope they explain why Gorky becomes alive by being a toy
Vegeta the Boss
Vegeta the Boss Hace un hora
Oof my childhood
A True Legend is Cristiano Ronaldo 7
Love yaa❤❤❤❤
Calderonruben suavesito01
THE PANIC IS ATTACING ME! Let's go save spork. These are words of wisdom
StutteringCrisTop10 Hace un hora
This movie is going under the "no spoiler" rule like Emdgame
Ingi Juana
Ingi Juana Hace un hora
banzai !
CANCEL DONE Hace un hora
You there scrolling down the comments have a nice day/night 😃😃😃
Electro_Yellow Hace un hora
They should have ended toy story on 3.
Varsidy Hace un hora
this is how you know pixar has run out of original ideas. western cinema is becoming a recycling plant.
Calderonruben suavesito01
The last G movie 55 years
Johnny Lightning
Johnny Lightning Hace 2 horas
Oh the Plush Rush, works like a charm! I remember doing that little scheme in ‘85! That was when Teddy and I worked together. We had that down tight!
Israel Cooper
Israel Cooper Hace 2 horas
Toy Story 5: the quest for a new toy
famously unknxwn
famously unknxwn Hace 2 horas
Part one was the best Part two was the funniest Part three was the saddest Part 4 awaiting............
Nay Giggers
Nay Giggers Hace 2 horas
Forkys first words were the same first words I spoke. ...."Why am I alive?"
Mr.Devin Guy
Mr.Devin Guy Hace 2 horas
*Is no one going to talk about the 2 stuffed animals attacking an old lady,breaking the code of never moving when a human is nearby*
TheGuess2D Hace 2 horas
The song is Livin' Thing by ELO :D
The Galaxy of Internet
*1:21** nope, not today, not tomorrow, okay just no, I’m not ,slappy I just can’t with you in this movie and if your in like a single frame in the trailer you’ll just probably end up as the main antagonist because pixar*
WBM123 waa
WBM123 waa Hace 2 horas
My childhood... cant wait 😁
Elijah Lorenz
Elijah Lorenz Hace 2 horas
You know, TS3 ended perfectly and was beautiful, you now tarnished it by having another...
Rōma Tawāzu
Rōma Tawāzu Hace 2 horas
got amazed by its nextgen animation
1:38 Is Andy's house?
M_a_ Shaunee
M_a_ Shaunee Hace 2 horas
New and old beautiful top actors reunite and assemble again in the claim to fame movie: Toy story.
Ellis Kelly
Ellis Kelly Hace 2 horas
Did anyone else laugh at “let’s go save a spork” 😂
Joshua Choe
Joshua Choe Hace 2 horas
If there is another near death experience, I swear...
Jeff & Cassie F
Jeff & Cassie F Hace 2 horas
James Jones
James Jones Hace 2 horas
This trailer makes the film look tired and formulaic. You know, kinda like most mass-produced toys. Pass.
Honky Lips
Honky Lips Hace 2 horas
Let me guess, Buzz & Woody are getting married this time 🙄
Sidney Mosley
Sidney Mosley Hace 2 horas
Can I get at least one cameo from action figure Sora PLEASE!
jaymon99 Hace 2 horas
Where's Jessie?
Diego  Rizzo
Diego Rizzo Hace 2 horas
Forky is us veteran Pixar fans after Cars 2 and so on. Except for Inside Out and Coco
School Lyfe
School Lyfe Hace 2 horas
*Im glad all the characters are back together:)*
School Lyfe
School Lyfe Hace 2 horas
*Im glad all the characters are back together:)*
A pitsa Plees
A pitsa Plees Hace 2 horas
Don’t delete the movie by mistake this time
CHIPNEY Hace 2 horas
Watching new Disney sequels with better graphics is like watching with new glasses
Leone Mendoza
Leone Mendoza Hace 2 horas
Academy Award for Best Animated Feature for the year 2019 😎
Andreas Pittas
Andreas Pittas Hace 2 horas
Was that Sid???
Emanuel Jacobsen
Emanuel Jacobsen Hace 2 horas
Nada de original, de novo!
Nursultan Bekmuratov
swi namek
swi namek Hace 2 horas
To infinity, KABOOM!
Toy story 3 was perfect ending for this series......
Andrew Siegel
Andrew Siegel Hace 2 horas
Creates toy from a fork: Toy manufacturers: Am I a joke to you?
Alfered Glass
Alfered Glass Hace 2 horas
Its 2019 and all these toys are from 80s 90s. I don't think this time this movie gona work.
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