"Toy Story 4" star Tim Allen on comedy and tragedy

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Comedian Tim Allen, star of the hit sitcom "Home improvement" and the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the "Toy Story" animated films, talks with correspondent Tracy Smith about the difficult past (including the loss of his father to a drunk driver) that led to a stellar standup career; the struggles with addiction problems that almost ended it all; and the happiness of being sober for more than 20 years.
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16 jun 2019






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Johnny Cazares
Johnny Cazares Hace 7 días
The 90s were the best times in my life will yeah I would like to be young once more and able to heal up fast like wolverine and drink a nice large coca cola again but even still the greatest time ever.
John Anderson
John Anderson Hace un mes
The shaggy dog
Matthew Higgins
Matthew Higgins Hace un mes
Home Improvement needs to be added to Netflix. Great Show!
C Torres
C Torres Hace 2 meses
saleG Hace 2 meses
Fantastic Man
TheKentuckian00 Hace 2 meses
Tim Allen is the man!
Downsizing on Ten Acres.
Oh, Tim. I relate to you so much.
TheLoner23 Hace 2 meses
Loved him as Santa Claus
Frank Arnold
Frank Arnold Hace 3 meses
Tim you suck Trump's nut sack
Andrew Flood
Andrew Flood Hace 3 meses
Logan Asif
Logan Asif Hace 3 meses
Chris Finch
Chris Finch Hace 4 meses
Tim Allen has brought such joy to my eyes as Tim the "Tool-Man" Taylor, Scott Calvin, the Santa Clause, Luther the Skipping Christmas man, Dave the Shaggy Dog, Mike the Last Man Standing, and most of all Buzz Lightyear. May he and his family live long together, for infinity and beyond. God Bless.
Wes Moore
Wes Moore Hace 4 meses
I love how some people in the comments are proving What Tim says at 6:27
brandee Williamson
brandee Williamson Hace 4 meses
What a shame. He is a Trump supporting racist. So sad.
Cherubim666999 Hace 4 meses
@brandee Williamson how can you tell me what to do and not want to be told what to do? seek help
brandee Williamson
brandee Williamson Hace 4 meses
Dont ever tell me what to do.
Cherubim666999 Hace 4 meses
seek help
Wes Moore
Wes Moore Hace 4 meses
“There seems to be no sign of intelligent life anywhere.”
NumaticVacuum Hace 4 meses
Tim Allen really deserve his fame and materialistic objects because he earned it from pure talent and he has brought us so many laughs and memories. His talent and kindness is more than money is worth and that is the legacy he leaves. If only we can continue this legacy for the next generation, that would be wonderful. Thanks for everything Tim and we wish you well. You have taught us that it is not just about the money.
Toy Supreme
Toy Supreme Hace 4 meses
Pop Culture-sy
Pop Culture-sy Hace 4 meses
"People's Republic of California" LMAO gotta love Tim.
Danielle Schnaufer
Danielle Schnaufer Hace 4 meses
Jacob Sherman
Jacob Sherman Hace 4 meses
My dad's name is Tim, and he's totally like this: handy man, car man, and some terrible dad jokes. But I love him.
Antony C
Antony C Hace 4 meses
I'd love to see a reboot of Home Improvement!
R. Nagarya
R. Nagarya Hace 4 meses
The People's Republic of California...classic...and so dang true it isn't funny.
honkyjesus eternal
honkyjesus eternal Hace 4 meses
Tim is such a racist you forget he has other views. Classic.
power Hayward
power Hayward Hace 4 meses
I know him from the Santa clause movied that's my jam and obviously toy story movies but I prefer watching the Santa claus more than toy story not saying that I don't like it but now then I'll watch lol yeah ps I know it is asking much but I kinda want to see what happened after the Santa clause 3 yeah 😏Santa clause 4
maximus studios
maximus studios Hace 4 meses
john thewelder
john thewelder Hace 4 meses
Bigots don't like toys. Tim also fellates Donnie
Smelly Fly
Smelly Fly Hace 4 meses
Imagine calling someone a bigot for not agreeing with you lol
Jimi Stinger
Jimi Stinger Hace 4 meses
Yea he's funny but I can't respect a NARK!!
Mr. Wumpa
Mr. Wumpa Hace 4 meses
Tim Allen is the greatest. He’s not a far extreme lefty Hollywood propagandist. Your my hero Tim!
Courtney Lian
Courtney Lian Hace 4 meses
Home Improvement was one of the best things about my childhood ❤️
honkyjesus eternal
honkyjesus eternal Hace 4 meses
You must love the racism he now employs?
Barb BeTheSunshine
Barb BeTheSunshine Hace 4 meses
♡ Tim Allen!!! Love your work! You're hilarious! Thank you for being you and also for not conforming to Hollywood's ideology!
honkyjesus eternal
honkyjesus eternal Hace 4 meses
Wait, is Hollywood ideology not being criminals? Love IT!
I love kittens
I love kittens Hace 4 meses
He's not funny AT all.
swifteagle70 Hace 4 meses
Suma Hace 4 meses
God Bless Tim Allen!💕🇺🇸
Lawlzinator Hace 4 meses
You mean his life?
Dean Anderson
Dean Anderson Hace 4 meses
5:50 His latest show, "Last Man Standing," is on Fox. Like Allen himself, his character, Mike Baxter has "conservative" views, a rare bird, indeed, in Hollywood. Tracy Smith: You describe Mike on "Last Man Standing" as an "educated Archie Bunker." You like to push people's buttons on that show? Tim Allen: I dressed up as Trump, then, all of a sudden we're "Trump supporters." Cause we just, we didn't take a shot at him. So I now says, wait a minute! They think we're Trump supporters; this might be kinda fun! So then we started pokin' THAT button... and especially in the People's Republic of California, if, if you don't think one way, then you are immediately labeled a million different things. I said, this is gonna be fun! Allen is implying that he is NOT a Trump supporter by saying this, when clearly by calling California "The People's Republic," his agenda is clear. He also is attempting to suggest the show is the impetus for the action, distancing himself and his own beliefs from it. I just think it's weird that he's trying to downplay his support while maintaining his views.Or maybe that's the educated part of an "educated Archie Bunker?"
Haylee Kakuske
Haylee Kakuske Hace 4 meses
Home improvement, last man standing, toy story, Santa Claus.... he’s an amazing actor. I had no idea of his past. He has persevered and prevailed for sure.
Hayhoe Studios
Hayhoe Studios Hace 4 meses
What a class act. One of the last few gentlemen in Hollywood. Tremain Hayhoe is the only man that will be bringing back Hollywood, in a big big way.
Benson Hace 4 meses
he has the most simplest name i’ve ever heard
Athena Hace 4 meses
Allen supports Trump. Eyes glaze over for the rest of this video. He lost me.
renewedx25 Hace 4 meses
Yeah right, he didn't vote for him. You're just another puppet repeating what you heard from others.
Athena Hace 4 meses
Cheryl Johnson
Cheryl Johnson Hace 4 meses
Good! Get lost
taraniso Hace 4 meses
Can't stand this conservatard.
Cosmo Kramer
Cosmo Kramer Hace 4 meses
Can’t stand you
samuel eisenmann
samuel eisenmann Hace 4 meses
I knew him as Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor, Santa Claus, Buzz Lightyear, and the Dad on Last Man Standing.
Udo Ka
Udo Ka Hace 4 meses
😂 lol at the shade of “people’s republic of California”
honkyjesus eternal
honkyjesus eternal Hace 4 meses
Yeah, people respect immigrants and don't mock them. LOL IDIOTS?
Rich Babe
Rich Babe Hace 4 meses
Whoa I didn't know the past that he had to carry! Now my respect for him doubled!
honkyjesus eternal
honkyjesus eternal Hace 4 meses
He is a felon!!!
MINIGIRL007 H Hace 4 meses
That's called a Dodge Hellcat
bobby asani
bobby asani Hace 4 meses
I loved Home Improvement. Netflix it's time for a reboot!!!
Chad Baxter
Chad Baxter Hace 4 meses
Would REALLY love a Home Improvement Christmas Special with all the stars who are still with us.
Hunter Hace 4 meses
Tim Allen is a legend
Janet Chambers
Janet Chambers Hace 4 meses
i love tim allen i cant stop laughing every time i see him
A K Hace 4 meses
What can ya say... BUZZ Loves a buzz! 🤧🤧🤧
August B
August B Hace 4 meses
One of my favorite actors, and people. Weird to say because I never met him but he’s an inspiration
Kyle Enlow
Kyle Enlow Hace 4 meses
Scan lines much?
Gordon Hollis
Gordon Hollis Hace 4 meses
Oh hey another conservative that groups us Californians all together cool he's so educated and edgy...
Yvette Walsh
Yvette Walsh Hace 4 meses
Phoinex Nase
Phoinex Nase Hace 4 meses
I really hope I could get to 21 years of sobriety like Tim Allen
Eobard Thawn
Eobard Thawn Hace 4 meses
Breezy Mods
Breezy Mods Hace 4 meses
7:49 to 7:51 Tims reaction to the “greener world”
Brett Blizzard
Brett Blizzard Hace 4 meses
Very gracefully glossed over the fact that he ratted his way out of prison 🐀
Sno0pY16 Hace 4 meses
His voice sounds like Sylvester Stallone but without the accent xD
John Tminustwentyminutes Mercier
I like the opening scene with the electric ice cream scoop. I want one.
William Hutcheson
William Hutcheson Hace 4 meses
Quite some personal triumph.
Maria Elda
Maria Elda Hace 5 meses
Wish he did not get on the botox bandwagon.
Bryan Mcwhite
Bryan Mcwhite Hace 5 meses
2019 rules forever I'm Tim Allen Steve fikes tom Hanks I'm tom petty and all the singers they play on Kbek forever promise to god. Steve fikes Bono voxx of u2 and all the singers they play on Kool 108 forever promise to god. Bye 👋 now.,👍😁👍😁🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅
Joseph Logsdon
Joseph Logsdon Hace 5 meses
This interview was surprisingly unbiased.
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