Trapped In the Middle of a Cornfield

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Super smart job tucking your shirt in before approaching a PTO shaft! Even one that isn't engaged. Most people won't even notice that small step, but it is a life saver. I know of more than one neighborhood farmer back in the day that didn't survive that encounter. You and Grant please stay safe.
After seeing your Father's reaction to this situation from the end of his recent episode I can see that his calm nature has been handed down by your reaction. I love the fact that the only reaction displayed was what do we need to get this done. Oh yea and before I forget "Bummer Dude"!
The fact that you noticed something was going on and didn't keep pushing it may have saved you from a lot more problems. That shows skill and experience.
Like Marty said your Dad taught you well about tucking your shirt in around a PTO shaft. Love this channel especially since I grew up in Nebraska .
I really commend your safety practices around equipment; I detected you tucking in your shirt before you started the pivot engine
You are such a delight! I always feel great after watching your vids. Thanks for making my day better.
Thank you for making my day. Love your smile and the way you say Good morning everybody. Thank you and your family for all they do growing our food. We need more family's like your family. Thanks
I remember clearing a new field with my brother and I in 100 degree heat picking up rocks and my cousin in the air conditioned tractor discing. So, a few moments in the heat waiting for backup, although I understand the feeling, I also cannot simply pity you for it.
Laura thank you again for such amazing video. I can’t wait to see the follow up video . Blessings to your family too👍
Interesting. Lots of technology and comfort. Lots of know-how. Nice to see young people who enjoy their hard work
I watched the video and then came to the comment section to see if anyone else caught the part of her tucking her shirt in. I immediately noticed it from having worked around rotating equipment myself. I was happily surprised that many of you noticed Laura's action. You are an amazing person Laura!! I only found your channel a couple of weeks ago and have been binge watching. Subscribed and happily addicted to your videos 😊
This brings back so many memories of my childhood on my grandpa's farm. Very good content, thank you!
3 thoughts: 1) agree with everyone - time to put a cover on any spinning parts that you can; 2) pillows for behind your back will help; 3) tune in to WNAX (570 AM) if you don't want repeat music - they are your "local" farm station (Yankton SD, but a 5-state strong signal that carries to your location with no problems). Good luck!
Nice to see you again.
While I realize that this was not an upbeat, everything working perfect type of vlog, it was still enjoyable watching you navigate your way through the day. The blue nails are a nice touch. Thanks Laura.
Love watching your videos Laura. I know zero about farming but I really enjoy watching such an attractive young lady doing a great job of explaining what she’s doing and why. You’ve certainly got my respect for the hard work you do.
wow. just came across your channel a week ago and am amazed at the amount of knowledge required plus the huge amounts of $$$ needed to equip yourself to complete the tasks. Utmost respect
I hope that you get things fixed quickly and are able to move on to less frustrating problems.
I hope the problem is not serious enough to create a lot of other issues! Thanks for the informative video.
Awesome video as always !!! We appreciate u guys letting us into your world. I haven’t listened to the regular radio in years. It’s just commercials. Not worth it. Keep up the great work !!
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