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Travis Scott - SICKO MODE ft. Drake

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Directors: Dave Meyers and Travis Scott
Producers: Nathan Scherrer for Freenjoy, inc, Sam Lecca
Travis Scott online:
Epic / Cactus Jack
(c) 2018 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. With Cactus Jack and Grand Hustle.


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19 oct 2018

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Sepand Ardehali
Sepand Ardehali Hace un hora
Bruh the purple chick scared the shit outa me a few times with that “YEAH!” 😂
Sparky Hace un hora
These editings are *sicko*
Johntanonplays Hace un hora
Sun is down freezing cold that’s how we already know you are here on ESvid at 2 a.m
Adel Neymar
Adel Neymar Hace un hora
Kevin Garcia
Kevin Garcia Hace un hora
3:20 That Ass Twerking on the Eye Lid Tho Very Tasteful
getgreen madfast
getgreen madfast Hace un hora
Im glad rap videos arent the cliche in the club popping bottle vids no more
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford Hace un hora
Watching this while high was not a mistake :)
space ww
space ww Hace un hora
Hello 1B?
Snipa GVNG
Snipa GVNG Hace un hora
Please make a music video for skeletons
Showery Coyote
Showery Coyote Hace un hora
SpongeBobs pineapple house
A Y Hace un hora
Is that Hopsin at 2:45 lmao
Charles Kibatha
Charles Kibatha Hace un hora
This video wasn't necessary
Curtis Powell
Curtis Powell Hace un hora
It's bad I hate it
o Phoenix o
o Phoenix o Hace un hora
4:22 is going to be a meme
Kewl boy Gamer
Kewl boy Gamer Hace un hora
2:06 when the migos don’t let you in the walk it talk it video
Kevin Garcia
Kevin Garcia Hace un hora
I Lost My Virginity To This Music Video
Divyesh Mohankumar
Divyesh Mohankumar Hace un hora
One can like this music video just for the creativity of the cinematography and editing alone...music sounds good too🔥
CosMo On The Beat
CosMo On The Beat Hace un hora
The best clip
MrLazmelo Hace un hora
XxXJQXxX Hace un hora
Sometimes you just got to shut tf and watch the whole video enjoy 😉
M1dZ Hace un hora
tf, i feel high af hqhahha
RoshanVEVO Hace un hora
Director: what visuals do you want ? Travis : 4:25 Director : SAY NO MORE !!!
RoshanVEVO Hace un hora
Like a light 💡
MrLazmelo Hace un hora
This video is sick ass fuck
Nothing To see
Nothing To see Hace un hora
This is good
Khabib Nurmagomedov
Khabib Nurmagomedov Hace un hora
Just send me location
GOD IS GOD Hace un hora
*I think This The Best Song This Year*
Young Harden
Young Harden Hace un hora
Drake is the greatest to ever live on god🐐🐐🐐
Edward Esperante
Edward Esperante Hace un hora
Negasso Kadir
Negasso Kadir Hace un hora
Matt Alexander
Matt Alexander Hace un hora
Dave Meyers is hands down the king of music videos
david fuentes
david fuentes Hace un hora
Is just took lsd and this shit hit my phone!
Ni dhal
Ni dhal Hace un hora
The first minute, with the awesome instru is the best part of the song.
isaiah Villalobos
isaiah Villalobos Hace un hora
Y’all out here commenting rip how bout you guys subscribe to my ESvid channel so I can tell my friends I’m famous link in bio
Negasso Kadir
Negasso Kadir Hace un hora
ulquiorra Hace un hora
Producer: Travis which beat you want? Travis: Yea
MarioFilms Hace un hora
When someone offers you food @ 3:01
Hafsa Hace un hora
is that x at 4:23 ?
Lil Ceel
Lil Ceel Hace un hora
Here before 5M
Simal Adenwala
Simal Adenwala Hace un hora
If parts of this music video seem familiar to you, it's because the Director is the same one who did the Humble music video, Dave Meyers!
faoz85 Hace un hora
0:56 that transition is 🔥
BlueKars 04
BlueKars 04 Hace un hora
I want to visit astroworld.
Erick Axel
Erick Axel Hace un hora
1:18 effects 🔥
Marcel Claudio.
Marcel Claudio. Hace un hora
the song's transitions got me thinking like this is the bohemian rhapsody of hip-hop.
Theresa Akubuilo
Theresa Akubuilo Hace un hora
Lmaoo I definitely thought this was like a sims gameplay or something at first
Abhay Sharma
Abhay Sharma Hace un hora
la flame killed it yet another time
fork junkin
fork junkin Hace un hora
The editing is crazy
Qendyy. Hace un hora
Cant wait to Zias and BLou reacting to this🔥
Youssef Chanchah
Youssef Chanchah Hace un hora
Drake u suck hhhh
Udoh Idara
Udoh Idara Hace un hora
Trav stole Kendrick's editor
Swagger Guru
Swagger Guru Hace un hora
This sh!t is sick, oh I see what you did there. "Vegas Jet - Hate Me Please"
hippstastailer Hace un hora
RAREXFIND Hace un hora
* insert flame emoji here ***
Trapstar Kilopretteewoo
Tbh, I don’t like the video, he should of shown us how Houston turn up, cause niggas everywhere be lit to this song. Smh
SuperJ1109 Hace un hora
Travis always raises the music video bar🔥
Jona  Villo
Jona Villo Hace un hora
74 Beats
74 Beats Hace un hora
give me the lööp
Jeremy Classen
Jeremy Classen Hace un hora
Samuel Christopher
Samuel Christopher Hace un hora
Hey my friend viewers. Let’s get lit 🔥🔥
BluJ Ent
BluJ Ent Hace un hora
Nigga this shit go crazy asf
BluJ Ent
BluJ Ent Hace un hora
Negasso Kadir nah definitely a shout out to the editors cuz it’s wild
Negasso Kadir
Negasso Kadir Hace un hora
BluJ Ent average
Davie Lil-gee
Davie Lil-gee Hace un hora
Video of the Year...
Xx_the6ixGod_xX -
Xx_the6ixGod_xX - Hace un hora
This is simply three letters WTF
TheM4RK0Z Hace un hora
Koan Cr
Koan Cr Hace un hora
The man that came from back Street
50 mil views by monday
Matt Zzr
Matt Zzr Hace un hora
I tried to show'em
Цэлмэг Хүрэлчулуун
Lil 11
Lil 11 Hace un hora
He probably wrote this song after popping some _pills_
Daniel Atlas
Daniel Atlas Hace un hora
Yup some XAN
Rexhaj Agron
Rexhaj Agron Hace un hora
Swae Lee feelings like Takeoff 😂
Richa Malviya
Richa Malviya Hace un hora
Extraaaaaaaaaaa af and loving it 💥
Bonyit Hace un hora
Best visuals ever next to TDE visuals
AcE_ TrAQuEuR Hace un hora
15 jours = 5 M DAAAAAAAMN 1 week Maybe 30 M 🤔
monsieur propre
monsieur propre Hace un hora
4:57 not scary
Kaneki The Ghoul Sent by Cyberlife
The visuals are smooth asf 🔥😈
Ammara Omarshah
Ammara Omarshah Hace un hora
Who loves Drake,!!(I do)
kxıın. Hace un hora
It looks like they found a new video effect app and couldn’t wait to try out everything 😂
Black Man
Black Man Hace un hora
Record label : hey we need a feature Drake: YES
map사카나 Hace un hora
2:55 this kid looks like comedy short gamer
Random Hace un hora
Imagine how much better this song would be without drake
The broad
The broad Hace un hora
0:09 reminds me of ed edd and eddys hood
Negasso Kadir
Negasso Kadir Hace un hora
The broad lol
J.Visual Hace un hora
Fuck me!!! Production is out of this world 😯
NightGhost Hace un hora
El Kraki
El Kraki Hace un hora
1:40 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
MMA Videos
MMA Videos Hace un hora
Where's Swae Lee ?
Alexander Nakamura
Alexander Nakamura Hace un hora
Holy fuck I love everything about this video The editing is perfect JFC AND AYE HOUSTON UP IN THIS BITCH
Francesco Vecchi
Francesco Vecchi Hace un hora
Here before it blows up
ASMR DADDY Hace un hora
Lit 🔥
iPhone 3G
iPhone 3G Hace un hora
*C A L C I U M*
Leilani.gower Gower
Leilani.gower Gower Hace un hora
The editors had to be high cause dâmñ 🎶
JJacob Hace un hora
who is here before -9999999999 views?
Colton Wood
Colton Wood Hace un hora
Where swae at?
kao380 Hace un hora
This song is deadass trash
Arawin Kumaar
Arawin Kumaar Hace un hora
I knew it was going to be a weird music video
Aniruddh Bakshi
Aniruddh Bakshi Hace un hora
Before 10mil
Twitch Kxmpy
Twitch Kxmpy Hace un hora
Before 10m veiws ?
monsieur propre
monsieur propre Hace un hora
Drake is a PUBG crate
Matt Drewettski
Matt Drewettski Hace un hora
What a fucking masterpiece
Shayan Kashif
Shayan Kashif Hace un hora
I wanted swae lee to make an appearance 🤦‍♂️
Malika Robert
Malika Robert Hace un hora
So high edition
Black Man
Black Man Hace un hora
*Who put this shit together I'm ...* Travis
Ryan Goodwin
Ryan Goodwin Hace un hora
video of the year🤭
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