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#TrevorNoah from the DailyShow on how some world languages can be pretty scary.
Trevor Noah stand up from the Just For Laughs Festival in 2015.
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11 jun 2018






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C'est Taylor
C'est Taylor Hace 2 minutos
Joke thief
Wolfpak23 Hace 20 horas
As a german i like russians. If you have a russian friend it is the best friend you can imagine :D
Boudicca Hace un día
What an exceptionally talented comedian & how nice to hear fantastic comic material that's not about women's body functions, drugs, or constant swearing. I wish him a long & successful career.
Belaidi Lynda
Belaidi Lynda Hace un día
I need to say that your idea about arabic is a Real stereotype...unfortunately u represent the influence of the media and how it portrays Arabic lhmd we live as nrml as happy that any nation could be Ps :it doesn't change the fact that I am a big fan of trevor
Dude has all his research and drama based off the Hollywood's representation of things
Cella Jacob
Cella Jacob Hace un día
Feel like a bite of you when you make that russian accent...
Paul Pinto
Paul Pinto Hace un día
DJ joke is copied from Russell Peters
Peace Think
Peace Think Hace un día
There are 4 main books in Islam : Old testament, PSALMS, New testament and Quran ....only the Qur'an is in its original form thanks to the Arabic language.
Andrey Svetovoy
Andrey Svetovoy Hace 2 días
2:37 Ruшенs
idefixthecat Hace 2 días
egnlish sounds like gay... all the time..
Linde De Ganck
Linde De Ganck Hace 2 días
I honestly think Russian accents are really sexy
Eros DJ
Eros DJ Hace 2 días
That's so funny to listen to his russian accent, when you are russian
cornelia street
cornelia street Hace 2 días
Viktor Nikiforov is shook
Gradov Vladimir
Gradov Vladimir Hace 2 días
Где этот парень так хорошо научился говорить по-русски? 😮
Stek88 Hace 3 días
Парень умеет шутить)))
FC Pedonovo
FC Pedonovo Hace 4 días
The part connected with a plane is not funny at all :( Totally disrespectful. You should've learn some info about the accident before
Amelia Rodrigues
Amelia Rodrigues Hace 4 días
Candy crush Boosh!!!!....... My mom gonna get angry lol My mom to trevor:: yeah found this guy( who have been critsizing my fav game)
Spaceman Hace 4 días
Ты тоже ищешь русский комментарий?
Eric Cutter
Eric Cutter Hace 5 días
These jokes were copied... pretty sad
hamza dz
hamza dz Hace 5 días
Arabic language is amazing
Adrian cres
Adrian cres Hace 5 días
3:04 Much more like Hebrew
Ree 94
Ree 94 Hace 4 días
same thought. Arabic does not have that many /kh/ sound. Hebrew does
Dario Bogdan
Dario Bogdan Hace 5 días
Wickky wickky do it again 🤣🤣
Angelika Shern
Angelika Shern Hace 5 días
Karakum Hace 5 días
Ukrainian rebels? There are no rebels. Russia has invaded Ukraine. I'm sorry people in America still don't understand this. Russia wants you to think that we have a civil war.
Prongs Hace 5 días
So disappointed in you Trevor. So disappointed. I hope you've grown in the past year and cringe at this video.
Николай Кузнецов
It's Ukraine language
Othman Meslem
Othman Meslem Hace 5 días
تحيا العرب واللغة العربية الفصحى ، اخبط لايك يا عربي
Ali Kareem Al_Iraqi
Ali Kareem Al_Iraqi Hace 5 días
اي دقيقة يذكر فيها اللغة العربية؟
Incognito Enigmatic
Incognito Enigmatic Hace 6 días
Aaaaaaaaa 👍👍👍👍😂😂😂😂 cool
the real creeper
the real creeper Hace 6 días
His russian accent sounds like niko bellic
Vishal Meghwal
Vishal Meghwal Hace 6 días
I am an Indian and dude i just want to say that we Indians are not afraid of Russians... We consider them as our friends..... Its only you Americans who are afraid of Russians...... Russians are very good people......
Goodl Hace 6 días
6000 - хуй
Sonia Hace 7 días
Hey friendly guy.....why don't you come here and play DJ ...wicky wicky😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Александр Никулин
На самом деле мы не такие. Но просим уважения к нам. А в остальном "nazdorovie"!
Fatma Elbeltagy
Fatma Elbeltagy Hace 8 días
I guess he needs to hear Arabic language out of movie. Arabic language and accessent are more cool than what people think, pls stop to build ur opinion via sterotype of Hollywood and terroist movie.
Алексей Кузьмин
Шутка о русский язык это как воспроизведение фраз задом наперед была, и по-моему была гораздо раньше, у Рассела Питерса/Russell Peters. мой английски не позволяет понять суть шутки о сбитом пассажирском самолетом над Украиной. При этом шутить о трагедии это лютый пиздец. Как жители Голландии еще не затаскали этого чувака по судам. The joke about the Russian language was like playing back phrases backwards, and in my opinion it was much earlier, with Russell Peters. my English does not allow me to understand the essence of the joke about the downing of a passenger plane over Ukraine. At the same time joking about the tragedy is a fierce fu**ed up. As the inhabitants of Holland have not dragged this dude through the courts.
muad elayeb
muad elayeb Hace 9 días
I have to point out how shit the crowd is.
HeSsA SONE Hace 9 días
قاعد يقول خل يولي 😂😂😂
GreenCharlie1 Hace 9 días
A Fish called Wanda... ?
The AMV guy
The AMV guy Hace 9 días
people in the east seems to be fine withe russians
Panashe Tangai
Panashe Tangai Hace 10 días
Our boy
abdal-aziz al-harazi
abdal-aziz al-harazi Hace 10 días
That doesn't sound Arabic at all...
Justino Ceniza
Justino Ceniza Hace 10 días
How about German.
Anubhav Kumar
Anubhav Kumar Hace 10 días
This sketch is straight from Russell peters stand up
Ashhal Bin Idrees
Ashhal Bin Idrees Hace 10 días
Making fun of languages U're the real the real circle of laugh
yoo jin jan
yoo jin jan Hace 11 días
I'm wondering when was lasr time noah watched something arabic😂😂😂
Иван Иванов
Иван Иванов Hace 11 días
Quite accurate , he even said few russian words by phone ,i dono randomly or not
Johnny Lundberg
Johnny Lundberg Hace 11 días
We´re all brought up with telly and movie stereotypes. Those appears when we hear the same sounds again.
T Nazar
T Nazar Hace 11 días
I’m Arabian and I’m Laughing My ass out Rn 😂😂😂
louiz iana
louiz iana Hace 11 días
u nailed it👌
belometemvelo Hace 11 días
The Russian DJ part was genius xD
Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali Hace 12 días
2020?? Any one
Hwshiar Jamal
Hwshiar Jamal Hace 12 días
I am not arabic But arabic accent is really cool I do not know why he says that. If he listen to Lebanon and Egyptian accent he will melt. Also the standard Arabic just listen to a poem you know how strong that language is. It grabs you like a magnet. I feel like he is quite offensive.
Daphne_inProgress Hace 12 días
Interestingly enough, I watched this just before having a Dutch conversation with a Russian colleague. I agree that a Russian accent when speaking English can sound scary, but I realized that I love a Russian accent when speaking Dutch :)
Yin Eh
Yin Eh Hace 12 días
This is what leaning on tv shows to represent the world around us does
MUNAWAR MEDIA Hace 13 días
Funny enough
Cjfk Fjgkgn
Cjfk Fjgkgn Hace 13 días
اللغة العربية أجمل لغة فالعالم. وهذه الخرابيط الي تقولها ترا مو عربي.
Thalun Kipgen
Thalun Kipgen Hace 13 días
Haha so funny...I cant stop laughing
Prajwal Neupane
Prajwal Neupane Hace 13 días
stole it from russell peters
ولاء عبد
ولاء عبد Hace 13 días
خلخلا خخلالالالالاخلالاخل شكرا خخلاالا هووف غريب الأجانب وضعهم مين وين بجيبوا حرف الخاء الكلمات الي فيها حرف الخاء نادر جدا لأستخدمها 😑😑😶
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