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#TrevorNoah from the #DailyShow on how some world #languages can be pretty scary.
Trevor Noah stand up from the Just For Laughs Festival in 2015.
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11 jun 2018

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Faithwilliams Cherono
Makoto Hace 4 horas
Russel peters said the same joke about the backwards Russian language. And I believe Russel did it first
Public Prim
Public Prim Hace 19 horas
“Russia got a red flag, US got a red stripes” (c) The Game
Dance I Live I
Dance I Live I Hace un día
Turn on thy subtitles. You will collapse🙂
Sara Mustafina
Sara Mustafina Hace un día
It's more sounds like ukrainan or moldovian accent...
carmz LesTwins4ever
carmz LesTwins4ever Hace un día
wicky wicky do it again lmimchops
Denis Mutabazi
Denis Mutabazi Hace un día
5:44 I salut you!!!
Subhash Hace 2 días
Trevor - Everest All others - Doesn't matter.
itstoodying Hace 3 días
Did this guy know he just said syahada (you say it if you become a muslim), that's lailahailallah means no gods except Allah, and he said it repeatedly.
MD Films
MD Films Hace 4 días
😂😂😂 i dont wanna have issues after this show 5:19
MD Films
MD Films Hace 4 días
me trying to be russian after this videoo hey you putin wants your location 😂😂
Bearsted Network News
Nice impression of Russell Peters
Riah Shellini Alicea Austin
Love the content of your standups
Eyezzzonly Hace 5 días
Turning on the sub automatic on his russian speaking lols me alot
Куджо Башмачок
Well, I'm Russian and I find very interesting to know how our language sounds to English speakers :')
Putin for Россия
This is really interesting. I also speak german and the only thing they Think is that our language Sounds to fast.
Inka Be
Inka Be Hace 6 días
This dude is EVERYTHING!!!
Axel Hace 6 días
Bruh arabs sound nothing like that
Lukas m
Lukas m Hace 6 días
si drôle
Ronit George
Ronit George Hace 6 días
wait a minute...hasnt Russell Peters done this reverse russian routine before?
Emma Clare
Emma Clare Hace 6 días
Narowe Hace 7 días
I know nothing about Russia or it's language other than a single "pet name" that is sometimes used for partners. 'Zaika' (Za-ee-ka) or Zaika Moya' which is Bunny, or My Bunny. I find it adorable.
Blackout Hace 7 días
My best friend is Russian. I ignored her for 1 lesson. *and I almost died*
sfhjjkoigh 25689ogxset9igvsa5igcxcjko
What a genius
Kamila Hace 7 días
Hi everyone. I learn english for 4 years. And maybe you can help me with that? I'm from Russia and I can help u with my own language. I want to find pen-friend to train my English on letter. Answer me please)
Leonel Eleandro Garcia dos Santos
1:36 My first big brother was half Russian, half Angolan and he told me that.
SNORM Hace 7 días
onluy if he was white
Davek_89666 Hace 7 días
Fuck you noah
sapthami dj
sapthami dj Hace 7 días
Such smoothness .is he human?
CheesecakeLasagna Hace 7 días
He's got such a talented mouth.
Yoctopory Hace 8 días
Its so sad how we are conditioned by movies. We are like Pavlov‘s dogs.
Maaz ahmed
Maaz ahmed Hace 8 días
Why is he afraid of a rabbit?
Niranjan Mishra
Niranjan Mishra Hace 8 días
Saw the same thing done by Russell Peter
Анастасия Евдокимова
Очень забавно )
Ryan lex
Ryan lex Hace 8 días
The arabic one killed me. kaboom! hahahahaha😂😂😂
Moayad Aljumaan
Moayad Aljumaan Hace 8 días
I love you trevor but you stole this from Russell
joseph jackob
joseph jackob Hace 8 días
Your Good but stop imitating Russell Peterson
yalrufaidi Hace 9 días
I find Trevor Noah funny but this was absolute horse shit
Amie Kahisay
Amie Kahisay Hace 9 días
Rushan guy after the show Heyyy.. funny.... guyy....wiky.. wikyy du...it again 🤣🤣🤣
Asani Wasabi
Asani Wasabi Hace 9 días
2:56 Trevor "I find a rabbit frightening" Noah
Anastas'iya Mal'eeva
Зэт моумент вэн ю ар рашн анд ю вотч зис видио лайк мммм найс
Hussein hussein
Hussein hussein Hace 10 días
I am an Arab from Iraq. Trevor Noah did not speak a single Arabic word
TrashN Trash
TrashN Trash Hace 8 días
Its a joke its obvious he didn't speak any arabic words
TrashN Trash
TrashN Trash Hace 8 días
Its a joke its obvious he didn't speak any arabic words
Voodoo Bangla
Voodoo Bangla Hace 10 días
Russell Peters has left the chat.
Baha'adeen Al-ees
Baha'adeen Al-ees Hace 10 días
That not how Arabs talk, it's just how movies and media make it seems
Baha'adeen Al-ees
Baha'adeen Al-ees Hace 9 días
@Ben Dover now hold, the gulf is the whole about other story, their accent is absolutely horrible
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Hace 9 días
It's how my father and stepmother who live in Saudi speak. They sound like snakes.
Ato Khamo
Ato Khamo Hace 10 días
One of Your Best😂
Marek Novák
Marek Novák Hace 11 días
Dont mess with the Russians
sarah vivamus
sarah vivamus Hace 11 días
the arab bit is funnier when you're an arab yourself
Freakishly Intensified
Ive been told my accent in norwegian sound angry, i was talking to my mom and my friend asked if i was ok and if we had a fight 😂
Phiona Adoko
Phiona Adoko Hace 11 días
I must agree with Trevor Arabic sounds scary even if dey r saying good things. 🤣🤣🤣👍👍
Boba Tea
Boba Tea Hace 6 días
Phiona Adoko listen to a person on ESvid speaking arabic and you’ll find the Arabic language to be a poetic language, unlike the accent that Hollywood movies present, bc trust me that’s not how we speak
siviwe charles Jongile
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 funny guy
Love2 Explore
Love2 Explore Hace 11 días
Russians are the most humble and warm people. love Russia..
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