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In a tiny Georgia town in 1977, a motherless girl dreams of life beyond the confines of her trailer-park home in Troop Zero. When her quest for connection leads her to reach for the stars in a competition to be included on NASA’s landmark Golden Record, it becomes clear she will have to depend on some new friends to take her the last mile.
Every night, Christmas Flint (Mckenna Grace) sits under a starry sky with a flashlight, signaling to extraterrestrial visitors that never arrive. Sensitive, imaginative and deeply lonely, Christmas and her equally eccentric best friend Joseph are the ultimate misfits in their rural hometown of Wiggly, Georgia. When Christmas learns that the winners of the annual Birdie Scout Jamboree talent contest will be included on a recording to be sent into space for posterity, her mission in life becomes to join the Scouts and win Jamboree.
When she is blackballed by the snobbish local Birdie Scout troop and their uptight leader Miss Massey (Allison Janney), Christmas rallies a group of elementary-school outliers to start their own chapter. With grudging help from her dad’s irascible office manager, Miss Rayleen (Viola Davis), Christmas and her crew have to bypass every roadblock Miss Massey can find in the fine print of the Birdie bylaws in order to reach the Jamboree and their chance at immortality.
From Christmas’ solitary late-night vigils to a final show-stopping musical performance, Troop Zero is an endearing and magical tale set against a backdrop of beloved hits of the ’70s, as Christmas forges friendships that will change her life and help her find a real family.
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About Troop Zero:
In rural 1977 Georgia, a misfit girl dreams of life in outer space. When a national competition offers her a chance at her dream, to be recorded on NASA’s Golden Record, she recruits a makeshift troop of Birdie Scouts, forging friendships that last a lifetime and beyond.
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Troop Zero - Official Trailer | Prime Video

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5 dic 2019






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Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video Hace 8 meses
Watch Troop Zero now exclusively with your Prime membership: bit.ly/TroopZeroPrimeVideo
Lorraine Stokes
Lorraine Stokes Hace 5 días
shorturl.ca/282xxxlivemy මම දැක්කා සල්ලි ව්‍යසනයක් ගෙන එයි කියලා ඒක මට ආවා කිසිම යහපතක් කළේ නැතඇත්ත වශයෙන්මමේ දේවල් කලාතුරකින් සිදු වේනමුත් අපට යමක් කිරීමට සිදුවිය
Cardbeenie Hace 20 días
I cannot say enough goodness about this movie. Knowing a little person that has a hard time with wetting the bed This made him feel way less shameful about the experience. Whoever created this movie is absolutely brilliant. And the children's stars and the adult stars are absolutely a joy to watch. Five stars. I'll watch it again and again and again and I will keep letting people know about this wonderful movie.
carol rosa
carol rosa Hace un mes
oh this movie is incredible!! totally worth the watch
Fantastic Beasts
Fantastic Beasts Hace un mes
I see Allison Janney I watch
AntiFeminist ProTradWife
I meant wicked and cruel feminists hating on innocent men for no reasons...
AntiFeminist ProTradWife
One of the cruel and wicked girl scout members stated that she can do better than boys. Man haters (feminists) are training the girls to be a bully towards boys for no reason...
doobiesmoke15 Hace 2 meses
1:03 that boy reminds me of Joe Exotic
Terrill Goodwine Jr
Terrill Goodwine Jr Hace 2 meses
Hawkeye Disney+
Johnny Gregory
Johnny Gregory Hace 2 meses
This movie touches your heart. The ending takes your breath away as we experience our shared humanity. You feel awe and wonder as we express our hope to connect with our space brethren.
Deatra Locklear
Deatra Locklear Hace 2 meses
Let a little boy act this way is sickening......All of you think its cute your a sick twisted person.
Phyllis Burdette
Phyllis Burdette Hace 2 meses
An excellent movie. Brings back memories of being a girl and facing the challenges that prepare us to be strong women. Being a red headed girl with freckles meant I was heckled by kids, usually the boys. Teasing can hurt. I decided I could win people over by getting to know them. Work hard at school. Focus on my studies. It worked. P.S. I still have freckles and red hair.
Michel P. Santos
Michel P. Santos Hace 2 meses
Great film!!!!! I loved!!!
Demika Hall
Demika Hall Hace 2 meses
Is this the troop Beverly Hills remake
Elizabeth M
Elizabeth M Hace 3 meses
Heavens. This is one of my all-time favourite films. Tysm!!!!
Steeldriver Hace 3 meses
This was an amazing movie and I did not cry even once 🤞
AngryHedgehog Lee
AngryHedgehog Lee Hace 3 meses
Top notch Amazon!!!! You didn't shove it down peoples throats like usual and alienate a lot of very good people. You did it right this time. God bless you guys.
JESES STATUS Hace 3 meses
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Diego Lima
Diego Lima Hace 3 meses
hhahaha top demais
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos Hace 3 meses
top demais
Victoria Simone
Victoria Simone Hace 3 meses
muito bom
Currently watching random videos
I didn’t expect to love this movie (‘:
Brendan Clark
Brendan Clark Hace 3 meses
I watched this with my kids. Thought it was cute until the agenda became woke. Disgusting to make it so political.
Deatra Locklear
Deatra Locklear Hace 2 meses
Never would’ve watched if I had a son.....This is garbage feminine acting male. Sickening.
chen difei
chen difei Hace 3 meses
across the universe
Alyssa Duffy
Alyssa Duffy Hace 4 meses
You have to watch troop zero!!!!!!!! It’s the best!!!!!!
ayush patil
ayush patil Hace 4 meses
DO WATCH MY HINDI REVIEW esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Guz8hLueAYY.html
Alison Lucek
Alison Lucek Hace 4 meses
this is THE best film i have seen in too long... tears were followed by laughter so hard that i could not see the TV screen!!!??? i am an avid movie fan and have never had a picture impact me in this way.
Picture Queen
Picture Queen Hace 4 meses
LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie!! Watched it twice in 2 days!
Paul Wayne
Paul Wayne Hace 4 meses
So. I am a 44 year old guy who is not very easily moved. Having said that, this movie had me crying like a little girl. The jamboree scene was priceless
John Daniel
John Daniel Hace 4 meses
Watched this tonight and cried happy tears at the end, a beautiful film, took me back to my childhood.
Vishal Jain
Vishal Jain Hace 4 meses
If any one need prime video subscription than text here .. I will give you subscription
Alocalbaby •
Alocalbaby • Hace 4 meses
I love this movie
Dan Brobst
Dan Brobst Hace 5 meses
This movie kicks all kinds of ***.
FryeKitFox Hace 5 meses
One of the best movies I've seen in a while. I'd love to see it on stage in its original form. Heartfelt and life-affirming. 😚
Khadidja Diene
Khadidja Diene Hace 5 meses
I am done watching it it's really good movie
Camryn Jensen
Camryn Jensen Hace 5 meses
Her name is Christmas?
Slurpii Hace 5 meses
I never saw such a cute movie since the peanuts movie
Kermit Froggie
Kermit Froggie Hace 5 meses
Loved it! Happy there was not any racial drama. Just a cute movie. ...though I had forgotten that they really did send a record with all types of music and children's voices into space on Voyager. Brought me to tears.
Sakura Fruit
Sakura Fruit Hace 5 meses
"this is what God gave me to work with, and I'm gonna make it beautiful, cuz it's mine"
_Saiko Hace 5 meses
I liked this movie so much ❤️
Jonah Oliver
Jonah Oliver Hace 6 meses
Another Feminist disaster. A movement that is failing and will soon become extinct.
Weston Woods
Weston Woods Hace 6 meses
So awesome to see Jim Gaffigan in this movie!!
Autumn Hace 6 meses
Anyone else love the part of Jospeh he’s the best
Sisyphus: King of Ephyra
Solid Gold, Baby!
Heba Hussein
Heba Hussein Hace 6 meses
raising the hat for thinking and introducing such movie.as a mother for 9y old girl i know how much bulling all around and model introduced figure all the time.young actress and actor we are really proud of your performance.thanks for touching our hearts.
J1M1 J3nkins
J1M1 J3nkins Hace 6 meses
I'm very thankful for both Amazon and Netflix for actually making good movies again.
J1M1 J3nkins
J1M1 J3nkins Hace 5 meses
@Slurpii yeah, but they have other ones that are really good
Slurpii Hace 5 meses
You hardly find this kinda movie on Netflix
Victor Abraham Ruiz Gonzalez
I fell in love of Mckenna Grace
Yvonne Mayfield
Yvonne Mayfield Hace 6 meses
This movie was soooooo adorable. I cried so many times during the film. Forget the reviews. Must see film. Inspiring, empowering and heartwarming. 🌠💕✨🌌💫👩‍🚀🙌👌
Invincible Speaker
Invincible Speaker Hace 6 meses
This is why we couldn't watch the rest of HTGAWM? 😒
Louis Pode
Louis Pode Hace 6 meses
c'est une fille ou un mec ? PS:tomorrow i'm 12 years old
Jose Cruz
Jose Cruz Hace 6 meses
What part of the movie do they say the word ( engage)???? Need help lol
Park Jimin
Park Jimin Hace 6 meses
Am I the only one who tried out for this movie but didn't get the part?
Liam Lennon
Liam Lennon Hace 6 meses
Just watched the movie and I loved it from the very first second till the end. What an outstanding cast, especially McKenna Grace! And the music! God, we truly need more of those films that inspire us to achieve greatness. It's movies like these when you enjoy your tears because they're honest and because your heart was deeply touched by what you have seen. My sincere thanks to all the people involved in the making of this gem! ❤️
Johnny Hace 7 meses
Filme com ideologia de genero
MGKday Hace 7 meses
a lot of stuff from "Little Miss Sunshine".....colours, vibe, etc
Al Shah
Al Shah Hace 6 meses
truly a gem.
bobby cole
bobby cole Hace 7 meses
this is what god gave me to work with, and im gonna make it beautiful because its mine!!! mmmm...tell me that didnt just hit your soul
swok Hace 7 meses
I only found this because one of my classmates were casted for this. Hopes she gets a bigger role next time.
TM JRD Hace 7 meses
Ok movie to watch, slow in some parts however its a feel good awkward childhood movie trying to instill that no matter who you are or where you come from you can achieve.
Gail Remudaro
Gail Remudaro Hace 7 meses
I was skeptical at first but I’m thinking Viola Davis is in it. Finally watched it. What an incredible movie and cast! The acting is superb and there are so many quotable lines. I laughed and cried. Superb! Reminds me of Troop Beverly Hills.
Paul Anthony Donahue
I'm here... but I don't want to be here! 😢
Linnamonroll Hace 7 meses
Dude the girl that plays Smash I did dance with her and oof let’s just say we did not have a good relationship towards eachother
Scott B
Scott B Hace 7 meses
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Glinda Upland
Glinda Upland Hace 7 meses
Why did they dye her hair :( that’s not good for her hair. In most films she has had dyed hair of different colours
Natasha Summerford
Natasha Summerford Hace 7 meses
I can't wait to watch it when I get home
morenazo952 Hace 7 meses
The weirdest thing about this movie is the way blacks and whites were hanging out together in 1977 in the same neighborhood and nobody was racist.....
nat beech
nat beech Hace 7 meses
: worthwhile.
nam khanh đinh ngoc
Anyone have a account because i don’t have one ,can I borrow yours?
Joe Whitehead
Joe Whitehead Hace 7 meses
I’m suddenly reminded of Troop Beverly Hills
Roderick Legato
Roderick Legato Hace 7 meses
"Little Green Bag" George Baker Selection
IanHarrisComedian Hace 7 meses
This is so awesome. McKenna is great. My daughter auditioned for that part and obviously didn't get it, but I think she did pretty good. Check it. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-xt-5YjsCrF4.html
GoodKop BadKop
GoodKop BadKop Hace 7 meses
How can all the numbers be gone, there's an infinite amount?
Kevin H.
Kevin H. Hace 7 meses
When she's lying
Neptune Hace 7 meses
I watched other video and just noticed it was Mckenna Grace-- She looked so different in Haunting Of Hill House lol Anyway this kid is gonna be a big deal, I can already tell. She's really talented.
Glinda Upland
Glinda Upland Hace 7 meses
Is that her natural hair or is it bleached?
Тимотны Курощкаь
Bleached, compare her eyebrows in this movie to hers irl.
MadShepard Hace 8 meses
at 0:45 what is that song? and by whom?
tcandyt Hace 8 meses
This movie makes me want to Learn more about space.🌒
J Sison
J Sison Hace 8 meses
" Don't puke before you get the money, boo." Words to live by.
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos Hace 3 meses
Obayifa Batiste
Obayifa Batiste Hace 7 meses
Amen! 😳🤮 puke after. lol
Jerwin Bluued
Jerwin Bluued Hace 8 meses
This movie is beautiful.
UmmYeahOk Hace 8 meses
This is the strangest reboot of Troop Beverly Hills that I have ever seen!
Bea Benbow The Miss Cute and Mean est.2004
This is going to rock
raj yadav
raj yadav Hace 8 meses
get amazon prime for free @t
vas1900 Hace 8 meses
This movie will be iconic or maybe already is. Great job Amazon
Andy Guthridge
Andy Guthridge Hace 8 meses
I just watched this movie last night. I am full grown adult... I laughed & I cried. It's been awhile since a movie really made me feel something. This movie will be one of my all time favorites alongside the likes of The Goonies & The Sandlot. I absolutely loved this!
kristbjorg999 Hace 3 horas
When you said The Sandlot then I knew I have to watch this film !
Elizabeth M
Elizabeth M Hace 3 meses
Me, too!!! ❤❤❤
Being Maanav
Being Maanav Hace 8 meses
So how was the movie??
LISTENER 2700E Hace 8 meses
Every time I see this advertised on my Fire Stick I can’t help but say “HAIL SATAN! WELCOME TROOP ZERO!”
MrManio1000 Hace 8 meses
0:44 Res Dogs Soundtrack! 🤗
Róisín P
Róisín P Hace 8 meses
what a talented child. i've seen other movies of mckenna and she had perfectly embodied every character she portrayed. she's like dakota of this generation.
Brianna Marshall
Brianna Marshall Hace un mes
YES! I was just thinking that she is like the Dakota Fanning and Chloe Grace Moretz of the current generation.
Julesclues Hace 3 meses
Yes! I really like this girl
SERPENTINE Lord Hace 8 meses
Liberal GARBAGE 🗑
emrence janes
emrence janes Hace 8 meses
This looks crazy
LOGIC ! Hace 8 meses
This movie is awesome.
spread the knowledge save the nature
Loved the movie
Sydney S
Sydney S Hace 8 meses
I auditioned for this movie a while back. I’m no actor but it was an experience. Ofc I didn’t get the role
Hana Hace 2 meses
At least you tried. I could never
Elizabeth M
Elizabeth M Hace 3 meses
Way to be brave!
Rosie_cakes_Fanfics Hace 8 meses
Omg my bestie is in this movie!
MIB Hace 8 meses
I don't know Mckenna Grace is in the movie but she is and will watch this movie
Zeezee A
Zeezee A Hace 8 meses
Watching this for McKenna Grace!
MrFrankthatank77 Hace 8 meses
1:33 tho...especially watch in .25
john Wesson
john Wesson Hace 8 meses
109 joshep where gonna be brides
for the love of home
I can't wait to watch this with my Girl Scout Troop!
GreyBlurd Hace un mes
@viciousKev What's wrong with that? I mean, you gotta learn about that stuff sooner or later. Besides, it's your opinion.
viciousKev Hace 7 meses
Id say its inappropriate for children. Theres alot of cursing and one of the kids is a homosexual, among other questionable material
Kimberly Childs
Kimberly Childs Hace 8 meses
Been waiting to see this with my girls! One is 22 years old & the other 10 years old, & they are both equally as excited. With their age difference, that doesn't happen a lot.
Do you wanna bake bread with Peeta Mellark
They didn’t need to due her eyebrows tho. That was an unnecessary step
Do you wanna bake bread with Peeta Mellark
Mckenna Grace is coming for Dakota Fannings brand
Mochi The Derp
Mochi The Derp Hace 8 meses
I watched this yesterday ❤️ I love it
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