Troye Sivan - Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy (Director’s Cut)

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The Director’s Cut of a Troye Sivan trilogy featuring “WILD,” “FOOLS,” and “TALK ME DOWN”! Check out the continuous storyline as well as never before seen footage!
Breakthrough Long-Form Video Nominee at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards
Directed by Tim Mattia & Produced by Brandon Bonfiglio at London Alley


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Kaka Gamers
Kaka Gamers Hace 7 horas
anying gai kimoch warui geleh pisan
jennelyn dela cruz
jennelyn dela cruz Hace 22 horas
And it makes me so sad =(
Vi Sama
Vi Sama Hace un día
WOW... i'm a fujoshi, so, thank you...
OffGun Slayyy
OffGun Slayyy Hace un día
I’m freaking out coz I can’t take it. This 12 minute, made me feel a lot of things.❤️
Sergioe N
Sergioe N Hace un día
guacala es musica de gays
BADbaby L7
BADbaby L7 Hace 3 días
The 1st time I saw this trilogy I was in tears thr the whole thing and it still makes me teary eyed and it's been a min since. Waiting for the big screen Troye!!!
Mariana Torres
Mariana Torres Hace 3 días
Malec Forever
Malec Forever Hace 3 días
Where is the second part??????? Urghhhhhhhhhhhhh😣😣😣😣
mehnaz Hace 4 días
Puja Sarkar
Puja Sarkar Hace 4 días
Am I the only one who thinks it's just like the book "Finding North" except for the ending? I read the book recently and can't help but think of it as the same and that helps knowing that they get sort of happy ending in a parallel world. I love it so much ❤️! Can never forget the trilogy!!!
Itati Vera Quinancela
2020 y no supero esto
BAST BAKON Hace 4 días
О щет, есть русские из 2020????
Pooh Jaihow
Pooh Jaihow Hace 6 días
As soon as I got the ending, I got goosebumps...
Pooh Jaihow
Pooh Jaihow Hace 6 días
This is my favorite song from him.
Reece Hace 7 días
Spot on
Mako Mochi
Mako Mochi Hace 7 días
This video was and still is a cinematic beauty.
Leilani Santos
Leilani Santos Hace 7 días
i cant a magin this im blest that my home isint a dethtrap.
Groovy Milkshake
Groovy Milkshake Hace 7 días
Growing up with a toxic nd homophobic parent can cost you ur whole life.
unlisted fire bro
unlisted fire bro Hace 7 días
this gayyyyy
Sonja Bengoli
Sonja Bengoli Hace 8 días
I'm currently crying like hell
Damian Michalski
Damian Michalski Hace 8 días
Mój chłopak umarł na nowotwór ale zawsze jak słucham piosenek Twoich to miło go wspominam.
Damian Michalski
Damian Michalski Hace 8 días
Ale on jest ładny ten Troye chciałbym mieć takiego chłopaka.
sef man
sef man Hace 9 días
Piss off adtube and vevo. Especially vevo.
Liam Urrutia
Liam Urrutia Hace 9 días
me being g a y be like ;w;
TidePod Musical
TidePod Musical Hace 9 días
The music lyrics do not fit the video
Faysel Djelti
Faysel Djelti Hace 9 días
Still watching❤❤💜💚😉
An Nguyen
An Nguyen Hace 10 días
What I'm about to say gonna sound selfish and stupid but... Why are handsome boys usually gay? :(
loveโดเรเอหมอน หมอนเบเบเบเบ
Francis Mangalindan
Francis Mangalindan Hace 10 días
I'm just here because i saw my girlfriend's recent history is this one. Tho i don't regret watching this one.
Rock Hard Ride Free
Rock Hard Ride Free Hace 11 días
That's where you poop. Lol
isabella Valentina Casas
Luis Felipe Elizondo
Luis Felipe Elizondo Hace 12 días
que asco esa picha
selfreliance101 Hace 12 días
This is the first time I've seen this and it's absolutely the most beautiful music video I've ever seen. Perfection.
Jeanette Marulli
Jeanette Marulli Hace 12 días
This video is amazing, I just found it, well ESvid suggested it, love the vibe of the song and the video is OMG, amazing and sad and emotional , I need to watch it all when not at work so I can watch it all and figure out the story. From what I saw it is very powerful and I am happy that it gives a voice to boys/men like them. Love is love and I love this
timepassesbye Hace 13 días
very powerful video
Ian 9891
Ian 9891 Hace 13 días
I am still not over this trilogy and its 2020 yalll... :/
Emmanuel Urgena
Emmanuel Urgena Hace 14 días
i mean ts kinda gay
Liquid Luck
Liquid Luck Hace 9 días
That's the point
Lorelei Evans
Lorelei Evans Hace 15 días
I ugly cried so hard
eu zinha
eu zinha Hace 15 días
Eu chorei... chorei, e nao foi pouco...
Mek-Anne Channel
Mek-Anne Channel Hace 16 días
Im going back here, trying to say to Troye to make this as a book i'll buy the trilogy hahahah.
an existing human
an existing human Hace 16 días
It's been 4 years and there still isn't a film for this this world is messed up
Renz Lloyd Roque
Renz Lloyd Roque Hace 17 días
i already engage to this trilogy, loves a lot troye!!!❤️
Ethan Livemere
Ethan Livemere Hace 17 días
It's been over 4 years since I first saw this, and I still 1) Almost cry (or full-on cry) every time 2) Hear "I never ever wanted to pee so bad" I'm sorry, had to get this off my chest.
I am a doge, please, pet me.
This whole video and music is fooking painful for me, because of my empathy - I feel strong pain and discomfort, when I see other people suffering, even if the reason why they suffer is something like love(I had totaly worst and more serious problems, than love) . I know it is dumb, but I can cry, because of pain of others definitely more, than because of my own pain - when something bad happen to me I almost never cry). So I can't listen/ watch it often.
I am a doge, please, pet me.
if anyone feel this weird pain of heart, I only feel it and relly strongly, when I sympathize/feel sorry for someone.
Neetu Chaudhary
Neetu Chaudhary Hace 19 días
This could be a fucking movie,, and I would still watch it over and over again.... LOVE TROYE.
Lion Israelion
Lion Israelion Hace 19 días
Manisha Shrestha
Manisha Shrestha Hace 19 días
This trilogy is super cool. I just want it to be a fabulous movie.❤❤ 2020 anyone ??
Marcos Martínmartínez Paredes
animesh singh
animesh singh Hace 20 días
Ok so comment section is filled with theories that this trilogy is sad because Troye dies. But I found a different meaning of this song. In the second part, they get split because his father threatens to kill them. Ok, then his friend gets married, and Troye gets emotional and runs away. And in the end, a guy is shown running towards a cliff to jump (which is most likely Troye like everyone interpret it, or it might be his friend according to some other logic). Now what i believe, is that, ok they didn't show if that guy actually jumps off the cliff right? Also, if you read about Troye then he said that this video is like an autobiography. So what I believe is that, ok, he went to the cliff, he wanted to jump, but then he realised that life is much bigger than this and you need to accept who you are and enjoy your life. And if you see Troye's life then he was scared about his sexuality but later on he had a boyfriend (they broke up this year). So I believe thst he didn't jump off that cliff but he did accept what he really is. And that's what we all need to do, is accept who we are, appreciate our strengths and enjoy our lives.
Dan Duffy
Dan Duffy Hace 8 horas
@animesh singh he wasn’t with Jacob (the boyfriend he broke up with recently) when he wrote this song. He was with another boyfriend (rumoured to be Conor franta?)
animesh singh
animesh singh Hace 2 días
@Rebeca Rabbit yes they broke up this year
Rebeca Rabbit
Rebeca Rabbit Hace 2 días
I absolutely love this theory. And btw, I know there was like a bunch of rumors saying they broke up. So are they like really broken up?
Hedaya Shona
Hedaya Shona Hace 20 días
Why i cry every time i watch this... Ah i love troye so much 😭😭💜💜💗
Phoenix Chalk
Phoenix Chalk Hace 20 días
4 years later and i still get goosebumps watching this video, it hurts to watch because i can understand to some degree what this is like but it also feels safe like im not alone and one day i'll get away from this situation. idk but it hits me in the feels every time.
reny 851
reny 851 Hace 21 un día
elio and oliver
Tetiana Chorna
Tetiana Chorna Hace 21 un día
Maadi Movies
Maadi Movies Hace 22 días
ooooooohhhh myyyy gd
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez Hace 22 días
Meutia Permata
Meutia Permata Hace 23 días
I forgot this song exist
i can't stop listening to this trilogy masterpiece, thank you troye
Gabriel Mendes
Gabriel Mendes Hace 23 días
man tu e gay
The Talking Titz
The Talking Titz Hace 23 días
Still good to listen to September 28, 2020❤️
jody glasgow
jody glasgow Hace 24 días
like if youre here in 2020
Jerilee Salvador
Jerilee Salvador Hace 24 días
made me fckin cry
Gunnar vang
Gunnar vang Hace 24 días
did he just make a 12 minute song?
wxyfinder Hace 24 días
I have decided to watch this when I feel extra angsty and extra gay
Eyezac Hace 24 días
N T Hace 25 días
Still loving this trio in 2020
shar kim
shar kim Hace 25 días
idk why but i want dontnod to make a game based on this trilogy, it'll be so good
Mo Nic
Mo Nic Hace 26 días
this. is. a. masterpiece.
Frederic Reid
Frederic Reid Hace 26 días
Synznic Hace 26 días
is it just me or i see two boys on the bed
ItsJosh Hace 27 días
We rip out so much of ourselves to be cured of things faster, that we go bankrupt by the age of thirty and have less to offer each time we start with someone new. But to make yourself feel nothing so as not to feel anything - what a waste.
Mathias Lima
Mathias Lima Hace 27 días
Francesca Ulrich
Francesca Ulrich Hace 27 días
2020 and this masterpiece still not having the recognition that deserves
almightyphinn Hace 28 días
I know the lyrics and I still cry whenever I watch
Anila Alina
Anila Alina Hace 28 días
Do céu ao inferno em 12 minutos
The Fishy Life !
The Fishy Life ! Hace un mes
This is a masterpiece!!!! This should of been paid so much more attention to however sadly I think mainstream media doesn't like this kind of content but anyone with common sense can't deny the genius and talent of this kid!!!!!
aien maxine
aien maxine Hace un mes
I am mentally crying (if that's possible) cause I didn't know this exists, been loving and supporting this angel troye for a couple of years now and I didn't know this exists.
Yoav Milikow
Yoav Milikow Hace un mes
World's longest song
Liquid Luck
Liquid Luck Hace un mes
its 3 songs each one is 4 minutes
waldemar stepak
waldemar stepak Hace un mes
falc00n Hace un mes
Why are you here
Marcos Hace un mes
i depressed
Gillian Allan
Gillian Allan Hace un mes
Wow. Tears and a lump in my throat 😢
Dewi Anggie
Dewi Anggie Hace un mes
Kamu ganteng tapi kamu gay. so sad ;( sama aku aja sini dari pada sama laki lagiiiiiiii huaaaaa geliiiiii
黑洞_ Hace un mes
You’re so beautiful
Sandro Barbosa
Sandro Barbosa Hace un mes
Nice track,i like this song.
Ashley Garza
Ashley Garza Hace un mes
Why can this be a movie it will be the best movie that I will ever seen!!!... Like if you with me if they should.
Ashley Garza
Ashley Garza Hace un mes
Men, I love this song and it sad nobody has to go through this...:( if any of my friends are through this I be there for them...
Katherine With Friends
great video
IFN XYZ Hace un mes
I wish my childhood was exactly like this... Up until the bad parts.
Lucas Brendow
Lucas Brendow Hace un mes
Estefany Morales Dominguez
Me quede o-o asi ira pero si esta bonita la música la verdad, el chico si tiene una hermosa voz .
Michèle Rancurel
Michèle Rancurel Hace un mes
Dans l'amour il n'y a pas de genre, il y a juste deux coeurs qui battent à l'unisson...
Sanjana Basu
Sanjana Basu Hace un mes
I think Trilogies are the best things. It just shows how great the musician is. I was watching the Cardigan Trilogy and it reminded me of the Blue Neighbourhood Trilogy. Suggest any other trilogies if you guys know!
jen Hace un mes
Who watches this in 2020 Semptember
natalia Hace un mes
what does the sir says at 7:38 to 7:42 ?? english isn't my first language and i can't understand it 😔
PINk Delish
PINk Delish Hace un mes
Still listening in 2020 💕❤️💕
Lizeth Limeta C.
Lizeth Limeta C. Hace un mes
This is too beatiful, but at the same time very sad.
Leighla Hace un mes
10:17 I can't be the only one who heard "Dickspectations"
Yeonbin Choi
Yeonbin Choi Hace un mes
Who else come because of Taehyun🌚
JounkD Hace un mes
uhh so disturbing
Liquid Luck
Liquid Luck Hace un mes
ActionCat2000 Hace un mes
This is heartbreaking
heybaybay058 Hace un mes
this trilogy is a representation my greatest fear
Jing Yan Tan
Jing Yan Tan Hace un mes
Here in 2020?
A continuación
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old songs but it's lofi remix