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We’re wide awake now. Listen to True Damage’s debut single “GIANTS,” as seen at Worlds 2019.
Formed by K/DA’s rapper Akali (SOYEON of (G)I-DLE), True Damage is a virtual hip-hop group that fuses the raw vocal talents of Ekko (Thutmose, Duckwrth), Senna (Keke Palmer), and Qiyana (Becky G) with Yasuo’s signature production in a cutting-edge collaboration. Run the Rift with new True Damage skins for all five champs.
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True Damage - “GIANTS”
Featured artists: Becky G, Keke Palmer, SOYEON of (G)I-DLE, DUCKWRTH, and Thutmose
Written by: Riot Music Team, Harloe, DUCKWRTH, and Thutmose
Korean translation by: Lydia Paek and Minji Kim
Produced by: Riot Music Team
Vocal production by: Riot Music Team and Benjamin Rice
Mixed by: Riot Music Team
Mastered by: Mike Bozzi at Bernie Grundman
Vocals performed by: Becky G, Keke Palmer, SOYEON of (G)I-DLE, DUCKWRTH, and Thutmose
Music Video: Created in partnership with The Line Animation
Footage of the Eiffel Tower filmed on location in Paris, France
©Pierre Bideau, Lighting Designer, for the golden lighting of the Eiffel Tower. Permission for use granted to Riot Games, inc by the SETE
Moving too fast life is moving in slow-mo
I’m a god better ask if you don’t know
Homie better put your pride aside
I’m a Benz and you’re more like a Volvo

Your best stuff looks like my worst, synapses fire and burst
Got the whole crew with me, ‘bout to deal damage, you know we ain’t average

I ain’t gonna say this again, but this is my time better look in my eyes
I’m a genius in disguise, wear my heart on my sleeve and you forced to oblige to a king in his Prime
everybody get in Line
sit back, watch the stars Align
I finesse like my life on the Line
was a diamond in the rough and now I Shine

Ay… no one can stop us they’ll try but they won’t
Ay… nada nos puede parar, oh no!

We’re wide awake now, our eyes are wide open
We’re running this world, we keeping it turning
We’re living like Giants (yea Giants)
We’re bigger than Giants (we Giants)
Oh oh oh oh

Sleeping Giants, sleeping, sleeping Giants

Shutting it down, been underground now my people all up in this place
Spinning this thing, gold on my ring, royalty up in my veins
I’m loco, think I’m so cold, I stay stunting, ain’t no goin' back
Now they ask where QiQi’s at, I'm like you can't hang with that

쏟아져 빛이 멀게 돼 눈이
멈추진 않아 once we go
날카로운 날로 뭐든 베어
빨리 달려 넌! 못.따.라. 와~
True Damage we do it, True Damage 보여줄게 뭐든 쉽게
이기든지든 My crew make the beat drop
Ay… no one can stop us they’ll try but they won’t
Ay… nada nos puede parar, oh no!

We’re wide awake now, our eyes are wide open
We’re running this world, we keeping it turning
We’re living like Giants (yea Giants)
We’re bigger than Giants (we Giants)

Ya thought that we were weak, but we coming right back
This time ya gonna see, how we do it like that
We’re living like Giants (yea Giants)
We’re bigger than Giants (we Giants)
Oh oh oh oh

Sleeping Giants, sleeping, sleeping Giants

I keep on shattering time
I might just leave you behind
Homie you stuck on rewind
You should quit sleeping on mines, you got your back on recline
When I damage your delicate spine, please don’t act all shy and surprised

They be like... They be like!
What you mean, what is your winning scheme?
I got a giant team, big as my self-esteem
Run it back, run it back, running man
They think they go hard I'm like come again
You run out of time when I’m bustin’ in, while you stumbling, I got this blade in my hand for your punishment

We’re wide awake now, our eyes are wide open
We’re running this world, we keeping it turning
We’re living like Giants (yea Giants)
We’re bigger than Giants (we Giants)

Ya thought that we were weak, but we coming right back
This time ya gonna see, how we do it like that
We’re living like Giants (yea Giants)
We’re bigger than Giants (we Giants)
Oh oh oh oh

Sleeping Giants, sleeping, sleeping GIANTS

Tracks and albums from the makers of League of Legends: esvid.net/u-RiotGamesIncplaylists?shelf_id=23&sort=dd&view=50
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10 nov 2019






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Özhan Egemen İyit
Özhan Egemen İyit Hace un hora
ege topsakal
ege topsakal Hace 2 horas
tek türk benmiyim
Adam Smith
Adam Smith Hace 2 horas
steven universe songs
LAB Hace 3 horas
if you try to sing like ekko you will be like: aojdoasjdasjdasdamsofvdsf
Driftor The Rainbow Tachanka
Im not into rap and hiphop but this is banger
pants Hace 4 horas
We need a comeback 🥺
El moli Kanguiroje
El moli Kanguiroje Hace 5 horas
Ekko's entrance breaks the rhythm a bit, at least I don't like that
vivi aleyda
vivi aleyda Hace 5 horas
Emerald Knight
Emerald Knight Hace 7 horas
Why is ekko face opposite side flag of sweden?
Ember Marquart
Ember Marquart Hace 7 horas
Yasuo be like I dont need words i just need amazing DJ skills
Integra Domai
Integra Domai Hace 7 horas
This video was sick af
Dave Winchester
Dave Winchester Hace 11 horas
Man, the music industry is really sleeping on animated music videos
Elenore's World
Elenore's World Hace 11 horas
This is a very good song and even coli is in the music vid from kda WOW
konistanza 13 2005
konistanza 13 2005 Hace 11 horas
El man rapea de lo mas bien me gusta su estilo
salvador orozco
salvador orozco Hace 12 horas
2:09 probably my favorite part. and yes im still watching this in 2020 quarantine 👍
Ski Hace 13 horas
True damage has a better song then KDA and that's a fact
Kao Vang
Kao Vang Hace 13 horas
K/DA > TRUE Damage
pants Hace 4 horas
If you don't like true damage then don't listen you fangirl. These are two different kinds of music
Mini tomate
Mini tomate Hace 14 horas
ESvid: Do you want to skip this ad? *We don't do that here.*
Depiedra Hace 14 horas
Everyone: Singing Yasuo: He cant singing because he muted by teammates
Jaiden Lucero
Jaiden Lucero Hace 14 horas
is it me or does the start sound like akali's rap in kda?
Jaiden Lucero
Jaiden Lucero Hace 12 horas
@Choi San .o. i dont know anything about lore or whos who so thanks :D
Choi San
Choi San Hace 14 horas
It’s because that’s her
Tom Artista.TopChannel
is nocopyright?
PR0G4M3R Hace 16 horas
if you are a riot games fan and if you are FROM TURKEY pres this button ⇓⇓⇓
Jordy Etienne
Jordy Etienne Hace 18 horas
this music is fire :)
Harley Quin
Harley Quin Hace 19 horas
Yasuo is dj
Roger William Assi
Roger William Assi Hace 22 horas
Senna diff.
mohamed ahmed
mohamed ahmed Hace un día
cat jam
HUhu Stupidow
HUhu Stupidow Hace un día
We want True Damage COMEBACK!!!
sfdajkhdafdjk sdgffgdflgd
lol: gg ez says ban lol giant: GG EZ
Jax Hace un día
imagine yasuo singing in filipino with toxic lyrics lmao
cagan emre
cagan emre Hace un día
I love akali
Julainツ Hace un día
Yes that moment where Yasuo leaves Ionia to become a T-Posing Dj and become a part of True Damage
I. Robles
I. Robles Hace un día
I need a loop with just the transition rap of 2:10
Darren Kit Simpliciano
This can be a team Top: Akali Jungle: Ekko Mid: Qiyana Adc: Yasuo Supp: Senna
Lord Mango
Lord Mango Hace un día
In this fictional universe, the whole True Damage squad is trilingual. Pretty freaking sweet
AstroBabe CosmicWaves
Where the new song at? I can’t wait anymore, I’ll die!!😭😭😭
Nevie Hace un día
soyeon queen other artista good too
Can Fidan
Can Fidan Hace un día
niec riot thats goooooooood
ARMY FOREVER Hace un día
If y’all see the way the RIOT Music staff and everybody in the room was so happy to see Soyeon again if you watch her behind the scenes for “TRUE DAMAGE”. They look mad genuine honestly.
Cleidimar Oliveira
Cleidimar Oliveira Hace un día
HICA Hace un día
where my yasuo mains at with the T pose
Chofi _80
Chofi _80 Hace un día
02:10 😌✨
Grayson Bigler
Grayson Bigler Hace un día
maby its just me but i can see all of them as jojo chericters
ReyGamez Hace un día
Is no one gonna talk about the beat switch or what?
alvaro flores
alvaro flores Hace un día
soyeon :)
Ace Nightcores
Ace Nightcores Hace un día
Elizabeth Zothangpui
Soyeon 💓💓💓
Why do you guys have a lot of complaints about Akali's Korean rapping? I think the Acaly lapping and the voice are excellent :)
vedat yılmaz
vedat yılmaz Hace un día
yasuo is a king
jules! Hace un día
ekko is my boyyyy
방현우 Hace un día
K/DA가 레전드였어 True damage도 만만치 않구만!
Sandra Garcia
Sandra Garcia Hace un día
La cancion se mezclo un poquito con how You like that de. Blackpink
Jovana Jovanović
Jovana Jovanović Hace un día
Black Live matters!
초월 Hace un día
Wow ekko
king_sishui Hace un día
2:09 that transition between yasuo and ekko is creative AH
Nopprat Sampaudee
Nopprat Sampaudee Hace 2 días
2090I'm still listening
Immortalsniper0 Hace 2 días
Where the f is true damage Ekko prestige?
Daga rashi
Daga rashi Hace 2 días
2:39 Ekko just activated Bite za dusto smh
Jumbojam Pescador
Jumbojam Pescador Hace 2 días
league of legends is cooler then stupid mobile legends
daniel D.R.
daniel D.R. Hace 2 días
Ekko SUper choque, fodase
Gabriel Urbano
Gabriel Urbano Hace 2 días
Likes para este vídeo suscríbete y activa la campanita de este 👁️👄👁️
God Hace 2 días
The animation im blessed 😭
G Gabriel
G Gabriel Hace 2 días
We living like giants
이름. Hace 2 días
Riel Jacob Bekemeyer
Everyone talking bout T-posing yasuo but how about T-posing paint ekko?
statrix gaming
statrix gaming Hace 2 días
Yea this song is awsome!
Tao Ya
Tao Ya Hace 2 días
Plot twist... the yasuo didnt have mic
Andrej Seitz
Andrej Seitz Hace 2 días
Is there a version without Ekko? Idk, I kinda like the song, at least Qiyanas, Sennas and Akalis part.
Andrej Seitz
Andrej Seitz Hace 2 días
I just like the female voices more, nothing to do with racist.
THC_FifaGIRL Hace 2 días
What's wrong with Ekko? he literally ate this song up. I don't play this game I only like it bcz of their songs and cinematics. Don't be rude.
2 Hace 2 días
Lil Hale-Weaver-Shannon
says voice box
Lil Hale-Weaver-Shannon
ant worth the dime, thanks sneed. head master smee is not me you see, ask stumpy or seamore i see i see said the blind man to the tree i see isee. Says - tree of war
El. C.
El. C. Hace 2 días
becky g ate this
Degeneratefest Hace 2 días
It's almost been a year since this dropped and Ekko's solo still gives me the chills especially since the animation is just eye-gasmic.
Luis Gustavo Valdez Daza
el mejor 1
Mariana Diaz
Mariana Diaz Hace 2 días
q cool canción
Patrícia Oliveira
Patrícia Oliveira Hace 2 días
Eu Procurando a traducao no google Traducao nas descricoes: 👁👄👁💅
Alex_TheForest Hace 2 días
Yea, this is actually the worst worlds song by far.
Choi San
Choi San Hace 2 días
Ur taste is actually bad wtf this is a bop
nobigdeal4me Hace 2 días
This isn't even a Worlds song smh
Andrew Plourde
Andrew Plourde Hace 2 días
Man, I love this song
Tilasco_10 Gamer
Tilasco_10 Gamer Hace 2 días
Ace Sarmiento
Ace Sarmiento Hace un día
Hahahhahah no. Ive had this on repeat for weeks during its launch.
Miguel Hace 3 días
man, phoenix got bars
Cerotic Hace 3 días
league better collab with marshmellow
myisha Hace 3 días
I love how akali is getting breast feed by riot now
Jake Playz
Jake Playz Hace 3 días
The Diamond Planet
The Diamond Planet Hace 3 días
니닝닛 Hace 3 días
여기에 베뎃이 영어로만 되있어서 뭐라는지 모르겠다;
no on
no on Hace 3 días
Google 번역을 사용해야합니다, lol
emanuel salati
emanuel salati Hace 3 días
the quartering
peter duart
peter duart Hace 3 días
i estou curtindo this song juntamente with my grandfather TEODOMIRO, yasuo trash. noc 100% critical.
Livi Garza
Livi Garza Hace 3 días
Ayeee Becky g getting it!
Tran Organ
Tran Organ Hace 3 días
When A girl sing Korean in this song: Me: I don't really care. When A girl sing Korean in Popstar: Me: WHOOOOSE
Anderson Gutierrez
Anderson Gutierrez Hace 3 días
Nadien absolutamente nadien Yo: hablando español Jajaj
Baylen Miller
Baylen Miller Hace 3 días
This song is for successful streamers. Who else could relate to “we’re living like giants”
Cerge Dale
Cerge Dale Hace 3 días
T pose
VaCham TV
VaCham TV Hace 3 días
Me having 1k stack on nasus: We livin like GIANTS
ᄋᄋ Hace 3 días
Lee Sin:EKKO!!!!
Anjali Naik
Anjali Naik Hace 3 días
I love Akali rapping and Becky g vioce
NucleR Gaming
NucleR Gaming Hace 3 días
Is HE the champions in VALORANT
Louel Heart A. Tinoy
I forgot this song lol
Catherine Pirates
Catherine Pirates Hace 4 días
Man i really love the rap
Elison Velasco
Elison Velasco Hace 4 días
Me tooo 🙂
Akira Hace 4 días
Yasuo 😳😳
Jeejington Hace 4 días
It's funny how this did really well and yet Riot decides to only focus on KDA smh
Ace Sarmiento
Ace Sarmiento Hace un día
@Michael Fernando Yo we need that Pentakill album Riot promised first.
Michael Fernando
Michael Fernando Hace 2 días
@Brenda Camila is that just some prediction or someone from riot make the schedule?
Brenda Camila
Brenda Camila Hace 4 días
2018 KDA 2019 True Damage 2020 KDA comeback 2021 True Damage comeback
noah Jang
noah Jang Hace 4 días
I’m satisfied with the Korean language
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