Trump Attacks the 2020 Democrats: A Closer Look

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Seth takes a closer look at President Trump attacking Democrats running for president and those investigating him in Congress.
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Trump Attacks the 2020 Democrats: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


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12 feb 2019

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Comentarios 3 839
Amparo Howell
Amparo Howell Hace 14 minutos
Go Trump 👏👏👏 and build the wall!
bensharkey Hace 5 horas
But... why was there a civil war? bahahahahhaah... That got the biggest laugh from me. God help US.
Gabriel Mihnea
Gabriel Mihnea Hace 7 horas
a big LOL from europe. Too bad the Trump show will end soon lmao. not happy about whats happening in the US but this kind of idiot is born once in a planet`s lifetime.
Megan Elsa
Megan Elsa Hace 11 horas
😁😁😁 rofl ha ha ha!! 😁😁😁
Daniel O'Neill
Daniel O'Neill Hace 12 horas
What went wrong in your "system" goes back to '69. Or earlier really.
Matt Thomas
Matt Thomas Hace 17 horas
Hey Seth......you don’t know everything....you are not a reporter....stop spreading propaganda......
Bárbara Negrón
Bárbara Negrón Hace un día
Wow, trump is dumber than I thought.
furley whoo
furley whoo Hace un día
planet__ X
planet__ X Hace un día
Since when do liberals care about history?. How will they portray Obama? As a god or a corrup community activist who was given a free pass on everything?
MD Mattis
MD Mattis Hace un día
Lets congratulate the Liberal lying media responsible for the deaths of over 2 million South Vietnamese at the hands of the communists but let the sheep of this country buy the liberal crap spewed by every marxist media source....lets all listen to the lies of Brian Williams....Tom Brokaw.....Dan Rather.....and on and on!
MD Mattis
MD Mattis Hace un día
You gotta love the ignorant left....pushing for Socialism so America can be the next Venezuela? Freaking Morons
Mel Cheese
Mel Cheese Hace un día
The tweet wasn’t racist because he didn’t say anything damaging towards native americans. He was talking about the person trying to play identity politics.
刘宇龙 Hace un día
叔叔,跟你说喔,䲔魚叔叔枉冤死在和动物互学習,而東土佛道僧佬尊会和狐狸通心知性,,,䲔魚叔叔卻和动物互学交心下枉冤,死掉,,,怎麽辨,,,?。 哪又为什麼和狐狸会通心智,卻旧摩祖和達摩通天旧方舟期而无通,,,呢?,是同期而假无通无知而使聖元素急巡旧否?,无助於逹摩和摩西以及丘处男和济師,,,何又弑幼善童众,,,呢?,但,,,众喜方舟後後鈔率利律学校,,,和旧众无干,且倒追小龙之众女,也不喜此佬仿众和探学,,,皆後期白手套诈财之仿聖和使,,,古物鑑定後團众勿脱團,,,但,視旧古堡以及修贞女众会助渡化,,,否?,Y哉?。
GIA POS Hace un día
All of us lesbian must unite now to take over this country and get ride of all horrible males of every kind once and for all !!!
M Chaney
M Chaney Hace un día
lmfao anyone who thinks they are going to beat an incumbent president, is a fool.
plutorama Hace un día
Whattaya gonna do! Trump’s dentures get loose sometimes.
Jesus is cunt
Jesus is cunt Hace un día
Seth Meyers, you are idiot. You are sitting on your bum , and criticising another people. Very easy. Donald Trump, have a very hard job, trying to protect America from criminals, drags and lots of another stuff. He’s doing for America more, than another president before. He needs a help and more support.
Don Princo
Don Princo Hace un día
My dream DEM ticket is Biden/Schiff.
Ahbooo Booohooohooo
Ahbooo Booohooohooo Hace 2 días
Prez has actually done everything he’s campaigned on and was elected for. Keep trashing and promoting hate oddly enough, tribalism will come and bite ya back eventually. True American patriots do not see color, creed, race, religion, likes or dislikes. We are not going to pick me over you. We are all being divided and separated by those in the media and by the political adversaries. What people should be doing is holding your elected politicians accountable. Replace them when they are not doing what they say they would do when they were elected. Unbelievable how much hate and the level of verbal discord I’m seeing here. I am watching the citizens of the greatest nation on earth devolve. Awful.
McDouche77 Hace 2 días
Not impressed with any Democratic candidate at the moment.
Bill Bailey
Bill Bailey Hace 2 días
Trump may not know why there was a Civil War. I do. So do you, Seth. But you won't say. Have a look, America. Why. Who started it. Why it had to be fought. The ramifications since. esvid.net/video/vídeo-g_a7dQXilCo.html You do know Hell opens wider for you don't you, Seth?
Billy bob ,AKA Brook Walton AKA Hadley
He does and he did!
Billy bob ,AKA Brook Walton AKA Hadley
The democrats lost the civil war.
Bill Bailey
Bill Bailey Hace 2 días
True to a point. There was a phase after the Civil War. esvid.net/video/vídeo-g_a7dQXilCo.html Check it out. It explains EXACTLY why Seth Meyers takes chunks out of President Trump.
Billy bob ,AKA Brook Walton AKA Hadley
Trump did more than just ruffle the feathers of the liberal losers he turned them all into hysterical jack asses.
Billy bob ,AKA Brook Walton AKA Hadley
No stupid it’s the sun that drives weather on earth not CO2
Bill Bailey
Bill Bailey Hace 2 días
True. The sun has just entered a solar minimum which some suggest could last 60 years. The last time it happened the Thames froze every year and fairs were erected for Londoners (also called Cockneys).
Billy bob ,AKA Brook Walton AKA Hadley
Another moron toots his horn.
Billy bob ,AKA Brook Walton AKA Hadley
The Democratic Party is dead!
Billy bob ,AKA Brook Walton AKA Hadley
The Democrats have shown the world how corrupt and filthy they play politics they’re liars not to mention pissing away millions and millions on some fantasy collusion.
Billy bob ,AKA Brook Walton AKA Hadley
You moron the Democrats of been attacking the president nonstop.
A Rivera
A Rivera Hace 2 días
LOL Rourke is not a challenger... at all.
Mark W.
Mark W. Hace 2 días
Ellen's panties are in a wad.
Tyleride16 Hace 2 días
“I was talking to a friend’s little girl, and she said she wanted to be President some day. Both of her parents, liberal Democrats, were standing there, so I asked her, ‘If you were to be the President, what is the first thing you would do?’ She replied, ‘I’d give food and houses to all the homeless people.’ ‘Wow - what a worthy goal.’ I told her, ‘You don’t have to wait until you’re President to do that. You can come over to my house and mow, pull weeds, and sweep my sidewalks and driveway, and I’ll pay you $50. Then I’ll take you over to the grocery store where the homeless guy hangs out, and you can give him the $50 to use toward food or a new house.’ She thought that over for a few seconds ‘cause she’s only 6. And while her Mom glared at me, the little girl looked me straight in the eye and asked, “Why doesn’t the homeless guy come over and do the work, and you can just pay him the $50?” And I said, “Welcome to the Republican Party.”
Tyleride16 Hace 2 días
Bill Bailey It’s a shame that the Republican Party is against abortion then.
Bill Bailey
Bill Bailey Hace 2 días
She will never get the chance if her mother aborts her.
wild child 1970s Jennings
Where do all these fakes keep comeing from never heard of them
mm 2018
mm 2018 Hace 3 días
Can I get a Trump mod in GTA V
LOST TECH Hace 3 días
Your a clown on a clown show staring at a screen lowers your IQ significantly science fact
Acidtrip6969 Hace 3 días
I'm the middle. I think that all the dems has much as 1024 chance in winning and even lower if that Coffee CEO guy runs too. I Think trump just might win 2020. Bring on the haters.
Bill Bailey
Bill Bailey Hace 2 días
Trump will win 2020. I have it on good authority. The best. A slam dunk. Nothing to do with the Russians. I said good authority.
I'm your REAL dad.
I'm your REAL dad. Hace 3 días
When Seth Meyers isn't busy giving free BJ's at the local YMCA......He's doing ANOTHER lame story about Trump.
chuyo caca
chuyo caca Hace 3 días
son let me explain what the 45th was all about?... "Dad we already now! he was a Mistake!" "son you are going places! but promise Us this please before we leave here, never get into politics* and never get your own Ego so inflated if you were to succeed? in Business or else? this could end up happening to you as well? ' Don't worry dad i will choose to help mankind! instead " that's my boy!
chuyo caca
chuyo caca Hace 3 días
Okay! lets just come out and say it!...Sean Hannity is already busy at work ! building Trump's wall ? but only before dark comes! for the Dementors only come out at night! looking for not just he but also his' Boss!@
Rebecca Roten
Rebecca Roten Hace 3 días
I know absolutely nothing about Amy Klobuchar, but that snow video makes her look pretty hard core.
Krumple Themal
Krumple Themal Hace 3 días
Trump is the embodiment of the entire US political system. If you honestly think a democrat would fix anything then you are dumber than Trump.
Some One
Some One Hace 3 días
Beto wants to tear down our walls while border patrol leadership said we need more barriers.
Debbie Richardson
Debbie Richardson Hace 3 días
They are all scum.
gm99mar Hace 3 días
Hardly a blue-wave election...
Ryan Adam
Ryan Adam Hace 3 días
Trump should be thanking them. Theyre literally giving him the election again.
country city
country city Hace 3 días
while all you vile ass phony's / waist of human space's attack trump 24/7 365 and any brainwashed naive delusional republican's who watch all these circus 🎪 side vile freak liberal puppet show's are just as vile and phony ass the liberal's -
marineforlife mclean
And the left has AOC, who just chased Amazon and 25,000 jobs out of New York, you know, cause she's just trying to "help" the people of her state, and is trying to chase even more companies out of the US with her hair-brained tax plan...
Derek Currie
Derek Currie Hace 4 días
#MyStupidPresident appeals to high school dropouts and acts like a high school dropout. Pray for sanity in my country.
Rimrock300 Hace 4 días
Weather and climate has nothing to do which each other, everyone knows it. I live in a desert climate, but there is 3 feet of snow most of the year. You see, totally nothing to do with eachother
Eddie Ohearn
Eddie Ohearn Hace 4 días
Might not be dry mouth, his bridge is likely slipping. Can’t wait to see him talking and his teeth come flying out.
Daniel Melcher
Daniel Melcher Hace 4 días
This show is still on,should of been cancelled a long time ago
dephxaz Hace 4 días
Trump knows his 30% base only listen to him and Fox News.
oil9vinergar Hace 4 días
those NYChitholes are saying, "we're on taxpayers' dole and don't need jobs and don't need the dignity of work" ideology by: Ocasio-Cortez = Chavez rotten-fruit = Venezuela and slavery of socialism....
Dave Ridlespriger
Dave Ridlespriger Hace 4 días
Sherman Brown sent me. (8
Jeffrey Morton
Jeffrey Morton Hace 4 días
Karl Marx insisted that violence and revolution were necessary to achieve socialism and communism, because the rich and powerful won’t relinquish wealth and power without a fight. Given the oppressive and exploitative nature of capitalism, revolutions are inevitable. As Lenin pointed out, revolutions happen when two conditions are satisfied: (i) the ruling-class can no longer carry on ruling in the same old way, and (ii) the working class won't let them.
Digital_Utopia Hace 4 días
God bless the United Shaysh
TEDx TV Hace 4 días
TEDx TV Hace 4 días
albeit ProfoundComedyInReality
Penguine Sandra
Penguine Sandra Hace 4 días
I dont think Rump, aka Drumpf, will be running in 2020. please Mueller, hurry it up!
Penguine Sandra
Penguine Sandra Hace 4 días
I think tRump is on drugs.
Penguine Sandra
Penguine Sandra Hace 4 días
tRump is stupid. How did fools vote for this idiot? smh.
Debbie Richardson
Debbie Richardson Hace 4 días
Lets face it. The democrats already have the 2020 election fixed their way. My honest opinion. America has been taken away from Americans. Satan controls with his evil democrats.
Julia Yenia
Julia Yenia Hace 4 días
Yes they have the election fixed for them! With that republican president? Just count the "I'm from [non-US nation] and I know what the Trial of Tears is" comments on this video. Of course there are still people thinking that a trade war is actually benefiting the US, or that "trade deficit" means "oh, other nations are stealing from us!" instead of "other nations aren't very keen to buy from us", or that DT is actually doing something for the miners or areas like the Appalachians (though I'd love for some1 to tell me _what_ he is really doing for them?), ... ... but mostly, DT's presidency has shot republican credibility to hell and back, along with the idea that reducing females to their sexual attractiveness is an amusing little peccadillo. And yes, America has been taken away from a lot of Americans. But I can't blame DT for that alone - cutting taxes for the rich and funding for projects supporting those in need certainly didn't help, but the huge income gap and shrinking middle class were there before him. As for Satan ... well, blaming some religious entity or other for what's going wrong is an old hat. I know of examples where that made things worse, but not really of one where it made things better.
Malina Fiolek
Malina Fiolek Hace 4 días
Your only hope is Bernie Sanders, pray he lives 100 years. Seriously. Nothing else will do.
Malina Fiolek
Malina Fiolek Hace 4 días
The crook, the clown, and an idiot. Bravo!!! You could not fetch yourself anything better to represent you. The whole world is laughing.
A Paris
A Paris Hace 4 días
this administration is exhausting
Robert Harris
Robert Harris Hace 4 días
Elizabeth Warren 2020
El Dub
El Dub Hace 4 días
Passing the ASVAB should be a prerequisite for the presidency.
Julia Yenia
Julia Yenia Hace 4 días
That's the troubles with a system designed by more-or-less honest, idealistic, hard-working, sane and intelligent men: They kind of assumed that they were designing it for more or less honest, sane and intelligent men. I doubt they could have imagined the access to information we have today, or the riches, or the shocking loss of shame. (I don't refer to sexuality. More like lack of honesty, lack of empathy or pure greed being sanctioned by public media.) Or, a darker option: they figured that surely the proud inhabitants of the Shining City of the Hill wouldn't sink to such a level. And if they did, they'd deserve what they voted for.
Darryl Robbins
Darryl Robbins Hace 4 días
QS729 Hace 4 días
UMM ACTUALLY the cold in the mid west right now is record low BECAUSE OF GLOBAL WARMING. This is because a part of the polar vortex broke off due to the heat and changes in wind patterns and ended up over there. Which meant it brought cold and wind and storms...
GOOD MAN Hace 4 días
Lol I will vote for you if you go inside.
Mary Kallin
Mary Kallin Hace 4 días
Trump, Best Prez ever.... suck it dims.. yes dims..
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent Hace 4 días
Mary Kallin 🍊🍄💩 supporters are *easily* the stupidest people in this country.
Lorisa214 Hace 4 días
Amy better win!!! Commitment!!
carschmn Hace 4 días
Amy covered in snow was really priceless
Dorky Pork
Dorky Pork Hace 4 días
I feel like Seth Meyers is secretly in love with Trump seeing as it's 90% of his material.
Julia Yenia
Julia Yenia Hace 4 días
Meaning if you spend enough time complaining about school and/or your math teacher ...
Delbar Ghahreman
Delbar Ghahreman Hace 4 días
Cerex Flikex
Cerex Flikex Hace 4 días
Too dumb to be racist, lmao
marion baldwin
marion baldwin Hace 4 días
Klobuchar!!! Wasn't there a president that did the same thing? Then died of pneumonia? Hmmm
StormerSage Hace 5 días
When did we cross over into this strange timeline?
Julia Yenia
Julia Yenia Hace 4 días
I'm kind of hoping that it may have been 7th November of 2000. I like to think there is a time line where the US are a country full of well-informed people who are happy to cooperate with other nations in combating one of the greatest dangers we are all facing right now. _Without_ military invention.
Sam P'h
Sam P'h Hace 5 días
Matt Whitaker looks like a character from an epsiode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
Kokún de Nazareth
Kokún de Nazareth Hace 5 días
Can't believe anyone still listen, much less believe anything that retard tRump says at all.
Robin Wilson-Sauls
Robin Wilson-Sauls Hace 5 días
WAIT A MINUTE-did the same Black Man attend Warrens rally; as RUMPS-look right behind her; that Gentleman looks quite similar. No a good move-tic for tat!
Pianopub Hace 5 días
6:13-6:48--What is the old saying--"better to be quiet and thought a fool than open your mouth and prove it"! I didn't know anyone who grew up in the US (graduated from college) could be that ignorant of basic US history. Trump has made some idiotic statements since his presidency, but good grief!!
Colin Chicoine
Colin Chicoine Hace 5 días
Trump 2020! Yea!
Black Conservatives rock
democrats still salty hillary lost .lol
Black Conservatives rock
all the failed attempts by the dummycrats . lets see this list .russino collusion - failed/ stormy daniels -failed /bashing trump for fixing relations with n.korea -failed / brett kavanough lies - failed /robert mueller investigation on trumps colleges -failed /stoping him from building the wall -failed /state of the union 1st attempt - failed / second attempt they got smoked -failed /now it seems like all the corrupt democra politicians want to be next president knowing they have no chance with the troll king .-failed / yall keep losing . The only reason you baffoons think your winning is becouse you keep watching the fake news so they can feed your tds syndrome . they keep you mad for no reaason . trump is for the citizens of america not mexico ,not syria, not venezuella and not elsalvadore . he is for americans unlike obitchass bama who did everything to screw over americans only to help non citizens . Democrats like giving away money to other nations for no gain . wtf that doesnt even make sense . anyway im sure one of you idiots are not even going to comment on what im saying instead youde comment on my typing . lol mindless imbeciles.
Black Conservatives rock
Black Conservatives rock
Benjamin Alan
Benjamin Alan Hace 5 días
You sound dumb
Sand Stew
Sand Stew Hace 5 días
I wish everyone would ignore his bullying and stick to the facts
Angelic Vixen
Angelic Vixen Hace 5 días
America has normalized stupidity it seems.
Hazel English
Hazel English Hace 5 días
My god the man has no sense of decorum
faisal ahmed
faisal ahmed Hace 5 días
United Shtash 4:19
Joshua Snore
Joshua Snore Hace 5 días
His mouth is always dry from all the adderall he is sniffing. Also his dentures need more glue.
Potwheelz Hace 5 días
I think Trump actually has Dental issues that make him slur his speaking.
kagandragon Hace 5 días
amy wht
David Daugherty
David Daugherty Hace 5 días
Teachers have a hard enough job let's barow a page of how to erase a ruler or destroy every thing that has the trump in it on it possible take the trump card out of history like Egypt did wiped him from the history books in now days DELEATED from history and siblings to hay if you're a teacher and reading this thank you for having the courage and compation to teach and impact the lives of many children that will be adults and use what you have lernd them at most critical times thanks for being a teacher
P.O.D Enduro
P.O.D Enduro Hace 5 días
Do any of these Democrats that are running even think they have the slightest chance of beating trump? Surely they cant seriously believe they can... they are wasting their time..
Marquesha Walker
Marquesha Walker Hace 5 días
A glass of sand
Ed Hace 5 días
trump is an asshole....nuff said
Walk-in Mysoes
Walk-in Mysoes Hace 5 días
I really hope that the US learned its lesson on what to do on the next election!
Walk-in Mysoes
Walk-in Mysoes Hace 5 días
I just can't wait to see him out of office and reading everything that has been written about him! He's sheltered right now but boy! I can't wait! That's going to be KARMA at its best!
Kelly Kurt
Kelly Kurt Hace 5 días
I am not racist, misogynist, or partisan. Still, I would not like be a woman of color. Nor any minority or non-christian; in this country (or many others)
Joseph Blow
Joseph Blow Hace 5 días
Trump is also so much more stupid than Minnesotans, who all know that it has to be "warm enough to snow". The colder the air, the less moisture it holds. But to be fair, Minnesotans acquire this sort of basic scientific literacy by at least middle school, i.e., a level far above Trump's mental capacity.
Arthur Radtke
Arthur Radtke Hace 5 días
That fucking sob cannot continue in office. Most of America cannot stand him. Remove the hateful clown now.
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