Trump Meets Kim Jong-un: A Closer Look

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Seth takes a closer look at the historic meeting between President Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong-un.
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Trump Meets Kim Jong-un: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


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13 jun 2018

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Richard Parker
Richard Parker Hace 14 minutos
Who cares if trump lies all the time, lets russia interfere with elections, defends nazis, endorses pedophiles, rapes women and wants to bang his own daughter.. He sucks up to dictators so give the traitor a Nobel!!!
Alphastarseeds Hace 16 minutos
kim nong un didnt even look like he wanted to be there
Anglo Saxon
Anglo Saxon Hace 19 minutos
*turns brain off. reads teleprompter*
Alphastarseeds Hace 23 minutos
trump meeting kim omfg now im scared for my life trump gonna get us killed
Amelie Caron
Amelie Caron Hace 49 minutos
grief smile around rgsgrp feature area powerful painter principle quiet react
Dominik Gadze
Dominik Gadze Hace un hora
01:00 "Kim Jong-un, a man that rarely leaves his country, this is the furthest he's ever traveled --" Wrong. He went to a boarding school in Switzerland. (under a fake identity tho). I get why CNN is being called FakeNews. Their research is very week.
LoLzZ85 Hace 2 horas
Diplomacy, however awkwardly handled it maybe, is better than threats of nuclear war.
Neeraja Balachander
Neeraja Balachander Hace 3 horas
CNN is clearly the worst offender in “tracking & reporting”. They are worse than my cats in being distracted by non-news news.
HilaKleiner Hace 9 horas
Chris Pressley
Chris Pressley Hace 10 horas
Chill people please,all this that is happening is meant to be,so just relax because there's nothing we all could really do about it..
MarvelousCrimson Hace 10 horas
Yeah, he's a "great negotiator" alright- "Dunk him again".
Best Damn Music Around
Ever see the movie The Kingsman secret service, get the feeling Kim is up to trouble
Taras Kobets
Taras Kobets Hace 11 horas
All of my woodworks I am making with woodprix. Google and try it.
Nick Polachi
Nick Polachi Hace 15 horas
1.8 k trumptards can't seem to handle the truth and had to downvote this video.... Honestly I just feel bad for you guys as this point.
Luis Domingos
Luis Domingos Hace 16 horas
Seth's old-timey newsreel reminded me of The Legend of Korra! :)
Religion LOL
Religion LOL Hace 16 horas
Liberals are still crying about losing an election lol dumbasses our God-King is saving the world.
K D Hace 18 horas
He just stopped the decades of nuclear threats and you STILL can’t be cool about him?! ...you’re an idiot! Maga!
se7enX89X Hace 18 horas
We are witnessing what happens when someone totally unqualified to be president somehow becomes president and his retarded supporters are too stupid to realize how big of a joke this clown is.
Jacques Blaque
Jacques Blaque Hace 20 horas
All I see with donny's amazing (and very expensive) road-trip is what he'd characterize as a nothing-burger. Actually a less-than-nothing-burger. He gave a brutal murderous dictator legitimacy, caved to his demands about joint US/SK exercises, and got only vacuous smiles. NK agreed to nothing beyond what previous intelligent, thoughtful efforts netted. Deal-maker, my butt! Let's see the vid again, with Cadet Bone-spurs saluting one of Kim's lackey generals. Genius? No- fool.
David Pugh
David Pugh Hace 20 horas
"I always believe in Preparation.... Preparation H"
Jade Laurel Johnson
Jade Laurel Johnson Hace 20 horas
Trump will forever have a front wedgie in the history books.. That's is more fitting than his suit. He and Kim both wear suit tents, the male equivalent to caftans, the tent of female wear. We all know neither of these hide a damn thing, it's like Trump's "I'll make my tie longer so you can't see my belly protruding and making the tie short" idea.. And his "I'll just grow the remaining hair really long and wrap it around my head like I'm a stick of cotton candy" plan.. Because those fool EVERYBODY. He's clearly a slim with a full head of hair guys.. More handsome than Trudeau, Obama, Macron, Booker and Lamb combined. 😂... If he's that poor a decision maker about his own appearance, of which he is endlessly vain and obsessive, wtf kind of ideas do you really think you'll get out of this guy? More smoke and mirrors tbh. You know it as well as I do. Admit it in your head if you're too deep into your endless campaign to defend him. Obama got roasted for even suggesting meeting Kim. Just scorched by Republicans. Yet now - like with literally everything else - if Trump does it, it's *THE MOST AMAZING THING TO EVER HAPPEN IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!* .. The Republican party is built upon hypocrisy, hatred, fear and bloated billionaires sucking the life out of the mindless drones that vote red. It can't get more obvious. If you're going to deny it, do me a favour and just think about it silently for a few minutes. You don't have to admit it outloud. Just do it in your head like before. This entire thing is like a fever dream.. Y'all have lost your goddamn minds. To follow Kim's night out like he's KKW and not a brutal murderer and dictator.. How is that happening? Trump gave him the global stage he wanted, so eff it, let's cover him like he's a celebrity? Smh.. The choices Americans are making are troubling to say the least..
Tony Dick
Tony Dick Hace 21 un hora
Stalking Kim like the debates? Look again. Who was the one out of position during those walkabouts. Who was invading whose space?
Vintagelicks Guitars
Vintagelicks Guitars Hace 22 horas
I'll bet $ Seth puts things up his ass.
Sean Oleary Vlogs
Sean Oleary Vlogs Hace 22 horas
I thought Kim jon un or however you say it thought he was like 6 foot 9 daym kim jong
Phantom X
Phantom X Hace 22 horas
Dirty Donnie is so dillusional that he thinks he won the debates. Trump got his ass handed to him in all 3 debates but he is so sick in the head that he has convinced himself that he won. Trump is mentally retarded.
Jack Hubley
Jack Hubley Hace 23 horas
I never thought Trump would go that far just to get into a hairstyle pissing match with Kim.
the day is nigh
the day is nigh Hace 23 horas
Sarcasm trump
Wladimier Klitschko
Wladimier Klitschko Hace 23 horas
Like liberals should really read trumps the art of the deal. Their elected presidents never will make such deals.
Brad Jennings
Brad Jennings Hace 23 horas
Whatever Trump is doing, it's working!
Guinness Hace 21 un hora
Brad Jennings
Brad Jennings Hace 23 horas
Seth spews: Out of context propaganda!
Guinness Hace 21 un hora
Isac 2187
Isac 2187 Hace 23 horas
SolidBanjo Banjo
SolidBanjo Banjo Hace 23 horas
I really hope peace can now be achieved for the world
Andy Martin
Andy Martin Hace un día
You snowflakes STILL not happy ? maybe we should of just plumped for North Korea and the USA playing ping pong with their nuclear weapons, fucking grow up and stop your childish tantrums, populism is making a welcome return to the Western world, look what’s happening in Eastern Europe, Austria, Italy, the UK, America, time for change and for me, it cannot come quick enough. 🖕🏻
Guinness Hace 21 un hora
Your intelligence gushes out of your comment. Thanks
I can't get over it a Russian plant president that's not too smart but they still can't get him out of the whitehouse what is that saying about the decay of this country 😨
Len Halliwell
Len Halliwell Hace un día
No worries. 150 FBI snipers on the roofs of Singapore. All sights trained on Trump.
Al Clark
Al Clark Hace un día
Trump promised to stop military exercises and Kim Jong promised to get Trump a couple of N. Korean hookers to pee on him.
Landen dePalma
Landen dePalma Hace un día
When Sethy grows up he might be funny.
Andria Marie
Andria Marie Hace un día
Yet he wants a multimillion dollar useless PITA military parade in D.C? Is tRump on drugs or is he just really bad at math?
Gregor Coetzee
Gregor Coetzee Hace un día
Could you please turn up the volume on your outro song? It just isn't loud enough yet.
kosh22 Hace un día
I know a lot about airplanes.
H.G. Roy 33
H.G. Roy 33 Hace un día
chuyo caca
chuyo caca Hace un día
this imbecile* does not realize that Kim Jung Un is not interested in building trump 's towers? on his' land! all dough boy cares about?.. is staying in power! something Donnie can't do for much longer?... so much for this Con man ~ Next?......
AK BorealisDev Stringer Designs
So if Obama or Clinton was meeting with Kim you'd be groping his nuts but when Trump does it you find a way to criticize him. Wow you're about as pathetic as they come. Newsflash libtards: you're a fuckin joke.
Al Clark
Al Clark Hace un día
If Obama was meeting with Kim you'd be screaming with outrage, but now that Trump is doing it you're licking his balls. News flash, you're a brain dead troll.
susan rattray
susan rattray Hace un día
Why do Americans' applaud everything, being it bad or good?
Christopher Cruz
Christopher Cruz Hace un día
Trump did good with this meet with Kim Jung un, so give him credit for trying to work it out.
It's Jing Wei Bitch!
Larry Stran
Larry Stran Hace un día
Lol seth rich trying to be chris Cuomo from cnn. It the cnn late night show. Lol whats these late night shows going to do with 6 more years of the greatest president ever . lol the will have liberal melt downs
Aaron Allen
Aaron Allen Hace un día
Adjust frequency comfortable integrate administrator intelligent put infrastructure town.
SuperLexi2009 Hace un día
Good. Let’s stop the joint military exercise. Wait until the korea unite. America will wish they had some sort of protection and co-military area for them to put their weight in Asia!!! Trump can’t think anything beyond his two inch of sight!!! And making money for himself!!!
saAS AS Hace un día
american love their guns therefore they chose liar to be their president
HereInMyCar Hace un día
I wonder how a hostage negotiator would handle the situation? Do you do what Trump did and make them feel better about themselves and the outcome of the situation AND then go for the kill or do you continue to do nothing like every president before us did and tell them what a pos your are?
Zainab Jaafar زينب جعفر
Unsuitable match!
Andrew West
Andrew West Hace un día
So stupid. Hillary lost Seth, grow up.
Reality Chaser
Reality Chaser Hace un día
Trump dodged the draft when he was needed to fight for this country and now he chicken down on kim. Fcuk trump man.
AGT0M Hace un día
"O.M.G." - murmured an atheist...
Alfu Miah
Alfu Miah Hace un día
MAGA Make Americans Great Again - America has always been a Great beautiful amazing best unique country its these Trumpant Trumpsters and their criminal mob Don administration in the white house that give us all a bad name, RAT Rudy U say president should pardon Traitors to clean up the investigation at this early stage of an open investigation literally seemingly innocently blatantly obstructing justice to signal criminals to keep quiet that help your client while publicly whining for us to accept your dirty lying crooked Don is the victim here. Give Us A Break RAT GIULIANI ALSO RUDY I've heard your arguably lawless openly traitorous undoubtedly questionable suspiciously corrupt defensively irrational irresponsibly stupendous blatantly dumbfounded actively biased recklessly degraded shamelessly legally challenging illegitimate selfiish illicit blah blah them vs us opionated b/s babble on State sponsored Fox TV clearly objecting justice evidently crooked corrupt critically acclaimed criminal behaviour intellectually broken defensively indefensible ridiculously argumentative nonsensical blah blah Trump the victim extreme point of view mostly critically impotent defiantly bordering on pride above the law boastful power. You always spew ridiculously bull crap natter when speaking on opinionated state sponsored Fox media why is that? Hmm I wonder? It seems to me you're either criminally complicit or irrationally madman crazy, you can only do it on Fox because they're complicit too allowing you to get away with it, only on fake news Fox is this nonsense possible that's why you do it on fox knowing you're able to get away with it on communist Fox TV. Sure, you still come up with irrational opinionated b/s views when you're on mainstream real news media but you don't seem to dare spew the same crap you do when you're on trumped up trump Fox tv FOOL Scumbag DJT and his administration are undoubtedly absolutely traitors some knowingly conspiring and others misled to conspire against America and American democracy... To accuse our FBI/DOJ of corruption and to give Russia a pass is not just unpatriotic but also very much unAmerican, how can any of us believe a single thing this administration says let alone the situation in North Korea knowing the blatant lies and cover ups ripe with this Presidency. The Republicans have changed to a party of Republic0ns and RepubliKlans... At war with our allies and befriending our known sworn enemies seems odd to me! Racists and traitors are known to hide behind the flag so Mr Trump We See You Man I guess when you’re considering war with your allies you need Mad Dictators in your corner. I’ve been saying this from the beginning and I’ll say it again “why wouldn’t a traitor befriend enemy combatants like North Korea (communists) this whole thing is nothing more than a huge publicity stunt for DJT and that at the expense of American democratic freedoms they’re all in it together”. The wall and North Korea are both cash cows for Trump and co
Raheel Malhi
Raheel Malhi Hace un día
If he denuclearise his country he will be next Gaddafi.
Balsham91 Hace un día
is this supposed to be funny?
whosyourdaddy63 Hace un día
Even a positive motion gets pissed on by media... move on please...
Jean Smith
Jean Smith Hace un día
I wanna laugh...but it's all so damn horrible.... 😔
Jamievlogsmore Hace un día
Stop taking the piss out of your president, this is a positive historic moment
Catherine Fraser
Catherine Fraser Hace un día
My touch, my feel and in one minute I get off too soon😎 They might be separated at birth.
Kimberly Rivers
Kimberly Rivers Hace un día
it's almost like Trump dislikes democracy, prefers dictatorships, hmm
Kitsune Jesus-Man
Kitsune Jesus-Man Hace un día
He won. Get over it.
MsColdCanada Hace un día
Why didn't he do the tug of war handshake that he insults his supposed "friends" with? Being a pompous jerk is reserved for allies it seems.
TheMercsAssassin Hace un día
Wait wait wait... That is a real video, produced by our real U.S. Government? Shown to a real life dictator? By our real life celebrity president? My God.
adrian pedro
adrian pedro Hace un día
This night time talk show host is so boring. He is my cure to my insomonia.
Doug Ballou
Doug Ballou Hace un día
All we are saying, is give peace a chance.
Robert Brucefan
Robert Brucefan Hace un día
Seth and his imbecile liberal friends will believe anything Obama is a Communist crook. Hillary is a lesbian crook. Norman Thomas said this in a 1944 speech: “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.” He went on to say: “I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.” Wake up liberals. You are being played. The whole world can see it.
Richard Private
Richard Private Hace un día
these media people are nasty and dishonest
FChin Chin
FChin Chin Hace un día
Well, The summit is just a joke and a game that China play on USA . Now KIM can go everywhere start to show his power to his people that even USA have to shake his hand and everyone loves him . It is a perfect propaganda he plays ...He is now a God of Gods to his people. It is very weir about President Trump after the summit ...nothing is signed and done with nuclearized but turned out Mr. Trump so admire the PIG who killed his family and destroying his people. I am losing trust in Mr. Trump . Did the PIG hypnotize our President ?? Or Mr. Trump plans to open Hotel in North Korean after his term ended ??? May be not to make America great but make Trump great ..
carrie riedinger
carrie riedinger Hace un día
Is it wrong that I've become accustomed to the taste of my own tears? And when are we going to change the national anthem to the Looney tunes theme song? #facepalm4ever
Christian Gapuz
Christian Gapuz Hace un día
I don’t even like trump but damn, look at these lefties applauding this unfunny laughing track bs
AAB World
AAB World Hace un día
AAB World
AAB World Hace un día
AAB World
AAB World Hace un día
AAB World
AAB World Hace un día
See you tomorrow
AAB World
AAB World Hace un día
Subsonic Bass
Subsonic Bass Hace un día
Aaed Enaya
Aaed Enaya Hace un día
muller must jail Trump-Putin-Maktoom for world PEACE
Doubtful Guest
Doubtful Guest Hace un día
Psychology fact: we get along with people who are similar to us. Now let's consider how Obama didn't get along with Kim Jong-un, but Trump somehow does.
Bob Lowney
Bob Lowney Hace un día
Chris looks pained to interview Rodman
Bob Lowney
Bob Lowney Hace un día
This whole summit was obscene.
Yugan Dali
Yugan Dali Hace un día
We know Trump gets to know people by "touch and feel," but he'd better remember that he won't have Michael Cohen to bail him out any more.
Homeschool Hace un día
9:17..." real video made by our White House. "
Kanye West
Kanye West Hace un día
Muuuurica 😂😂😂
1.7m Views Hace un día
Not funny
Michael The Archangel
Chris Wallace FOX NEWS Sunday 7pm 7am Reagan and Gorbechov Morning JOE Gang of 6 : You guys just do not get it.! No No you do get it, how dumb and I, I'm the one who does not get it.. You Guys are so funny. I laughed all the way thru your show 11 June 2018. I am still laughing in response to your Hilariously Funny Spins on every topic concerning Trump. Talk about Comical Meddling by you guys ( Unlike Very Serious Spying & Meddling by Roger Stone, Cenk Uygur and Turkish President Erdogan who are DNA connected to do with attempted Turkish Coup and more, and now thru the Rachel Maddow/James Wolf Leaking/Spying Scandal which Mueller & Sessions are investigating under instructions from Trump who wants to know Friends or Foe ). Trumps public Huffing & Puffing referring to 30 Decades younger Canadian Justin Trudeau which is public indirect negotiating before he meets with 40 years younger Korean Chairman Kim Jong Un, to as Trump said and Please Watch in Full Commander in Chief President Donald J Trump @G7 Press Briefing in Charlevoix, Canada, prior to departing for Singapore with, As Trump referred to them Legendary Larry Kudlow and Legendary John Bolton ( little devil on trumps shoulder as Laura Ingraham on FOX put it to Bolton ) at his side. ! Trump said : I’II be leaving for Singapore,..I will be on a Mission of Peace…in my heart, I will carry the hearts of millions of people [ 7.5 Billion Worldwide ] [ when I meet with Chairman Kim Jong Un ]. Always remember as Trump has for 4 Decades when he first heard POPE JOHN PAUL II said : DIALOGUE not WAR. Which is the Official USA Policy under Trump and Mattis.And its working Ha Ha ... PROSIT... NA ZDROWIE FOX NEWS June 21, 2016 : Cory Lewandowski (Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Delegation ) was FIRED as Trumps Campaign Manager on 20 June 2016 , 3 months after Paul Manafort was hired as Trumps Campaign Manager on 28 March 2016. Trump had 2 Campaign managers for 3 months at the same time WHY ?. During the 3 months Roger Stone ( Member of New York Republican Delegation ) and Sam Nunberg were actively coordinating with Cenk Uygur ( The Young Turks Guy and connected to President Erdogan to create the Trump Russian Scenario, compromising Alex Jones which had to be debunked in a False Flag Hostility Optic showing false animosity between Roger Stone and Cenk Uygur . Mueller has no choice, as much as he does not want to, for other reasons , Special council Robert S. Mueller has to Subpoena Alex Jones , Roger Stone and Cenk Uygur Immediately, before Certain Critical Evidence Roger Stone and Cenk Uygur have deliberately and Alex Jones has unwittingly are Destroyed. What is the Body Language between Trump & Erdogan Nato & G7 ? (Friend or Foe) ? ( Erdogan IRAN Putin ) ? Rachel Maddow : 8 June 1982 Ronald Reagan in England giving major International speech . Trump Hired Paul Manafort ( connected to Konstantine Kilimnik , Oleg V. Deripaska ) Campaign Manager March 28, 2016 and Fired Cory Lewandowski 20 June 2016. What did Roger Stone have to do with the sacking of Cory Lewandowski ? What has been established is that Spying & Meddling Endeavours. were being conducted by Roger Stone, Cenk Uygur, ( who is a recent convert to Christianity ) and Turkish President Erdogan ( Friend or Foe ). Robert Mueller has a very delicate problem because Turrky is in Nato. Rachel Maddow When Ronald Reagan gave his speech in the English Parliament June 8, 1982 A Polish Guy Cardinal Karol Wojtyla was POPE JOHN PAUL II of All Christians Worldwide for 4 years. POPE JOHN PAUL II during this period laid , the Mental, Psychological, Philosophical, Moral, Humanitarian, Religious Groundwork for POLAND to make its PEACEFUL move to Pull out of and thus terminate the WARSAW PACT and bring about the end to the SOVIET EMPIRE and the reunification of GERMANY. and for President Ronald Reagan and later President Donald Trump to follow with the DIALOGUE not WAR lets Negotiate Policy. Rachel Maddow by leaving POPE JOHN PAUL II out of the time line of events you are deliberately falsifying History, and worse still you are contributing to making the DIALOGUE not WAR Negotiations by President Trump in every facet of life very difficult, you are behaving like a MEDDLER no different to Roger Stone Please read my observation and comment about Joe Scarborough, which I attach.
Michael The Archangel
Morning Joe MSNBC Mika Brzezinski & & Joe Scarborough: Please Study carfully the following. Golden State Times : I sent the following to a guy I have been following on RSBN Now Agenda-Free TV on his own and is falling asleep. STEVE LOOKNER : Please stay awake. This is very important because All the World Players are involved. The success of this will resolve the Problems in the Middle East with the Stroke of President Donald Trumps Pen. This will be a tell all Press Conference. Study Very carefully Donald Trumps Body Language. Dr Michael Savage : Did you Watch and Listen to All the Moments President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un and the Full Trumps Press Conference at Singapore Summit 12 June 2018 ? Because all of us are trying to understand What is in Both Donald Trumps and Kim Jong Un Head. We need to go to the beginning, which was WW II, and everything that came after that. I will try and tell my story with some LIVE Stream Chats I sent in real time to numerous Chat Lines. Live chat 1. Nigel Farage :The straw that breaks the Camels back. Underground Nuclear Tests trigger cracks in the earth sub surface. Kim Jong Un the latest culprit after the French remember their Tests in the Atoll near Hawaii. This is why Kim Jong Un is pulling out of all further Underground Nuclear Tests which have caused cracks to appear at Chinese Military Bases in South China Sea, where Volcanoes are expected to erupt soon. President Xi met with Chairman Kim Jong Un for the second time for this reason, and is going to do a deal with President Donald J Trump at all costs. Live chat 2. Aaron De Tires : I sent this earlier to Alex Jones LIVE in HAWAII where he is on a secret mission to check on the Activated Volcanoes caused by French Underground Nuclear Tests at nearby Atoll and how it connects to Chairman Kim Jong Un Underground Nuclear Tests which are causing Precurser Volcanic Activity in Chinese Military Island bases in dispute in the South China Sea. Live chat 3. By the way President Putin just met with President Xi JinPing in CHINA where President Xi Jin Ping referred to President Putin as His Best Friend. Let us hope that is what President Xi JinPing and President Putin will say about President Trump after the Chairman Kim Jong Un Summit. Live chat 4. Aaron De Tires : ALEX JONES : I am watching Ch 2 ABC AUSTRALIA which showed that President Putin and President Xi Jinping signed a $3.6billion Nuclear Deal between CHINA & RUSSIA Live chat 5 .Laura Ingraham FOX : I just remembered. seeing on Australian TV a while ago that France specially built with all the Latest Nuclear Technology 2 Nuclear Aircraft Carriers which cost $2 billion each for RUSSIA. The French Carriers are Far Superior to the Latest Nuclear Aircraft Carriers just built by the USA for the USA which was quoted as costing $12billion. Australia did a Big Multibillion Dollar Deal with France to build 9 Nuclear Submarines Very Cheap. Cheaper than China Aaron W@Michael The Archangel hey buddy, tread lightly SORRY ITS JUST THAT I WATCHED TRUMP LIVE AND GOT HIS BODY LANGUAGE WHICH I TRANSCRIPTED TO SHARE WHAT TRUMP WAS TRYING TO SAY WHICH I AT HIS AGE AM ON HIS WAVELENGTH Aaron W@Michael The Archangel just trying to be helpful, no worries THANK YOU. WOULD I BE CORRECT TO SAY IS THAT ALL OF US ARE TRYING TO SHARE OUR OBSERVATIONS THE PROBLEM IS SO MUCH TO SAY IN SO LITTLE TIME Trumps Press Live stream chat Conference at Singapore Summit 12 June 2018 Trump Said : What did they [ Kim Jong Un ] do to justify this meeting you ask...Secured commitment for complete denuclearisation - thats the big thing…The way this sounds and the way Trump spoke it sounded like Trump was implying that Kim Jinping secured from President Xi Jinping of China…please read Trump transcript….as follows : Secured to hold off all missile and nuclear tests ..for how long has it been 7 months, for 7 months you haven't had a missile go up.. for 7 months you haven’t had a Nuclear test, you have’t had a nuclear explosion. I remember a nuclear event took place 8.8 on the Richter Scale and they announced I heard on the radio they announced.. a massive you know what ...a earthquake took place somewhere in Asia then they said it was in North Korea, then they found out it was a Nuclear Test, I said I never heard of a Richter scale in the high 8’s and if you look there's been no missile launches they’ve blown up their missile area thats going to take place that has not been written into the contract we're going to give you the exact details on that.. but they Secured a Halt of All missile and of all nuclear tests..they secured the closure of their single primary nuclear test flight test site all 3 of them they’re in an area thats common around each other they Secured the closure they secured the commitment to destroy the missile engine testing site ..that was not in the agreement I got that after we signed the agreement I said do me a favour you’ve got this missile engine testing site we know where it is because of the heat.. its incredible the equipment we have to be honest with you I said can you close it up.. they’re gonna close it up We maintain the ability to apply sanctions... now I had 300 sanctions I had ready last week I said I cannot put on 300 sanctions when I am having a meeting I though it was very disrespectful 300 very big ones powerful ones so Jennifer when you look at all those things what we got and we got our Hostages back I didn’t pay 1.8 billion in Cash like the Hostages that came back from Iran which was a disgraceful situation what took place…..so when i hear Media say President Trump has agreed to meet… Its not a big deal to meet ..I think we should meet on a lot of different Topics not just this one..and I truly believe a lot of great things can happen… They blow up their Testing Site… I don’t want to be threatening.
Michael The Archangel
alterdestiny Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia welcomes the progress President Trump has made with Chairman Kim Jong Un. Sergei Lavrov said that a joint Declaration by the 6 Countries USA Russia China Japan Nth Korea Sth Korea, would Guarantee Permanent Peace to the whole Region. Of the 6, USA Russia China are Nuclear Powers At President Trumps News Conference after the USA North Korea Nuclear Summit in Singapore 12 June 2018 President Trump by what he said and didn’t say indirectly exposed the Culprits in the Russian collusion Detraction. Please read the following : Trump said ...USA trade deficit $800b..China 1st ..the EU is 2nd at it $151b.. with Canada $100b we lost and we are being taken advantage of on Trade In Fact the Picture with Angela Merkel who I get along with very well we were just talking the whole group very friendly…. Waiting for the document… JustineTrudeau said things... when I was on the Plane and heard what he said… This is going to cost Trudeau dearly...Look this country [ USA ] has a $800 billion trade deficit, Largest with China then $151 billion with the EU, they don’t take our primary products, yet they send Mercedes , BMW’s by the millions ..unfair to our workers to us... I have a good relationship with Angela Merkel On Nato we are paying 4.2% she’s paying 1% on a much smaller GDP than we are we’re paying 4.2% on a much larger we are paying from 60% to 90% of NATO and were protecting the countries of Europe on top of it they kill us on trade, you just can’t have it that way…its unfair with our Taxpayers relationship with Chairman Kim right now…. Journalist … is their some ongoing dialogue.. Yes we are getting together next week to get into the details… Secretary Mike Pompeo …yea next week with John Bolton and our entire team to go over the details… he wants to get it done... we are working very much with South Korea...we are working with Japan .. we are working with China. North Korea did a great thing by going to the Olympics and made them a success and Korea expressed an interest to De Nuke. Trump made no mention of Poland a member of NATO but Not of G7 but Donald Tusk of POLAND is the EU President. POLAND is the only NATO member who together with the USA honers its 2% of GDP commitment and more than that Poland did send 25,000 troops to Afghanistan. the Middle East in General. The one Country not in the G7 but in NATO Turky does not get a mention. President Trump often says when he refers to TURKEY (Friend or Foe) Why ? This is Trumps way of sending a signal to the World that TURKEY is up to Big Shenanigans and the real culprit in meddling in USA Affairs. Referencing RUSSIA is just a Deflection. Now the Main “ Persons of Interest " and of Real Concern to Robert Mueller with regards Meddling and Collusion by TURKEY are Alex Jones, Roger Stone (DNA connected to TURKISH President Erdogan & Cenk Uygur ) Cenk Uygur, and Rachel Maddow MSNBC ( Rachel’s leaker James Wolf already Subpoenaed ).
Michael The Archangel
Another USA President Donald J Trump MISSION Accomplished. Trump has Personally Secured the FIFA 2026 World Cup bid, with his Brilliant Joint bid Proposal. The USA, Canada and Mexico will jointly host FIFA 2026 Word Cup . President J Trump a very passionate Soccer/Football Fan Wants Cory Lewandowski, Trumps Brilliant 2015/2016 Campaign Manager and DNA connected to Robert Lewandowski, World’s Greatest Striker, 5 goals in 9 minutes Guinness Book of Records ), who are both DNA connected to the late POPE JOHN PAUL II. Cory Lewandowski is to Manage USA interests with FIFA going forward to FIFA 2026 World Cup. Trump wants Cory Lewandowski To go to RUSSIA for FIFA 2018 Photo Ops with Robert Lewandowski (2 billion people watching ) and prepare the groundwork for President Trumps upcoming meeting with President Putin of RUSSIA and King Salman of SAUDI ARABIA to lobby their assistance for Donald Trump'Ss bid for the FIFA Presidency when Trump retires from USA Presidency in 2020 after 1 term, passing on the 2nd Term Presidency to Viice President Mike Pence, Irish Guy. Dr Michael Savage & Alex Jones : You both have made extensive reference to Religion Prophesy & Symbolism and who is ( Friend or Foe ) a term Trump likes to use when refering to Erdogan. Before us we have the 2018 FIFA Soccer/Football World Cup, Accepted by the Whole World’s population of 7. 5 billion as the most watched and restected Unifying Sport ( psuedo War Front - everyone can live out their agressive fantacies peacefully in their lounge rooms watching on TV except the HOMELESS In his opening Speech to the World, with Putin & Salman at his side President Gianni Infantino of FIFA said : FOOTBALL will conquer RUSSIA. 14 June 2018 Opening Game in Moscow RUSSIA ( Russia v Saudi Arabia ) [ 5 - 0 ] King Salman ( dressed in a pure gold robe ) of Saudi Arabia and President Putin ( dressed in a Trump Suit & Red Tie ) of Russia Not to be boast-full PUTIN gives the " outstretched both arms with open hands " with a friendly "not my fault " look on his face ) with King Salman talking to President Putin across, the President of FIFA Gianni Infantino who was in the middle ( who said FOOTBALL will conquer RUSSIA ). ( Egypt v Uruguay [ 0-1 ] ). ( Morocco v Iran [ 0 - 1 ] ). Portugal v Spain [ 3 - 3 ] }. France v Australia [ 2 - 1 ] $1 billion French Team, the most expensive Team in this 32 Country 2018 FIFA World Cup beat a much cheaper Australia Team. Russia Paid France $2 billion each for 2 Nuclear Aircraft carriers Trump said USA just took possession of 1 Nuclear Aircraft Carrier of apparently inferior quality to the French for $12 billion. Christian Ronaldo ( dressed in red & gold ) scored a hat trick 4, 44, 88 minute I’m sure I saw him do the “outstretched both arms and open hands”. If so this now puts Ronaldo in the Trump for FIFA Presidency in 2020 Bid. so Far Historically it started with 1. Cory Lewandowski (see his Twitter ) 2. The Donald Trump when he was with Kim Jong Un ( See his Twitter ) 3. Dr Michael Savage ( See his Twitter ) 4. Vladimir Putin ( see opening 2018 FIFA World Cup ) 5. Christian Ronaldo ( see FIFA World Cup ). Alex Jones & Roger Stone : Trump won because Orthodox Christians & Christians with the same Slavic DNA who never voted before in 4 Democratic States , Symbolically encouraged by Trumps Campaign Manager “ Let Trump be Trump “ Cory Lewandowski “ This is Trump Country “ Came out in Droves to Voted Against Hillary Clinton because she not just sided with Muslims against Orthodox Christians but Deliberately Lied, knowing she was Lying , She said she was shot at by the Serbs, when she was not. Hillary egged on by Amanpour same DNA as Hillary told Bill Clinton to Bomb Serbia a Staunchly Orthodox Christian Country. Hillary’s Big Lie about being shot at was used by her Crony Allies in USA Congress & Senate and the MSM who later included a False claim of Ethnic Cleansing by the Serbs , another False Flag Lie. Hillary Clinton even more than her Presidential husband Bill is responsible for not only the Death and Carnage at the time in the Balkans but the Death & Destruction in the whole World that has gone on since. Even after Cory Lewandowski was sacked said, that he would fight with his last breath to make sure Hillary Clinton was not elected as the President of the USA. Hillary played the Woman fact to get sympathy. The Orthodox Christian Component of the USA Voters who voted against Hillary Clinton is what is spun and referred to as RUSSIAN COLLUSION by that Hillary Clinton & her Cronies in the Democratic Party and MSM which they talk about and try to deflect by trying to pin the RUSSIAN COLLUSION claim on TRUMP. The collusion that went on was ORTHODOX & CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN and EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN and NOT RUSSIAN COLLUSION to get Trump Elected President of the USA. Paul Manafort should never have been brought into the Trump for President Campaign which he was in March 2016. Cory Lewandowski “ Let Trump be Trump “ with " outstretched both arms with open hands “ should never have been Sacked which he was in June 2016. Trump said : he would never have hired Paul Manafort had he known about the problems he could cause. Trump is very upset with people who did know but did not tell him. It wasn’t bad enough that it was but certain persons actually strongly lobbied for Paul Manafort. Cory’s sacking was Caused by Alex Jones & Roger Stones Egotistically indulging in self promotion Meddling caused by a lack of understanding of what was really going on. History is being Falsified because Historical Facts are being left out, and False Spins are being made. All the blame now is being directed at the DEEP STATE and not directly at the Real Culprits. Alex Jones & Roger Stone it is how you have handled the Paul Manafort Matter, which has caused for Paul Manafort's Jailing. Like what happened to Martha Stewart. Martha was falsely charged for Insider Trading. She was found NOT guilty of the original charge, but spent 5 months in Jail because she was set up in a perjury trap. Martha Stewart is DNA connected to Dr Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham, Cory Lewandowski, Robert Lewandowski, Donald Trump, Angela Merkel, Donald Tusk EU, & Vladimir Putin, who are All DNA connected to Karol Wojtyla POPE JOHN PAUL II . Alex Jones & Roger Stone are you DNA connected to Cenk Uygur and ( Friend or Foe ) President Erdogan of Turkey ?
Edward Jacko
Edward Jacko Hace un día
I'm so tired of every late nite shows that keep using Trump as the main part of their monologs. Wouldn't it be nice to not hear that crap every freaking nite. But there is a good side I get to bed early. Give us a break already. If we want the news we will watch a news channel.
Freddy M.
Freddy M. Hace 2 días
1:07 total bullshit. Kim Jong Un studied in Switzerland, so kinda much further out then south Korea.
Simon Hace 2 días
My time would probably have been better spent hearing Bill Maher's take on the situation.
sevenirises Hace 2 días
Why was Kim Jong's comment..."We will no longer have to tighten our belts?" What was that all about?
Jeremy Mettler
Jeremy Mettler Hace 2 días
bet trump got pissed on in Korea and thought everything went good dumbasses
Selina Yue
Selina Yue Hace 2 días
“This is the furthest he’s traveled”... Kim Jong-Un went to college in the UK. How can a reporter be so ill informed
Skyler Hogue
Skyler Hogue Hace 2 días
There was just too much material to cover from his talk in Singapore. I'm bummed his statements regarding "nuclear" didn't make the segment.
Dan Sutherland
Dan Sutherland Hace 2 días
The ironic thing is Kim Jung Un is probably coming to the table because Trumps idiocy and unpredictability scares him.
Fatima Jonez
Fatima Jonez Hace 2 días
You know, that movie trailer - Kim does watch all kinds of current movies with Dennis Rodman in his personal theatre. He probably knows a decent movie versus a cheesy one when he sees it. I lay 3:1 odds he was laughing at our WH for thinking he was dumb enough to be suckered by a cheesy movie trailer. He watched that thing and thought "Nailed it, I'll be testing my nukes while filling our grocery stores with Cheetos by January."
francis takacs
francis takacs Hace 2 días
It's good news. Unless your against Trump and cant stand to be wrong.
francis takacs
francis takacs Hace 2 días
Un like a Democrat I'm happy trump is doing good with the north korea issue.
Sambo Chao
Sambo Chao Hace 2 días
UN is thinking...."is this fukker serious?"
very droll
very droll Hace 2 días
Hold on tight people the "gangster capitalists" are at the wheel. They play ball with anyone to further their agenda. Rumsfeld was on the board of the company that sold nuclear reactors to NK, also was Reagan's "special envoy" to Saddam Hussein taking requests for military technology etc. Trump's just more moronic so meanwhile behind the scenes... Welcome to the new world (dis)order.
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