Trump Melts Down on Twitter, Defends Fox News Hosts: A Closer Look

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Seth takes a closer look at President Trump spending the weekend on an unhinged Twitter rant after dismissing the rising threat of white nationalism.
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Trump Melts Down on Twitter, Defends Fox News Hosts: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


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19 mar 2019






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fi stla
fi stla Hace un día
these guys still can't get over that Trump won the election.
Alex Ch.
Alex Ch. Hace 2 días
space force
Joann Pasco
Joann Pasco Hace 3 días
This photo of Trump has been airbrushed!! His fat massive jowls are gone!!??
John Gaines
John Gaines Hace 7 días
IM * UTAU Hace 10 días
It's like Alex Jones got a hold of his Twitter account.
john douglass
john douglass Hace 10 días
seriously does the man have a speech impediment
David McCarron
David McCarron Hace 12 días
Wow! I never realized how great you are,Mr.Meyers! Don't give Trump any ideas! If he wants a wall. Just lie down on his side,or better yet, build a wall around Trump himself. It may take a few billion dollars, but progress is always baby steps.
William Taylor
William Taylor Hace 14 días
This didn't hold up well. Janine is back and better than ever, oh and by the way Trump is gonna be your president for another 5 years.
Jerzy Feliks
Jerzy Feliks Hace 14 días
This one is a vintage! I love Seth when he's in the zone!
Denton Fender
Denton Fender Hace 14 días
Genine Peero 7:14 is puckering up to kiss Trumps ass or maybe somewhere else on Trumps body.
Steven Horton
Steven Horton Hace 15 días
Clif Keens
Clif Keens Hace 16 días
Vinicius Rockenbach
Vinicius Rockenbach Hace 18 días
Erin Gan
Erin Gan Hace 18 días
Trump attacks DEAD war heros. How in the hell is he our president?
iqbal hussain
iqbal hussain Hace 19 días
Like it 7:00
minissa2009 Hace 19 días
Who scripted Pirro's remarks? "She wears *a* hijab" and Qur'an 33 *colon* 29 plus her pronunciation of Shariah law? If you're going to be that loud about something you know nothing about, at least get the syntax and pronunciation right.
EUGENE KUPKA Hace 19 días
The only thing that Trump reads is the headline of a story, that's how long his attention span last, not able to comprehend the meat and potatoes of the articles
m a
m a Hace 22 días
I love Closer Look - but I have to quit watching because I can't stand looking at or listening to trump. And knowing that there are still a lot of idiots with a vote who think he's wonderful.
John Powers
John Powers Hace 22 días
Poor guy is heading down the same path as Al Capone... so desperate a guy who is morbidly obese makes fun of someone who isn’t Also his sons are mentally challenged so attack Special Olympics
Y C Hace 22 días
Attacking Fox News credibility will expose unethical immoral conservative agenda.
Ritakus 98
Ritakus 98 Hace 23 días
Hey Seth Meyers, you and Jesse Smollett have something in common, you both are liars. You twist the truth and only reveal what it is you choose to use to control the minds of your audience. Your knowledge is lacking, and your political agendas is contentious and divisive. A man is never more truthful than when he acknowledges himself a liar. Mark Twain. ...
Ritakus 98
Ritakus 98 Hace 23 días
Seth Meyers is not funny. He can't even be original. It is so unfortunate to watch him fall into the trap just like everyone else around him. He follows the crowd. His time will come soon where his ratings will fall to the floor, and everyone will know exactly why he failed. Just Like Jesse Smollett, there's no difference between the two, one just got caught, and the other one thinks he's funny.
Oliver Walker
Oliver Walker Hace 23 días
I just purposely scrolled down through 85 videos on here and counted how many childish comedians on here are trying so hard to demonize the president of the United States and its fucking pathetic. People look at how Hollywood is trying to brainwash people into voting the way they want. If you fall for the hate and lies well one day they will be standing on the back of your neck while molesting your children.
L K Hace 23 días
Oh good gosh. You all have so much hate, no dignity or respect.
w5winston Hace 23 días
But you're innocent, right??
Conservative Mom
Conservative Mom Hace 23 días
This guy has to say the punch lines to BS to recorded laughter? sad.
Bebop Hace 23 días
It is hard to believe the left still doesn t understand why a wall is needed: it is simply to direct people (whoever they are and whatever they are seeking in the desert away from onlooking eyes) towards the designated points of entry, so they can get 100% of the customer service and help available. First come first serv, It is pretty simple.
Aaron Shorts
Aaron Shorts Hace 23 días
To be fair tho, Peabody was the smart one
Higher approval rating then Obama at this point in his presidency. What happened to your conspiracy? Oh it like everything liberals say is bullshit
saultube44 Hace 24 días
Seth Meyers: another Truth bomber, get them Seth, I watch him Stephen and John Oliver and Trevor
john mullikin
john mullikin Hace 24 días
If it's so gross why is every network playing it over and over, people out there agree with this stuff and giving her clip air time constantly is also harmful, leave it at she is disgusting and fox news is as well, this sanction is light other networks she would be shamed and run out of town from death threats.
Terry Bellissimo
Terry Bellissimo Hace 24 días
The best President ever! Fake news, fake Late Night Talk Shows! The owners of these station hate President Trump! 98% of news is fake! They are propaganda stations! Do your research and see what liars they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has accomplished more in 2 years than the last 2 Presidents! What has he ever said that was racist? He has done more for the black communities than any other President! Kim Kardashian is the only one taking advantage of President Trump's prison release program! He gave back many millions of dollars to Black Colleges! Obama, reduced their funding! His achievements are to many to list! Look them up! I can not believe how many people believe the falsehood of propaganda TV???????
Jeffemano Hace 24 días
Dems at it again fighting fire with fire...who's the bigger idiot? The idiot or the hypocrite that doesn't know they're one.
Michael S
Michael S Hace 24 días
I think our favorite xenophobic Fox News host forgets that the Bible also tells women to cover their heads or else be disgraced.
kit1544 Hace 25 días
DDJT is not anti RICH Muslim!
Just G
Just G Hace 25 días
kingtut777 Hace 25 días
Obama is the head of the dragon and he will be brought to justice.
kingtut777 Hace 23 días
+Ritakus 98 YOU are a great American!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ritakus 98
Ritakus 98 Hace 23 días
yun chang
yun chang Hace 25 días
2020 who will vote for him . Vote for anything but not him don't care if he a janitor from the white house
Andrew Woulfe
Andrew Woulfe Hace 25 días
What ever happened to funny late night shows. Now all we have is a bunch of stupid celebrities that have no clue
mark everett
mark everett Hace 25 días
Infatuated with Trump aren't You,,,Sorry Trump likes Women,,not crossing dressing Bleating inbreds like You
Sara K.
Sara K. Hace 25 días
Mr Penguin
Mr Penguin Hace 25 días
NPC 001:Initiate protocol 101, no collusion, spam ESvid with "Trump bad", use like and view bots.
chris casey
chris casey Hace 25 días
What an incompetent ignorant buffoon.
promeitheus Hace 25 días
"Be strong and prosper, be weak and die." Is that a donald quote or the republican health care plan?
Kate Hace 25 días
Someone ask Jeanine if nuns are antithetical to the constitution too.
Sma 556
Sma 556 Hace 25 días
Breaking News: The Collusion News Network just been elevated to the COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK. The US Intelligence Agencies were colluding with Mainstream Media / Hollyweird pushing lies. How could we ever trust these liars? The Democrats has suffered a face plant on their Collusion Delusion. The secret Democratic playbook revealed! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-CqgPyifXG40.html
douglas mauldin
douglas mauldin Hace 26 días
Quit being a but hole elected Congress needs to get over being a but hole and do what is the business of the Nation like the deat
Vern godsey
Vern godsey Hace 26 días
Seth is such an uninformed idiot.
Walter Pearlman
Walter Pearlman Hace 26 días
Thanks again Seth for urging our President to run for office and win !
Wolfgang Glaeser
Wolfgang Glaeser Hace 26 días
Kairi Froehlich
Kairi Froehlich Hace 26 días
Fucking hell, the bible is antithetical to how the U.S. is currently operating. Should we just start kicking out all the Christians and Catholics? As much as that would get rid of the majority of white supremacists it is a superfluous claim.
Henry fuerguson
Henry fuerguson Hace 26 días
this show is so crap, all they care about is making trump look bad
MrCiammurro Hace 26 días
When the Crowming ceremony now that investigation over ??
Michael Margotta
Michael Margotta Hace 26 días
Tweets made him and tweets will break him
bruce grzegorzewski
bruce grzegorzewski Hace 26 días
Please apologize and get over it. His tweets hit home base. Wake up from your brain wash.
Sails Hace 26 días
No collusion....... this is a fake news channel. Remember Y2K and killer bee's. All American news channels lie....... no collusion is proof.
Sharon Gulseth
Sharon Gulseth Hace 26 días
someone should keep him OFF the internet!
m g
m g Hace 23 días
Keep him off the planet
Haluk L. Aka
Haluk L. Aka Hace 26 días
You know you Americans are shitting on this guy right now but 10-15 years from now you'll come to appreciate him..... Naaaah. I'm just kidding. I'm from Turkey, we have an asshole for president for 17 years, and trust me it gets worst by the day.
svenm sandity
svenm sandity Hace 26 días
The orange clown thinks racist anti-vaccine flat worlders anti-climate change dumbasses should have the right to speak about their conspiracy theories without using facts or sources in the world of debates and democracy trump is clearly anti both
Raymond Tay
Raymond Tay Hace 27 días
Come on American Lock him up and Stop talking
Hawaiian ese
Hawaiian ese Hace 27 días
I wonder if trump will do anyting bout u one day
Yiad Hossain
Yiad Hossain Hace 27 días
im a former muslim and islam does hate the west
Alexander Fisher
Alexander Fisher Hace 27 días
The majority of our country voted for Hillary Clinton and doesn't want a wall. Trump is the one trying to silence a majority of our country (with some help from his buddy Putin).
VeniVidiVici Hace 27 días
It must suck being a bunch of cunty losers. 2.5 yrs later, and you twats are still butthurt. I just wish l could see your heads exploding now that the Russia story is dead
Gary Davis
Gary Davis Hace 27 días
2 years of waste lol you assholes .we won again lol
sea green
sea green Hace 27 días
She talks like that cause her audience are all elderly.
Els Hace 27 días
Sexy Beto rolling his sleeves for the hard work ahead, Skinny like Obama. All he needs now is a good speech writer and and a PI Firm. Beto 20/20.
dani6137 Hace 27 días
Seth Meyers are you retarded?
Scorpion7substance Hace 27 días
''Suspested'' WTF is that. Oh I know Suspected people who were Molested by things. LOL bloody good show mate.
A Olson
A Olson Hace 27 días
Especially today, this makes me feel better!
Tim Duggan
Tim Duggan Hace 27 días
@2:10 "Im a little peckish" Most Americans would not get that joke.....
X-ians stink
X-ians stink Hace 27 días
Well, we can at least take solace in the fact that Trump is not getting the usual $400,000 per year in salary. The idea of paying someone to golf & tweet is pretty annoying alrighty.
Tuck always looks like he crapped his pants on camera and that whiny Jay Leno voice is a punchable offense.
Farhan Pranto
Farhan Pranto Hace 27 días
Man you are the best
Aljoscha Long
Aljoscha Long Hace 28 días
What would happen, if Twitter would block Trump - sometimes they do that with hate speeches. That would be fun. I guess his mental illness would show in full.
megis ynynef
megis ynynef Hace 28 días
Can it really be true that this headcase has personal control over the nuclear arsenal which will end civilisation?
jayvegas Hace 28 días
Finally a President with the courage to tackle the real issues facing America.
nkjassal Hace 28 días
3 quarters in the way to Rudy G!!!! Hahahahahhahaha
D Me
D Me Hace 28 días
If an agent assigned to protect The Idiot Trump, keeps accidentally grazing his bloated ass with his weapon, I wonder how long before he's reassigned? I ask this bcuz I may apply for the job. I'm just concerned that MY accidental shots won't be 'grazing' wounds. Mine would be more like Oswald injuries...by mistake, of course. I suppose they'd definately reassign me after that.... or, promote me...with a bonus.
Missy Barbour
Missy Barbour Hace 28 días
*M U S L I M S*
Waqas Hace 28 días
small group of people who have a very very serious problem. loved it Seth.
craig storey
craig storey Hace 28 días
Unhinged? Like the years of "Russian collusion" idiot ideologues have spewed. Now that's unhinged.
ChuckleBones Hace 28 días
50 Tweets on his whole weekend. That's about once every hour.
ford5522 Hace 28 días
LMAO! Democrats having another temper tantrum they didn't get their way again! WHAT A SURPRISE! LMAO! Nobody defended them! POOR POOR THEM! What's next? Going to throw themselves on the floor and kick their feet?? Nothing we haven't seen a hundred times before. LMAO STILL!
Z Phish
Z Phish Hace 28 días
I love it. The left is getting so desperate. No collusion. All your ammunition is spent. Just wait for the FISA declass. Trump is right. there are like 6000 neo-nazis in the country. He did not impose a ban on Muslims. The largest muslim nations in the world are not on that list. You're literally lying, which makes you a lying propaganda mouthpiece. None of this ever made any sense to me. Nazi's, or National Socialism is a far left ideology, whereas "republican" is a middle right ideology. One of those "Nazi's" running as a republican was found to have been funded by top democrat financiers. So what this resembles is a setup from the left to muddy the republican party. It is well known and well established that all racist policies in history came from the democrat party. And it was republicans who fought to stop the racist policies of the democrats. None of this propaganda makes sense. If Trump is a racist, he is literally the worst racist in history. 1. He loves his Jewish grand kids. 2. Lowest black unemployment in history. 3. Highest minority wages in history. 4. Most pro-Israel president in history. 5. Dated a black woman once. 6. Deported an ex-Nazi. 7. Upgraded MLK's birthday to a national historic park. 8. Posthumously pardoned black boxer Jack Johnson. 9. Set up a national counsel to revitalize black neighborhoods. 10. Signed major criminal reform bill which would stop racial sentencing being harsher for blacks. 11. Granted Alice Johnson clemency. 12. Loaned his personal jet to Mandela. 13. Declared Jerusalem the capital. 14. Denounced Neo-Nazi leader David Duke over 20yrs ago (Clinton has yet to denounce him) 15. Given lifetime achievement award for paving the way for more black americans to enter the corporate world. Trump was loved by the NAACP and other black leaders all the way up to his running against Clinton. Something else that should be noted is Hillary Clinton's idols were fervent racists. Margaret Sanger, the fonder of Planned Parenthood set up her organization to "kill as many black babies as possible". Hillaries idol said black people were "human weeds". Hillary was also mentored (and was good friends with) top ranking KKK member, Robert Byrd. Worst racist ever. Here is a little known truth about the democratic party. Use logic and critical thinking. Democrats must keep minorities poor, sick and dependent on government to maintain power. If minorities are succeeding and getting better, democrats are losing power and control. Democrats just moved blacks from the plantation into the projects. Every day, more and more minorities are waking up to the lies they have been fed and are #WalkingAway from the corrupt, racist democratic party. This is why Trumps black supporters are growing at a staggering rate. Also, It was democrats who fought the civil rights movement. It was democrats who wanted to keep segregation. And it was Hillary (i keep hot sauce in my purse) Clinton who started the Obama birther theory, not Trump. MSM expects you to be ignorant and naive. MSM expects you to be stupid, and fall for their blatant fabrications and propaganda. If you really want to understand the modern democratic party, and not just blindly follow an ideology that you know nothing about, then read Saul Alinsky's book "Rules For Radicals". That book will tell you everything you need to know about the true motives of the left, and how they plan on transforming the USA by dividing us on race and income. Here is what's going to happen. 1. Mueller report will come out stating no collusion. Which will reflect the house and senate investigation that found no collusion. 2. The FISA will be declassified, implicating many top ranking dem leaders in multiple felonies and treason. 3. Multiple indictments of top dems and other corrupt cabal members. 4. Dem party melts down. 5. Trump wins 2020 election by over 5 million votes.
Flabby Bum
Flabby Bum Hace 28 días
If what you say's true, then why is his popularity increasing?
The Lonesome Chef
The Lonesome Chef Hace 28 días
I really hope donald trump watches these too. Too funny. Also, I'd like to see a recording of hir reactions to whenever he is watching the news.
Andrew Munds
Andrew Munds Hace 28 días
"focus on his actions not his words" I'm sorry did everyone forget the muslim ban that is still in effect, only because it includes north korea and venezuela?
ili n
ili n Hace 28 días
looks like he’s sitting in his office spending time worrying about twitts all the time, thts why he doesn’t have time for his country folks
Michael G
Michael G Hace 28 días
Speaking of Melt Downs ... Have you read the Mueller report ... Hahahhahahhaha . The Left makes fools of themselves AGAIN . LOSERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Neil C
Neil C Hace 28 días
Gun control is it dangerous cuz the only people that will have guns
Neil C
Neil C Hace 28 días
I am more scared of democratic slavery the Republicans freed the black people from the Democratic place and they went back
Ana Maldonado
Ana Maldonado Hace 29 días
In Janine’s defense, no one give her the memo from FOX, “we are not doing that anymore”. For now.
João Nunes
João Nunes Hace 29 días
what does Janine has , that i dont have ?... a screeching voice and a " small cat"
Dev Env
Dev Env Hace 29 días
i wish democrats would stop bs'ing, it's getting old, americans are smarter now than they were 15 years ago because of the internet. there is no threat of white nationalism, but there is a clear growing racism against whites & asians.
Dev Env
Dev Env Hace 28 días
+StormWolf I'm Iranian-American. I reject Islam. Islam destroyed my country of origin after the Islamic revolution. Muslims have done horrible things to my family, so I have zero sympathy for them.
StormWolf Hace 28 días
Sure, 50 Muslims were gunned down by a white guy due to racism against whites. Whatever you say, Cletus.
Jose andres Mata
Jose andres Mata Hace 29 días
A particularly good one. Very funny
Jim Wheeler
Jim Wheeler Hace 29 días
"The end is near!"comment you said is the sAme as the" Mueller" meme's, nothing happened, it's another slow day for writers, but the same jokes are funny for the haters, and you know what's great, I bet in countries where it has very strong Muslim beliefs they pick on the christianpobia, and the anti Christian/Catholics, they mock their president prime ministers extremist or kings on how racist they are towards westerners and their beliefs, and I'm sure they let them build catholic and Christians churches everywhere in those countries, I'm sure that happens right.....right?
May Ali
May Ali Hace 29 días
I died when Trump was pronouncing the words 😂
Nadine Morsch
Nadine Morsch Hace 29 días
I've never seen such amazing T thrown down by such quick cuts. Mr. Meyers I hope you're buying flowers and chocolates for your writing staff. Amazing work
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