Trump Melts Down on Twitter, Defends Fox News Hosts: A Closer Look

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Seth takes a closer look at President Trump spending the weekend on an unhinged Twitter rant after dismissing the rising threat of white nationalism.
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Trump Melts Down on Twitter, Defends Fox News Hosts: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


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19 mar 2019

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Comentarios 5 342
NGUON LAM Hace un día
Obviously, Trump have kept all the talk shows host very busy every day 🤠talking about his dumb lies to the world
Joe Blow
Joe Blow Hace 2 días
Seth Meyers voted for Trump. All you people are suckers.
John Chow
John Chow Hace 13 días
Only twits tweets
Benjamin Murphy
Benjamin Murphy Hace 15 días
I don't know what Bubba the Love spoong is but at least Seth is a funny guy.
Ingeborg Gueldner
Ingeborg Gueldner Hace 15 días
When talking about trump we should never refer to him as Mr. president because he is not. Just say trump, or dumbo, or any name you choose. That will get to him.
Roy Alvarez
Roy Alvarez Hace 17 días
Words are what make up laws. Let's remove the action from the words in our laws.
Dave Edwards
Dave Edwards Hace 18 días
Trump is a madman. The fact that a maniacal threat to ALL of us is the President,and his party supports his actions. The Plan set in motion is working better than anybody could figure.
Cowworshiper PissDrinkingHindus
Lol major clown Donald duck j Trump is back on the news again huh?🤡👈🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Arturo Garcia
Arturo Garcia Hace 20 días
Hey,Mexican people aren't looking for U. S. Asylum,only Salvadorans,Guatemalans and Hondurans,look at your comments!
Truman Neill
Truman Neill Hace 21 un día
Spot on
Dan Payne
Dan Payne Hace 22 días
Sean Connery
David Rogers
David Rogers Hace 22 días
Trump 2020!
Arnold Davis
Arnold Davis Hace 22 días
Fox news one sided news as bad as cnn
MamaKat Hace 22 días
Trump is seriously crazy.
Dulles Perez
Dulles Perez Hace 22 días
Stop making fun of this nuts n take them serious.look at hitler.
Thomas Phipps
Thomas Phipps Hace 23 días
It is solo fun watching the dipshit trump stumbling and bumbling and wandering from wrong idea to irrelevant plans and stupid symbolic nonsense. I am really enjoying his madness becoming more obvious every day. Bye bye donnyboy.
Doug McKinney
Doug McKinney Hace 23 días
Hey Seth why don't you shut your dick mouth. You're not funny
Jose Angel Rivera C
Jose Angel Rivera C Hace 24 días
They don't stick together cuz they got problems is cuz they have the same mental age, and they are very stable genius.
Edward Furey
Edward Furey Hace 26 días
Trump doesn't have an Adam's apple, looks more like a camel toe!!!!!!
Michael Arrington
Michael Arrington Hace 26 días
Only a idiot would pay for that golf event a pure idiot smh
Jernej x
Jernej x Hace 28 días
The wannabe judge looks Mexican dint anyone see this before deport the b....
marte thompson
marte thompson Hace 29 días
I guess Judge Janine doesn't know that head coverings for women are prescribed by the Bible.
HEK 293
HEK 293 Hace un mes
Tucker Carlson sucks dick.
Andrew K
Andrew K Hace un mes
Is this really the president of the usa. ??? Fkk me. America really ??
Benjamin Murphy
Benjamin Murphy Hace un mes
Bring back Chumlee or else I'll launch a Nuke
Neal Robinson
Neal Robinson Hace un mes
I'm surprised that Trump hasn't gone after Seth and the producers of the show.
fanatamon Hace un mes
That tye of mulvaneys should be banned.
Rodney Bailey
Rodney Bailey Hace un mes
The news on twitter really Wat does that say anybody know I do & These ppl know Wat it means and don't want u to know Snowden Obama's Trump Putin the government Pope knows Wat that Means do u they block me from twitter and for telling the GOD DAM Truth So help Me GOD Twitter Me And GOD Going To Te U Trunk Worried My brother &Cullman Tornado April 27 2011 think bout Wat does Twitter say they don't want u to know this Space Force Wat thT mean think bout I know they know and u can read this two ways the right way and it true we not alone ppl they don't want u to know it just like they don't want u to know the other way spaceforce means
Jo DeAngelo
Jo DeAngelo Hace un mes
I had never watched your show but now I am dvring it...sorry I can't stay up that late! You are great!!!
And she's a JUDGE? What a joke..
Phong Love
Phong Love Hace un mes
Trump is a stupid dog forever for American history...
graham cameron
graham cameron Hace un mes
Andy Hace un mes
Look at at this way. You have 6 more years of Trump material before you run out of things to say. 😂
Galactic President Superstar McAwesomeville
No, we have probably at least a decade more, because he'll never shut his fat fucking mouth until he keels over. To address your point though, Trump has zero chance of being re-elected.
David Lee
David Lee Hace un mes
GOD'S WARNING USE ! that's why we have a crazy president . I see how Christianity is being attacked . there's nothing wrong with GOD only the people , look what they did to Jesus . its a warning !.
Jaswant Kahlon
Jaswant Kahlon Hace un mes
He is a great liar !!
Patrick Boucher
Patrick Boucher Hace un mes
Reason being IMO, twitter did some house cleaning and reduced his account so he tweeted massively like the tweety bird he is, hoping to get some retweets thereby showing the company “See? I really am important!” Sad. So very sad.
Ann Marie Foster-Lopez
Bold flavor and satisfaction OMG hella funny!!!
Ismail Zulficar
Ismail Zulficar Hace un mes
Get rid of that moron
Could you just imagine if he put THIS amount of energy into his actual presidential work?
oldrrocr Hace un mes
Pass the popcorn, Nancy. The show is just starting!
fi stla
fi stla Hace un mes
these guys still can't get over that Trump won the election.
Alex Ch.
Alex Ch. Hace 2 meses
space force
Joann Pasco
Joann Pasco Hace 2 meses
This photo of Trump has been airbrushed!! His fat massive jowls are gone!!??
John Gaines
John Gaines Hace 2 meses
IM * UTAU Hace 2 meses
It's like Alex Jones got a hold of his Twitter account.
john douglass
john douglass Hace 2 meses
seriously does the man have a speech impediment
David McCarron
David McCarron Hace 2 meses
Wow! I never realized how great you are,Mr.Meyers! Don't give Trump any ideas! If he wants a wall. Just lie down on his side,or better yet, build a wall around Trump himself. It may take a few billion dollars, but progress is always baby steps.
William Taylor
William Taylor Hace 2 meses
This didn't hold up well. Janine is back and better than ever, oh and by the way Trump is gonna be your president for another 5 years.
Jerzy Feliks
Jerzy Feliks Hace 2 meses
This one is a vintage! I love Seth when he's in the zone!
Denton Fender
Denton Fender Hace 2 meses
Genine Peero 7:14 is puckering up to kiss Trumps ass or maybe somewhere else on Trumps body.
Steven Horton
Steven Horton Hace 2 meses
Clif Keens
Clif Keens Hace 2 meses
Vinicius Rockenbach
Vinicius Rockenbach Hace 2 meses
Erin Gan
Erin Gan Hace 2 meses
Trump attacks DEAD war heros. How in the hell is he our president?
iqbal hussain
iqbal hussain Hace 2 meses
Like it 7:00
minissa2009 Hace 2 meses
Who scripted Pirro's remarks? "She wears *a* hijab" and Qur'an 33 *colon* 29 plus her pronunciation of Shariah law? If you're going to be that loud about something you know nothing about, at least get the syntax and pronunciation right.
EUGENE KUPKA Hace 2 meses
The only thing that Trump reads is the headline of a story, that's how long his attention span last, not able to comprehend the meat and potatoes of the articles
m a
m a Hace 2 meses
I love Closer Look - but I have to quit watching because I can't stand looking at or listening to trump. And knowing that there are still a lot of idiots with a vote who think he's wonderful.
John Powers
John Powers Hace 2 meses
Poor guy is heading down the same path as Al Capone... so desperate a guy who is morbidly obese makes fun of someone who isn’t Also his sons are mentally challenged so attack Special Olympics
Y C Hace 2 meses
Attacking Fox News credibility will expose unethical immoral conservative agenda.
Ritakus 98
Ritakus 98 Hace 2 meses
Hey Seth Meyers, you and Jesse Smollett have something in common, you both are liars. You twist the truth and only reveal what it is you choose to use to control the minds of your audience. Your knowledge is lacking, and your political agendas is contentious and divisive. A man is never more truthful than when he acknowledges himself a liar. Mark Twain. ...
Ritakus 98
Ritakus 98 Hace 2 meses
Seth Meyers is not funny. He can't even be original. It is so unfortunate to watch him fall into the trap just like everyone else around him. He follows the crowd. His time will come soon where his ratings will fall to the floor, and everyone will know exactly why he failed. Just Like Jesse Smollett, there's no difference between the two, one just got caught, and the other one thinks he's funny.
Oliver Walker
Oliver Walker Hace 2 meses
I just purposely scrolled down through 85 videos on here and counted how many childish comedians on here are trying so hard to demonize the president of the United States and its fucking pathetic. People look at how Hollywood is trying to brainwash people into voting the way they want. If you fall for the hate and lies well one day they will be standing on the back of your neck while molesting your children.
K K Hace 2 meses
Oh good gosh. You all have so much hate, no dignity or respect.
w5winston Hace 2 meses
But you're innocent, right??
Conservative Mom
Conservative Mom Hace 2 meses
This guy has to say the punch lines to BS to recorded laughter? sad.
Bebop Hace 2 meses
It is hard to believe the left still doesn t understand why a wall is needed: it is simply to direct people (whoever they are and whatever they are seeking in the desert away from onlooking eyes) towards the designated points of entry, so they can get 100% of the customer service and help available. First come first serv, It is pretty simple.
Aaron Shorts
Aaron Shorts Hace 2 meses
To be fair tho, Peabody was the smart one
Higher approval rating then Obama at this point in his presidency. What happened to your conspiracy? Oh it like everything liberals say is bullshit
saultube44 Hace 2 meses
Seth Meyers: another Truth bomber, get them Seth, I watch him Stephen and John Oliver and Trevor
john mullikin
john mullikin Hace 2 meses
If it's so gross why is every network playing it over and over, people out there agree with this stuff and giving her clip air time constantly is also harmful, leave it at she is disgusting and fox news is as well, this sanction is light other networks she would be shamed and run out of town from death threats.
Terry Bellissimo
Terry Bellissimo Hace 2 meses
The best President ever! Fake news, fake Late Night Talk Shows! The owners of these station hate President Trump! 98% of news is fake! They are propaganda stations! Do your research and see what liars they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has accomplished more in 2 years than the last 2 Presidents! What has he ever said that was racist? He has done more for the black communities than any other President! Kim Kardashian is the only one taking advantage of President Trump's prison release program! He gave back many millions of dollars to Black Colleges! Obama, reduced their funding! His achievements are to many to list! Look them up! I can not believe how many people believe the falsehood of propaganda TV???????
Jeffemano Hace 2 meses
Dems at it again fighting fire with fire...who's the bigger idiot? The idiot or the hypocrite that doesn't know they're one.
Michael S
Michael S Hace 2 meses
I think our favorite xenophobic Fox News host forgets that the Bible also tells women to cover their heads or else be disgraced.
kit1544 Hace 2 meses
DDJT is not anti RICH Muslim!
Just G
Just G Hace 2 meses
kingtut777 Hace 2 meses
Obama is the head of the dragon and he will be brought to justice.
kingtut777 Hace 2 meses
@Ritakus 98 YOU are a great American!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ritakus 98
Ritakus 98 Hace 2 meses
yun chang
yun chang Hace 2 meses
2020 who will vote for him . Vote for anything but not him don't care if he a janitor from the white house
Andrew Woulfe
Andrew Woulfe Hace 2 meses
What ever happened to funny late night shows. Now all we have is a bunch of stupid celebrities that have no clue
mark everett
mark everett Hace 2 meses
Infatuated with Trump aren't You,,,Sorry Trump likes Women,,not crossing dressing Bleating inbreds like You
Sara K.
Sara K. Hace 2 meses
Mr Penguin
Mr Penguin Hace 2 meses
NPC 001:Initiate protocol 101, no collusion, spam ESvid with "Trump bad", use like and view bots.
chris casey
chris casey Hace 2 meses
What an incompetent ignorant buffoon.
promeitheus Hace 2 meses
"Be strong and prosper, be weak and die." Is that a donald quote or the republican health care plan?
Kate Hace 2 meses
Someone ask Jeanine if nuns are antithetical to the constitution too.
Sma 556
Sma 556 Hace 2 meses
Breaking News: The Collusion News Network just been elevated to the COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK. The US Intelligence Agencies were colluding with Mainstream Media / Hollyweird pushing lies. How could we ever trust these liars? The Democrats has suffered a face plant on their Collusion Delusion. The secret Democratic playbook revealed! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-CqgPyifXG40.html
douglas mauldin
douglas mauldin Hace 2 meses
Quit being a but hole elected Congress needs to get over being a but hole and do what is the business of the Nation like the deat
Vern godsey
Vern godsey Hace 2 meses
Seth is such an uninformed idiot.
Walter Pearlman
Walter Pearlman Hace 2 meses
Thanks again Seth for urging our President to run for office and win !
Wolfgang Glaeser
Wolfgang Glaeser Hace 2 meses
Kairi Froehlich
Kairi Froehlich Hace 2 meses
Fucking hell, the bible is antithetical to how the U.S. is currently operating. Should we just start kicking out all the Christians and Catholics? As much as that would get rid of the majority of white supremacists it is a superfluous claim.
Henry fuerguson
Henry fuerguson Hace 2 meses
this show is so crap, all they care about is making trump look bad
MrCiammurro Hace 2 meses
When the Crowming ceremony now that investigation over ??
Michael Margotta
Michael Margotta Hace 2 meses
Tweets made him and tweets will break him
bruce grzegorzewski
bruce grzegorzewski Hace 2 meses
Please apologize and get over it. His tweets hit home base. Wake up from your brain wash.
Sails Hace 2 meses
No collusion....... this is a fake news channel. Remember Y2K and killer bee's. All American news channels lie....... no collusion is proof.
Sharon Gulseth
Sharon Gulseth Hace 2 meses
someone should keep him OFF the internet!
bijou Hace 2 meses
Keep him off the planet
Haluk L. Aka
Haluk L. Aka Hace 2 meses
You know you Americans are shitting on this guy right now but 10-15 years from now you'll come to appreciate him..... Naaaah. I'm just kidding. I'm from Turkey, we have an asshole for president for 17 years, and trust me it gets worst by the day.
svenm sandity
svenm sandity Hace 2 meses
The orange clown thinks racist anti-vaccine flat worlders anti-climate change dumbasses should have the right to speak about their conspiracy theories without using facts or sources in the world of debates and democracy trump is clearly anti both
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