Trump Met With Kim Jong Un... Now What?

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Donald Trump sees a bright future for Kim Jong-un and North Korea... in hotel real estate.
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13 jun 2018

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Comentarios 4 733
Frank Sultana
Frank Sultana Hace 7 días
Lol this is so Not funny. Mocking the President for avoiding nuclear war. What if it was Obama ? Would you be trying mock him😅 btw unsubscribing...😉😉
Slaughter House 5
Slaughter House 5 Hace 14 días
Looks as though moroic pres. Ouroboro is doing just great folks, I mean really,... Really where are you wolverines?
l Hace 15 días
DJ RUCKUS Hace 21 un día
EAT YOUR OWN WORDS! twitter.com/i/status/1013620334249979905
Holly Golightly
Holly Golightly Hace un mes
The petty tone he impersonates Trump with is hysterical to me. dot dot dot ...dot dot dot
Wendy Wang
Wendy Wang Hace un mes
Colbert, a typical liberal hypocrite.
zoran susnjar
zoran susnjar Hace un mes
That stipulation in the itunes agreement is just in case anyone is downloading some B-52s....
Josephine Anne Weigers
He seriously insulted Robert De Niro??? What is wrong with him???
Sarah Robinson was Forrester
I really don't wanna be that guy. But cucumbers a fruit not a vegetable
Corn Flakerr0
Corn Flakerr0 Hace un mes
stephan colbert is a fucking bitch just be happy for once
صهيب بورجا
Cucumber is a fruit, not a vegetable.
sh Ellis
sh Ellis Hace un mes
Trump mocking someone's IQ? hahahahaha.....ironically funny,
Fergal Collins
Fergal Collins Hace un mes
Kim fooled Trump on nukes
Raising Cain
Raising Cain Hace un mes
ㅋㅋ아 진짜 미국 토크 쇼들 다 재미있는거 같다. 오이....ㅋ
talkisreallycheap Hace un mes
Now What? you get pummeled in the mids. Stay classy closet racist liberals .
HKY TV Hace un mes
Hi Are you curious about world's politics and economy's future? or curious about Kim Jong Un and Trump's relationship ? I'll solve all the questions of you guys! Click here. HKYTV. You have to set the subtitle function to 'English' and all of the your language is supported^^(ex)Russian, Greek, Dutch, Nepali, Norwegian, German, Romanian, Mongolian, Bengali, Bulgarian, Swedish, Spanish, Icelandic, Uzbek, Ukrainian, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese, Czech, Kazakh, Turkish, Polish, French, Finnish, Hungarian, Hindi)HKYTV★World’s politics and economy’s future state foretold by Huh Kyung young(+Trump, Kim Jong un) └> esvid.net/video/vídeo-q2koU6002YgH.htmlKYTV★A summit meeting between North Korea & America was predicted by Huh Kyung-Young(Trump&Kim) └>esvid.net/video/vídeo-4k-FVdzglesH.htmlKYTV★SAMSUNG enterprise’s vice Chairman Lee Jaeyong’s face and fate -Huh Kyung young └>esvid.net/video/vídeo-tGoyl9vdhTMH.htmlKYTV★Kim Jong un’s fate after America&North Korea Summit -Huh Kyung young(+Trump) └> esvid.net/video/vídeo-QLEraUPcMn0H.htmlKYTV★Trump and Kim Jong un's face are explained by Huh Kyung young └> esvid.net/video/vídeo-Kh-zw5OwRW4H.htmlKYTV★Huh Kyung young tells the reason why America wants to attack China(Trump, Xi Jinping) └> esvid.net/video/vídeo-81sujoiuzTMH.htmlKYTV★The capital of Korea after unification of South&North Korea is fixed by Huh Kyung young └> esvid.net/video/vídeo-PqkGyJg8GyoH.htmlKYTV★2017~2019 years of Korean Politics&Economy predicted by Huh Kyung young(+Trump, Moon Jae in) └> esvid.net/video/vídeo-P9f_e5rkvaEH.htmlKYTV★U.S interest rate war, Korean economic slump(downgrade) are predicted by Huh KyungYoung(Trump) └> esvid.net/video/vídeo-4UMABIVb1goH.htmlKYTV★Huh Kyungyoung bleeds,who predict Park Geun hye's impeachment and Chairman of Samsung's faint └> esvid.net/video/vídeo-wNTMPhINSigH.htmlKYTV★Huh Kyung Young visits to The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado, USA └> esvid.net/video/vídeo-lggoxtEQjI0.html
Zarzecki Media
Zarzecki Media Hace un mes
Welcome to the late show, I'm your fake news media controlled host Stephen Coliberal
TR Ollen
TR Ollen Hace un mes
Obama got the Nobel Peace prize for just being black. Trump actually does something to make the world a better place.
billaa100 Hace un mes
Well now NK is expanding their nuclear test sites?
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith Hace un mes
that Churchill thing fucking awesome
ed denz
ed denz Hace un mes
Now what Guess we are all safer Thanks trump
SociallyTriggered Hace un mes
It was actually an historic agreement. I know those on the left want this to fail but please leave partisanship out of it and see the importance of this situation. Finally after decades of fear of nuclear threat we have a movement toward peace.
Samsonian Pitydafool
After watching that handshake again, does that secondary contact constitute a reacharound?
Tucker Bowen
Tucker Bowen Hace un mes
...Another thing nobody brings up with Vlad the Impaler is how his kingdom was so crime-free, you could leave something in the streets and it would still be there the next morning
Linda Maxie
Linda Maxie Hace un mes
#Trump ate a Vegetable 😂 @Donaldtrump ate a Vegetable 🥒
QWERT QWERT Hace un mes
T Hyde
T Hyde Hace un mes
Wow! Seriously, could Colbert get any more petty?
ForeverMe543 Hace un mes
The whole thing about lying...yes, a leader is supposed to lie. I expect it. But a true leader lies to PROTECT, not to deceive. To further trust, not ones self interests. A leader says there is no war when there is, not to deceive, but to keep calm and peace. A coward starts a war with lies, and uses his people to further the lies, until there is no truth.
ForeverMe543 Hace un mes
Trump: “THE IRAN DEAL WAS BAD, IT ONLY STOPPED THEM FROM MAKING NUKES FOR TEN YEARS, WE QUIT EVEN THOUGH THAT MEANS THEY CAN MAKE THEM ASAP” Also Trump: “oh, you want us to stop our drills and help you in exchange for nothing and you still point your nukes at us, okay NK!”
Lohkyn Hace un mes
"Well he is very talented..." Only a psychopath would refer to Kim Jong Un as talented. Was Stalin very gifted? I guess Pol Pot was just misunderstood. And I guess Mao was a demanding leader and was actually a good guy. Fuck off, Drumpf. Just fuck right off.
QWERT QWERT Hace un mes
Lohkyn DRUMPF LOL Now that's obvious sarcasm but what I don't get is, you're willing to bash him after he's trying to make peace with North Korea?
Ryan Estep
Ryan Estep Hace un mes
So funny that people are still hating on Trump even after he has made peace with North Korea. The narrative now is, “how could associate with that guy”. You guys are so pathetic
Terell Chapman
Terell Chapman Hace un mes
This dumbass turned from 3rd person to first. 🤨???
Sherlick’s Mind
Sherlick’s Mind Hace un mes
Why does trump sit on a chair like he’s riding a horse?
At least he had a three way so America doesn't gets nuked Where's your fucking brain
Mister Moose
Mister Moose Hace un mes
Y'all angry little cave dwellers ready for his second term? :)
Sharon Davis
Sharon Davis Hace un mes
*Dоеs аnуоnе wаnnа 4.d.d.ult сhаt with Ме аnd sаtisfу Ме tоnight?* *I'М sо h.о.r.n.у?Рlеаsе сhаt with Ме hеrе* ⇛ whx.io/480e?f=Cw7hxH0S71
QWERT QWERT Hace un mes
Sharon Davis Jump off a cliff
77 nipples
77 nipples Hace un mes
Trump did something Obama could never do and made history and yall wanna bitch? Why puts yalls energy into bitching about everything
77 nipples
77 nipples Hace un mes
How is this a show ?
77 nipples
77 nipples Hace un mes
What's wrong with yall ?
anynameplease2007 Hace un mes
Its depressing
anynameplease2007 Hace un mes
Left liberal Is so sick
anynameplease2007 Hace un mes
What a sick fucking show this is
Eric Hauser Sr.
Eric Hauser Sr. Hace un mes
its called PEACE in the region ass wipe!
PDP Hace un mes
"Wake up punchy" lol
Argad Argad
Argad Argad Hace un mes
hahaha the us media mopped the floor with trump
john ruthger
john ruthger Hace un mes
really wouldn't be surprised if he actually did try to sell jong-un a copy of the presidential limousine. i've always thought of trump as a backwoods used car salesman that lives out of an old camper on the back of the car lot, who somehow happened into millions of dollars; so him actually reaching a deal with the dprk for them to purchase armoured limousines wouldn't surprise me. really, nothing surprises me anymore, i have lost the capacity to be surprised due to the sheer audacity of this ridiculous new world. fucking extraterrestrials could land on the white house lawn and do a pow-wow with trump and i'd be like "meh, slow newsday huh? see what's on animal planet."
Nathnael Tesfaye
Nathnael Tesfaye Hace un mes
Colbert is killing it ....Goddammit
LowcE37 Hace un mes
America ' tha worlds asshole
Kim has really conned the Dotard Trumski......sad....
Ashan Arachchige
Ashan Arachchige Hace un mes
He's just giving what hes giving
freddyvonrabenau1 Hace un mes
you can actually got pretty nice food in North Korea. Not just pictures of it.
Noble First
Noble First Hace un mes
Colbert is a fucking idiot!
alice's diary
alice's diary Hace un mes
Forget Impeachment on these basket of nazi dumbfucks. Prepare several firing squads for the entire regime and the electoral college
刘宇龙 Hace un mes
奇實韓处,有成长激速,臺惠慧師入,即生育出刀锋卫士,,,喔。 夠萌吧,,,?。 要日帝助卫或教自卫,,,哪,会激速射惠君陈族蔡祖妾群中,,,喔。
Carl Forbes
Carl Forbes Hace un mes
Screw ColBert
Anastasia Kvan
Anastasia Kvan Hace un mes
Victor Hace un mes
6:23 Trump being honest. Almost made me like him. Then I saw 8:43 and started to hate him again.
Cube the Squid
Cube the Squid Hace un mes
The reason he stayed up and watched Boss Baby is because it was a documentary about himself
Katherine Mach
Katherine Mach Hace un mes
Lol lol . Hilarious and I’ love my President !! Still laughing, Hilarious!!
Katherine Mach
Katherine Mach Hace un mes
Love that fake take!!! Omg . You make me LAUGH!!! God be with you all!
Laurence Chiniquy
Laurence Chiniquy Hace un mes
"Kim Jong-un and his backers in Russia and China have clearly scored a major victory in their dealings with US President Donald J. Trump. For generations, ever since the end of the Korean War the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), aka North Korea, has insisted on the signing of an official peace treaty between the belligerents, full diplomatic recognition and security guarantees for its state sovereignty." Click below to see the complete article. chiniquy.wordpress.com/2018/06/12/did-kim-jong-un-just-tame-the-us-paper-tiger/
Tere Doan
Tere Doan Hace un mes
Lil Stevi'es 15 min. on air will only last as long as Donald trump is Our President,Till(2014)!
Kevin Holdorff
Kevin Holdorff Hace un mes
Shouldn’t the world and life as we know it be gone? How is everyone still leading the same exact lives as before Trump was President, well except for more minorities being employed , the economy doing great, job growth in general and North Korea , something nobody has ever seen in our lifetimes
Kevin Holdorff
Kevin Holdorff Hace un mes
Poor Colbert, trump showing him how a President should lead
Ken Free
Ken Free Hace un mes
Trump is nothing more than a clown. He is not capable of ruling the country, in fact he is not even capable of managing his own business.
TRUMP just bought a "AK-47 LIAR RIFLE" so he can lie faster and without his lie hole heating up. he will arm all his TRUMPANZEE CULT with these new anti-truth guns. ?? good luck
Pip Pipster
Pip Pipster Hace un mes
‘Give him the Nobel peace prize now’ ... Well, why the hell not - Obama got it for farting.
Dar El
Dar El Hace un mes
OFF is actually a good option. Try and apply it on Hollywood.
shivam jaiswal
shivam jaiswal Hace un mes
1:13-1:23 _actually looks like out of a web-sitcom_
Dak Lamerbusch
Dak Lamerbusch Hace un mes
5:09 - And it's not like he said he wanted to fuck his own daughter or something insane like that!
Kirk March
Kirk March Hace un mes
Comments couldn't even generate laugh... Either im dead or you are... Boring.
David Lawson
David Lawson Hace un mes
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GamingFreak076 Hace un mes
World Peace is not in a liberal's agenda
Damien Maloney
Damien Maloney Hace un mes
matt69savage Hace un mes
This is now The Trump Show.
Lone Mic Productions
Stephen summed up the entire previous 2 years in one sentence @ 6:30 . Terrifying how accurate it is.
X Y Hace un mes
"How about think about it from a presidential perspective"
J W Hace un mes
i really appreciate the churchill joke.
Sailor Bob
Sailor Bob Hace un mes
Colbert is about as funny as Samantha Bee.
Courage Karnga
Courage Karnga Hace un mes
Well, we're all still alive! Let's be grateful for that.
George Chiqovani
George Chiqovani Hace un mes
"i'll find some kind of excuse" :| WTF is he thinking ?:|
Kat B
Kat B Hace un mes
Kim knows English dude... anyway, carry on
rummagingthru Hace un mes
North Korea super hackers will hack Mueller's investigation for Trump,
Frederik Hace un mes
You know, I really got to give it to Trump to actually meet with KJU. Peace is still a long way off, but at least we're a babystep closer to it now. On the downside, Trump has managed to piss off all his traditional allies, and some others for good measure. Getting into a fight with Canada, the EU, Australia, Great Britain, ... but rubbing shoulders with Putin and Kim Kong-Un the next day... I'm not so sure I like where this looks where it's going.
legomypancakes Hace un mes
Stuffed cucumber?
Nebuchadnezzar Nebula
Hi, too bad the tremendous insight I just typed was magically deleted by an accidental select delete that does not correspond to keys.
Kerry Flowers
Kerry Flowers Hace un mes
"Tane yoo Mitta Twump! I no wonger kwaziest weeduh ahnymor!... Or mos kowupt & toopid, eeduh!"-- Kim Jong-un
KraXon Kooper
KraXon Kooper Hace un mes
6:06 +++++
KendrixTermina Hace un mes
he actually SAID that
jessie james
jessie james Hace un mes
two faced ...hes just as bad as kim
Spiritual Anarchist
Trump got played like a fool....Again.
Alfa Won
Alfa Won Hace un mes
Nice comeback to DeNiro Lol
Leo King
Leo King Hace un mes
"very Low IQ individual" "to many shots" Pick one...
Dr Bocko
Dr Bocko Hace un mes
Stephen is boring...same old stuff ...
Cory Burns
Cory Burns Hace un mes
Colbert is really reaching here. He would be PRAISING Obama for the efforts for denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula
Nic ManUTD
Nic ManUTD Hace un mes
When you criticize just for the purpose of criticizing and do this everyday...
Greg Hammond
Greg Hammond Hace un mes
"I've agreed to make a big commitment."
samus1421 Hace un mes
1000:1 drumpf gets assasinated...
lolmao500 Hace un mes
Trump is a dumb mofo
Nathaniel Hanna
Nathaniel Hanna Hace un mes
You're a piece of shit you're shows a piece of shit you're a liberal cocksucker shut the fuck up
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson Hace un mes
Can you even talk w out using your hands Steve? Can you even make a joke w out turning to Trump you pos.?
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson Hace un mes
Your a bunch of anti american scumbags. Trump could cure aids and you dumbasses would still make fun. Go to hell all of you. Respect your president bitch. I hope you die of aids steve.
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