Trump Met With Kim Jong Un... Now What?

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Donald Trump sees a bright future for Kim Jong-un and North Korea... in hotel real estate.
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13 jun 2018

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David Lawson
David Lawson Hace 43 minutos
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GamingFreak076 Hace 4 horas
World Peace is not in a liberal's agenda
Damien Maloney
Damien Maloney Hace 4 horas
matt69savage Hace 8 horas
This is now The Trump Show.
Lone Mic Productions
Lone Mic Productions Hace 13 horas
Stephen summed up the entire previous 2 years in one sentence @ 6:30 . Terrifying how accurate it is.
X Y Hace 14 horas
"How about think about it from a presidential perspective"
J W Hace 15 horas
i really appreciate the churchill joke.
Sailor Bob
Sailor Bob Hace 16 horas
Colbert is about as funny as Samantha Bee.
Courage Karnga
Courage Karnga Hace 16 horas
Well, we're all still alive! Let's be grateful for that.
George Chiqovani
George Chiqovani Hace 16 horas
"i'll find some kind of excuse" :| WTF is he thinking ?:|
Khad B
Khad B Hace 18 horas
Kim knows English dude... anyway, carry on
rummagingthru Hace 18 horas
North Korea super hackers will hack Mueller's investigation for Trump,
Frederik Hace 20 horas
You know, I really got to give it to Trump to actually meet with KJU. Peace is still a long way off, but at least we're a babystep closer to it now. On the downside, Trump has managed to piss off all his traditional allies, and some others for good measure. Getting into a fight with Canada, the EU, Australia, Great Britain, ... but rubbing shoulders with Putin and Kim Kong-Un the next day... I'm not so sure I like where this looks where it's going.
legomypancakes Hace 20 horas
Stuffed cucumber?
Nebuchadnezzar Nebula
Nebuchadnezzar Nebula Hace 21 un hora
Hi, too bad the tremendous insight I just typed was magically deleted by an accidental select delete that does not correspond to keys.
Kerry Flowers
Kerry Flowers Hace 21 un hora
"Tane yoo Mitta Twump! I no wonger kwaziest weeduh ahnymor!... Or mos kowupt & toopid, eeduh!"-- Kim Jong-un
KraXon Kooper
KraXon Kooper Hace 22 horas
6:06 +++++
Rob W
Rob W Hace 23 horas
Lucky thing for Colbert that Trump is president or this cunt Colbert wouldn't have shit to talk about.
KendrixTermina Hace 23 horas
he actually SAID that
jessie james
jessie james Hace 23 horas
two faced ...hes just as bad as kim
Spiritfull Anarchist
Trump got played like a fool....Again.
Alfa Won
Alfa Won Hace un día
Nice comeback to DeNiro Lol
Leo King
Leo King Hace un día
"very Low IQ individual" "to many shots" Pick one...
Dr Bocko
Dr Bocko Hace un día
Stephen is boring...same old stuff ...
Cory Burns
Cory Burns Hace un día
Colbert is really reaching here. He would be PRAISING Obama for the efforts for denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula
Nic ManUTD
Nic ManUTD Hace un día
When you criticize just for the purpose of criticizing and do this everyday...
Greg Hammond
Greg Hammond Hace un día
"I've agreed to make a big commitment."
samus1421 Hace un día
1000:1 drumpf gets assasinated...
lolmao500 Hace un día
Trump is a dumb mofo
Nathaniel Hanna
Nathaniel Hanna Hace un día
You're a piece of shit you're shows a piece of shit you're a liberal cocksucker shut the fuck up
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson Hace un día
Can you even talk w out using your hands Steve? Can you even make a joke w out turning to Trump you pos.?
Mr Anderson
Mr Anderson Hace un día
Your a bunch of anti american scumbags. Trump could cure aids and you dumbasses would still make fun. Go to hell all of you. Respect your president bitch. I hope you die of aids steve.
Sinclair Hace un día
but i wanted NK to nuke us, to make Trump look bad
ernie green
ernie green Hace un día
Obama handed Iran over 1oo billion dollars to behave ..what a gutless traitor ..they are the number 1 sponsors of terrorism ...and he allowed NK to expand their nuclear program but LOOK today ..the missile tests have stops and NK and SK are being very friendly...that's Trump you dope heads !.. ...DEMS DO ZERO and would rather have nuclear war than for Trump to succeed ..vote them all out and this clown is a washed up... sold out clown for Hollywood .....nothing more !
Epic NEd
Epic NEd Hace un día
Can liberals explain why what he did is so bad? You guys ridicule Trump when he had his twitter rant with Kim, you attack him when he attempts to make peace with Kim. I just don't get it. I'm very neutral on politics (I'm registered as non-partisan for that reason), but I just don't understand your point of view. I'm pretty convinced that what he's doing is fine. He's creating a good relationship with Kim (which is ironic since in November of 2016, most liberals were scared of nuclear war). Convince me otherwise.
Ara Ling
Ara Ling Hace un día
do not judge people by its cover
abilitynorth Hace un día
If you believe him on NK you have to agree that Canada is a natl security risk. Same man.
Richard Beckman
Richard Beckman Hace un día
I don't like Dumb Trump.
Rosh S
Rosh S Hace un día
IN MY opinion, Now Mr. C you have been potentially saved from NKO ROGUE missiles.
John Fritz
John Fritz Hace un día
Actual headline: Trump eats cucumber. Racist, homophobic, Illuminati, islamaphobic, sexist and transphobic confirmed.
Clay Hace un día
You're a fuckwit making fun of your own president doing his best to make peace with north Korea, would you rather nuclear war??
altitude illume
altitude illume Hace un día
altitude illume
altitude illume Hace un día
Maddy Marasciulo
Maddy Marasciulo Hace un día
....and our taxes are paying for Trump’s lunacy?
america is worse than north korea. at least they had no choice. america could have had better than trump, aka hillary, but they said "NO! GIVE US THE DICTATOR! THE DICTATOR! THE DICTATOR!"
Darian Kenney
Darian Kenney Hace un día
Yœú hæví põst 📮 thin i know not to Neil on the national anthem💬
Sandra Vanek
Sandra Vanek Hace un día
a commission-(real estate)-salesman-as-POTUS (is this better than a mediocre-actor-as-POTUS? ---remember Reagan?) one views every transaction (foreign and domestic) as an opportunity to make a sale and the other views every transaction as a photo opportunity. (where have all the states-men/-women gone? my plaintive cry)
Sandra Vanek
Sandra Vanek Hace un día
pickles are made out of cucumbers (in baseball a "pickle" is when a runner is trapped on the baseline between two of the opposing team who throw the ball between them over his/her head.
Sandra Vanek
Sandra Vanek Hace un día
am I being too sensitive? why did Colbert choose a feminine background for Kim?
Cameron Clare
Cameron Clare Hace un día
This guy is a total moron.
Kim to give up his only defence against US imperialism, US gangster tactics... You gotta be joking pal. Kim would need to be fucked in the scull and ready to be taken out by his own crew to ditch his only effective defence against Uncle Sam's massive over blown military. Keep the nukes Kim. Trump is either an idiot trying to be cleaver... or the other way around, I'm never quite sure which. The games continue...
Rolando Mota
Rolando Mota Hace un día
some people shouldnt watch comedy
sbarnett37tiger Barnes
Watching Trump gives me hope for my future. If someone that imbecilic can be that successful and make that much money, then there's no reason a regular guy like me can't end up a trillionaire.
Blockish Tick
Blockish Tick Hace 2 días
I like Trump
It me Reef
It me Reef Hace 2 días
Because of Trump, I finally get an intelligence check on all my favourite comedians....Not saying I find this guy funny, but at least I know his intelligence level is bellow mine...And mine is laughable
matsern Hace 2 días
Stephen always trying so hard to make fun of Trump and put him in a bad light lol. Just be grateful our president has accomplished something no other presideny could.
Garden & Hoes Productions
1:22 he’s signaling to assassinate trump LMAO
Vedran Bileta
Vedran Bileta Hace 2 días
the world we live in... the biggest horror of it all, Mango Mussolini does not drink...he blabbers all this sober...
R Goutham Sankar
R Goutham Sankar Hace 2 días
Here,we have to appreciate Trump,even though he is a moron sometimes.He put aside ego to deal with what he had at hand. Kim and the North Korean problem is not due to Trump.Trump did the best he could to avoid a nuclear war.
nathanklymchuk1 Hace 2 días
This is a very sad circus lol
all this to avoid getting a woman president. i'd have rather had the woman president myself.
Marion-Lynn Tyan
Marion-Lynn Tyan Hace 2 días
Is this a joke? I mean trump being president. I still don't believe it....
Idol Rocks
Idol Rocks Hace 2 días
At least he was able to talk to him!!!
Arnold Davis
Arnold Davis Hace 2 días
It was a disgrace to our flag to be next to North Korea
Giant Killer
Giant Killer Hace 2 días
Thank you President Trump! Fantastic job accomplishing what Obama couldn't!! Peace, stability, hostages and soilder's remains returned, and a real pathway to seeing America back on top where she belongs! Showing the world and all the liberals what a set of balls are really for. Especially since they can't even figure it out for themselves anymore... 😂 ❤🇺🇸👍
c.daniel Premkumar
c.daniel Premkumar Hace 2 días
How is it that USA being a land of lawsuits tolerates this show which most of the time makes fun of its own presiident ?
Verde the Star Warrior
"Trump Eats a Vegetable" is not a headline. I'm pretty sure he eats at least a dozen full-sized carrots a day for him to have the skin tone he has
Rafael Oviedo
Rafael Oviedo Hace 2 días
I dig this program. I am Republican. Let me make this clear .. North Korea will NEVER give up the Nuclear Program. WHY? Easy answer .. "we didn't do it too". You like pie? well, have a cookie. Because, this is how this President operates. Bad thing is, people "buy into" his FALSE narrations. Stephen Colbert, I have a "theory". That when this President arrives BACK into the U.S. he will announce that he didn't fail on his words. And, try to "pin" something negative about the previous Term. "Look what I can do" .. North Korea for the first time in a long time .. opened its doors. Good for them, glad to know that THEY are going to be part of the U.N. .. because, that is a step closer to PLANET UNIFICATION ... one thing that our President doesn't understand ..
Bastiaan Meulenbelt
Bastiaan Meulenbelt Hace 2 días
open its behavior block fix deputy trial learning front intent proposed.
Yoni Cooper
Yoni Cooper Hace 2 días
I hate this guy he's the most negative talk show I don't find him fanny at all
Marie Ingram
Marie Ingram Hace 2 días
*Tоnight: fvvсk Ме likе u hаtе Ме.* *сl1сk Hеrе Tо Wаtсh S.е.X.у Liv3саМ Girls.* >>> whx.io/a268?d=Au5fvF8Q312
Raji Abeykoon
Raji Abeykoon Hace 2 días
This guy will do anything for views 😂
Paco Miguel
Paco Miguel Hace 2 días
His excuse will be that naruto could not get the 9 tale fox to denuclearize kim
PacoTaco0404040 Hace 2 días
Yeah Colberts a faggot.
Gideon Kwon
Gideon Kwon Hace 2 días
What you can get when you make fun of Trump work for North Korea? Maybe you try to make him to looks stupid but for me all of you guys so stupid because you don't know how his action to reconcile with North Korea (I know Trump is doing this for his own benefit) is so important for the future of both two Korea. Please Respect! Basically I don't like and support personality and policy of Trump but please think that this is not the matter to make fun of but to pray for the ending unfortunate history of Korea!
Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly Hace 2 días
If this actually comes off it will be incredible. Why are you working so hard to hate on something that would be in the best interests of the entire world? Don’t be a jerk.
Immanuel Tauiliili
Immanuel Tauiliili Hace 2 días
I bet if it was Obama this guy would have been kissing his ass.
timgraysontv Hace 2 días
Appleholic1 Hace 2 días
Colbert is an ass
Buddhi Dev
Buddhi Dev Hace 2 días
What's different between this and Obama-Iran?
Gina Armstrong
Gina Armstrong Hace 2 días
Soooo Sad!
W P Hace 2 días
Apple TOS also includes not to use any iphone or ipad to power the Gotterdammerung, I believe.
Nigerian pirate who's actually nigerian
I bet if it was obama, Stephan Cuckbert will be praising him for bringing peace in the Korean peninsula.
Nigerian pirate who's actually nigerian
Stephen Cuckbert
James Smithe
James Smithe Hace 2 días
Very few people can be a brutal dictator; hands up for those who love Stalin?
eddie dominguez
eddie dominguez Hace 2 días
"Late last night yesterday morning"
JPH FOREX Hace 2 días
Coalburt's the type of douchebag who is easily bought off. How vapid. Only dopes tune to this moak's shitshow.
BenRad524 Hace 2 días
Trump says: "... you could take 1 out of 10,000 probably couldn't do it..." Soooo doesn't that mean that 9,999 could do what Un did?
Num43 Hace 2 días
...And the artist formerly known as "Little Rocket Boy" would have been better
Brisk Stevens
Brisk Stevens Hace 2 días
I'm sorry, but the idiot who keeps making the "boo" sound.... Shut up
Ariel Steinsaltz
Ariel Steinsaltz Hace 2 días
Cucumbers are a fruit.
Stephen Fletcher
Stephen Fletcher Hace 2 días
Has there seriously ever been a dumber or more dishonest president of a country?
Mf BOOM Hace 2 días
Stephen Fletcher Nixon?
Rampaging Noob
Rampaging Noob Hace 2 días
I can't wait until Trump goes back to working with Sideshow Bob.
Danielle No Leaf
Danielle No Leaf Hace 2 días
Okay... I hate trump... However... If NK did choose to set up hotels... That may get them to open up borders and begin a shift in paradigm...
zenobia10127 Hace 2 días
Colbert saying "dot, dot, dot" in his Trump voice gives me life.
Dustin McNiel
Dustin McNiel Hace 2 días
I was terrified about this meeting
Annika Scribe
Annika Scribe Hace 2 días
i have achieved my life long dream, i am finally smarter than the leader of the free world. many thanks to you senor Don....i owe you one. yours sincerely, Nina Maimuna , i can finally retire at 28.hugsies!!!!
Sergey Lee
Sergey Lee Hace 2 días
What a jealous piece of shit. Man, some people just can't lose. Trump became President. Deal with it Colbert
William Marconi
William Marconi Hace 2 días
why does Trump always have to make himself to sole issue about everything, even for world peace, it is about him, and if someone emits a slight different idea, he makes it about his own rejection, when we are talking about world peace, why does he bring it always to him?
jayarcu Hace 2 días
Wow! This POTUS really belives the presidency of our country is a reallity tv show.
HairyOreo Hace 2 días
What an idiot, North Korea is better with nukes.
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