Trump Voters LOSE IT Over Taxes

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Trump supporters realized that Trump’s tax plan actually ended up screwing them. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. More TYT: go.tyt.com/aD5aK9Npvf8
Read more here: www.rawstory.com/2019/02/trusted-trump-voters-seethe-realizing-theyre-getting-screwed-gops-tax-plan/
"Multiple supporters of President Donald Trump over the past couple of weeks have taken to Twitter to air their grievances about the president’s signature tax cut plan.
Even though the 2017 GOP tax cut is leading to spiking federal deficits thanks to its generous benefits to corporations, many middle-class Americans are winding up having to pay more because the bill eliminated multiple deductions used by middle-class families to lower their annual tax payments.
Among other things, the tax bill capped deductions for taxes paid to state and local governments, while massively increasing the amount of money you must donate to qualify for a charitable giving deduction."

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian
Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian
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6 feb 2019






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Sable Burden
Sable Burden Hace un día
Love this guy lmao. Be upfront and hit them when it hurts.
Leonard Covarrubias
Leonard Covarrubias Hace 4 días
I guess Bubba figured out he's not the one percent goalie....( Gomer Pyle voice)
Mark Dobbins
Mark Dobbins Hace 4 días
Even if TAXES ARE 100%. You can’t pay for the services you want. Medicare and other packages. Just amazing.
Mark Dobbins
Mark Dobbins Hace 4 días
Jesus. Not everyone is going to benefit from this. Did it help me. HELL NO. but it does help others. Jesus. You dip shits. If you think the left is helping you. Forget it. The Young Turks. I lol your the biggest cry babies. When Trump won and listening to you cry. Was worth it
Patternicity Hace un día
+Mark Dobbins You think that even at 80% america couldn't do what other countries do at much lower rates? And you can't figure out why they're against having tax increases without better government programs resulting from those increases? sad.
Sable Burden
Sable Burden Hace un día
+Mark Dobbins i don't want free health care my job pays that. With no dime out of my pocket. Soo yeah. Tho if we slash that dick growing contest known as our military by half that art to do it.
Mark Dobbins
Mark Dobbins Hace un día
Sable Burden what’s funny is this. The Democrats and left need TAXES to pay for all their free shit. So why are they complaining about taxes. Bitching about paying higher taxes. I have it set up so I have the best write offs possible. I’m going to live in Az or Texas where state taxes are darn near zero. California I’m screwed least 8-10% on top of feds 30%. I’m dying here. Even if they raised taxes to 80% can never pay for healthcare and what they want.
Sable Burden
Sable Burden Hace un día
Young Turks ee. Well do us a favor and pass on help us rebuild your message faster. Btw I personally don't like owing the gov free money's so I never let them hold mine.
Patternicity Hace 3 días
"my taxes went up but at least I owned the libs" total right wing NPC stereotype predicted in this video
Random Lime
Random Lime Hace 4 días
Puppets STILL somehow support him even after the april 15th PROOF OF HIS LIES
Random Lime
Random Lime Hace 4 días
have always got back atleast 1k to $1400+ tax refund every year even under pres bush, obama, clinton, old bush etc, and new trump tax reform this yr, got back $310 . That was pretty cool! I really like the part where my weekly pay and deductions never changed either, that was pretty cool..
Augustine Giron-Rael
What in the HELL were you people thinking!? Couldn't you tell that Trump was a liar and con- artist from the start? My big Clue In was listening to him speak. NEVER HAS THERE BEEN A PRESIDENT OF OUR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WITH SUCH A POOR, CHILDISH, VOCABULARY. I almost have to turn his speeches off. I actually get embarrassed listening to his 3rd grade way of speaking, not to mention having a President with such a foul mouth. HERE IS THE KEY TO KNOW A MAN: " ALWAYS GET TO KNOW THEIR HISTORY AND ACTIONS IN THAT HISTORY, WHAT KIND OF FRIENDS DOES HE HAVE? " "IS THIS AN HONEST MAN? " "IS THIS A MAN OF WORDS OR ACTIONS? " I just want all of you voters that voted for Trump...... Hey, everyone makes mistakes, BUT this mistake CANNOT BE MADE AGAIN! I did not cast a vote in this last election. I thought pretty much everyone was pretty bad. "Beware of the CON-MAN". ""THE CON-MAN WILL ALWAYS MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE PART OF A SPECIAL GROUP, AND IN ON SOMETHING BIG AND SECRET." But the only thing you end up getting is "PLAYED! "
Mark Dobbins
Mark Dobbins Hace 3 días
Augustine Giron-Rael Hillary Clinton didn’t lie? I’ll take the lessor of 2 evils here. Next time get a better candidate
Jason Conley
Jason Conley Hace 5 días
I got back more than ever.
Jason Conley
Jason Conley Hace 3 días
I didn't change anything from last years deductions.
Random Lime
Random Lime Hace 3 días
but, did you earn and pay in more than ever also??
Jason Conley
Jason Conley Hace 4 días
I'm sorry but your wrong. I'm neither lying or trolling.
CJ Flores
CJ Flores Hace 4 días
Love it when u trolls bullshit. The snake oil expiration date went out u might need a different argument... lmfao
alcetina Hace 5 días
Jason Conley yea right !
I Am Woman
I Am Woman Hace 5 días
TRUMP is using YOUR TAXES to PAY his TAXES 🤗 lol
Alberto Merchan
Alberto Merchan Hace 5 días
You receive more check by check then you get less rebate at the end of the year. Report more voluntary every chk then you will get more at the end of the year...
Les Subrick
Les Subrick Hace 6 días
MAGA morons need to man up and stop being so damned stupid!
Mark Dobbins
Mark Dobbins Hace 4 días
Stupid. Who had the most corrupt woman ever to run for office? Hillary was straight up corrupt. Why you think people VOTED FOR TRUMP? Hillary was a joke
Ryan G
Ryan G Hace 6 días
well what did they expect?
Bob Allman
Bob Allman Hace 7 días
That's how Trump supporters are stupid and dumber than box rocks. I don't feel sorry for the Trump supporters.
Jason Conley
Jason Conley Hace 4 días
Bob Allman couldn't be more eloquently stated. By a child of 4 or 5.
tracy bird
tracy bird Hace 7 días
Never trust anyone who has to convince people that he " Has a big brain, Is a stable genius, Is the most militaristic, " Haven't had any c/o about the size of his mushroom, And on and on. The bonespur, tiny little hands, piss floss hair, origin fatass CHEETO puff is a freaking conman. If u don't get it by now, u never will.
Terence Fitch
Terence Fitch Hace 9 días
Brexit in UK. Leave politicians drove a big red bus round saying we’d get £350 million a week for healthcare- it would be the easiest deal in history, it would end immigration etc. All lies. And we know that they broke election spend less too. Sound familiar?
xirsamoht x
xirsamoht x Hace 6 días
Both Brexit & trump were partially financed, indirectly, by Russian interests, illegally. The U.K. leave campaign had £7million funnelled into it through a middle-man: businessman Aaron Banks.
Ezz E
Ezz E Hace 9 días
Ohh my ! What an unforseen surprise!! Billionaire aiding billionaires..how the hell could we have ever seen that one coming hmmm?? 😞😞😞
Fake news they aren’t paying more 80% of Americans are paying less taxes . Which also means less of a return .
xirsamoht x
xirsamoht x Hace 6 días
I've seen this comment everywhere too.
Ron The Reaper
Ron The Reaper Hace 8 días
Lol wtf is this a bot? Or someone getting paid to use talking points? Or is it just some loser spreading propaganda for free because his life sucks and he has nothing else to do?
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Hace 10 días
I'm glad trump did this to his peeps
Idris Sulaimon
Idris Sulaimon Hace 10 días
Your tax money is design for rich people and for isreal. Pls vote for him again maybe it will help your foolishness. All what you profit today about employment rate is Obama hard work not trump, trump no nothing than to Come on air twitt and talk rubbish
Mark Toohey
Mark Toohey Hace 10 días
Another Trump GOP scam! Trump is an artist at the fraud! What a wonderful, beautiful, magnificent, glorious tax break for the middle class! When we all know that $1.5 TRILLION in tax cuts went to the corporations and the ultra-rich! General Electric, Apple, Boeing, Google, and multiple other mega-corporations that earn BILLIONS in profits pay ZERO, NADA, income taxes, and in fact, get hundreds of millions back in tax REFUNDS! While we, the little people, the insignificant rabble who struggle to survive on 30 or 40 thousand dollars a year pay through the nose and may get a few crumbs from the table. This is the normal tax strategy for the Republican/corporate elite. Steal from the poor and give to the rich! I am indignant to pay the IRS over $2,000 of my income to subsidize the $110 million subsidy to enrich Amazon; like Jeff Bezos really needs my money! Tell you what; I will file my 2018 tax return whenever the aforementioned corporations and rich guys, including Donald Trump, pay their fair share to the IRS!
Mark Toohey
Mark Toohey Hace 5 días
+xirsamoht x AGREED! Who knows what Congress may unveil sifting through his 500 some LLC "businesses." An LLC, Limited Liability Corporation, can be established on paper by as few as two people, and the "business" can exist as nothing more than a post office box number in the Cayman Islands or the Bahamas. There are no shareholders, no board of directors, no governing board, and the "corporation" is easily used as a money laundering device. And transactions of an offshore LLC are not subject to IRS taxation! It's totally legal, but money laundering is not! Anyone who knows anything about Trump's fraudulent business practices surely is aware that Trump knows this and every other money-making trick in the book. Little wonder that Trump consistently claims that he cannot release his tax returns because he is under audit, which in itself is a total fabrication and a lie. Trump will defy any subpoena or court order to give up his tax returns; he has too much to hide!
xirsamoht x
xirsamoht x Hace 6 días
First we need to SEE trump's tax returns.
Ray Sm
Ray Sm Hace 10 días
When does rich people help poor people? Robin Hood gave to the poor by robbing the rich .... when has a rich man went out of his way to help poor people. WAKE UP America!! Get this guy out of office. Do not allow racism guide your decision to vote for this Neo-Nazi white nationalist. BTW, Mexicans and other immigrants are not taking your jobs ... they are doing jobs Americans do not want to do. When was the last time that you were picking fruits, doing landscaping, and all the shitty jobs out there? Think about that.
Anker Alaphelt
Anker Alaphelt Hace 11 días
Stiffed B of A, Chase, Deutche Bank, and Wells Fargo. How the hell is Trump even solvent?
Kerry Webb
Kerry Webb Hace 11 días
These people don't seem to get it. Trump doesn't care! The tax breaks went to the rich! Now, do you get it? The republicans don't care about the working class!
Diego Suarez
Diego Suarez Hace 12 días
Trump promised to close the loopholes of the rich. Instead, he hit the middle class. I make less, but pay more taxes. Thanks A lot! 😠
OOPS2468 Hace 12 días
i have only one thing to say,TOLD YOU SO hahahahaha
Hugh Stauch
Hugh Stauch Hace 12 días
Trump and the Republicans are real scum bags and the real reason that Trump doesn't want his taxes released is can we say Capone fraud money laundering long list
Harry Mann Jr
Harry Mann Jr Hace 13 días
My taxes went down so the point the middle class got a tax increase is fake news and lying bullshit.
Ron The Reaper
Ron The Reaper Hace 8 días
Lol you're full of shit and you know it. Better to lie in service of master than to let those libtards be right.
Harry Mann Jr
Harry Mann Jr Hace 12 días
+Matthew HuszarikHey you don't know how to lei well. Your taxes went down just everyone else. Caught you lying.
Matthew Huszarik
Matthew Huszarik Hace 12 días
Harry Mann Jr That’s some trick you think you know more about how much I pay in Federal income tax than I do? No need to reply your previous response says everything I ever need to know about you.
Harry Mann Jr
Harry Mann Jr Hace 12 días
+OOPS2468You are also full of shit.
OOPS2468 Hace 12 días
William Saroyan
William Saroyan Hace 13 días
Suckers ....
Ronald Harback
Ronald Harback Hace 14 días
Young Turks. Now hears a group! Part of the 3% Tax break. Another dishonest Trump idea.
Paul Stupka
Paul Stupka Hace 15 días
How could you possible believe any Republican after they have screwed you for years? Trickle down has never worked. Like a tooth cavity or an abusive relationship it's never going to get any better. How could you vote against your own self interests ? Want to replace this group of clowns? 2020 is only a few months away. Vote!
Mutable xxx
Mutable xxx Hace 17 días
Thoughts and prayers for the GOP’s losing their faith 🤣😆😂 trump is NOT a Christian 💁🏼‍♀️ that was a HUGE lie pushed by the Church’s that Don’t Pay Taxes FYI🤦🏼‍♀️
Stephen Ray
Stephen Ray Hace 18 días
Trump supporters...... THE DUMBEST MOFOS IN CAPTIVITY. He only works for the elite!!!!!
K Hunigan
K Hunigan Hace 20 días
HAHA. So now yr 😡 & 😭. Its what you wanted. Trump got yr $$ now he's coming back for yr health care. Oh & don't forget yr SANITY. DUMMIES. 😮😏😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jeff G
Jeff G Hace 20 días
First taxes, then a pointless government shutdown that cost the US billions along with insensitive, callous Trump reps saying the people affected can just take out a loan to get them through it, and now Trump and his Re-pubes in Congress want to finish destroying Obamacare and have 20 million lose their healthcare, which I'm sure includes a few million MAGA morons. But of course they'll keep sucking on Trump's rump and think he's the greatest president in our history. You simply cannot reason with these idiots.
amiho gatai
amiho gatai Hace 22 días
they will get them without vaseline... and they like it that. exactly they go back for more. and more.
George Warmowski
George Warmowski Hace 28 días
I have to be Honest. My Taxes went down, 15% to 12% so I'm happy. Best bet is not to make to much Money.
Gregg Hernandez
Gregg Hernandez Hace 9 días
Hey +George Warmowski I do not know how old you are but I am close to 62, and I will never give up fighting. Why do you think the Republicans are unable to touch Social Security which they would love to get their hands on by the way? Because they are SCARED TO DEATH of Senior Citizens. Why?! Because they VOTE, in huge numbers. They know the value of the vote. As long as you are breathing you have that precious vote, so don't ever give up. I will vote in 2020 against Trump even if the Dems. nominate a cat to run against him! I just know the cat will be smarter, more empathetic and way better looking than Trump,
George Warmowski
George Warmowski Hace 12 días
+Matthew Huszarik I'm not a Trump supporter. So I'm not sticking up for him, but at my stage in life I'm tired of fighting anymore just want to go my own way. As far as the deficit is concerned the younger ones need to beat him to Death with it.
Matthew Huszarik
Matthew Huszarik Hace 13 días
Was it worth the deficit going over a trillion dollars a year?
Anton v/d Merwe
Anton v/d Merwe Hace 29 días
And these haters are really trying their hardest to spread more hate than there is already...No one tweeted or complains because it's all lies...if they are only preparing and getting ready to send their tax returns in, how in the world do they know how much taxes they have to pay...Wake up, this idiot hates everything in life and will do anything to spread he's bs...
love oxox
love oxox Hace un mes
But didnt Gary Cohn said $1,000 you could buy your self a car or remodel your kitchen..yeah .
Dewayne White
Dewayne White Hace un mes
They're still gonna vote him in 2020 so we gonna have to get use to it!!
f moana
f moana Hace un mes
As a independent voter just claim zero
Fred Leininger
Fred Leininger Hace un mes
If you pay spousal support you now have to pay the tax on the money you are ordered to pay.
Adam 86
Adam 86 Hace un mes
TLDR: It's because of areas with high state taxes like dumb ass California. This has nothing to do with Trump and Trump himself lowered tax brackets and made the tax code smaller. TYT lying again. They can't help it with the fake/conspiracy titles. Wonder how it feels to have 4 million subs and still be doing click-bait bullshit journalism. I feel sorry for the people who are being tricked into thinking the REASON their taxes are high are Trump. No it's the democratic controlled high tax slums. But it would take a piece of crap like Cenk to lie about it and point them in wrong direction. Since beginning of time there's always been that weasel person who hits someone on back of head and then points to an innocent person causing a fight. That's Cenk in 2019 journalism LMAO! (PS: To pretend you guys want lower taxes for people is such dishonest crap also, shame on you)
Ron The Reaper
Ron The Reaper Hace 8 días
+Andy Ngô They honestly think they can convince people who have personally confirmed that they got screwed on their taxes that it's just fake news. This is going beyond cultish and into some brand new territory, when they're going *that* far to follow Trump.
Ron The Reaper
Ron The Reaper Hace 8 días
Lmfao this is the best proof yet that most of trumps internet sycophants are 12 year olds. Have you ever filed taxes? Federal and state taxes are two entirely separate things. You'd know this if you'd ever had a job. Haha what an idiot.
Andy Ngô
Andy Ngô Hace 28 días
+Adam 86, then explain why people from States with No State-Income Tax are also complaining. Your dumbass is forgetting that people from Red States are also affected.
End the police corruption
You do realize that Donald Trump redid the tax plan right?. So tell me again how it's not Donald Trump's fault when it's his tax plan.?. You do realize that democrats had nothing to do with this new tax plan?.
Alpha Leader
Alpha Leader Hace un mes
Dude federal has nothing to do with state taxes... Youre such an idiot trump only lowered taxs for the top 1% because that top 1% help him the most.
Frank Thomas
Frank Thomas Hace un mes
Jake Romero
Jake Romero Hace un mes
Jerry D Parks
Jerry D Parks Hace un mes
The rich weretaxed like crazy they employ and pay you middle class has gne unscaved for years and poverty has suffered the same poverty taxes lestwned percentage of middle tax oayers paying the less percentage then then the rich and rich still percentage wise are paying more then middle and poverty level combined I live in middle class stop crying the people you wnt to drain are who your paychexcks come from wake up seriously
Ron The Reaper
Ron The Reaper Hace 8 días
This is the most unintelligible thing I've ever seen from one of you sycophants, and that's saying something. It's hilarious you're portraying the rich as being altruistic in giving people jobs, when the truth is that those people only have jobs because they make money for the rich.
Cake Batter
Cake Batter Hace un mes
So where are all the capital investments businesses were suppose to make due to the tax cuts?
Jerry D Parks
Jerry D Parks Hace un mes
+mcgilm69 tax reform is a joke to begin with it is like putting a bandaid on situation at hand
mcgilm69 Hace un mes
Jerry, you are a liar just like Dump. As a total dollar amount the rich pay more, but our country has a wealth distribution that looks like a banana republic. HOWEVER, the rich DID NOT pay more as a total percentage of their income. That wonderful feature still falls to the middle class.
MASF Reload
MASF Reload Hace un mes
*Coughs* YOU-VOTED-FOR-HIM "WE TOLD YOU!" Yep we did.
Anton v/d Merwe
Anton v/d Merwe Hace 29 días
And that's why we are winning and smiling, you lost and that's why you are crying and dying...😅😅😅
Lol @ “alternative taxes” 😄
Meredith Richardson
I knnnneeeewwwww this day was coming....
ChristophProbst Hace un mes
I feel like Cartman from South Park with wanting to taste their tears, lol
Story Time Media
Story Time Media Hace un mes
beverly a
beverly a Hace un mes
If anyone has to be hurt with idiot trump in office I will have no sympathy for those that voted for him
Robert Goines
Robert Goines Hace un mes
Cecil Treadwell
Cecil Treadwell Hace un mes
TRUMPUTIN the Mad Destroyer. He destroyed the USFL almost single handedly. Just research the history of the league and his ownership of the New Jersey Generals.
William Morrison
William Morrison Hace un mes
I was screaming this last year and all the trumptards laughed at me. Guess who gets the last laugh?
Anton v/d Merwe
Anton v/d Merwe Hace 29 días
Trump supporters, because the are smiling while you are still crying...😅😅😅
Qi Huna
Qi Huna Hace un mes
gpiano88 Hace 25 días
+George Solomon This is right out of the Geobbles manifesto. Trump has not only taught them to hate Democrats and liberals but instill Freudian like self-hate.
George Solomon
George Solomon Hace 25 días
Trump has manipulated and duped the very people who voted for him into office by making them feel he was just like them by feeding there own bigotry and fear of anything not "white", which has made them almost hypnotized to follow him blindly and nothing can convince them that everything he is doing is against their own self interests and ultimately will make their lives worse. The regulations he's weakened will be hazardous to their health and make corporations richer, undermining Obamacare will make affordable healthcare unavailable, tax cuts will not increase their bottom line, only make billionaires even richer, and to pay for it, he wants to cut Medicare and Social security, the very things his base will need to rely on as they age....but he's convinced them otherwise, that's what a great con man does. He's taught them to hate Democrats and liberals, the very people who could increase their quality of life. Trump is only for himself and the super wealthy.
gpiano88 Hace un mes
One of the hardest things to convince people of is the fact that they 've been had.
maxxzero1 Hace un mes
delbomb3131 Hace un mes
"we told you this would happen" sorry but the way the bubble news network world we live in works, zero trump voters are listening to you
The trickle down economics was renamed the tinkle down economics in the 80's and 90's, giving a new meaning to peon.
Nick Hace un mes
Don't tax cuts mean you pay less to the gov't every week and thus get a smaller refund? Isn't this how tax cuts supposed to work? A big refund means you're doin it wrong . . .
Cake Batter
Cake Batter Hace un mes
The government can lower your tax rate, but if they take away enough deductions, you will still end up with a higher tax burden.
Kone Whatsthenamespolicy
Taxes were higher and refunds were lower. It wasn’t less taxed. Plus people owed with no changes to their lives but the tax code
mcgilm69 Hace un mes
+Nick No Nick, that isn't a tax cut. You could have easily gone in at at point in time and changed your withholding to get that extra $40 per paycheck. Unless you also get back as much money as you did previously, as well as that $40 per paycheck, that isn't a tax decrease. That's just a realignment of your withholding.
Nick Hace un mes
+Johnathan Crook About $40 more per paycheck bi weekly. Fortunately my company's payroll system lists gross pay next to net so it's really easy to calculate. That's 1k less a year I give to the gov't and 1k less a year they have to refund me. I also make about the average household income for a married person. So i'm not a special case.
Johnathan Crook
Johnathan Crook Hace un mes
So how much more are you getting week to week?...smh
Francis Hace un mes
Love honest news. Thanks guys
G Money
G Money Hace un mes
Francis lol Cenk denies the Armenian Genocide....they don’t know what that word means.
Emily Cordero
Emily Cordero Hace un mes
I got screwed on my taxes , there is nothing fake about that , and I'm pissed as hell! When it comes to that troll the is always fake news to him and his supporters. It makes me sick 🤮
Willoughby Krenzteinburg
+Emily Cordero No, I "due" not. I asked a simple question. I don't think you got screwed on your taxes. I think you are just joining the club because you want something to bitch about. I don't think you even understand how taxes work - - and I am justifying my conclusions by challenging you to demonstrate that you can explicitly lay out the specific changes in the tax code using actual numbers that caused your taxes to increase. So far, you are validating my argument. Wanna answer the question? Let me guess. Your refund went down. Anything beyond that?
Emily Cordero
Emily Cordero Hace un mes
+Willoughby Krenzteinburg why due you you want to pay it for me ?
Willoughby Krenzteinburg
How specifically did you get screwed on your taxes?
prof. stein
prof. stein Hace un mes
so glad i didn't vote for him in 2016. i knew there was something screwy about him
John Lujan
John Lujan Hace un mes
Hmm, a couple pay periods after it passed last year, my net pay actually increased a bit. My 2018 refund went down a little, but since I paid less thru last year, I'm not shocked. But then, income- wise, maybe I'm not even "middle class"?
Roedy Green
Roedy Green Hace un mes
Most people won't find out they have been had until April.
Willoughby Krenzteinburg
And most people will not have been "had". Most people who can do math will realize their taxes did indeed go down.
Rosa Lainez
Rosa Lainez Hace un mes
Well they get the rewards. They voted for him .you know this guy favored himself and his body .the rich .who tell you he is a 99 % president .noooooo that is why he want to be president .to create laws for them and cancelated fair laws for us .you ready to vote again for him .cuz you blind trusting .congratulation .
J -
J - Hace un mes
bet all you mofos really miss Obama now. Trump doesn't even have the balls to tell you how many dronestrikes he has done.
Cj Taylor
Cj Taylor Hace un mes
It wouldn't matter how many Obama did em too
itweety21 Hace un mes
Time to end the Trump tax cuts time to vote them out!
itweety21 Hace 13 días
+Harry Mann Jr your mom is an idiot for having an idiot thinking everything is free. Get off the food stamps and loose the belly fat.
Harry Mann Jr
Harry Mann Jr Hace 13 días
So you want higher taxes, only an idiot would say "I'm willing to pay more taxes."
Vasko1937 Hace un mes
How professional, laughing at someone's misery...or is it gloating just because you told them so.
Shanna Sweger
Shanna Sweger Hace un mes
Yeah why not? Truth hurts, dont it? You morons like to gloat about Trump winning. You sick of winning yet? I know I am
Vasko1937 Hace un mes
+N. Igma I don't vote because i know politics and religion, which ever came first like the chicken or the egg, is all a sham
beverly a
beverly a Hace un mes
+bonnie duncan well said and very true
bonnie duncan
bonnie duncan Hace un mes
Vasko1937 - YES!! trump voters should be mocked and called out on their stupidity...if you think someone who has filed for bankruptcy 6 times is a successful businessman you deserve to be called an idiot...LOUDLY!
BlackIceFa02 Hace un mes
You can only warn someone so many times before their misery becomes flat out comedy!!!!
I love fabric and flowers
I called my cat and dog 'Thoughts' and 'Prayers'. Both are useless.
I love fabric and flowers
+Jewels Star forgot about that one. Thanks for the reminder.
Jewels Star
Jewels Star Hace un mes
Thoughts are useful!! Not thinking leads to Trumptards!! ;)
Ntxawn Lor
Ntxawn Lor Hace un mes
Awwww.. How sad...
Liam Sullivan
Liam Sullivan Hace un mes
Working people lost PMI Insurance, Per Deim, Work expenses, etc
Willoughby Krenzteinburg
+Sa C The bigger concern for truck drivers right now should be the fact that your jobs are going to be going away in the next 5-10 years. Particularly those that are away from home for long stretches of time on the road - - i.e., those who qualified for the per diem deduction. There is going to be a huge shift to automatic trucks in the very near future, and the first trucking jobs to go will be those routes that spend the majority of the time on the interstate (where the automatic trucks can already operate TODAY). It is coming. The vast majority of employees do not have employee expenses. And it's not even necessarily true that truck drivers with per diem are guaranteed to get screwed. Only if they itemized to begin with would they have benefited from those expenses, and even THEN, it doesn't necessarily mean their tax will be higher. There are other factors.
Sa C
Sa C Hace un mes
Exactly. Ex: Truck drivers now can't expense (deduct from their taxes) their meals/motel expenses while driving for work. Trump and GOP are robbing from Blue States to give to Red States.
Liam Sullivan
Liam Sullivan Hace un mes
Share the truth with red hat kool-aid drinkers on social media
Old Fart Johnson
Old Fart Johnson Hace un mes
Remember when trump promised tax cuts in interviews before the mid-terms?No tax refunds and people just forget.SAD.
Willoughby Krenzteinburg
The tax cuts are here, and about 80% of people are paying lower taxes in 2018 than they were in 2017. The size of the refund is irrelevant. The refund doesn't tell you squat about the amount of taxes. The refund is just the amount you OVERPAID. What people aren't realizing (which is insane) is that withholding is less than in prior years due to the very fact that the expected tax owed is less. It is also more accurate in estimating the tax, so the combination of the two results in a lower refund and less being withheld. The math is simple. The statistics are already corroborating this. 80% of people are paying lower taxes. The fact that many of these same people are seeing lower refunds doesn't change the fact that the actual tax paid is less. My refund was $300 less than usual. My withholding was $1,800 less (meaning my paychecks were $1,800 more). This is absurdly simple math. This means my taxes dropped by $1,500. The tax cuts promised were delivered for the vast majority of people - - even the ignorant complainers who think they got screwed simply because their refund went down and they can't do math.
Vigilante Cornflakes
Funny how they keep saying 'We told you!', I can't imagine Trump fans watching this channel.
Jake Bray Ojeda
Jake Bray Ojeda Hace un mes
I did not vote for Trump, but hey a tax cut is a tax cut so I thought I would get a larger refund but no! I got $600 less than I always get. So even those that were smart enough to not vote for him got screwed!
Onair Carna
Onair Carna Hace 14 días
Jake Bray Ojeda - no sympathy for trump voters. They got what they voted for. But for you and people like you I feel very sorry.
beverly a
beverly a Hace un mes
jake, they got screwed because uneducated idiots voted for him
N. Igma
N. Igma Hace un mes
Tough to be screwed by trump. He looks so filthy. Even Melania used to swat his hand away from touching her -- 'til the press started commenting.
CaliDude Hace un mes
All things Trump are all things Evil...
BlackRoseMind Hace un mes
Yeah but its Not Just Trump supporters who are affected.
Allen Hace un mes
Great video guys.
E. Ice
E. Ice Hace un mes
& Y’all though he had your back.. 🙄💅🏿
malachi ranger
malachi ranger Hace un mes
We miss you Obama 💙🤦🏽‍♂️
kevin burdine
kevin burdine Hace un mes
you guys are reporting a lie i checked it's mostly trump hater"s complaining FAKE news
Shanna Sweger
Shanna Sweger Hace un mes
Yeah okay Sherlock Holmes 😂😂
beverly a
beverly a Hace un mes
kevin, would like to know who you checked with please tell us lol
bonnie duncan
bonnie duncan Hace un mes
kevin burdine - you “checked with” who, exactly? saying you “checked” doesn’t mean shit without even ONE source...and magic 8 balls don’t count...
kevin burdine
kevin burdine Hace un mes
+James Davis every other honest news organization and no not fox im not for or against the president what i do want is truth in what i am being told in the news not there opinion or out right LIES by people who are supposed to tell us the true facts not there opinion of facts that they know isn't true and yes i looked up all i could before said anything but im not saying were because last month i got a copyright strike because i provided names of were i got my information that proved i was right about another thing NBC was saying about a congress person
Emily Cordero
Emily Cordero Hace un mes
Lady because I did due my research is the reason I didn't vote for him . It dosen't take a genius to know the man was a poor choice for the presidency!
MaxCruise73 Hace un mes
I kept about $3400 of my money due to the tax cuts. Still waiting to hear why this is so terrible.
Cj Taylor
Cj Taylor Hace un mes
+Sa C shut up that has nothing to do with taxes 😂
N C Hace un mes
portion people didn't asshole. try watching the video instead of saying stupid shit. 300 million people who aren't you have a difference experience. get over it.
Sa C
Sa C Hace un mes
MaxCruise73 $3400 is peanuts compared to cost of the devastating climate change that is occurring, and will cost you, your family, and everyone else. Trust me, I’ve done the research. Just because the bill hasn’t come in yet, doesn’t mean you don’t owe it (or that it’s not coming). We should be doing everything we can to stop pumping huge amounts of heat trapping/causing gases into the atmosphere. Instead, Trump and the GOP are doing everything they can, to destroy the environment, destroy environmental rules. If more people realized what a heavy (and truly Horrific) price will be paid, for their shortsightedness (thinking only of now and their tax return/bank account). How do people who vote for Republicans and Trump, choose to ignore their utter corruption and criminality???? Very sad!!!!!
Sa C
Sa C Hace un mes
Man, trump gave the poor and middle class, such HUGE tax cuts. It didn’t leave much money to give the Billionaires, Corporations tax cuts. Sucks!!!!!
Cj Taylor
Cj Taylor Hace un mes
+Phathompath h well how would pay be determined then?
Phathompath h
Phathompath h Hace un mes
+Sa C and just so you know that the top 1% pay 39% of all taxes in this country and the top 10% pretty much pay the rest, so I think they pay their fair share of taxes, it's just people like you who somehow think that you're entitled to their money so you can spread around and give it to everybody else. Who are you to determine what people can make and what people can keep? no person or government should have that right.
Sa C
Sa C Hace un mes
I’m a Billionaire who only got a $150 tax cut from the 2017 law. I’m so pissed. Trump voters, you got me!!!!
Rebecca Bunch
Rebecca Bunch Hace un mes
Find out why you're hearing an overuse/repeating of "actually", "basically", "obviously" and other words/phrases on facebook @ColePhoenixWolvesforHire. Allegedly.
John Edward Jones
John Edward Jones Hace un mes
Many supporters of The Don were hoodwinked. Lied to for their vote. Never bothered to research on their own or listen to the advice of so many that warned he was UNFIT AND UNQUALIFIED. Become obvious over last 18 months UNHINGED TOO.
Chris Craft
Chris Craft Hace un mes
With the tax cuts hes opened millions of new jobs.fake fuckin news folks.
emerald3331 Hace un mes
Those jobs got shipped to China or went down to Mexico.
Vito Checchia
Vito Checchia Hace un mes
HAHA Trickle Down economics..Suckers
Chris Craft
Chris Craft Hace un mes
He gave these cuts for businesses to help create jobs and lifted alot of regulations that held them from adding more jobs and its worked very well.the only ones not happy with this are the ones on democratic tit.
Maxwell Montgomery
Maxwell Montgomery Hace un mes
Here are the facts: The standard deduction was doubled from $12k to $24k. This means, if you do not itemize your deductions, you will save money on your taxes. For example, my wife and I made $75k jointly, in the 12% bracket, so having a standard deduction $12k higher means we saved about $1440 in taxes thanks to the Trump tax cuts. Alltogether, we paid about $1k in federal taxes this year and recieved $500 in refunds for being married. People who use tax loopholes to itemize their deductions are the ones being hurt by the Trump taxes. This affects the richest Americans the most as well as people who live in states with high property taxes. State deductions are capped at $10k. The Mortgage Interest deduction took a hit as well, which forces people in both the middle and upper class to pay more. I remember Bernie Sanders once called the mortgage interest deduction "Welfare for millionaires" but I guess progressives are now in support of the loophole now that Trump is cutting it? The fact of the matter is that Trump tax cuts help lower income tax payers who don't rely on tax loopholes to get through the tax season.
baphomets sensitive side
As a person who was one of these low income Americans until recently, there was no reason to do itemized deductions. I couldn't afford to spend enough on deductible expenses to even qualify. In fact most people I knew did ez forms and not itemized deductions. The thing about it is those same people are still doing the same ez forms without itemized deductions and getting screwed over this year. I can't say what it would have done for me because I have a new job making more than double what I was making before. My experiences are anecdotal but I don't see how what you're saying makes any sense, and I'm not trying to be a dick, just stating my experience. Results may vary.
Pierre Bibeau
Pierre Bibeau Hace un mes
Trump's voters got what they deserved knowing Trump"s lies. May that be a reminder fo 2020.
sebell C
sebell C Hace un mes
doubt it gold fish have only 1 week memory span and usa voters have LESS THAN THAT!
Georgia Davis
Georgia Davis Hace un mes
Billionaires only care about billionaires and that's the way of his country okay
Eityem Hace un mes
Man, I used to love TYT videos, but I feel like they should kind of stop the “I told you so” stuff. It feels like you’re saying they should be screwed over because they voted for him. Y’all can do so much better. Why rub it in? I get it, it sucks that trump is president, but there should still be compassion for everyone. Yes, they screwed up. They fell for his promises out of desperation, and thought he would have been great for them. he fuxked everyone and whether you voted for him or not you still deserve sympathy. No one deserves to get scammed.
It’s true though. It’s like someone having a tumor, their friend saying they should get it checked out, the someone saying “nah it’ll be fine, it’s nothing”, then it gets worse and all they had to do was check the facts.
no...if you were dumb to trust a con man you deserve a lot scrutiny because not only did you screw yourself over you screwed the rest of the country
Terry Marsh
Terry Marsh Hace un mes
Who said taxes was the only problem ? How about that wall ? We should be asking "where are the pesos "? ANY +$ spent on such a project goes completely against what Trump said prior to the election. At no point in time did he say how he was going to have Mexico pay for the wall. The reason he could not explain is obvious. Let's not forget how debt has increased under Trump. Think about that for a moment. This has happened with a booming economy . As for the tax breaks consider who benefits the most in that regard. How about the tax breaks we got under Obama when everyone who got a pay check saw a tax break ? How much $ are the investigations of Trump and his cronies costing us ? How much did the Benghazi investigation of Hillary cost ? How about the investigation of Hillary's emails ? Colin Powel , Condy Rice , Jeb Bush when he was governor and Trumps daughter all used a private server . At the end of the day conservatives had to admit they had nothing in regard to Benghazi. During the Clinton yrs. 70 million dollars was wasted in a attempt to hurt Clinton politically. How about the Trump tariffs ? The trade deficit INCREASED even though just last month Trump claimed the opposite. Think about how many farmers are hurting because of tariffs . Just a few of the ways we have been screwed by Trump.
Javascript Kiddie
Javascript Kiddie Hace un mes
All those buffoons think about is "owning libtards".
Debo Hace un mes
Again the "REPUBLICAN PARTY FUCKS THE MIDDLE CLASS!!!!"............For all you FUCKS that make less than $45K that voted and support the Republican Party, I hope you get everything coming your way!!!!
Ben Chode
Ben Chode Hace un mes
If you look forward for tax return season you don’t save money very well. Trump gives me more money in my paycheck so yes I get less back in my return. This is a joke... why do you only tell one half of the story..
Ben Chode
Ben Chode Hace un mes
Do you normally come on here and lie?
Christopher Cooper
Christopher Cooper Hace un mes
And before you say.. well your pay went from 77k to 78k... I worked more overtime. No pay raise this year. While the job creators received millions. Where is the pay raise, where are the lower taxes, when are the promises going to be honored?
Christopher Cooper
Christopher Cooper Hace un mes
25-40k single earners made out ok. Married people and 40k plus to 200k earners paid a shit load more.
Christopher Cooper
Christopher Cooper Hace un mes
The only breaks went for the mid earners around 25-40k... and the extremely rich. Give numbers liar.
Fukai The Demon King
Trump supporters are traitors like him. QAnon is a thing but he puts children in cages to be raped. He would sell his grandmother if it made him dollar. But somehow people still follow him. They all have a daddy complex like he does. If you don't like how this country is progressing: into the future, go back to your shithole country that your ancestors escapad from so they could progress. The truth is somehow fake news, only when you have a fake president.
James Cantey
James Cantey Hace un mes
For you T. Wright
James Cantey
James Cantey Hace un mes
That was a shithole remark
sebell C
sebell C Hace un mes
MMMMHHH return to the shithole country they came from ............. so were sending all the English, Irish and Scottish (protestants and catholics alike) and Polish and a few other white folk back from were they came?? So then the Buffalo's, Native Americans, descents of the African slaves and the Spaniards (plus Asians races) would be left in the USA ....................WOOOOHOOO now we can really make a democracy from this country!!
joseph Howell
joseph Howell Hace un mes
To the republic of Exxon and Mobil
Sa C
Sa C Hace un mes
Exxon Mobil has led a massive deception and lie-filled campaign about climate change. Since the 1970s. To make the public think that Catastrophic climate change is not happening, when it really is.
joseph Howell
joseph Howell Hace un mes
Might as well just not work. Its like a game of monopoly its ongoing
Gary Ark
Gary Ark Hace un mes
Elect a con man, expect a con game.
Sa C
Sa C Hace un mes
Gary Ark Very true. And the GOP is also a con, utterly criminal, corrupt, traitorous party destroying the planet. And endangering our lives (climate change, etc).
joseph Howell
joseph Howell Hace un mes
Kenneth Smalls
Kenneth Smalls Hace un mes
Forest said it best "Stupid is as Stupid does".
A Loyal Amethyst
A Loyal Amethyst Hace un mes
😂😂😂😂love it
SuperShauket Hace un mes
Hahahahha serves them right. Trump is a liar
Bobby Shupinski
Bobby Shupinski Hace un mes
well alot of people never changed their withholding at work to 0 thats how u get a refund!
Tim Lockie
Tim Lockie Hace un mes
2017 tax bracket for me was 15%. 2018 tax bracket for me was 12%. Imagine that.
Gulu Hace un mes
loopholes were legalized and new ones created for the top 1%
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