Trying Clothing LIFE HACKS to see if they work!

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Trying Clothing LIFE HACKS to see if they work! Comment what you think of these amazing diy clothing life hacks and ideas! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and WATCH my do it yourself Life Hacks Playlist bit.ly/sssniperwolfhacks
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14 sep 2019






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SSSniperWolf Hace 8 meses
sorry for the late upload had internet issues! I also uploaded transforming into the ultimate vsco girl on my second channel (little lia) earlier :D HAVE AN AWESOME WEEKEND
misha tube hd
misha tube hd Hace 6 días
Click the like button if you want this virus tow end
izagane cortalla
izagane cortalla Hace 7 días
Shout out
Christina Van Guilder
SSSniperWolf I will
Jaylyn Santiago
Jaylyn Santiago Hace 8 días
Hi you are beautiful-I don't know what to say.
Eline's vlog's
Eline's vlog's Hace 8 días
De tweede met de sjaal de je fout je moest eerst plooien schuin
Marina 451
Marina 451 Hace 9 horas
my phone broke while i was waching your videos now im sad
Jackie Butts
Jackie Butts Hace 10 horas
You are absolutely halarious the first one I was literally crying because of how much I was laughing
Buzza̸d̸e̸l̸e͜͡ Hace 10 horas
one of the girls in the video looks like CaRoL bAsKiN
CatchingUpWithKAYDEN Hace 10 horas
3:01 me
Cassandra Miu
Cassandra Miu Hace 11 horas
Sub to S and F gaming!
**lulu and lilacs**
**lulu and lilacs** Hace 11 horas
That girl in the bf shirt hack was a rectangle! 😂
Sophia D'Ambrosio
Sophia D'Ambrosio Hace 13 horas
Did you just assume my favorite ESvidr? Well you assumed correctly
Lil Pixel Red
Lil Pixel Red Hace 13 horas
okay? sssniper but that plad looked like a sex outfit just saying
Slime Ball
Slime Ball Hace 14 horas
.use tape and a pencil tape the string to the pencil and poke it threw the hoop. Of a sweater)
Zora Fel
Zora Fel Hace 15 horas
No hate but you were supposed to FOLD the scarf
Jocelyn Campbell
Jocelyn Campbell Hace 15 horas
The scarf looks like bacon
FIrst Name
FIrst Name Hace 15 horas
Y’all aeady kno why half the ppl r here......
Bunmi Kayode
Bunmi Kayode Hace 18 horas
Aurora Barker
Aurora Barker Hace 19 horas
i need these life hacks
Sunshinegacha_ Grey
Sunshinegacha_ Grey Hace 19 horas
I have a triangle scar burn from the iron and it actually looks pretty cool,like a tattoo but just darker than your normal skin colour 😄
Natalie BESITOSS Hace 18 horas
Cool!! :)
Nickie Anderson
Nickie Anderson Hace 20 horas
kelly sweeny
kelly sweeny Hace un día
When someone what’s new close in 2020/coved 19 5 minute craft’s
Georgia Biskini
Georgia Biskini Hace un día
Am I the only one that can reply to SSSniperwolfs comment bc it doesn't let me?
Jayda Soberano
Jayda Soberano Hace un día
Her kitchen is her closet changing room
safa ahmad
safa ahmad Hace un día
date night !!
Cup of Swing
Cup of Swing Hace un día
and today on “why am i still subscribed to this youtuber” we have sssthot
Spill The Tea
Spill The Tea Hace un día
She always told us in some videos that she was little her mom teached her how to iron and she failed and got a scar
Toxic_ Niko
Toxic_ Niko Hace un día
15:25 that thing that you put on your head it really works no joke because I kinda use it
Rose Quarts
Rose Quarts Hace un día
Uwu sempai
Aniella Barczuk
Aniella Barczuk Hace un día
Lia: we got a zebra, a leopard, a tiger, WE HAVE THE WHOLE DANG ZOO Me: can I have that magic scarf during quarantine to visit then zOo?
Maria Silva
Maria Silva Hace un día
Jade Blazin
Jade Blazin Hace un día
It’s the fun run
CharlioGirl Hace un día
I know how to make a dress with your scarf it's so easy
TenderKiss86 Hace un día
These are good for teens who want get pass their parents in "normal" clothes, then change into "sexy" clothes at the mall. Lol!
Galilea Morfin
Galilea Morfin Hace un día
Lias boyfriend like : GIVE ME MY PANTS BACK lia like : NO😒 me like : HAHAHAHHAHAHAHANHAHAHAHA😂
Kaitlyn Loorkhoor
Kaitlyn Loorkhoor Hace un día
Sniper is so pretty
Jaioana Cox
Jaioana Cox Hace un día
i want you to do your life hacks
Kaidyn Sprinkle
Kaidyn Sprinkle Hace un día
I think you should make your own hacks
J-Lynn Flett
J-Lynn Flett Hace un día
J-Lynn Flett
J-Lynn Flett Hace un día
omg so cool >_
William Alicea
William Alicea Hace un día
I subscribed
Elizabeth Nemitz
Elizabeth Nemitz Hace un día
Those are mine I needed big pants Me...lol
shawna oler
shawna oler Hace un día
I love your videos ❤❤❤❤
That Extreme Boi
That Extreme Boi Hace un día
Diepriye Oweredaba
Diepriye Oweredaba Hace 2 días
Wow you look amazing 👌🏽
ABs Food
ABs Food Hace 2 días
Nice cloth hacks. Great job. Interesting video. Watched fully
Marcie Slimp
Marcie Slimp Hace 2 días
I love you sssniperwolf
Anna Long
Anna Long Hace 2 días
She missed a step with that huge scarf 😂
XxMinty _ TeaxX
XxMinty _ TeaxX Hace 2 días
SSSniperWolf she didnt tie it twice she tied it once took the tips and tied it with them 😧
your pretty and funny lol
Kimone Nelson
Kimone Nelson Hace 2 días
I have to ask!! Does she have a boyfriend?
「Fahrenne's Life」0 w 0
Umm Ya
Katmcxx Hace 2 días
Tuv your vids sniffer wolf like if you love them to:)
*Shadow* *Creep*
*Shadow* *Creep* Hace 2 días
For the chris cross thing You forgot the fold before she put it on
Gaming else
Gaming else Hace 2 días
Use a safety pin
jody-ann Campbell
jody-ann Campbell Hace 2 días
Ha boyfriends shirt I'm definitely single
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood Hace 3 días
At least she called the girl Janet instead of Ashley
iiMarsh Bunni
iiMarsh Bunni Hace 3 días
160k people want you to make your own hacks
Lindsay Fitzpatrick
Lindsay Fitzpatrick Hace 3 días
Hi my name is Bryson my brother love you
Gabby Ryan
Gabby Ryan Hace 3 días
The prettiest girl in the world SsniperWolf 1st place
Roger Gemayel
Roger Gemayel Hace 3 días
5:47 you have to put a pin or something on the draw string and u just move it around
Haylee McMillan
Haylee McMillan Hace 3 días
Brandon Bruno
Brandon Bruno Hace 3 días
I 4
Brandon Bruno
Brandon Bruno Hace 3 días
Hi I fo
Teresa Padernal
Teresa Padernal Hace 3 días
oh my god ness
shahid pirzada
shahid pirzada Hace 3 días
mohmed5015 Hace 3 días
If you dident have an iran you could had used a hair dryer
April Uribe
April Uribe Hace 3 días
👋🏻 hello 👋🏻🇱🇷 from 🇱🇷
Lere Basupang
Lere Basupang Hace 3 días
U looked like Kylie Jenner
Staceymia Hace 3 días
koua moua
koua moua Hace 3 días
Sniper wolf looks like she has a book with her new dress xD
Patricia Walraven
Patricia Walraven Hace 3 días
Patricia Walraven
Patricia Walraven Hace 3 días
Jøÿ ć:
Jøÿ ć: Hace 3 días
Sssniperwolf: Hello? Hello? Me: *laughing constantly and choking on a cheeze it*
Emely Deleon
Emely Deleon Hace 3 días
omg! when she posted that vid, it was my birthday :O
Elizabeth Renucci
Elizabeth Renucci Hace 3 días
Me and my friend really love your show and we are 10 years old we really really love your show We would love to meet you
Molly Jones
Molly Jones Hace 3 días
You forgot to watch the start of the video with the long sleeve scarf shirt!
Julianna Cisneros
Julianna Cisneros Hace 3 días
WAM bam yes ma'am
Mae Geo
Mae Geo Hace 3 días
Marie Kraushaar
Marie Kraushaar Hace 3 días
you tied it wrong thats why it didnt work
Chrissy Pape
Chrissy Pape Hace 3 días
you are sexy
Emily Coetzee
Emily Coetzee Hace 3 días
No worry’s I see all your other one you post I love you can I get a shout out please I love you 🤟
Devil Nima
Devil Nima Hace 3 días
Khathutshelo Sikhala
It does not look like a bow.
Thea Mc Ham
Thea Mc Ham Hace 3 días
You’re going throw hands i’m going throw sleeves
Kim sterr
Kim sterr Hace 4 días
What us guyanese use to put the string back.. we would take a big pin and push it through and it works good
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