Trying Dangerous Life Hacks 2

William Osman
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Don't try life hacks even once kids.
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28 mar 2019

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Aidan Duff
Aidan Duff Hace un hora
What happens if you forget your lastpass password
Eros Smith
Eros Smith Hace un hora
Will: "I cut myself with a plastic knife handle must be a first" idk bro I cut myself with a broken plastic spatula
Felicity Honeycutt
Felicity Honeycutt Hace un hora
Trey Todd
Trey Todd Hace un hora
The spoon made me think of the Matrix.
BlitzCreed Hace 3 horas
I found Michael reeves' room mate, should I be happy
Kamil Jawor
Kamil Jawor Hace 4 horas
dont do this kids yet a kid plays with death cable with a police hat on
ARC ALLCAPS Hace 4 horas
so your master password is "im not telling you"?
Raf Tempels
Raf Tempels Hace 4 horas
with thc hydra (hack tool) you can still hack your password just saying lul
Susan Tatum
Susan Tatum Hace 5 horas
Aragon Buckle
Aragon Buckle Hace 5 horas
This video is better on 2×. You actually get to content faster
SyCo__Squad Hace 8 horas
How ironic is that house burning down in this video
ThatGuyPlayZ 0nmobile
It's burnt water
Daniel Vargas
Daniel Vargas Hace 11 horas
The boiling life hack actually produce a powerful alkali substance, be careful
Eralp Çelebi
Eralp Çelebi Hace 13 horas
I believe that yellow tint is chromium. I might be wrong but I read that when steel is used for eleoctrolysis ıts top layer releases a chemical
Eralp Çelebi
Eralp Çelebi Hace 12 horas
I cant believe youve drunk that
Pooya Hace 16 horas
Google Chrome offers built in password manager for free now. Just saying...
Tickleshits Hace 16 horas
i love how you actually stop joking to interject how dangerous electricity can be. good shit.
Newty Boy
Newty Boy Hace 20 horas
I used to have a siren when I was like 11
Death Boy466
Death Boy466 Hace 20 horas
It's kinda cool he sound like Wade from GTA 5
Billy Hace 22 horas
10:33 my life is complete
I have cancer
I have cancer Hace 22 horas
"Stay safe kids" *drinks cancer water*
Sulev-Madis Silber
Sulev-Madis Silber Hace un día
"just wiggle it around, you don't have to dip it"
IronMadden Hace un día
Congratulations, Will. You got tetanus.
bacon will overtake
bacon will overtake Hace un día
I love how smart this dude is(I'm new to the channel so I haven't seen much of his content).
Sodium Knuckles
Sodium Knuckles Hace un día
Yo these aren't life hacks, they're death hacks.
Christian Altman
Christian Altman Hace un día
I doubt i could take you seriously if you were yelling at me. Especially wearing that hat and shirt. I do believe id laugh my @$$ off
Hells Mesonger
Hells Mesonger Hace un día
That was a very bad idea to drink that lmao
:://::[AlleyCat] ::://::://::
Chlorine gas?
Hells Mesonger
Hells Mesonger Hace un día
I don’t think I need to explain why they can’t have razor blades in prison
Ashton Kutcher
Ashton Kutcher Hace un día
Radon pizza is really good you should try it
:://::[AlleyCat] ::://::://::
I dislike when you don't consult how to make everything
J. Elw
J. Elw Hace un día
That sponsor skit aged like milk...
John Sanders
John Sanders Hace un día
So the takeaway from all the fuckin chemists in the comments is that no one knows exactly what was made, but it was definitely as deadly as it gets. Thanks for this information internet!
Asahi Biswas
Asahi Biswas Hace un día
Hoo hoo no surprise . Your average son is ??? Hmmmm....?
nani Hace un día
Will Nye the stupid guy
Sobijan Selvachandran
i dare someone to put a a led light (the small ones) like on a wall socket and turn it on hint: the led will light up gimme thumps up
GetZapped Hace un día
Lol how tf is a prison inmate gonna get a razer?
Goku Hace un día
13:40 Battle bot
Jasper Hace un día
Are we just gonna ignore that William survived electricity passing through his heart
Ty Podpora
Ty Podpora Hace un día
what do your neighbors think of you?
Lasky Labs
Lasky Labs Hace 2 días
Passing electricity though things like food can chemically alter it's properties. However, in this case, with water, it's fineeeee... Kinda... Don't do it. You'd be better off trying to warm/boil water with a lightbulb or a fucking lighter. Yeah just boil it with a match, or use a crayon as a candle and try boiling it over it.
Traeven Schanche
Traeven Schanche Hace 2 días
Here’s a life hack for ya take something and cover it in hot glue 👍
Alejandra miraculous lover
14:29 Not really my cup of tea
Aden Mackowick
Aden Mackowick Hace 2 días
The mafia does it for their family too you can still be mad
Joerge Kulva
Joerge Kulva Hace 2 días
MLP.A-Len Hace 2 días
I'm not shocked if he died of cancer or something, like liver failure?
kick butt
kick butt Hace 2 días
Nova X
Nova X Hace 2 días
Mmmh chlorine
TerriblePerson Hace 2 días
Is that hat the same hat from Content Cop??
Skullsmasher99999 !
Skullsmasher99999 ! Hace 3 días
now i have the newest comment!
Sam Shinn
Sam Shinn Hace 3 días
You can get fucking hot water in prison but you never would be able to get two razors and a fucking plug and outlet with out being noticed
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