Trying Dangerous Life Hacks 2

William Osman
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Don't try life hacks even once kids.
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28 mar 2019






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Victor Start
Victor Start Hace 8 horas
The forbidden tea
Robert Perly
Robert Perly Hace 11 horas
Clean the oil off the razor blades first
driz draz
driz draz Hace 18 horas
fun fact: thats what they do in prison to heat water.... the more you knoowwwwww!!!
MK Wraith
MK Wraith Hace 21 un hora
What do you mean “was” sponsored?
CDDogg Games
CDDogg Games Hace un día
Even William's fictional characters are homeless due to a house fire...
Cynthia Cuellar
Cynthia Cuellar Hace un día
The 3:47 "what?!" def needs a "lil jon 'okay" after it
the wolf studio
the wolf studio Hace un día
The Jankosity of these life hacks is high.
the wolf studio
the wolf studio Hace un día
9:40 and you released a bit of Hydrogen and Oxygen.
the wolf studio
the wolf studio Hace un día
Better name for that razor blade one: Prison Electrolysis Machine.
Project 73
Project 73 Hace un día
I did it but i die:( i am telling god on u
Max Finazzo
Max Finazzo Hace un día
You're creating a chlorine electrolytic cell. It's passing electrons through the water de-ionizing the chlorine, turning it into elemental chlorine gas (the poisonous stuff). It then reacts with the water, (stripping an electron off of the OH-, leaving H+). Essentially creating hydrochloric acid
Vinamra Parashar
Vinamra Parashar Hace un día
uwu the yellow colour is probably due to oxidized iron and will be poisonous uwu edit: he actually drank it wtf
Amnesiac Hace un día
William: 3:20 “don’t play with electricity” Also William: *has a t-shirt of a cat playing with electricity*
Isaacs Random Videos
His password: “Hairydoofas12345678910Fatmanonmichelreeveswithatazer” *I DONT EVEN FUCKING KNOW WHAT I JUST COMMENTED*
Michael C. Main
Michael C. Main Hace 3 días
How many amps was the transformer pulling?
animeawakens !
animeawakens ! Hace 3 días
Charlotte Px
Charlotte Px Hace 3 días
did the water change colour because of the copper in the cable?
Draco Infinite
Draco Infinite Hace 3 días
Let's boil water!!! Haha Lol let's make water electrolysis and make Hydrogen and Oxygen. Haha, that was fun.... I need a cigarette break... Life hacks are dangerous kids, and so is smoking around pure oxygen. :(
Sanchir Golf
Sanchir Golf Hace 3 días
I will search your books for your pornhub member ship password
OmieTheHomie 85
OmieTheHomie 85 Hace 4 días
The second life hack is basically electrolysis and the “steam” is choline and hydrogen and oxygen
Crak Hace 4 días
Dear William, It has come to my attention that you have a decent amount of subscribers. I was wondering if you would like to be sent of product of mine that I call, “The Michael Cera Card” it is a card that when scanned by the NFC scanner on your phone will open Michael Cera’s wikipedia page. If you are interested please DM me on twitter, @EyanJames2 Thank you. -Inventor of Michael Cera Card
Ian Keene
Ian Keene Hace 4 días
5:00 a confused Micheal reeves has entered the chat
boostedsil40 Hace 4 días
when I was 16 I went to juvenile hall and we got a cigarette in so we had to take a pencil and stick a staple through the erasor,make a tool out of plastic that was like a wrech the remove the nuts from the gas filled light case then stick the staple in the 2 prongs that go into the light,Thats how we smoked in juvey and talk about deadly hacks.
boostedsil40 Hace 4 días
wait so to make a spoon you must first have a spoon?That is the worst life hack yet.
oof OoF
oof OoF Hace 4 días
He poisoned himself by drinking that tea
Speedywolfman Coolio
Welcome to over complicated life hacks volume 2
Isaac Plays
Isaac Plays Hace 4 días
Give Michael the tetanus water
Derek Smit
Derek Smit Hace 5 días
You should have definitely used the hotglue to make a knife for the last one, than it would have worked
Vintage Crimson
Vintage Crimson Hace 5 días
For anyone wondering (I sure was) the small text at about 8:43 first says "unless you were wrongfully convicted or something" and then the even smaller text (which took me about 10 minutes to pause correctly) says "we're ESvidrs, not criminal justice experts" have wonderful evening/day/whatever folks.
Maru Ivan Rico
Maru Ivan Rico Hace 5 días
His face at 13:33 reminds me of Limmy too well
Linktopia Hace 5 días
if i cant find a spoon i just make one out of tin foil
Curtis Newton
Curtis Newton Hace 6 días
jee you're not a bright light that's for sure fucking jock
Brayden Rollins
Brayden Rollins Hace 6 días
My master password is •••••••••
Smyth 45
Smyth 45 Hace 6 días
I like how William’s car passes by at 5:42
Adam Hunt
Adam Hunt Hace 6 días
i think the colour is caused by the formation of cl2, the NaCl gets split by the positive and negative terminal forming cl2 and naoh, effectively creating death in a glass
DFW rider
DFW rider Hace 6 días
i thought you were going to put the knife in a reciprocating saw. ive dont it before, its pretty bad ass.
Christopher Moore
Christopher Moore Hace 6 días
Oh that’s good, “The only hacks in life hacks are the hacks who made the life hacks”
Noisy Jeis
Noisy Jeis Hace 7 días
Your gonna get cancer from that tea
Carrington Bryant
Carrington Bryant Hace 7 días
This dude really just drank chunky rust tea
Matt Stass
Matt Stass Hace 7 días
Leave it to William to cut himself on the part of the knife that is not Metal nor sharp
Halle Gosche
Halle Gosche Hace 7 días
*drinks salty rusty razor blade tea *
Halle Gosche
Halle Gosche Hace 7 días
*eats supposedly mouldy blueberry bagel*
Broken VHS
Broken VHS Hace 7 días
Why didn’t he use his lasercut-
Logan Hill
Logan Hill Hace 7 días
I love how they used Michael as his son
Catus Hace 7 días
It’s Just A Spoon
1234 567
1234 567 Hace 7 días
The cameraman has some strong how to basic vibes
Zerbie Azerty
Zerbie Azerty Hace 7 días
You are producing dichlore and sodium metal
Chyna Mane
Chyna Mane Hace 7 días
cutting wood with that hacksaw was almost as painful as the rest lol
that one gay furry
that one gay furry Hace 7 días
10:33 there is no spoon
16driver16 Hace 7 días
The knife was supposed to be on a track of some sort and have a notch horizontal to the blade for a post attached to the motor to stick through and the notch must be as as large as the swing of the path of the post attached to the motor.
thedude 2
thedude 2 Hace 8 días
Hey so what’s your job Me sweating profusely Ummmm um I um I post dumb life hacks on instagram that nobody uses and if they did they would probably die Ok...
Connor McHarney
Connor McHarney Hace 8 días
William Osman doesn't need to touch the knife's blade to hurt himself with a knife! He's far more creative than that.
Sarah Nystrom
Sarah Nystrom Hace 8 días
haha epic t-shirts bro haha lol cats ecks dee so funny and relatable woah so random haha memes bro t.- Michael Reeves
The Wolf pack
The Wolf pack Hace 8 días
I want that shirt.
Octavio Nieto
Octavio Nieto Hace 8 días
4:46 Are we the baddies?
Nick Czerniec
Nick Czerniec Hace 8 días
I used the razor trick but mad it a double boiler for clean water
Adam Heaton
Adam Heaton Hace 8 días
Wait what if last pass gets hacked Also running electricity through water creates hydrogen and chlorine gas
Some High Voltage Channel
That 120 volt tea contains chlorine and sometimes sodium, so :)
Desiree Turner
Desiree Turner Hace 9 días
I’m here for that Harry Potter reference
Logan Nicol
Logan Nicol Hace 9 días
I’m 15 and built a taser a couple weeks ago lol
Egon Toao
Egon Toao Hace 9 días
This video gave me anxiety.
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