Trying DIY Clothing Hacks For Fashion Emergencies

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Clothing tips for girls amiright? I need all the help that I can get so I'm about to try some quick fix tips by 123 Go because you know for a fact they've never led me astray..........
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_SungHye사랑해 Hace 38 minutos
Get transfer paper
Rusne Raketa
Rusne Raketa Hace 56 minutos
If I wouldn’t know that that would be pans then I would love it.
david bolger
david bolger Hace 3 horas
its beatfull
The dress makes you look beautiful and marvelous
sherry yeary
sherry yeary Hace 11 horas
No you hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Desiree Young
Desiree Young Hace 14 horas
Desiree Young
Desiree Young Hace 14 horas
sorry I mene cute
Lisa Mathes
Lisa Mathes Hace 18 horas
1 like =you did the hack and you like it
Lisa Mathes
Lisa Mathes Hace 18 horas
I invented a super cute top ,so you have to get a plan colored shorts like one colored shorts and instead of putting it on the legs you put it on the top where you put on your shearts and put one arm in one of the holes now you have a cute top to put on at partyes
sydney leusink
sydney leusink Hace 19 horas
I like it! I don’t wear baggy pants so I can’t do it🤗
Tanya Thompson
Tanya Thompson Hace 19 horas
Nataly Tormey
Nataly Tormey Hace 21 un hora
The first one the pants into dress is not bad
Star Tylers
Star Tylers Hace 23 horas
Why couldn't you just roll up your jeans a bit and not go through snapping 5 million hair ties. I loose enough already
Nacby and Ebo
Nacby and Ebo Hace un día
The dress made out of the black pants actually look great on you 👍🏼👖👗
Upasana Tiwari
Upasana Tiwari Hace un día
I like the dress made from pants
Dahlia May
Dahlia May Hace un día
Witch one did you were out
Farrah York
Farrah York Hace un día
Emma Layson
Emma Layson Hace un día
The pants Purple in the tump tack
Emma Layson
Emma Layson Hace un día
I hate one solder too
Ineet Barthwal
Ineet Barthwal Hace un día
I luv the pants dress!!
jaydengaming YT
jaydengaming YT Hace un día
The pants dress is really nice on u
Faraza Reza
Faraza Reza Hace un día
V.v.v.v. nice girl
The tomb stone S
The tomb stone S Hace un día
She's not even putting her hand in the bag Rodrigo maybe grow some muscles
Cutsy Pie
Cutsy Pie Hace un día
Anyone here from the CloudyApples times? Just me? Well now I feel old. LOL!
Bailey Hirschy
Bailey Hirschy Hace un día
not trying to be mean but that dress hack at the beginning looks like something kinda out there that someone would wear to the Met Gala.
MrHern2430 Hace un día
MrHern2430 Hace un día
I like it a lot!
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez Hace un día
I love kassies sweater
Lily Byers
Lily Byers Hace un día
Lady Jaybird
Lady Jaybird Hace un día
I like that
Berkeley Johnson
Berkeley Johnson Hace un día
It’s a little too tight for me
Kawwi Honey bear
Kawwi Honey bear Hace un día
I like the dress ngl
Antonia Pahlke
Antonia Pahlke Hace 2 días
The iron print actually worked with me, but it comes off after washing
Janat elatrassi
Janat elatrassi Hace 2 días
Leon Haack
Leon Haack Hace 2 días
I. Like. It
Crazy Aussie Family
Crazy Aussie Family Hace 2 días
I'm watching Tarzan
Callie McCoy
Callie McCoy Hace 2 días
I love ypur channel.
Callie McCoy
Callie McCoy Hace 2 días
I love ypur channel.
Heike MacKenzie
Heike MacKenzie Hace 2 días
It's beautiful
Peter Francis
Peter Francis Hace 2 días
Do not read this Redfddffd
galaxy mirrors
galaxy mirrors Hace 2 días
It is not impossible to step on them I had my old school uniform and I wear pants they were very long and I would step in then alot
Maria Nateras
Maria Nateras Hace 2 días
I like the pants turn into a dress
Jennifer High
Jennifer High Hace 2 días
is that your boyfriend 😍😍😍
Anna Marshall
Anna Marshall Hace 2 días
the walking nightmare 1234
Did you know that hack when you iron on a picture it works you just need a specific printer and it works. I'm wearing a shirt with a ironed thing on it
Sarah Pohatu
Sarah Pohatu Hace 2 días
Was that Azzy in the backround?
Kat F
Kat F Hace 2 días
Bro... I did that ironing thing when I was like 8... I was legit devastated when it didn’t work...
Irene Ibongo
Irene Ibongo Hace 2 días
Are you Mary Poppins
kendall gates
kendall gates Hace 2 días
gloom: # struggling on taking off pants me: struggles getting a shirt on
kendall gates
kendall gates Hace 2 días
i tried the one with the skirt into a dress from your last vid with azzy and i wore it to my date
Sofia Robinson
Sofia Robinson Hace 3 días
It not that bad🤤
Jella Nella
Jella Nella Hace 3 días
For the 2k that disliked the video u are bad person
ava rayne
ava rayne Hace 3 días
you are amazing gloom
hansika J
hansika J Hace 3 días
so cute
Wildchild278 887
Wildchild278 887 Hace 3 días
2:17 ok but like, why you gotta moan like that
CK P Hace 3 días
The ironing a shirt thing actually works but it takes like a long time to actually do it
Marrisma Rodriguez
Marrisma Rodriguez Hace 3 días
The pants hack is SOOO CUTE!!!!!
Junaina Rahman
Junaina Rahman Hace 3 días
You look great kass
Alyzeah Mandujano
Alyzeah Mandujano Hace 3 días
You look pretty in everything
Blueberry Sans
Blueberry Sans Hace 3 días
dea siller
dea siller Hace 3 días
Lol in 11:02 it says "axam math" on the calender you just have to pause it
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