Trying Edible Slime Recipes! w/ Rebecca Zamolo

Rosanna Pansino
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Today I tried making edible slime recipes for the very first time!
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We had so much fun #Trying all of these #Edible #Slime recipes! There are several different kinds. I have never made edible slime before and this was my first time! We made one slime out of Gummy Bears, one out of Sour Patch Kids, and one out of Starburst candies! Each one was completely different and it was fun to see the differences. Which were your favorite?
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Jude Dude19
Jude Dude19 Hace 17 minutos
Mom in 1980- “Don’t play with your food!” Mom in 2020- “Just clean up your mess”
Cade Playz
Cade Playz Hace 4 horas
Lol you said to comment Me Or Rebecca
Cade Playz
Cade Playz Hace 4 horas
Me or Rebecca
Steffany Peñano
Steffany Peñano Hace 6 horas
I like the gummy bear
Dog family Cutest
Dog family Cutest Hace 6 horas
How likes ro really much👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭👭
Alia Roy
Alia Roy Hace 7 horas
Is it wierd I thought the one on the right was Anna Kendrick?? 😅😬😬
Helen Chung
Helen Chung Hace 7 horas
Wait... Why isn't there a marshmallow recipe, I saw a lot of youtubers use marshmallow in their recipe and it worked out FANTASTIC!
Ally Kubatke
Ally Kubatke Hace 13 horas
Edible slime
Olivia Kurtz
Olivia Kurtz Hace 15 horas
Gummy bears: Rebecca sour patch kids: Ro Starburst: Ro
Olivia Kurtz
Olivia Kurtz Hace 16 horas
I have never made slime before but I want to
Lexi Bear
Lexi Bear Hace 17 horas
Orange is orange flavored and pink is strawberry flavored
ANNE THOMSEN Hace 19 horas
4:41 Ro is that hot
Ava Horihan
Ava Horihan Hace 23 horas
I think Rebeca won the first 2 rounds and Ro won the 3rd but over all the gummy bear slime worked the best
Jenn Goodwin
Jenn Goodwin Hace un día
McMIk Lopez
McMIk Lopez Hace un día
I think the green gummy bear flavor is watermelon
Amelie Wright
Amelie Wright Hace un día
Can you call your new puppy honey
Shelby Blanton
Shelby Blanton Hace un día
They Both won 2 round
Shelby Blanton
Shelby Blanton Hace un día
Rebbeca won first round
Katy Caine
Katy Caine Hace un día
Round one rebeca Round two Rosa a Round three rosana
Raya Barakat
Raya Barakat Hace un día
Winter 🏁😍🎉make sure that you have the right place for you and your children
Vesper Moulson
Vesper Moulson Hace un día
Sorry I meant can you make it with any lollies
Vesper Moulson
Vesper Moulson Hace un día
Can you make it with any s
HAM_ JIENJIN Hace un día
Eliana Devine
Eliana Devine Hace un día
Habib Mohtisham
Habib Mohtisham Hace 2 días
1.rabeca 2.rabeca 3.rosanna
Gray Arizala
Gray Arizala Hace 2 días
oh i make a mistake sorry its rebcca,s slime is better
Gray Arizala
Gray Arizala Hace 2 días
i think ro,sslime is better
Crystal Starz
Crystal Starz Hace 2 días
the pink one is pink lemonade
Danielle Harris
Danielle Harris Hace 2 días
Can you Teach me how to cook Edible slime
Vanya marwah
Vanya marwah Hace 2 días
Amy Dooley
Amy Dooley Hace 2 días
Im waching this until quarantine is over
dabe najera
dabe najera Hace 2 días
Audrey Marchiella
Audrey Marchiella Hace 2 días
YeFlappy Hace 2 días
Ross if I spell out that means I don’t know how to spell her name the second one Ross win
YeFlappy Hace 2 días
First round Rebecca win
Darlyne Cortez
Darlyne Cortez Hace 3 días
Maria Mendez
Maria Mendez Hace 3 días
Are you watching in 2020 ⬇️
Brielle Osborne
Brielle Osborne Hace 3 días
Why are you both wearing yellow
Cheung chunkeung
Cheung chunkeung Hace 3 días
Gummy bear slime like Rebbca slime she win and gummy bear slime is better
Princess Aira
Princess Aira Hace 3 días
Rebeca wins sorry ;(
Lamia Asfour
Lamia Asfour Hace 3 días
All the plates with the candy looks like you are making a salad
Meredith Nassihi
Meredith Nassihi Hace 3 días
linda nevitt
linda nevitt Hace 4 días
Rebecca wins 2 round
dabte UwU
dabte UwU Hace 4 días
Gummy bears
Jessica Stoup
Jessica Stoup Hace 4 días
My name is jj I love you guys so much 💖💖💖💖💖💖
Jessica Stoup
Jessica Stoup Hace 4 días
My name is jj
Maisie Munro
Maisie Munro Hace 4 días
Thx ESvid just had to use a map to find the comments
Y O Hace 4 días
Haha she's so short 😂
Hi 😍🥰😘😙 u
Ben Hauser
Ben Hauser Hace 4 días
rebecca won
Delilahs World
Delilahs World Hace 4 días
When your in quarantine so you watch all Ros vids
Maria Velasquez
Maria Velasquez Hace 5 días
Both of you
Maria Velasquez
Maria Velasquez Hace 5 días
Maria Velasquez
Maria Velasquez Hace 5 días
Audrey Davis
Audrey Davis Hace 5 días
I think it was a fail for sour patch kids, win for gummy bears, and win for starburss
Audrey Davis
Audrey Davis Hace 5 días
Rebecca are you left handed, cause you are using your left hand more?
michelle elioceda
michelle elioceda Hace 5 días
teresa weinkam
teresa weinkam Hace 5 días
Rebecca rebecca ro
saanvi ram
saanvi ram Hace 5 días
Round 1 : Rebbeca Round 2 : Rebbeca Round 3: Tie
Katarina Yao
Katarina Yao Hace 5 días
1.rebbecca 2.rossana 3.rossana
Rebecca you stared in a music video with wengie
Chui Jillian
Chui Jillian Hace 5 días
Lemon and strawberry Gummy bear flavors: Orange: orange Green: strawberry Red: raspberry Lemon: yellow
AJC Hace 6 días
Yeah when I made it. It wasn't messy xx
Desi Reynolds
Desi Reynolds Hace 6 días
Desi Reynolds
Desi Reynolds Hace 6 días
Desi Reynolds
Desi Reynolds Hace 6 días
Azari’s World
Azari’s World Hace 6 días
Row Won the last round
Azari’s World
Azari’s World Hace 6 días
Rebecca won the first round
Shilpa Nema
Shilpa Nema Hace 6 días
I have made it....... I like to play with it. Do you like?
Raveen Fatima
Raveen Fatima Hace 6 días
Ro make makeup challange with ijustine pls
Kiarah Phillips
Kiarah Phillips Hace 6 días
I got a joke your mama so fat when she sat on the rainbow she make skittles 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
izzah imran
izzah imran Hace 6 días
I am watching this in 2020 after cookies death and she’s sitting in the back 😔
kfoams Hace 6 días
i made slime before
the queen of slime and gaming
There both wearing yellow💛💛💛
Midrar Saleh
Midrar Saleh Hace 6 días
the house is clean and vary god
Cookie in the backround.. adorable
Raya Almujamed
Raya Almujamed Hace 6 días
I hate quarrantine
Miguel Laboy
Miguel Laboy Hace 7 días
I think that Rebecca won
Ahmad Sapari
Ahmad Sapari Hace 7 días
Can you make slime for me
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