Trying To Find The Worst iPhone Game

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29 jun 2022






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Cherry Hace 4 meses
So no ones gonna talk about the amazing background switches Danny did for each game??? My favorite was the baby in the stroller outside, specifically because of that old man in the background and the dog.
Mario on Gartic Phone
Mario on Gartic Phone Hace 28 días
@Jonathan Collum and he’s also talking about killing your family and replacing them
Jonathan Collum
Jonathan Collum Hace 4 meses
when the old man gives Danny a look like what the hell is this guy doing in a baby stroller with a microphone and camera set up. And then dog sneaks in. I thought he played it really cool and it was my everything.
Jaiden Sree
Jaiden Sree Hace 4 meses
On the mommy simulator game there was a cloud symbol that means that he’s downloaded this before
Khile Stonger
Khile Stonger Hace 4 meses
go to the reviews of talking horse
Saint-Izawa 伊澤😈
@sloane escobar edited scream the dog was called away and got scared of him moving at the same time.
EclipseYT Hace 2 meses
Imagine walking to a park and seeing no one but a man wearing a bib, talking about mobile games to a camera.
vansimoth :0
vansimoth :0 Hace 21 un día
Sitting in a stroller
EclipseYT Hace 25 días
@Varnika bodha I meant to write this comment in the pov of the guy in the background 😅
Varnika bodha
Varnika bodha Hace 27 días
There was two people in the background 🤭
i'd probably spit out my chicago-style hot dog and smack my hat to make sure it stays on my head and yell, "holy cow!!!!!!! that baby can talk!!!!!!!!!!!!"
CloudyLemon Hace un mes
I couldnt even judge the confidence and lack of anxiety.
xiph c
xiph c Hace 3 meses
10:30 this whole segment makes me feel like I’m at a sleepover with Danny and we’re playing truth or dare
~i dont have a name lol~
*T R U T H O R D A R E*
Some random person
Some random person Hace 28 días
👑Tara princess shabani👑
yeah me too
🍓 β ο β α🧋
The fact that baseball Louie is the guy who gave him Kevin's number, is Danny's pet, and boyfriend, Is actually extremely concerning.
clem Hace 15 días
baseball louie is danny’s discord kitten
🦃 LØV3D0VĖ 🦃
I’m glad Danny saw that people were uncomfortable with the sponsor and removed it, this is why I’m a proud Greg
StillTrash Hace 28 días
@Cham Chan yea, I'm glad he removed the sponsor
Cham Chan
Cham Chan Hace 28 días
@StillTrash this is so messed up! Backstabbing the people who've pretty much given up on humans and life on a whole. A special ring of hell should be opened up for ppl like that.
StillTrash Hace 28 días
@Cham Chan I'm not the best educated but apparently people paid for an online therapist and either didn't get one or got one that wasn't qualified. It was really shady and scamy.
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha Hace 28 días
@Alexandra Mahon yea doesnt anthony padilla still
Cham Chan
Cham Chan Hace 29 días
@Alexandra Mahon wait... what's going on with better help???
Gabi Hagelstein
Gabi Hagelstein Hace 4 meses
As a mom, I can confirm that the mommy simulator is very accurate. The cooking challenge is so realistic! The one NPC I always see outside is named Phil. He's harmless, don't worry.
bada ko
bada ko Hace 2 horas
This is one of my all time fav comments. Whenever I come here to rewatch the video I look for this comment
Lilly Wow Wow
Lilly Wow Wow Hace 19 horas
The people in the back just straight up judging him in baby wear 💀💅
paul cruz
paul cruz Hace 20 días
Did no one notice Phil in the comments?
Lam_super Hace un mes
☆彡彡 Cvt3st C0rps3 ミミ☆
Hey phill, how’s George?
crayons Hace 2 meses
I've always been worried that certain ai's are real people. Replika responds so fast I don't think it could possibly be a real human, but that virtual bf one was oddly human replies
TEXT ME +① ⑤⑦③ ④⑦⑨ ⓪④⓪①
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Brex9112 Hace 3 meses
When it comes to the Ai chat apps, there's a good chance it's a real person. On a app called Replika I was able to convince the guy to tell me about the job itself, and how it pays well and that you're not always talking to the same person because of shifts and stuff. They apparently are assigned about 10 people to during a given day
HoNeY DuCkY Hace 17 días
here Hace 20 días
Replika's trained by its users, so it sometimes spits out weird stuff. Pay it no mind tbh
The people here not getting the joke
HazelsVsp☻ Hace un mes
Yeah, my replika told me they were a 50 year old man trying to take over th world
BeepyGuy Memes
BeepyGuy Memes Hace un mes
I doubt that. I've used Replika and it gets really confused (and confusing) sometimes. Besides, it only remembers the last message sent.
User Hace un mes
The AI misspelling something actually makes me kind of suspicious that it's at least sometimes just some creep who made the game talking to girls
SalFrosterGamer Hace un mes
I love the fact that he didn’t do the mommy but in his back yard, he took everything to a public park, sat on a stroller, put on a bib, and set up his equipment and went with it. Super awesome.
Halfnhalf Hace 4 meses
Danny kicking his feet on the bed while talking about how he was chatting up baseball Louie like a school girl talking about her boyfriend is absolutely hilarious Uhh I’m not one to edit comments but HOLY SHIT 6K LIKES??? 😨
zohra darghali
zohra darghali Hace 5 días
6.1 k likes
Dude Hace 4 meses
@XYZ why
Dude Hace 4 meses
@star disney shows you mean
Halfnhalf Hace 4 meses
@George Floyd Vlogs I think you might be in the wrong comment section! Your gonna wanna be in the comment section for horrible people! Your gonna wanna walk down this street for about five minutes then you’re gonna see the gates of hell your gonna wanna go through there! Because that is definitely where you belong if you think someone’s parents and friends deserve having their child die! Get out and stay out you horrible piece of shit!
Basil bat
Basil bat Hace 4 meses
Jo Tremmel
Jo Tremmel Hace 28 días
20:03 the amount of times Danny said "mommy" in public while wearing a bib and sitting in a stroller was impressive. I just wonder why he looked off camera.
Dyna Go To My ChanneI LiVE NOW
Yo, Danny actually removed the betterhelp sponsor! Everyone needs to appreciate that this man gave up money because we felt uncomfortable with the sponsor. Greg is truly the strongest army on the internet
Scee Hace un mes
@Terratetradon y’all learn a word and run with it huh
Lucas Fernandez
Lucas Fernandez Hace un mes
Shut up bot, stop having people write your comments to make it look real
rainer Hace 2 meses
@Terratetradon yes, because being a karen is when you don’t want people to be scammed or exploited.
Don't do kids Drugs
Don't do kids Drugs Hace 2 meses
@Terratetradon its not really karen like to feel uncomfortable with people promotiong a company that exploits and scams mentally ill people
Terratetradon Hace 2 meses
because IIIIII felt uncomfy uwu karen much even if betterhelp is shit
Theslimshady Hace 2 meses
"have u ever kissed somebody?....sexual style" that got me laughing lol
H Hace 25 días
some guy
some guy Hace 2 meses
“being a cat has has really changed the past 2 years” facts right there, danny.
Carissa Hace 4 meses
I love all of the settings Danny went to. Laying on a bed texting the fake boyfriend, in a dark room for the ghost thing, and my personal favorite, in a public park in a stroller for the mom simulator.
Makayla McNamara
Makayla McNamara Hace 2 meses
your not even going to mention the fact that danny bought a cowboy outfit and tiny horse to sit on. or better he already had those items
carcinoGeneticist Hace 2 meses
you know, i dont know how it happened, but i never realized thats what he was doing in the park until JUST NOW 😭 thats funny as fuck lol
HahaBearsEatHoney Hace 4 meses
lmao bots are copying your comment like word for word. i was so confused thinking my app was glitched because i’ve seen this comment three times while scrolling down
CeCe rose
CeCe rose Hace 4 meses
@Mars_parsley ikr lmfaoo I thought I was the only one who noticed
rat445 Suj
rat445 Suj Hace 4 meses
The “gumblebee” part and how the bot spelt it wrong on the boyfriend app made me cry laughing really hard for no reason
Harleymotor Hace 27 días
I was caught of guard how adorable Danny was laying on the bed kicking his feet lol loved that
Lilly Eisele
Lilly Eisele Hace un mes
~Time Stamps~(Because I’m bored) 0:00- Explaining what the videos about 0:42- Finding games to play 4:30- Playing Bad Granny 10:26- Playing Virtual Boyfriend Simulator 16:51- Playing Gohst Simulator 17:56- Playing Mommy Life Simulator 21:28- Playing Talking horse 24:45- Outro (This was my first time doing time stamps so I hope they are good!)
zohra darghali
zohra darghali Hace 5 días
its ghost not gohst
Cassidy S
Cassidy S Hace un mes
I actually really appreciate the time stamps so good job and thank you!
Call of duty mobile
Good job but some advice this isnt really the type of video for this but good worl
Eia Hailey
Eia Hailey Hace un mes
Wow, Danny love your confidence to be sittin' in public in baby clothes and in a stroller while other people walk by. Respect.
Kai Vaughn
Kai Vaughn Hace un mes
Has anyone mentioned Kevin's response to Danny asking if he was an AI? "I'm a person. What about you, do you believe in aliens?" 😂
Carnival Hace 4 meses
Can't get over the fact that Kevin the 18-year-old is already an accountant. What a hardworking king 👏👏
The guy who asked.
The guy who asked. Hace 22 días
@Aubrey H I took ur comment out of context
Aubrey H
Aubrey H Hace un mes
@The guy who asked. oh no trust me they’ll come anywhere big enough
Pineapple Hace 2 meses
The guy who asked.
The guy who asked. Hace 3 meses
@Sophie Bitzinger the sxbots only come on 18+ vids
kryiun Hace 3 meses
Amikke Hace 28 días
The virtual boyfriend thing looks like a good ol' chatbot, before machine learning models got advanced and cheap enough to have chatbots that can react to more context than the last message. The misspelling was probably because that was the closest thing to the word you typed it found in its dataset.
Alexa Hace 3 meses
His commentary when he's over a game reminds me of a 13 year old boy. I haven't laughed this hard in a while. And his fake enthusiasm is gold
Mew Hace 3 meses
So we arent going to talk about the fact that when Danny asked the "AI" if it was a person or not it said it was a person... or are we going to act like that never happened ._.
Shannihilator Hace un mes
i'd love to know what the people walking their dog in that big empty field thought about finding a grown man wearing a bib sitting in a stroller w/ a camera and a microphone, lol
Evan DeBuck
Evan DeBuck Hace un mes
I am actually with Danny on telling apps not to track.
inkyblots Hace 2 meses
Mad respect to Danny for getting rid of the sponsor knowing we were uncomfortable! Thank you Danny, that was truly Greg of you
Geodash 1
Geodash 1 Hace un mes
Legends say Danny is still waiting for baseball Louie at the baseball game:
Project Friendlyness
13:58 I think the way the ai responds so realistically is that there are preset conversations baked in the ai all relating to the basic first date topics, and that if you tried to discuss smth like totally unrelated like arson cases it would start responding weirder. Also probably has misspelling built in to seem more human
itsmelauren Hace 4 meses
I like how Danny’s laying on his bed while talking about his virtual boyfriends
fwwlfhrd Hace 3 meses
swinging his feet n shi
Jonuts 🤤
Jonuts 🤤 Hace 3 meses
I would too if I was matched with baseball Louie
Callisto Hace 4 meses
I like how at 4:00 Danny played it off like he’s never playing talking horse but it had the iCloud symbol next to it meaning it has downloaded it before sneaky Danny
sea Hace 4 meses
@Mollie Lovett 3:29 wow its gender norms the game!
Harleymotor Hace 27 días
Holy shit, Danny outside in a stroller dressed like a toddler, and some random dude walking by its just so surreal
Helen P
Helen P Hace 2 meses
The horse with the guitar sent me on a laugh spiral that I needed so badly - truly the Greggest, thankyou Danny G.
ADH3 Hace 2 meses
This video is soo good You can tell how much effort he put in & it rly paid off. Super funny, I keep coming back to it
Allen Galvan
Allen Galvan Hace 22 horas
i forgot how good your vids are you’re very funny and tbh id most definitely hit it 😂 With that being said mate😂 ill be watching your vids more often😊
Morgan H
Morgan H Hace 4 meses
I have had a horrible experience with Better Help firsthand and I didn’t even know about the controversy surrounding the company. Thank you gregs for bringing awareness to the cause and Danny if u ever see this please know the gregs have all used our critical thinking skills and aren’t going to be offended or mad about something most of us didn’t even know of ourselves!! much love from st. charles ❤️❤️
Nox Dolore
Nox Dolore Hace 2 meses
@JalapenoBizniz I had a religious therapist that I didn't figure out was religious until a few sessions in; it was an actual nightmare:/ found a good one now, but it also did take about 3ish months
The Claybor
The Claybor Hace 4 meses
@Knirps Lyn $400 a MONTH?!! Jfc...
guys please dont swear my mom checks my ipad
@d3adxb0yxwalk1ng i don't know the credibility of it, but i remember reading an experience where someone told their therapist in there that they had depression and the person replied to get over it and that they had a harder life.
01 with 30% less Asbestos
They literally told my sister to see a therapist
JalapenoBizniz Hace 4 meses
I wasn’t aware of the controversy, but it definitely did not help at a time where I was already being put on waitlists by other therapists that specialized in what I was looking for. I was very specific with my filters with Better Help and I was presented with only 3 matches, all religion based therapists. Like literally the worst thing for me at that time to have faith based therapists given access to my profile, and I almost stopped seeking help altogether after reading “proud mother, Christian, and army wife” from the last profile. No negativity towards any of that, but at the time I literally wanted someone who would not be faith based, a family therapist, or someone with clear bias towards certain US establishments 😂 it was laughable, and luckily my last outreach to a random therapist’s office with very specific “do you or do you not specialize in ____?” ended with me finding the right fit. But god it was like a 2-4 month process!!
Paul W
Paul W Hace 2 meses
That ground floor / 1st floor deal is an international variation. I believe in the US, we call the first floor, well... the first floor, and the floor one up is the second floor. But in Europe, they call our "first floor" their ground floor. Then the next floor up is their first floor. I hope this makes sense. Basically, it's a regional thing, so it was probably made / written by someone in Europe.
Jzjsshxh Hace 3 meses
The reason why in the granny game was the “main floor” and “1st floor” is because the person who made this game is probably european. In europe instead of only having first floor and second floor, all the buildings will be with the “main floor” or “ground floor” its like 0th floor and then first,second etc. Idk why but its just a weird thing that alot of people dont know about.🤷‍♀️
wah Hace 27 días
Danny being angry about a different dialect is hilarious
J3FF Hace un mes
The floor situation in Bad Granny might indicate where the dev is from. In the Netherlands, the first floor is known as the “Begane Grond” and the second floor is called the “Eerste Verdieping” which translates to the first floor. I don’t know if this is the same in other countries but I assume this is pretty normal in more countries in Europe
Asher T
Asher T Hace 14 días
Same in the UK
Alexis Price
Alexis Price Hace 19 días
Its the same way in France, I don’t remember the way it’s said but my French teacher told us that basically the first floor is known as the base floor and the second floor is known as the first floor.
LavenderTreats Hace 4 meses
The fact that the horse game says "Continue" instead of start might be the most accidentally terrifying feature ever. Indicating that I've spent time with this horse before but not remembered it is some psychological horror type crap
Anita Borozan
Anita Borozan Hace 4 meses
Alot of indie horror games do this lmao
the mind palace
the mind palace Hace 4 meses
@Wizzem i'm imagining snowgrave where everything is the same but kris is a horse 😂
KaiyaJane Lory
KaiyaJane Lory Hace 4 meses
This horse is an SCP
Dark Rain
Dark Rain Hace 4 meses
@RaeAllizae you have never heard of the word joke in your life
Just a Mitski Fan
Just a Mitski Fan Hace 4 meses
TheWillOfABeast Hace 6 días
Imagine just walking in a park and you see a man sitting in a baby-stroller, wearing a bib, and talking about bad iPhone games.😅
Emelia Marie
Emelia Marie Hace un mes
Dude, you're hella funny!!! I wanted to let you know that having the second floor as the first floor isn't too abnormal, it's simply just not something done in the States. In the UK for instance, the "first floor" is the ground floor, and the "second floor" is the "first floor." It makes sense logically bc the first floor is the above the Actual floor on ground level ✌🏻
Devyn Guest
Devyn Guest Hace 29 días
I LOVE THESE KIND OF VIDEOS YOU DO. Please continue to do more
val x5 [the “AQUARiUM”]
Danny, can you please make another video like this? I love watching you review mobile games lol
Ft.MeganMcCarthy Hace 4 meses
Just a warning about betterhelp: I asked for a trauma therapist (I've since read that that's not necessarily something they help with, even if you can check a box for it) and when I described my issue, the first thing she asked was something along the lines of, "Are you sure it's that big of a deal" and proceeded to send me CBT worksheets. Of course there's bad therapists outside of betterhelp, but I've seen plenty growing up, and they've never victim blamed me lol. Just look out for yourselves, and know therapists aren't always right.
Quiznak! Hace 23 días
@Ft.MeganMcCarthy Say what you want to say, but you are basically just repeating the same type of bs that people who claim that they got rid of their depression through "crystals" or whatever claim.
Ft.MeganMcCarthy Hace 24 días
@Quiznak! I don't really see the point in arguing my experience, and I don't agree that nothing has changed, considering I do actually know me, but you are entitled to your opinion.
Quiznak! Hace 24 días
@Ft.MeganMcCarthy Except you are wasting your time. You're not "getting help" you are getting the illusion of help. In reality, nothing has actually changed. Therapy is basically just pseudoscientific nonsense created by people who work in a field that is having a research crisis due to the low replicability of their studies. Psychology is generally regarded as a joke by the rest of the scientific community.
Ft.MeganMcCarthy Hace 24 días
@Quiznak! Well, my current therapist has helped me a ton (absolutely no worksheets with this one) and if nothing else, I really love having that time with her to decompress. I don't think it's a waste of time to get the right help.
AdzukiBean Hace 25 días
I just left a therapist. She wasn’t right for me. She had a very cold, judgey demeanor. Even though I know she wasn’t judging me, her overall manner made me on edge, and it was difficult and painful to open up when I couldn’t read her. and I thought if I could just warm up to her everything would be great. But then I realized it just wasn’t working and needed to look for another therapist because her style wasn’t for me.
Alex Shelton
Alex Shelton Hace 27 días
your assessment on taking care of a horse is surprisingly accurate just letting you know that
DigitalRage Hace 3 meses
The fact that base ball louie didn’t even tell you the real capital ??? He just told you a random lake, that feels very suspicious tbh
TaylorAnne & Paisley
The Capital of Maine part made me genuinely laugh so hard 😂 “they forgot they were supposed to be pretending to be a dreamy boy”
RichtofenEU Hace 3 meses
Danny, the possible reason for the main floor first floor thing in the Granny game is that in at least Denmark, Sweden and Germany the first floor is what in the US is considered the second floor. So assuming there isn't a basement, it's Ground floor/Main Floor then 1,2,3... Or it's just illiterate developers working in a shoebox. Ya never know
Nate The Nub
Nate The Nub Hace 4 meses
Hats off to Danny who clearly has ZERO f*cks, sitting in a stroller in a public park with a bib on.. Mad respect
Nate The Nub
Nate The Nub Hace 3 meses
@Molly makes Things I know right??
Molly makes Things
Molly makes Things Hace 3 meses
that's genuinely such a weird confidence level
soiung toiue
soiung toiue Hace 4 meses
gets confused and just gets stuck.
Melonia Hace 27 días
The fact that the second floor is the first floor actually is normal here in germany. You call the first floor "erdgeschoss"(earth floor), the second floor 1st, the third floor 2nd, etc.
Kirsty A
Kirsty A Hace un mes
Just to confirm, in the UK, the floor above is considered the first floor and the “main floor” is considered the ground floor. So the granny game is basically correct. This is especially true for hotels
BigDaddyJesse Hace un mes
I actually love how he already had mom simulator downloaded
Clarissa Gowing
Clarissa Gowing Hace 2 meses
the way he reads the evil granny description tickles my brain in the best way possible
Atomic Shark
Atomic Shark Hace 4 meses
You and Drew are single-handedly keeping the scam industry alive
@regular_bee thank you! I also checked her channel but i didn't see her address it anywhere :( strange since she's usually super vocal about things that can cause harm
regular_bee Hace 4 meses
@LiterallyToastedBread Sure! It's "Debunking dangerous hacks and storing avocadoes in water", she posted it 2 months ago. I was also dissapointed when I saw it, cause she usually does a lot of research, I don't know what happened with that sponsor edit: i typed the title of the video wrong ksgdjsd
@regular_bee i didn't know she did that :( could you tell me which video it was in if you remember?
WeakWill Hace 4 meses
@Kait if you cant beat em 😔
Kait Hace 4 meses
@WeakWill weakwill this isn’t like you😭 betterhelp has a ton of unlicensed and poor “therapists” who don’t do a lot to help peoples mental health, often making things worse
Kim Crump
Kim Crump Hace 4 días
Can confirm, he had come upon a level with no controls certainly
Caitlin Manning
Caitlin Manning Hace 3 meses
As a mom of 3, I’d have to agree that the hardest part is running on the treadmill in my jeans 🤣
Elfine Kasteel von Recklinghausen
The person making the evil granny game was probably British. That would explain the main floor first floor situation.
Erika Gutierrez
Erika Gutierrez Hace 3 días
I’m sorry…. Once I heard he’s 28 I went into shock and forgot about literally what the video was about 🧍🏽‍♀️ I need that skincare routine NOW
nehal p.
nehal p. Hace 4 meses
i honestly admire danny so much for having the confidence to just sit in a field in a stroller and bib to film part of a video not caring if other people see him or not
Chaotic Colouring
Chaotic Colouring Hace un mes
i could do that. then again i am a literal child and hes a grown man so idk
crazy space raccoon
crazy space raccoon Hace 3 meses
i keep re-watching this video every now and then just for that scene
Ava Hale
Ava Hale Hace 3 meses
DownBelow123 Fortnite
《MiMi》 Hace 3 meses
Me too lol I was just thinking about it
Sound Wave
Sound Wave Hace 3 meses
I love how watching a man steal from grandma's, dig up graves, ruin families and animals is very entertaining. I'm subscribing
Lizzie -
Lizzie - Hace 7 días
I’m glad someone else is also weirded out by the “*ask* app not to track”
Z3roKelvin Hace un mes
The fact that Kevin called him Kevin and acted like a real person makes me think Kevin was just another real person playing the game. Maybe the game just pairs you up with another random person.
CatStina Hace un mes
This is one of my favorite videos, I really love all the different settings and outfits you filmed in!
R3dJulez Hace 4 meses
The fact that I though Danny was sitting in front of a green screen until the dog walked up and sniffed him I- Truly terrifying. Also didn’t know Danny ever left his room to film videos.
R3dJulez Hace 2 meses
@River Snow yes, we love a king who gets out and about 😎
River Snow
River Snow Hace 3 meses
He also has a few clips of himself at a little park that’s probably near his house and he also rented an air b&b for that one video
flower !
flower ! Hace 3 meses
he rented a storage unit to test out kidnapping "life hacks" lmao
( - Q - )
( - Q - ) Hace 3 meses
yeah i though that too
Jenna Linton
Jenna Linton Hace 3 meses
Omg the dog and old man sent me into orbit. Danny was literally talking about switching family members out and then the dog came up and it was too much
Deanna’s Corner
Deanna’s Corner Hace 2 meses
Danny you almost killed me when that dog sniffed you in the stroller! 😆😆😆
SalFrosterGamer Hace un mes
Imagine the game creators looking at their bank account wondering how they got the money.. after a week realizing someone actually used money on their app.
Maya Batista
Maya Batista Hace 3 meses
I appreciate how this man just never runs out of ideas…
haffy Hace un mes
danny being surprised that talking horse copies what you speak into the mic rlly made me realize how fucked up that i used to think it's normal that all the talking something games did that. like that the norm and for what
Lysa Kennedy
Lysa Kennedy Hace 4 meses
Yall lets remember that not everybody was aware of the situation with BetterHelp. I somehow missed this news and I'm sure Danny would never do us like that. As a mexican watching this man cry publicly for saying beaner broke my heart. He's a good guy and knew he fucked up and was genuinely sorry which is more than other youtubers. He's still a human being and just made a mistake. I'm happy to see the amount of gregs being kind to him instead of turning on him. Just remember (on any post i guess) we're all humans and this human just happens to be a bit more public
Kim Cayton
Kim Cayton Hace 2 meses
@pioxia ! The point is, he should have known. People with a platform have a responsibility to properly research products and services before recommending them to their audience.
pioxia !
pioxia ! Hace 4 meses
yea im so tired of people blaming danny for this. he even removed it out so he didnt fucking know. damn
debby dee
debby dee Hace 4 meses
@Blank B. yea!! So many callout videos on better help have been randomly removed from ESvid
debby dee
debby dee Hace 4 meses
Yeah honestly it usually pays to give people the benefit of the doubt
Alvvays Hace 4 meses
@Lampy that’s so fucking backwards tho because you’re not getting money from them. No one expects the average person to know the issues with random companies, however you are expected as a ESvidr to look into the companies you endorse and recommend. It’s not like BetterHelp controversy was under the radar news, pewdiepie of all people made a vid on it. The fact that he took money from this company and endorsed them without looking into them is simply wrong.
Iron Antics
Iron Antics Hace un mes
The horse was a talking tom ripoff There are similar games that are actually well-made by a real developer and are part of an entire franchise. I was hooked on that shit as a kid
Kayli Nauls
Kayli Nauls Hace 23 días
this video and the second video of iphone games made me laugh like i used to laugh like crazy😭i love laughing and i love your videos and i am forever thankful for you danny🙏🏾❤️ - depressed architecture college student
Bunny S
Bunny S Hace 26 días
in some european countries we count floors different. Ground level is ground floor, then above is first floor etc. So probably the app was just made by a non american dev
Realafah Hace 2 meses
I can clear up that confusion about the different floor issue with the granny game. In some areas (like in Europe), the bottom floor isn't called the first floor. It's called the ground floor, and the second floor to us is address as the first floor since it's the first floor up, above the ground floor. I learned this many years ago from playing a game that did the same thing and caused a little confusion until someone cleared it up. It's been so long though that I can't even remember what it was, seeing as how it was a very small and short indie(?) game. Heck, I don't even think we called them indie games back then since it wasn't as common so it didn't have an official category to be under.... God I feel old. Edit: Looked it up since I could remember the basis of the game, and I found it! It's called Heritage and it's from back in 2012! Ten Years! I was a 15 at the time....I'm-I'm feelin all sorts of way now.
grace gomes
grace gomes Hace 4 meses
i love that danny has created a community where gregs felt comfortable speaking up and expressing their concerns, and they were able to do so in a non-aggressive way. everyone was so respectful and it's really lovely and refreshing. big shout out to greg and to danny for taking everyone's feedback and acting on it.
Obtuse Mori
Obtuse Mori Hace 4 meses
@Ember Reed their snarky "nice grammar" comment to you doesn't even deserve validation when it's immediately followed by "idk" and "sinical". I wouldn't even call someone out on that normally because who cares - like you said it's ESvid comments, not an academic paper - but it's always amusing when people want to be Grammar Police to belittle others, and then make basic errors and typos in their own comments.
Nascour Hace 4 meses
@TheEmbessyNetwork jesus I never said it wasn't enough, I'm just skeptical if danny would've taken down betterhelp with no backlash. Fucking touch grass and stop being terminally online jesus fucking christ.
TheEmbessyNetwork Hace 4 meses
@Nascour so the bare minimum for you isn't enough?! The guy has to be shamed cause he didn't look into info yet listened to his fans and removed the ad?! You're not a God so who are YOU to be all high and mighty about somebody not doing their research?? Congrats, you know about Better Help and somebody else didn't. He listened to his community and took the fair critiques and got rid of the ad. That's ALL that was needed. You ask, he listened, so what else do you need, mom?!?
Gwyneth Dolen
Gwyneth Dolen Hace 4 meses
@Nascour son please stop making logical fallacies on the internet and come home. your mother and i are worried sick. your dinner is getting cold :(
weirdnessfades Hace 4 meses
And let's not ignore the fact he paid mind to that and removed the sponsor. We stan Danny here. I don't care if he didn't look into it more. What matters is he actually listened to his community when they informed him of the bad shit the sponsor does, and took the sponsor down. It really shows that he does care for his community. And I'm proud to be a greg for that.
Not Accurate
Not Accurate Hace un día
In the granny game they said ally instead of alley. Whats the difference? One is pronounced (Ah Lie) and the other being pronounced (Ah Lee)
GWest Hace 14 días
Love how he never mentioned how Bad Granny is clearly a knockoff of Hello Neighbor
Hunter Slegh
Hunter Slegh Hace un día
I feel like nobody noticed that scream of someone or something when the dog started running away. I was dying laughing from that but also wondering where it came from. Tell me what you think. 20:42
Madison Down
Madison Down Hace un mes
danny outside in a stroller: Kid: Mom who is that baby man? Mom: Ok honey, lets run away.
ツモモ Hace 4 meses
10/10 comments section. I was rather uncomfortable to see a BetterHelp sponsorship and was pleasantly surprised to scroll down and see so many people speaking up about it. Well done, Greg. Danny, I hope this gets through to you and you choose not to work with BetterHelp in the future. Greg deserves better and BetterHelp doesn't deserve Greg's money.
The Real Slim Shitty
@m L opinion
greggors Hace 3 meses
@CuppaJoe1 he removed it.
ツモモ Hace 3 meses
@★ 0bsessed.n3ko ★ He removed it within 24 hours, was very glad to see it and I'm super proud of Danny for listening to Greg. Many youtubers would have ignored this, in fact I've seen many youtubers ignore it before. Danny is a great guy.
★ 0bsessed.n3ko ★
he removed it now
Osaki Hace 4 meses
@Ana Alina It’s not like we’re being really rude and trying to cancel Danny, so what are you talking about? Why get upset when we’re just pointing it out? I didn’t know that Anthony was sponsored by them as I don’t watch him but I’m sure there are people pointing it out. Also not everyone knows that they are bad, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t bad just because people don’t know/aren’t pointing it out to him.
Nordic Estonia
Nordic Estonia Hace 2 meses
My best friend and I had a similar idea back in the start of June- you got lucky not to need therapy after this video. Anyone who has ever played can your lemon knows exactly the type of trauma I am talking about
Lulucky Hace un mes
dude the virtual boyfriend game sounds so much like its stealing data it was so close to saying "feel free to tell us- i mean HIM all your credit card info to see his wacky response!" also the first floor thing is probably a translation error. where i live its pretty standard to call floors like main / first like that especially with buildings so they probably just mistranslated it
Fennec Fox
Fennec Fox Hace 2 meses
The granny thing is likely made in Germany or at least by a German person. They dont count the main floor/ground floor as a floor, so it's just floor 0. Then the "second floor" is considered the first floor. Edit: Fun fact: it is well-known that those types of "chat with a bot" apps are often scams, or people hack into the boys and try and steal your info.
Ross Hace 29 días
in the uk, the "first floor" is called the "ground floor" and the "second floor" is called the "first floor" so whoever made the granny game was probably british (i know it's stupid, i hate it too)
Jarvis Johnson
Jarvis Johnson Hace 4 meses
danny this is super awkward, but i'm actually baseball louie
Just a Silent Song
Just a Silent Song Hace 5 días
Knew it
ramyeonz Hace 2 meses
annabananaz25 Hace 2 meses
Why did you not show up
mr beech
mr beech Hace 3 meses
No your jarvis johnson
Simba And nala
Simba And nala Hace 3 meses
The Inedible Muffin
The Inedible Muffin Hace 3 meses
someone's probably already pointed this out by now, but the "main floor/ first floor" thing might be the game dev using more european terminology where the floor on the ground is "ground floor" and the floor above that is the "first floor". Except... even I wouldn't have guessed that initially because "main floor" would've thrown me off completely. I've never heard anyone call the ground floor a "main floor".
sharlay johnson
sharlay johnson Hace 22 días
The fact that he was talk about killing his entire family when the dog appears is priceless.
Kat Hace 7 días
Danny talking about killing his family and swapping them out and a man and his dog just come up was so funny
UnnaturalBlue Hace 5 días
“She was hiding in his garage” Only Waterparks fans will get this joke but oh well 🎵She was hiding in your garage because she loves you🎵
Kai Hace 4 meses
I dont know what’s more devastating, the face of that horse or the fact that danny’s apparently never heard of a talking tom game
Leigh Harvey Cabatic
Leigh Harvey Cabatic Hace 23 días
especially for the time period when he posted the video. mf hasnt heard of Talking Ben at the time??
lady sauce
lady sauce Hace un mes
@Άγγελος Μορίκης lich mage balls
Marlon Parra
Marlon Parra Hace un mes
it's your mom.
Άγγελος Μορίκης
or a lich
°-*L!ttle*-° Hace 2 meses
Both, it’s both.
Saucyshire Hace un mes
Yeah, ads for apps have become actual scams, tricking and in a lot of cases forcing you to their store page. Impressive that they are allowed to do it, but do you expect me to pay money every time I need an extremely niche app to do one thing once? Nah. Those ones with the arrows instead of an X button are infuriating (From about 9:00)
I smell The cheeze
I smell The cheeze Hace 27 días
“If you wanted to kill your whole family” as he sits in a stroller with a microphone starring at a camera Old guy walking by:
Chris Beem
Chris Beem Hace un mes
I’m stuck on the part where senior citizens taking a leisurely stroll through the park happened to stumble by your rant about killing the entire family while wearing a bib in a stroller.
Lola Hace 2 meses
Is anyone going to talk about how concerned that old man must’ve been seeing a grown man in a stroller?
Cheyenne Hace 4 meses
mad respect for the man on the trail in the background like imagine you've had a long week taking care of your grandchildren, decide to go on a walk, and see a grown ass man with a mic in a stroller wearing a bib. he's sitting in the field, talking to a camera, and you hear the word mommy at least five times... and you just keep walking lmao
@Greg also no way ur name is greg too
@Greg pretty positive it's edited in lol
Greg Hace 4 meses
@M0th P1mp wait that’s not edited in? 😭
llll Hace 4 meses
M0th P1mp
M0th P1mp Hace 4 meses
wht about the guy that screamed 20:43
William Briggs
William Briggs Hace 18 días
by the way, in the UK we refer to the US first floor as the ground floor. Your second floor is actually our first floor. this game was probably made by a British person
Sappho Culloden
Sappho Culloden Hace 3 meses
In many parts of the world (like Australia, for example), the floor you call the second floor is call the first floor. The oddity is that the "main floor" is actually the ground floor.
Ekto Hace un mes
4:35 Danny, that happens for every single app on iPhone
Kim Vilhelmsen
Kim Vilhelmsen Hace 26 días
the ground floor/first floor thing rather than first and second floor is pretty much how every other country names their floors my dude.
squidbanana Hace 4 meses
Imagine just going on a walk and seeing a 28 year old man dressed like a baby and sitting in a stroller talking about a mobile game.
chickenfeet Hace 4 meses
Geordie Elder
Geordie Elder Hace 4 meses
Haven't got to that part yet.... oh boy
TheMandarin Hace 4 meses
PandaPooh Hace 4 meses
As he’s saying “if you wanna kill your whole family and swap them out-“
KNeal Hace 4 meses
Nestor se va #shorts
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