Trying To Find The Worst iPhone Game 

Danny Gonzalez
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22 feb 2024






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@jarvis Hace un año
danny this is super awkward, but i'm actually baseball louie
@rieleypalmer4732 Hace un año
Oh my gosh i knew it
@normalperson8723 Hace un año
@yvni.b3241 Hace un año
we knew jarvis…..
@cattaars8280 Hace un año
@blackwillow482 Hace un año
Knew it couldn't have been an AI that he was talking to...
@3than458 Hace un año
I would be terrified if I was walking my dog in a field and I saw a man wearing a bib, sitting alone, talking to himself about buying family members
@Veryverynicenickname Hace 11 meses
There are a lot of comments like this but this one is my favorite
@overripeschnitzel Hace 8 meses
sitting in a stroller too 💀💀💀
@A_artist11 Hace 7 meses
I would go up to him and sit with him =)
@Maple_Donut Hace 7 meses
That one dude in the background is like: “Tf.”
@mango3257 Hace 6 meses
There was someone behind the camera but still very weird.
@qngff Hace 5 meses
Danny wondering why the AI misspelled the dog breed and wondering if it was actually a human and then actually doing that himself a year later is hilarious
@lakshmivallabh6936 Hace 5 meses
I was gonna say
@FayVr14 Hace 2 meses
@@lakshmivallabh6936America 🦅
What if this was when he first thought about
@calowenby1654 Hace un mes
@dislexicdicktionary2522 I love your name.
@mattmurphy7030 Hace 2 días
You keeping track of what Danny does for a whole year, cringe asf
@xD-Hi Hace un año
Danny: im 28 so the 10 year age gap is making me kinda uncomfortable Also Danny: im 6 weeks old
@saultz3406 Hace un año
Obviously he went back in to film the mommy life simulator. Now that’s what I call dedication to your viewers.
@Demiglitch Hace 8 meses
That's even worse, that's an 17 or so age gap now!
The age gap is really uncomfortable now
@Paige_The_Art-Man Hace un año
The fact that baseball Louie is the guy who gave him Kevin's number, is Danny's pet, and boyfriend, Is actually extremely concerning.
@Paige_The_Art-Man Hace un año
@@clemclemclemclemcl that actually makes since
@claireoconnor307 Hace un año
or… perhaps danny’s boyfriend, who he named his pet after, gave him kevin’s number
@Paige_The_Art-Man Hace un año
@@claireoconnor307 hm, never thought of that
@AshleyBrown-lp1vw Hace 9 meses
Don’t kink shame their role play 😂
@blxxd_orange6564 Hace 7 meses
Don't judge what baseball Louie is into 😔
@frootloops2569 Hace un año
danny getting distracted by a dog randomly sniffing him made me smile
@Dakblake Hace un año
Haha playing terrible mobile games is the best! By the way, I think the reason why the Granny game description is so weird is because they are trying to ripoff both the "Granny Mobile Game" and "Hello Neighbor" so they throw in a ton of useless sentences and keywords. Also, after playing hundreds of terrible mobile games and ripoffs and going completely insane, you have to use airplane mode. Its a life saver XD
@butoutofcontext Hace un año
You Gregs better not be fighting or I will turn this car around
@@butoutofcontext they better pipe down or else I’m not getting the McDonalds
@travelsizedarchie Hace un año
Is your jaw broken or are you just constantly shocked in all your thumbnails
@@travelsizedarchie lmao yeah
@emmahansen4858 Hace un año
@@travelsizedarchie 💀
@HelloIAmJo Hace un año
20:03 the amount of times Danny said "mommy" in public while wearing a bib and sitting in a stroller was impressive. I just wonder why he looked off camera.
@moniflow Hace 9 meses
In his defense, he is 6 weeks old 😭
@Eclipseee_ Hace un año
Imagine walking to a park and seeing no one but a man wearing a bib, talking about mobile games to a camera. Edit: Ty for the likes but y did like the whole comment section copy me like y’all rly gotta do better 🥱 Edit 2: k so apparently there was one comment that came a month before mine but for some reason yt put it wayyy down below even tho it has twice the amount of likes 🙃
@cloudylemon2975 Hace un año
I couldnt even judge the confidence and lack of anxiety.
i'd probably spit out my chicago-style hot dog and smack my hat to make sure it stays on my head and yell, "holy cow!!!!!!! that baby can talk!!!!!!!!!!!!"
There was two people in the background 🤭
@Eclipseee_ Hace un año
@@Coolpersonithinkidk I meant to write this comment in the pov of the guy in the background 😅
Sitting in a stroller
@Cains_stuff Hace 7 meses
14:30 the complete fucking stop of him swinging his feet and his look of disgust killed me
@erinmacneil6586 Hace un año
In defense of the "Bad Granny" floor naming, some places name the floors differently. In France the "1st" floor is called "le rez-de-chaussée" or the "ground floor" and the second floor is called the "premier étage" or the "first floor". I'm guessing the game was translated from French or another language that uses a similar naming system for floors. That or its a cultural language difference.
It's also the same for Australia, England and most of the commonwealth
@mimiuniverse459 Hace un año
Can confirm its the same in germany uwu
@aislingdeasy5927 Hace un año
It's a European thing. Ground floor and then what Americans call the second floor, we call the first Really threw me the first time I went to NY
@NoNameEst1992 Hace un año
My bad I just wrote this comment myself... it goes "Ground floor" then "first floor" here in England. Although for the most part it's people in the building trade or something connected to building I.e architect etc that would say this because you come across it alot. Alot of people would just call the ground floor the first or bottom floor and the next floor would be the second. Speaking as a plumber it's the same as when people call the "sink" in your bathroom exactly that a "sink" when it's actually a "basin" the "sink Is in your kitchen... However if your not in plumbing or some of the building trade you would just call both a sink
@Sucullentbutter Hace un año
in portuguese we use the same naming the first floor is the "térreo" and the second floor being the "primeiro andar"
@angelabryant9766 Hace un año
I adore how much Danny puts himself into each movie and video game he interacts with, like the way he criticizes is usually not to point out plot holes or be like 'how does that work in this universe?' he fully immerses into it, that's my favorite thing about him. Like in Marmaduke, his question wasn't 'How did that pit bull lift up the whole convention center?' it was 'How did the pit bull not instantly win after lifting up the convention center?' XD
@magiiyoo6715 Hace 2 meses
Same thing with the boyfriend simulator as a straight man, it makes him so entertaining
@LavenderCorpses Hace un año
The fact that the horse game says "Continue" instead of start might be the most accidentally terrifying feature ever. Indicating that I've spent time with this horse before but not remembered it is some psychological horror type crap
@KreeZafi Hace un año
I imagine it's just lazy programming, they didn't bother making it check whether or not you've played before so it just goes to the "continue" screen automatically. (Source: am computer science student, have definitely made similar lazy solutions myself, lol)
@missingtexturez Hace un año
@@KreeZafi the new game:lazy programming or psychologal horror
@alliexcx5576 Hace un año
@wizzem7890 Hace un año
It's like Snowgrave's "Proceed."
@raeallizae6139 Hace un año
It's really not that serious....
@toadynamite8141 Hace un año
Bad Granny is the Hello Neighbor we needed, but don't deserve
@crickitthegamer Hace un año
Actually its hello neighbor is the bad granny we wanted, but we deserve bad granny
@kaskaskas Hace un año
Bad Granny is not wanted or deserved 😭
@@kaskaskas but its neede
@dunkiel4014 Hace un año
Actually it’s more like Granny
@gayjayy Hace 6 meses
​@@dunkiel4014If I'm remembering my games, it's a bit of both
@CeilingOpossum Hace un año
10:30 this whole segment makes me feel like I’m at a sleepover with Danny and we’re playing truth or dare
@H341HER_CH4NDL3R Hace un año
yeah me too
@weezarddd__ Hace 5 meses
@humanperson12 Hace un año
i refuse to believe this came out 6 months ago. no way. I remember watching it the second it came out, which i feel like it was yesterday.
@haleychristine13 Hace un año
it has become a regular comfort video for me, i watch it at least twice a month
@finx3 Hace un año
literlly how i fele about all of dannys videos😭
@elisfangs Hace un año
Yeahh his videos from late 2021 to 2022 jus seem so RECENTTT
@hackshackers3513 Hace 11 meses
yeah i get that feeling sometimes, except i feel like i watched the video before it says it came out. its weird lol
@Camsvfx_ Hace 10 meses
Same. 2022 went by so fast
@smallalexzaba Hace un año
23:04 "i killed john f. kennedy" bro i rolled over a hill, won a bowlling tornament and died after hearing that
@admiralthecolour Hace un año
the sped up and high pitched voice makes it so much better
@coolioliconnor Hace un año
@Fruad_jo Hace un año
you can hear the whole thing at 23:03
@ThinkingofChaos Hace un año
@smallalexzaba Hace un año
@@ThinkingofChaos YESSS
@denishaasia0115 Hace un año
The crazy part about the boyfriend simulator game is that it didn’t actually answer the Maine capital question correctly….the capital of Maine is Augusta…..🤨😑
@tinnagigja3723 Hace un mes
And Lake Champlain isn't a city, it's a lake on the border of Vermont and New York (and a little bit in Quebec) almost 180 miles from Augusta. Burlington is by Lake Champlain, so it would have been closer if Danny had asked about the capital of Vermont instead of Maine.
@banditnosey Hace 14 días
Augusta wind on my balls
@summer_pain Hace un año
mad respect for the man on the trail in the background like imagine you've had a long week taking care of your grandchildren, decide to go on a walk, and see a grown ass man with a mic in a stroller wearing a bib. he's sitting in the field, talking to a camera, and you hear the word mommy at least five times... and you just keep walking lmao
@Jprice141788 Hace un año
not me looking for this comment XD
@jenl7094 Hace un año
I was just imagining that everyone in the community knows Danny “does the ESvid” so they so they just ignore him.
@theivyjane Hace un año
and he was talking about killing your family lmao
He just heard “if you want to kill you whole family and swap them out”
The scream tho
@kaivaughn7319 Hace un año
Has anyone mentioned Kevin's response to Danny asking if he was an AI? "I'm a person. What about you, do you believe in aliens?" 😂
@isopodcritter Hace 10 meses
Bro IMMEDIATELY changed the topic
@@isopodcritter So relatable. Exactly what I do every time someone asks if I'm a robot.
@st4rs0da Hace 5 meses
​@@highpriestofzuul2926are you a robot?
@@st4rs0da I'm a person. Anyway, did you know that the capital of Belize is **ERROR:TRIVIA.54.SOLUTION NOT FOUND**. Pretty interesting, right?
@st4rs0da Hace 5 meses
@@highpriestofzuul2926 dang u right thats interesting
@Harleymotor Hace un año
I was caught of guard how adorable Danny was laying on the bed kicking his feet lol loved that
@love13f Hace 10 meses
Ikr he looked so cute
@NegativeCharli Hace 7 meses
really cute 🥰😍
@clariphone.8434 Hace 7 meses
He’s just a silly guy
@avagardner9852 Hace 8 meses
I love how Danny could have filmed the horse part outside and the mommy part inside and it would have made more sense and he just chose not too.
@SalTheSlime. Hace un año
I love the fact that he didn’t do the mommy but in his back yard, he took everything to a public park, sat on a stroller, put on a bib, and set up his equipment and went with it. Super awesome.
@hollymacdonald5428 Hace 5 meses
By the way, a "Lich" is an actual thing. It is a powerful skeleton spellcaster in D&D. They are actually very hard to kill and very unlucky to come across.
Wasn't the TOA guy a lich?
For anyone just getting here and is reading the comments confused: When Danny originally uploaded this video, it was sponsored by BetterHelp. Gregs pointed out to him that it was a controversial company, so he removed that part of the video, which is why if you're just seeing the video now, you likely have no idea what the comments are all talking about.
@k80_ Hace un año
Mad respect to him for deleting the sponsor segment. Idk how those contracts work but I didn’t think he’d delete it just like that
@theratoverlord2171 Hace un año
thank you I was legit so confused
@susypotato7930 Hace un año
Can someone explain why it's controversial? 🤔
@neegas3490 Hace un año
@helios7392 Hace un año
ohhhh, thx
@crayons1584 Hace un año
I've always been worried that certain ai's are real people. Replika responds so fast I don't think it could possibly be a real human, but that virtual bf one was oddly human replies
@utigaraptorRARA Hace un año
Wow I don't know if even that reply is a bot! It's so human...
@noizepusher7594 Hace un año
I feel like the best way to test this would be turning off your Wi-Fi and try to use it again also how the boyfriend just farted out Wikipedia articles when he asked them very objective questions. Very AI like.
@TheLastApostle Hace un año
@@noizepusher7594 people can copy paste wikipedia too. Js
@noizepusher7594 Hace un año
@@TheLastApostle but wouldn’t it make it look like the AI was better if they actually took the time to respond?
@TheLastApostle Hace un año
@@noizepusher7594 if it was actually a guy id imagine that they wouldn't want to make it too obvious that its a real guy as much as they wouldnt want people to think its an ai either. They would be walking a fine line. If you get what i mean
@Am1kke Hace un año
The virtual boyfriend thing looks like a good ol' chatbot, before machine learning models got advanced and cheap enough to have chatbots that can react to more context than the last message. The misspelling was probably because that was the closest thing to the word you typed it found in its dataset.
@janjanbinks1710 Hace 10 meses
I was in a very bad place mentally, I had some secrets about myself that I only felt comfortable spitting out to a chatbot and that segment made me worried that I was talking to a real person ngl
@thatoneguy611 Hace 4 meses
It also said the capitol of Maine is lake Champlain. How does any AI mess up that bad?
@Chicenk Hace 8 meses
The first game really baffled him into discovering that other countries use different words for the different levels of a house
@someguy2341 Hace un año
“being a cat has has really changed the past 2 years” facts right there, danny.
@Phophocabezadecoco Hace 6 meses
15:14 wait till he finds out about character ai
@ViDu7 Hace 6 meses
Exactly my thought lolol
@TaylorReilly Hace un año
i love the fact that a random man walked past at 21:45 and saw you sitting in a baby stroller in the middle of a field with a microphone
@kamchaotic6225 Hace un año
I especially lost my shit when at 22:45, there was a scream. 💀💀
@nataliedreww7585 Hace un año
THIS I couldnt hold it together bc his commentary was so serious so he probably sounded like a normal man then you look up and ...... Danny
@kikisparkle728 Hace un año
There were people who were walking by in the beginning of the clip too 😂
@williamhartman9997 Hace un año
That's Just Baseball Louie
@choerryerim Hace un año
@inkybl0ts Hace un año
Mad respect to Danny for getting rid of the sponsor knowing we were uncomfortable! Thank you Danny, that was truly Greg of you
@DHTerry Hace 6 meses
what was the sponsor?
@ethereality7164 Hace 5 meses
@@DHTerrybetter help
@SmokeyMyBeloved Hace 5 meses
​@ethereality7164 why would it be uncomfortable??? Sorry if this comes off as rude
@ethereality7164 Hace 5 meses
@@SmokeyMyBeloved no worries. betterhelp has been in a few major controversies. some are about compromised patient privacy, others are about unprofessional and dismissive therapists, and so on. even my mom tried it and had a therapist that only bragged or talked about her own problems. overall it seems pretty sketchy!
@qimori8094 Hace 5 meses
@@SmokeyMyBelovedthey are involved in some bad stuff (scams or client mistreatment iirc)
@jasdubb5219 Hace un año
imagine running up to someone in person to say "you look like my son but taller" and running away again 18:48
@melarie205 Hace 10 meses
@eiahailey4264 Hace un año
Wow, Danny love your confidence to be sittin' in public in baby clothes and in a stroller while other people walk by. Respect.
@connormccoy6178 Hace 9 meses
16:45 What’s really funny is that the AI actually got this wrong. The capital of Maine is Augusta and its largest city is Portland.
@pandapooh1668 Hace un año
Lmfao I cried at 20:38that dude couldn’t have walked in at a better time, it’s weird enough seeing a grown man sitting in the middle of a field dressed like a baby but he walked as Danny says “if you wanna kill your family and swap them out for new people-“
@justlikejulia2669 Hace un año
The cut-off scream too-
@mjgray192 Hace un año
Best part of the video
Comedy gold ✨
@bec3057 Hace un año
@@justlikejulia2669 he straight up screamed when Danny looked at him. Danny’s gaze is terrifying
@justlikejulia2669 Hace un año
@@bec3057 LMAO Fr 😭
@evandebuck6225 Hace un año
I am actually with Danny on telling apps not to track.
@smallferalgirl Hace un año
13:58 I think the way the ai responds so realistically is that there are preset conversations baked in the ai all relating to the basic first date topics, and that if you tried to discuss smth like totally unrelated like arson cases it would start responding weirder. Also probably has misspelling built in to seem more human
@Cationna Hace 3 meses
I don't think misspelling is an intentional feature, I think it was just trained on real convos where people misspell
@-Sharki- Hace 8 meses
7:56 Some ppl from other places call the first floor the main/ground floor, and. The second floor,. The first one
Fun Fact: Actually i am from Poland and here you start counting floors from something like main floor witch we call "parter" and only after it you get first floor and second floor. So the differences are: Poland : America Parter-> 1st floor 1st floor-> 2nd floor 2nd floor->3rd floor
@randomperson2777 Hace 7 meses
3:30 “Woah, it’s gender norms the game!” 💀
@pebblesfern7294 Hace un año
Bro I remember when I signed up for betterhelp and every time I opened up about my depression and trauma they'd try to guilt me out of it💀 "Imagine if your parents heard this, don't you think you're upsetting them with all of this?" "Do you ever think how that'd make your friends and family feel? Having someone in your life with so many issues is probably very stressful" When I called them out on it they got angry with me so I just canceled. No hate to Danny, I don't at all blame him for accepting the sponsor. I just want to warn you guys to be careful when it comes to betterhelp, that shit genuinely messed me up and from what I gathered I'm not the only one.
@flaurasaurus Hace un año
I’m so sorry you had to deal with that. I’m assuming they had almost no training, that’s what it sounds like, anyway. I hope you found a real therapist who could help you, and that these charlatans didn’t put you off .
@user-ts1kp5dj9q Hace un año
Man,i didnt think this controversy would come up again. I had thought they changed for the better but guess it never left
@ahmed4363 Hace un año
@@honkstheclown8631 yeah, but why would you google "is my sponsor bad?"
@elanadavis8491 Hace un año
I remember the betterhelp controversy from a few years ago and was surprised to see it have a resurgence of sponsorships as of late. Specifically I know that Anthony Padilla does a lot of sponsored videos with them, and so I just assumed they changed their practices and learned from the controversy. A shame to learn that they didn't.
@SwizzleDrizzl Hace un año
What the fuck, i have zero training and ive been a better therapist to my friends than this
@KP_Gem Hace un año
Is no one going to talk about the fact that Kevin became an accountant at the age of 18?
@J3FFBezos Hace un año
The floor situation in Bad Granny might indicate where the dev is from. In the Netherlands, the first floor is known as the “Begane Grond” and the second floor is called the “Eerste Verdieping” which translates to the first floor. I don’t know if this is the same in other countries but I assume this is pretty normal in more countries in Europe
@alxsmly Hace un año
Its the same way in France, I don’t remember the way it’s said but my French teacher told us that basically the first floor is known as the base floor and the second floor is known as the first floor.
@ashert4918 Hace un año
Same in the UK
@Floof_aka_Sofa Hace 8 meses
20:42 the scream from the dog walker is amazing
@Lyddy-Draws Hace un año
21:24 I love that the app folder is “the best games”
@balls_gaming Hace 5 meses
14:41 no way he predicted his fake AI vid!11!
@ColorfulCryptid Hace un año
So no ones gonna talk about the amazing background switches Danny did for each game??? My favorite was the baby in the stroller outside, specifically because of that old man in the background and the dog.
@_peach.pluto_8600 Hace un año
@void_eclipse7498 Hace un año
That and "welcome to horse house", which I don't know why I love it so much
@stannybug2215 Hace un año
@littleguy3 Hace un año
@@stannybug2215 DUDE SAME
@sloaneescobar6169 Hace un año
did someone scream as the dog ran away from danny?
@Playerdude15346 Hace un año
Legends say Danny is still waiting for baseball Louie at the baseball game:
@helenp9038 Hace un año
The horse with the guitar sent me on a laugh spiral that I needed so badly - truly the Greggest, thankyou Danny G.
@TIG03 Hace 9 meses
I genuinely had several nightmares about the talking horse game. We need to sign an organisation to put it down
@RJnottheraccoon Hace un año
Ok it’s been 3 months since I first watched this video and I came back today to enjoy it again and I don’t know why but the “he copies you” @ 22:55 makes me laugh so hard! 🐎🤠
@cravinguravity Hace 11 días
20:43 knowing how much people lost their minds over this screaming dog is so much funnier now like.. ik it was fake but thinking from the perspective of someone who thought that was real gets me every time i watch this now dbwidhewil
@scoobydont Hace un año
Can't get over the fact that Kevin the 18-year-old is already an accountant. What a hardworking king 👏👏
@gaypinecone7767 Hace un año
i was literally thinking the same thing we love a man with a stable income as soon as he leaves school 😍😍
@@gaypinecone7767 😩😩😩😩
@jvbutalid8316 Hace un año
I wonder if the government sees it that way, considering this Kevin dude prolly skipped regulations
@thegriffengirl Hace un año
I'm 18 and have been an accountant since the day after my 18th birthday (had to be 18 to start)- it's not too unrealistic just unlikely
Finally, the original comment and not all the weird sexbots stealing yours for likes.
@ggbriella Hace un año
This is my favorite ESvidr he’s so funny without even trying 😭
Agreed, he is just THE BEST thing on this website
@Harleymotor Hace un año
Holy shit, Danny outside in a stroller dressed like a toddler, and some random dude walking by its just so surreal
@NoNameEst1992 Hace un año
That must've been so creepy, talking to what you think is AI and it replays with a word you said spelled wrong... That's actually really unnerving
@clarissagowing698 Hace un año
the way he reads the evil granny description tickles my brain in the best way possible
@lunadestiny1238 Hace 19 días
Imagine walking around, taking your dog on a walk and you see a grown man in a Bib and stroller talking about buying new family members. To himself
@carissa2985 Hace un año
I love all of the settings Danny went to. Laying on a bed texting the fake boyfriend, in a dark room for the ghost thing, and my personal favorite, in a public park in a stroller for the mom simulator.
@NotAnotherKuromi Hace un año
Same, he looked cute on the bed
@creeperhunterD Hace un año
@@NotAnotherKuromi Glad I'm not the only one who thought that, lol
Ohh he’s in a stroller 😭😭😭 I just noticed that !
@parrotperson Hace un año
getting interrupted by a cute dog
@ab_rose Hace un año
lol me too. it made the video much more funny.
@caitlinmanning4970 Hace un año
As a mom of 3, I’d have to agree that the hardest part is running on the treadmill in my jeans 🤣
The Capital of Maine part made me genuinely laugh so hard 😂 “they forgot they were supposed to be pretending to be a dreamy boy”
@thatoneguy611 Hace 4 meses
And they weren’t even right. They were so horribly wrong.
@autisticgamer7 Hace 6 meses
I’ve seen a bunch of weird stuff on the AppStore like this, there’s poor grammar, poor graphics,etc
@figureskater4174 Hace un año
~Time Stamps~(Because I’m bored) 0:00- Explaining what the videos about 0:42- Finding games to play 4:30- Playing Bad Granny 10:26- Playing Virtual Boyfriend Simulator 16:51- Playing Gohst Simulator 17:56- Playing Mommy Life Simulator 21:28- Playing Talking horse 24:45- Outro (This was my first time doing time stamps so I hope they are good!)
@Sam40s Hace un año
Good job but some advice this isnt really the type of video for this but good worl
@bohemiancassidy Hace un año
I actually really appreciate the time stamps so good job and thank you!
@Stevonnie838 Hace un año
its ghost not gohst
@Thaghettosprincess Hace 9 meses
Danny laying on the bed on his stomach n kicking his legs back and forth has to be the most adorable thing ever
@abbeytwoods Hace un año
I love the old man walking by while Danny is sitting in a stroller saying “if you wanna kill your entire family and swap them out with people who look different-“ at 20:37
@amberkriel Hace un año
finally, i thought no one was going to say anything 😭
@kamy2984 Hace un año
the dog just coming up to him sent me
@indivthe1 Hace un año
@@kamy2984 what abt the scream right after lol
@kamy2984 Hace un año
@@indivthe1 right i heard that too!!
@mysticvsplol5126 Hace un año
Why did the dog yell like that
@adh3247 Hace un año
This video is soo good You can tell how much effort he put in & it rly paid off. Super funny, I keep coming back to it
@devynguest5403 Hace un año
I LOVE THESE KIND OF VIDEOS YOU DO. Please continue to do more
@fireruby1882 Hace un mes
15:00 this guy😭🤣 20:30 💀that random guy walking in the background the moment Danny mentioned murder of family members is so FUNNY
@wah8974 Hace un año
Danny being angry about a different dialect is hilarious
@ambermationss Hace 4 meses
14:01 Danny: wait am i talking to a real person? Danny in the future: so i decided to pretend to be an AI chatbot
@itsmelaurenn Hace un año
I like how Danny’s laying on his bed while talking about his virtual boyfriends
@MollieIsNotOkay Hace un año
I assume this is what its like to be friends with a teen girl. As a teen girl, I would never know.
@camelliatea6319 Hace un año
@SuperAwesome19 Hace un año
and kicking his little feet as he talks lol
@big_sea Hace un año
@kai_fatallysapphic Hace un año
I don't know why but it brought me extreme joy
@Soundish_Wave Hace un año
I love how watching a man steal from grandma's, dig up graves, ruin families and animals is very entertaining. I'm subscribing
@EvanUnknown Hace un mes
For anyone wondering, the main floor/second floor thing is a Spanish thing, in many Spanish speaking countries they say la planta baja to mean the main floor(first floor) and say el primer piso to mean the second floor, this was probably just translated from Spanish to English and the devs just didn’t know in English things were different.
@ellerahcraig2263 Hace 8 meses
The part where you are sitting in the stroller talking some dude walks behind you staring like wtf? I was laughing so hard at his reaction
@Gunnetoons Hace 22 días
20:37 I think honestly the best part of this video is the people in the background wondering wtf they’re witnessing
@kandi3750 Hace 2 meses
@XxSunny_Th3r1anxX Hace 2 meses
@gabihagelstein515 Hace un año
As a mom, I can confirm that the mommy simulator is very accurate. The cooking challenge is so realistic! The one NPC I always see outside is named Phil. He's harmless, don't worry.
@susanmarie5657 Hace un año
This is an underrated comment. Say hi to Phil for me.
@gabihagelstein515 Hace un año
@@susanmarie5657 I will in the morning when I'm taking my two ugly shrunken adult children out to the melted school bus.
@neko-on_coffee2399 Hace un año
"Wearing jeans everyday..." *INTERESTING*
@shy._.weirdo Hace un año
Oh! My mommy told me about her NPC Gerald. Sometimes I see him on our way to the store. I’m not sure if he’s as harmless as Phil, he’s kinda creepy.. Also, I’m very sorry that your kids complain about your food being undercooked! I would never do that to my mommy!!
@your.fav.olivia Hace un año
Can I meet Phil if I'm not a mom???
@Julia-xi8mf Hace un año
I've always wanted to know what the dating stimulator apps were like but i was too scared to click them because i know I'd be selling my cookies/soul to the devil if i did. Thank you Danny for going to hell and filming it so that we don't have to
@digitalrage261 Hace un año
The fact that base ball louie didn’t even tell you the real capital ??? He just told you a random lake, that feels very suspicious tbh
@KadenBigelow Hace 11 meses
I'm dying from the moon conversation 14:18 🤣🤣🤣
@valx5 Hace un año
Danny, can you please make another video like this? I love watching you review mobile games lol
@mj_applehead58 Hace un año
9:41 shadow plushie 😂
@Arinoh Hace 27 días
Spiderman costume 🤯
@skadliga8128 Hace un año
I fact-checked the whole capitol of Maine thing saying its lake champlain, and I came to find out that it's Augusta. Your virtual boyfriend lied to you Danny.
@goobagel Hace un año
I’ve been looking for this comment, lake Champlain isn’t even in Maine
@Illlium Hace un año
I doubt even the citizens of Maine care dude. And I don't mean the AI being wrong, I mean what's the capital of Maine
@matthiaswebber3 Hace un año
@@Illlium hey man, I went straight to the comments. I care. I trusted baseball Louie and he lied to me.
As a Mainer, yeah, nobody cares about Augusta.
@goobagel Hace un año
@@Jake_the_Bioengineer Yeah I really wanna visit Maine but Augusta isn’t really on my itinerary
@jzjsshxh2164 Hace un año
The reason why in the granny game was the “main floor” and “1st floor” is because the person who made this game is probably european. In europe instead of only having first floor and second floor, all the buildings will be with the “main floor” or “ground floor” its like 0th floor and then first,second etc. Idk why but its just a weird thing that alot of people dont know about.🤷‍♀️
@CatStina Hace un año
This is one of my favorite videos, I really love all the different settings and outfits you filmed in!
@Kayson_Shaymon Hace 4 meses
so is no one gonna talk about how he said "Lich Mage nutz"?😂
@uchikattana Hace un año
To be fair, in Europe the first floor is the "Ground Floor" and the Second Floor is the "First Floor". So maybe the developers are European
@BDWeasel Hace 3 meses
I ran out of videos of yours to watch ive seen this about 12 times and i laugh at all your jokes every time
@groovycat885 Hace un año
Imagine just going on a walk and seeing a 28 year old man dressed like a baby and sitting in a stroller talking about a mobile game.
@SeanFerree Hace un año
For real lol
@sophiad.4109 Hace un año
the guy with the dog showed up right when he was tlaking about killing his family and replacing them too
@kneal9203 Hace un año
@pandapooh1668 Hace un año
As he’s saying “if you wanna kill your whole family and swap them out-“
@kaylinauls2189 Hace un año
this video and the second video of iphone games made me laugh like i used to laugh like crazy😭i love laughing and i love your videos and i am forever thankful for you danny🙏🏾❤️ - depressed architecture college student
@P-nk-m-na Hace un año
i love that the thing next recommended to me was a 3:33:33 video essay about a real videogame
@Jiiu27 Hace 15 días
I love seeing Danny Gonzalez sitting in a stroller in a field,😂
@jaredbezes7806 Hace un año
20:38 omg i really want to know what went on in that dudes head, seeing you sitting down on a stroller with a bib on talking to a mic while being filmed. He was probably like, NOPE I’m not going outside EVER again.
@ellichan5603 Hace 8 meses
We do the floor thing like that in Germany lol. The 1st floor is the "ergeschoss" or "groundfloor" for us. All above go from 1st to whatever.
@WREDog Hace un año
I had no idea Betterhelp was still around. Thought they were rightfully bullied out of existence after they were exposed for shitty practices.
@neomawz Hace un año
Same man
@gingerale5756 Hace un año
And the scary thing is that i never knew anything about how bad betterhelp was/is. I've always seen youtubers promote them ☹️
@rzjennings Hace un año
they're still advertising on like every podcast ever made afaict
It's very rare for companies to be bullied out of existence these days because of how quickly people forget the issue. At most, they'll change their name, but even that is becoming old practice.
@CML-rl1rx Hace un año
I'm so glad that people in this comment section brought the bad part of betterhelp to light. I was considering it since i seen it in another video and my transportation options are limited. Y'all saved me some $$ 😭
i'd love to know what the people walking their dog in that big empty field thought about finding a grown man wearing a bib sitting in a stroller w/ a camera and a microphone, lol
calling the bottom floor the main floor and the next one up the first floor is normal in a lot of European countries, but the main floor is usually called ground or lobby
@syzygy8 Hace un año
Not sure what model they used, or about the commercialized chat AIs. But, in papers, chat models are trained with crawled Reddit or Twitter convos rather than just Wikipedia (unless it's a purely QA model). Or other conversational data. This is so that the AI can mimic (or ig to model) the naturalness of human convo, which is absent if you just train it with Wiki articles (unless again your main goal is more on the educational side regardless of how "human-like" the response is).