Trying Troom Troom's Awful Pranks

Danny Gonzalez
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Well boys and gals, today I'm not just reacting to Troom Troom... I'm DOING Troom Troom. And when I say doing I mean I'm actually trying their awful pranks. They have a new genre of pranks called "edible" pranks. They make edible phone cases, edible sand, and so much more!

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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on ESvid, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

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19 jul 2018






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AlphaHunter Hace 2 años
The disappointment in your dad's voice when he said, "that's not ice cream," was palpable. I felt that in my heart of hearts.
Josh Lawson
Josh Lawson Hace 7 días
It is able to be palped… the chemistry is palpitine
Uxyt Hace un mes
You could palp it.
OverWeightAndLate Hace 3 meses
@V1nce Cornelius the 3rd cuh. So am I😁 Wait a second...
Placeholder Hace 5 meses
it’s palpable, you can palp it, it’s palpatine
Vulnresati Hace 6 meses
Apologize to him right now
Sean Byrne
Sean Byrne Hace 11 meses
It's so adorable that Laura is genuinely hurt that Danny didn't really want to hear her story
PumkitDrawz ♪
PumkitDrawz ♪ Hace un mes
@Lulu Del Ray "It's so adorable that Laura is genuinely hurt"
Lulu Del Ray
Lulu Del Ray Hace un mes
@PumkitDrawz ♪ being in pain?💀
Kichi Voorhees
Kichi Voorhees Hace un mes
@itsMollang Finally someone said it.
Дат Коол Гуи
@itsMollang lmfao
PumkitDrawz ♪
PumkitDrawz ♪ Hace 2 meses
ah yes, i love seeing people being in pain!!!
Doc Doc.
Doc Doc. Hace un año
The video started buffering right as Danny gave the “icecream cone” to his dad, so it looked like his dad and Danny were just spending almost half a minute staring motionless into this lightbulb together until I realized it was buffering
Clara's Cats
Clara's Cats Hace 7 meses
Wait that happens to me all the time when I accidentally pause a vid 😂
El Shark Diablo
El Shark Diablo Hace 9 meses
that was the real prank all along.
Chelsey Jianni
Chelsey Jianni Hace 3 meses
Danny has the most wholesome family I think I've ever seen.
Violet Johann
Violet Johann Hace 2 meses
I love that Laura looks suspicious from the beginning, she understandably doesn't trust Danny at all
fleas. Hace 20 días
@electrogeek77 then why marry? why even be with the person? it's pointless to spend your life with someone you don't even trust. doesn't sound like you had a healthy marriage
electrogeek77 Hace un mes
When you're married, you learn that there are times where not trusting your spouse is healthy.
SarahE1982 Hace 3 años
Despite the fact that those pranks were terrible, I think he was quite successful in his mission to make his entire family believe he's insane.
DrunkMonke Hace 8 meses
Carlos Hace 10 meses
@Julia Sánchez His*
Kookies with some tae :).
Also those employees to which he asked where the sugar paste was-
Shmeleos Hace un año
He said that in his outdo he said he thinks he was successful in making his family think he was insane not because of the pranks because he thought they would work in the first place
Fru1tyD3m0n🫐 Hace un año
@Dielli Jashari no..
Alexei Hace un año
"flour. that's probably starch" and it was over before it began
electrogeek77 Hace un mes
I started internally screaming at that moment.
Bajjajajbajjjajaj Hace un año
Danny looks exactly like his dad and nothing like him at the same time
Daydream51 Hace 3 meses
I can see where he gets the nose from though
Theyes Hace 10 meses
15:15 he's such a good singer, he really hits those high notes
t•o•c•a Hace 16 días
Skittle Pockz
Skittle Pockz Hace 8 meses
The actaul concern in everyone’s voice is absolutely amazing
Wowerine Hace un año
"Mother laughs, embarrassed that this is the best her son could do."
DC GEEKED Hace 2 meses
@谷歌翻译 yes
DC GEEKED Hace 2 meses
@Morbid_Valentine ok
DC GEEKED Hace 2 meses
@Mave Balls ok
Mave Balls
Mave Balls Hace 2 meses
Who is yuan vlogz I'm so confused
HOLLYnoelLOBO Hace 2 meses
What the heck did Yuan Vlogs say?
Victoria Hace un año
Poor Laura was SO distraught, i absolutely love her 😂😂
El Anon
El Anon Hace un año
dan: *runs into the room hitting a pot with a spoon with a completely blank expression* me: this is my new favorite human.
Cecil Hace un año
danny's parents are funny as hell, i can see where he gets it
Kevin Alamo
Kevin Alamo Hace 10 meses
"A grandmother got so old she turned to sand leaving behind only her hard candies" lmaooooo🤣🤣 I spit out doritos
Screamin'Beave Hace 2 años
Laura is so sweet "Are you choking?" "Danny!" Ugh, so sweet and wholesome.
Pugkin5405 Hace 3 meses
@kobeiskindacool Except it's easy to tell he wasn't actually choking
kobeiskindacool Hace 5 meses
Oh yeah, because when I see one of my loved ones choking, I'm not concerned at all. I just sit there and watch their slow death.
the Reality Bending Wyvern Thing!
@Nate Frusher Oh my god shut the fuck up
Jay Beltran
Jay Beltran Hace 2 años
FBI Agent #561 I ain’t tellin ya
Nate Frusher
Nate Frusher Hace 2 años
Nikki River
Nikki River Hace 8 meses
Laura is wonderful 😂 I seeing y'all laugh together like this
Celeste ostler
Celeste ostler Hace 10 meses
I love watching Danny's parents wonder what they have done to their son to make him this insane
slenderguy Hace un mes
I love how your family doesn’t care what so ever about your pranks.
r0ttensugar Hace un año
Laura looked so distressed watching Danny do this, which is funny considering she’s so used to his shit now
noodle_alchemist Hace 3 años
Mom: Slightly Amused Dad: Disappointed Af Laura: *Heavily Concerned*
Rikki Love
Rikki Love Hace 4 meses
@joemoaohello He’s 27
joemoaohello Hace 4 meses
@Krishna iznt he like 18?
Dr. Mritunjay Kumar
Dr. Mritunjay Kumar Hace 5 meses
@thanksroro no no no don't
Froggy Hace 10 meses
@V.beckan well he’s 27 now
Nortche Hace 2 años
@V.beckan 26
xavi h
xavi h Hace 10 meses
Every time i forget about the copyrighted music and I'm shocked again at the random tune playing over what Danny's saying
bgs Hace 6 meses
I love this video because I love seeing your mom's reaction so much 🥺 so wholesome.
Paxton Furr
Paxton Furr Hace 7 meses
I would make the sand a different way step 1: put brown sugar in bucket.
Tingle-Tainment ASMR
Revisiting this because I’m almost certain this is how I found Danny 😂
green guy in pfp
green guy in pfp Hace 2 años
Danny normally: **looks average on height** Danny next to his parents: **6’8**
Bass Armstrong
Bass Armstrong Hace un año
me: 5'7 me around my tall ass parents: 4'7 me around my grandma, aunt, uncle and cousins: 6'7
OMGTV Guess Hace un año
It’s so true.
Karma Grimm
Karma Grimm Hace un año
I'm 4'11
Princess peach 💗💗
Hes only 1.8m
DawidK Hace un año
Bro we have the same avatar
MrYes Hace un día
“Wow what a great prank, your friend is expecting ice cream. But instead she bites into a glass light bulb filled with toxic mercury, GOTCHA”
Capin91 Hace 4 meses
I love watching these; I feel- SO practical, so _capable_ afterward XD
Biomechanical Kazoo
Biomechanical Kazoo Hace 8 meses
The third prank should be renamed to 'Danny commits attempted murder on his own Dad'.
amorfati khb
amorfati khb Hace 2 meses
Ok but Danny’s whole family is just delightful ❤ Idk, that just makes me happy.
duck in pond
duck in pond Hace 2 años
I like how Danny’s dad was the only one that gave an actual score out of ten
duck in gamestop
duck in gamestop Hace 5 meses
finally, I've found another duck 🦆
Qwertyuiop Lkjhgfdsa
Qwertyuiop Lkjhgfdsa Hace 10 meses
@Bread they were talking to bread with seeds not u
Mlo Hace 11 meses
@Bread lol
Bread Hace un año
@AJ Jensen huh? I don’t think I’ve been here before. Weird.
Hanna Klockars
Hanna Klockars Hace 3 días
Saw this for the first time today, at the end of a challenging week, and I literally laughed 'til I cried 😂
Madigan Balfe
Madigan Balfe Hace 3 meses
This was the first video of dannys I've ever watched. Im just chilling getting ready for bed and I see that this vid is like almost exactly 4 years old. Danny if you ever see this, you're my fav youtuber, I love your content, and Im so happy to be 4 years truly Greg
jenaviebve parker 🕷🕸
i have seen this video of danny like thousand times and i just realized he said russian or ukrainien 💀
svchangelic Hace 3 meses
his family is so easy-going, no wonder danny has good morals
Katelin Talbot
Katelin Talbot Hace un año
The biggest prank of all was the end when music starts playing over Danny while he's speaking
Custard Cookie The 3rd
turn on captions
DramaticSuperAlf Hace 3 meses
This happens alot in his old videos
itsMollang Hace 6 meses
Actually in the subtitles he forgot to record the audio so it just shows him speaking with no sound.
Personator Hace 6 meses
@Camille he does it because he got a copyright claim on his outro song
Wave Force News
Wave Force News Hace 6 meses
@Camille wtf are you talking about
Mr BlahBah
Mr BlahBah Hace un mes
I love how peanut looks at Danny at the beginning of the video with a “dam…..he really is an idiot” face
FloratheFauna Hace un año
"Starch" could also be corn/potato starch. Also, when Danny is coloring the phone case was like the guy who figured out cake decorating for the first time 😂
Amanda Cassidy
Amanda Cassidy Hace 11 meses
"What is this, flour? That’s probably starch." hurts my baker-heart quiet bad every time I hear that...
Larren Listens
Larren Listens Hace un mes
Is it just me or is Danny’s Mom an Angel? She works all morning then comes home to prepare food for the homeless and still gave Danny’s prank a 10 w/ praise!
doxei Hace 2 años
Danny’s height standing alone: 5”9 Danny’s height standing next to his parents: 6”5
Yigo Hace 6 días
@WhoIsCharlie i was 5’7 at 12 years
🏳️‍🌈 EagleRAGE114 🏳️‍🌈
@WhoIsCharlie when I was 11 I was 5’6-
He's only 5''9 I thought he was 6 ft
WhoIsCharlie Hace un año
@Michelle Fagan that's actually pretty tall for a 10 year old in my opinion- when I was 10 a couple of years ago me and my friends were all 4'11 and 5'0
Michelle Fagan
Michelle Fagan Hace un año
I’m 5’2 and I’m 10 help🤚🏻
just a smøl tøwn gir
It’s been too long since I watched this video. Danny’s family is so precious, and I love Laura’s voice.
hearts4Dva Hace 3 meses
Jacqueline O'Leary
Jacqueline O'Leary Hace 2 meses
I haven't laughed out loud this much at a video in a very long time. This punched me right in the giggles
Whatever floatsyaboat
Whatever floatsyaboat Hace 11 meses
I think it really says something about the way I view families when I just expected Danny’s family to say they already thought Danny was insane. Is that NOT the normal reaction?
Leja Sword
Leja Sword Hace un año
They did NOT mean flour. For Fondant, you use powdered sugar or a special starch that doesn't klump. With flour, it just becomes a big mess😂
Fabi Hace 5 días
@doierry or English is not my first language Ever thought of that? What is Kochtopf?
doierry Hace 5 días
@Fabi maybe ur just dumb as hell then LMAOOO
Cringedailydude Hace 23 días
Danny knew of course but he only had flour
Ghoul Hace 29 días
@AuraLucario08 Great British Bake-Off >:( uncultured.
electrogeek77 Hace un mes
@toothpaste_lunchbox You only use flour to keep food from sticking to surfaces if you're cooking it, as it's raw. Consuming it raw is a health hazard.
no face
no face Hace 10 meses
"I guess the prank is just my friend's gonna think I've lost my mind, cause I am so hungry I've started eating my phone case" no no Danny, you've misunderstood. It's about *dominance.* It's about showing them you can eat right here right now, and you don't need their cookies.
#reallifemarvelgirl Hace 4 meses
The pure depression in Danny’s voice when he says it’s lumpy as f*** about the phone case is pure. Never has there been such disappointment over a strange craft🤣
Lillian Simone Sebastian
That must be so embarrassing for Danny's family to be apart of this
CoolDoge Hace un mes
Great Video! *This is absolutely hilarious and also amazing*
BeltSan Hace un año
Why is Danny’s dad literally just Danny but a sweet old man
SpaceArtStuff Hace 27 días
@♡neneyashiro♡ lol
Molly Kircher
Molly Kircher Hace 4 meses
I definitely have a crush on Danny's dad.
Emilia Hace 10 meses
But don't let that fool you. He is a ruthless dictator, who dreams of reuniting Danny's ESvid channel under his own rule. I applaud anyone who knows this reference
Evellyn Holland
Evellyn Holland Hace un año
@Boris Medina yes
Evellyn Holland
Evellyn Holland Hace un año
@Boris Medina yes
Loveheart412 AJ
Loveheart412 AJ Hace 2 días
"This is gonna be some tasty sand." -Danny Gonzalez, 2018
Stephanie Powell
Stephanie Powell Hace 9 meses
Laura’s reaction kills me every time 🤣
T-Apollyon Hace 5 meses
Troom troom’s catchphrase is “make it easy” but they do so many unnecessary things
Shannon Robbins
Shannon Robbins Hace 7 meses
This man genuinely needs to become a comedian or professional craft designer
Jonas Wilcox
Jonas Wilcox Hace 2 años
Danny grows like a whole foot and his voice gets deeper when he’s with his family I swear
Limexplosions Hace 3 meses
@lola is hot af well like, I think most people probably thought he was like closer to 5’6/5’5 so in comparison, 5’10 is pretty tall
LoveandPopRocks Hace 5 meses
@Andromeda same
lola is hot af
lola is hot af Hace 7 meses
@Ashley Lynn he’s actually 5’10 which he said is average so idk if he’s that tall
Andromeda Hace 7 meses
My voice is always a lot higher around strangers than around family and friends too. I'm sure there's psychology behind it
Addison Marner
Addison Marner Hace 2 años
Doda Garcia
Doda Garcia Hace 10 meses
Jesus im so impressed at how Danny committed to finishing the pranks I’d have given up on the phone one five minutes into it
cwasoa Hace 4 meses
the absolute audacity of troom troom to consider FONDANT on the same level as cookies is truly horrifying
im19ice3 Hace 10 meses
how sweet how loving your parents are, cause those were some incompetent-ass pranks
Sage 🍃
Sage 🍃 Hace 2 meses
Danny doesn’t realize how FRICKING funny he is.
gigi Hace 4 años
10/10 for the realistic fatherly disappointment
razzy680 Hace 2 años
ok bioimesrtdrfvgbjh nkm
dude with icecream
dude with icecream Hace 2 años
lol true
The_OPJ_94-0.0 Hace 3 años
Awwh that's mist up 😆😂
Tajon Irvin
Tajon Irvin Hace 3 años
Georgia Jacobs
Georgia Jacobs Hace 3 años
gigi Yeth
d0youlikewaffles Hace un año
let’s face it, danny is the key to a good day at this point in time.
neptune Hace un año
laura and danny's love is truly true
Matt Cottrell
Matt Cottrell Hace 5 meses
This video is so fucking funny. I love watching Danny be entirely unaware of basic kitchen things.
Angelina Marie
Angelina Marie Hace un año
That was way funnier than it should've been😂
Pandaglitterstar Hace un mes
Danny pranking his family was hilarious Especially commenting on his mom and dads life
Ann M
Ann M Hace un año
😂 As soon as the flour was substituted for the starch I knew it wouldn’t work…it was going to help the case harden, since that’s what the starch is for lol
Indigo Hace un mes
Danny using starch instead of flour and then being surprised that it didn't work always kills me
Egg Hace un año
God Danny’s family is so wholesome
Maddie Hace 2 años
Danny’s friend: “Hey why weren’t you answering my texts?” Danny: “Oh I was making a phone case out of fondant so I could eat it for dinner.” Danny’s friend: “Makes sense.’’
Demi Hace un mes
why does this make sense? am i insane? is this a prank? am i a prank? am i real? am i fake? am i alive? The questions 10 year olds ask themselves every day.
arichudes Hace 2 meses
@Anna Murphy they wouldnt even be surprised lmao
Anna Murphy
Anna Murphy Hace un año
bet danny’s friends are used to it
ur.fav.n4talie Hace un año
It really does tho 🤷‍♀️
Elise Evensen
Elise Evensen Hace 10 meses
In regards to the prank you mentioned in the beginning, if my memory serves me right, even the photo he took of the tourists turned out to be the two old men. Genius!
Alec Vance
Alec Vance Hace un año
Just re watching the first video of Danny that I watched. This is the video that made me Truly Greg. 🙏
toto.dreamer Hace 9 meses
When Danny decided flour was a starch I felt pain on a metaphysical level
Mrs. Annica’s Story Corner
Danny’s mom seems like the most wholesome woman in the whole world
Br Mo
Br Mo Hace un año
So I rewatched this and it answered a long standing strange question I’ve had for months. About 3 months ago my Alexa randomly reminded me not to be a chef. I was very confused and just realized now that the reminder was put in by Danny during this episode.
catz.sue♡ Hace 4 meses
Arielle Bell
Arielle Bell Hace 4 meses
I would have loved to hear an Alexa give me a verbal notification like that
Clown In Training
Clown In Training Hace 11 meses
@Mother Demoness27 okay but it's legit plausible that this happened? Do you know how many times you say tomorrow in a single day? Alot.
Galaxyquest Yt
Galaxyquest Yt Hace un año
To all the people that are asking how would that happen it's because maybe he is listening to it out loud and is Alexa or whatever heard it and this is all to the people also saying that this a lie
OGBB Hace un año
A better prank then the ones in this video
The Witch
The Witch Hace 10 meses
I knew the "sugar paste" was fondant immediately thanks to watching an egregious amount of Cake Boss when I was younger lol
paperbaggy Hace 4 meses
im going to be honest, this is my favorite danny video of all time
Cipher Paul
Cipher Paul Hace 2 meses
Lol, nice family. They seem very supportive 😊
charactercreations Hace 7 meses
I don't mean to be rude, I love Danny's videos, bit watching him not know what CORN STARCH is and instead use flour made me die.
Nick Fox
Nick Fox Hace 2 años
Oh my god the part with Danny's parents is so wholesome
Kermit the Frog
Kermit the Frog Hace 2 años
And his wife
The Tails Doll
The Tails Doll Hace 2 años
chandler Ragan I need proof
iamchanman Hace 2 años
They then went on to get a divorce 1 year later
Will Collins
Will Collins Hace 2 años
Man ppl seem to be dying for wholesome content. We all got ptsd from the internet.
equanimoux Hace 2 años
dream's sleep paralysis demon dream simps please rise
marvelous hoggy warty
The father's reaction was just relatable 😂
Polite Frog
Polite Frog Hace 4 meses
His family is adorable! Also great video Danny! (This is really late but that’s ok)
MajorIndecision Hace 8 meses
for once there wasn’t a translation error and starch vs flour is probably what made the phone “case” so lumpy and horrible
Penny Cat
Penny Cat Hace 11 meses
God I remember watching this when I was younger 'cause I was embarrassed to see the pranks in person
Cosmic Productions
Cosmic Productions Hace 2 años
“Dolly is playing in the sand. It’s so cute an innocent!” **cuts to Dolly burying a body**
ToxicKeyboard Hace 11 meses
Oh no guys, it's the FNAF fandom!
Oliver Rambo Productions
“Honey your doing Great”
Narnian Ninja
Narnian Ninja Hace un año
@Bart Simpson What a perfect thing for Bart Simpson to say
worldsworstvampire☆ (it's kayla.)
Reminds me of Monaca.
FireOrb / Saturn2B
FireOrb / Saturn2B Hace 2 años
@tumharimummy22 R/wOoOoSh IdIoT 😂😂😂😭😢😖😭😓😤🙃🤓😓😟😌😭💀🤖👻😿👺👽👺😽👸💂👸💂🙎👰👷
Danny, truly an adult wide awake and “I’m ready, I’m ready, I’m ready” at 8:45am.
rice-baller Hace un año
Watching this man fails so terribly at understanding confectionary decoration Materials is so fucking entertaining
iknewsabowasnotdead Hace un año
Dude I remember watching those Just for Laughs pranks! They were hilarious 🤣
Womenlover Hace un año
I bet Danny’s parents thinks he’s crazy 😊👏
Kathryn V.
Kathryn V. Hace 3 años
“I asked employees where the sugar paste was and they looked at me like I was insane.” CONGRATULATIONS YOU JUST CREATED YOUR OWN TROOM TROOM PRANK!!
M'squared Hace 2 años
Algirdas LTU
Algirdas LTU Hace 2 años
Kerry Donohue
Kerry Donohue Hace 2 años
Skylar Pategas 2.0
Skylar Pategas 2.0 Hace 2 años
did he find the sugar paste though
Maroon Mouse :p
Maroon Mouse :p Hace 2 años
Kathryn V. i was scrolling t hrough the coments as watching this line
Nikita Renken
Nikita Renken Hace 10 meses
This was the first video i ever saw of Danny’s and it’s still hilarious 3 years later
Nightshade Hace un mes
Danny is so scared of the blender 😂😂😂😂 Just thought it was funny, honestly 🤷🏼‍♀️
Bella Best
Bella Best Hace un año
"Maby grandma got so old that she turned into sand" DANNY WAS THE ONE TO COME UP WITH THE PLOT FOR "OLD"!!
MadGrubble Hace un año
Edible dye… like food coloring? 😆💕 Danny and his family are adorable
Lanta Hace 2 años
The funniest part of this video isn't him making fun of the pranks, but the fact that he doesn't have any idea what's in his kitchen as if he's never been in there before.
val Hace 2 años
Raven Bloom moving, he was moving,
Raven Bloom
Raven Bloom Hace 2 años
I mean, it's not his house. It's his parents' house. At this point, he was living with his parents still, so I guess it makes sense. Edit: Let me clarify my statement. He and Laura just moved back into his parents' place while they were looking for a new place to live. That is what I meant by still living with his parents. I did NOT phrase that clearly.
Beauty By Ashhh
Beauty By Ashhh Hace un año
Laura just wanted to tell her story and Danny didn’t get it lmao 🤣
a huff and a puff
a huff and a puff Hace 7 meses
Roast troom troom all you want, Danny, but I’ve never seen such incompetence just in following basic instructions
Covington Campbell
Covington Campbell Hace 10 meses
Danny: 👀 Also Danny: THAT looks like a blender!
Rory Giambalvo
Rory Giambalvo Hace 4 meses
I love how little effort was put into actually doing the phone case one. Looking up how long fondant takes to harden? Nope. Seeing how to turn fondant a different color to match his phone case? Nah, we'll get glitter paint. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.
Emily Callahan
Emily Callahan Hace 2 años
"Mother has just gotten home from a long morning shift at Starbucks and is now making food for a local homeless shelter" We've found her. The most wholesome person in existence. Please tell your mom I love her.
Doda Garcia
Doda Garcia Hace 10 meses
Right? I’d never seen Danny’s parents and it explains so much of why he’s so sweet and wholesome
ben yusop
ben yusop Hace un año
I appreciate you dear mild hunter
Cheese Lord
Cheese Lord Hace un año
@Izuku Midoriya You aren't wholesome :/
chelsea rae
chelsea rae Hace un año
@Izuku Midoriya O-o battles bouta be ahem ahem "plus ultra"
DeltaWingedJet. Hace un año
@Izuku Midoriya lol your dub voice is the pure reason why I prefer sub
a todos nos decían eso :v
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