Tua Tagovailoa Stretchered Off After SEVERE Head Injury - Doctor Explains

Brian Sutterer MD
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An absolutely terrible sight as Tua hit his head for the second week in a row this NFL season and was stretchered off the field.

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Brian Sutterer MD
I touched on this in my video earlier this week calling out this situation.
The Dolphins are legitimately risking this man’s career, health and life right now. The whole medical staff needs full accountability and review because that was noooo back injury 4 days ago… now this. 🙏🏽 Tua
Smashing reality
Being someone who had this happen to them their senior year of high school, I think the outrage is completely warranted. When it happened to me, everyone thought I was going to die, and I probably should have. One of my assistant coaches was also an anesthesiologist, repeatedly told me how extremely lucky I was to be alive. Also the day after i was knocked out, I passed my concussion protocol with flying colors. My Head CT and MRI was also negative. Needless to say even though I passed, I had to take a lot of time off and I really wasn't ever the same since. I had short term memory loss for a few weeks and have struggled with long term memory ever since. Depression, anxiety, trouble concentrating, sleep issues, and even PTSD plagued me for years after it happened. Not to mention, I became very isolated, my high school friends never looked at me the same and some even would get mad with me for making such a "stupid decision"(As I tried to rush myself back from a previous concussion). Many slowly started distancing themselves if not completely cutting me off. Three years after the event and I am doing well, but still struggle to do very simple things. I hope if there was any type of misconduct that it gets handled well for Tua, he had a million times more potential than me and I would hate to see someone that talented tread the path that I did.
Daniel Harding
my wife came in and asked me what I was watching, and while I was recapping it for her I started to cry. I had no idea where those feelings came from, I've never been a Tua fan or dolphins fan. I just feel so sorry for him and his family. I'll be praying for you Tua
I've survived both a traumatic brain injury and brain cancer. I saw the "back" injury last week and knew exactly what happened. I fell off of my skateboard in 2006 and my head did the same thing. I got up and tried to walk it off but my body wasn't having it. The doctors saved my life by recognizing the severity of the injury and had me in surgery within an hour. Granted mine was a bit more severe but the fact that the nfl did not recognize the painfully obvious brain trauma in that first tackle is enraging. I really hope Tua is alright. God is good.
Lonely Sandwich
The way his fingers were all spread out looked crazy, hope he gets well soon, god bless him
Personally, I love when you get emotional on these videos. It shows you’re not just doing it for the money. It shows you have genuine care about these athletes careers and lives and want to inform us about these dangers, so that we’re all educated about these things. I love it man.
R3kt3e scurblerd
Doc, you are always on top of this stuff as fast as it happens. The sports world is lucky to have you.
Chris Turner
As a paramedic, as soon as I saw that posturing it’s pretty apparent that’s a level 1 trauma activation. It’s very possible we saw the last game of his career. It’s sad
Dane Boyer
Dude this is just so sad to see such a nice person get hurt this badly it’s just sad man. Prayers up 🙏🙏
Eton *non fevrieat
As a Bills fan, I'm worried for Tua. I so much wanted Tua to be alright. He is an excellent example of a human and especially a role model. Prayers for Tua and his family. I thought about Tua when he was injured when the Bills and Dolphins played last Sunday. Thought it was weird that he was back on the field so quickly. Get well Tua.
Ariel Richmond
I can't believe he was playing after last week.... I really hope he is ok.
Cam Kupka
What I like most about this is how you talk about your personal and emotional frustration. It shows you truly care about the health and well being of others and don’t look at Tua as just some patient or a number.
C. Jones
Tua has had some SERIOUS injuries even since college.... This game is unforgiving man. Prayers up for him.
slida emif
This is seriously crazy. I hope he gets better. Your videos always help people feel more comfort.
boli milda
Thanks for posting this Doc. Love the combo of your medical knowledge, wisdom, and heartfelt concern.
Lugo Family
I feel sad for Tua, he has gone through so much. And the media doesn't help with all the negative talk. I hope he gets well very soon. Such a good guy.
Face in the crowd
I'm so glad I found your channel. I was worried after Tua's hit during the Bills game, and then this one with the posturing was even more scary. Thank you for explaining things in a way that makes sense rather than sensationalizing what happened.
The Dolphins medical staff need to be held accountable for jeopardizing this young man’s health like this. No way in hell he should’ve been playing when he clearly suffered a severe concussion the previous game. This is the epitome of medical nonfeasance. Well wishes to Tua for a speedy recovery though I feel he’s not going to be playing for quite some time
John Weinfield
Thanks for posting this Doc. Love the combo of your medical knowledge, wisdom, and heartfelt concern.
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