Turning My Boyfriend Into A Bratz Doll

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7 feb 2019






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emma tipton
emma tipton Hace 4 horas
lailinshale Hace 18 horas
TERRIFYING. I love it.
junkmoon 》
junkmoon 》 Hace 3 horas
Sidney Marie
Sidney Marie Hace 19 horas
Okay but why does that look good
William Hace 22 horas
I actually died when he smiling with the wig XD
Kala Ezzell
Kala Ezzell Hace un día
I fucking died @12:10 😂😂
Kiterpuss Hace un día
14:35 That's some serious rooster energy 😂
crystal velazquez
crystal velazquez Hace un día
GTG❣ 😂😂😂
Shannon Kobeissi
Shannon Kobeissi Hace un día
This 🎵32 year old lady🎵 couldn't stop laughing. Literally in bed crying trying to not wake up my baby🤣🤣🤣🤣 you never disappoint Jenna!
grace heart
grace heart Hace un día
why do i get deja vu in every video
Galaxy Meifwa Gamer
Galaxy Meifwa Gamer Hace un día
6:55 7:08 🤣🤣👁👅👁
Aili Olson
Aili Olson Hace un día
Legend has it that he still looks like a Bratz Doll.
mrs.murder Hace un día
He looked like Ronald McDonald
Patanka Hace un día
Can someone make a compilation of all of juliens different personalities
Shannon Maldonado
Shannon Maldonado Hace un día
Happy birthday Julien
Izzy Mckin
Izzy Mckin Hace un día
14:24 i started choking on my snapple
Izzy Mckin
Izzy Mckin Hace un día
@meundies ... did anyone else notice?
kaltiny1997 Hace 2 días
11:56-11:57 face is fucking terrifying
Madison & Lorna
Madison & Lorna Hace 2 días
When he put on the wig he looked like miss piggy
ilovethat lol
ilovethat lol Hace 3 días
the hole on his shorts is just
Sophie Neal
Sophie Neal Hace 3 días
A. Drago
A. Drago Hace 3 días
when julien takes the wig(s) of at the end he looks like kris jenner lmao
someone Hace 3 días
nightmare fuel...
Thinktothink Hace 3 días
Okay, remember the vid with James Charles. We need this with Julian
Senpai's Waifu
Senpai's Waifu Hace 3 días
Please...I'm scared...
Sarah Alvarado
Sarah Alvarado Hace 3 días
Julien: "Gtg...get your glitter... Everyone aways think I'm leaving tho.." Dead.
Raygen xxx
Raygen xxx Hace 3 días
I’d appreciate it if someone exposed the shade of liquid lip she used on him thank you
trntavry Hace 3 días
yo julien i got your back bro! i audibly laughed (aka lol...ed) at the gtg joke! solidarity.
Patricia Blue
Patricia Blue Hace 4 días
I didn’t realize how small juliens lips were until 7:07
Настя Петелина
Thanks you
Abolish ICE
Abolish ICE Hace 4 días
This is one of their most underrated videos tbh
Narnia Dici
Narnia Dici Hace 4 días
At the end it doesn't look like Julian oh my God
Common Zadness
Common Zadness Hace 4 días
becca a
becca a Hace 4 días
this made my CRY i'm dying over here
Taryn Bennett
Taryn Bennett Hace 5 días
Omg im dying😂 what even happened 13:19
Alacia Creek
Alacia Creek Hace 5 días
Ok, this one and the one where Jenna gives herself a fake beard are my all time faves
macy mojo
macy mojo Hace 5 días
12:34 the way he walked up to the camera was literally something out of a horror movie lmao
jahra k
jahra k Hace 5 días
11:20 👁👄👁
Bri -AH-na
Bri -AH-na Hace 5 días
Julien is the king of dad jokes 😂😂😂
sol ba
sol ba Hace 6 días
mikayla k
mikayla k Hace 6 días
my fav ESvid duo. y'all mean the world to me.
Amy Cason
Amy Cason Hace 7 días
sol ba
sol ba Hace 7 días
12:13 and 11:20 for nightmares
T_i_a_r_a_x Hace 7 días
He looks like a gay cartoon parrot 😂please tell me you see that too😂
ugly hairy girl
ugly hairy girl Hace 7 días
dieana Hace 7 días
i peed myself😭😭😭
Beatrice Bianca
Beatrice Bianca Hace 7 días
Love this video!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Jordan Campbell
Jordan Campbell Hace 7 días
i had to pause this video every 5 seconds because im laughing so hard 😂👄
[REDACTED] Hace 7 días
nightmare fuel
Kimmy Weidlich
Kimmy Weidlich Hace 7 días
Remember when Julien straight up got posessed by a chloe doll
The Deidre
The Deidre Hace 7 días
Why does Julien look like the guys from White Chicks?
MonsterSketches Hace 7 días
11:44 That’s actually terrifying
roblox deeds
roblox deeds Hace 7 días
9:16 is my life
Alloura Cole
Alloura Cole Hace 8 días
He looks like bubbles from the power puff girls in that episode where those men dress as the girls😂😂😂
Erin Freeman
Erin Freeman Hace 8 días
He looks like a kid who wanted to be a bratz doll for book week and his mum went A L L O U T
Karsyn Cloud
Karsyn Cloud Hace 8 días
This is what I see during sleep paralysis
stephhh Hace 9 días
we love khloe kardashian
k j
k j Hace 9 días
*Just what I thought, it's completely fkn waterproof*
Cassii Lynn
Cassii Lynn Hace 9 días
“Wait until I’m in my full brat form- you’re gonna wish you didn’t do this” Is a MOTTO now
Des !
Des ! Hace 9 días
Why does Julien look like me when I order clothes and it ends up looking nothing like in the pictures
Jaina Halibert
Jaina Halibert Hace 9 días
How long did Julien take to get the makeup all off?!
Casey G
Casey G Hace 10 días
Julien saying fuck at the end with that makeup on has me dying laughing.
Mary Wagoner
Mary Wagoner Hace 10 días
Anyone know how long they've been dating?
Maria89 !
Maria89 ! Hace 11 días
I actually cry from laughter every time I watch this😂😢
jon perez
jon perez Hace 11 días
Corpse Kun
Corpse Kun Hace 11 días
Legends say if you watch this at 3 am Bratz Julien will appear at the foot of your bed.
Anaya Vyletta
Anaya Vyletta Hace 11 días
I'm getting mad white chicks vibes😂😂
William Barbour
William Barbour Hace 11 días
But that bathroom though
Taylor Poynter
Taylor Poynter Hace 12 días
I can't stop staring at him
ugly hairy girl
ugly hairy girl Hace 12 días
Thank you Jenna I was dying laughing the entire video.
ugly hairy girl
ugly hairy girl Hace 12 días
She should promote herself more in her videos. Its not a bad thing. And stop apologizing for making videos she likes to make.
j. b.
j. b. Hace 12 días
fun drinking game: drink every time a dog enters the frame. Expert lever: drimk every tim Joolian poses for the camra
Venus The mythical creature
Limited edition buff brats doll her name is Julien
snow white
snow white Hace 13 días
White chicks the sequel. SUBSCRIBE
jonah Hace 13 días
julien's bratz persona is what i see during sleep paralysis
Avree Grace Fausnaught
i did a face mask while watching this and needless to say it almost fell off many times
Katie Hace 13 días
I've never laughed so hard omfg
elly harris
elly harris Hace 13 días
‘Did you make an appointment here?’ I died 😂😭😂😭😂
Catherine Lambert
Catherine Lambert Hace 13 días
Julien looks like if Ronald McDonald wore drag 😂
Brittaney Zurita
Brittaney Zurita Hace 13 días
What i see in the corner of my room when I have sleep paralysis 12:33
heyleeloo! Hace 14 días
i just binged a massive amount of your videos over the past few days, and none of them made me laugh and lose my shit as much of this video. My abs hurt so bad. omfg. I can't even look at him in the actual eyes, I just go right to the drawn ones its so fucking scary!!!!
Maggie Tood
Maggie Tood Hace 14 días
Wow! I didn’t know Jenna and tana were collabing!
Aza Briand
Aza Briand Hace 14 días
Shave juliens brows!!! 😂
Gen Rose
Gen Rose Hace 14 días
This made my day
Bethany Reeves
Bethany Reeves Hace 14 días
Laughed my ass off, best video so far
MorganElise.0 Hace 14 días
wait but why does julian look like a fuckin rooster when he’s first showing off his glued down brows 😂😂
Alisha Villard
Alisha Villard Hace 14 días
I. Lost. It. So freaking funny!
Elsa-Lee Treasure
Elsa-Lee Treasure Hace 14 días
I freakin LOVE this couple! 💜💙💛💚❤️🧡
Emily Whitfield
Emily Whitfield Hace 14 días
Crack head looking Bratz
Patrick Klein
Patrick Klein Hace 14 días
Julien's eyebrows at 2:40 look like the skin of the old guy playing chess by himself in a bug's Life
Hayley D
Hayley D Hace 15 días
my therapist: julien as a bratz doll isnt real julien as a bratz doll: 👁️ 👁️ 💋
Jennifer Sandifer
Jennifer Sandifer Hace 15 días
his eyes really aren't tht bad, but the lips 😳
Jennifer Sandifer
Jennifer Sandifer Hace 15 días
ive never laughed so fuckin hard!! omg how did u find a man who lets u do this AND has fun doing it!!
Kat Murray
Kat Murray Hace 15 días
Kat Murray
Kat Murray Hace 15 días
Andy Harrison
Andy Harrison Hace 15 días
the music is from barbie and the nut cracker I swear like its making me feel like a kid again lol. I love this
Chloes Too Sad
Chloes Too Sad Hace 15 días
I came here from cavetowns liked video lmao
Queen Remains
Queen Remains Hace 15 días
pause at 10:28 i was EXHAUSTED but now i'm fucking horrified
iiSunny Msp
iiSunny Msp Hace 15 días
👁👁 👃🏼 👄
iiSunny Msp
iiSunny Msp Hace 15 días
12:09 Im actually crying rn
Cynthia Rodriguez
Cynthia Rodriguez Hace 15 días
He is way too good at being creepy!! wtffff
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