twenty one pilots - Level of Concern (live from outside)

twenty one pilots
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twenty one pilots - Level of Concern (live from outside)
official audio for "Level of Concern (live from outside)" - available now on Fueled By Ramen.
Tyler Joseph: vocals, guitar
Josh Dun: drums, background vocals
Paul Meany: keys, background vocals
Simon Jefferis: bass, keys, background vocals
Jesse Blum: trumpet, background vocals
Ned: guitar
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26 may 2020






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Mathiew Collins
Mathiew Collins Hace un día
Never seem such awesomness, id love to see them at a concert
Dark Web
Dark Web Hace 2 días
Better than in Studios Either 😂🤣 1:02 live Outside
Bmoney95 Hace 2 días
Me too
yaira perez
yaira perez Hace 2 días
1:01 July start to maAAke me nervoUuss (I DON´T REALLY CARE)
Raven in the rain
Raven in the rain Hace 2 días
(ooo) you ask me if its real I see your shifting eyes you're digging in your heels I dig my hole to die (hole to die)
Luis Patarroyo
Luis Patarroyo Hace 2 días
Que puto tema tan estilo, la verdad no lo dejo de escuchar :) son soberbios.
{ Anthony’s Basics }
Get noob I love you
Persephone Hace 3 días
making lemonade via email always gets me
Jshsbs Suhssjvs
Jshsbs Suhssjvs Hace 3 días
Izaya Wilhite
Izaya Wilhite Hace 4 días
im *stressed out* cuz my level of concern is so dang high
Anita Bonghit
Anita Bonghit Hace 5 días
Stop trying so hard to push your gay little song onto us, cringelord.
alexia jazmine
alexia jazmine Hace 6 días
this free serotonin tastes so GOOD
jojo Conklin
jojo Conklin Hace 6 días
I need a tee with Ned playing guitar on it
Layla T
Layla T Hace 7 días
You guys are the best band in the world I am your biggest fan I have been watching you guys sense I was four
Sophia Sánchez
Sophia Sánchez Hace 7 días
This is keeping me alive🙂
troy catap
troy catap Hace 7 días
Louis-Philippe Veilleux
Louis-Philippe Veilleux
HYPERx RedSox Hace 8 días
who wants to be my little quarantine
Harshit Mishra
Harshit Mishra Hace 8 días
every lyric of this song has the capability to qualify for a merch..
Arely 2536ola
Arely 2536ola Hace 9 días
Debería tener más vistas
Santiago Rodríguez
Santiago Rodríguez Hace 9 días
C me paro
jordan fernando herrera
it is a good combination of sounds and that forms "musics beautiful"
z o e
z o e Hace 9 días
omg i love you!!!! i hope i would marry you i always buy your merch im want to be your girlfriend!!!
Boba And Books
Boba And Books Hace 9 días
Permeteo Hace 9 días
Nobody: me: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-ZMfigTyeLto.html
Treigh Woolsey
Treigh Woolsey Hace 10 días
lepnardo iwi Juárez ortega
Que buena nanda
Fackz Hace 10 días
Uhm sobrevalorada uhm uhm
ultkiibo Hace 11 días
the "i dig my hole to die" at the end makes this instantly 100x better than the original
dadix 230
dadix 230 Hace 11 días
I love this song and it's fantastic
Tony Parks
Tony Parks Hace 12 días
SammiJ Hace 12 días
Benjamin Wilson
Benjamin Wilson Hace 12 días
Better than the original, change my mind...
Emily Hays
Emily Hays Hace 13 días
P.s. there are a lot of loc's or lakes around me.
Emily Hays
Emily Hays Hace 13 días
I made a garden for you for father's day. It has wildflowers, morning glories, cantaloupe, cucumber,beats, salad mix, watermelon, pumpkin,carrots,radishes, and something I'm forgetting.
Emily Hays
Emily Hays Hace 13 días
1920's brothel worker.right van?
Hentai Hace 13 días
The only way I can listen to this is by forgetting the meaning I can't celebs telling us to stay home
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neo neo
neo neo Hace 14 días
Bad song
Athomas Eternallove
Athomas Eternallove Hace 14 días
Maycon Araujo
Maycon Araujo Hace 14 días
Gacha_Skye Hace 15 días
This WILL be at my wedding
Jhontan lopes
Jhontan lopes Hace 15 días
Amei, simplesmente perfeito!
[NAME ] Hace 15 días
Это не то,что раньше!я хочу чтоб было как Stressed out и другие! Но я вас обажаю так что тут нечего придератся😉
Nosébu3nosi séperonotelowadecir
Acabo de ver que Bad bunny tiene más suscriptores que TWENTY ONE PILOTS!!!!!! COMO ES posible las personas no se dan cuenta de estas joyas(las canciones) de twenty one pilots, TWENTY ONE PILOTS ustedes merecen infinitos suscriptores
yun 1
yun 1 Hace 10 días
Si que les pasa??!!
Jacque Holman
Jacque Holman Hace 17 días
Hey i love this song
ezequiel seivald
ezequiel seivald Hace 17 días
Si quieren estar en un genial grupo de skeleton clikers acá es: chat.whatsapp.com/G13bEGBLxIOJ8Oog76uo5Q
no Hace 17 días
Aline Aline
Aline Aline Hace 17 días
Poxa não consegui o Pen drive 👁️💛👁️... Mas esperando 22/062020😍🥰💛👁️💛
Ximena Estrella Meza
Ximena Estrella Meza Hace 17 días
I thing this version of LOC is better. I feel outside and with my friends. It's amazing!!
Fatima Nicole Abarca Hernández
this song is cursed now but its still so good
Mahogany and manolo Francewar
what for real u lying
Daniël Hace 18 días
I'm just going to put this under some tøp videos, because i think I might be onto something: We aren't supposed to believe what's on TV. You know why? because it's the bishops tryna brainwash us. They are using a familiar voice (Nigel) but it actually is Nico/Blurryface. That's why at the end of the 'start here' video on youtube, you hear Nigels voice pitched down, like Blurryface. Also, one of the keywords was 'indoctrination' so that makes sense. The live video was actually a point of view from someone being brainwashed by the bishops. Everytime a small part of a twenty one pilots song plays, it's the guys trying to help us.
Chase Matthews
Chase Matthews Hace 18 días
Dudeeeeee this is so accurate
Daniël Hace 18 días
2:16 This might have something to do with code 20
Rossy Caiche
Rossy Caiche Hace 18 días
I know the code 20 is here, change my mind. (I'm joke)
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Amy Hace 18 días
why do i like this live version more than te original lol
semi. artomatic_
semi. artomatic_ Hace 18 días
Ikea Furniture
Ikea Furniture Hace 18 días
I like this one much better
Defor Out
Defor Out Hace 18 días
Кто русский
WillAndGoergeTryKids 2
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Marina Christie
Marina Christie Hace 19 días
Love this song!!!! 😆
Виктория Глиненко
О даааа
Seon19 Hace 19 días
I got a really important final tomorrow and boy, let me say, my level of concern is skyrocketing
Darrius Ray
Darrius Ray Hace 19 días
Bring the love everone
Ameera 28803
Ameera 28803 Hace 19 días
Vibrant Trash
Vibrant Trash Hace 20 días
I keep coming back to this
JD Gaming
JD Gaming Hace 20 días
i did a cover of this using the real drum app, it would mean a lot if u could come check it out in my channel! love this song so much SKELETON CLIQUE FOR LIFE!!
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shrimpking Hace 20 días
what the heck this literally bops SO HARD???? like 😳😳they go so HARD im
spacecg Hace 20 días
So what genre is this now?
Panic!! Its Anime
Panic!! Its Anime Hace 20 días
I didn't realize how much i needed this
Famas Flamas
Famas Flamas Hace 20 días
Quarantine is the best with twenty one pilots I will shuffle them on my Alexa all night then wake up and still be listening.... in the music video there wife’s get shown SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! And you two still lookin cool😎
yannah Y sus amigos
yannah Y sus amigos Hace 20 días
I like twenty one pilots
Angel Toledo
Angel Toledo Hace 20 días
Adoro esta canción
Тася Тортик
Тася Тортик Hace 20 días
Julia Montesino
Julia Montesino Hace 20 días
making lemonade via email.....code 20
Bel D. Moore Joseph
Bel D. Moore Joseph Hace 20 días
¿Oki?... Estoy aquí....
Paige Robinson
Paige Robinson Hace 20 días
Level of concern. Goodluck
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