TWICE "FANCY" Dance Practice Video

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TWICE "FANCY" Dance Practice Video
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24 abr 2019

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Ally Fulgencio
Ally Fulgencio Hace 48 minutos
나는 필리핀에 2 번 탄원한다.
army,exo-l,aghase blink,once,reveluv,neverland
i love the choreography😗
C J Hace 3 horas
no one: literally no one: jisung: dALkOmHAN--
Angelo Mabborang
Angelo Mabborang Hace 6 horas
Number of people who love ALL OF THEM❤️❤️ 👇👇
Nech Santos
Nech Santos Hace 7 horas
Analene teope
Analene teope Hace 7 horas
who miss mina? huhu me too!
Ariel Mungroo
Ariel Mungroo Hace 9 horas
Hey, I'm a new fan. Can I get help with the members?? Thnx 😊
James Kaprowski
James Kaprowski Hace 10 horas
They pull this off so well! It must be a nightmare with long hair lol
rizqi ramadhan
rizqi ramadhan Hace 11 horas
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-HJmtT5jw-gU.html For the easiest way to sing fancy..💗
Tâm Nguyễn_army
Tâm Nguyễn_army Hace 13 horas
My is army and once ❤
t tv
t tv Hace 13 horas
트와이스가 좋은이유 1.귀엽다 2.이쁘다 3.항상 미소가 있다 4.항상 열심히 한다 5.카리스마가 있다 6.이쁘다 7.이쁘다 8.이쁘고이쁘고이쁘다
•김보민 Hace 13 horas
Can ya'll help me? I want to join the fandom(._.)
Brianna Ho
Brianna Ho Hace 14 horas
NAYEON 0:23 MINA 0:31 JEONGYEON 0:39 MOMO 0:46 SANA 0:53 TZUYU 0:59 JIHYO 1:13 DAHYUN 1:36 CHAEYOUNG 1:43 I hope this helps if ur trying to learn the members! But If this doesn't help just watch videos about all 9 members and soon you'll know everything about them.
Pedro Gabriel
Pedro Gabriel Hace 17 horas
😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚😚 Lovecraft
Pedro Gabriel
Pedro Gabriel Hace 17 horas
Love. Minas
pepe Kent
pepe Kent Hace 17 horas
raghad hashem
raghad hashem Hace 19 horas
Best song
RoseThe Pasta
RoseThe Pasta Hace 23 horas
Am I the only one who is looking at the computer screen? No just me ok
불멸의고구려 Hace 23 horas
좋은노래 멋진 댄스 이번엔 잘했뜸
ももりん_ Hace un día
Almighty Weez
Almighty Weez Hace un día
Nice job ladies!
DylanSmithies Hace un día
jeongmommy Hace un día
PLease come to my channel i made a lot of TWICE videos and recently i made TWICE MOMENTS in LA :) THANKS
Aisyah Nuraniyyah
Aisyah Nuraniyyah Hace un día
BANGTAN forever
BANGTAN forever Hace un día
랩몬형VN Hace un día
I'm having such a hard time picking a favorite and I've probably been a fan for a good two years now. I dont think it's fair to call myself a ONCE though because I'm not super deep into them and know all their songs, their birthdays, seen all their interviews etc like I have with BTS and I feel that kind of dedication is what makes you truly a part of the fandom.
Bluecloud *
Bluecloud * Hace un día
I wanna learn the chorus choreography so bad. But any way keep up the good work ly guys☺️
예지 우지[지은이 분들]
트와이스 좋하★♥
musicalala Hace un día
These girls are extremely successful for good reason. They're professional even when working non-stop. Their practices are more precise than a lot of stage performances from other gg. It doesn't even look like practice. Amazing choreography! Infectious song!I'm especially feelin Tzuyu recently. She has been killin it with great enthusiasm!Look at her face during this video-she looks happy and appreciating what she is doing for a living. Can't help but love that!
Kyle Contreras
Kyle Contreras Hace un día
9 main dancer
Kyle Contreras
Kyle Contreras Hace un día
Best dance
Jenna Blanco
Jenna Blanco Hace un día
I can't imagine twice without mina in 7 months!😭💔😭💔 But twice will remain as 9 no matter what happens #minariiiigetwellsoon #minasaranghae #wemissyoumina Get well soon our one and only penguin mina🐧 we miss you so much..!!😭😭😭💔💔😭🍭🍭
julia Danielly Costa
😍😍😍love u twice!!
Naidelyn Roblero
Naidelyn Roblero Hace un día
I can't stop listing and seeing this video GET well Mina we all love you
Annie Im
Annie Im Hace un día
Honestly this is one of the best choreographies of twice. I love all but I usually love the chorus most but here I love every single moment👑(for ex in loa and likey I love the dance break and in TT and signal I love the intro)
mélissa ArmyBlink
mélissa ArmyBlink Hace un día
Best dance in 2019
- pansoft -
- pansoft - Hace un día
pepe Kent
pepe Kent Hace un día
Shian Socorro
Shian Socorro Hace un día
any 9 year olds here?
Chill Hace un día
Can i justtell yall how good the instrumental the choreo basically everything is about Fancy??? Im obsessed.
Sala Sua
Sala Sua Hace un día
Mai Le
Mai Le Hace un día
So I just listened to the Nightcore version and though what would the dance practice be like...
Jichu lovesSooya_
Jichu lovesSooya_ Hace un día
Im a new once and im slowly memorizing which member is which 😅💜
ARMY BLINK Hace un día
Me bobbing my head to this music My brother : ......u mm ok. After how many weeks My brother:fancy you I love itt♥♡
Jeremy West
Jeremy West Hace 2 días
舞蹈超棒 tzuyu😗
Jake Omalin
Jake Omalin Hace 2 días
Beautiful dance
Madhelene Magno
Madhelene Magno Hace 2 días
I really love mina
Huda Vlogger
Huda Vlogger Hace 2 días
You can do it Mina 😍 once always waiting you 😍
Huda Vlogger
Huda Vlogger Hace 2 días
Mina fighting 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
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