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TWICE(트와이스) "Like OOH-AHH(OOH-AHH하게)" M/V
The 5th Mini Album "What is Love?"
Spotify goo.gl/jVLYYY
iTunes & Apple Music goo.gl/DKyKZf
The 1st Mini Album "The Story Begins"
Spotify goo.gl/CtEpzg
iTunes and Apple Music
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19 oct 2015






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Hoài Ngô Thị Thu
Hoài Ngô Thị Thu Hace 2 minutos
300M view for it,fighting ONCE❤
Dora Shen
Dora Shen Hace 13 minutos
Once,remember to stream Twice "Fancy" on 4/22(korea time 6pm) FIGHTING ♡♡♡
324 Jiayin
324 Jiayin Hace 17 minutos
2M to reach 300M
bloodbath907 Hace 23 minutos
fucking gay asian shit
Jimin Loves Suga In His Tae
2M left Onces !!
sydney diamond twice are legend
CANDY POP FIRST FOR 100M LOA 2ND FOR 300M WHAT IS LOVE 3RD 300M YES OR YES 4TH FOR 200M Likey 5th for 400 m DTNA 6TH FOR 200M HEART SHAKER 7TH FOR 300M Tt for 500 m(2nd gg who reach 500m v13ws in yt) Cheer up for 350m Like ooh aah will be on top 20 fastest kpop group who reach 300m, what is love too, Keep str3am twice mv FIRST DONT FORGET FANCY 50 MILLION IN 24 HOURS
jimins booty appreciation
Foerver Once
Foerver Once Hace 55 minutos
Let stream candy pop too Guys 😁
Keisya Zahra
Keisya Zahra Hace un hora
Make like ohh ahh 300M once!!!!!!
Aleeya Hisham
Aleeya Hisham Hace un hora
Almost 300M💋
Akari Chae
Akari Chae Hace un hora
*Comeback Goals* ESvid GOALS - 40M views in the first 24 hours - 1.5M likes in the first 24 hours - 100M views in the first month PHYSICAL GOALS - 45K sales first day of hanteo - 140k sales first week on hanteo - 350k sales first month on gaon SPOTIFY GOALS - 700K streams in the first 24 hours - 10M streams in the first 2 weeks ITUNES - 1 in 30+ countries (album) - 1 in 10+ countries (singles)
tzuyu Unnie
tzuyu Unnie Hace un hora
Fernanda López
Fernanda López Hace 2 horas
TWICE Nayeon's biggest fan
I have a feeling that Fancy MV teaser will come out at 6PM later
Celine Truong
Celine Truong Hace 3 horas
Dude those poor mans WHAT ARE DOIN TO THEM
Hazy Shire
Hazy Shire Hace 3 horas
Who loves momo?😄 Me
cathy Hace 4 horas
300M ~
DELYG pf Hace 4 horas
Mina i love 😘😍❤
Stream YES or YES to 200M
I suggest that we must really do our all when the Fancy MV drops: 1.) Let's create such goals in the comeback and spread the information to everyONCE & if possible to some fandoms who are willing to help: 50-60M in 24 hours 1.6M - 2M likes in 24 hours 400k+ comments in 24 hours 500k+ album sales on Gaon 260k+ album sales on Hanteo 300k+ album sales on Oricon 100M in 1-2 weeks 12+ Music Show Wins Trending in many countries AK, CAK, PAK 2.) Let's promote and inform the public in any social media apps like twitter, insta, facebook, amino etc. by using #'s 3.) We must create a public chatroom for everyONCE who are willing to stream 24/7 4.) Prepare all the things that you need for the comeback (gadgets, money, etc.) 5.) Create as much as possible multiple accounts for streaming and don't forget to like the MV. *Let's all not forget the most important thing is that we should work together and be determined to keep moving forward to reach our goal for our TEUDOONGIE JJANG!* If any ONCE have add-ons or any other great ideas to promote the comeback feel free to comment 💞🍭 #Fancy #TWICE
helen grace garcia
helen grace garcia Hace 4 horas
Next to get 300 million views after LOA is What is Love
田馥甄我爱 Hace 4 horas
ww once
ww once Hace 5 horas
300M Fighting Once!
あ東大 Hace 5 horas
Kam Dimaculangan
Kam Dimaculangan Hace 5 horas
1:11 it would be such an accomplishment for me to perfect this dance step.
Michelle Lee
Michelle Lee Hace 5 horas
2 more million to reach 300mviews
Douglas Fitzgerald
Douglas Fitzgerald Hace 5 horas
Push to 300 million once.
周紫紫 Hace 5 horas
TWICE IZ*ONE Hace 5 horas
300M! Fighting!
TWICE IZ*ONE Hace 5 horas
Matthew Ulbata
Matthew Ulbata Hace 6 horas
*We're soooooo closeeee!!! just 2 million away, Road to 300 Million! Let's STR34M this hard guys along with Candy Pop which is 530k away from 100 M! Fighting Onceuuu*
Sunnyy TV
Sunnyy TV Hace 6 horas
I'm Blinkk . I will help Twice and Once achieve 300 million views.
CallMe Rqxy
CallMe Rqxy Hace 6 horas
I made these 298,032,000 to watch like ooh ahh (jk) yeahhhhh
Marianne Hace 6 horas
298M 💜
See You When I See You
Who will reach the goal first LOA 300M or Candy Pop 100M?
Matthew Ulbata
Matthew Ulbata Hace 4 horas
+See You When I See You yes yesss! Aja fightinggggg!
See You When I See You
+Matthew Ulbata Yeah let's stream both mv to make it 100M and 300M in the same day let's do that. Fighting!
Matthew Ulbata
Matthew Ulbata Hace 5 horas
If we keep having at least 55k in Candy Pop it'll reach 100 M first because it only needs around 530k and by May 1 we'll hit it while Ooh Ahh it is currently at 298 M and 2 million away our average is 160k to say the least, we'll reach 300 M by around May 2 if we continue our average. But if we at least rise our average viewers, Ooh Ahh will reach it first. Anyway, why not both reach our goals before the month of April ends?? Let's just do our all best!!!
See You When I See You
298M 💞💖😍 2M to go to 300M
Twice is love
Twice is love Hace 8 horas
298M 👏
Anna Su
Anna Su Hace 8 horas
298,888,888快到了,fighting ~
Jai D.
Jai D. Hace 9 horas
Annasuke16 Hace 9 horas
Finally 298 🎉 Let’s continue to work together 💙
Jem Hace 10 horas
I dont like zombies or anything scary yet for Twice I will bear through it 😂 1:38 twelve year old me doing ballet 1:42 me now 😂 1:49 ohmygosh she’s being such a mood 😂 1:57 those vocals 👌 Twice always make such bops 🎵 I remember watching this the first time and being so worried when that zombie was staring at them and being relieved when his eyes changed - even when I rewatch I’m still slightly tense when he stares 😂
Beatriz Rita Molina Albarracin
298 m 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
아이린 Hace 10 horas
We unlocked 298M but Candy Pop still at 99M. Please stream Candy Pop too. It only earns 50k views per day. 😥😥😥
twice is life
twice is life Hace 10 horas
298M! 🎉🎉 2m left! Good job, ONCEs 💖
Queen Elsa
Queen Elsa Hace 10 horas
Once's strme what is love to 300M LIKE OH AH 300M EYS OR EYS 200M DTNA 200M ONCE'S 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪❤❤❤❤❤❤
No Sana No Life
No Sana No Life Hace 10 horas
TWICE COMEBACK 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 FANCY 22/04/19 ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ ONCE 🍭 SOUTH AMERICA 🍭 ARGENTINA = 06:00 AM BRASIL = 06:00 AM (Rio de Janeiro/Brasilia). BOLIVIA = 05:00 AM (La Paz) CHILE = 06:00 AM COLOMBIA = 04:00 AM ECUADOR = 04:00 AM (Quito) GUYANA = 05:00 AM PARAGUAY = 05:00 AM PERU = 04:00 AM SURINAM = 06:00 AM URUGUAY = 06:00 AM VENEZUELA = 05:00 AM NORTH AMERICA 🍭 CANADA = 05:00 AM (Ottawa) 02:00 AM (Vancouver) MEXICO = 04:00 AM (México D.F.) USA = 05:00 AM (Washington D.C) 02:00 AM (Los Angeles) CENTRAL AMERICA 🍭 BELICE = 03:00 AM COSTA RICA = 03:00 AM El SALVADOR = 03:00 AM GUATEMALA = 03:00 AM HONDURAS = 03:00 AM NICARAGUA = 03:00 AM PANAMA = 04:00 AM CARIBBEAN 🍭 BAHAMAS = 05:00 AM CUBA = 05:00 AM JAMAICA = 04:00 AM PUERTO RICO = 05:00 AM TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO = 05:00 AM EUROPE 🍭 ALBANIA = 11:00 AM ANDORRA = 11:00 AM AUSTRIA = 11:00 AM BOSNIA = 11:00 AM BELARUS = 12:00 PM (Midday) BELGIUM = 11:00 AM BULGARIA = 12:00 PM (Midday) CROATIA = 11:00 AM CZECH REPUBLIC = 11:00 AM DENMARK = 11:00 AM ESPAÑA = 11:00 AM ESTONIA = 12:00 PM (Midday) FRANCE = 11:00 AM FINLAND = 12:00 PM (Midday) GERMANY = 11:00 AM GREECE = 12:00 PM (Midday) HUNGARY = 11:00 AM ICELAND = 09:00 AM IRELAND = 10:00 AM ITALY = 11:00 AM LATVIA = 12:00 PM (Midday) LITHUANIA = 12:00 PM (Midday) LUXEMBURG = 11:00 AM MOLDOVA = 12:00 PM (Midday) MONACO = 11:00 AM NETHERLANDS = 11:00 AM NORWAY = 11:00 AM POLAND = 11:00 AM PORTUGAL = 10:00 AM (Lisboa) ROMANIA = 12:00 PM (Midday) RUSIA = 12:00 PM (Midday) (Moscow) 13:00 PM (Vladivostok) SERBIA = 11:00 AM SLOVENIA = 11:00 AM SWEDEN = 11:00 AM SWITZERLAND = 11:00 AM UKRAINE = 12:00 PM (Midday) UNITED KINGDOM = 10:00 AM ASIA 🍭 AFGHANISTAN = 2:00 PM ARMENIA = 1:00 PM AZERBAIJAN = 1:00 PM BANGLADESH = 3:00 PM BAHREIN = 12:00 PM (Midday) BRUNEI = 5:00 PM BHUTAN = 5:00 PM CAMBODIA = 4:00 PM CHINA = 5:00 PM GEORGIA = 1:00 PM INDIA = 2:30 PM INDONESIA = 4:00 PM (Yakarta) 5:00 PM (Bali) 6:00 PM (Jayapura) IRAN = 1:00 PM IRAK = 12:00 PM (Midday) ISRAEL = 12:00 PM (Midday) JAPAN = 6:00 PM KAZAKHSTAN = 3:00 PM (Astana) 2:00 PM (Aktobe) KOREA = 6:00 PM KUWAIT = 12:00 PM (Midday) LAOS = 4:00 PM MALAYSIA = 5:00 PM MALDIVES = 2:00 PM MYANMAR = 4:00 PM PAKISTAN = 2:00 PM PALESTINE = 12:00 PM (Midday) PHILIPPINES = 5:00 PM QATAR = 12:00 PM (Midday) SAUDI ARABIA = 12:00 PM (Midday) SINGAPORE = 5:00 PM SRI LANKA = 3:00 PM TAIWAN = 5:00 PM THAILAND = 4:00 PM TURKEY = 12:00 PM (Midday) VIETNAM = 4:00 PM UNITED ARAB EMIRATES = 1:00 PM YEMEN = 12:00 PM (Midday) OCEANIA 🍭 AUSTRALIA = 7:00 PM (Canberra) FIJI = 9:00 PM NEW ZEALAND = 9:00 PM (Wellington) PAPUA NEW GUINEA = 7:00 PM SALOMON ISLANDS = 8:00 PM SAMOA = 10:00 PM TONGA = 10:00 PM TUVALU = 9:00 PM VANUATU = 10:00 PM AFRICA 🍭 ALGERIA = 10:00 AM ANGOLA = 10:00 AM BOTSWANA = 11:00 AM CAMEROON = 10:00 AM CHAD = 10:00 AM EGYPT = 11:00 AM ETHIOPIA = 12:00 PM (Midday) GHANA = 09:00 AM GUINEA = 09:00 AM KENYA = 12:00 PM (Midday) MAROCCO = 10:00 AM NIGERIA = 10:00 AM SOUTH AFRICA = 11:00 AM SOMALIA = 12:00 PM (Midday)
As 90
As 90 Hace 11 horas
298M 👏👏🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉 LIKE OOH-AHH 300M fighting!!! 💪💪💪
John Swift
John Swift Hace 11 horas
1:37 the japanese line
itztwice. Hace 11 horas
2M more to our 4th 300M MV 🔥
MCR 2810
MCR 2810 Hace 12 horas
Ok ok, the song is WONDERFUL... But, OMG that’s Bang Chan from Stray Kids!😍🔝
CHESTER CK Hace 12 horas
2M left to 300M OMG❤️
FantasticMan NewInventions
Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kisa kiss kiss
FantasticMan NewInventions
My love Twice
Lenna Pinku
Lenna Pinku Hace 13 horas
Mejor MV (Debut) del K-Pop
René Zetina
René Zetina Hace 14 horas
Attention: I'm a girl but on my dad's cell phone, lol ARMY is here to help you get to 300 M, figthing once ////
verkq9 a
verkq9 a Hace 14 horas
They are sooo adorable!! Greetings from Polish Army
twice is life
twice is life Hace 14 horas
Twice has 4.5m subscribers. How about let's make it to 5m subscribers? Leggoooo, ONCEs! ✨
twice is life
twice is life Hace 14 horas
298m is coming! 🎉🎉
Judging Hard
Judging Hard Hace 15 horas
Miss momo spare my life pls!
Annasuke16 Hace 15 horas
We are almost at 298! Let’s do it today!
Brian Ou
Brian Ou Hace 15 horas
4/20 0.00KST 297,806,509 4/21 0.00KST 297,973,698 Today 167,189 views JYP Subs 12,352,578(+17,025) TWICE Vlive 4,904,221(+5,293) TWICE Subs 4,559,552(+7,721) TWICE Twitter 3,438,686(+4,630) TWICE JPN Subs 1,817,175(+1,146) 📌 CANDY POP 100M ASAP 📌 LIKE OOH-AHH 300M ASAP
Skyblue Hung
Skyblue Hung Hace 16 horas
I love these 9 girls
Skyblue Hung
Skyblue Hung Hace 16 horas
Sana's hair style is so cute
Skyblue Hung
Skyblue Hung Hace 16 horas
Jeongyeon was cool in this era
Skyblue Hung
Skyblue Hung Hace 16 horas
This debut song is so nice
Skyblue Hung
Skyblue Hung Hace 16 horas
I love this music video so much
Skyblue Hung
Skyblue Hung Hace 16 horas
Momo is brilliant in dancing
Skyblue Hung
Skyblue Hung Hace 16 horas
Tzuyu's part is so addictive.
Skyblue Hung
Skyblue Hung Hace 16 horas
Dahyun and Chaeyoung rap parts are an nice
Xiang Khang
Xiang Khang Hace 16 horas
300M fighting♥
Skyblue Hung
Skyblue Hung Hace 16 horas
Dahyun's hair is so cool
Skyblue Hung
Skyblue Hung Hace 16 horas
Zombie and TWICE cooperation
Skyblue Hung
Skyblue Hung Hace 16 horas
I love this concept
Skyblue Hung
Skyblue Hung Hace 16 horas
Tzuyu is so charming
Skyblue Hung
Skyblue Hung Hace 16 horas
Almost 300M. Let's go💓💓💓
Skyblue Hung
Skyblue Hung Hace 16 horas
유민 김
유민 김 Hace 16 horas
예뻐요 너무 예쁘다 예쁘다 사랑
Please stream Yes Or Yes
Still the best girl group for me
Renukha Narzary and Swastikha Narzary Narzary
Momo super cute and super dancer
Renukha Narzary and Swastikha Narzary Narzary
I love this song n momo is super flexible n pretty
Zeke jaeger
Zeke jaeger Hace 16 horas
Momoring Hace 16 horas
listen up my boy
Momoring Hace 16 horas
almost 298M 🍓
a k
a k Hace 17 horas
still my favorite song from twice.
Holla Iq
Holla Iq Hace 17 horas
Hello ONCE let's give some attention to candy pop . We only need 6++k to reach 100M . Let's make it before this comeback
sunny so
sunny so Hace 17 horas
s. siasss
s. siasss Hace 18 horas
James Lord Dumlao
James Lord Dumlao Hace 19 horas
Peggy Sweetwine
Peggy Sweetwine Hace 19 horas
I love this song. Waiting for FANCYYYYYYYY! :3
Smart Sides
Smart Sides Hace 20 horas
300 mil
Twi ce
Twi ce Hace 20 horas
Watch the song one minute and then watch another video one minute and then return to watch the song one minute in this way we can record views faster and better before their return 😊
Ella G
Ella G Hace 12 horas
Watch the whole video for it to count. And make the other video Candy Pop bc it only needs 6k more views to get 100M!
twice is life
twice is life Hace 14 horas
I think it will only apply at Spotify
Momoring Hace 16 horas
if you stop the video vi3ws doesn't count!! we need to watch the mv complete without pause or skip
Dor wan
Dor wan Hace 20 horas
Fancy is coming 1day 22hrs 15mins.
Dor wan
Dor wan Hace 20 horas
Let's get this M/v to 300M before Twice comeback
merakisoojin Hace 20 horas
300milj soon!!
Dung Bui
Dung Bui Hace 20 horas
297.943m 17:16
I love TaeTzu and idc if shipping artists is delulu
MV teaser tonight!!
K pop Owns My Ass
K pop Owns My Ass Hace 21 un hora
One of the best debut songs, I love it so much.
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