TWICE Performs 'Moonlight Sunrise' On The Kelly Clarkson Show

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TWICE performs their latest single "Moonlight Sunrise" from their album "Ready To Be" on The Kelly Clarkson Show stage.

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13 mar 2023






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Once In LeMillion
Once In LeMillion Hace 5 días
Kelly, Kelly Kelly Kelly thank you so so so so much for doing Twice justice. This is the first live audio recording to ever truly show case each girls individual vocals being in forefront of the audio in ANY show. Thank you for showing our girls their talent and help show why they are so special to Onces!!! The girls dance was impeccable and so stunning! Love this so much!
Idk just some random commentator
@kevindxniel “that’s coming from someone who likes twice” and proceeds to discredit them
Ryeoren Singson
Ryeoren Singson Hace 12 horas
All kpop idols doing a lip sync also BP lol..
Gail Warhol
Gail Warhol Hace 3 días
It’s obviously pre recorded vocals. Anyone who watches a lot of pop performances would know in an instant. No rocket science. But i love this song!
kevindxniel Hace 3 días
It’s pre recorded . we don’t need to hear those unstable vocals and that’s coming from someone who likes twice.
DEUZ ONCE Hace 3 días
NotJustAGirl Hace 4 días
Nobody works as hard as Twice. They are the best! Look at where their passion and love for music had brought them so far. They deserve all the recognition. Their work ethics is sumthing worth emulating. ❤
Be My Art
Be My Art Hace 3 días
So right ❤❤❤
侑子結愛 赤ちゃんトラ
Their live vocals are stunning! Omg!
Stan Loona
Stan Loona Hace un día
@A AYB the backing track is very low though, and it was only useful for the extended high notes that they couldn’t manage because they were dancing.
Isidora Corona Gorriño
@A AYB If this was pre-recorded, how did they let sana sound like she's sick? 💀
Nate Dang
Nate Dang Hace 2 días
@tsukasa are you mentioning the right person? Check your comment and mine please. There is nothing you said that has anything to do with what I said. I was responding to another person saying shit about prerecorded and lip-syncing. Those are not the opposite of each other. What you meant I guess was a playback. A playback and a prerecorded version are the exact same thing. Look it up. When you sing over a playback, you are partially lip syncing. So no, that’s not 100% live. While backing track is a another different thing, which usually is a recorded track of instruments or accompaniment vocals. So no, what they said was prerecorded and that’s not at all a backing track! What do you want to argue? I am happy to be educated.
Ayaera Hace 2 días
​​@A AYB nourr u just jealous u cant sing like em, they are clearly struggling in some parts but its not that obvious
侑子結愛 赤ちゃんトラ
@ruu M oh my bad. I didn’t realize about the pre-recorded track yet I don’t think their lip-syncing?? Idk what I think completely know anyway they still did great I’ll just have to watch it again haha
l can't stop me
l can't stop me Hace 5 días
Their live vocals on fire 🔥 😍
l can't stop me
l can't stop me Hace 2 días
@ALL ROUNDER it's ok l don't care still their voices also they are so tired so they don't have to sing live always
ALL ROUNDER Hace 2 días
it's pre recording, look at jihyo's lips 2:20 🤣🤣🤣
Pereira Matau
Pereira Matau Hace 3 días
@A AYB fans just decided to be blind/deaf and go comment something like "their live vocals sound so stable" like be fr for once
A AYB Hace 3 días
​@Pereira Matau finally someone who can hear properly!! I like Twice and this song is really enjoyable but ppl gotta stop praising "live" vocals when everything is either pre-recorded or lip-sync...it's so sad because they can sing - jihyo, jeongyeon and nayeon are even good singers - but K-pop now is so focused on reaching perfection; physical appearance, stage presence and hard choreos are now more important than actual live singers...
gina pacleb
gina pacleb Hace 5 días
JYP artists really has the best vocals... amazingly, I am drawn to their music these past few years... and to their talents...
Zack Hace 4 días
Their best Moonlight sunrise performance! You can hear them so clearly!
Simon Shaheen
Simon Shaheen Hace 5 días
I'm literally crying bcuz the world knows & loves twice now. The queens deserve this. Let's cheers for amazing 7years of togetherness & many more years to come. I feel like they're peaking at the right time internationally. TWICE is gonna be unstoppable now in the international market. CALLING ALL ONCES let's fill the SOFI Stadium and MetLife Stadium as they're huge venues. Onces we can't let our Queens down. Let's help twice create history.....Bcuz we love THEM 😚😍
Abdul Ahad
Abdul Ahad Hace 23 minutos
​@Steve C you can clearly hear it LIVE
Elizabeth Lily
Elizabeth Lily Hace 3 días
@Simon Shaheen sorry to say this but, it's fans like this who make me lose interest on some idols.
Simon Shaheen
Simon Shaheen Hace 3 días
@Elizabeth Lily the same goes for u guys out there why don't you all let the fans have our moment if we love some artists you should respect our feelings too we didn't start this idiocy we the fans were sharing our feelings and excitement we didn't bother anyone
Elizabeth Lily
Elizabeth Lily Hace 3 días
@Simon Shaheen wow sisterrrr, calm down. I just don't agree with what you wrote on comment section. If you're not prepared to hear others opinion then best to keep it to yourselr
Elizabeth Lily
Elizabeth Lily Hace 3 días
@yuyu yunho I don't have any problem s with asian fans. I just saying that the world is not represented by some countries only.
blanca herrera cisternas
La estabilidad de la voz de jeongeon es increíble
🪴namjoon is hot 🌱
I'm crying this performance is so beautiful
Truth be told
Truth be told Hace 5 días
Thank you Kelly for treating TWICE so well. I love you and them too, you're all beautifully gifted ❤️✨✨ Wishing you all the very best
winry Hace 4 días
queens singing liveeeeeee it's like they're trying to make up for the billboard performance cause they were done so dirty and now they get to perform the way they deserve and want to. i love themm they're so talented!!!
Val Yoyo
Val Yoyo Hace un día
​@Isidora Corona GorriñoShe sounded great wtf
Val Yoyo
Val Yoyo Hace un día
​@A AYBIt's absolutely live
A AYB Hace un día
@Ricki Kookie i don't think that answering to literally 3 comments on here is being on "every comment", but okay... but also, I do care about this issue. As I listen to Twice from time to time and as a kpop fan since the 2nd generation, it's just alarming to me that people now can't hear the difference between live vocals, pre-recorded vocals, and lip-sync.
Ricki Kookie
Ricki Kookie Hace un día
​@A AYB bro you are on every comment, too much work for someone who isn't a hater 😅
Isidora Corona Gorriño
did you hear sana?? if this wasn’t live, do you think they would let her sound this bad?
mark rehnold poliquit
Kelly's observation during the interview was absolutely right. Jeongyeon has really have ear pleasing voice
AV Hace 6 días
Finally another K-pop group besides blackpink and BTS get the recognition they deserve ❤❤ Guys I’m really sorry, I didn’t want to hate on blackpink or BTS I’m just saying Twice is amazing by comparing them with other fantastic artists. I’m sorry for comparing TWICE with blackpink, but the hate comments are unnecessary.
Afro Puff Cousins
Afro Puff Cousins Hace un día
@nisrine^⁴blink dude us blinks should not act like this, grow up 😑 I’m sorry once, dealing with blinks like this😒 I will always support TWICE even if I’m a blink💖
Benjiro Moon Kang
Benjiro Moon Kang Hace 2 días
@I am Devil of my World.. hahaha you're a little hurt, are you going to take your life for that? Well, if even people criticized not only his repetitive music, even his rap, and he was looked at a lot because of the controversy that he had cultural appropriation, and whose voice are you talking about? The voice that you don't usually have live? No matter what they tell you about your idol, she will continue to be perfect for you, so I don't see any reason for you to keep trying to make the rest see how "great" she is, and unless you come to something that is not about she's going to make you hurt XD, look, I'll put it like this, if Lisa sings badly and is wrong, you would say "she's so cute, she does sing live" but if another idol does it, you criticize her, you're so blind because of fanaticism , understand that not only your brand new Lisa exists, even if it hurts, just as there are about a thousand other artists, Blackpink did not pave the way for anyone, the only one who can actually say something like that is BTS, those are true sources because they even came out at UNICEF, haha ​​it's ironic, I don't see any army arguing because another group is relevant, only blink seems to be afraid that there is someone else xD, what could I expect from an envious fandon who accuses Bts of being misogenic in their songs just because they are successful? the end, that's what happens, someone is successful and blink dies of worry, the worst thing is that you will surely kill yourself with anger and all the idols that you criticize with your favorites must be there, or is that it? envy? not fulfill your frustrated dream of being able to have them close at least? xD you are dying for something that at most you can go to a concert.
I am Devil of my World..
@Benjiro Moon Kang And You are saying Me to rest This Also allows for LaLisa... Say me LaLisa Just Reminding Of This What about Her Rap verse, Bridges part Her Vocals,Her Representing own Hometown... Just remembering That' Part ..LaLisa Is also a best Song Just People like U just barking her on Say me LaLisa Love me When this is only Her Chorus Part.. Just bullshit Things
AG's Toulouse Lautrec
@nisrine^⁴blink I bet if TWICE hopped off the fame of American artists like Selena Gomez then I’m sure they would place top charts 😂🤭
ぴえん Hace 5 días
Chuwiii Hace 5 días
Las voces de las chicas en vivo son tan buenas, realmente han mejorado 100/10 su presentación ♡♡♡
Veronica Liz
Veronica Liz Hace 4 días
Omg, they performed so well that I cried!!!! I love Twice!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
cato Hace 4 días
I am beyond proud. Look how far they've come. Keep on rising and achieving things. ONCEs will always be here to support you nine!
in love 🤍
in love 🤍 Hace 5 días
Ji Eun Lee
Ji Eun Lee Hace 5 días
I don’t care if they are not the biggest kpop girl group in terms of popularity or number of fans but I can confidently say that their talent and dedication is on top! Not to promote hate to other GG but Twice is above their league. No wonder why they are recognized internationally now even without an english speaker.
AG's Toulouse Lautrec
@s' I agree they are the biggest, but they aren’t going to last long with Jennie dragging down the group with her bored expressions. At this point, she’s more of an Instagram model than a idol.
Kitsune Sama
Kitsune Sama Hace 3 días
@Miss play Kpop fans call their favorite girl groups "queens" every day, for the record I use the term less often than most but you're going to call me out on it? Okay then, I'll explain it another way. You said you're talking about the music. NewJeans has released a few hit songs that are very popular. A FEW songs. That's it. Twice has released dozens of great songs and had many hit title tracks. That's why I said you should wait a few years before claiming they're the best.
turi ip ip
turi ip ip Hace 3 días
​@Miss play Their songs are fire, but still twice has more popularity and sells than new jeans (clearly not a competition because new jeans is from 4th generation and omg they're eating and left no crumbs).
turi ip ip
turi ip ip Hace 3 días
​@s' are you nuts? BP may be the biggest girl group, but that doesn't mean it's the best.
Fede del Solar
Fede del Solar Hace 3 días
But they are the biggest k pop group. Wth with you?
Nozomi Hace 4 días
生歌さすがすぎる‪🫶🏻 この衣装とビジュがすごく好きだからパフォーマンス見れて嬉しい!! TWICE最高!!!
picket fenced
picket fenced Hace 4 días
nicole b
nicole b Hace 4 días
I think is live, sometimes I hear them be out of breath for lines like Sana on the last line
Ckleid4nnie RufMeidick
Jashmin Kimson Nerveza
Twice is becoming more popular these days. My queens deserved it. You've come a long way. So proud of you guys!!!
Amaya The Otaku
Amaya The Otaku Hace 4 días
They did amazing! I’m so proud of them! I’m glad they’re getting attention in the US. I’ve been waiting for this forever. 🫶🏽 TWICE FOREVER
hysham jr
hysham jr Hace 5 días
I love how they are not lip syncing now and actually singing and showing their vocal talent 😌♥️
hysham jr
hysham jr Hace 18 horas
Some of y'all just can't admit the fact they are singing live like hello stop hating there is no room here for your opinion even when ur literally wrong ....🥴🤦‍♂️
hysham jr
hysham jr Hace 18 horas
​@•Cold Indigo• fr lmao
Val Yoyo
Val Yoyo Hace un día
​@Furstnayme LassnaimNot at all
ALL ROUNDER Hace 2 días
LOL, twice not live, this is pre recording. Look at jihyo's lips 2:20 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bibimbap Hace 3 días
@Jay mer You can hear Sana and Mina struggling with breathing clearly, tf is wrong with haters, y'all are just deaf asf 😭
Alina Alfonzo
Alina Alfonzo Hace 5 días
Están cantando en vivo a ver q dicen los haters q dicen q ella nos cantan en vivo😘🥰😍🥰🥰, está chicas se merecen el reconocimiento q están teniendo se lo han ganado con fuerza
O0O0O0H Hace 3 días
Si cantan demasiado bien increíble chicas y demaciado humildes y simpáticas
Annelies Manco bernabe
Twice nunca decepciona , el mejor grupo de kpop
Kpopymss Hace 4 días
Armonía sus voces son angelicales
みずき Hace 5 días
Aliya Zhumaliyeva
Aliya Zhumaliyeva Hace 5 días
Лучшие мои девочки.Twice I love you
DapperDubuOT9 Hace 6 días
Angelica MC
Angelica MC Hace 5 días
Solo verdades🛐🛐
Valenciaga Rodriguez
YESSSSS !!!!!!!
LunAria LoonAtic
LunAria LoonAtic Hace 5 días
The right answer 👀
Andrés Once
Andrés Once Hace 5 días
Moonlight MM
Moonlight MM Hace 5 días
Yesss ❤✨
Mikoto Chan
Mikoto Chan Hace 4 días
Ruth Mejia Borja
Ruth Mejia Borja Hace 4 días
I am so proud of Twice. I am a loyal ONCE.
David Magarro
David Magarro Hace 2 días
Everyone can see and listen clearly that TWICE are using their God given talents on live broadcast. We can all say that they aren't faking when they perform not only on stage but in any platforms. I really love all their outfits, choreography, and hearing their individual voices nice and clearly on live audio recording. They're all absolutely stunning! Thank you, Kelly for showing the world our TWICE! 🫶🏻 God bless everyone! 🫰🏻 #TWICEForever #ProudToBeOnce #ReadyToBe
EllaKim Hace 5 días
They're sing live very well.. So proud of my TWICE 😍
SicX Hace 4 días
@Steve C use headphone or, better, use your brain
Litzyy Hace 4 días
@Steve Cit actually is. Stop trying to discredit them
Steve C
Steve C Hace 5 días
Too bad it wasn't actually live.
PS Hace 4 días
It’s their second time to be on the KELLY clarkson show! So proud
Prasith Oudomvilay
Prasith Oudomvilay Hace 5 días
Cry on me was virtually live but this one is in person
Shiroshiro Hace 5 días
Chaeyoung has so much charisma while rapping. And her voice is amazing too
nahida Hace 4 días
@Shawn Thorington I know someone mentioned some songs with her deep voice, but love foolish is a great example!
Astroravenz Hace 4 días
@Supreme^90s you can literally hear them gasping for air, also they r moving a lot in general so they obviously can't sing without it sounding messy ☠️ also, a few words were mispronounced and you can hear it.
Shiroshiro Hace 4 días
@Supreme^90s I didn't say they are singing live are you blind?
Supreme^90s Hace 4 días
they are lipsyncing..
김도은 Hace 5 días
너무 잘하고 노래도 너무 좋다!!! 평생 흥하자 트와이스💕
CaNDyPop 🍭
CaNDyPop 🍭 Hace 4 días
If this was pre recorded, their voices would sound as clear as water.. we can all clearly hear that their voices are shaking at some part, some of them sang a bit louder than other.. they were clearly singing with help of backtracks.. i have listened to twice singing live before.. i know they are talented queens.. i dont care about the haters bcause obviously they fear of Twice getting so much popularities around the world.. Well, let the haters do their job 😂 Haters keep barking 🤭 Onces keep supporting 😍
Kamanita Nuraini
Kamanita Nuraini Hace 5 días
OMG thank you kelly. You're an amazing host, hope you love TWICE more and kudos for moonlight sunrise performance 👏👏 I Love you TWICE ❤
ANMI8 Hace 4 días
Las reinas de mi corazón las amo twice😍
Nada Abdelkhalek
Nada Abdelkhalek Hace 5 días
100% live vocals with no backtrack, no helping track, intense choreography and synchronized dance steps. I'm so proud of them 🍭💖
Isidora Corona Gorriño
@Nada Abdelkhalek i think the same, honestly sana’s chours sounds bad, if this was pre-recorded they would’t let her sounds this way
Bibimbap Hace 3 días
@Ricardo ! Sorry but no one cares.
jodfever Hace 4 días
💯 pre-recorded
Ricardo !
Ricardo ! Hace 4 días
Sorry, but this is pre-recorded
mayuhm Hace 5 días
@divadream this is not prerecorded vocals, this is live
Simon Shaheen
Simon Shaheen Hace 3 días
TWICE IS LIFE Congratulations OT9 R2B rockets to #2 ON the Worldwide iTunes as well as Apple Music Albums chart & lands at #3 ON iTunes Europe & #6 ON Apple music Europe
Brenda Reyes Castillo
Sus voces en vivo son realmente buenas, las adoro chicas
Nelly G Mtze
Nelly G Mtze Hace 3 días
Cada que Twice se presenta en vivo no hay duda que lo hacen fantastico y perfecto. Twice es vida, se lucieron chicas!
Marilu Callupe
Marilu Callupe Hace 4 días
Reinas vocales y que los haters soporten.
Jeremy West
Jeremy West Hace 4 días
I really like this performance
TWICE QUEENS Hace 6 días
Nayeon is a Queen Jeongyeon is a Queen Momo is a Queen Sana is a Queen Jihyo is a Queen Mina is a Queen Dahyun is a Queen Chaeyoung is a Queen Tzuyu is a Queen TWICE are QUEENS!
Gandung Justitia
Gandung Justitia Hace un día
And Kelly is the mother of them, the mutual feelling and respect is so stroong
lvlyj1soo Hace 5 días
farkin arkin
farkin arkin Hace 4 días
The vocals are fantastic as are the visuals. Twice forever! 🥰😘😗😙😚☺😘😍🥰
Jermie JermieM
Jermie JermieM Hace 4 días
The Vocals 🔥🔥
theorma place
theorma place Hace 4 días
this is amazing from start to finish oh lord I love everything about that performance of twice girls deliver bops time after time
Moderater 2.0
Moderater 2.0 Hace 4 días
Those live vocals were NO JOKE. All 9 of these lovely ladies put their soul into that.
Johan Pulgar
Johan Pulgar Hace 4 días
Es la canción perfecta para Twice, donde todos los miembros se lucen por igual 💖🖤
J Sue Gaming Pub
J Sue Gaming Pub Hace 5 días
This is their best performance so far in this era. Kudos to Kelly and her team, they really did best with having Twice as their guest.
うのののの Hace 4 días
twice上手すぎる…さすが! 生歌なのにダンスも歌もクオリティ高くて本当に感動した🥺 そして、今回はジヒョちゃんのマイクも機能してて安心した
Hamideh hamzei
Hamideh hamzei Hace 4 días
Everything is perfect about them and their mic was on
Full Micro
Full Micro Hace 4 días
衣装がすごく良い! ステージも空気感が伝わって良い! とにかくみんな可愛いからセンター交代する度に幸せになれる
Butter Fly
Butter Fly Hace 5 días
They deserve all recognition in the whole world,they’re hard work group
黃莉絨 Hace 5 días
this is one of the most steady and cleaneast live performance they've done, I'm so proud of them😍😍😍
Im Nayeonce Bunny
Im Nayeonce Bunny Hace 5 días
Their real voices are just killing me!❤ Their real voices >>>> Their edited voice! They just slayed! True queens!✨❤
turi ip ip
turi ip ip Hace 3 días
​@Joseph Emanuel Sorry, but I did see her chest moving. The camera was also on movement and you can't really appreciate it, but yes she does take a big breath and you can see it. I've made the same breath as her and your chest doesn't move in an exaggerated way.
turi ip ip
turi ip ip Hace 3 días
​@Joseph Emanuel maybe because that wasn't her line but Sana's line? 😂
palinxx Hace 4 días
​@Danielle they never discredit them ☠️☠️ I'm once and I can clearly say this is pre-recorded. They use this technique where they even record heavy breathing to make it look more real. No one is saying they sing bad or anything. Admitting they lip sync doesn't make you less fan
J D Hace 4 días
@Panic Xie can you tag the time
Joy Odyssey
Joy Odyssey Hace 4 días
So proud of Momo! The live singing goes so well!!
黃苡宸 Hace 5 días
Live vocal❤best TWICE
Sky Yuna
Sky Yuna Hace 5 días
performance was amazing and their breath control is literally amazing.
Paul Tv
Paul Tv Hace 5 días
The live vocals is freaking awesome ♥️
~Get Loud~
~Get Loud~ Hace 5 días
1:11 momo saying arr and not all fuz she's not fluet in english 1:38mina taking a breath ??wth
Steve C
Steve C Hace 5 días
This was not live vocals, lol.
Vicentico Sama
Vicentico Sama Hace 4 días
Jajsja no se que comentar. Las amo chicas y me alegra muchísimo lo lejos que están llegando
Junjun Santos
Junjun Santos Hace 5 días
I'm so proud of our girls, I can't hold back my tears 😭😭 Seeing our girls making it big in the US 😭😭 Love you my 9wice!
Simon Shaheen
Simon Shaheen Hace 5 días
Everything about this performance was just right
Simon Shaheen
Simon Shaheen Hace 5 días
Me too i was in tears as well
Ararararara Hace 5 días
Twice live vocal, and Once cheer and singing together with Twice 👍🏻❤️ Thank you Kelly Clarkson Show ☺️
daintyshota Hace 4 días
Can we talk about these amazing live vocals ❤
Rianna Lee
Rianna Lee Hace 5 días
Amazing live performance! Their are indeed The Queen of K-Pop!! Thanks for having Twice, Kelly Clarkson Show!
rrrusty Hace 2 días
I had never heard of them. I first listened to Kelly asking each of them about their likes, and hearing their responses thru a translator. I'm amazed by their dead-on vocals and English pronunciation. Beautiful performance!
ash Hace 5 días
Their live voices are so good
A AYB Hace 3 días
​@Litzyy I can't believe people actually can't hear that this isn't live. It's pre-recorded, and it sounds like full lip-sync for some members. I've heard Twice sing live in other performances, but this isn't one of them!
jiwoo supremacy
jiwoo supremacy Hace 3 días
As someone who has been watching and listening to twice live stages, I can tell when they are singing live and this is definitely not live unfortunately. Jihyo, nayeon, jeongyeon usually sound more powerful when they sing live and mina and chaeyoung a little quieter. Don't get me wrong I love them and we onces know what twice is capable of 😍
Adrian Hace 3 días
​@ᄏᄏᄏJIMINeutron But Sana sounds like she's struggling a bit as well as Tzuyu and if the vocals were to be pre-recorded I guess they would sound a bit more stable! But that's my guess though
@CCK Myuxun basing from their encores, this is too good to be true. they have trouble hitting notes while standing up, all the more while dancing. they sound too perfect to be singing live while dancing...
baruka Hace 3 días
The clear vocals!!! Love to see my girls shining!!!!
You cant spell BEST without BTS
Yes ladies get that global recognition, not that you needed it, but you deserve it.
DirtyCat888 Hace 4 días
They are so talented. I’m literally speechless every time they perform
Ryan Hace 3 días
haleisms Hace 4 días
I will never be used to their vocal stability, they're so good
mayuhm Hace 5 días
JYP is feedinjg them nothing but CDs, they all sound so amazing and stable and perfect????? like this is better than the studio version. my girls slayed.
Honey Clamonte
Honey Clamonte Hace 5 días
Ruby Hace 5 días
Jeongyeon sounds incredible 😍 the girls did great
Peach Candy
Peach Candy Hace 2 días
A atmosfera delas é incrível!
cami Hace 5 días
Tô impressionada como elas melhoraram cantando ao vivo!
jawo tadipa
jawo tadipa Hace 5 días
Thank you Kelly Clarkson Show for giving Moonlight Sunrise justice vocals 🔥🔥🔥🫶🏻❤️🍭 and the interview 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
devie june gabucay
devie june gabucay Hace 5 días
@Steve C bruh you don't have money don't ya?
Steve C
Steve C Hace 5 días
Yeah, it wasn't live vocals, though.
kitty whinny
kitty whinny Hace 4 días
AAAHHHH I love their vocals so much! They're so iconic
Janelle Hace 5 días
Been a casual listerner for a while. I really enjoy this song so much and this live performance is just so awesome. I'll try to learn more about them and stan. They're really talented!
Keith Lund
Keith Lund Hace 15 horas
I love TWICE so much. They are my co-favorite group. Moonlight Sunrise is a great song with great choreography. It was great to see ONCE there to support them. 😍
IGot7 Revluv Atiny Army who Stay Once Midzy Blinks
My girls always make so proud. They ate that up!! And love seeing all the once there to support!💕💕💕💜💜❤️❤️💖
Aanchal Aggarwal
Aanchal Aggarwal Hace 4 días
I love when they sing live JYP finally got his nerves back and the best bridge ever in the billboard performance also they sang live and wonderful but this was amazing and perfect, fantastic, awesome, spectacular I don't have enough synonyms to describe this performance😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
にゃー Hace 5 días
歓声の中で歌い踊るTWICE皆んなが本当にかっこよかった。😂 衣装もダンスも一人一人美しくて感無量でした。 ありがとうTWICE💓🫶🐶
Paupi Florez
Paupi Florez Hace 5 días
Twice shining like always, Twice Best gg.
Min Min
Min Min Hace 4 días
They keep surprising me every single time 😭😭😭😭😭😭my girls are shining brighter than ever 💙💙💙💙💙💙
Mariam Hace 4 días
frostysabz x
frostysabz x Hace 5 días
DrMIS1 Hace un día
I just amazed at their ability to sing so clearly and nail the pronunciation in a language that is clearly not their native tongue.
Simon Shaheen
Simon Shaheen Hace 5 días
TWICE IS LIFE 100% live vocals great job. Proud of my girls. Slap on the faces of all the critics who say that twice can't sing live. Bravo! Take a bow my QUEENS! Shut up antifans , critics and haters. Now this is how you answer back. With Amazing and flawless singing. They were in such a great control throughout the whole performance. Their vocals were steady not easy when you're dancing. I'm glad they made the right decision by going live.
Lia Gutierrez
Lia Gutierrez Hace 4 días
La estabilidad vocal de Tzuyu está cada vez mejor
solvid kim
solvid kim Hace 4 días
The best singer in the world, Kelly have a super-difference eye. It's so touching to see the world's best singer and the world's best team TWICE in one place. Jesus bless U❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Franzero cat
Franzero cat Hace 4 días
I love TWICE! Im proud of them!
Ayhmah Chowdhury
Ayhmah Chowdhury Hace 5 días
Twice is really trending in YT alot #17 in the UK
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