Twins Go in a WOMB SIMULATOR together!!

Dolan Twins
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We relived our first bonding experience of all time...
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9 jul 2019

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Zarzar and Lulu
Zarzar and Lulu Hace 6 minutos
This is how many times they said belly & tummy ⏬
Briar Hamrick
Briar Hamrick Hace 6 minutos
did grayson call the egg a placenta? does he know the placenta is pretty much the anchor of the egg? doubt itttt
Terrennaiya Smith
Terrennaiya Smith Hace 11 minutos
Scarlett Meadows
Scarlett Meadows Hace 13 minutos
**When they try not to get demonetised at the start**
Natiya Davis
Natiya Davis Hace 35 minutos
The doctor literally looks triggered the whole time😂😂😂
Mia Nayzeth Fernandez
Mia Nayzeth Fernandez Hace 45 minutos
is it just me or did the doctor seem kinda sketch?😂
Cate B
Cate B Hace 51 un minuto
i’m an identical twin too
Sally Kinge
Sally Kinge Hace 54 minutos
Omg episode got ur looks so exact
Rytal Mohamed
Rytal Mohamed Hace 54 minutos
cøøl beans
cøøl beans Hace 57 minutos
2:40 “maybe that’s why were so close... because we shared a womb together” It sounded like a little kid saying room lol
Emily Frey
Emily Frey Hace un hora
That OB/GYN looks like a creep...
Emma Hace un hora
I'd kill to see your mom's reaction
《Demon_ Side 》
《Demon_ Side 》 Hace un hora
My mom told me she used to blast music in the car and I would be jamming. You would see like elbows and fists and feet hitting her stomach😂😂 love you mom~
Ronja Körber
Ronja Körber Hace un hora
The doc is thinking like ‚‚what the fuck why are they asking so many weird questions and stuff??“
Beatrice Lee
Beatrice Lee Hace un hora
thicker than a snicker
Skye Brianna
Skye Brianna Hace un hora
the doctor looked so done omg 😂
NaDia Bouarir
NaDia Bouarir Hace un hora
The twins: ahanflfmemndlmsnhs Doctor: FoR SuRe... 😂😂😂😂
Haven Thompson
Haven Thompson Hace un hora
That poor doctor.... Wanted to leave
NenadV Hace un hora
More than you know🌟💫🌈
bri leneyah
bri leneyah Hace un hora
"Stop smacking mom"😡😂
Gacha Avery/wolf girl
You guys should be baby’s for 24 hours
TJ Brooks
TJ Brooks Hace 2 horas
Question: Do you guys suffocate in your mom's liquid. Sorry that I made the question was so weird Love you guy's!
Tahya M
Tahya M Hace 2 horas
What did one twin say to the other? Give me some more womb😂😂
Emily Keck
Emily Keck Hace 2 horas
Grayson: it’s a peecan Ethan: ItS a PeCaUNN
Zamarys Escobar
Zamarys Escobar Hace 2 horas
Ethan and Grayson: I- Doctor: *sure*
Honey Bear
Honey Bear Hace 2 horas
The opening of the ball just makes the video
Jaylah Ward
Jaylah Ward Hace 2 horas
ethan’s notes were hilarious 😭😭
B my Gf
B my Gf Hace 2 horas
“Yea, a womb fits one human, we just multiplied by accident.”
the bot
the bot Hace 2 horas
21:50 I can’t 😂😂😂😂
Grethan Dolan
Grethan Dolan Hace 3 horas
*Im GrEtHaN*
Tessa Whiting
Tessa Whiting Hace 3 horas
22:42 (Grayson)
•Dream• •Life•
I just noticed the whole is a vagina😐😂
Izzy Baldwin
Izzy Baldwin Hace 3 horas
Omg they were wombmates😂
•Dream• •Life•
We learn more on ESvid than school
Audrey Beck
Audrey Beck Hace 3 horas
"they were wombmates"
ellie millner
ellie millner Hace 3 horas
i ate my twin
liana grace
liana grace Hace 3 horas
how do they come up with these words on the spot like “wombmates” and “greathan” 😂 also like how many times grayson said “i’m Claster phobic”
Ann Blox
Ann Blox Hace 3 horas
Ethan: Because I got out earlier does it mean I was more mature? The "doctor": yeah, it could be. Because you were more mature and older! Likeeeee... you're the wall thats repeating the words
Elisa M
Elisa M Hace 4 horas
I just love that you have unique video ideas
ᴄᴏʟᴏʀᴢ Hace 4 horas
25:53 The pee-can was pretty good 😂
Karen Cadena
Karen Cadena Hace 4 horas
I- We know very well that the doctor does not get paid enough for that
Alisha St
Alisha St Hace 4 horas
MOM left the chat
Jillian Alvarado
Jillian Alvarado Hace 4 horas
Ethan: Slaps plastic ball Grayson: Stop disrespecting mom Ethan: O sorry mom Ethan: Slaps plastic ball again Grayson: sTaP hItTinG mOm
AbbieUrMother Hace 5 horas
oh my gosh i cant believe you guys where in there for 9 months!!!
Paris Tarver
Paris Tarver Hace 5 horas
Did anyone forget about the pet video?
Malena Garcia
Malena Garcia Hace 5 horas
Notes: KiCk GRaYsOn
monica gonzalez
monica gonzalez Hace 5 horas
Wheres Nolan??
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