Twins Only Say YES To Each Other For A Day

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We tried to fix our brotherly arguing problem but idk if it worked :/
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8 ene 2019






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mya lyn
mya lyn Hace 2 horas
"who the f*** was sleeping up there?" emma
Victoria Corona
Victoria Corona Hace 2 horas
lol i would lose badly
Lillie Gold
Lillie Gold Hace 3 horas
The outro was my favorite part but at the same time I was lowkey cringing
Vxnessa Merrxll
Vxnessa Merrxll Hace 5 horas
I thought he was gonna say *I got a mustache and I look like a badass.*
Vxnessa Merrxll
Vxnessa Merrxll Hace 5 horas
20:36 If I was James Charles : YES DADDY YUMMY *ewww tho!! James is disgusting😂*
Nathaly Ramirez
Nathaly Ramirez Hace 7 horas
Ethan looks good with the mustache 😍
Trianaaa Palaciosss
Trianaaa Palaciosss Hace 8 horas
Omg I’m dying this is the funniest video ever I love you guys
BubbleGum UniPug
BubbleGum UniPug Hace 9 horas
Trying to survive
Trying to survive Hace 10 horas
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i’m a mess
i’m a mess Hace 14 horas
i love how much of a drama queen ethan is haha
XxpiexX Hace 14 horas
Grayson should have left Ethan in the parking lot and went home Then Ethan would have called an Uber to come take him home which would be very embarrassing because of Ethan’s outfit and mustache
Mallory Morse
Mallory Morse Hace 16 horas
16:20 has me dead 😂💀
Random Person
Random Person Hace 17 horas
i can relate.
Kristian Hace 22 horas
Grapeson lol
skye duncan
skye duncan Hace un día
Why did they have nail polish?😂
Aradize Princess
Aradize Princess Hace un día
I literally didn’t know there names besides the Dolan twins bahah😂💙
joanne ryu
joanne ryu Hace un día
i love u guysss!!! keep up the awesome videoossss💛♥️♥️
Julia Sescon
Julia Sescon Hace un día
Watched this again idk why I didn’t realize it before or why Ethan didn’t but he could’ve just told Grayson that he wanted to shave the mustache and Gray cant say no
Courtney Hace un día
23:21 why was the first couple words actually really good 😍😍😍
Kitana Thomas
Kitana Thomas Hace un día
Okay maybe I’m crazy but if they are alternating and the first “yes” was for Grayson to start the video wouldn’t it have been Ethan’s turn?
Nastasia Boersma
Nastasia Boersma Hace un día
Bryana Leon
Bryana Leon Hace un día
Will that song be on ITunes?
Jayna Varghese
Jayna Varghese Hace un día
When Grayson's stomach after having a smoothie baby is lowkey the best you could do in your life for your stomach...i mean still looks good
Olivia Justice
Olivia Justice Hace un día
Siya Modi
Siya Modi Hace un día
Lol he said in and out milkshake, but its frm McDonalds😂
Natalie Kayanirad
Natalie Kayanirad Hace 2 días
They went to my job and got a milkshake ON THE ONE DAY I wasn't working I am hurt
Nihkenzie Eagleson
Nihkenzie Eagleson Hace 2 días
8:14 whyyyyyy did he peel the crust off the uncrustable??? 😶
Nancy Alonzo
Nancy Alonzo Hace 2 días
Ethan reminds me of coach steve from big mouth
Leanna Tamayo
Leanna Tamayo Hace 2 días
This was 6 day after my birthday my birthday is in January second
Haley Grace
Haley Grace Hace 2 días
2 of a kind
DT Fan
DT Fan Hace 2 días
15:34 why are u browsing in private mode Ethan.....huh
DT Fan
DT Fan Hace 2 días
Gray peels the “crust” off the uncrustables just like I do 😂
DT Fan
DT Fan Hace 2 días
4:07 - 4:10 my answer is emma
Karen Brito
Karen Brito Hace 2 días
Ethan is not horrible at singing TBH
Bxby Jk
Bxby Jk Hace 2 días
The outro oh my god😂😂
ii Cupcake
ii Cupcake Hace 2 días
Haha Ethan singing! That was the best one
Brielle Rox
Brielle Rox Hace 2 días
Grayson maybe younger but he’s like the older one.
Klaudia J
Klaudia J Hace 2 días
This moment when you found this two here, checked some stuff about them & saw they’re 19.... then you realize you have a crush on Grayson, but you’re 25. Yeah that’s me right now. It’s kinda VERY weird & it makes me feel awkward 😳🤔😂
nur syafeerah
nur syafeerah Hace 2 días
"sounds like a porsonal problem to me" went gray say that Me:no it's not bc u ask him to Hahahhahahahah🤣😂🤣😂
A Artist in a Simplistic girl
*its a smoothie baby*
A Artist in a Simplistic girl
That milkshake argument was probably the biggest highlight of their entire career 😂😂
Merel de Jong
Merel de Jong Hace 2 días
if for example gray said ethan go out ethan could just have said gray i don’t have to go out right gray?
GiveMeSomeSpace Hace 2 días
Kira Hoeffler
Kira Hoeffler Hace 2 días
5:38 omg😂😂😂
Oof_Jaylinn Makes edits villarreal
I loved the singing 🎤 at the end by Ethan (Ps:I LOVE U GUYS ) :)
grayson lost his abs 25:05
ethans face on 4:38
Orippa Bengesai
Orippa Bengesai Hace 2 días
Ethan if U didn't want to wear that outfit U should have asked if U could change and Grayson would have to say yes
madeline maldonado
madeline maldonado Hace 2 días
24:21😂😂😂😂I’m dead
Neoxonn Hace 3 días
Ethan could have just asked to change into clothes of his choice lmaoo
Bryanna Durflinger
Bryanna Durflinger Hace 3 días
I love how ethan has a phobia of holes but there is holes in the chairs love yall tho I love gray more than ethan kinda
Lilia Popova
Lilia Popova Hace 3 días
"GRAPESON , feed me some grapes!" This and Ethan singing the outro had me laughing so hard 😂🍇🎶
SPIN XO crazy
SPIN XO crazy Hace 3 días
21:13 😂😂🤣 his toes
silent ninja 795
silent ninja 795 Hace 3 días
Ethan could of said the said the same thing to Grayson
Maylee Zimmerman
Maylee Zimmerman Hace 3 días
I’m making a challenge. Make this the most liked video EVER! You’re time starts… NOW!
Adrianna Isabella
Adrianna Isabella Hace 3 días
Samantha Zaner
Samantha Zaner Hace 3 días
Ethan should of said can I please not wear this outfit then Grayson would have to say yes
Karen Volpe
Karen Volpe Hace 3 días
You Guys are insane 🤣, I luv it😍
Cameryn Calhoun
Cameryn Calhoun Hace 3 días
eathen be like "sound like a personal problem to me"
woonwoos Hace 3 días
Ethan eat cereal without milk (dairy)
Alexis Gingras
Alexis Gingras Hace 3 días
Healthy bro?lol
Sarah H. the incredible
That ending had me dead 😂😂
Jen Mill
Jen Mill Hace 4 días
Every time the other one says something they could just say can I not do that Edit: thank you for the like wait that was me
Miranda Romo
Miranda Romo Hace 4 días
If Ethan said he hasn’t had dairy on 4 months, then if he eats cereal which has milk which has milk which is also dairy then he’s lying
Tiare Ledo
Tiare Ledo Hace 4 días
Tbh not a hater or anything but Ethan was being unfair. 😕
Adrian Damian
Adrian Damian Hace 4 días
I clicked off for grason
Paw Desay
Paw Desay Hace 4 días
What does Ethan eat with his cereal if he don’t eat or drink dairy anymore?
Mariana Ávila Pacheco
Almond milk
pmaugh_18 Hace 4 días
Ethan’s singing made me cringe and laugh so hard I was like kicking my feet in the air and I literally could not breathe
pmaugh_18 Hace 4 días
I think it’s so unfair that Ethan wouldn’t drink a shake and gray drank like 3 and he wasn’t super hesistant with Ethan’s request
Sky Lily
Sky Lily Hace 4 días
Me only liked for Ethan pink pretty toe nails
Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth Hace 4 días
ethan could’ve ask if he can shave his mustache 😂
Alix Vigil
Alix Vigil Hace 4 días
They didn’t have it that organized cuz they didn’t really switch off back and forth
Gloria Garcia
Gloria Garcia Hace 4 días
Who watched the outro???
Gloria Garcia
Gloria Garcia Hace 4 días
Bro ethan looks like logan paul in the music video handlebars😱
Kayleigh Harruff
Kayleigh Harruff Hace 4 días
Y'all got asked to prom by some twins, notice them esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-tBsV5O1RJBg.html 😂😂 Love y'all
Gangster's Hawk
Gangster's Hawk Hace 4 días
I'm crying Ethan singing is so bad 😂
Sarah Begley
Sarah Begley Hace 4 días
Ethan could of asked Grayson if Ethan could Change back to his normal clothes
justfor fun
justfor fun Hace 4 días
I would ask to change
Star Salinas
Star Salinas Hace 4 días
They arguing a lot 😢😢
Abby Tucker
Abby Tucker Hace 4 días
I love how Ethan didn't want to go into public with the mustache but he's fine with his 9.3 M subscribers seeing 😂
Ilu The contortionist
Pretty toe nails!!!😍😍😍😍😍
Meghan Delaune
Meghan Delaune Hace 5 días
ok the pillow on the headboard thing.. ur not slick
Andru Knaus
Andru Knaus Hace 5 días
Why did Ethan get to ask more questions than Grayson?
slime girl
slime girl Hace 5 días
1:58 ethans face
Little Yooper Girl
Little Yooper Girl Hace 5 días
i havent had dairy in 13 years, im allergic to it it REALLY messes up my stomach
Hope Caesar
Hope Caesar Hace 5 días
this challenge kinda battled against itself. if you didn’t wanna do something say it was go skinny dipping you could say back can i not do that and they say yes but this is a rlly nice vid 😂♥️🤷🏾‍♂️
SAVAGE GAMES Hace 5 días
Grayson:he has a pillow over his head board Also Grayson:who the fuck slept up there
Charlotte Backus
Charlotte Backus Hace 5 días
Texting queen XDXD
Texting queen XDXD Hace 5 días
grayson, can you please make my bed for me
Quack Quack
Quack Quack Hace 5 días
“Look I got him by his douche bag shirt”😂
Piera Alexander
Piera Alexander Hace 5 días
If Ethan doesn't drink dairy...... then how does he eat cereal. DUN DUN DUNNNNN
Gloria Garcia
Gloria Garcia Hace 4 días
Almond or coconut milk
chellsey still flat
chellsey still flat Hace 5 días
Ethan: can I not obey that order? Grayson: ...yes😔
Andrew Botchway
Andrew Botchway Hace 5 días
The amount of loopholes Ethan found is ridiculous lmaooo
Shaylynn Hurl
Shaylynn Hurl Hace 5 días
15:57 : IVE DRINKEN 175 FLUID OUNCES OF PROTEIN-Grayson That sounds like a personal problem to me -Ethan 😂 I’m ded
Savannah Chiniara
Savannah Chiniara Hace 5 días
Grayson should have just driven off when Ethan ran away.😂
Milla Syer
Milla Syer Hace 5 días
Milla Syer
Milla Syer Hace 5 días
Milla Syer
Milla Syer Hace 5 días
oww the way he trew that trow over the corner of the bed like aww does he know how to make a bed thats cute
Erica Liu
Erica Liu Hace 5 días
Boi could’ve rhymed pedo with falsetto
yuh Hace 5 días
Did gray just slap Ethan’s ass I-
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