TXT (투모로우바이투게더) - 어느날 머리에서 뿔이 자랐다 (CROWN)

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TXT (투모로우바이투게더) - 어느날 머리에서 뿔이 자랐다 (CROWN)│DEBUT CELEBRATION SHOW
TOMORROW X TOGETHER Debut Celebration Show presented by Mnet 최신 클립 다시보기 : www.tving.com/smr/vod/player/P/C01_B120192765?from=youtube

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Thao Nguyen
Thao Nguyen Hace 2 días
I like how Bighit make the story behind a song. Both of BTS and TXT are all have their own story's songs. That's make the song, the group becomes more special than ever.
Irene Amizona
Irene Amizona Hace 2 días
Did he just say skkrrtt???
Hasherlet Pitch
Hasherlet Pitch Hace 4 días
hmmm.. fresh.. starting to like them..
A B Hace 5 días
kristina volodina
kristina volodina Hace 6 días
Sulami Ami
Sulami Ami Hace 6 días
TXT!!!!!!!! Yang merasa "YOUNG ONE" Angkat tangannya!!!!!
andreea Hace 6 días
you are very young but you are very nice and talented fighting guys I adore you to get up because you are good even if you are young 👍👍👍🤞🤞🤞
Batoul Ahmad
Batoul Ahmad Hace 7 días
Oh my God my heart 😭😭😭😭💖💖💖❤❤❤❤
DDD Sisters
DDD Sisters Hace 7 días
When the live performance has more views than the official dance practice😂
polarized wave horizontally
The horn on the head can be a crown. I like the lyrics. Impressed
agrn _
agrn _ Hace 7 días
dancenya susah amat dah :')
roshanay waqas
roshanay waqas Hace 8 días
Soo bin and jungkkkkkkoooooook 4 life 1like if u agree
claresta vania
claresta vania Hace 8 días
why there is no fan chant tho?
이지안 Hace 9 días
the boy with horns is txt... the boy with wings... is bts??
Jene Jen
Jene Jen Hace 9 días
Aaaa this is a way better than perfect. Love you😍😍
young one forever
young one forever Hace 10 días
Txt are legend
young one forever
young one forever Hace 10 días
Before 10m we can do
Va La
Va La Hace 11 días
Ujang Ujang
Ujang Ujang Hace 11 días
Mending txt dr pd bts
Nour Alhagar
Nour Alhagar Hace 12 días
Idk why but when he said "the boy met another boy with wings" I remembers bts I mean guys look the boy with horns "is" txt and the boy with wings "is" bts 😂😂♥️🤷‍♀️
choii yeonjunn
choii yeonjunn Hace 12 días
they worked so hard for this performance...
if a man talks shit
if a man talks shit Hace 12 días
Taehyun carrying that vocal line
p_p cv
p_p cv Hace 12 días
OK, but I think the boy who have wings is BTS. Because The BTS's album name is WINGS and You never walk alone . I will describe more the boy who have crown on head is TXT , So he is very lonely because he is different. Then he found the boy who have wings, he is not lonely anymore. Edit : This is hard to me to describe this but I try, So sorry for my bad English.
Seño Rita
Seño Rita Hace 13 días
Yoongo Boongo
Yoongo Boongo Hace 13 días
CHOI Soobin!!!
Bea Hace 13 días
Love them
Bea Hace 13 días
Min Suga
Min Suga Hace 14 días
Klaudia Hace 14 días
Why so many dislikes?! Wtf? They’re crazy talented and this song is so good. The message behind it is so sweet. Not to mention the choreography is amazing
Kuldeep Chawla
Kuldeep Chawla Hace 15 días
Yeonjun 🤩🤩
Mr Hazel
Mr Hazel Hace 15 días
Cant i know who is the in black?
Bea Hace 13 días
Chantelle Streete
Chantelle Streete Hace 18 días
When I was a young meme
Is the intro basically ‘sugar we’re going down’? Bighit bringing back those 2005 Fall Out Boy vibes
• GDGlowy
• GDGlowy Hace 19 días
-・-・/・-・/---/・--/-・ CROWN Morsse language ^_^
Why Was I Not Born In Korea? TM
Aww so the horns aren’t actually horns, but a crown.
yana rudiyana
yana rudiyana Hace 21 un día
boemgyu one day absolutely very hot and handsome...omaigoood
Noodles Sama
Noodles Sama Hace 21 un día
HOOLLLYYYY THE INTRO SENT SHIVERSSS DOWN MY SPAINE!!!!!the new boy with horns met the boy with wings hollyyyyyyyy daaammmmmmnTHE DOORS TOOK THEM INTO THE MAGIC SHOP!!!!! SCREAMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!BEAUTIFUL LIVE PREFORMANCE ! gosh bighit isnt playing arounddd!! REMEMBER THEY PLANNED TXT FOR 6 YEARS (AKA BTS DEBUTED 6 YEARS AGO )i wonder what the next group will be like... remember bighit lve trilogies!!!! theres gonna be a 3rd group 100%% connected to bts and txt :Dand their names connect: *bulletproof boy scouts tomorrow by together* and maybe the next group will be called slowely to surely (STS) just making it up as bts-txt-st_ lol
Laura Jonchong
Laura Jonchong Hace 21 un día
They are so cute!! OMG, Love this song.
ちも Hace 21 un día
the stage looks like splatoon's
MARY JEY SINGSON Hace 21 un día
I like how they perform,very energetic just like BTS😘💖
Mariana Verónica Mendoza Gonzalez
i love you kai
Nathaly Q
Nathaly Q Hace 23 días
Nathaly Q
Nathaly Q Hace 23 días
Beomgyu 😄
Nathaly Q
Nathaly Q Hace 23 días
Nereisi Hace 23 días
Is the one in the white jacket and pants named Sobin?
Jimini Parking
Jimini Parking Hace 24 días
The name of the fandom of TXT should be Yesterday or The Next Day
Cyrene Villanueva
Cyrene Villanueva Hace 25 días
The intro is nice hit me so hard it's so realistic💜
Jenneth C.
Jenneth C. Hace 25 días
TXT:boy with horns BTS:boy with wings Boy with horns: Yeonjun or huening kai (??) Boy with wings: Taehyung I heard yeonjun was a backup dancer at taehyungs song "singularity" right? Maybe its connected :o
J Hope :3
J Hope :3 Hace 25 días
Joder que historia más hermosa hasta me he emocionado y todo :'v @AuronPlay :v jsjsjsj
Ho Djjdjxjdnw
Ho Djjdjxjdnw Hace 25 días
Omg i love taehyun
2nexttopmodel120 Hace 25 días
I love this song, I love this dance!! But no offense.. Kai is still hard to love for me.
Arina Sally
Arina Sally Hace 26 días
Beomgyu will be really hot and popular in the future. Don't forget my words.
Scyphus 83
Scyphus 83 Hace 26 días
Dam that choreo looked real complicated.
TurtleTown Hace 27 días
0:34 Who am I? Hmmm. Sounds like the line from intro: persona "Persona, who the hell am I"
KH HK Hace 27 días
Hmmm im impressed
Francine Febe Pagaduan
The boy with horns (txt) and the boy with wings met (bts) omlllll
Love Hoseok 7w7
Love Hoseok 7w7 Hace 29 días
Txt is the best
Sophie Henker
Sophie Henker Hace 29 días
Boy with horns = TxT Boy with Wings = BTS
Sieanna Alyssa
Sieanna Alyssa Hace un mes
Let’s get this to 10 million!
mj kim
mj kim Hace un mes
jesus they're good at dancing, this choreography is so difficult
RMX Savage
RMX Savage Hace un mes
That’s because the boy that had the wings Is V from BTS in the wings album or blood sweat and tears
Magenta Humaira bastian
Jenice Rivera
Jenice Rivera Hace un mes
It's my first time seeing them but i already love them with their cool moves also their were so cute!
Sweet Cover's
Sweet Cover's Hace un mes
3:15 ❤
Ana Cabell
Ana Cabell Hace un mes
Johanna Sweet
Johanna Sweet Hace un mes
In the beginning when it said the boy with horns met the boy with wings, they were referring to BTS because they have wings😭😭😭😭
Purple_mochii Hace un mes
Btw the boy with the horns is TXT and they boy with he wings is BTS im Jungshook
홍시몽 Hace un mes
난 지금까지 가사속 날개 달린 사람이 여잔줄 알았짘ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그래서 뿔달린 나와 날개달린 너와 나는 짝이야 하면서 운명으로 엮인 사랑이라고 해석했는뎈ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 날개달린 아이도 남자라니까 망상에 브레이크가 안걸리잖아!
권영광 Hace un mes
노래는 좋은데 뭔가.. 안무가 뭔가 이상해
Ain Joevick Sapinit
TXT Possible Positions Yeonjun (Main Dancer, Main Rapper, Lead Vocalist, Face of the Group) Soobin (Leader, Lead Vocal, Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper) Beomgyu (Center, Lead Vocal, Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper) Taehyun (Main Vocal, Lead Dancer) Kai ( Maknae, Main Vocal, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer)
Nabila Park
Nabila Park Hace 27 días
Taehyun said there is no possible positions in TXT, all of the member good in everything. They only choose the part will suit themself in the song.
I know movie but I dunno movie name
That's their debut stage?
candy girl
candy girl Hace un mes
we will remember this stage when they grow up and be more successful
LegitStarHu Hace un mes
I love them so much !!!! 💕 i want them to win rookie of the years !
LegitStarHu Hace un mes
Str€am Crown mv ❤️ the goal is 100m! Btw we are getting cat & dog mv let’s do 25m in 24 hours 💕
Mai Nguyen
Mai Nguyen Hace un mes
My obsession is Taehyun’s eyes 😍
Ain Joevick Sapinit
TXT Crown MV 60M ---> 100M TXT Crown Dance MV 8M ---> 10M TXT Dance Practice 7M ---> 10M TXT Live Performance (Debut Showcase) 8M ---> 10M LET'S DO IT!!!
Anisa Nyan
Anisa Nyan Hace un mes
Raynee Hace un mes
suprem lol
JessaMay Crisostomo
반짝이는나 Hace un mes
사랑해 얘들아 😘💙💛💙💛💙💛
Mark lee's seagull
Mark lee's seagull Hace un mes
Im soft for the boy in all white
Alpha Barredo
Alpha Barredo Hace un mes
went back here right after the comeback stage of bts
유송 Hace un mes
난 섹시한 컨셉이 오히려 별룬데.... 얘넨 기여운게 나을거같음 ㅠㅠ
kim taehyung army
kim taehyung army Hace un mes
그 (것)들을보기 위하여 카와이 이렇게 손을 들어서 모기 스를 녹였다.
Fabi _duck
Fabi _duck Hace un mes
Soobin's eyes tho there on fleak and cute 💕
Loyal Reveluvs
Loyal Reveluvs Hace un mes
I have been restraining myself to watch txt but lmao I watched a dance in public cover of this song. Then I just realised this song is a whole bop. So, fam...who is who? Im too lazy too google.
Trần Lê Mạnh Huy
Support TXT
Kristian Jaafar
Kristian Jaafar Hace un mes
My friends and I did a dance cover for Crown and we would like to share it to everyone. Thank you! We hope our fellow TXT stans like it. tinyurl.com/dxdkcdf2019
beom jjuni
beom jjuni Hace un mes
BTS x TXT similarities BTS: three Kims TXT: three Chois BTS: eat Jin TXT: eat Soobin BTS: Yoongi gets pissed when disturbed from sleeping TXT: Yeonjun gets pissed when disturbed from sleeping BTS: the jumping choreography in *Idol* TXT: the jumping choreography in *Crown* BTS: the YOONGI x JIMIN sitting back to back in *Spring Day* TXT: the YEONJUN x SOOBIN siiting back to back in *Crown* BTS: once you JIM-IN you can't JIM-OUT TXT: once you SOOB-IN you can't SOOB-OUT BTS: hyung (jin) loves dad jokes TXT: hyung (yeonjun) loves old jokes
Novita Asmuni
Novita Asmuni Hace un mes
My bias Soobin and hueningkai^.^^_^>_
Nothing None
Nothing None Hace un mes
I'm sure BTS will guide and support them. FIGHTING
이렇게 상큼한 아이들이 다음에는 섹시하게 나오면 좋겠당 심장이 멈출듯
Spam account
Spam account Hace un mes
Kai lowkey looks like Terrytv
halae wonpil
halae wonpil Hace un mes
ngl I thought the intro was an ad lmaoo
HW형우 Hace un mes
Well, I thought the lyrics were telling us a love story between a boy who became a devil and a girl who became an angel.... but well, they were both boys. __UNEXPECTABLE_
pototo Hace un mes
where is bighit finding all these cute boys oh my
Sawa Lynn
Sawa Lynn Hace un mes
2:08 this guy looks a little bit like Jonghyun from Shinee, when he's singing
Anna Lee
Anna Lee Hace un mes
Oohoohh uhhhhh.yayayaya
Øuter Hace un mes
I love them already~!
Paola Escobar
Paola Escobar Hace un mes
me encanto su presentacion
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