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TXT healing idols
TXT healing idols Hace 5 horas
TXT 4th gen leader
TXT healing idols
TXT healing idols Hace 5 horas
6M soon!!!
BTS Borahae
BTS Borahae Hace 5 horas
This song is difficult to stre@m
SkyBlueDevilsNest Hace 6 horas
I wonder if it stresses the artists to have to be so deep/real in their music all the time. I get wanting to connect to and impress the fans but sometimes I wonder about the effect it has/will have on these kids in the long run not being able to just chill with fun but relatively fluffy/shallow songs sometimes. Even their "light/fun" songs have deeper meaning.
Huening Kai
Huening Kai Hace 6 horas
Happy 500 days with TXT MOA♡ #500dayswithTXT ♡
Enix Cheen
Enix Cheen Hace 6 horas
Inang flashing lights yan natitrigger akuh
scrtly mataray
scrtly mataray Hace 6 horas
Not gonna lie but TXT isn't the type of a group/boy group that can own the throne and lead 4th Generation😔 It lost the hype after their rookie days.
TXT healing idols
TXT healing idols Hace 5 horas
Well, that's your opinion. Only your opinion.
Yeonjun says he's sad sad sad
uh how? you meant the views? lol views aren't everything, and our views are organic af.TXT is the best selling rookie group of 2019, RIAJ certification on their magic hour album, platinum on tdc:e,1 million seller next cb, 51 #1's on CYSM.Most followed rookie bg on melon,while on other streaming platforms just behind seniors and other socmed platform.It's too early for you to say this lol...who knew 2013 bts would be so freaking successful, just watch txt prove themselves.
Moa forever
Moa forever Hace 5 horas
Thnx 4 the views lol 🤷‍♀️
tobinnie kyeopta
tobinnie kyeopta Hace 6 horas
"Was it all nothing more than a dream?"
justijay Hace 7 horas
WOW 5.983.359. GO MOAS
Need Deleted Views Of BT
Wow My 1st time
violethical Hace 7 horas
bighit when auditioning mebers of txt: *acting talent, and more acting*
sanae -chan
sanae -chan Hace 7 horas
الي يحب بنس لايك
Young Birders' Club
Young Birders' Club Hace 7 horas
liaison forest
liaison forest Hace 7 horas
The duality this song holds just can't be expressed in words
jenniekdoll َ
jenniekdoll َ Hace 7 horas
what is this? a song 19min wtf
Yeonjun says he's sad sad sad
no this is for cinematic universe, TU
lyɒiα - sєи
lyɒiα - sєи Hace 7 horas
احبكم جدا
Mohan Ramaswamy
Mohan Ramaswamy Hace 7 horas
The only thing I get in this mv are that there are 7 sections-
yacine ait ameur mezian
방탄 소년단퍼플
There are subtitles for the captions, finally
Kim Rosebud
Kim Rosebud Hace 8 horas
What song is playing at 11:58
Jjunieholic Hace 5 horas
Same song as 7:50 haha... Go listen to Eternally, it's a really great and trippy song :D
Yasmine Haifa
Yasmine Haifa Hace 8 horas
500 days
Viena Mae Banebane Bergqvist
Wow i finish this vidio
Ade Heriyanto
Ade Heriyanto Hace 8 horas
6M for today?
Trisha Diane
Trisha Diane Hace 8 horas
Trisha Diane
Trisha Diane Hace 8 horas
Trisha Diane
Trisha Diane Hace 8 horas
Trisha Diane
Trisha Diane Hace 8 horas
Trisha Diane
Trisha Diane Hace 8 horas
Trisha Diane
Trisha Diane Hace 8 horas
Trisha Diane
Trisha Diane Hace 8 horas
Weebarmy Contract
Weebarmy Contract Hace 8 horas
You know when I listen to txt I always need to be in the mood haha and I love their voices . Their voices are the best lullaby
Weebarmy Contract
Weebarmy Contract Hace 8 horas
I love txt
Mr.Akriahimself Hace 8 horas
Does anyone know the song at 2:20?
ᄋᄉᄋLulu Hace 9 horas
i just realised the 2:24 is sweat!
саня овца
саня овца Hace 9 horas
Нихера не понял, но очень интересно
Yasmine Haifa
Yasmine Haifa Hace 9 horas
i hope they will still do a cute concept, i miss it a lot
mitchelle grass
mitchelle grass Hace 9 horas
+u mvs are always perfect movies from noas to magic island to eternally i'm excited to see the others in the future ^^
army ever
army ever Hace 9 horas
pergunta se eu entendi alguma coisa
aya by
aya by Hace 9 horas
Apa cuma aku yg liat video ini merinding
bts are my life
bts are my life Hace 9 horas
I think I need to stan
Yasmine Haifa
Yasmine Haifa Hace 10 horas
Yeonjun says he's sad sad sad
Unrelated I just came here again to cool off.I'm so mad at that atiny...I went to watch ateez film to support them but then this atiny said moas are jealous of ateez numbers...and that ateez film better than eternally.I want to stan ateez too but this atiny turned me off :( Might just stick with TXT and moa...❤
Yeonjun says he's sad sad sad
@Ice Cloud it's buried under that 16 min ateez diary film smtn....
Ice Cloud
Ice Cloud Hace 10 horas
And comment
Ice Cloud
Ice Cloud Hace 10 horas
Give me the video
Husna Assyifa Zahra
Husna Assyifa Zahra Hace 10 horas
Wah bingung aku sama teorinya, ada yang bisa menjelaskan?
Ice Cloud
Ice Cloud Hace 10 horas
There were parts of "sweat" in this video during the video practice part. Sweat is a song made by TXT for MOA'S. You can unlock it on weverse, make sure to not share it. It's a gift for MOA's from TXT
Otw 6M
Soobin's Pet Raccoon
Soobin's Pet Raccoon Hace 10 horas
who else is waiting for bighit to release a movie with gfriend txt and bts travelling into the same universe?
Yasmine Haifa
Yasmine Haifa Hace 11 horas
Tiara Ambrosio
Tiara Ambrosio Hace 11 horas
Oficialmente estamos hasta la madre ok no todo lo que paso en él MV todo es para formar teorías tal como pasa en los MV de BTS creo que con TxT harán lo mismo no se crean que es fácil Moa es realmente complicado pero para tener una idea busquen teorías sobre MV de BTS o dejen que su imaginación fluya creando historias a través de todo lo sucedido en él MV
Jeon Wonuಠ_ಠ
Jeon Wonuಠ_ಠ Hace 11 horas
Hey who is the boy in a blue hoodie and black hair? He really looked cute. Is he the youngest?
Khusi Thapa
Khusi Thapa Hace 6 horas
@Jeon Wonuಠ_ಠ haha you can guess again. I forget to tell his name. Purple hair guy name is Soobin.
Jeon Wonuಠ_ಠ
Jeon Wonuಠ_ಠ Hace 6 horas
@Khusi Thapa why do i always guess wrong-
Khusi Thapa
Khusi Thapa Hace 9 horas
@Jeon Wonuಠ_ಠ he is not the youngest. He is the leader and second oldest member.
Jeon Wonuಠ_ಠ
Jeon Wonuಠ_ಠ Hace 10 horas
@S҉T҉A҉N҉ T҉X҉T҉ ᑕOᗯᗩᖇᗪᔕ ohhh! He looks really young here though and btw who is the purple hair guy? Please I hope he is the youngest, he have the baby face though same with the beomgyu guy
Ice Cloud
Ice Cloud Hace 10 horas
@S҉T҉A҉N҉ T҉X҉T҉ ᑕOᗯᗩᖇᗪᔕ hi again
민재 Hace 12 horas
Ice Cloud
Ice Cloud Hace 10 horas
I thought that was a middle finger "👆"
민재 Hace 12 horas
CrystalSnow Hace 12 horas
I think beomgyu is fighting with the school principal because he discovered the book or something. This really make me think that one of them is Jin's father and we are seeing what happened before bts story
Basha M
Basha M Hace 12 horas
*Theory but not really a theory so skip if you want to* This is just what *I* think, but feel free to share your thoughts in the replies too! As we all may know, Beomgyu and Soobin are supposedly close. But from what I’ve seen, Soobin seems to be manipulating Beomgyu (in a way). Soobin is trying to make Beomgyu turn on Taehyun. How can you say that? Because in the *Can’t You See Me* M/V, Soobin is seen pushing a glass off the table. Which then cuts into Beomgyu “suffocating” Taehyun. Beomgyu seems to be the glass. Soobin is tipping him off the edge, controlling him. Why would Soobin want him to do that? Probably because Taehyun is seeing through Soobin’s “mask”. (I’m not sure abt this one hehe) Beomgyu listens as he says, but he eventually gets suspicious of Soobin. That’s why he’s taking videos of *specifically* Soobin. To have “evidence” or things like that. idk this is all i can figure out leave opinions below❤️
Aurélie Hace 12 horas
I can't move on from this masterpiece
Min Min
Min Min Hace 12 horas
guys what is the song at 2:15
Min Min
Min Min Hace 10 horas
@Ice Cloud thank you haha and i wont
Min Min
Min Min Hace 10 horas
im not a moa but im a fan of their song
Ice Cloud
Ice Cloud Hace 10 horas
Don't share the song!
Ice Cloud
Ice Cloud Hace 10 horas
You can unlock it on weverse, search it up on how to unlock it
Ice Cloud
Ice Cloud Hace 10 horas
Soleil_0218 Hace 12 horas
After twelve minutes😂😂😂 i
SpiritedDancer17 Hace 12 horas
BigHit only knows how to make incredible productions. They just keep getting better and better. They’re soaring on the top of this industry.
Clara Elvira
Clara Elvira Hace 12 horas
5, 976, 044 M
Nikoletta Szőke
Nikoletta Szőke Hace 12 horas
When have cute songs again?Like Crown,Blue orangeade,Cat&dog,Our summer
Kin's Fries
Kin's Fries Hace 12 horas
bighit can release a movie and i will spend all my money for it idk but this mv made me cry and scared bighit go do a movie
Aliansha putri
Aliansha putri Hace 12 horas
Aku bukan MOA tapi ARMY namun aku suka TXT
Yasmine Haifa
Yasmine Haifa Hace 13 horas
baby hyukaa
chocolate ocean07
chocolate ocean07 Hace 13 horas
bcz i know heningkai is an angel 😇
Maya Andriambalohary
Maya Andriambalohary Hace 13 horas
Another masterpiece from BG !! (I get scared watching it but I'm OK lol)
The Lonely Pizza Slice
It's not Bighit if they don't release cinematic and artistic music videos and trailers. And I love it
Angelic Angel
Angelic Angel Hace 13 horas
how do I never realized that they used the order of TXT fanchant lol
Unzile Smail
Unzile Smail Hace 13 horas
BigHit are God's
土星、。 Hace 13 horas
Iriel Hace 13 horas
So...yeah, we need a webtoon.
Iriel Hace 13 horas
Not gonna lie, I was scared... They never fail to amaze me.
Yasmine Haifa
Yasmine Haifa Hace 13 horas
good afternoon moa
Jiyro._Chae Hace 13 horas
Plot twist: This was a tralier of the movie
Perls Velasco
Perls Velasco Hace 13 horas
going 6m~
Choi Soobin is My Husband
MOA ga greget apaa ini bentar lagi 6 juta, gregett akutuuuu
Kim_ Angie0925 II
Kim_ Angie0925 II Hace 14 horas
My Vinne
My Vinne Hace 14 horas
Finally putiing subs not only for the lyrics :')
BTS mochi
BTS mochi Hace 14 horas
Best movie I have never seen....=)))
kaiaa Hace 14 horas
this a whole movie 🎥
faliya 103
faliya 103 Hace 14 horas
TxT always rockzzzz
Tr. Ferhat göçer gibilerine hayır vakfı
Two years later, bighit : We're here in a five-hour MV. Let's watch.
I just love their voice here, plus the acting and editing it's just another masterpiece
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