TXT YEONJUN (연준) THEORY/REACTION | ‘Introduction Film - What do you do?’ 투모로우바이투게더

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We solved the Morse Code & I gave you guys one of my crazy theories for TXT and the Bighit Universe. What do you guys think? I hope you enjoyed my reaction. Thank you for watching!
Original video: esvid.net/video/vídeo-mBJKh6Muu0E.html
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10 ene 2019

투모로우바이투게더tomorrow x togethertxt연준yeonjun빅히트엔터테인먼트빅히트신인신인그룹신인보이그룹boy bandnew boy bandREACTIONxcelesteTXT reactionTXT Yeonjun reactionTXT theorydreamingmorse codesolvedkpop reactionbighitbighit txt






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Andes Zheiddinne
Andes Zheiddinne Hace 5 horas
Do you remember when bang pdnim recommend us to a manga called the promised neverland? There's a lot of morse code in the story. It's about orphans who seem to lived in a happy orphanage but it was actually all a lie. The orphanage was actually a human farm to feed demons. They're actually lived in a demon world. And these group of orphan kids leads by emma decide to run away and find a way to the human world with the help of an adult human named minerva who communicate with them from the human world using morse code a lot.
Andes Zheiddinne
Andes Zheiddinne Hace 5 horas
Isn't he looks a lil bit like eric nam?
Julieta Giménez
Julieta Giménez Hace un día
Cicada who? I only know BigHit 😂
adam cheng
adam cheng Hace 5 días
Yeonjun has some V facial features because of the deep eyes gazing and slightly sharp nose.
deenarazif Hace 8 días
Maybe bighit will completely show each members of txt by 20 or 21 january. And there is sun eclipse will happen on 21 january which it is similar to that 2 circles on txtbighit website
B Kim
B Kim Hace 8 días
OMG - I also saw the BH image of the two circles as a Venn Diagram when it first appeared. I’m glad I’m not the only math nerd🤪. TY always for your insightful videos. Love them. Also love that you are pointing out the uniqueness of these new TXT members. Yes there will be plenty of comparisons but what makes an individual or group stand out from the crowd are the unique qualities each member or unit possess.
Mavie Ramirez
Mavie Ramirez Hace 8 días
Actually there might be an intersection between BTS' and TXT's storyline. Here's the link of the video where Bang PD talks about BTS universe -> esvid.net/video/vídeo-wWGA1jQ2K4o.html
Fawaz Abbas
Fawaz Abbas Hace 8 días
React to the second member.
seewhaticcurious1 Hace 8 días
Second member is out now too!! 😄
dabtop 2009
dabtop 2009 Hace 8 días
react to astro new song coming in January 16th please react to it
ChimmyTae Hace 8 días
Any big hit related vids makes me feel dumb..
Alla gomaz
Alla gomaz Hace 8 días
Plzz do soobin morze code❤
Jikook_ Love
Jikook_ Love Hace 8 días
It will be 5 members..
Mavie Ramirez
Mavie Ramirez Hace 9 días
Alright! So here's my theory. Pause at 2:05 -> alien creature sign, 2:36 -> the screen of the computers (milkyway/galaxy), 2:48 "UFO CATCHERMON" (the claw machine), and the use of a morse code at the end of the video. I think TXT's concept is going to be about UFO/Outer space concept. And I think TXT's storyline/universe is going to be different from BTS' but somehow still connected (Jin having the ability to time travel. Maybe he's from TXT's universe, just maybe). And I think BTS's MAMA Japan 2018 Anpanman outfit performance (watch it here: esvid.net/video/vídeo-gT0Fo-30X_U.html) is also a hint for the upcoming debut of TXT. Haha Yay these are the hints that I gathered from watching this over and over again haha and this what happens when Bighit start to mess up with my head haha This is just my theory guys, so dont attack me
ÆGON THE FIRST Hace 9 días
I really am interested in this video he’s doing crazy things, playing with toys, maybe he’s hyperactive (I’m not against That, I am 2) or maybe Aspergers( you might not know what it is so search it up and I’m not against that, I have it 2, it’s the lowest form of autism.)
_Aumairah_ Love
_Aumairah_ Love Hace 9 días
Aish theories make me go crazy!!!
Shanenfaith Cano
Shanenfaith Cano Hace 9 días
Tayy S
Tayy S Hace 9 días
BTS - No More Dream TXT - Dreaming
Afroja Zannat Nilpory
There 5 member in txt maybe😖😖😖 because I in twtter.
purple rainbow
purple rainbow Hace 9 días
I think it's about how to maintain real life relationships in our addictive digital world. Also, the Venn diagram of you and me is about staying a unique individual even when you're in a relationship, so I think they're going to talk about being whole both in and out of relationships. That ties in with this video showing how we turn to the digital world to cope with our inability to relate with people face to face. He pretends to have a real life friend by getting a stuffed animal, but he's disappointed to realize that the stuffed animal won't sing together with him. He's struggling and wanting more to have a non digital friend.
Amira Hace 10 días
Their Brain... It’s just like einstein 😮😂💜
김팸 Hace 10 días
You and I, Different but together. I think that represents BTS and TXT. I remember the intro in BTS' Short Film - Begin where Namjoon said that "The realms of day and night. Two different worlds coming from two opposite poles mingled during this time." It is somewhat connected to the logo where the two circles from opposite poles will about to mingle. The circles are black and white so that maybe represents the day and night. Maybe that was already a hint given by Bighit about these two different groups with different concepts that are about to share the same storyline soon. We all know that BTS' concept was all about suffering of the seven boys and dark theme(?) Lol. Maybe TXT's concept will be more on bright and happy or carefree concept. So basically the day here is the TXT and the night is BTS. But I also have a feeling that the unanswered questions or the mysteries on all BTS' music videos will be answer on TXT's upcoming videos.😁
Treesa Sanusan
Treesa Sanusan Hace 10 días
The Lie Detective
The Lie Detective Hace 10 días
Reminds me of V!!! Is it his younger bro???
kim gucci_taetae
kim gucci_taetae Hace 10 días
tae tae
tae tae Hace 10 días
Whatttttt 😲 Dreaming!!!?
Norjam Solaiman
Norjam Solaiman Hace 10 días
2:06 the way Yeonjun bite his lips reminds me of our Baby Kim Taehyung. Idk why! What ya'll guys think??
Luize Aron
Luize Aron Hace 10 días
It's going to happen a full lunar eclipse on 20, 21 january
JodiDoe x
JodiDoe x Hace 10 días
Do you have a video explaining BTS vocab? Things like stan, bias, etc..? I'm still learning man and some things are just confusing.
A.R.M.Y CARAT BLINK Hace 10 días
+JodiDoe x haha don't mention it 💜
JodiDoe x
JodiDoe x Hace 10 días
+A.R.M.Y CARAT BLINK thank you so much you're the best!!
A.R.M.Y CARAT BLINK Hace 10 días
Its not bts vocab but kpop stan vocab: Stan means fan Stanning means becoming part of the groups fandom and liking a group then just a casual listen and u start follow what they are up to. Bias means your favourite member (mine is Taehyung in bts, pfp) for example. Ask for anymore u want me to answer 💜
Irene Hace 10 días
2013 when BTS debuted and 2019 have the same calendar dates...my head hurts from so much overthinking but I swear they have it all planned
Jackie Campbell
Jackie Campbell Hace 10 días
He's cutie pie, he reminds me of younger Taehyung V, and Jungkook between.
Gomuno Hace 10 días
Then I see guys who going to say: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DON'T COMPARE THEM TO BTS, TXT IS TXT !! Wth Reminds and is like are two different things
K-pop Hace 10 días
He’s so adorable ❤️ I cannot
Jaybirdie 2
Jaybirdie 2 Hace 10 días
I'm a marvel fan, a star wars fan, a Disney fan, a pixar fan and an ARMY. Connected universes? Pfff...i got this....
ailin X
ailin X Hace 10 días
TXT is like 2X2 for me
⊹ Last Leaf ⊹
⊹ Last Leaf ⊹ Hace 10 días
BTS universe bighit universe bt21 universe marvel juuu lol idk but i'm happy for the kids
erza scarlet
erza scarlet Hace 10 días
Doesn't Bts logo has BU as in bts universe & txt also have +U as in TXT universe??
erza scarlet
erza scarlet Hace 10 días
Doesn't "different but together" kinda reminds y'all of DNA??
emily Hace 10 días
theres 5 members and theres another timer counting down to Sunday at 7am pst (my time)
Eren Jaeger
Eren Jaeger Hace 10 días
小さな LEA SHADOW Hace 10 días
Thinking about how we´ll all still be fed up with these storyline and theories in 10 years makes me wanna change my plans for university xD
Eupetros Arktou
Eupetros Arktou Hace 10 días
I'm a fan of this channel, and mean no offense, but I was surprised to see that you view this video as purely "cute/funny". I sense a lot of darkness behind the surface. He is young and cute, and doing fun things in a place we associate with young people doin fun things, but he is ALL ALONE, and his only companion is a TOY. We, the fans, are the only ones who see his smile. All of this takes place in spaces that would normally be bursting with young people socializing, but his only companion is even unable to sing with him. Cute? Funny? Yes, certainly, but there is a dark subtext here. Or am I totally misreading this? Of course I may be totally wrong, but this being BigHit, I tend to doubt so. We'll see. Later. All the best, and tons of thanks for your constantly interesting input and output. A new video from you always makes my day. LATER EDIT: I just realized what this reminds me of. It is a children's book, originally Danish, called "Nils All Alone" in English (1947). It was first published in 1942, but it has been translated into at least 40 languages, and is still in print in some countries. It's about a small boy who wakes up one morning to discover all other people have disappeared and he is alone in the world. At first he is ecstatic, goes around town picking up all the toys and sweets he desires, and has a wonderful time. However, soon he starts realizing this is not going to be any fun without other people, and he starts missing his family and friends. When he is about to panic, he wakes up, and is happy to realize it was all a DREAM. The English edition seems to be out of print, but here's a link to the Icelandic edition which is still in print (with original illustrations): www.forlagid.is/vara/palli-var-einn-i-heiminum/ I've not been able to locate an online edition of the whole thing. I wonder it it was ever translated into Korean? ###
Simone Aparecida da Silva
Oi você é maravilhosa amo você reagindo BTS na veiaaaaa
Smol Cypher
Smol Cypher Hace 10 días
Kimberly Coto
Kimberly Coto Hace 10 días
Maybe,MAYBE the theories we make from BTS are not Complete and TXT will finish the theory’s the big gaps we have, but I also thought the group was going to be named 6ACES but TXT sound way better I’ll see if I like them when they debute 🤷🏻‍♀️💜💜😂
Jhords Sac
Jhords Sac Hace 10 días
Another theories make us think fans going crazy solving theories 😂😂😂😂😂
Yohanna Machado
Yohanna Machado Hace 10 días
I’m might not Stan TxT but I sure am going to support them🤗
Books and Me
Books and Me Hace 11 días
Maybe it can tell about a life as an idol. Like in the IDOL MV theory u mentioned I-Doll....... And there is a scene were he picks up the teddy which can mean he is choosing this life and after that it's shown him enjoying and all but then he is shown locked up in the container and suddenly there are those glitch type stuff on his face...... and there were also speculation of glitches found in few BTS MVS and (maybe)since BH had everything thing planned these 2 can be connecting......... and also the points where he was drowning (?) in the chair and after sometime he jumped up in excitement but saw no one around........ which can mean that beginning periods maybe a bit of TXT struggling but then he is shown in the karaoke room which might refer to a concert where after singing he points it to the teddy which might be the fans but I mentioned the teddy to being an Idol........ even I am kind of confused😅 but this is what I put together and I hope it helps with the theory and I had a few questions: 1) Do you think this could be the beat for there new song? 2) What could the smirk in the end mean? Anyways thanks for the theories and explanations 💜💜
sonja. uwu
sonja. uwu Hace 11 días
I heard that the new group name was 6aces. Is the name changed or did "x" lie to me!?
katia kati
katia kati Hace 11 días
bts love uuuu i will support youuuu always😍😍😍😍
Sri Adila
Sri Adila Hace 11 días
I'm waiting for you
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